USA Visa Tips for Filipinos (Non-Immigrant B2 Visa)

If you are a Filipino who wants to travel to the United States of America, you will need to get a visa to enter there. Here’s a guide on USA Visa Application Tips for Filipinos.

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USA is undeniably in many Filipino’s bucket list. We know at least one person who works or lives in the US; personally, I got relatives who have become US Citizens. There are many good and comforting points in going to the US; language is not hard as we speak English, flights available (some even direct), and big Filipino communities there.

Many are scared to apply for a US Tourist Visa; we have heard of denial stories, especially being speechless during the interview. Understanding the process of application will be a key, which will be in this article. Read our tips so that you have a closer chance of getting your US Visa!

1. Know which visa type you are applying

USA Visa

There are two categories of visas – Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas. Types then depend on the purpose of travel: work, vacation, cohabitation, etc. What most Filipinos get are the temporary visitor visas (Category B). Under that are B1 Visas for business, B2 for tourism, and B1/B2 for both. In this article, we will be tackling the B2 US Visas as many visit the US for sightseeing or visiting relatives.

2. Fill up your DS-160 Form Properly

DS-160 Form

The first step in applying for a US Tourist Visa is filling-up the Form DS-160 or the Non-Immigrant Visa Application. This is very important as the interviewer’s questions will be based on what you have entered. If you are not sure what you have typed, you can save it and go back to it later. Make sure to double-check it before submitting it.

Here’s an article on how to fill up your Form DS-160.

P.S. You will be uploading also a passport-sized picture, so have it prepared. You’ll also be submitting that during the interview.

3. Pay the Exact Amount

The Visa Application Fee for a US Visa is USD 160. However, the exchange rates may change, so before going to the bank, ready your deposit slip. Pay before the expiration. There’s also an online banking option. You can refer here.

How to Renew your B1/B2 USA Visas through the Interview Waiver Program

P.S. Take note of the receipt number as you will be using it when you book an appointment. No payment, no appointment.

P.P.S. It’s non-refundable, so you better make sure you will be at the Embassy on the date of your schedule.

4. Book on a date you are comfortable with.

USA Visa Tips for Filipinos
Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

If your DS-160 form is ready and you have already paid, you can book an appointment for the US Embassy interview online. Make sure you are comfortable with the schedule, and you have ample time to collect your supporting documents. Usually, the Embassy is fully booked, so you have to do it in the next months. If there is a vacancy within a week or two, make sure you will be ready with everything by then.

You don’t want to be on your interview and stressing out because your supporting documents are incomplete, baka mablanko ka during interview. If you are not near the Embassy, make sure you are there at least a day before; there may be flight delays, so at least di ka na ma-stress if ma-late ka kasi next day pa yung interview.

5. Prepare Supporting Documents


You might need the appointment letter, your passports, a photograph, and your DS-160 confirmation page are required when you go to the Embassy. But preparing supporting documents will also be a key to getting the US Visa. Some may not be asked, but it’s better to have it rather than saying to the consul, “I don’t have it with me.”

Supporting documents for your application may be Bank Certificate or Bank Statement (your own, if you will be paying for your trip or your sponsor’s if they are paying for you). For those with jobs, then a Certificate of Employment or a No Objection Letter may be asked. Business owners may be asked for a registration and Income Tax Returns. If you have a sponsor, you may prepare an invitation letter, proof of relationship, US passport or residency permit, etc. You may also be asked of Flight Reservations or Hotel Bookings. But it’s not limited to those, marami pa.

Rent A Flight

What the interviewers ask may differ from applicant to applicant. So better be prepared with everything. I have heard of someone getting denied because he said in his interview that his parents were sponsoring him, but he only bought is Bank Certificate and not theirs. Some weren’t even asked for anything but their passport for travel history and got approved. It really depends on the interviewer, your answers, and how it goes.

6. Get ready for your interview.

One of the crucial parts, if not the most vital, is the interview. Though you have prepared complete documents and filled-up the DS-160 form, you’ll get denied if your answers are not consistent or not the same as the form. What do you have to do to avoid this? Get ready for your interview. How? Well, you can check out these sample questions and answers. Here’s another one for those with partners in the US.


Write your answers and practice them in front of the mirror. So when you are there in front of the interviewer, you will be at ease and confident. Make sure your answers corroborate with what you have typed in the DS-160 form and your supporting documents. If you have a boyfriend and will be meeting him in the US, as per the form, then don’t say you’ll be meeting a relative or nobody. Be honest!

7. Be on time

USA Visa Tips for Filipinos
Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

Don’t be late for your interview; however, don’t be too early either as they won’t let you in the Embassy yet. You can be there 15-30 minutes before your schedule. Ready your documents and make sure you do not wear watches or bring phones as they are not allowed inside. When you’re off to the interviewer, smile, be polite, be honest, and keep positive (and pray). They will tell you that you will be accepted or rejected for your US Visa after your interview.

Those are US Visa Application for Filipinos, and could be useful for foreigners, too! Applying for a US Visas may sound scary, but once you know what to do and what the flow is, you’ll be a step closer to getting one. In case you need help in your application or want to be coached by Ms. Kach, who has helped many clients get their US Visas, you can check this link.

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347 thoughts on “USA Visa Tips for Filipinos (Non-Immigrant B2 Visa)

  1. Question: How did you prove that you have “strong ties” to the Philippines and that you will return? That seems to be the key and why most applicants get rejected during the interview. However, the embassy officers refuse to explain to me what exactly they consider to be “strong ties”. It seems to be vague and arbitrary, or perhaps it’s a trade secret and they don’t want to say. How did you prove that you have strong ties enough to come back home?

  2. Hello Ann, my name is José, well I am very anxious and I hope you understand me. I met a Filipino girl, going through the internet; and we have fallen in love. I can’t leave the US because I only have a permit to live and work, here; but of course I can support my girlfriend if she comes here, to the US. Do you think it is possible for her to opt for a visa?

  3. Hi po? Good day. Mayroon po akong mga katanungan 1st question, magkano ba dapat ang bank statement ko as a self sponsor mga two months stay? Kasi susurprisahin ko yung boyfriend ko sa US need ba ng proof or kailangan pa nilang tawagan yung boyfriend ko?

    1. Chances of getting tourest visa:
      My female friend is a certified teacher but no job at present. She had worked for private school but wants to teach at public. She is assistant to pastor at church and outreach church. She takes care of elderly parents but wants to tour US for a few weeks. She has money saved for trip. She will come back to her country as she has strong ties there.
      Thank you

  4. thank you!

    mam, i need your suggestion, do I need to book a flight or air bnb before our interview? coz we’re planning to visit US next year, after our son’s graduation, hopefully our visa application get approved before this year end..
    i followed ur advice to research on places for a tour, do i need to pre booked all of them? starting from tour and accommodation?

    thank you very much and hoping for your response.

    1. Very disturbing the way they rejected my wife for a visa to go to the US. Im a US citizen
      We have a pending I-130 that takes 8-10 months for her interview. The rejection unfair.
      I been here three times in the past year once to perpose to her in april of 2019 then came back for three months built an apartment on to her family home Got an extended visa for this for three months. I Left in October 20th an again returned December 5 in hopes of her to come to the US to meet my family. Now I have to return without her. What make me angry is the fact that they rejected her for being not well grounded in the Phillipines.
      How can this be.? Ahe owns two homes a business and has a church Building Family owned and Some American Who I was not able to question told he she doesnt qualify because she doesnt have strong ties.

      1. It’s because she has a pending petition and the consul might think you’d just “adjust her status” and would not leave the States. Unfortunately, other people are doing it which is the reason why they are stricter with Filipinos and other nationalities.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Tanong ko lng po, nka-visit nba yung American boyfriend mo d2 sa pinas o wala pa? Kasi yung American bf ko hindi pa sya nkapunta dito sa pinas. And married yung status ko pero separated ako sa Korean husband ko 7yrs ago na. But recently nakuha ko na divorce paper ham in sa Korea kaso lng hindi yata valid ang divorce paper nmin sa Korea d2 sa pinas. Sa tingin mo mkakuha kaya ako ng tourist visa to visit my bf po? Salamat sa pagsagot 😊

  6. Thank you for sharing! But may i ask. Do they need invitation letter if my relative invites me there?
    ITR – any substitute to this if i dont have yet. It’s not the same when i was applying to EU visa. I just gave them letter why i don’t have itr

  7. Hello! Thank you for sharing! ☺ but may I ask, will there be other documents required for a government employee to be submitted other than the above mentioned requirements?

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