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How to Apply For Australia Tourist Visa for Filipinos

Australia, the land down under, is an extremely efficient country so you won’t have difficulty getting an Australia Tourist visa from The Philippines. For starters, you can apply online – very easy, simple, and convenient. In case you are curious about how to apply, here is our guide on how to apply for Australia Tourist Visa for Filipinos with a Philippines Passport.

Overstay in Australia Consequences of Expired or Invalid Visa

The process is quick, especially if you have complete documents. It takes can take a day to lodge your application. You’ll just have to wait to be contacted by immigration for a health exam. Once everything is done and you are approved, a Visa Grant Notice will be given to you!

How to Get an Australia Tourist Visa for Filipinos with Philippines Passport
Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash


Compared to any other Western country, Australia is very welcoming and allows incredible ease for individuals to get their visa applications in. If you are planning to head over, work on your Australian visa application today and who knows, you might squeeze that trip in before the year ends!

8 Steps for Getting an Australian Visa for Filipinos

To make it even easier for you, we have provided an extensive guide below to walk you through the entire process. All the best!

1. Determine what kind of visa you need.

Use the Visa Finder to see what options are available to you. The purpose of your travel determines the appropriate visa application. Options include a Visitor visa (subclass 600), Carer via (subclass 116), and a Partner visa (subclasses 820 and 801) among many others. Eligibility criteria are set for each to better help you identify which fits your situation best.

How to Immigrate to Australia with your Philippine Passport 01

For those visiting Australia for a vacation, the best choice is the Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) – Tourist Stream. You can go to Australia as a tourist and even visit family or friends! You can stay for a maximum of 12 months, but you can be granted 3 or 6 months depending on the Immigration.

2. Prepare the Requirements

After determining what kind of visa you want, you can check the requirements needed on the details. For Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) Tourist Stream, here are what you may need:

  • Valid Passport – you will need to scan the bio page of your passport that shows your name as well as passport details; in case, it’s you have a change of name due to marriage, you can also attach a Marriage Certificate
  • Family Registration and Composition – Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate in case you have a change of your name.
  • Financial Capacity – proof that you can afford to stay and leave and leave Australia, you can submit your Bank Statements, Credit Card Limit, Pay slips, etc.
  • Invitation Letter – in case a friend or relative living in Australia has invited you; don’t forget that they must state their relationship to you, how many days you are staying, if you will be staying with them, and if they will sponsor your stay
  • Itinerary – what you will do in Australia, your plans
  • Evidence of Current Employment or Self Employment – Pay slip, Letter from Employer with current role, evidence of leave, business registration
  • Proof of your deep ties or that you will return homeletter from your employer or school that you will return, you have immediate family members in your home country, or proof that you own a house or assets in the Philippines (e.g., titles, car registration, etc.)
  • Proof you can return home – may be a bank statement or a flight ticket back home
  • Passport-Sized Photo – soft copy, 45X35MM
  • Application Form – to be accomplished online
  • Travel History – copies of your old visa and stamps

3. Create an ImmiAccount.

Access the online services of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection by creating an ImmiAccount to facilitate your application. This will be your primary contact point where you will submit, process, and get updates on your application. The interface is user-friendly and you will not have a lot of trouble navigating the platform.

How To Get 5 Years Australia Visa Getting a Sponsored Parent Visa

4. Fill out the online application form.

Go to “New Application.” Choose “Visitor” then Visitor Visa (600) Provide all the information needed to complete your Australian visa application. This involves pertinent details like personal information, desired travel dates, financial capabilities, and so on.

How to Get an Australia Tourist Visa for Filipinos with Philippines Passport

Also, if you are visiting a partner, friend, or family, you will be required to put in information about them too, such as their name, address, and other contact details. The form is very thorough. Just answer it to the best of your abilities. Add all the necessary details and be as specific as you can.

5. Attach the required documents.

How to Get an Australia Tourist Visa for Filipinos with Philippines Passport 01

Several documents are needed to support your application. Mostly, it is concerned with providing evidence on how you are going to fund your travel to Australia. To meet the requirements, scan copies of your bank statements and assets and attach it to your ImmiAccount. If you have a separate payroll and savings account, scan copies of both. As for assets, this includes a land or house title, mortgage, or investments that you have. Even if your trip will be funded in full by another person, there is no going around showing your assets.


6. Pay.

Review your application form and attachments then proceed to payment. Again, it is a hassle-free online transaction. The cost will vary depending on the visa that you are seeking and the exchange rate for the day. Credit card fees apply, too. AUD 150 is the minimum amount.

7. Download the health assessment endorsement.

The health exam is only applicable if you plan to stay longer than 3 months and/or depending on your age.

In the summary of your application, there is a button on health assessment. You can click on it to generate a HAP ID and download your referral letter for a health exam. Hold on to this document until Immigration contacts you via e-mail instructing you to proceed with the medical.

Once you receive this confirmation, print out your referral letter and go to an accredited medical institution. You have two options: Nationwide Health Systems Aux, Inc. in Salcedo St. Legaspi Village, Makati, or St Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Remember to bring your valid passport and referral letter from the Australian Embassy. You need the HAP ID to lodge the results of your health exam. Take any relevant medical record or certificate, too. Also, for female applicants, schedule your exam at least a week after menstruation. There is a timeframe for which you must finish the health exam so plan accordingly. The cost of the medical is PHP 6,000 in NHS. Repeat tests are not covered and additional fees apply.

The clinic will forward the results to Immigration. It does not take long.

Rent A Flight

8. Visa Grant Notice

If successful, your Australian visa grant will be sent to you via e-mail. Print the Visa Grant Notice and present this to the immigration officers.

How to Get an Australia Tourist Visa for Filipinos with Philippines Passport
Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

That is how you can apply for an Australia Tourist Visa with your Philippines Passport. I hope you have learned a lot from this article and can visit the land down under and see some Kangaroos. Should you need assistance, we also offer a Visa Application Bundle Service. Good luck!

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631 thoughts on “How to Apply For Australia Tourist Visa for Filipinos

  1. Hi, would you have information if they are not granting tourist visa to kids? Have been waiting for over 3 months now. Thanks.

    1. I am also waiting for the result of my visa application. My friend and I submitted the application last June 29, 2022. My friend got his last July 26, 2022. The status is my visa application is still reflecting “RECEIVED”. Not sure what’s going on.

  2. Hello! I am a Filipino citizen but I am a permanent resident here in the U.S for 23 years. I have to attend a special event in Brisbane. What are the requirements to apply for a visa?

  3. hi I want to bring my partner here for a holiday visa she is from the Philippines and not knowing how to arrange what do I have to do please can someone please assist me thanks

  4. Hello mam!

    Do you offer a service to process all of the above, and how much is the service fee?

  5. hi everyone, just trying my luck, who here have experience applying for visa 461 NZ citizen family relation? my brother who is an NZ citizen and now currently in Melbourne invited me to come to Australia and one option for visa is the subclass 461, does anybody here have experience applying for this kind of visa? thanks to those who will reply

  6. Hello. I’m a medical technologist from Philippine Red Cross Ilocos Norte (permanent position). My boyfriend wants me to visit Australia and apply for a tourist visa.
    1) Will my certificate of employment from National Red Cross be enough or should i still secure a letter from my employer that i will return to Philippines. I would visit Aus for most probably 1 month.
    2.) I just had my passport this june 2020 and no history of travel yet. Is it okay? Thank you so much! Hoping for your feedbakc.

  7. Hi good day, just wanted to know the requirements for my second visit soon to Australia would be the same as the requirements of my first visit ? Please let me know, thanks.

      1. Hello Ms. Lyza, is it a good try to apply for a tourist visa po right now i mean this year 2021? will they process my application po kaya as a tourist?

  8. Hi good day po may boyfriend want me to visit australia this december gusto ko sanang malaman kung anong visa po ang pwedi kung gamitin pls help me po.

  9. Hi im daisy from Philippines if possible now can apply the visa to Austria my boyfriend invite me to go there and we planning to married in Austria. Please reply me thanks …

  10. Good day,

    I just want to inquire my boyfriend can still process if he staying overseas. He is working in China and would like to visit me here in australia for 10days. May i know what we need to do.


  11. My gay fiancé of 7 years (Philippines citizen) and I(USA citizen) would like to get legally married in Australia. My partner has no assets, as we live together for 6+ years in the Philippines through my income. I have transferred money every month into his bank account. We’ve traveled to Hong Kong twice and Taiwan once together over these 6 years. Will a lack of assets be a problem for him to obtain a tourist visa?

    1. Hi William. We are facing the same problem. My girlfriend and I plan to get married in Australia, so we can apply for a CR-1 visa in US. I don’t think lack of assets will hinder getting an approved tourist visa. I suggest looking at Affidavit of Support as an additional document.

  12. Hi, is there a minimum how much funds should a person have on acc to be able to get tourist visa for 3, 6 or 12 months?

  13. If a Philippino is granted a Australian Visa how long is it active for.
    With the Corona Virus on the spread now flights might be 6/12 months away;
    Does the Visa stay active until the first entry or departure point. ????

  14. hi,im from phil. A good freind of invites me to see his country,so I travel to nsw australia last 2013 with my tourist visa.now i wanna apply again for tourist visa because plenty of places i want to see and visit.with defferent person whos gonna ivites me.now my concern for the requirement to apply as same visa.

  15. Hi! What does did you put in the “national identity card” option of the main application? I was wondering if this involves the PhilSys ID or any govt issued ID.

    1. don’t put any – then sa next part na other identification dun ka na mag add ng mga gov’t ID’s na meron ka.

  16. hi. im from Philippine but i stay at malaysia because im working here, so how i get tourist visa while im here? can you help me to my question ? thank you.

  17. I already have a visa which will expire soon. However, I decided to postpone my trip due to the COVID 19.
    How do I extend my visa? Or do I re-apply ?

      1. hello ms kach, is there a standard form for the cover letter for unused visa? or a free form letter will do?

        thank you in advance.

  18. Our medical record is finished last February 5, 2020. The medical examination was conducted by St. Luke’s . They tell us that we just wait for an email by the Australian embassy. Until now there is no email from the embassy it almost a month already. We taught its only 20 days for the processing of visitors visa for the Filipinos.

    1. according to the immi website, upto 34 days na yung processing ng visa. patiently wait na lang po ng email.

  19. Hello ,

    Has anyone here traveled to NSW and back home here in PH? Just wanted to know if there are travel restrictions applied due to COVID-19 and what are those restrictions so far especially at the airport? I’ve been checking updates on websites but so far none have mentioned about Filipinos traveling to AU.

    Hoping anyone can share his/her experience during the COVID-19 outbreak. My trip will be early next month. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, just got back from Sydney last week and we’re from Manila. So far no issues, same incoming and outgoing process.

      1. Thank you Abby for the response. I am just worried because I will be traveling with my 2 year old daughter. Also, at the moment, we are in monitoring of the situation until April if we are going to postponed the trip or not because the number of cases in AU is getting higher. 🙁

        Hopefully the situation will not get worse come April.

  20. Hi Guys! quick question, i encountered an error message as i try to access my immi account – error, close other browser, kinda like that. I’m trying to apply for a visa. i already did some troubleshooting, clear cache but still not working. thanks

    1. Hello,

      I am just a bit confused with the validity of my Australian visa. It says I must not arrive after 16-Aug, but that is also the expiry date. So, I can enter Australia before 16-Aug and still stay there for 3 months?

      To anyone know, kindly advise.

      Thank you!

  21. Hello my Mom and Dad including my younger sister will go to Australia, Do they need to create individual account to apply visa or only one can do for everybody?

  22. I would like to ask I am applying for visitor 600 Visa, I have send the documents for my husband already but for myself I wasnt able to send because the immiaccount was already used.Do I need to make another immiaccount for my own documents to be sent?pls.reply.thanks and God bless

    1. I think you don’t need to create another account. Just click on “New Application” (upper left corner) when you log in into your immiaccount.

    2. Hello I’m in HK now any suggestion which one is easier to apply a tourist visa ,HK or Phil’s.?malaki kc need sa financial records aabot ng 30k HKd LAlo na DH work dto sa HK,any opinion po ?my invitation na ako from my sponsor.
      Plan to process mga June or July.salamat po

  23. Hello, is there anyone here who would love to share his/her experienced the moment you arrived at Sydney Airport? This will be my first time to travel overseas, so I wanted to at least have an idea what to do first…is the Immigration (arrival card) will be given once I board the plane here in Manila? Where to go, basically what needs to be done first, etc. 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Binibigay yung arrival card 1-2 hours before landing. depende sa airlines. kung may layover ka, sa 2nd flight towards to Sydney na yung bigay ng arrival card.

  24. This is Kim from Philippines and I am inquiring regarding the sponsorship of my boyfriend in Australia.
    Me and my boyfriend is trying to find out and worried because he had a fewdrink driving in the past all prior to 2009 and his last time was charged with assault to police aswell as drink driving the assaualt was not physical assault it was a police officer feared him as he looked threatening. So his only crimes are drink driving and 1 assault police, and minor things like no registration speeding.
    Will this be a problem for his sponsorship and if not is he can sponsor me 100%?
    Thank you and hope for response

    1. Hello Kim,
      As far as I remember there’s no questions on the application regarding if the sponsor had a criminal offense/conviction. It’s more of the applicants background/character declarations.

      Hope this will help. 🙂

  25. Hi..
    We are planning to go to Australia this September with my foreign boyfriend. We are living together here in the Philippines for 3years now. What would be the requirements for me to comply?
    Thank you

  26. Hi! Thank you for your helpful blog about the application process you went through. I have already received my Health Test request from Immi and I have that scheduled at NHS in Makati too. I would just like to ask for tips as to how early should I get there since they’re on a first come, first serve basis. And how long did the whole health testing go for? Thank you. 🙂

    1. hello, I arrived around 8:30AM and before 11AM, I’m done with the whole process + may mga senior pa na pinauna sakin. Mas maaga mas okay.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Kim. I appreciate it. I constantly referred to your blog about the visa processing when I was still applying online. Thanks again for the tips! more power! 🙂

    1. From your sponsor? Well….of course Invitation Letter, Evidence of the financial status and funding for visit like his payslip, bank statement, etc.; proof of residence; you also need his passport; evidence of relationship to the sponsor, anything that you can provide to them just upload it. 🙂

      1. Hello po, My Visa has been approved. Do I still need to present document / letter that someone (my father, who I’m travelling with) will sponsor my trip to Immigration?

  27. I’m planning to go back to Australia on march for the third time. And this time, I’m bringing my girlfriend. However, she does not have a travel history abroad. Is this going to affect her chances of getting approved of tourist visa? Thanks

    1. Just an update ….got my Visa Grant yesterday, February 11. 16 days from the day I lodged my application online! Yey!!! 😀

      1. Hello Haze,

        Just to clarify, do I need to get a certified copy of my biodata page or will a scanned copy suffice? I’m a bit confused as I’ve asked around and a friend of mine said they just scanned the documents; however, it says otherwise in my Immi account.

        Hoping for your response. Thank you in advance.


        1. I am not sure what’s your immiaccount requires you to do. Maybe try on checking the format of the documents before you upload them. Most of my documents are on *.pdf and *.jpeg file format. And some of my requirements were just photos taken using my phone. 🙂

            1. Hi Fai,

              You’re welcome. Good luck with your application. Sure you will get the decision before Easter coz mine only took 16 calendar days. 😀

  28. Hi Ate Kach,

    Thank you for the very helpful information here. I have already submitted my application. Should I proceed with my health exams even without the advise from the immigration yet?

    Thank you.

  29. Hi. I will be sponsoring friends for Visa Sub-Class 600 who are coming for a two week holiday to Perth this year. What details or questions do I need to answer?

  30. Hi, I’m holding the old 457 visa before immigration changed it and I’m working more than 2 yrs now sponsored by componie. And now able to apply for PR and my employer willing to sponsored me. but my English score not higher. We still can apply for PR ? Much wandiring because im runing 40 of age. Thanks!!!

  31. Hello Ms. Kath, ask ko lang po sana if granted ang tourist visa my possible po pwd magbridge to other visa pag andon na before ma expire?

    pwd mag apply ng new visa kahit my existing visa pa? Thank you so much.

  32. Hello, I only applied for a single entry tourist visa. I would just like to know if there are cases that they will grant a multiple entry, even if you applied for a single entry? Thanks in advance. 😀

  33. Hi i plan to apply as a tourist, how much do you think is the estimated amount to go through all this? Excluding the airfare. Thanks.

  34. Hi I’m a Filipina living in UAE. Planning to visit Australia on my vacation leave. Can I apply my visa here or wait till I get back home to PH? My country of origin will be PH tho. Thank you.

  35. Hello, I just want to know on which part in attaching documents (online lodging) I can attach the pictures as another evidence of relationship to my sponsor which is my boyfriend?

  36. Can you please tell me how much are the fee of tourist visa for Philippino to Australia ?( less than 3 months)

  37. Hello, i am a filipino citizen living in Italy. I would like to know if there are people here who also live in other countries applying for Australian Tourist Visa and What did you specify on the question: In the last five years, has any applicant visited, or lived, outside their country of passport, for more than 3 consecutive months? Do not include time spent in Australia. Do i need to specify the date when i came here in Italy until now? The form shows me the calendar but what should i put on the end date? Thanks in advance

  38. Hi, my fiance and I is planning to apply for the Partner visa this January and after lodging- can I apply for the Tourist visa (around Feb or March) while waiting for the result of the Partner visa?

    Thank you for the info.

    1. Hi, in my experience I lodged the two Visa Application at the same time. The Result of Tourist Visa Application usually made shorter period of time than the Fiance Visa. By the way where is your plan to lodge your Application? Is it in your Country of Origin or in Australia?

      1. Thanks Ayla, I plan to lodge the application here in Thailand since I am working here rather than lodging it back to the Philippines. Another question tho, for the fiancee visa, do I have to apply for it off-shore or can my fiance apply it for me. Sorry for asking, i’m confused a bit. Thank you again.

        1. Hi Jenn, I lodged the 2 Visas (Tourist and Fiance) in the Philippines. Tourist Visa result granted after 15days then after 3months staying in Australia on Tourist Visa I returned to the Philippines and a month later I recieved my Fiance Visa. I’m not too sure Dear if it is a good idea if you lodge it in Thailand. Goodluck?.

          1. Did you DIY both visas or an agent helped you? And is it your first time to do it? 🙂 Thanks for the information. Much needed advice.

          2. Did you DIY both visas or an agent helped you? And was it your first application? I’m sorry if i’m asking too many questions, we’re looking for the best option as we’re both novice at this but thank you for the answers 😀

            1. It was my first time and Yes I did it my self in collaboration with my Fiance in collecting requested documents for both visa. Just submit the documents that are only necessary and requested.

              1. Hi, I just want to ask kung ilang years na yung relationship nyo? plan ko na kasi mag apply ulit pabalik ng Australia. nakapagvisit na ako dun last Oct 2019 – for 3 months. thanks

  39. Finally got my grant today for my application lodge last November 26. For everyone who are still waiting for theirs, goodluck! And just be patient!

  40. Hi Guys, Anyone in here have already got their Visa result which was lodged early December 2019? I have lodged my tourist visa sub class 600 last 4th of December through online but until now my Status still on “Received”. Is their anyone in here has the same experience of still waiting for a luck to hear for any update of our Visa Application? Thanks you! Good luck to Us all.

        1. A quick question, I’m currently a gradschool student and let’s say I have like around 5-6k US dollars in my bank account. Am I qualified for a tourist visa?

  41. Hi guys. Please please please. Anyone from the Philippines who recently travelled to Australia? Are they requiring the polio vaccine certificate? Thanks in advance!

  42. Hi I’m david LeRoy 59yld male I am currently in Cebu Phillippins and want to apply for a visa to stay longer
    It’s only my second time to the Phillippins the first time I went to the Phillippins albassy in Sydney Australia to apply and get visa

    Want to apply for another visa but I don’t know we’re to go which office or the name of Place we’re to go could you please give me I’m formation on we’re to go and contact details of authorities I go to
    Thank you David leroy

    1. hello david, all you need to do is to go to Cebu Immagration and apply for visa extention. its a 2 month extention and cost 2,970 peso.

  43. It’s my 2nd time applying for tourist visa, I was granted a visa the first time I applied, do you think they will deny my application? I lodge my application thru VFS manila last November 19 and still waiting

  44. Hey River. Thanks for the information but I have a question. If the embassy grants your visa (subclass 600), how long before the visa expires? Ex. Japan visa should be used 3 months after approved by the embassy.

    1. Lodged mine 12/03. They are on holiday til 01/01 and will resume on 01/02. Planning to visit Aus on 01/04. Do you guys know if there is a refund if ever I withdraw my application? Still hoping to get my approval on 01/02 and 01/03

      1. Hey Cha! Just received mine today. Though it is late already, good thing its good for 1 yr for multiple entries. Good luck!

    2. Been reading the comments here and noticed that the visa grant took over a month as opposed to what I’ve been reading before (4 days up to 8 days). But I wonder why it’s now taking a little longer. I’ve booked a ticket for March 14 and thought of lodging it by late February (thinking the processing will really just take a week) but thank goodness I came across this.

  45. Hey guys, submitted the visa application on the 15th of December. I’ve noticed a lot of people in these comments have gotten their visas approved in roughly 27 days but I’m just wondering if anyone on here has ever got theirs approved within a week or two? Also can you fast track it?

  46. Did anyone receive their visa grants since last week? When did you lodge it and how long was the waiting time? Just curious as I’m still waiting for mine and I might have to wait for next year for any progress on my application due to the holiday season.

      1. Hi Em! Lodge mine last November 26. So I’m guessing it might take until after the holidays for it to be fully processed. Anyway, did you applied and got your visa approved already? How long was the processing time?

          1. Ohh 🙁 there’s been delay in processing visas probably due to the surge of applications they receive for the Christmas season. When is your planned travel date? Have you bought your tickets?

          2. Hey Em. any updates with your application? lodged mine last Dec 3 as well and still on received status. I’m planning to attach additional document not sure if this could help or worsen my situation. I just thought that the date submission of my application could be reset if I try to attach additional document. any ideas?

            1. Hi River! I would like to ask if you attached additional documents while waiting for the status of you application? Or did you just wait until you received your visa? Thank you!!

        1. Hey Cha! any updates with your application? hopefully they grant our visa within this week, lodged mine on 12/03 same as Em. Cheers!

              1. Ohh goodluck! Anyway, I’m planning on going there around February! Opted not to buy tickets yet per my friend’s advise just incase delays happen.

                1. I haven’t bought yet my ticket too. and ticket price is getting higher and higher while my planned date is coming. the last cheapest price I saw was around 70k. anyway, I just noticed that global processing times was just adjusted today from 18 to 16 -27 days. please let me know once you received any feedback I am actually using your application as my benchmark lol

  47. Hi, I have never traveled outside the country yet, what am I gonna put to travel history if my application asked me to attach one?

  48. Hi Does anyone know if polio vaccine certificate is a requirement when going to Australia? The grant says they recommend it especially from those countries with cases of Polio. I’m from the Philippines

  49. Got my parents grant visa emailed this morning at 8:57 from immigration manila.
    Lodged thru VFS manila
    Grant date-Dec. 11
    55 days i think to be exact not included weekends.
    I also contacted home and affairs yesterday noon to follow up the status of their visa,but since they applied it offshore i was not allowed to know the details but the one i spoke to said that if i filled up the form 956 to follow up on my parents behalf, they could have try to check it to their system. Anyway,i was about to do that this morning but im glad the visa arrived;not on time because they suppose to come here on Nov 22 but its fine atleast they got the grant multiple visa. To everyone, i wish you get yours too very soon.This year is different wherein everyone are waiting for long not unlike before that it will only take 2days to weeks only. Just be patient,good luck and advance merry xmas everyone!thank u as well to the owner of this site ?.cheers!

      1. Hi Ria, congrats! And sorry about your other companion. Anyway, was there a reason provided why they got refused and is it their first time to apply for the visa? I lodge mine last November and it’s still on received status, not in a hurry though since my planned trip will still be on Feb. But I’m a first time applicant and I’m a bit anxious while waiting for it! Lol

  50. Hi everyone, I applied on Nov 8 and since then I’m still waiting. Does anybody know why is taking them so long? I’m concerned. Please share your experience

    1. The delays have been happening since September. If you go through the thread, most of the applications lodged took more or less a month or so. We attributed it due to the bulk of applications due to the upcoming holiday. I lodged my application October 2, we got granted our visa Nov 4. I did send an online inquiry on October 30. Fortunately, our trip is still end of December.
      Good luck on ur application..i hope it gets granted on time

  51. Hi guys..i am new in this forum. I lodged my visa app last nov 10 and still waiting. Do you guys happen to know if there is any number in australia where i can call to follow up my visa application? Thank u in advance

    1. If you applied online you can send an inquiry through their website.

      They are some dudes here who applied and receive their grants after almost a month.

      It depends on your case, the country you are from, and you have to be patient

      1. Yeah, i submitted my application online. And i did it here in philippines. I checked my immi account for their email address so i can email them, but i cannot find any address that can be use to email my follow up or inquiry. That is why i am asking maybe someone here knew a way to contact them.

        1. Sheh, I just heard that you can send an inquiry but I don’t really know how to do that.

          A friend of mine submitted around 45 papers to his tourist visa application and got the grant after 37 days.

          I just thought maybe the higher number of documents may prolong the processing time, how many documents did you upload?

          1. I submitted only 24 pages out of 60. I was thinking it was very less comparing to others. But i was specific i submitted only those docs that i thought was necessary.

        2. I think you just have to wait couple of days, if they wanted to reject your visa they could have done it already.

          24 pages are good if they include everything necessary.

          I don’t know if they grant visas on weekends. You don’t have to get worried, if there isn’t grant for today or tomorrow.

  52. Hi guys, I got my visa yesterday. Exactly 23 days, I think there’s no within 5 days now.
    Applied Nov 12, 2019
    Visa grant Dec 5, 2019
    Immigration must have changed their system and strictly implemented the processing duration from 18-28 days. Just be patient and pray more

    1. Hi guys..i am new in this forum. I lodged my visa app last nov 10 and still waiting. Do you guys happen to know if there is any number in australia where i can call to follow up my visa application? Thank u in advance

      1. Shen, same as me except I applied on Nov 9, still waiting, where are you from?

        I’m from Philippines. It may depend on the country

        1. Hi hizzi, i am also from philippines. I am worried coz my class will start o january 6, and until now i dont have my visa. I also heard that holiday there will start early,like dec. 20 and will resume on january 5. I confirmed it with my aussie friend. I also knew some people from dubai and saudi who got their visa after only a week.

      2. Hi Sheh. I called up this number +612 61960196 but the guy I spoke to cannot give the exact stages of my visa. He said on process. And told me to wait and check with the email and IMMI Account. Then after so many hours I got my visa. But the visa approval have nothing to do with my call. I just wasted my time and money for the long distance call.

        1. Hi zeny, actually i called the same number, it was given by my friend,and yeah, they dont know anything. They just gave me the same info that I already know and told me that they cannot do anything to speed up the process, just wait for the approval. I also reiterated that the processing time given already lapsed but she just told they cannot do anything and i only have to wait. It is so frustrating.

  53. hi, I lodged my aplication last Nov 12 and we got our grant notification this evening, Dec 5. Your posts was very helpful. It took 23 calendar days which is around 18 working days to be exact, to be granted the visa. For those who are about to apply, I suggest you apply 2 months before your intended flight, it would be good for your peace of mind. God Bless you, thank you.

    1. Hi we have similar status. First time-date lodged Nov 13. Today was my flight but I rebooked it for next week dec 11. I hope it does not take beyond 27 procesdding days as what they’ve stated in the immiaccount website.

    2. Some have granted the visa within 10 days other it took them almost a month, all have applied in November this year.

      It may depend on the country that you are from, it may depend on the complicity of your case. Just hope for the best

    1. Hi, I applied on Nov 9 and no response yet. Still “received”. I started to worry now. Please tell me if you got approved or anyone else

      1. Still received as well. Last couple of times I applied I was able to get it in 4 and 5 days. Does anyone know if they send grants even at night?

          1. Hi Hizzi. Yes I did last night around 8:17 PM Lodged November 11 and granted Dec 5 around 8:17 PM. I’m from the Philippines.

  54. Hi,

    Thanks for this information. I will fund my travel except for the accommodation which will is at my partner’s mom’s and grandparents’ houses (both aussies). Do I need to submit a document/proof to support this? What are the documents? Looking forward to hear your insights about this. Thanks a lot.

    1. ohhh and another thing, is it necessary to include photos of me and my boyfriend (aussie)? Which part of the list of documents should it be attached? Thanks

  55. Does anybody know how much time does the processing take these days?

    Mine lodged Nov 9 and no response yet. I’m stressed my flight is very soon

    Can we expect a response on Saturday or Sunday? Or no work at weekends

      1. Congrats MIMI, which country are you from? philippines?

        I think processing time may differ according to the country

        1. hi im a Philippine passport holder but I am here in brunei as ofw, I lodge my tourist visa application subclass 600 December 6, my flight is on Jan. 22,2020

    1. Hi, I applied on 9th Nov as well, still waiting. It says on the website “recieved”. Anybody here got their visa when they applied after 9th Nov?

          1. Me too. I didn’t receive my visa approve yet. Even I have rebook already on dec 4 from 23 nov ticket. If none then I will rebook again. Because I visit to my boyfriend.

          2. Me too. I didn’t receive my visa approve yet. Even I have rebook already on dec 4 from 23 nov ticket. If none then I will rebook again.

              1. How long was the visa processing in your case? And did it arrive just a few days before your departure date? Thanks.

                1. My departure date is 7 Dec. I applied on 9 Nov. Visa granted on 2 Dec. Processing time is 23 days.

                  C, hope your visa will be granted tomorrow, me and my friend applied at the same day but different time, I applied 8 hours earlier than her. Her case is still received, while I got the visa

                    1. I don’t know about any interview. I have just heard from you. What is that interview for? I just got the visa on my email.

  56. Got mine and my sister’s.
    Date Lodged: Nov. 8 (around 6am)
    Date Granted: Nov. 29 (exactly 11 am). Both of our visas were mailed at the same time.
    Total wait: 21 days.

    I was granted multiple entry while my sister was granted single entry due to being unemployed currently.
    Also, the status in the Immi website didn’t change before visa was granted since it was still ‘received’ at 9am, nov 29 when I checked.

    1. Hi Aldrin. May I know the validity period of your multiple entry visa? Ours is only good for a year. Whereas in USA they are giving longer validity period up to 10 years and in Canada up to validity of the passport.


  57. We got our multiple entry visit visa dated Nov. 28 after 24 days. My husband and I just requested for a single entry, my daughter only requested for a multiple entry but they grant us all a multiple entry. Date lodge. Nov 4.

    1. Nice. Mine and my sister’s were lodged on Nov. 8
      Hopefully I would get mine soon since yours and Z’s were lodge on Nov 4 and Nov 1.

    2. Hi Zeny, may I know the intended date of travel you indicated in your application form? Mine was lodged last October 14, until now, I have not received my visa grant yet. Did you lodged your application thru VFS?

      1. Hi Em. Date of travel is Dec. 9, 2019 so with my husband and my daughter. We lodged on IMMI Account last Nov. 4. Yesterday I called up Home Affairs in Australia but the staff there can not give the exact stage of our visa and he told me to just wait and check email and IMMI account. Sayang gumastos pa ako ng long distance twice, kase yung 1st call, ang tagal ng voice prompt, sa 2nd call nakausap ko ang live staff. Pero walang bearing yung call sa pag approve ng visa namin.

        1. Lodged ours thru VFS. Wala din sila ma provide na specific status. True. Ang tagal nga ng queuing. At least na release visa niyo within that day after your call. Congrats! Ako, after my call last Wed, wala pa din. Dec 15 na flight, hopefully maka receive na ng email within the day or early next week.

          1. Thanks Em. Samahan lang ng dasal tulad ng ginawa namin. Antay antay lang di pare pareho ang pagbibigay nila ng visa, yung iba maikli yung iba sobrang haba ng processing time. Sana before your flight makuha na ninyo ang visa. ?

  58. Hi guys, for those who are still waiting for their Australian tourist visa. Just be patient. I just had my grant today. It took 28 days to be exact. Lodged via Immiaccount.
    Date lodged: Nov. 1, 2019
    Date granted: Nov. 28, 2019 around 4:30pm

    Hope everyone will be granted soon.

    1. Hi Z. Glad you have yours. Still waiting 24 days already, so maybe 4 more days to wait. I called up immi home affairs 2 hours ago but cannot give the exact status of our tourist visa, he told me to wait and check the email and IMMI account.

  59. I read the details and wouldlike to reconfirm that health assessment exam is not required for visa application if the duration of stay is less than 3months The intention is to apply for subclass 600 or tourist visa

  60. To those who already got their visas, does the Immi status ever change from Received?
    Or is it Received until it suddenly changes on the day your visa is granted?

    1. Hi Aldrin! Have you gotten your visa already? have you found out the answer for this? i’m confused as well. Thanks in advance

      1. That is kind of expected to change when the visa is granted. But I wanted to learn if there were in-between statuses like… “in progress” / “under review” / “preliminary assessment” or anything that would sort of indicate that there is something going on instead of just being stuck to “received”

        1. Hi Aldrin. I called up this afternoon IMMI Home Affairs in Australia but the staff there cannot give the actual status of our visa. He told me just wait and check the email and IMMI Account. 24 days of waiting. Hoping our visa will be granted before the graduation of our daughter on Dec. 11.

  61. can i do apply by walk in at makati or do i need an appointment to go there acctually this is my 2nd time but i forget already how coz its been 4yrs already please help me how tnx

  62. Hello,
    Is there anyone here who applied for a tourist visa traveling with minor children? I would just like to ask what are important requirements that I need to provide for my daughter. She is only 2 yrs old and I am planning to lodge our application via ImmiAccount. What are the things I need to remember and should provide before lodging our application.

    Hope to hear from someone who went through the process. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance everyone.

  63. I was contacted twice by the embassy. I missed the first call but the second one happened on a different day and I was able to answer it but no one is responding. Can someone provide any contact details we can reach to contact the embassy?

  64. Hi guys! Has anyone applied for a visa online from Nov. 12 onwards? Did you receive a grant already? Our flight is on the first week of Dec and we still haven’r got ours yet.

      1. Hi Jazz, sadly we still have not received our visas yet. We’re still hoping to receive it this week. If not, we’ll have to rebook our tickets.

        1. Hi Ann,
          Iam Worried also as I have received my visa in 5 days before. But this time its taking too long. I thought it will be the same like before. Please message me here if you got yours. Thanks

          1. Hi Jazz & Ann, did you get your visa already? where did you apply, immi or vfs? im waiting as well for my visa approval. Same experience, last year i got my visa after 5 days . Please update me. Thank you

            1. Hi Tina, I’m still waiting my visa and up to now there’s no email or any update in my immi online account. I rebook my ticket to end of Dec. I should have flown to au last Nov 26 but there’s no positive outcome yet so I rebook to Dec 29. Applied Nov 12 counting the days everyday and I’m hoping soon

      2. Ann and Jazz, have you got your visa yet? I applied on Nov 9 and I didn’t get it until now, still “recieved” it has been 24 days processing.

    1. Hi, I launched my application last Nov. 13 and my flight is on the first week of Dec din. My colleague told me I should contact the embassy to have it followed-up. I am planning to wait til the 17th day processing time as what they’ve said in the immiaccount to contact the embassy. If wla pa din on the day of my flight, I’ll have to rebook my flight for another week and will probably contact the embassy for the change in dates.

        1. Hi Ann. I just called up +612 61960196 and talked to live person to follow up the status of our family visa. But unfortunately, the status given to me is only on process. Can not give the exact stages of the visa. He told me if no other requirements is being ask, so nothing to worry. He told me to just wait and check our email and IMMI Account frequently. I told him I am checking my email 3 times a day so with my IMMI Account. I told him also that we will attend the graduation of our daughter in Australia on Dec. 11. Lodged: Nov 4. Sana maka abot sa graduation.

          1. Hi Zeny, I also called that number last Wednesday since there’s no other way to verify the status here in the PH. I was also told the same thing – my application is still on process. Unfortunately, I haven’t received my visa grant yet as of this writing. Sana makahabol din for our confirmed flight on Dec 15.

        2. Hi, wala pa din as of Dec 1, 2019. My flight is on the 4th of Dec 2019. I might have to rebook. I’ll update when I receive progress.

        3. Ann, have you got your visa yet? I applied on Nov 9 and I didn’t get it until now, still “recieved” it has been 24 days processing

  65. Hi! Has anyone here lodged their tourist visa application via immi account after Nov. 1 and was already granted? Thank you.

    1. Hi Z,
      I applied for Nov 12 but I’m still waiting their email and checking immi online account. I was thinking they will grant me within 5 days. Unfortunately up to now there’s no email yet even my online shows only RECEIVED.Can you reply here if you get yours?

      1. Hi Jazz! Yes i will. Once i have an update. We might have the same situation. Last year, my visa was granted after 4 days. It is just this year that the wait is too agonizing. Lodged my tourist visa application via immi account nov.1. It’s the 25th day today. Status “received”

  66. Hi Cecilia. I applied in Dec of 2018 and got refused. I re-applied in Jul of 2019 and got approved. You can always try again and provide a clear itinerary and how you will fund your trip. Good luck!

  67. I applied SubClass 600 and got refused. I dont know what to do now. I really waNna try it again. Can apply SubClass 600 again?

  68. Thank you for you tips. What should i do now? I got refused last August 22 2019. And i want to try it again. Do i have to remove my immi account and apply new one? Pls. I really need your help. Thank you

  69. We still don’t have our visas as of 1pm and we’re still hoping to receive it soon. Our luggages are already packed.

    Ours is via group online application.
    We sent our enquiry form a few days ago and today.

    1. Hi Joy, i lodged my tourist visa via immi account last nov.1 and still dont have the result as of nov. 20. This is my third time applying for the subclass600. My previous applications last year got approved within 4 days.
      I hope we both get the grant soon.

      1. Hi Z,

        Same here I was granted two times before Nd got the visa within 6 days. But this time it took them so long to assess. Are they following now the time frame? Or getting strict releasing tourist visa?

      1. Hi Maine! Unfortunately, we missed our flight yesterday. Still no visa as of 11/21/2019 1:45pm 🙁 we really need to get it by tomorrow and book another flight for tomorrow’s departure because one of us really needs to be there by Nov.23. Did you get your visa already?

        1. We never got our visa for our Nov 19, 1030PM flight 🙁 We haven’t rebooked yet cos of course we don’t know when the visa will be released. It sucks and very costly. Did you apply thru VFS or IMMI? It’s really unfortunate that people have been missing their flights recently because there’s an obvious delay in the processing of the visa. Hayyyyyy.

            1. Hi Mervs, where did you pass your application by online or vfs. Same here, I submitted my appn Nov 12, before I received the granted visa within 5 days, but now it seems there delaying granting visa.

          1. I applied tourist visa thru VFS last September 23,until now when i check stil at embassy for processing. Its very stressful to wait for the result

            1. Hi Nona, we finally received our visa today, November 22, 2019 at 1:23 PM. We lodged our applications last October 15, 2019 via VFS. Rebooking our flight to next week. Our original flight was supposed to be last November 19, 2019.

    1. Hello Anne, im glad u get yours already. I wish I could also recieve my parents visa this week. Your waiting is over and now you can start packing things to bring here in Oz ☺ . Good luck and enjoy mate. ?

  70. Is there a chance to get the visas at night? Like after office hours? 🙁 Our flight is already tomorrow night and still no visas as of 11/19/19 7pm. I’ve been painfully waiting and praying because there’s so much to lose.

    I don’t know what’s happening cos afaik they’re known to give visas fast because of their online processing( I was told that it usually only takes a few days)… I’m shocked why people have been waiting for many weeks and even 2 months now, and why some who lodged through VFS or later got theirs faster? I know people, including my cousin, who got theirs last year within 3-5days. Some got them within 10days or shorter, or around 2weeks on busier dates before. I’m confused

    1. Kindly let us know if you get your visa on time! Did you apply through IMMI or VFS? The wait is really agonizing and very, very stressful. Unfortunately, my family and I werent so lucky since even on the date of our flight, our visa were never released.

    2. Did you try sending an enquiry form?
      Since September,there has been a delay of some applications. I lodged our application Oct 2, we were granted the visa Nov 4. More than a month. But I did fill up an enquiry form on oct 30. It might help

      1. We still don’t have our visas as of 12:20pm and we’re still hoping to receive it soon. Our luggages are already packed.

        Ours is via group online application.
        We sent one enquiry form a few days ago.

  71. We submitted our online application last Nov. 5, and according to them, 19 to 26 days is the processing period. Our flight is Dec. 9, 2019. Still waiting for the visa. Hoping to receive before our scheduled flight.

    1. I once applied in 2018 through IMMI. Got it 5 days after. But that was June and probably a thin season for applications.

  72. Much stress to deal while waiting for the visa result. Lodge application thru VFS last September 23,but sad that until now never get any result. I suppose to fly on December 5.Hope the embassy will give us a response soon???

  73. Hi! Has it happened before that the visa would be released on the same date of the intended flight?

    My family and I applied through VFS. Received an email from VFS that the Aus embassy already has our applications on 14 October 2019. It’s been more than a month already, and our intended flight is tomorrow night already!! Aghhhh. :(((((((

  74. Has anybody lodged through Mimi account during the last week of October and has gotten their visa already?

    Date lodged: oct 29
    Status: received

    1. I lodged my au visa app online immi last oct 25 and i got my multiple visa yesterday nov. 18. Its almost 3 weeks, unlike my previous application that it only takes 3 days to process. Hope you will have yours soon.

      1. HI.. we lodge our visa online last October 24 and today we received the grant multiple entry it too 26 days..
        Last yr i applied it took only 7 days hope you will have the grant soon

  75. Hi i hope you can answers my question
    Im planning to go in Australia in February
    How much i need to put money on my bank account its ok if i dont have anu asset only i stay is for 3 weeks

  76. Hi! Has anyone applied for a 6-month or 12-month stay duration and was granted a visa? What did you put as your reason? Thanks!

  77. Hi, i was wondering if you can answer a question for me…my girlfriend lodged application on the 6/11/2019 was granted 3 month visitor visa on the 15th November, is she still required to do chest x-ray and/or medical examination booked for next week………..Cheers

  78. Hi, i was wondering if you can answer a question for me…my girlfriend was granted 3 month visitor visa on the 15th November, is she still required to do chest x-ray and/or medical examination booked for next week………..Cheers

  79. Hi! Anybody who lodged their applications this November and got their visa already? I am very anxious about our visa since it it for a triathlon race

      1. Oh wow, that’s great. Did you ask for a follow up before she got the visa? Lodged my application online last November 4, 2019 but haven’t gotten any news about my Visitor visa yet. My flight is in 4 days and the race schedule starts in 6 days. Hoping we get our visas soon! Thanks for the reply, David!

      2. Very lucky. Our application was received by the Embassy last Oct. 14. Til now, we haven’t received our visa grant yet. Smh

        1. Hi! May I know the date of your flight? Me and my family also lodged our applications last Oct 14/15 but no visa yet until now. We applied through VFS and our flight is tomorrow evening 🙁

          1. Hi! Were you able to get your family’s visa? I read some people got theirs a day before their flight. I am really worried bec my family’s flight is tomorrow and we still don’t have our visa.

            1. Still waiting. Our flight is tonight though. Contemplating on rebooking already :(((( This is so stressful! It’s been exactly 5 weeks since we lodged our applications via VFS.

            2. Still waiting :((((( Our flight is tonight already and still no visa. It’s been exactly 5 weeks since we lodged our applications via VFS. Still no word. This is so stressful!!! Our bags are all packed though. I don’t know until when it’s safe to wait before we rebook. :(((((((

                1. Unfortunately, no email from VFS, so no visa. Our flight is at 1030PM later. I was hoping we’ll get the visa today, but wala eh.

  80. I am working and living in Vietnam, is it applicable for me to apply online?
    Please share your experience and thoughts.

    Thank you!

  81. The waiting time is quiet long… Its frustrating and stressful but hopefully we can get a grant soon.
    I lodge my application last September 23 thru VFS until now status is processing ???

      1. Hi Anne, i send an email to VFS last friday and the reply is the same, still on process at the Australian embassy in Manila?

        1. Same thing with my parents, they applied last Sept. 26 and the status is still being processed at the embassy..

          1. Sorry to hear that. I’m still waiting though for my visa until now. It’s been 5 weeks already and still in process. Is it though VFS that your parents applied for visa?

            1. YEs Anne, applied at VFS Manila as well. Actually this is the first time that happened,when i lodged the application for my sisters at VFS,it just takes 2weeks before, but now its kinda frustrating and stressful,its exactly 7weeks today ?..im still hoping to receive the grant visa very soon so they can be with us here in Australia. If im not that busy at work, i could have just apply it here online,, my fault! ?

              1. Huhu same here. Ive been saving this vacation I requested in the office for the said trip. I didn’t apply early coz I know it would only take 2 weeks most of the time for approval. It’s been 6 weeks already. I think all of here have the same dilemma who submitted their visa application thru VFS ?

          1. Hi Mimi, sad to say its still on process when I try to check it. I don’t know what’s going on coz it’s almost 2 months.the waiting time is unbelievable ?

            1. Hi Noona, got the same generic reply from VFS due to high demand there are some delays. But I know someone who lodge their application Oct 11 online and not thru VFS and got their visa already last Tuesday.

  82. We were surprised to get our visa grant today because of the delays recently. I am not sure if having granted Australian visas before is a factor why we got it earlier than expected.

    Date Lodged: October 16 (thru immi account)
    Date Granted: November 6
    Target Departure: 3rd week of November

    1. Actually, the processing time for those who applied online is shorter compared to lodging at VFS. Your time frame is kinda long because usually it will take only few days. I was granted with Australian visas already and it took a long waiting time for my current application, VFS said it’s peak season (Christmas & Summer) so there’s a big volume of applicants.

  83. Good day, would anybody know what time they release grant notifications? Do they only send emails in the afternoon or they also send grants in the morning? So far I’ve only received grants in the afternoon. Thank you very much!

  84. Finally,received my visa grant. They actually granted us 1 year multiple entry. Good luck everybody. The wait can be frustrating.
    Date Lodged:October 2
    Date Granted:November 4

    1. Congratulations!
      We’re still waiting for my husband’s visa, I’m so worried since he’s flight sched is this Friday 8th Nov.
      Applied 7th October

      1. Hi. I hope you get them on time. Did you try sending an enquiry form? I submitted one on Oct 30 to follow up on my grant status. It might help.

  85. Hi! i have a friend applying for a tourist visa. Is it a big factor for denial if he don’t have any previous travel? Nakalagay kasi sa “required” docs yung previous travel history.
    It will be his first travel outside PH if granted.

  86. This was my longest waiting time for OZ visa. Documents lodged thru VFS on Sept. 13 and my visa was granted on Oct. 30 with one year ME. My flight is scheduled first week of December. Based on my previous visa applications, waiting time is usually in few days to two weeks. Hope everyone will get their visa on time.

    1. Good for you Apple, i lodge my application last September 23 thru VFS too but til now still waiting for the result.my flight is on December 5. Hope to get mine soon to?

      1. Hi, how’s your visa application? I lodge my application thru VFS as well last oct. 3 until now still in process. Sadly I missed my flight

  87. Hi! I need a little help. I’m getting more restless each passing day because I submitted my Visa last Oct 15 and I haven’t recieved any news since then. Ang nakalagay na status sa Immi Account ko is “recieved”. Is it normal for my application to still have this status (“recieved”) for this long?

    1. Hi! I felt the same way too ? I applied last 7th October for my husband’s visa and up until now status is still “received”
      I already booked his round trip ticket , flight sched is this coming 8th November . I’m so worried kasi umuwi ako ng pinas para sunduin sya. Without thinking na wala pa yong visa nya. Lahat kasi ng ka kilala ko 1-2 weeks lang grant na yong tourist visa.

  88. Hello. Do i need to schedule an appointment for interview or appearance to the aus. embassy if I apply online via immi.gov.au? Or will i just wait for the approval of my visa via email?

  89. Is it possible to remove one application in my immi account, just noticed after submitting my application form dalawa yung status meron incomplete the other one is received. I think it’s duplicate by error default.Im still waiting for visa grant and my flight will be on Nov.4.

  90. Been following posts here and it’s nice to hear that most of you received your grants before the day of your flight, which seems to be the trend for September applicants. Hopefully I get mine too before my flight on October 31. Date lodged: 30 September 2019

    1. Hope that you get yours soon too! Mine, I really had the feeling it’ll get granted and had everything packed and ready too.

      1. Same here, bags are already packed and ready to go. Crossing my fingers. I hope I get lucky as you guys. What time did you get you’re update? I mean, should I wait til 12mn?

    2. Hi Noel, I have been silently reading comments here and honestly, there’s always mixed feelings whenever I here during my waiting game. Unfortunately for me, my visa didn’t arrive on time our flight last Oct 24. I lodged mine last Sept.28. I just got mine today at 2:35 pm. I had to rebook everything last minute and it cost me a substantial amount. This delay is something that the embassy needs to look into. I have a friend who works for an embassy of another country and the case officers there take consideration of those who have flights already booked. They even do over time just to make sure that the visas are released on time. As applicants, I believe all of us made sure that we will 100% get a visa considering all the hassle of getting documents, completing a 19-page questionnaire, paying a hefty amount of money and risking booking a flight (especially those on sale) just to prove that we will definitely go back to our Motherland. I will definitely lodge a complaint on this matter, of course in a diplomatic way. I feel for everyone here that waits for their visas for a month or even more. I hope that all of us would stand up for what is right and just to us. Afterall, we are following their process. I hope and pray for yours to come soon.

      1. Awww, sorry to hear that. I do agree with your sentiments and add to that the stress of waiting and not knowing if your application has been processed, reviewed, or opened at the very least since the status you always see when you click refresh is “Received”. Just like what I’m doing today, refresh every hour with my fingers crossed (haha).

    3. Hi been following the thread here as well. I applied my visa Last Oct 4 and until now I’m still waiting for the visa. My flight sched is Nov. 6

      1. Hi, any update of your visa? Did you get already or still waiting? Nov. 05 na now kasi and ur flight shud be 2morow.

      2. I missed my fllight yesterday Manila to Sydney as still awaiting for the visa grant notification. Nakakastress nakalagay standard processing time 19 to 26 days. Always in the status still received. Sana within this week meron na result para makapagbook ng new.

        1. Hi Anne. Did you try submitting the enquiry form? Lodged my application on Oct 2. I submitted an enquiry form on October 30 to followup my visa grant status. Received my grant om Nov 4 9am. It might help.

          1. Hi Phyllis. How to submit an equity form? The thing is I submitted my visa application through VFS and they gave me only a link and a reference number and it still shows in process 🙁

          2. Hi, may i know where can i find the inquiry form? Should i submit in the email? Please i badly need it. Thank you., appreciate it so much.

  91. Hi Everyone. I just got my visa grant! Good thing I didn’t rebook my tickets yet. Hopefully everyone else there got theirs too!
    Date lodged: 26 September 2019
    Granted: 28 October 2019

      1. I lodge my application last September 23,but sadly until now wala pa rin decision and i check the status still processing ???hope to get the news sooner???

  92. My application is still on received status and my flight is supposed to be tonight.
    Date lodged: 26 September 2019

  93. Lodged our application on sept 26 and until now wala paring update. It’s day 28 na since application was received ? Siguro hindi nmn kami denied kasi we have US visa multiple entry, japan, korea and NZ. We applied through immiaccount and group application yun. There’s 4 of us but only 3 submitted on sept 26 yung isa oct 14 na. Do you think na apektohan yung application namen kasi matagal yung isa nag submit? Our flight is on nov 5 sana and paid na yung tickets. We can’t decide if i rebook nlng pa yung ticket or i cancell kasi ang tagal na talaga.

    1. Experiencing the same thing! I applied Sept 25 and no visa hanggang ngayon. Although it’s very interesting yung friend ko nagsubmit siya nung Oct 1 lang then he got his visa around 10 working days lang! Seems mukang may problem sa system and queuing nila now. Hopefully lumabas na yung visa natin

      1. Experiencing the same problem. Lodged an application for my husband and I using 1 account on October 2. No VISA until now. Im just surprised because i read that those who applied much later than us have been granted a visa already. I dont know whats wrong and who to contact

        1. It’s the same here. I had my application lodges last Sept 26 and till now no approval! It’s quite frustrating as my flight is on the 29th! Everything is already planned and I’m going there for an occasion. The Australian Government needs to hurry up the the applications as they should be prepared for the number of people applying. It’ll be a hassle as I will have to move my work leave, rebook my ticket and everything! I find this site a great place to be updated with other applicants. Please update us here when you receive your visa grant. Thank you.

              1. Tried the link above and I got an email of self-guided links lang. They didn’t give any reason for the cause of the delay or something. Hay. Still hoping for a miracle to have my visa issued before my flight!

                1. Hi, tim! Hilary applied on sept 25 according to her previous comments. I think Aus embassy only grants your visas once your travel date is close. I noticed that they’ve been granting applicants who are just in days prior to their departure. However, i think think Hilary got hers around oct 24/25 and her flight is going to be on the 26th of october. Hopefully we’ll all get our visa soon before our intended departure date. Let me know once you got yours Tim!

            1. Good luck Tim. I do hope you get it on time. It is frustrating. I should have just applied through VFS, at least I know who to call to get an update. With the online application,I dont know who to contact. Please do update if you get ur VISA.

              1. Thanks Phyllis. Yeah worst thing is that I had my application lodged by an Australian Migration Agent. We paid 1,000 AUD just for them to lodge it and still nothing. I had my friend in Au call the home affairs and told them that application is still in progress and shouldn’t had booked a flight prior to the trip. But it’s already a month from now. I will update and hopefully we get our visa grant already. Not that I’m impatient but this is just taking ridiculously too long. Once I get my visa, I’m gonna make a complaint on how log it is for them to process just visitor visas.

                1. I completeely understand your sentiment. Although my trip is a bit further away (end of november), i still do need to make arrangements. That the reason i applied early. But apparently their queue system is a nightmare. I still dont understand why other application lodged weeks after us are processed first.

                  1. Submitted the form and emailed.

                    Lodged sept 25
                    Granted oct 22.

                    Hope you guys get ur visas before ur flight.

                    The wait is indeed stressful.

            2. Hi Tim! Did you get your visa already? Our flight is also tomorrow (Oct. 29), and we haven’t got our visas yet. 🙁 It’s stressful since we have everything booked already..

              1. Hi Lauren. No I haven’t. Yeah our flight is tomorrow and still no news! It’s so stressful and frustrating. I hope we get our gtants today. What time is your flight tomorrow? If we get our visa grant today let’s celebrate at the airport tomorrow!

              2. Hi Lauren. Still got no news. Yeah It’s so stressful and frustrating. Immigration should have it approved already as they asked for the dates we need to be there.
                By the way, what time is your flight tomorrow? If we get our visa let’s celebrate at the airport tomorrow! Hehehe
                I’m at work now and I want to run to the Australian Embassy here in Makati!

                1. Our flight tomorrow evening, 11PM. I have tried messaging them through https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/Pages/australian-immigration-enquiry-form.aspx several times, but it did not help. 🙁 even called embassy and have spoken to an agent but they couldn’t help me since I applied online and not through VFS. Same with the others, I regret applying online.. I wish I have just applied through VFS so I could get some assistance at least.

                2. Hi, Tim! 2 out of 3 visas that were lodged on sept 26 has been approved. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten mine. I’m praying to God that I’ll get mine today as well as it is very discouraging to have your family’s visa granted but not yours as of now. I’m currently a student so my trip is being sponsored – maybe that could be the reason for my delay? I’m hoping your visa, mine ,and Lauren’s will be granted today!

                  1. Hi, Tim! Update as of 12pm. i Just got my visa!!! my family got multiple entry for 1 year while i only got a single entry for 6 mos. Hoping you’ll get yours today! Stay positive

                    1. Oh wow! Congrats Dyle. I applied for a Multiple entry for 1 year. Hopefully get mine today! Thanks for the update!

                  2. Hi Dyle! Thanks for updating us here. Yeah we had our application lodged at the same day. Yes pray that our visa grants will come out already. I don’t want to go through the process of rebooking. I’m already packed for my flight tomorrow!

                3. Hi Tim! Flight should be tomorrow night at 11PM, but did not receive our visa grants today. Did you receive yours? I am left with no choice but to cancel everything tonight, and do the planning all over again. So saaaaad… 🙁

                  1. Hi Lauren, looks like we’re supposed to be on the same flight! At terminal 3 right?
                    I didn’t receive my visa grant too. I’m still hoping that tomorrow the visa grant will be released. If not, then I will rebook my ticket. Yeah it’s so sad because we’re all prepared and the Australian immigration has done nothing yet. Kapit lang! Baka lumabas bukas! By Afternoon ako mag rebook if wala parin. We might both celebrate tomorrow! Please update me here too tomorrow.

                    1. Good luck Tim and Lauren. I hope you get it on time. Keep updating us. Still no news on my visa app either

                  2. Hey Lauren, did you get your visa grants yet? I got mine today hopefully you got yours too. We could’ve been on the same flight tonight.

                  3. Hi Lauren! Just wondering if you got your visa before your flight. I am a week away before my flight. I’ve been hearing that people get their flights a day before or hours before their flights. Our trip is very important since it is for a triathlon race. Would really help if you can let us know 🙂 thank you!

    2. I know right, i noticed that people who lodged their application on september hasn’t received their visa meanwhile those on Who applied on october Has gotten theirs. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au//help-support/departmental-forms/online-forms/australian-immigration-enquiry-form This is where i inquired regarding my visa. I don’t know if it’s the right contact though. They never specifically mentioned where to contact the embassy if you haven’t gotten your visa after the global processing time

    3. Hi Dyle, please inform us when you guys get your visa grant. We’re all experiencing the same sluggish approval of our visitor visas. Hopefully we all get approved soon.

        1. Yep, it was a group application but we submitted it individually using 1 immi account. Will update you guys as soon as we get it.

          1. Same with us. Just me and my husband using 1 immi account. We submitted it on the same day,minutes apart. I dont know how to resolve this issue.

      1. hi, Tim! 2 out of 3 visas just got approved today! Unfortunately, i haven’t gotten mine yet. I hope i’ll get it today as the 3 of us applied on the same day just minutes apart. I’m currently a student therefore my trip is sponsored by my family – maybe that could be the reason as to why i haven’t gotten mine yet? hopefully yours, Lauren’s and my visa will be granted today!

        visa applied on sept 26
        granted: oct 28
        took more than a month

  94. I created IMMI Account for myself and another for my husband. But unfortunately the application form to be filled up is not enable or no application form attached to be filled up. So I submitted only my name and my email address.

    Where can I find the application form? Thanks.

    1. Hi! It can be found po doon mismo sa ImmiAccount. If you already have an account, log-in ka lang po then NEW APPLICATION tapos start ka na po sa pag-fi-fill-up.

  95. Maybe just to share, although work filed it via VSF (and there were delays internally), got an appointment in VSF by 15th Oct Tuesday, got my Visa today 18th Oct Friday before 9am via email for a flight tomorrow 19th Oct Saturday. When I called VSF, the embassy just got it by 16th Oct Wednesday and still status ‘received’. I sent a follow up email to local embassy here in Manila yesterday 5:00PM and approval went through this morning with Visa! Waiting for visa is stressful, even if it’s for work – I know I will get it because it’s company sponsored but timing if I’ll get it before flight. My understanding is if it’s via VSF, it goes to the embassy in Manila, but immi account, the bottom part of the letters say an AU address, so following up via email might not work? If you email the embassy in Manila if you filed it via online (not sure!)

    1. Hi Rica,

      I got the same situation here currently waiting for my visa. My flight is supposed to be in 2 weeks time. I had my visa filled around 3 weeks ago already and still haven’t heard. My agent in Australia says it’s the same with their other applicant as it may be due to Christmas season coming up. I’d like to know what did you email them and how you followed up? Because It’s gonna be very hard if it doesn’t get approved soon.

    2. Thanks Rica. I am in the same situation. I processed mine online via IMMI account on 30th September. Until now the status is still showing as “Received”. VFS can’t help me because I didn’t apply through them. What email address did you use for the Aus embassy follow up? I couldn’t find one – only VFS.

      1. Lodged my application Oct 2 thru my immi account together with my husband. No updates until now. I expected that applying online personally makes the process faster (like they said,online applications are processed 2x as faster) but now I regret it. At least with VFS, you know who you’ll contact to follow up ur application. I dont know who to contact to ask about my online application

  96. Hi, Ms. Kach! I just want to thank you for this blog. It did help me a lot po sa visa application ko.

    Sa mga visa applicants diyan, read lang po kayo ng mga blogs or watch din po kayo ng youtube videos. Ilang gabi din akong puyat dahil lang sa kababasa ng mga blogs before I lodged my application. If you have any inquiries about my visa application, just message lang po. I’m happy to share my experience.

    1. Hi po, been reading blogs also and watching videos. I would like to ask po, I’m a little bit confused sa part na po where you fill up the application form. The one that I have to choose is the subclass600 tama po ba? Hindi po yung E-Visitor application form(subclass 651)? Can I ask also your socials po and ask queries? Thanks po 🙂

      1. Hi, Gel! I’m sorry for the delay of getting back to you. Kung Tourist Visa ang inaapplyan mo, Visitor (subclass600) po ang pipiliin mo. Wala po akong social media accounts, deleted them early this year kasi sobrang busy ko po.

  97. Hi,

    It says there, “The health exam is only applicable if you plan to stay longer than 3 months and/or depending your age.”

    How will I know if I need the health exam? Is there an indication on the website that it is required? Or am I just going to wait for the immigration to contact me? I am planning to have 2 weeks vacation with my daughter.

    1. Hi, Hazell. The health exam is not only applicable if you plan to stay longer than 3 months and/or depending your age. If you have had tuberculosis before and you declared it, they would surely tell you to have a medical examination prior to processing your visa application.

  98. I apply my visa sept 23, 2019, but until now, same status as “Received”. My flight po sana is on saturday, mahahabol pa kaya un?

    1. Hello
      Same po tayo, we lodged our application on Sept 23rd, up until today wala pdn decision. Ano po balita sa visa nyo?

        1. Thanks po. As per immi website may 2 processing times na nakakacurious po. 75% 20,days and 90% 25days eh yung samin po 25th days na bukas na nkakapraning na. Dont have an idea what is happening on the background. Sana magrant na dn smin ?

          1. I’m sorry to hear that, Bon. Sa iba po umaabot ng 1 month ‘yong processing, hindi nasusunod ‘yong nakalagay po sa ImmiAccount. Kung minsan po sa iba, lumalagpas pa ng 1 month pero naga-grant naman visa nila.

    2. were you able to get your visa? 🙂 we submitted our visa on sept 16 and until now – no response but our other family friend applied on sept 23 and got hers on oct 4 (she applied in the states though)

      1. Hi, Sam. Some visa applicants get their visa granted in more than a month po. There was an applicant last year who got his in 45 days, so hindi po talaga pare-pareho.

  99. Hi. I recently lodged our australian visa application last September 24, 2019. Our flight is on October 19, 2019. Until now, the status of our application says “Received”. Should I contact the embassy since I think they haven’t screened our application yet (and therefore they’re not aware that our flight is 10 days from now). What is your advice? Thank you

        1. Yes, I submitted last October 4 and planning to arrive on 4th week of October. Hoping to get the approval the soonest. I heard some got their visa after 2 weeks while others for few days only.

          1. Hi there, I applied last 9/12 ang got my visa approved last 10/9. Received lang yung status nung sakin then nung 10/9 naging finalised then granted. Hindi nababago yung status to initial assessment to further assessment then finalized. Pag check ko finalized na agad.

            1. Thanks for your your response. Buti pa sayo. Congrats! Ang problema ko lng is kung aware kaya sila sa departure date namin. 1 week nlng flight na namin 🙁

                1. Hello sa inyo! I’m here to share my experience kung paano na-grant visa ko. Bale 1 week lang ang processing. I did it on my own, ‘di ako nag-agency kasi mas convenient siya at mas affordable. Hindi pa ako nag-book ng flight ko kasi I was waiting for the decision of the Case Officer. Nareceive ko today ang Visa Grant Notice and I wasn’t expecting it. Sobrang busy ko kasi kaya ‘di ko masyadong iniisip ‘tong application ko.

                    1. Oh this month din lang kayo nag apply. Ang bilis…based sa immiaccount ko, will take 20-25 processing days, 2nd week na tomorrow of waiting. Sana ma approved na din ??????

                    2. HI, Ayee! October 9 nila prinocess ‘yong application pagkatapos nareceive ko notice sa e-mail noong October 16. Hindi ko nga rin ineexpect na ganun kabilis kasi nakalagay sa ImmiAccount na 20-25 days and processing. Hoping na ma-grant din visa niyo para everyone is happy.

              1. Hi, Ryan! Just wait for the decision of the Case Officer. The Case Officer who’s handling your application will also contact you via e-mail once your visa is finalized.

                1. Hi Miss Vanessa, still waiting. Target departure is October 26 sana ma approved na din samen. Planning to call the embassy on Monday sana it’s a good idea to call them. Musta po sir ryan? Granted na din po ba sa inyo?

                  1. Goodluck, Ayee! Hindi ko lang alam na good idea na tatawag ka sa embassy. Pero there’s no harm in trying naman. Sana ma-grant din Visa Application mo.

                    1. Hi Miss Hilary and Miss Vanesa, finally granted na visa ko! 😀 Submitted it on Oct 4 via immiaccount and granted on Oct 22 around 5pm. I checked it around 2:30pm and it says “recieved” pero nabago ang processing time to 16-26days then I checked again at 5:30pm ayun granted na…Thanks a lot 😀

                  2. I’m so happy for you that your visa is finally granted, Ms. Ayee! It’s worth the wait, ‘di ba? Kahit matagal ang processing basta granted! Enjoy Land Down Under! Saan ka pupunta sa Australia?

            2. What did you indicate as your departure date? Filed mine 9/27 but my travel starts 11/13..just thinking baka they prioritize those na near na travel? Not necessarily lodge date? Hehe not sure just an observation bases sa mga comments. But Im really anxious to know na the results 🙁

              1. Baka noh? Kasi i applied oct 2 pero yung travel date ko mid december pa. Just wanted to apply early just in case pero 22nd day na today still no response

              2. Hello Kat, Nov 13 din yung travel date namin. I applied visa last Sep23. Still, wala pa din update. Have you got yours? Thank you!

        1. HI, Ms. Ayee! Visa Granted na si Ms. Rica. Siya yata nag-post ng new comment doon sa taas. Nag-apply siya ng Visa niya thru VFS not online.

  100. How long does it usually take? We submitted our application last Sept. 15 and our status until now is still Received. We’re scheduled to fly already tomorrow night. 🙁

      1. Agreed, Kach Umandap! I received my Visa Grant Notice within a week. They processed my application on October 09, 2019 and I received an e-mail this afternoon telling that my Visa Application is granted.

    1. Hello Jojo, were you able to get your visa? We submitted our application last sep23 and our travel date is nov13. Status until now is still received. Still hoping!

  101. I live in Japan and currently in Japan. I have small private pool resort business in the Philippines, can I apply online australian visa and use all my documents in the Philippines.like Land title, mayor’s permit, Dti ,bank cert and other documents needed. Thankyou in advance

  102. Hello,

    I just applied for a tourist visa and completed the medical exam last 9/24 – the result was forwarded just last 9/27. The status of my application online is still received. I’m just worried since wala akong maipakita na previous travels since first time kong mag travel international. Thank you.

    1. Hello
      Were ypu able to receive a email already? I have lodge my aplication on Sept 23rd and done my medical on Sept 25th and until now waiting pa dn decision.

        1. OMG! Why ours havent approved yet. Pang 25th day na nung smin 2morrow. Congrats on your approval anyway. Sana all ?

          1. Hi, Bon! Ilang months ‘yong inapply mo? 3 months or 6 months? Multiple Entry ba? Why did you have medical po?

              1. Hello, Bon! Saan ka po nag-medical? NHS po? Kung NHS, antay ka lang ng 10 days bago nila i-forward results mo sa Embassy. Tapos, kapag okay na results, doon na nila uumpisahan na i-process application mo. They would contact you if additional health examination is required.

                1. Yep, NHS po. Ahm 10 days po ba? As far as I know 3days lang po daw ung result. After po ba non tsaka pa lang bibilang ng 20-25 days?

                  1. Maximum po ng 10 days ang pag-forward nila sa Embassy, pero kung minsan nafo-forward na nila kaagad-agad. Depende ‘yan kung busy sila at kung maraming clients. Kapag na-forward na nila sa Embassy, doon pa lang mag-start ‘yong processing. Pero depende pa rin ‘yon kung satisfied sila sa medical exam results mo, otherwise ire-require ka nila for additional medical exam. If TB-related cases, wala ka naman nang babayaran kasi kasama na sa package ‘yon. Tapos, kapag natapos na lahat ng pinapagawa nilang medical exam sa’yo at satisfied na sila sa results, they will proceed na po sa processing of your application. Just be patient po and everything will be okay.

                  2. And also, makikita rin sa ImmiAccount mo kung na-forward na nila sa Embassy ang results, mag-uupdate ‘yon straightaway kapag na-forward na ng NHS ‘yong results. Kung minsan, finoforward na nila agad-agad the following day, but that’s depending po kung marami silang clients. Basta maximum po of 10 days po ang aantayin. Check mo lang sa ImmiAccount mo ‘pag nag-update sila.

              2. Wala pa rin pong update doon sa application mo? Chineck mo na po ba kung ano nakalagay doon sa portion na health assessment?

                  1. Pwede yata since may nabasa ako dati na they contacted ‘yong embassy pero hindi sila Filipino, they’re Indians. Hindi ko lang po alam kung paano ‘yong processing sa atin kung pwede silang tawagan o i-email. Try mo pong i-google.

                  2. Mag-e-mail ka po kaya sa NHS, baka po hindi pa nafo-forward sa Embassy results ng medical mo. Processing of your application will start po kung kelan nareceive ng Embassy ‘yong results.

  103. miss is there a possibility na ma Grant Visa ko If I failed to Attached my PSA Birth Certificate? Makapag bayad na ako online nung ma check ko I wasn’t able to attached it. ☹️

    Paano process nun? Ma consider ba na mag send or pwede sila mag email para hingiin? Thanks

    1. Hello po! As far as I know, pwede pa rin pong mag-attach ng documents kahit nakapagbayad ka na for as long as hindi pa umaabot ng 60 ‘yong attachments mo po.

  104. Please send me guide how to apply for Australian Visa..I have Philippine passport..also send me the website where to get the forms

    1. Hi, Juliana! You have to create an account on ImmiAccount. Follow the link below: online.immi.gov.au/lusc/register

  105. We are Filipinos who would like to visit Australia for a 10-day vacation. We currently have a US and Japan Visa. We also have a Schengen visa but it is expired. Do we still need to apply for an Australian Visa?

  106. Hi Ms Kach,

    Where did you address your bank certificate for Australian visa? Your response will be very much appreciated.

  107. Hi Ms. Kach,

    Is it necessary to get the visa ‘sticker’ on your passport? Or just a print out of your visa grant notice is enough to show to the immigration officer on the day of departure? Thanks! 🙂

  108. Hi. Can I visit australia if its my first time travelling abroad? I never been to other country Australia is the first country that i will visit as my boyfriend is studying there.

    1. Hi Eunice! Yes, definitely possible based on my experience. Never been to other country when I applied for a tourist visa. Just make sure you have a strong tie of coming back in the Philippines like employment for more than 3 years here or if you’re a student that’s okay.

  109. Hi! My boyfriend and I are both Filipinos and we are dating for almost 6 years now. He has a student visa in Australia and he is studying there for 9 months already.

    His previous work as a seafarer prevented us to be together all the tine since he has a 9-month contract.

    Is it possible that I can join and live with him in Australia even though he is not a permanent resident? If so, what are the necessary steps to be taken and what requirements should be accomplished?

    Thank you so much!

  110. Hi po i just want to ask what ID can i submit sa hiningi po na National ID Card?? i am a fresh graduate po and im just applying for tourist visa to visit my family wala pa po along drivers license or what. Ano po kaya pwede ko isubmit na ID thankyou po.

  111. Hi! I just want to ask on behalf of my friend. I am applying for a Student Visa because I was granted for a scholarship but my friend wants to visit me in Australia as a tourist next year. Is it possible for her to apply for a Tourist Visa even if she is unemployed? Her parents will shoulder the whole trip. Is it the same with Japan wherein she just needs to submit her parents’ Bank Statement, Bank Certificate, and Certificate of Employment? Thank you in advance!

  112. What was the reason you included when you applied for the 12-month stay? I was told this is only usually given to parents of young Australian citizen children.

  113. Hi Im Carmelita and I just wanna ask about travelling to australia. My boyfriend wants me to visit Australia for a few weeks and we havent meet yet. Ok here’s the thing i dont have a bank account, no properties too and im not eaither working my boyfriend sponsors my trip and shoulder all the expenses. So pls. help me what to do?

    1. aww same problem my bf wants me to go to australia before december problem is i cant provide all the documents needed because i dont have all that sya lang mg sponsor sakin anu kaya need pra m grant visa thanks in advance

  114. Hi, im planning to fly to Australia this year for a tour and no family and friends there. Only my bf and he will be the one to sponsor me. Is that possible even if he didn’t visit me here before. And what is the requirements if its possible. Thank you

  115. hello its my first time applying a visa in Australia, if granted it will also be my first time travelling over seas, is it a big factor for denial of visa if I don’t have any previous travel. “passport and any pages with amendments,
    endorsements, visas and entry / exit stamps” ? i read there required documents about this.

  116. Hi. Thank you for this! Just a few question. Is form 54 needed? Or just birth certificate is fine? And also i am planning to go to australia on march 19th (so i only have less than a month)at the latest, is there a possibility that i can travel if i apply this week until the next week?

    1. Hi. My friend applied for a visa and was granted after 19 days so I suggest you apply early. I applied and didn’t even submit a birth certificate yet my visa was approved but just to be sure, go and attach that birth certificate.

  117. Hi Kach,
    I have a question regarding form 54 (Family Composition), In this form there are only 3 slots for Brother/Sister. Do i need to Make 2 Form 54 so I can Include my 2 other siblings? hoping for your positive response. Thank you.

  118. Thank you so much for the information given by you, I really appreciate it but i have really had this question that I have gotten no answer to, which is, what if I am financially OK, but have no friend or family In the Australia. I’m from Philippine and working in UAE. Please Is it that It I am not also qualified to apply for an Australian visiting or taurist visa when I have no friend or family over there? Please sir/ma’am i really needs an answer on this.

  119. Hi Kach,

    Thanks for this very helpful blog. I was wondering if you can help me with my PR visa inquiry. I went to australia in 1998 with PR visa subclass 101. I stayed n studiwd there for 23 months. I am now married and after 17 years i would like to return to Australia with the hope of bringing my family with me. My question is, will i still be able to renew my previous PR visa? Otherwise what would be the applicable for my situation. Thanks in advance

  120. Hi Kach,
    I have a question… i want to apply for subclass 600 visa (tourist stream) not the sponsored family stream with my son. My australian bf who is also the father of my son will pay everything. However, on the later part of the application form where u are asked about ur funding details, should i just choose self funded or supported by other person? If supported by other person, i need to input the name of the person supporting me but the relationship to the sponsor choices does not have a bf option.. only spouse/ de factor or fiance/fiancee are available but does not apply to us. Please advise

  121. Hi, I will travel in AU this May and im still getting all my supporting documents. i was wondering, if i can just take photos of my documents such as passport, stamps in my passport and not scan?

    Thank you.

  122. Hi,

    Nice guide. What if I don’t have any travel history since it would be my first travel? Would it affect my application to be denied?


  123. You mentioned that health assessment is only required for those who intend to stay in AUS for more than 3 mos.In my immi account i was asked to udergo a medical exam despite a 6-day or short term stay application. Do i have to proceed with the med exam or do i have to wait for the case officer to call or notify me if i really needed to undergo the exam?

    1. Hello! May I know how old are you? I heard that it depends on your age as well. Anyway, please let me know if you’ve undergone the health exam. 🙂

  124. Good Evening po, I am planning to visit my friend living in Australia this coming February, My friend will sponsor my trip but my only questioned is i don’t have a job here in the Philippines. I’ve been to 6 countries. And i have had enough in my Bank account. Do you think i will have trouble getting a Visa in Australia? Thank you and god bless you po.

  125. Hi, All.

    I applied last Oct 24 and got my visa granted Nov 8, despite having no travel experience and bank account. I and my husband were sponsored by my aunt’s husband. We applied using one account and under one group. However, my husband’s visa application is still on process. :'( It’s weird since his credentials were way better than mine. He’s a Filipino green card holder. He also submitted a return ticket to the USA. Does anyone here ever experienced the same thing? Applied under 1 group but didn’t get results at the same time? Please advise.

    1. I applied for Tourist Visas for myself and my son (group application). I am working overseas while my son is a medical student in the Philippines. I was surprised when my son received a Single Entry visa within a week of my submission of our application, especially since his application depended largely on my documents e.g. bank accounts, employment, etc. I have to add that I was required to do Biometrics, which could be one of the reasons why approval of my application was delayed. To make a long story short, I received my 1 year multiple entry visa around 17 days after application submission. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason to the process. We just need to be patient.

  126. It’s really a nice and useful piece of info. I’m satisfied that you just shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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  127. Hi ate Kach my bf invites me to visit Aus this december do I need to apply right away for the visa? I will only stay there 2 weeks and half I am afraid that they will deny my visa since its my first time to visit. What things should I do.

  128. Hi, I’m base here in Tokyo with a permanent resident visa and tried to apply online but I got a message that says: You are not eligible to apply for this visa online. I called the Australian embassy Tokyo and I was adviced to send my inquiry to “HELP” but unfortunately been waiting for almost 2 weeks now and haven’t got any reply yet. Any thoughts on this? Appreciate your time.

  129. Hi Kach,
    I am going to Australia with my sister applying for subs class 600. My question is, can we change the date of our travel to Australia on a later date?


  130. Hi,
    Thanks for the info in this site. I have 2 questions:
    1. I am applying for a visitors visa with my mom. No problem with me since i have all the bank statement, coe etc. But my mom is a plain housewife. Will my financial statement also be applicable to her?
    2. Do you think she needs the health exam since she is already 64? Will i know if she needs one before or after I paid for the visa?

  131. Hi, my girlfriend invited me to visit to Australia. She is not PR or citizen, she is international student. If I apply a tourist visa, i will bring my bank certificate (80k), coe, payslips but dont have assets. I dont need to stay at hotel. She will support me for foods and stay. Do u think i will put it that she is my sponsor? Or no need sponsor? Or how can i tell about purpose of travel to AU? I will stay there for only 15 days or 1 month. Please help.

  132. Hi Kach, I just want to ask some advice, I am Australian and wants my gf to visit in Australia for tourist visa. I am currently in Philippines for a 3 months visit and it’s my second visit here. I have my bank statement already and sponsor letter but not certified copy in Australia. I have no idea if Australian embassy can do certified copies of my bank statements . I want my gf to travel with me when I go back to Australia this August.


    1. hello james, i suggest you get a migration agent for her appication. but applying online is just easy. but for you as her sponsor you need your letter of invite or affidavit of support, passport, drivers license, payslips or bank account and lease of contract or house title have it scan and sign it by JP. goodluck

  133. Hi.. one of the requirements is a certified copy of passport & travel stamps.. can we certify it through Notary Public or should be bu the DFA??

  134. Hi, I just want to ask. I have a friend from Australia and he will sponsor my visa and everything na. Maging qualified kaya ako or ma deny? Kasi po wala akong bank statement pero I will start my job next month pa.

    1. it is one of the requirements, but if you do not have a bank statement because you do not have a job your sponsors pay slips or bank statement and a letter of support will do.

  135. Good day!
    I have received my grant visa for subclass 600 with a sponsor . Now I am worried on what to do after I took the plane and when I arrived in Australian airport.. Do I need to undergo some interviews with the Bureau of Immigration and costume? What travel documents do I have to show because they said there is a possibility that you may not enter and let go back from your country. Please help.

    1. If you will go to Australia as a Tourist make sure that you don’t bring any printed documents (like resume,employment certificate) with you. Because they will do check your back and if they find documents then they will think that you will look for a Job.

      And yes, the interview will depend on the Immigration officer.
      I went there last March with my Sister, my nephew and my niece and no questions ask.
      Just submitted our Passports and good to go.

      TIP: When you are in-front of an Immigration officer then you have to relax.

      1. Hi Mar,

        Just want to ask if the Immigration Officer asked your round-trip flight ticket back to Manila?

        I’ll be going in March and I’m not sure if I’ll stay for 2 months or 3 months. I got multiple entry for a year. Hence, I’d like to have an open-date ticket. Do you think this is okay?


    2. Philippine Immigration officer will ask how long will you stay in Australia and when you will return. Then will ask you if you have a return ticket and that should match of what you have answered them. Australian immigration officer will only ask you about your sponsor and the contact person email address, phone number and the place where will you stay.

  136. Hi! I noticed that you mentioned there is a health exam once referral letter from the Australian Embassy is received. Is the Php6,000 payment per head on top of the Visa Fee? When did you took your health exam? Thanks.

      1. Hi, what Australian visa did you apply for that allowed you to stay for 12 months?

        My Filippino girlfriend got a 12 month multiple entry tourist visa (class 600) both times she applied but she can only stay three months at a time.

        Thank you!


  137. Thank you for sharing.
    But we always have to remember that nothing comes easy when applying Australian Visas so have to keep positive.

  138. Hi kach and jon goodday…im planning to come australia for tourist…how much show money in bank statements needed poh? And also i have a friend there…is it necessary to put my friend information?

    1. Hi Julie,

      We have the same question! I will plan to apply as tourist because my friend there is not PR or Citizen. Agency said I need to show bank certificate.

  139. Hi! Hope you can assist me with my question. I noticed that there are several questions similar to what I am about to ask. I’m planning to visit Australia for the second time this coming May 2018. When is the earliest time I could apply for a tourist visa? Thank you so much! 🙂

    1. Can we submit our health examination certificates from Veterans Memorial Medical Center in lieu of the 2 embassy authorized medical institutions? We are a couple, 76 and 72 years old, tourists coming to Brisbane, Australia for 3 days before going to Christchurch and Welllington, New Zealand as tourists. Intended tour: Feb. 6 to 15, 2018

  140. Hi guys,

    Do you have any idea how long a 3-month tourist visa is valid for?
    Just wanna confirm because a travel agent told me its only valid for a month, so if get approved I only have one month to fly to AU and use it before it expires. Is this true?

    1. Hi! You have to use it before the date that says “Must not arrive after”… Then count 3 months from the date of your arrival. For example, your visa states that you must not arrive after December 18, 2017. You fly to Australia on December 1, 2017. Therefore, your visa will be valid until March 1, 2018. 🙂

  141. Hi there! I have a question, I am having a hard time identifying what subclass of visa should I apply for. I have a relative in Australia which is my Aunt she wants me to get a Permanent visa I don’t see any visa that fits my need. I want to get a permanent visa and live with my Aunt please help me decide which subclass should I apply for.

  142. Hi Kach ,

    Do i need for the email confirmation of the immigration before I proceed my medical exam for tourist visa?

  143. Do women who are obtain a Tourist Visa 600 need to have ‘show’ money at the airport to prove they can sustain themselves in Australia – even if they have a person sponsoring them who has provided a scan of a bank account showing ample funds to look after her?

  144. Asking again, thank you in advance for those who will reply. 🙂

    I am planning to visit Australia on February 2018, should I apply for a tourist visa as early as now or like how many months before February? Thank you!

    1. I’d apply now..that way you’ll be all set in 2018…. better to have it all done beforehand. I manage a hotel in Australia so if you need hints on places to see..


  145. hi, just a question.. When I clicked the “view health Assessment” it says i am required to take the exam and I already have a HAP ID. Do I need to wait for an email/call from the Immig first before I proceed? because I also dont know until when can I submit the Application.

    1. Hi

      Just wanted to confirm if it’s needed to submit leave of absence from work or certificate of employment will do?

      Actually, it will be my second time to apply for a tourist visa in Australia and my first visa was approved but I have submitted an LOA for that. I don’t think my employer would allow me again to leave for 3 months. So, I’m just checking if coe will do. Thank you.


  146. Hi it says CTC of BC and passport and others needed in the appli ation … i read here photocopys only…please clarify thanks

  147. Hi, I also created an Immiaccount but I don’t have any assets yet. I only have bank statements and my payroll. Will it matter? How many months of payslip do I need to provide?

    1. My Boss and his family will got to Australia on July 2019 for Vacation but they will bring 1 nanny for them.
      If they apply for immi account, can they include his nanny name on them.
      or they should apply different immi account for the nanny.
      Please advise we really need your help and advise on this matter.

  148. Very helpful post but I think you need to edit on the healh examination part, it is only needed when you’re going to stay in Australia for 90Days or more.

  149. Thanks a lot for all the info you provided! I also applied online via IMMI and I just wanted to share that I have just been granted a one-year multiple-entry visa to Australia! The best part is that it was granted to me just one day after the date of my application (applied yesterday, visa granted today!) The KEY is to make sure that all requirements are complete (I even attached my employment contract which is something that is not usually mentioned in any blogs I’ve read). Anyway, goodluck to everyone and yes it is possible to get your visa in a day!


    1. Hi! For the scanned copies I can just upload pics taken from my phone? The site says certified copies. What does this mean? Do I have to sign each page that I upload?

    2. Planning to tour Australia next year, January 2018. When is the best time to apply for a tourist Visa? Thanks!

    3. I would like to ask you if all your submitted documents certified true copies. Is it possible to submit a requirement documents from a photo taken from phone.

    4. Hi, I just want to ask because i’m planning to visit Australia next year 2018 month of March and Do i really need to show some assets and at least 300k show money even i’m planning to get a tourist visa that is good for 3 to 6 months? But the problem is i don’t have any assets yet and i can only show my bank account/statement and payslip from my work. Is there a possibility that they will deny my VISA APPLICATION?

      1. that’s not true.. you just have to show proof that you have a consistent source of income and you have enough money to pay for your visit, maybe at least 90USD per day.

        1. Thank you so much Ate Kach. This page really help me a lot, especially on how to apply a visa application. I’m hoping they will approve my visa application on March. Love you ate Kach

  150. hello po is it ok na mag apply ng tourist visa and then find a job when u get there?…. mga magkanu po gagastusin for visa application and how much the plane ticket… thanks po

    1. This is the main reason why some Filipinos are finding it hard to apply for a tourist visa in certain countries even if all the documents are sufficient. If your primary reason is to find work with a tourist visa, it would be best to do it the right way – apply for a working visa!

      Good luck!

    2. we want to apply visa for australia to visit my friend and if we have a chance to work there.what kind of visa we are going to apply how to apply

  151. Hi. I am now on my 4th visit in Australia. And so far, for the 4 times that ive applied for an australian visa, i was never asked for a health exam … Unless you apply for a 12 months stay.

  152. Interesting.. I applied for a tourist visa and got approved without submitting a health endorsement. I applied from Vietnam though so I don’t know if that makes a difference. But after doing 1 through 5, I was just instructed to go to the embassy for the fingerprinting/biometrics. I stayed in Oz for a month. Beautiful and amazing country/continent!

    1. Hi, I would like to apply for an Australian visa as well. I’m working here in Vietnam. Would you be so kind to provide me some processing details? Thanks

  153. Hi good day.. Just want to know what kind of visa I’m apply my boyfriend invited me for tourist there in 3 months..how to apply and what requirements? And can need medical exam for 3 months?

  154. Just want to share. Ive applied for the visa following the directions here, After 1 day i got the electronic visa. I was in a bit of surprised. And yes, they will not ask for health exam. They’ve given 6 months only of visa validity

    1. hi, i just wanted to ask for the online application, what format were the documents in when you sent them in? pdf? jpeg? or bmp?

    2. Hi Evan i just wanna ask if i can apply earlier as today even though my flight would be on December 2017 Thank you!

  155. Hi how are you my name is Maria.
    I want my older sister to work here in Australia so what kind of visa I should apply
    For her.
    She’s 46 years old and use to work in the
    Philippines as A Travel agancy in one big
    Company and she stoped working because our older brother got really sick so shehas to look after him..please give me advice..thanks so much and God Bless you..