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UK Visa Application For Filipinos – How to Apply for a UK Visa

By Kach Umandap February 28th, 2022 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 293 Comments

The article is all about the UK Visa application process for Filipinos and other non-UK residents. It describes in detail how to apply for a UK visa, important UK visa requirements, and who needs to make a UK Visa application.

Do Filipinos still need to make a UK visa application to visit the UK?

YES! Filipinos still need to make a UK visa application whether it’s for marriage, long-term residency or a short-term tourist visit. I am making this clear because while we were enjoying Switzerland last month (August), some ‘attention – seekers satirical website’ created a FAKE news article entitled, ‘Filipinos No Longer Need Visa To Enter The United Kingdom‘.

UK VISA FOR FILIPINOS - Tourist, Marriage and ResidencyCreating FAKE news is bad. Using my photo is worse. Misleading our fellowmen is the worst because it causes stress and can cost time and money.

If you happen to see this website or similar articles, please report it, because we do not want these kinds of fake news, do we? So just to turn things right, I’m going to share how Filipinos can make a UK Visa application and what the general UK visa requirements are!


UK Visa Application – How to Apply for a UK Visa

1. Apply for a UK Visa Online

The first step is to make an online UK visa application and then from there you can book the appointment and pay the visa fee. Walk-in applicants are NOT accommodated so you really have to go through this online UK visa application process. Click here for the UK visa online application.

uk visa application - how to apply for a uk visa

uk visa application - how to apply for a uk visa uk visa application - how to apply for a uk visa2. Pay for the Visa Fee.

Pay the correct visa fee according to your visa type. Take note of the reference number that starts with GWF. You may then print your application form or the checklist.

3. Create an Appointment.

Create an appointment at the Visa Application Center.

Upload your documents ahead (with a checklist and barcode separator), or you could do it at the center with an additional fee.

4. Personal appearance for biometrics for your UK visa application.

Arrive 15 minutes early at the UK visa application center, because your place cannot be held if you’re late! Bring your appointment letter and requirements. Below are the addresses of the UK visa application centers in the Philippines. Make sure that you have satisfied all the UK visa requirements before attending, especially for your paperwork!

UK Visa Application Center in Manila 

VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc.,
Mezzanine Floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building,
2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension Makati City, Metro Manila 1231

UK Visa Application Center in Cebu 

VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc.,
9th Floor, Keppel Center, Unit 905, Samar Loop
cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000F

For your information, the British Embassy in the Philippines is located at 120 Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig, Metro Manila. If you’re based abroad then check the details on the official website.

We have summarized the basic information about the UK visa requirements you need should you want to make a UK visa application.  Firstly, is essential to identify your purpose for traveling to the UK, because that determines which type of UK visa. To check the detailed instructions, you can visit the UK government’s website.

Another question that I receive is if you’re allowed to apply for your UK visa abroad? Yes, the UK visa requirements state that you can if you have residency in another country. If you’re on a tourist visa then you have to prove why you’re applying there and not in the Philippines.

In this post, let’s talk about the different types of UK visa application –  Standard Visitor Visa, Marriage Visa and Residence Card.

Rent A Flight

What type of UK Visa Application are you making?

Standard UK Visitor Visa Application

uk visa application - how to apply for a uk visa
If you are traveling to the UK for leisure, business or to receive medical attention, you will have to apply for a Standard Visitor Visa. Furthermore, once approved there are certain things which you must avoid doing in the UK. Here are some of those:

  • Paid or unpaid work (do not attempt to illegally work in the UK)
  • Live in the UK for long periods of time through constant visits
  • Request for public funds
  • Marry or register a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership

When can you make a UK visa application?

As a rule, you can apply 3 months before your scheduled travel. Generally, the decision should be released within 3 weeks.

For how long can you stay in the UK with a UK tourist visa?

Generally, you can stay in the UK for 6 months on a UK tourist visa. However, there are few exemptions such us if you are traveling to receive medical treatment (11 months) or you need to visit and conduct research and for academic purposes (12 months).

What if I want to frequently visit the UK?

A major stipulation of the UK visa requirements is the need to have valid reasons why there is a need to have a long-term UK visit visa. The visa can be valid for 2, 5, or 10 years and you can stay in the UK for a maximum of 6 months every time you visit. It is important to know that for travelers under 18 years old, the long-term visit visa will only be valid for up to 6 months after you turn 18.

How much does it cost to make a UK visa application for a UK Visitor visa?

The cost of a UK visa application for a UK Standard Visitor visa is £100.

If you are applying for a long-term visit visa, the fees range from £376 – £837 depending on the years (2, 5 or 10) you wish to apply for.

What do you need to prove in your UK visa application?

During the UK visa application process, make sure you can prove that you will leave the UK at the end of your trip. Also, UK visa requirements state that you can support yourself while traveling in the UK. Similarly, please prepare any relevant documents that will support your claims.

Note that you may be approved for a shorter-term UK visit visa depending on the reasons and documents you have provided.  In such cases, you won’t be able to get a refund so, make sure that you check everything!

What are the documents you need to provide?

  • A current passport or other valid travel identification
  • Proof that you can support yourself such as bank statements or pay slips from the last 6 months

Make sure that your passport has a page that is blank on both sides because this is the space needed for your visa!

If you have documents written in languages other than English or Welsh, have these documents translated.

Additional documents might be required to satisfy UK visa requirements if your UK visa application is for the following purposes:

  • For private medical treatment
  • To apply as an organ donor
  • Academic on sabbatical and want to stay for 12 months
  • As a prospective entrepreneur
  • To take the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test or sit the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Be ready with additional information for your UK visa application

Importantly, to further strengthen your claim that you will leave the UK after your trip, you must be able to clearly provide the following details:

  • Travel dates
  • Accommodation
  • Travel budget
  • Your current residency
  • Parents’ names and dates of birth
  • Annual salary
  • Travel history
  • (if employed) Employer’s address and telephone number
  • Your partner’s name, date of birth, and passport number
  • The name and address of your sponsor, if you have any
  • The name, address, and passport number of any family members you have in the UK
  • Details of any criminal, civil, or immigration offenses you have committed

You can apply for a standard UK visitor visa if you’re under 18 under certain conditions

Always remember to secure written consent from your parent or guardian when making a UK Visa application. Otherwise, you would be in breach of UK visa requirements.


UK Marriage Visitor Visa Application

uk visa application - how to apply for a uk visaDo you want to get married or register a civil partnership in the UK? If yes, the visa you need to apply for is the Marriage Visitor Visa provided that you are not going to stay or settle in the UK for a long period of time after getting married. (This is the visa that I have when we decided to finally get married in the UK last July 12, 2016.)

When can you apply?

You can apply 3 months before your scheduled travel. The decision should be released within 3 weeks or you can pay extra to get a faster decision but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your visa will be approved.

How much does it cost to make a UK visa application for a UK Marriage Visitor visa?

The cost of UK visa application for a UK Marriage Visitor visa is £100.

For how long can you stay in the UK on a Marriage Visitor visa?

You can use the visa for not longer than 6 months.

What do you need to prove for a UK marriage visitor visa?

You need to be 18 years old and above before you can make a UK visa application for a UK Marriage Visitor visa. In addition, you have to prove that you are in a real relationship with your partner.

What are the documents you need to provide?

  • A current passport or other valid travel identification
  • Proof that you can support yourself such as bank statements or pay slips from the last 6 months
  • Proof of your future plans for the relationship,
  • Details of where you intend to stay and your travel plans

Usually, it would help if you prepare the following as well:

  • Details of the marriage or civil partnership and proof that you’ve paid money for some of its costs
  • Proof that you have given notification of marriage to the registered office in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland

If you are going to re-marry, here are the things you need to provide:

  • Decree absolute
  • Death certificate of a previous partner

UK Residence Card (5 years validity)

Update as per the Government of UK: You can no longer apply for a UK residence card, also called an EEA biometric residence card (BRC). You cannot use your UK residence card to confirm your right to live, work or rent in the UK. To continue living in the UK, you need another type of permission to stay, such as settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

With a Residence Card, you are able to enjoy a number of benefits and services in the UK. Plus, you can easily re-enter the UK. Lastly, having a residence card is an advantage if you are looking for work.

uk visa application - how to apply for a uk visaWhat is the validity of your UK residence card?

A UK residence card can last up to 5 years and then you can apply for a permanent UK residence card.

How much does it cost to apply for a UK residence card?

It costs £65 to apply for a UK residence card, for each person included in an application.

Who can apply for a UK residence card?

You can apply for a UK residence card if you are:

  • From outside the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • The family member, or extended family member, of an EEA national who is a permanent resident or ‘qualified person’

Similarly, you can apply for a residence card if :

  • You have a ‘retained right of residence’ – This means you have a family member who was a permanent resident or is a qualified person
  • You are to apply as ‘Surinder Singh’ case – This means you must be a family member of a British citizen

To know if you are qualified, you can find more information from the UK Visa and Immigration website.

What are the documents you need to provide to apply for a UK residence card?

Each person in the application will need to provide the following:

  • A current passport
  • 2 passport size color photographs
  • One passport size color photograph of your European Economic Area(EEA) national (or British citizen) sponsor
  • Your EEA family member’s valid passport or national identity card
  • Proof of your  relationship to your EEA family member –  (unmarried couples should show that they have lived together for 2 years )

Other requirements might be required depending on your qualification or eligibility.


It costs £65 for each person to apply.

UK Spouse Visa (Settlement Visa)

You need to apply in a different way and the fees are much higher. For more details about your settlement visa, you can check directly at the UK Immigration website here.

uk visa application - how to apply for a uk visaGeneral tip: Be very honest with your visa application and do not risk doing the ‘You Can’t Dos’ when in the UK. If you get caught, there is a huge chance that you won’t be able to go back again.

Let’s go back to that misleading news that Filipinos do not need a visa to go to the UK. You see, it would be great for Filipinos if we could enter the UK without a visa because I’m pretty sure a lot of our countrymen would be booking their flights right away. 🙂 However, I personally think that such ‘ruling’ is yet to be seen in the near future.

If you see similar news such as lifting visas not just in the UK, but in other parts of the world, do not hesitate to check more credible sources or go directly to the government’s website. Do not be fooled!


Here’s the UK’s Visa and Immigration website.


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293 thoughts on “UK Visa Application For Filipinos – How to Apply for a UK Visa

  1. Hi,
    What do I do if I need to get urgent UK VISA Application decision (within 5 days at most) when I apply for a Standard UK VISA? Upon checking Priority and Super Priority VISA Application is currently suspended, is it correct? I currently live in US (Hawaii), however they do not have a VFS center in Hawaii where I can provide my Biometrics physically. I don’t wish to travel to another state as it will be more costly. I will be travelling to the Philippines though to visit relatives and join them on travelling to UK at the same departure date. i will arrive Jul 16 to Ph from Hawaii. If our planned departure from PH to UK is on Jul 28, can my application be expedited? Currently applying online now. say I will schedule my appointment in VFS Manila on Jul 18th (earliest I could get upon arrival to PH). Please help enlighten.. Thanks

  2. Hi. I plan to bring my mum, two sisters and their kids (1 each) here in the UK via Tourist Visa. I am just waiting on my British Citizenship. My sisters currently reside in Dubai via working visa. My mum and niece and nephew live in the Philippines. They are flying in Dubai first to have a holiday in Dubai with my sisters for 3 months, and our plan is to fly them from Dubai to UK.

    We no longer have savings as we have allotted them all for my visas for the last 6 years. But my husband (British) and I work full time and receive salary of £3,500 between the two of us on a monthly basis. And they come in our bank regularly. Could use that as a proof? They will live in our house, which we own and under our names. I will include sponsor letters, my sisters will provide letters form their employers, payslips and bank statements to prove they are going back to Dubai. They may stay shorter (perhaps 2 weeks), but my mum and my niece and nephew will stay for 6 months.

    Are our chances high with those info? Can we fly them all from Dubai, and or process all their visas in Dubai? Or Do I need to process my mum’s and the kids’ tourist visa in the Philippines? Say they all got their UK tourist visa, can they fly from Dubai to UK? If we don’t have savings, will bank statements and payslips suffice? We will include of course letters and mortgage contract, letters form our employers as well, kids’ schools letters, my mum’s house property in the Philippines, as well as the above mentioned docs from my sisters.

    Looking forward to your response. Thank you for making time.

  3. Hi Kach Umandap,

    I have been reading this post to travel to the UK from the Philippines. First of all, I would like to thank you for all the information you give and for your work.

    I will visit relatives in London and Birmingham in the near future. However, although I’m working and living in Manila I’m not Filipino, but Kuwaiti.

    Does anyone know if in my case the travel requirements for the United Kingdom are very different from those of the Filipinos? Do I need a British visa from Kuwait (or a visa waiver?

    In principle I will not be in England for more than 2 months and from what I have read I think I could apply for an Electronic Visa Waiver for the United Kingdom.

    I have seen that the EVW is valid for visits of 6 months but I am not sure if I can apply for it or if I have to process one of the visas available from the Philippines. This travel permit is fully electronic and can be applied for online. It would be great if you could process it.

    Thank you very much in advance and blessings to all,

  4. i live in Canada, my girlfriend lives in the philipines , can i fill out the app on line application for her.
    also i would support her while we are on holidays in the uk , how can i prove that and is that acceptable
    I am British with a british passport

  5. Good day, I recently discovered your blog in YouTube then here in Facebook. Can you help me on how to get a marriage visa? My boyfriend is a British citizen and we are planning to get married soon. I watch some of your vlogs and I learned that when I get a marriage visa it will last only for 6 months then definitely I go back home but my boyfriend wants me to live him for good and not going back to pH. What visa then I will apply to stay in UK after marriage? Or is it possible if I can apply for work once I’m there?
    Thank you so much and advance Miss Kach…

  6. I have a friend in UK to make for me tourist Visa what requirements we need here for me from philippines going to uk

  7. I have a friend who lives in UK with his wife (they are resident),they want to invite me to visit them . I know that the process of inviting non-relative starts in UK. Where does my friend go in the UK to start the process of invitation, this is their first time to invite a non-relative/a relative. Can you provide me with a form that they can filled up so I can email it to them? Thank You.

  8. Just done with my online visitor visa. Done with my payment as well. What’s the next step. Confirmed my payment. Thanks very much

  9. I have employer in uk, but he ask me to pay 40%of the total cost for my documents, it is legal?can u help me what is the proper way?im direct hire from uk?what is the procedure to know that is legit?

  10. Hello, i am trying to apply for 3 persons, and i only register my email address,? can i use only 1 email for the 3 of us? i am done with the 1st applicant but cannot go through with the 2nd applicant? does this mean 1 email address per applicant to register?

  11. Hi Kach,
    I’m planning to go to the UK on holiday on a Standard Visitor Visa. I’m planning to extend my stay for a week so I can spend more time with my bf by working remotely from our UK office. Is this allowed? I will not be paid or do any work for our UK office. I’ll be doing the same work as I do here in PH. Will really only be there to use a desk space.

  12. Hello I trying to find out about tourist Visa for Filipina to uk. I know what she has to provide but it says I’m the sponsor and I have to provide bank details plus assets so that mean I have to own a house and have thousands in the bank or is it a specific amount?

  13. Hi Kach,

    I have a question, I reapplied my UK visit visa recently and after five days I got an email again saying my processed visa was received at the UK visa application center.
    normal lang ba and 5 days na processed at meron kaya itong chance na ma approved?
    last Oct 28 na reject ang application ko kasi kulang ang documents ko, itong second apply ko, I think I had enough docs. but this time hnd nag email sakin ang [email protected]
    last time kasi nag email sila ng “A Decision has been made on your application…….”
    kaya I’m just concern and worried kasi ang bilis lng ng response.,5 days lng.

    Thank you

    1. Sometimes you get the result faster if you paid for the expedite fee and also if you already have the record and submitted the same documents (without any changes).. the only way you’ll know if you’re approved or not is by receiving your passport.

  14. Hi. My daughter and I will apply for UK Standard Visitor Visa. I am now in Saudi Arabia working as a Medical Technologist and my daughter is in the Philippines. Is it possible for me to make the online application for my daughter’ visa and appointment in the Philippines, and I will provide parental consent for my mom to accompany her during her appointment in BFS Global, and for me I will be applying my visa here in Saudi Arabia.

  15. i am u/k born been living in philippines for last 10 months with my partner and her little girl we want to go to u/k with intensions of extending visas as i do here in filipines and later apply marriage seeing as she has no bank account or wage slips or tax returns i been told to go with her and show my paperwork as i am taking them back with me i have supporting evidence that i can look after them (as i have since been here ) accomadation will be headacke as i gave up my house when i came here but on going back i also need operation for anurysm in stomack i am also registered disabled for life in u/k could my partner get visa as carer better then with me taking back for holiday then apply extensions etc as previous said also looking for any were in cebu to get FILIPINO BORN TO GET VISA TO VISIT U/K as having to go to manila very very expensive and having live hotels increaces costs

    1. If you’ll get her a carer then she needs a working visa which is harder. She can try to apply for a 10 year UK visa and can stay in the UK 6 months every year, it will only be possible if you have enough money on your bank account. Even getting a marriage visa or spouse visa – You and your partner must have a combined income of at least £18,600 a year or cash savings above £16,000.

      Extra note: “You need to show you and your family have enough money to adequately support and accommodate yourselves without relying on public funds. The caseworker considers your income and housing costs.”

      Read more articles here:



  16. If applying as a domestic helper nanny or housekeeper do i need to pay for my visa and open a bank account for BTA update

  17. Hi, my wife is Filipina and she would like assistance with her Spouse Visa (family settlement visa). Can you help her with her application please? We need to make sure all her/our requirements and her application form is completed correctly before we submit to Home Office

  18. Hi
    I am ratib I want to visit me in UK I need for you . please help me
    I am a poor person and I finished university new and apply to you please send me the visa of UK

  19. Hi
    I am ratib I want to visit me in UK I need for you . please help me
    I am a poor person and I finished university new and apply to you please send me the visa of UK
    I am with you every time and I will help for your country I finished BCS

  20. Hello po. Ng hahanap po kmi ng fiance q ng agency n mkktulong smin mg process ng UK visa. Nggulauhan po kc aq s mga uri ng visa kya he wants to have agency for us. Meron po ba kaung mairerecommend ?Malaking tulong po if meron. Thank you so much.

  21. Hi ms. Kach Medina, Pakitulungan nio nmn poh ako mag apply ng visit visa together with my son. before kase ako lang ung nag apply before pero na denied poh ako dahil meron mga kulang na mga requirement pede poh bang mag pa tulong poh na mag asikaso ng papeles na kakailanganin na para ndi na poh ma denied ulit.

  22. Hi. I have a job offer as a household help in England. I knew the person online (work site). Is there a possibility for me to get a working visa in UK? Please help. Thanks.

  23. Good day Uk embassy incharge of Visa Application:

    My wife and I applied for a UK Visa and we are scheduled for visa appearance today, May 8, 2019 but we aborted it because my wife is gravely sick that we cant push through with our planned vacation. We processed our UK visa thru a travel agency, so we informed the agency 4 days before the scheduled visa appearance that we will cancel the trip and the visa application also.

    My problem now is that we were still asked by the agency to pay $129 UK visa application fee aside from the agency fee of php 2,500 + 670 VFS VFS fee, which I dont know. Is this a legitimate request by the UK visa embassy to pay the apllication before our appearance which the agency has said, they had paid? Please reply.

  24. Hello Miss Kach! I am one of your avide follower in instagram and I have successfully passed several visas with the help from your blogs. Thank you so much Ms Kach. I would like to ask for an enlightenment coz’ I am quite confused on the type of visas to get. My boyfriend is a British Citizen and we are planning to get married soon so I should file for a Marriage Visa, right? After we get married I will definitely go back to the Philippines since I have a work here. But, my boyfriend wants me to live with him for good. What visa then will I apply to go back to UK after our marriage? and can I work once i’m there? Thanks in advance Miss Kach. 🙂

  25. Hi ma’am just wanna ask my husband got an employer in UK now his working visa is in process once he complete to fill up all the documents,the question is do we really need to pay 300£ for domunentation’s fee and according to the person who process the working visa,his employer charges 1850£ for working visa fee is’t right

  26. Hi! Good day! I have completed the application forms with unique GWF numbers for each member of my family. Then as soon as we attempt to book a schedule to submit the documents and for the biometric process, the screen will show a pre-populated form with a reference number (11 digits, for example F01234567899) that is different from their GWF number (9 digits, for example GWF123456789). Ganon po ba talaga? Thanks so much!

  27. Hello i just want to ask I’m living in japan for so many years as a permanent visa .. and i have boyfriend british for 3 years i vist there 3times and we get married in Uk last march .. now i came back to japan now i want know if i still need to take a TB test even i permanent residence in japan .. and have no approval clinic here .. only IELTS

  28. Hello
    Hello po i plano ko po n mgvisit visa sa UK i holding spouse visa from malaysia is it same application din po ba ang proseso.sk wala po ako payslip direct bank acct po ung sahod ko.

  29. Hi Ms. Kach
    I would like to take my sister to go with me to UK as a tourist. I will pay all of her expenses as she does not work because she has to raised her kids (grown up now). She is also separated from her husband. Anyway, my question is, does she has a chance to get a visa?

  30. hi how many times in one year can my filipino girl friend come to the uk on a tourist visa is it right once she goes home she can come back after 3 months or is it 6 months thank you

  31. Hi Kach,

    I think I made a mistake of not applying for a multiple entry UK visa. Will I be able to cancel the visa application and get a refund? I have not made an appointment for my biometrics yet and I have not submitted any documents still. If so, how?

    Thank you

  32. Hello Kach!

    Nice blog post!

    I have referred to this post before when I was still applying for UK Tourist Visa (2x), and a UK Marriage Visa.
    Everything went well, and I’m currently in the process of preparing my supporting documents for my Tier 2 dependant Visa. (my wife holds a PBS Tier 2 Visa, and Filipino as well)

    So far, these are the documents we have prepared.

    from sponsor: (my wife)
    * Bank statement
    * Certificate of Sponsorship
    * UK DBS — (like NBI clearance for us)
    * Tenancy agreement
    * copy of
    * BRP
    * Passport
    from me:
    * proof of address
    * Bank statement/certificate
    * TB Test result
    * NBI Clearance
    * Do i still need to provide a Certificate of Employment? I dont find this to make sense.
    * Passport
    * Marriage Certificate (UK)
    * Proof of relationship in pictures
    * Proof of relationship (chat log)
    * We have also included a letter stating our future plans

    Did i miss anything that you think would be needed?
    Thank you very much Kach!

  33. Hi Kach,

    How are you guys?

    I hope you can help us. My partner and I just decided to move to London and stay there for just a couple of years (5 maybe?). I don’t know what type of visa I should apply for though. I have lived in the Philippines all my life. On the other hand, my partner is a Filipino but was born and raised in Spain (both of his parents are Filipinos but one is in London and one in Spain). So he won’t have any issues with his visa to enter the UK. I, however don’t know which option is the fastest and which has higher chances for me to get approved. We are planning to go to your office in Keppel Center to inquire but was hoping you can give some insight before actually going there. Should I get a temporary visa, get married there and apply for a PR there? Or should I just look for a job from here to sponsor my visa (I believe this could take a long time; I’m a nurse by profession but did not practice it)? Again, my partner is a Spanish national, not a British national. His mom though has been working there for a very long time. Should I get an invitation letter from her? I’m so confused really. Hope you can help me. – Shiela

  34. good day! your blog is of great help. however, i would like to ask, i have an aunt who is a british citizen already in the UK and I am her niece, I would like to ask if is it possible for her to get me here from the philippines and let me stay in the uk? I am confused as to what type of visa do i need to get. looking forward to hearing from you soon. God bless.

    1. Hi Glyza are you just visiting as tourist? Like us, we applied for Family Visa. We applied for tourist visa.

      1. I mean as tourist. My sister and her family provided us an invitation letter, Statement of Accounts, Mortgage, Employment Cert, Payslips

  35. Hi i hope you can help me, me and my filipino partner have a daughter she is currently 5 months old. I wish to apply them to come visit me for upto 6 months. I have had many mix responses on facebook about right to abode. I dont want to do that but i want them to visit me on a visit visa and i can apply her british passport during there visit. Will i be able to apply them both a visit visa or will our daughter be unsuccessful. Thankyou in advance for any response.

  36. hello paano ba ang gagawin my mother is already 75 y/o tapos kinukuha sya ate ate papuntang UK para mag tour lang pero gusto nbg ate isma yung kapatid nyang lalaki to assist her 45 y/o na si kuya at isa syang kagawad sa province namin how to apply? kasi nung nag trtry ako online hinihingian ako ng if mag kano dadalhin na pera eh atee ko ssponsoran sila lahat sagot may bahay at rooms naman sila sa uka? can you help me

  37. Hello,
    Thank you for this blog it has made things a lot clearer as to what to do for my partner, we are planning for her to come to the UK and live and work here for the next 5 to 10 years, (I assume we need to reapply for the visitor again after 5 years? , does it matter if we marry here in the UK or in the Philippines? we are going to save hard for the next 10 years then I am moving to the Philippines with her so we have a nice little nest egg in the Philippines together, maby even build and run a small grocery store. Thank you again for the Blog’s They will be our guidelines with the long road ahead with the visas.

  38. Hello..I have A boyfriend from UK…he wants me to go there but my problem is that my previous marriage not yet annulled….
    Please help me what I’m going to do…or what is the procedure ….thanks alot…

      1. Hi Kach,

        My fiance, a British national, and I have been together for 2 years, we lived here in the Philippines for 8 months, sadly he had to go back to the UK, but beforehand we made plans to get married and settle there, he wants me to get proper and detailed info on how I can obtain a fiancee or spousal visa ( not even sure which is better and quicker), he requested I find information regarding requirements as well. I was at a lost but good thing I found your site. Kach please help, we both want to be together and get married asap. I would be forever grateful if you can help out. Thank you in advance

  39. Hello, I will soon hope that my Filipino girlfriend and her 7 year old daughter can obtain a Visa to come and spend time with me in the UK, my question is does her daughter require a separate Visa as her documentation will be limited, as she only has a birth certificate and passport. Thanks for your help….Jeff

  40. Hi ! This article has helped me a lot ! Thanks for posting. I have a question though. I’m currently working in Japan and will still be next year. I was invited by a friend to a wedding in London. Can I apply for a VISA from Japan (being a Philippine passport holder)? Thanks!

  41. Hi!I am a romanian citizen living and working legally(as EU citizen)in UK.My girlfriend is from Manila.I intend to invite her for a two weeks visit in UK.Maybe you can tell me how to fill the invitation letter and wich another documents i must provide as a sponsor.Thank you in advance!

  42. hi kach
    i have husband her at philippines but i separated month ago.my boyfriend at england invite to go with him so i ask what visa apply to uk or can i go with him? or he can marry me?even im not get devorce for my ex husband here in philipopines?i hope you help e

    1. we need your advice katch,if i come to UK what we need to do??? i hope you message or help me soon as possible thank you katch

  43. Hi Katch, I will be sponsored by my bf’s dad (both English) and they’re inviting me to stay for 6 months. I’ve travelled in UK before but during the time I have a job. The thing is, this time I do not have a job and just doing freelancing jobs. In short, I do not have the employment documents to submit. Any advise so I can make sure my visa application will be approved this time? Appreciate your response!

  44. Hi katch!
    Thank you for your advices and information you’ve shared with us. I have questions Im a Filipina and my husband is British we just married July 28, 2018 and im pregnant for 5mons. Im applying for the spouse visa but waiting for marriage certificate which is 2-3months before i can get it which one of the requirements. My concern is my child how can i bring him/her to UK together with me? What visa do i need to apply? Since after birth i can bring baby to uk after 6mons. Any help or suggestion pls. Thank you so much!

  45. Hi Kach,

    I have been in a relationship with my long-distance girlfriend who is from the Philippines for over three years now. I have visited a couple of times, but she has yet to come to the UK and visit. She wants to move here with me, but neither of us is working a full-time job. What will be the necessary steps for her to have permanent residency or dual-citizenship?

  46. My fiancee has applied for a marriage visa in the philippines, we have waited 21 days so far, she has now told me that someone from the british embassy is coming to her home a 2 hour flight from manila to interview her and a neighbour and do a C I check.
    Has anyone heard of this happening before. I am becoming deeply suspicious of her intentions now.

  47. Hi Ms. Kach,

    This is Christine. My Australian boyfriend and I are planning to visit the UK for me to meet his sister. I am not employed as of the moment and I only do online business which I don”t have documents and my boyfriend will be my sponsor. Is it possible for me to get approved if I will tell them that my bf wll be my sponsor? If so, what’re the documents that I should submit? Hope you can help me. Thank you and regards!

    Christine M.

  48. my friend sponsor’s from UK do need to send me this Sponsor a visa applicant: form SU07
    Form to confirm that you will sponsor a person applying to visit or settle in the UK. Also known as the “sponsorship undertaking form” ?

  49. Thanks for this really helpful Blog. I am currently in the process of helping my Filipino boyfriend get a UK visa so he can meet all my family and friends here. My Dad will be the sponsor and we have completed the letter and have all the documents for that. My boyfriend works as a part time DJ and is paid cash in hand, do you think his bank statements and letter of employment are still needed even if my Dad is funding the trip for him?
    Also does anyone have an example of the cover letter they used?
    Many thanks!! 🙂

  50. Hi!
    There is a portion in the online visa application “additional information” any idea what to state in this area?


  51. HI! I am Kristel, I was offered a job in the UK, Direct Hire, I have a Certificate of Sponsorship already, and now, I will be applying for a Working visa, but, should I need to have an agency to process my visa? Or I can directly apply for a work visa? I am confused with the processing since POEA has some procedures that are complicated. I am humbly hoping that you could help/assist me? Thanks in advance and I am hoping to hear from you soon. Best regards!

    1. Hi po. Paano ka po nakakuha ng Certificate of Sponsorship from Direct Hire. I’m trying to look for a company rin po kasi na maaapplyan.

    2. Hi ma’am Kristel, may I know po kung approve na po ung visa mo and kung what type ng working visa ang inapplyan mo at kung ano po mga needs? My step dad offered me a job too in his company. Thank you very much ma’am Kristel. God bless.

  52. Ms. Kach,

    I will be applying for standard visitor visa. My fiancee in the UK will answer all my expenses and accommodations once I get to the UK as well as my flights. My question is, do I still need to provide for my bank statement for the last 6 months or I do i still need to prove that I can support myself?

      1. hello, I want to ask if there is no problem that I am currently working in Saudi arabia Riyadh (OFW) and will process my uk visa during vacation in the philipines? I will use my bank statement here in riyadh and also my payslips to submit as proof of income. thanks

  53. Thank you for this wonderful blog. I just want to ask if there is possibility to apply for standard visa (tourist) without a friend in UK. I applied last year but they refused because they stated that ” I DO NOT HAVE A FRIEND IN UK”. Why do I need a friend if I will just tour in UK? Please help. Thank you so much

  54. Hi katch this is Angelica. I would like to ask you a question. At the moment we are here in the phillipines and have been living almost 3 years and almost 3 years married with my British husband since he came here to get married. I would like to ask that we know we need a spouse visa for us to go to the UK but we haven’t got the amount of money that the UK government require to settle in the UK. My husband is on UK pension and we would like to go to the UK. Please help me by don’t know any other way to get in to the UK with my british husband.

    Thank you
    Regards angelica

  55. Good morning po. I and my partner is scheduled an appointment on july 9 for a standard visitor visa and we are visiting her sister in UK. may ask lang po ako kung kailangan ba ng mga documents namin like which includes, employment certificate, letter of invitation, etc. etc. At may nabasa din ako online na gagawa pa daw ng cover letter, is that necessary po ba?

    1. Hi. I am a Filipina but is currently in Dubai. I applied for a tourist visa last 27th May and I got it approved in less than a week. I provided everything I can, I just find it better. So yeah, I provided NOC from my company, Employment letter, Invitation Letter, Payslips, and Itinerary. I booked my plane tickets as well, it’s quite risky. You don’t have to do a cover letter.

    2. Yes to employment cert. The more important document you provide, the better your chances of getting approved. I have applied for a UK visa 3x and i’ve provided everything that i thought is necessary including cover letter.

      1. Hi Kit,

        I would like to know please if you can email me a draft copy of the cover letter.
        Aside from Hotel and flight bookings, itinerary, invitation letter, salary certificate, payslips, bank statements, what else do I need to produce to get a tourist visa in the UK?

  56. Hi! I am based in Cebu and applied a UK visa for my colleague, however, when I set the schedule for appointment on the website only Manila VAC will appear. We prefer to apply in Cebu sana but wala sya sa choices. Bago na po ba yan? Before kase we were able to choose pa Cebu or Manila. I hope you can help us out.

    Thank you po.

    1. Hi Sheila,

      Can i plese ask, if you have managed to get an appointment in Cebu instead.
      I am also trying to get one for my mom but also given a Manila option only.

      I will appreciate if you can reply back.

      Many thanks

      1. Hello Sheila,

        I encountered the same issue. Are you able to schedule an appointment in Cebu? If yes, how? I only had the Manila option.

  57. good day ma’am ask ko lang po. kasi yung fiancée ko nagwowork na siya sa hospital sa uk plano po sana naming magpakasal doon this year. same din po ba procedure? and may sponsorship program yung hospital nila plano niya rin ako kunin. wala po ba magiging problem if magpapakasal kami doon before niya ako sponsor? pareho po kaming Filipino citizen

  58. Hi Kach,

    Sorry for commenting the second time, with same message….. It’s my first time to apply for visa. I never travel to any country. My sister is a British Citizen already and she is sick and in the hospital. My Bro in law want me to apply for a visit visa, what is the requirements for a visit visa for a sister like me? Thank you and hope to hear from you pretty soon… God Bless!!

    1. Hi. I am currently in Dubai and I applied for a visitor visa as well in the UK. I havent visited any country other than UAE, but well, Im here to work. My visa just got approved last 31st May, and I applied on the 27th May. I suggest you to provide a sponsor letter from your sister mentioning your details, NOC from your company, Salary Certificate, Payslips, Employment Certificate, and your sister’s documents as well. I did provide a plane ticket, but doing that is risky. Just make sure to show your ties with PH and prove that you’ll be there not longer than 6 months and you’ll returning back home.

  59. hi mam,i have a boyfriend in london, do i need an invitation letter from when i applied for a visa?
    and is fiance visa better and get married there after 6 mos?

  60. Hi tulungan nyo nmn po ako. I’m getting worried may bf po kasi ako sa pinas and we’re planning to get married. British citizen na po ako dito and I’m only earning about £12k a year (needs to have £18,000 minimun annual income) sabi nila pwede daw iequivalent yung kulang sa savings. I have my own condo worth 4 million pesos. Tingin nyo po ba pwede po ba yun. Maari kaya ako maaprovahan?

  61. hi,

  62. Hi anyone can help me which one is better visa for me. My partner is in UK for many years and we wants be together rather than a long distance relationship. Hardly to think which visa is better and quicker for us. Please I really need some advice. Thank you so much. 🙂

    1. Hi kach, Good day and Blessing to you! I already had an appointment schedule this coming June 8,
      I just want to know if, the consul will still asking/interviewing me, straight after i pass or submitting all my supporting documents and biometric procedure. and What are possible questions for applying tourist visa?
      Thank you and God bless:)

  63. Hi Kach,

    It’s my first time to apply for visa. I never travel to any country. My sister is a British Citizen already and she is sick and in the hospital. My Bro in law want me to apply for a visit visa, what is the requirements for a visit visa for a sister like me? Thank you and hope to hear from you pretty soon… God Bless!!

  64. Hi Kach,

    Thanks for this post. I applied my UK visit visa, 6 months. I have been told its multi-entry visa. Is it?
    I haven’t received my visa, had it on courier service. last I heard was that my documents have been submitted for review at the UK Visa Decision Making Centre. I have a confirmed ticket for the 15th of June, gets me so worried since I always get my Schengen visa approved within 3 days!

    Now I am worried since my itinerary is Kuwait – London – Poland – London – Kuwait and would like to verify with you if 6 months visit visa is a Multi-Entry one. I hope it is! I sort of think – it is! 🙂

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Di pa eh. Ikaw ba? Baka pwede tayo magtulungan sa pagayos or baka pwede mo ishare experience mo and tips. haha. Is there any way that i can reach you apart from this site?

  65. I applied for a Visa last April 20, 2018, but I haven’t received any updates whatsoever. Would you be able to provide a contact number to their office so that I can ask for updates? I won’t be able to go to their Manila office as I live in Pampanga. Thanks in advance.

    1. what visa type po ba application mo..kase if settlement visa its takes 60 days po bago lumabas ang result..tourist visa it takes 15 days working day..

    2. Planning to have a holiday in the UK for a week and booked a hotel already. My question is if I state in my application that I will be staying in the UK for a week only, 1 week lang ba talaga or pwede ako mag stay in 3-6months before the visa expiration? I don’t have any relatives in London but have many friends. I am self employed with SEC, DTI. And money in the bank.

  66. Hello. How long does a non EEA national with no EEA national or British national relatives nees to work in the UK to be eligible to apply for residency? Can the applicant sponsor his or her parents after?

  67. My brother wants to marry a Filipina from Butuan City. Which would you recommend. To marry in the Philippines or the UK and which is the easiest option. Can you also tell me what the process is for both options.

  68. Hello Im currently processing my appointment in the embassy… nasa payment section na ako … my problem is bakit po kaya every time i process my online payment lagi po akong insufficient fund… im using mastercard debit…meron naman po funds dun please advise me kasi po need ko po talaga makakuha nang appointment schedule po … salamat po

  69. This is amazing information and I am truly grateful to have found this page! Dear Kach, Im a Filipina also planning to marry a british national in UK. Do u recommend getting a marriage visitor visa then apply for a UK residence card instead of switching to settlement in the UK or indefinite leave to remain (ILR) after the wedding? I understand that the fee of ILR application compared to a residence card application is a lot lower. My boyfriend and I dont have much savings for such huge fees thus we are trying to look for the most affordable route. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks a lot xxx

    1. Hi Margaret,

      I have the same questions and concerns, favor please, do tell me if you have the info. Thanks

  70. There’s a question in the application form, “Do you have savings, properties or other income, for example from stocks and shares?” If you answer yes, there’s a box below where you can add details like “Please Enter Details Total Monthly Income From Amount in GBP(£)”

    So if for example I have a savings from my payroll account from work, is that consider as savings? Im confused if Im going to answer YES to this, then if i say yes there is a box to put the monthly income, so I’m gonna going to put my taxable monthly income there? THANK YOU.


  71. Hi. I am Joey working in UK-run school here in Malaysia. Me and my partner would want to get married in UK. We are a gay couple. My partner is in the Philippines doing freelance job. My question is, can we apply for a Marriage Visitor Visa where I will be the principal applicant? (I will be submitting the documents needed while my partner won’t).
    Is this possible? Thank you very much. I will be waiting for your reply.

    1. You can be the principal application but he still needs to provide some documents (doesn’t need a lot of money, just a proof of consistent source of income) then for Marriage Visa, you need to arrange your schedule and permit where you will get married including accommodations etc. Once you have all of that, the visa application process is faster.

  72. Hallo Kach,
    What would be the best VISA type if I still have no job offer from UK? I plan to look for a job when I am already in London. I was searching under Working VISA but all types require a Certificate of Sponsorship from a Licensed Employer, which I do not have. I also do not have any British family/relatives but my financials are ready and good for VISA applications. Will greatly appreciate your response, thank you!

      1. Hello mam, Im Mary Ann, from philippines, 29 years old. Ask lang po meron kc sana akong host/employer from UK gusto nya sna ako kunin na nanny or babysitter, Shes willing to pay my travel, visa and etc. Ano pong visa ang dapat na e apply nya? Please help me ragarding this matter.

        Thank you and GODBLESS!

      2. Hello Kach,

        I appreciate your response, thanks! I’m not sure about the Study VISA as I haven’t thought about studying again.
        I have a follow up question, I will be glad if you can answer it, too!
        This is my situation, I am currently applying for jobs in London, hoping that one of them would invite me then, but my worry is that they might disregard if my CV still have PH address. Thus, I still have no Certificate from potential employer which is required for a Working VISA.
        I am thinking of applying for Tourist VISA, to be able to come in London. If I do this and say I am already staying in London and continue applying for jobs, Can I attend Job Interviews freely with my Tourist VISA?

    1. That’s not legal. You cannot come to UK to look for a job with a Filipino passport. You will need to look for a job while in the Philippines and only once you’re given an offer, then you can apply for a Working VISA.

    1. I just submitted mine last feb. 20 at VFS global. Received a single text from them that my documents were forwarded to ukvi. As of now no further updates. Kinkabahan ako I am not so confident with my money at the bank hehe

    2. 2 weeks only for processing uk visa…at vfsuk, just complete ur reqmts. , pray …. finally i got mine in just 2 weeks…thanks god…….

  73. Hello. I just want to ask if you have a long term visa like 5 years for example, how long is the interval before you can go back to UK?

  74. hi everyone
    Please can someone tell me if details of any criminal, civil or immigration offenses you have committed in the country of residency really needed in the uk visa application.
    Because me and my fiancee did apply for that the ministry of foreign affairs but it s taking too long for the processing and we want to travel to the UK to spend new year there.
    What can anyone advise please

  75. hi i have a work visa for Saudi but live in Bahrain where i meet my girlfriend.she works here and been here for 2 years i plan to have a trip home back to the uk in may 2018. i would like to take here home to meet my family and my son who 22.we have been living together here for one year now.she as work in different county’s in here past and never went over her visa when she as been there.she as a full time job here in Bahrain i only want to come to the uk for 4 weeks.how do i go about getting her a visa.i have a home and banks accounts back in the uk.she as a bank here in Bahrain as well as her own county her family are there as well.like i say its only a short stay in the uk.

    kind regards

      1. Hello Kach. After the payment I realized that I had converted GBP to Php wrong. Its actually on the additional info where I stated the amount Im gonna receive, salary&benefits in different conversion. Is there a way that I could edit this in VFS? Thank you in advance.

  76. hi … I have a fiancée in the phillipines which I visited in oct .. I planned to get her a visa to visit me in the uk .. I took my bank statements .proof of sending her money each month and and my disability allowance papers … it was only for a month the visa but it was denied .. this was done in manila .. I plan to marry her in manila next april .. please can anyone advise me on how I can get my future wife a visa to visit me

    1. Hi Chris! I hope my situation would help you in getting your Fiance at least a Type C (Visitor Visa) so that she can visit you for 6 months in UK. I have a british boyfriend who invited me to Visit him and his family in Scotland. The embassy would just wanted to make sure that your Fiancee has a strong ties in the Philippines so that she has a reason go to back here before issuing a Visa. In my case I have submitted my Mom and Dad’s birth Certificate as a proof that they are here in the Philippines and I need to go back because of them, I also submitted a Land Titles under my name to show the Embassy that I owned something in the Philippines, I also submitted ny NBI clearance to show that I don’t have any criminal record, my Certificate of Employment, Bank Certificate, proff of my address, In your case you need to submit an invitation letter, bank statement for 3 months, Sponsorhip declaration form with undertaking which can be downloaded through UK gov website, any document that would show where you live, Coucil Tax, copy of British passport, your pay slip, HM Revenue and CUstoms. I also printed a 3 pages of our picture showing that we have indeed met and our relationship is genuine. I only took 6 days for the Embassy to conclude a decision and luckily I was granted a 6 months visa Type C. and now I am just waating for my flight this December 16. I am only worried about the Immigration Officer here in the Philippines because”Offloading” is a thin in the Philippines Airport which means that sometimes a passanger will deffer them from boarding the plane for some reason.

      1. thank you for your reply ..I tried to get her a visitors visa in manila but it was rejected ,,, she lives in Trento so she has no bank statement and she has no children .. she has worked abroad for 6 years and she has education certificate also .. I showed them my bank statement and my disability papers but they turned her down ,, she has never been in any trouble with police or anyone so it was a shock it was turned down .. .I was there in oct and plan to go back in april or may .. we have been in communication for 14 months now and I also send her 120.00 pound a month to support her .. I looked on website here and lots of companies have offered there service to me as long as I pay .. it varies between 300 and 2,500 pound to assist me .. im so confused as there seems to be so many types of visas … if it takes me to get her here, I will marry her in philli in may .. can I ask you if I go in may do you think making an appointment in embassy in manila would be better so I can show them proof of pics etc and that my fiancé would return when it runs out … thank you for your help ..

        1. Hi Chris! I don’t think making an appointment to the Embassy would help the application since Visa is being process through a Visa Application Center (VAC) and that is VFS (https://www.vfsglobal.co.uk/philippines/) . That is the only acredited application center of UK. The document is handed to them and will they will forward it to the Embassy, then once the British Embassy made the decision of a certain application then the passport would be send back to VAC with the result and VAC will shipped it to the applicant or the applicant can claim it to the VAC which over you guys prefer, So you dont actually go to Embassy itself for the Visa Application. As for me I have submitted the photos of me and my boyfriend being together so support my claim that we are indeed in a relationship, since you send a money to her she could also include a photo of the receipt, it will add as a supporting document. Coming over to the Philippines and marrying her would help in applying a Visa. Once married, it would be best if she could submit a Marriage Certificate. Thier is actually no limit as what documents that needs to the submitted when you apply, as long as it will support your claim. I actually did not seek any assistance to any agencies about with processing a Visa. I had to do the research by myself. time cosumig but it was worth it.

          1. thank you for all your help … like I said when I went out to see my fiancé in oct we applied for visa but they turned her down saying she has no bank account which is true but they mentioned Pakistan !! I do not know why they said Pakistan … also they said she never been abroad but she worked in Kuwait for 7 years .. I have spoke to the people who helped me with the visa and they assure me that they put in all the right information .. so they told me we will try with new visa .. they said to start we will apply for a settlement visa … this will mean I will be in the uk while my fiancé try to sort it out ,,, its really upsetting for me that its so much trouble for my fiancée who has no kids , is a Christian and has no criminal record that its so hard to get her here to visit me … I have been sending her £120. pound for the last 14 months since she finished her work to support her … I will show them photos etc showing us together in manila and Trento … thank you so much for trying to help me ,, may god be with you and I hope you find all the happiness you deserve …

        2. She needs to prove that she have ties in the philippines. The embassy wants to make sure that she is comming back to her country. A bank statement,Land titles or birth certificate will help. I didnt have any problem i submitted my contract lease of agreement under my name on the apartment i am living in, My mum’s land title, my bank statement and supporting documents like invitation letter, bank statement of my bf,payroll,ph stamp we include evertything in the letter, and was succesfully approved.

  77. Hi.
    Thanks for sharing all these information about visa application for UK trip. Me and my partner who is Filipino are planning for a trip. However, we are not sure yet what are the procedures when it comes to the documents to provide since i will be the one to sponsor for everything. Therefore i need to know if she should provide documents like bank statement or somethings. could you advise please

  78. Hi Kach! Your blog helps me a lot especially when I was processing my UK Visitor Visa (Type C) Visa. This blog actually my basis in gathering documents. I have applied by Visitor Visa in VAC last November 2 and on November 10 after 5 working days I recieved an email and text message from Visa Application Center (VAC) that the Embassy have made a decision on my appplication and next day (Saturday) I received my passport through 2GO with a Visa Sticker on it with Multiple entries. Never been happier in life lol. I am man with a Scotish boyfriend who will be funding me everything for this trip. Now that I have a visa another delemma that I am facing again. The Philippines Immigration officer at the Terminal 3 Airport. I will be flying to UK this December 16 and can’t sleep thinking about the “Offloading” that our IO do. I was under in the impression that I am free on flying since I already have a visa. My boyfriend will send me a 200+ thousand of money so that I can support my travel because he is obliged to do so since that what we said in the visa application that he will be paying for my trip. My question is that, what should I do If will be inreviewed with the IO and how usually it is being done. How likely am I to be offloaded? I have just resigned today December 4 since I will be in UK for 5 months. I have all the payslip on my 3 year Job and can present a ITR. I also photocopied all the documents that I have submitted to the embassy when I applied for a visa. What documents that IO you think will be asking from me. I am so nervous and not at ease thinking about that.

  79. good day po,

    me (im a filipina) and my boyfriend from england are planning to get married in england on 2018 ask ko lang po ano po ano po bang dapat kong kuning visa at ano po mga requirements and pano po processing nun, maraming salamat po sa reply. god bless

  80. Hi there! I submitted my documents last Wednesday (Nov 15) and I just received an email today (Nov 20) that they have received my application. When should I start counting 15 days. Is it when I submitted my docs or when I received an email from UK embassy stating the receipt of my docs?

  81. Hi I just want to ask so I already have my UK visit visa valid for 6 months, I just want to know if I can still travel 3 weeks before the expiration date? ill stay for 1 week only. Thanks in advance loved your blog 🙂 xx

  82. My Scottish GF and I are planning to get married sometime in 2018. I am seeking your advice where is the best place to get married here in the Philippines or in Scotland? I understand that if we get married in Scotland, i will have to come back here in the Philippines after 6 months. But if we get married here, will it be possible for me to immediately get the spouse visa or something to be with her?

  83. Good day Kach,

    my Scottish fiancee and I are planning to get married in Scotland sometime in 2018. I am aware that i should get the marriage visa first and after 6 months i will have to come back to the Philippines. My question is, after 6 months and when i come back here in PI, how long should i wait till i apply for the spouse visa (or something)?

      1. Thank you. After we got married in Scotland, I’ll have to come back here in the Philippines after 5 or 5 months, now to apply for the married visa, or spouse visa, how long will i have to wait?

  84. Hi kach
    Good day. Ask ko lang po im currently working here in kuwait and i want to visit my bf in uk. Is it possible i can get visa and how to do it.

    Thank you.

    1. Yes, you can get it! Go to the website I mentioned above and check the requirements then make an appointment in the British Embassy there in Kuwait to submit the documents!

  85. Hi everyone,
    Ask ko lng po regarding for the tourist visa. As one of the requirements kasi is the flight details so need po ba to book the flight before the visa approval or ano po ba yong itinerary flight?
    Im planning to process my visa this month and I don’t know how to start.

    I hope anyone can help would appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. You have to get a flight reservation. You can get it in some travel offices cost 500 pesos. You can get it the day before your appointment. 🙂

      1. Hello CATTEKAJ. I want to ask if how much yung money mo sa bank when you applied for a visit visa in UK? And ano yung proof mo to go back here sa Pinas? Thank you in advance ?

        1. I send my lease of agreement sa apartment i was living,my mums land title,police clearance,my bank statement yun lanf and boom i got my visa approve! I am planning to go back to the uk before my visa expire this year. goodluck!

          1. Thanks sa response CATEKAJ. diba you have a sponsor? May i know if how much yung money nang sponsor mo sa bank? ? Im planning to apply this february and i also have a sponsor. Ano yung mga documents nang sponsor mo? Sorry dami ko questions. And also did you make your itinerary or plans during your visit?

            1. Hi CateKaj and Grace,

              British din ung boyfriend and we’re planning to meet this year sana. Gusto niya ako pumunta sa UK and siya mag sponsor sakin. Natatakot ako kasi once pa lang ako nakapag travel abroad (HK – 2017). And pano pala ung proof of relationship namin. Online lang kami since 2015. Never pa kami nagkita. Ano kayang pwedeng ipasa na proof ?
              Sana makapunta tayo lahat sa UK. Good luck to us! Thanks

  86. Hello. I have a question. I am separated to my husband for 3 years now, not legally separated though. He is currently working in Dubai with a 5 year contract. Now, my new partner is also working in Dubai as a nurse and wants me to go there for a visit. My question  is, can I get a visa without my ex husband's consent? Thank you in advance.

  87. Hi, how are you too. Can I ask a help about my wants? I have a long distance boyfriend from UK for almost 2 years. And I really want to be with him in UK. I am from Philippines. What shall I do to be with him? What do I need to provide? And how long I can have visa for him to visit as possible? Hoping for your kind response about my concern too. Thanks

    1. You can process the visa within 3 weeks, the details for application is really easy to do online. I offer mentor / coaching service to guide you filling out the form and preparing your supporting documents from your partner.. I’m not a travel agency but I’d be happy to guide you based on my personal experience.. you can hire me and contact me at [email protected]

  88. I am applying for settlement visa last August 29 was my appoinment, and I paid for a priority service, is there anybody here knew how long it takes to get a result?is it possible to get it after 15 working days? Or same time frame need to wait for 12 weeks although I paid for the priority service. Yet, what if I got approved then I changed my mind I don’t want to go to UK is there any problem in immigration if I want to travel to other country?please any idea? Thanks a lot.

  89. Hello Ms.Kach,

    Which visa will get if I want to visit my BF in Scotland. I just also want to spend a vacation with him.

    Thank you so much.

      1. Hi, Good day. I just wanted to ask if what type of visa should I need to apply for the UK. My Lithuanian bf works there and we want to get married here in PH and go to the UK after. Please help 🙂 ??

      2. Hi Ms Medina!
        I would like to ask you about sa sponsor ko from London. If you know someone or agency can process my visa and my sponsor papers to take me in Philippines. Thankyou… I wish you can help me

          1. Hi ms. medina, im applying for tourist visa, but I have sponsor, they are the one who is pay for all the fees needed,may I know if what documents they need to submit? and also what documents I need to submit?

        1. Just do some reading online, I didnt need any agency to process my application. Its cheaper that way too if you do it on your own. 🙂

              1. My flight is on the 15th as well. Excluding the day of my appointment, I got the email on the 13th business day of processing, and was able to pick up my passport on the 14th business day. Hope you get yours soon!!

                1. Wow! Congrats! I just got message today from the vfs saying the decisions was made.. but it didnt say what is the decision haha. Its too suspense!! so i be waiting for the vfs to post my passport hoping with an approved visa to it!!

                    1. Hi maria! I applied for tourist visa. And i basically provided all the requirements written on this blog. Goodluck!

                    2. Hi congrats! Ask Ko Lang po nag matter po ba yong sponsor or your status pra mka kuhA ng multiple visa? Tnx

                    1. What you mean nagmatter? IDK as i visited few countries and me and my bf at a time have met and went to trips several time and he just move back to the uk so i dont think it did matter. It just need to be ur application is match and submit all the necessary documents they ask for.

  90. I would like to ask what visa should I apply kasi may sakit yung sister ko sa London and need ng mag aalaga if na sa work ang asawa nya pang gabi araw araw ang pasok? At ano din po ang visa aapllayan ng mother ko kung isasama ko siya? Thank you po

  91. Hello po, kaylangan po ba personally pumunta ng embassy para mag apply after paying the visa online? Is it a requirement rin po ba na mag purchase ng ticket before applying? Also with the bank statements, pwede lang po ba mag show ng confirmation from the bank how much ang nasa account? Newly opened po kasi ang bank.

  92. Hi. I just want to know if there is something wrong with the payment system online? My family has been receiving the same feedback that our credit card provider refused to pay because of insufficient funds or incorrect details. I’m very sure I typed the correct details because I am looking at my billing statement for so many times. I called BDO and they said that their system is functioning well and we should call the merchant. Is there something I missed out or is the system experiencing glitches? Thank you in advance

    1. Hey! They updated their system yesterday. I accidentally cancel my first application yesterday and asked for a refund so i have to make another application and paid for another fee. The website is totally different now. I had no problem paying for it online with my visa card.

  93. Hello po good day,Im a filipino working in Singapore and plan to visit UK for a week or 10days to visit my sister and her family.Resident na cla doon.Need pa ba ng visa uk? Thanks po sa reply.

  94. Hello,

    My old passport was going to expire on Feb. 11, 2018. I did not know that there was this 6 month rule. I booked an appointment for the UK VISA using my old passport. I then found out that I needed to have my passport renewed. So I did. It totally slipped my mind that on my VISA application, I had the old passport details there. Should I continue with my visa application? I hate to be denied because of that after I paid a fast track fee already.

    My trip will be on Sept 9 but I can always move it. Need your help please. Thanks!

    1. Hi Maita!
      Nasubmit mo na application mo sa embassy? And yes mostly you need to get atleast 6 mos validity sa passport mo. There maybe a chance they will refuse you to give the visa because ur passport is expiring. I think u can reschedule it contact the embassy and they might help u with ur problem if napasa mo na and nabayaran mo na online. its better for u to renew ur passport before applying for visa. Goodluck to us!

      I have a question what amount did u declare you are goin to spend in the UK? im only staying for 4 weeks and my bf will pay for everything but i put 20k as my pocket money.

      1. hi! how was your visa application? I am planning to apply for UK Tourist visa too and my BF will sponsor it, wondering how much kaya ang magandang show money sa bank account?

        1. Hey Doreen! My application was easy. And i got multiple visa valid for 6 mos. Im in london now.You dont need show money if your bf will sponsor you. You just need his bank statement,Payslip for the last 6 mos and invitation letter stating his support in your visit. I also include my personal bank certificate from the philippines. Im sure if you provide all the requirements you get one too. Goodluck!

  95. Hey Ms Kach.
    I am planning to visit my bf in the UK this September. I Been looking for any blog I can read about what requirement should we provide visitng bf (not unlike schegen visa they will give u checklist on different purpose of your travel) and also do i have to do the tubercolusis test? I am only planning to stay for 4 weeks maximum. He will be sponsoring my whole trip and wants me to meet his mum too. Also he will be sending me a letter of invitation and his mum is willing to write me a letter too hoping that will help my application. Do i need travel insurance too? Thanks for the response in advance. 🙂

    1. how’s your visa application im also coming to UK on Sept to visit my bf. but booking an online appointment is confusing. hows the experience so far?

      1. Hi kenn.
        Hinde pa ako nagsubmitt ng documents im still waiting for my bf’s docs to be sent to me. I have red somewhere that i dont need travel insurance and they say im not needing the test since i am just goin to visit. Goodluck to us for the application and maybe if we both lucky we can meet in the UK for a coffee!! cheers!

  96. Hi

    i just want to ask is it possible for a philipino woman to come to the uk on a visit visa and get married,if not. why.?

  97. What if my friend will sponsor my trip in UK? I’m a fresh grad and no bank statement to show. Will it be possible to get a visa?

  98. I already have a Uk Visa? Problem is it’s too difficult for us to get OEC here in the Philippines if you area a direct hire and I should be deployed this first week of August. I feel so hopeless I’m planning to go cross country like maybe go to Singapore or Thailand? but i know immigration is very strict.

  99. Hi,

    Ano ang pinaka effective or masusuggest mo na documents para 99% sure na maapprove ang UK visa bukod sa usual requirements like bank statement, passport, etc..? And need pa ba ng COE and/or ITR? If yes, pano pag wala, ano pwedeng alternative? We’re planning to apply tourist visa. I have my brother living there. Hope you can answer all my questions! Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      Ano ang pinaka effective or masusuggest mo na documents para 99% sure na maapprove ang UK visa bukod sa usual requirements like bank statement, passport, etc..? And need pa ba ng COE and/or ITR? If yes, pano pag wala, ano pwedeng alternative? We’re planning to apply tourist visa. I have my brother living there. Hope you can answer all my questions! Thanks!

  100. Hi te kach ask ko lng po if pwde nabpo aq umalis ng july kahit ung intented date of travel q is august po nilagay q sa application? my visa is valid this july to january2018

        1. Nag avail po aq ng 2go delivery then ung passport Lang po Deniliver sakin… Worried po sa documents kc ung iba original… Thank you po Te

            1. Yes po I have my visa with me now… Worried lng po sa immigration bka hanapan po aKo wla po aqng copy kasi dun lhat sa embassy.. Salamat po te kach☺️

            2. Hi kach is it ok Lang po ba Na during my appointment for submitting my documents they told me if is it ok with me if they don’t send me back all my documents? Because I said yes to them;. Need your feed back please thank you

          1. Hi lhar nasabihan po ba kayu don sa officer Na ok lng ba Kung ok lng ba Na Hindi Na maibalik sayu ang mga ducuments mo during that time of your appointment?

      1. Hello Ms Kach my partner Want to bring me in UK his UK citizen were living here in Phillipines almost 2 years any suggestions Po kung ano pinaka best Namin gawin xa din Po mg sponsor sa akin can’t apply for fiancee visa coz both not yet divorce

  101. Hello Ms. Kach,

    I just wanna ask you something.
    I and my partner are planning to get married in the UK next year.
    I currently hold a 5 year standard visitor visa and which will expire in 2021. I’ ve been to the UK 3 times already on standard visitor visa. Now it says on the website that we cannot register marriage in the UK under this type of visa but according the agent who had been helping us in getting my previous UK visa that it is fine. There is no need for me to apply for a Marriage Visitor Visa. Is it true?
    I just don’t want to be in a mess/trouble when the time comes that I want to apply for spouse visa.
    I have read in a forum that she got rejected with her spousal visa application for the grounds that they married in the UK using a standard visitor visa.
    Please I need your advice on this matter.
    Thank you.

  102. Hi just want to share mine… I applied last june 19, 2017 and still waiting for the result hopefully visa approve? by the way no need to bring photo…bag and phone are allowed inside but phone must be silent mode… cross finger still.. waiting for 15days…Uk tourist Visa

    1. Hi Lhar,
      Do you have an idea if I can pay the premium application on the day of my appointment?
      Tried doing it online but its not giving me option to do it so I just paid for standard visa application.
      Premium application takes 3-5 days only. Thanks in advance.

  103. Great Day Miss Kach,

    Tanong lang po ako maam cuz we’ve been looking for an answer po kasi for the past 3 months na po. My Fiancee is currently working in UK. We are both a filipino citizen. She’s a nurse and already have her working permit. Tanong lang po if she could apply for a fiance visa for me if she’s on a working visa status? allowed po ba yun maam kach?

      1. waiting for a response as well been looking for an answer for the past three months na kasi and some visa consultancy doesnt even give us the answer were been looking for unless u pay them an initial amount of 38k to start with…. so why pay if you’re not sure wat visa to apply..

    1. If work permit lang medyo mahirap un.. also, there’s no such thing as fiance visa in the UK. Only “marriage visa” where you get married there and leave the UK after getting married of “Spouse visa” if you’re already married then you want to remain in the UK. Usually it is only permitted if she has a permanent residence, EU citizen or British citizen. In your case, just get married in the Philippines and wait until she get her permanent residence.

      1. hi can i share mine also! kasi po my bf is from london uwi cya sa pinas if uwi ako next year gusto nya pakasal kmi sa pinas tapos ska nya po ako dalhin sa uk. ask ko po mga ilang months po ba bago maaproved ur visa ko puntang uk ska anu anu po ung mga dapat iprocess na mga requirements. thanks po waiting for reply!

    2. They accept online payment only but walk in applicant are allowed and need to pay for 2k I think.

  104. Hi, may tanong lang po ako.
    Plan ko to travel July 17-24, 1 week lang kasi I have job waiting. OFW po ako sa Angola.
    Now, I was able to fill-up ung application online. However, it seems impossible for me to book an appointment, schedules shown are only from today until June 2 based on my travel dates. Arrive ko po nang PH from Angola is 28th June thats why I am planning to secure the 30th June appointment BUT greyed sya sa calendar.

    My plan po sana is appointment ng June 30 then avail ung Priority Service nila, if needed yung Super Priority para less waiting days and kung magrant ng visa ay makatravel by July 17.

    Question ko po is paano po kaya akong makasecure ng appointment nila? Kung mag walk-in naman ako, sa tingin nyo po ba they will accept my application. Kase there is a certain payment if you would like to do walk-in but only if you cannot make it on the day of appointment or you want earlier time or later time.

    Please any answer will help.

  105. Hello,

    My boyfriend will visit again in here and he wants me to get a UK tourist visa but we’re not sure if when will I visit him in the UK. May I know if it is possible to apply for a Tourist Visa to the UK earlier than 3 months or a year or more?

    Thank you 🙂

  106. Hi Kach,

    Just need advice on which visa i can apply.

    I am a Filipino currently staying and working in dubai just get married last year in dubai. My husband have a permanent visa in london and his an EEA passport holder. he ask some lawyer over there but this lawyer inform him that i ned to go back in phils. and stay over there for 3 months prof that i am dependent with him as i cant apply here in dubai as i am working.

    Is there any other way you know i can apply while im in dubai as my visa will finished in may and i want to go stay with my husband.

    PLease if you know anyone who have the same story with me or if u know any lawyer who can help us . I really appreciate if you can give there contact information ..

    thanks and regards,


  107. How can i get tourists Visa in UK i am here in Japan staying long term visa , what documents do i need to provide
    Is it ok to apply here in Japan? Or much better to go Philippines and apply there?

  108. How can i get tourist visa in UK
    I like to visit in UK by myself
    What documents do i need to provide
    I am here in japan
    I have long term visa here in japan
    Do you think i can get UK visa here in Japan
    Or better to apply in the Philippines?

  109. Hello Kach,

    I have few questions because I find very confusing:
    1. Do we really need a TB test upon applying for visa? The visa site (https://www.gov.uk/tb-test-visa) states that we need to do so but I don’t find it on blogs.
    2. A family member will provide for my accommodation and for additional expenses if needed, what sort of documents do I need to present? I have found outdated info about having letter of invitation, financial statements (Bank Statements and Certificate), and utility as proofs are those enough or the rules have changed?
    3. I’ll be working online during my stay in UK, do I need to provide documents like letter from my manager allowing me to do so? Or I don’t need to declare it? And do I need a leave of absence letter stating when will my leaves are?

    Sorry for having so many questions and thanks for answering them 🙂

  110. Is there a chance for my visa to be approved even I havent met the inviter in the UK? Please reply. Thank you!

    1. Catherine, this is tricky.. What we highly suggest is ask the inviter to visit you first and have proof that you personally know each other!

  111. Is it possible to be able to work remotely (via internet) while I am in UK while on Standard Visitor Visa? Though I will be in UK my payroll would still be based here in PH. I was looking online for some answers some say no (but those posts 2014 and older) and some say yes. I have talked to my manger and approved that I’ll be working for a few number of days so that I can prolong my stay for a few more days I just wasn’t if the embassy would allow it though.

      1. Hello Kach,

        Are there any additional requirements like a letter from employer allowing to do so or will it be asked by the embassy or customs officer? Thanks for the help 🙂

    1. yes of course you can. You just can’t work for a UK employer and earn income from a job specifically for UK based employee’s… e.g a retail job.

      Think of it this way. In the UK we have paid vacation time… therefore when we travel abroad we are still paid our salary under the obligations of that contract.

      I can 100% tell you yes. And we specialize in filipino online based jobs!


  112. Hi Ms Kach. Is it possible to visit Paris for 3 days as a side trip when we are in London to visit our relatives? We have to apply a Schengen Visa separately? Hoping there is another way. 🙂

  113. hello! i am just confused, my boyfriend (a US Navy) and i is planning to get married in London and settle there for the time he will be assigned (3 years) there. Do you have any idea which visa should i get? do you think i should go for tourist first or marriage visa? Thanks a bunch xx

    1. hi Kach, i just want to ask po if i can apply UK spouse visa here in dubai while im working here?

  114. Hello Ms. Medina this is julie filipina po. Thank you for sharing these information. I will be applying for my UK spouse visa or family visa. I just wanted to know if you have any idea how to get started after I have completed the documents needed. Im confused if its possible to set an appointment directly to the British embassy or go through VFS as well for the processing?

  115. Hi there, I need help to understand my tourist uk visa. My visa issued on December 22, 2016. Also it says from December 21, 2016 until June 21, 2017. Number of entrees multiple and duration of stays is 180 days. My question – Is it June 21, 2017 is the validity of my visa and I have to leave the country before June 21, 2017 even I do not reach the duration stay of 180 days? Coz I’m planning to change my intended travel to April 1, 2017, so it means I have to leave June 21, 2017. What is 180 days then? I’m not sure with 180 days means duration of stay. Anyone can help me? Thank you.

    1. Lynn, yep! It doesn’t care if you will enter on April 1, 2017 as long as you will leave on June 21,2017.. 180 days means you could stay up to 6 months in the country between the validity of your visa. So you could stay from December 21 to June 21 but if you will only arrive on April 1 then you have to make sure you get out of the country on June 21.

      1. Hi I just want to ask if ok lng po na bank certificate ppakita q sa vfs?? khit wala na po ang statement is it ok

  116. I live in Bahrain at the moment. Just wanted to ask how and where to apply the visit visa here? Do you have a branch agency here?
    Thank you.

  117. Hello, May I know if it is possible to apply for a Tourist Visa to Schengen and UK earlier than 3 months?

  118. Hello Kach … Good Day!

    I have a British national BF who happens to travel frequently around Philippines, South Africa and UK.

    He is currently in SA as of the moment but will be back in UK to claim his working visa next year … We were planning to spent time in UK the moment he will claim his visa.

    I will be applying for standard visit visa through sponsorship, For the required document about the bills, It should be for UK right? is there any other documents that i can submit because he is currently on a tourist visa for SA?

  119. Hi I have a British bf we are4yrs and have a son we are planning to visit his family before he move here, and he is getting my son a British passport, what kind of requirements i will prepare for our tourist visa application?

  120. Hi po..i just want to ask how much po ang money needed sa bank account ko. I will be applying for my uk visa next yr and im trying to save money in my bank account for my uk vacation. Acctually mag sesend ng invitation letter ang bf ko but i also need to provide my bank statement. Im currently working overseas at wala po akong payslip is it ok if bank statement lang. Pls po i need to know how much i need for my bank account.. Thanl you

  121. hi,im a filipina resident in norway im a housewife,,my husband is british and presently working in england, iwant to visit him what are the requirements?or is it better for me to apply a resident permit?

  122. Hello Madam, I am very confuse. Pwede po mag ask ng question sa Tagalog na sagot po? Kasi po yung boyfriend ko po yung magsusuport ng visit ko sa UK. Nagwork po ako pero di malaki ang salaray at balak ko rin magresign. Ang tanong ko po. Ano po ang mga documents na kailangan ko isubmit? sa kanya po ba at sakin? Sana po specific po para mapaghandaan ko na at last na katanungan po, gaano po katagal ang hihintayin sa pag approve ng visa. Maraming salamat po at God bless~

    1. Kelangan mo lahat ng documents nya in the last 3 months na salary statement, bank statement, council tax, electricity bills and letter na iniinvite ka nya at sasagutin nya ang gastos mo! Ikaw naman kelangan mo ng bank statement, work certificate, vacation certificate etc. And pagapprove depende pero pwede mo makuha in 1 week to 3 weeks time.

      1. Good evening Miss Kach, What if po I’m not working? or even If I am working in a private institution, ok lang po ba na certificate of Employment lang? Ano po mga kailangan na documents kapag hindi ako nagwowork? Please, i need your reply po,

  123. Hi Ms.Kach.. I just want to know how to apply for a UK visa abroad? I’m currently in the middle East holding A Philippine passport.. hope you can help me in My query.. ?

  124. Hi Kach,

    Re sponsor(the name and address of your sponsor, if you have any), do I need to provide a letter of Invitation?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Yes, you need to ask your sponsor to provide the invitation letter and some supporting documents from them – bank statement, work certificate, electricity bill and even the county tax bill.

  125. Hi! My mom and I are going to London this coming January. And I already started my Visa application online. Do I need to apply visa for my mom separately? or is there an option after I finish my application to add another family member?

    Because when I appled for our US Visa, there was that option that i can add another family member. just wondering. Thanks in advance!

    Elaine 🙂

  126. My 9 yrs old girl was.born in UK on 2007 . We came back in the Phils. last 2009 and my daughter is asking or begging me that she want to go back to UK .Is there any advice that you can give me…?thank you..

  127. this is very helpful. i am married to an English man and We are planning on getting the Family Visa but the Residency visa that you mentioned sounds more cheaper and easy to get. what do you suggest we get? thanks and more power

      1. Hi! I have been offered a job in UK but is required to provide proof of right to work and live in UK. I am a Filipino and I have been searching for the answer to this online but had no luck. How am I able to obtain this Proof of the Right to Live and Work in United Kingdom?

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