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Tips on How to Have the Right “Show Money” for Your Visa Application

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor February 16th, 2022 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Travel Blog 13 Comments

To prove your financial capability while traveling, you need to provide show money. Read our tips on how to have the right “show money” for your visa application.

It is not new to us that Filipinos enjoy traveling so much! Whether it be domestic or international, we just love to explore and gain new experiences and adventures. However, being a Filipino or a Philippine passport holder, it is not that easy. For us to enjoy other countries’ culture, we need to obtain a certain visa first. And applying for a visa is sometimes nerve-wracking. We know, and we understand.

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Though some countries are not too strict when it comes to their visa application, others are a little bit cautious in approving our visas. With all the documents that we need to provide, from our employment status, strong ties to the Philippines up to our financial capability. Yes, we need to prove to them that we are capable to finance ourselves while we’re in their country. And because of that, we need to provide them this what we call “show money”. It is one of the main problems Filipino visa applicants encounter when applying for a visa. So, in this article, we will discuss to you how to have the right “show money” for your visa application.

Why Do We Need to Have a “Show Money”?

Tips on How to Have the Right “Show Money” for Your Visa Application
Alexander Mils

To answer that question frankly, we are not a developed country. And because of that, many countries want to know if we CAN really provide for ourselves when we travel to their homeland. Also, it is because of “show money” they can identify if we will only travel for leisure or business and not to work. Yes, unfortunately, some people do that. They will go to a certain country with a tourist visa but will actually plan to work there. And we all know that it’s illegal. They don’t want that to happen. So to ensure your smooth visa application, just remember these tips for the right “show money” next time you apply for a visa.

Different Tips for “Show Money” on Your Visa Application

1. Be True to what You Say You Are

By asking for your documents that can prove your financial capability, they want to know that first, you can fund your trip; Second, you will not overstay/work illegally in their country, and lastly, what you’re saying in your visa application form is true. If you tell them you’re a student or you’re a minimum wage earner, you can’t have half a million pesos in your bank account. If you tell them you’re the CEO of a company, then it would be weird if you only have 20,000 pesos in it, right? Be true to what you say you are. 

2. Prove that You have a Steady Income

Tips on How to Have the Right “Show Money” for Your Visa Application
Kelly Sikkema

This is the most important thing– you should prove that you have a STEADY SOURCE OF INCOME. Whether it’s in the form of monthly salary, business income, rental income, etc. Which is why a 6-month bank account is necessary! When you have this, they will think that you have a stable job and a stable income so why would you want to work illegally in another country?

3. Fund Transfer Scheme – Don’t do it!

I don’t recommend this at all. Because that money that you borrowed and transferred should stay on your bank account for 6 months! I know a lot of people resort to borrowing money so they can put it in their bank account to be able to comply with this visa requirement. But I understand that not all of us have a steady source of income. So if you’re planning to do this, here’s my tip: Don’t be too obvious. Don’t deposit everything all at once. This is the most common mistake that people do. If you do this, the Consulate Officers will definitely wonder what you’re up to and why you have such a huge amount of money. Being trained to know how to determine the red flags, they know for sure that you did it for your visa approval. Maybe an amount of PHP 5,000-20,000 a month will do depending on your source of income and the country you’re going to.

NOTE: Always keep the receipt of your bank statement/bank certificate. They usually ask for this too!

4. Open a Bank Account

I believe that since you are reading this, you really have any intention of traveling to another country. Some of you might not have a bank account yet so I’m writing it for the benefit of those people. You might ask how soon is “As Soon As Possible”? The embassies usually ask for your bank statement and bank certificate for the last 3 or 6 months from the date of your application. So you have to open a bank account around or even before that time.

5. Have enough Fund to Cover your Daily Travel Expenses

Now here comes the answer to the most asked question– ‘How much money should I have in my bank account?’ The good news is some countries are straightforward in how much you should have. This is usually equal to the ‘living expenses’ that you’re going to incur in their country while you’re staying there. These are the countries that provided the amount of money you should have in your bank account

Make sure that not all of your savings will be used for a 2 week holiday in Europe.

  • Croatia– 70 Euros/day or 30 Euros/day if you are in possession of proof of paid tour package or similar document.

While some embassies don’t give an exact amount, here is an estimate of how much you should need for some other countries:

  • Canada– At least 200 CAD/day plus flight and accommodation expenses.
  • Korea– At least 50,000 PHP but I know people who have less than that but still got approved.

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  • France– More or less 60 Euros/day but you can have less if you have a sponsor
  • Greece– More or less 25 Euros/day

Other than that, you have to make an estimate/make a research on how much their living expenses are. But make sure to add some more to cover your flight and accommodation expenses if you haven’t paid for it yet.

6. Income Tax Return / ITR

Don’t worry, if you don’t have an ITR, here are some ways to show your financial capacity. You can also write an explanation letter/Cover letter stating why you can’t provide an ITR (if you don’t know how to do it, check it here)

  1. For OFWs- Just submit your work contract. OFWs are exempted from tax in the Philippines so you don’t need it when you’re applying for a visa.
  2. Affidavit of Support- This is a legal document made by a person who is willing to finance your trip or be your sponsor, be it your parents, your employer, etc. which states that he/she will be the one sponsoring your trip. If you do this, you have to show your sponsor’s financial capacity of course.
  3. Rent Income- If you have a property being rented out, then you can include the Contract of Lease as well as payment receipts.
  4. PayPal Transactions and Certificate of Employment- Some Digital Nomads fail to register with the BIR when they actually have to. If you’re one of them, then you can prove your source of income with a screenshot of your payment history with PayPal. This is what we usually do. You can also ask your employer for a Certificate of Employment if you’re working online.
  5. Credit Card Transactions- This could show that you have the capacity to buy and the capacity to pay for them on time. You may also show your credit card limit. But remember to do this ONLY when you have a good credit standing with your bank.
  6. Land/Condominium Titles, Investments, Car Registration, Business Permits, Business Permits for Entrepreneurs- While this doesn’t prove any source of income, it could prove your deep rootedness and strong ties in the Philippines. You can submit this in addition to your Bank Statement/Bank Certificate.
  7. Enrollment Certificate for Students, Leave of Absence (if applicable), a copy of School ID, etc.- For students, I suggest that you get your parents as a sponsor and submit their Affidavit of Support together with their financial documents.


Tips on How to Have the Right “Show Money” for Your Visa Application
Michael Longmire

That is what I always tell myself and other people. If you really want to travel, then you should do things to be able to save enough money.

  1. Be practical- Ditch that 150 PHP cup of coffee. Stop paying 100-800 PHP a day for your daily taxi (Yes I know a lot of people who use Grab or Uber who pays THAT much when there is a surge!) and just take the jeepney, bus, and the MRT/LRT– not only will you go faster (assuming the MRT won’t break down), you’ll reduce your carbon footprint too!
  2. Wait for a Seat Sale- This is for all the people who always wait for promos out there! You can fly to Japan, Dubai, South Korea, or Bali for as low as 1,500 when there is a seat sale. Really! Just subscribe to airlines’ newsletter, sign up for their membership and be one of the first to receive a notification on when their seat sale is. (Sometimes, you even get a 24-hour priority booking).
  3. Stay in hostels- You can get a bunk bed in hostels around Asia for as low as 150 PHP and this is not a drill. So if you really don’t have much, stay at a hostel instead. Not only will you be able to save, but you’ll also meet a lot of other travelers too!


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If you will be true with all the documents you will submit, and was able to save up enough money to fund your trip, then you will not have any problem regarding this matter. We can assure you that you’ll have a smooth process for your next visa application. 

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13 thoughts on “Tips on How to Have the Right “Show Money” for Your Visa Application

  1. If all documentation and show money is in order to apply for Canadian visa but the officer is not convinced and denies the visa. What do we do next?
    Also any advantage by applying in person in Makati ?

    1. It’s still the same, the officer will still check your documents. You need to address why you are denied; you can either appeal or deny again. We do have visa assistance in case you need help.

  2. I’m planning to apply visit visa to canada, my bf will sponsor me ,we will try to apply while I’m still here in Saudi Arabia. Will it be okay? He’s the one who’s processing my application in canada ,with an agent.

  3. Hi. Thanks for your shared info. Planning to get a tourist visa in January 2022. I think the system doesn’t change yet.
    Please can I ask your help? Thanks

  4. Hi, I am currently planning to go to Australia and will be resigning. Can I use my payroll card instead of opening a new bank account?
    Thank you so much! 🙂

  5. HI I read and it is very useful information in this article.
    I am Canadaian citizen and am plan to sponsor my fiancee to canada. However due to Covid I can not travel there and get married there. I am wondering if Canadaian Immigration is accepting Virtual Marraige ceremony and marraige certificate from Religious Organization?
    Alternatively am thinking apply her for tourist visa for canada, where I will take full responsibilty in the form of Affidavit will that be sufficennt as my Fiancee doest have strong financial case in the form of Bank Deposit.
    What would you suggest and how long Tourist visa process takes?
    Thank you very much and await your reply.
    Best Regards!

    1. Right now, 1-2 months. You can check with the Canadian and Philippine Embassy if it’s considered.

  6. how i can apply visit visa since I’m here in Hong Kong? because my employer they are planning to take me.

  7. How about visit visa for Trinidad and Tobago they have VISA ON ARRIVAL ..WHAT are some requirements upon arrival?

  8. I’m trying to find out how too bring my girlfriend from the Philippines to the United States..How long will it take and how much money does she need.i am buying her flight ticket..Thank you for your help

  9. ???❤️
    I wish I have read this before I lodge my online visa application for Australia just last week. But still hopeful. One thing for sure. I am being true to what I say I am.

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