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Around the World Trip: Filipina Backpacker Visa Experiences (Visa Free, Visa on Arrival and Visa Required)

By Kach Umandap February 27th, 2022 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Travel Blog, VISA Application Guides 371 Comments

I’m planning to do an around-the-world trip, stepping on all continents (including Antarctica), while working-on-the-road, (as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, TEFL teacher and Professional Travel Blogger) before I turn 30. So, here are my backpacking and visa experiences since I started this journey in April 2013! To know more about my story, click HERE. (UPDATED: OCTOBER 29, 2016)

Visa Experiences - Filipina Backpacker Around the World Trip in Mexico

Before you book your flights, it’s a good idea to think about what countries you’ll be traveling to after your initial destination. A badly planned route and expensive visa applications can have a big impact on your trip.

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While I am focusing here on visa free countries for Filipinos, visa rules may change.  Make sure that you check your visa requirements before you travel. If you need help with a visa application and return flight reservations, you can apply for Kach’s Travel and Visa Coaching Services and Rent-a-Flight Service.

Here I will be summarizing my visa experiences to free visa countries, as well as a list of other countries we can visit without requiring a visa. I’ve been to other countries which do require visas but are easy and inexpensive; I usually applied for my visas abroad, so I don’t have a visa application experience in the Philippines.

Oops! Before I forget, please remember that the Philippine Immigration requires us to show a return ticket. When I left the country, I showed them my return flight for three months later(Never did use that one!).

For help with return flight reservations, check out my Rent-a-Flight service!

They asked me some questions, so I told them I was going backpacking and that they could check my bag if they wanted to. One other advantage is to have a previous international stamp in your passport, so they won’t think that you’re planning to work illegally abroad as the concept of backpacking is still not that common to many in our culture. So here are my visa experiences towards my main goal of finishing an around-the-world trip before turning 30, funding it by working-on-the-road. (Related article: How to find cheap hostels to stay around the world!)

Visa Experiences Around the World Trip - Filipina Backpacker in Bahamas

In this article, I will mostly talk about the countries where I’ve been which are Visa Free or Visa on Arrival (now slowly updating it with countries I needed a visa and the process on how I got them). We have other articles on how you can get Schengen Visa or USA Visa. (PS. Do you need help on getting the visa to USA, Australia, Canada, Schengen or UK? I could help you, contact me here.)

I’ve been to over 70 countries around the world as we tend to stay in a place for a little bit longer during this three-year journey. I just got a ten year USA Tourist Visa while on a visit here in Colombia, here’s my Facebook post on how I got it.  Hope you’ll follow my crazy journey! Never lose hope! #dreamsdocometrue

December 2017 Update – I finally accomplished my goal of visiting 100 countries in all 7 continents including Antarctica! YAY! We just bought a sailboat and starting in 2018, we will be sailing full-time. Check out our S/V Empress here.


Traveling in Asia and South East Asia is awesome for Filipinos since we’re part of the ASEAN. Westerners tend to pay $30 to $80 per visa in many countries! This is not yet the complete list; I have to start adding some countries I had visited before I became a travel blogger!

Travel to Israel for Filipinos - visiting the City of David

  • Armenia – Visa can be obtained upon arrival for a stay up to 120 days

My first backpacking experience was in Armenia in 2012. The visa is really easy there. You have the option to apply online to get your e-visa or just arrive at the airport. I highly suggest that you apply online to avoid the long queues due to the increasing numbers of tourists in this beautiful country.

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  • Azerbaijan

The visa rules in Azerbaijan are quite different compared to the other 2 Caucasus countries (Armenia and Georgia), there are two options on getting the visa – from the Embassy or from the accredited inbound tourist agency! We chose the latter; I had to contact the company via email and Skype – sent them our passport copies and paid $55 money via western union. I was a bit hesitant at the beginning, but that’s how they work, I finally got a 10-day single entry visa which was sent electronically. The cost of the visa would depend on the processing period; we chose the 8- 9 days waiting time, you can get an urgent visa for up to $200! Oops!

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  • Cambodia – Not Required for stay up to 21 days

This one is great.  Just show up, get your stamp and walk in!

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  • India

 Visa can be obtained upon arrival for stay up to 30 days ($60). Please note – you can only go on VOA twice in a year, and you have to pre-apply online! 30 days in India is not enough, so we ended up applying for a tourist visa at the Indian Embassy in Hanoi.  The fee is fixed according to your nationality regardless of whether you’ll be staying 1 or 6 months, or whether you want a Single or Multiple Entry visas. The first thing you need to do is apply on their website and print the application form with the required photos and photocopies. Go to the embassy and wait for five days. Remember, they only accept US dollars. – I only paid $69 while Jonathan had to pay $132 for his British passport for the same six months multiple entry visas!

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  • Georgia

Philippines passport holder used to get the free visa on arrival in Georgia, but they just recently changed it, now we can only enter Georgia if we will apply for an e-visa in advance! But if you have a valid tourist visa with any OECD countries (you can find the list here) and valid residency in any GCC (Middle East) countries, then we are entitled to get the free visa on arrival! Woot, thanks to the USA tourist visa I was able to enter without any hassle!

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  • Israel – 90 days visa-free

Having a Philippines passport should let us travel within Israel for up to 90 days Visa Free. However, there are a lot of Filipinos working in Israel (some of them illegally) which is the reason why they are quite strict when it comes to our nationality. 

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  • Laos – Free Visa can be obtained upon arrival for a stay up to 30 days

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  • Malaysia – Not required for a stay of up to 30 days

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  • Maldives – Free Visa can be obtained upon arrival for up to 30 days

They might ask you for hotel booking and the return flight, so please be prepared. If you will be staying in resorts then better to show that you have dollars or credit cards. There are many Filipinos working there, so the Immigration officials are just making sure you won’t work there illegally.

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  •  Nepal

Visa can be obtained upon arrival up to 150 days. No hard requirements, at the airport you just have to pay a minimum of $25 for 15 days tourist visa and can go higher depending on the number of days. Don’t forget to bring a passport size picture and dollars!

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  • Palestine – West Bank

While on a trip to Israel, my two blogging friends and I rented a car to drive to the Dead Sea and on our way back to Jerusalem we decided to make a side trip to Jericho which is called the West Bank in the State of Palestine. Visa or any Identification card were not asked of us.

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  • Singapore – Not required for a stay of up to 30 days

You know there are many OFWs there, so a return ticket is a must or maybe prepare an itinerary.

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  • Sri Lanka

Free Visa can be obtained upon arrival for a stay of up to 30 days but must get an Electronic Visa Authorization before departure/arrival

  • Thailand – Not required for a stay up to 30 days

Been to Thailand thrice, if you’re flying in, they will give you 30 days visa while 15 days if you’ll travel overland. I was also able to get a three-month Tourist visa in Thailand for FREE thru applying in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (but I haggled for this) The official cost for a three-month visa is $50! It was just luck as I requested if I can only get 45 days. The requirement? Just flight ticket.

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  • Vietnam – Not required for a stay of up to 21 days (This is the funniest visa experience I’ve ever had)

You can also apply for a six-month tourist visa online where you will get a letter you can present at immigration for your visa on arrival. Getting a 3 to 6-month business visa in Vietnam is not hard either. If you decide to live and work there, then just take your passport to most travel agencies, who will make a phone call or two and let you know what the required ‘fee’ will be to make everything happen! You can check this Vietnam visa site for more details.

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Also here’s the article on my visa experiences by crossing Peru, Chile and Bolivia border. I was also able to get my CHILE visa while in Peru and Panama visa while in Costa Rica.

Filipina Backpacker Visa Experiences

  • Peru – Not required for a stay of up to 90 days.

According to the list, you can only get 90 days, but in reality, you can get 183 days on arrival. You just need to mention that to the immigration official. They might ask you for a return ticket but if you don’t have one just tell them that you will be traveling by land to Bolivia or Ecuador. In Peru, there’s no Student visa nor Volunteer visa so if you plan to travel here for volunteering purposes then don’t worry, just arrive at the airport, and you’ll be fine. You can also renew it, one quick visa run to Bolivia or Ecuador would be fine!

For work permit in Peru, it’s quite a long process (3 to 6 months). First, you have to get a Permiso para pirma de contrata (Permit to sign a contract on a tourist visa) from there you can start discussing with the company the requirements to process your work permit.

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  • Bolivia – Not required for a stay of up to 90 days.

You can only stay a maximum of 90 days per year, although you can apply for a five-year multiple entry tourist visas.

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  • Brazil – Not required for a stay of up to 90 days.

We entered by land from the Colombia (Leticia) – Brazil (Tabatinga) land border. Please prepare your yellow fever vaccine if you will be entering the Amazon region. It’s free to enter and no other questions nor requirements!

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  • Colombia – Not required for a stay of up to 180 days.

You can only get 90 days visa on arrival which is also renewable for another 90 days. Yay! This is where we plan to move to start our Central America backpacking trip next year. I got 90 days tourist visa after entering in Cartagena via Ave Maria Sailing boat. You can pay extra $37 if you decide to extend your visa up to 6 months!

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  • Ecuador – Not required for a stay of up to 90 days.

I’ve been to Cuenca, Ecuador whereas we crossed the border at 2 AM and luckily, the immigration office is open 24 hours. It’s quite cold here compared to the coast of Peru. They only use US Dollars as their currency, and they’ll give you 90 days free visa on arrival!

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  • Chile – Visa Required for Filipinos

I got my Chilean visa twice – one was a 90-day visa that I got in Arequipa, Peru in 2014 (story here) and the other one last week (November 11, 2016) here in London where there were more requirements but I was only able to get a 30-day visa approved. I will be writing more details soon!

  • Venezuela – Visa Required for Filipinos

Last November 15, I was granted a 1-year multiple entry visa to Venezuela at the Venezuelan Consulate in London! I paid around 60$ and some basic requirements! My visa got approved within a day!

  • Argentina – Visa Required for Filipinos

The most expensive visa ever, it cost me 190$ for the visa fees + expedite cost! I had to do an interview with the Consul and submit all the required documents and bank statement copies from the bank (online statements weren’t accepted). I was granted a 30-day visa!

COUNTRIES IN NORTH & CENTRAL AMERICAView from our Room in Paradisus Cancun - All Inclusive Luxury Resort Experience

  • Belize  Visa required

Filipino passport holders are required to have a visa to enter Belize, but if you have a valid UK visa or USA residency, then you can enter Belize.

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  •  USA – Visa required

A lot of people were asking me how I got my USA Tourist Visa while on a long-term around the world journey. I got mine while on a tourist stamp in Bogota, Colombia, not in my home country (Philippines) and it was a smooth process. But I had to justify to the Consul why I was applying in South America and why I needed the USA visa. I was granted a 10-year of multiple entry visas after the interview! Now, I’m enjoying our USA travels, and it opened a lot of opportunities for me and our travel blog.

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  • Guatemala Visa required

The immigration gave us a three-month visa (I have a Philippines passport with USA visa, so I was no longer required to have a Guatemala visa)

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  • Honduras  Visa required

We crossed the border by land, and the Immigration official gave us two months visa (we paid $3 to enter, though!). Philippines passport holders have required a visa unless you have valid USA/Schengen visa.

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  • Mexico  Visa-free for holders of valid USA visa entering Mexico through the USA

I have a Philippines passport with a valid US Tourist visa, so when we arrived, the immigration official gave me 180 days free passport stamp!

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  • Costa Rica – Not required for a stay of up to 30 days

I got a 90 days visa on arrival, but you will need to show your Yellow Fever vaccine stamp booklet!

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  • Nicaragua – $50 for a 30-day Visa-on-arrival

Here’s my personal story account on my Facebook page.

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  • Panama $85 for a pre-approved visa at the Embassy.

I posted my personal story on applying in Panama embassy in Costa Rica on Facebook and my experience on crossing borders here. If you have USA visa, then you don’t need to pre-apply for a visa.

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  • El Salvador – Visa Required

We entered El Salvador by land from Guatemala and since I have my USA tourist visa on my Philippines passport then visa not required. The odd thing, they won’t stamp your passport by land border crossing, they’ll only do it if you arrive at the airport.

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  • Cuba – Visa or Tourist Card is required

Philippines passport holders are required to get an entry tourist visa. A tourist card is necessary for you to enter Cuba. All foreign tourists traveling to Cuba require a Cuba Visa or Cuba tourist card, with the exception of a select few countries, such as Russia, who are historically ‘politically friendly’ with Cuba.

Read this article on how I got my Cuba Tourist Card – Cuba Travel Guide for Filipinos and British Passport Holders

  • The Bahamas

Visa was not required because of my USA tourist visa if going on a cruise.

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  • Turks and Caicos

Visa was not required because of my USA tourist visa if going on a cruise.

  • US Virgin Island

Visa was not required because of my USA tourist visa.


  • Turkey

I’ve been to Turkey on four different trips! One time was when I had to submit all the documents at the Turkish Embassy in Kuwait and the other three times was when I applied for my visa online, I was eligible for the e-visa service because of my valid USA tourist visa. I only paid $15, and it’s already valid for 30 days Single Entry.

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  • Croatia

I applied for my Croatia visa while we were in Los Angeles, California and had to submit the following documents: photocopy of my passport, photocopy of important visa (UK Visa, US Visa), hotel reservation booking in Croatia, flight booking,  travel insurance and bank statement (I had to submit my PayPal account too to prove my regular income stream). After that I had to wait for 2 weeks before I got my a call that my 15 day visa was approved for a fixed period of date (May 21, 2016, to June 5, 2016), after that call, I returned to the Consulate with my passport, and they stamped it within 10 minutes.

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  • United Kingdom – Tourist and Marriage Visa

My Tourist Visa (6 months) – I was able to get my UK Tourist Visa even though I didn’t apply it in my home country (The Philippines), doesn’t have a “stable” job as I was backpacking and on a 3- month Business Visa in Vietnam which will expire in a month’s time when I applied for my UK Tourist Visa, and all application must be sent to Bangkok for processing and approval. Here are the requirements and process for how I got my first UK tourist visa in Hanoi.

My Marriage Visa (6 months) – After submitting all the requirements in Los Angeles, we paid extra to have my application a “Priority Service” because normal application takes around 2 to 3 weeks and we only have three weeks in California before our Caribbean cruise. I think we ended up paying almost $500 for my Marriage visa application, but the good news is that, after two days of waiting. I got an email notifying me that my visa application was approved and on Friday (March 18), my Passport with my 6 Months UK MARRIAGE VISA was delivered to our friends’ house in Santa Barbara, California. I’ll be writing a detailed article about this soon.

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  • Schengen Visa 

I applied for my Schengen visa at the Netherlands Embassy in London, and it took us 3-weeks of waiting to learn that I was only granted a month-long visa instead of the 90-day that we requested. I applied as a spouse of an EU citizen because I applied two days after our wedding, it didn’t cost me anything.

EXTRA TIP: Many visa applications require you to show a full travel itinerary and a verifiable flight reservation in order to process your visa application, but why would you pay for a flight if you’re not sure that you’ll be able to use it? With Visa Reservation you can get a flight itinerary, with an unlimited number of flights.


Two Monkeys Travel - Africa - Morocco - Marrakesh - Riad Star a 1

  • Morocco – Visa Free for 30 Days 

We arrived in Morocco from Georgia via Germany, and when we arrived at the immigration, no question was asked, and I was already granted 30 Days of Entry Stamp.

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For regular/ordinary Filipino passport holders, you may refer to the visa policy below. It’s a compilation of both visa-free and visa-requiring countries. Haven’t been to all these countries yet but hoping to cross them ALL out soon! Please don’t forget to check the Embassy websites as well before traveling to make sure the information is correct and up to date.


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  1. I’ve travelled to 4times bfor in different country and now I’m planing a trip to go to Costa Rica. Do you think I should have a problem at IO for this trip. Bcuse now I’m a student and don’t have work atm. But has money to support my travel?

  2. Hi, your articles are very informative and interesting. Anyways, i have question. My travel companion is Philippines passport. We r planning to go to peru but i check American website for flights that has connecting flights to canada and LA, USA. so my questions is does he or she need transit visa?

  3. Hello, Im a filipina too im currently onboard now working on a ship.. in 20 days i will be visiting Colombia for a vacation and after im planning to visit panama too.. So my question is would it be possible for me to request panamanian visa while in colombia

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  5. Looks like you’re having fun! The only thing is you stated the State of Palestine. There is no state of Palestine; but none the less, you visited an area that is in Isreal.

  6. Hi,
    I just want to share my experience with Bahamas visa. I am filipino OFW and applied my visa at VFS UKVI and my visa is granted by the British embassy in Riyadh. I applied there because there are no Bahamian embassy in Saudi. It took only five days for me to get the visa. And yes filipinos need bahamas visa regardless you are traveling by cruise of by plane.

    1. You don’t need a Bahamas visa if you will be on a 24 hour cruise to Bahamas – I’ve done it twice. But more than 24 hours then you need a visa which is why I also applied mine in Florida. Thanks for sharing your experience =)

  7. Im planning to go to jamaica to visit my partner who will be working there. How to apply for jamaican t.v as im in new zealand. Tia

  8. Hi, I saw this blog while I was searching for visa requirements for bahamas. I have filipino passport and us multiple entry visa. Im coming by a cruise from florida. Can I ask do they check visas before embarking or disembarking the cruise? Because Im really afraid they wont let me in the cruise without a visa however with your blog post it seems i dont need it. Really need some assurance ?. I mean I dont want to ruin my vacation because I cant go on the cruise.

  9. hello Ms. Kach,

    need po ba talaga yung yellow vaccine sa Costa Rica? balak ko po kc mgpunta as vacay sa costa rica next january. ok lang ba e declare sa immigration dto sa naiaa na magkikita kami ng american bf ko dun? mam, Manila-Amsterdam-Panama-Costa rica sana yung flight via KLM, ok lang ba eto? no need lahat to ng visa dba? and mam lastly, need ba din show money sa costa rica?

    please reply po.

    thank you.

  10. Hi ms. Kach! Need your confirmation. Philippines passport holder who would like to travel BARBADOS don’t need a visa anymore? Is this true? Thanks in advance

  11. Hello Ms. Kach. Gusto ko lang po itanong kung pwede ba ko mag apply ng US Tourist Visa sa Australia bago mag end ang job contract ko? Philippine Passport po gamit ko. Balak ko po kc dun na magmula after ng contract ko. Thank you po. ?

    1. Hello. Planning to visit Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. I have a valid US visa on my passport. Do I need to apply for a visa in these countries?

    1. Hi, I saw this blog while I was searching for visa requirements for bahamas. I have filipino passport and us multiple entry visa. Im coming by a cruise from florida. Can I ask do they check visas before embarking or disembarking the cruise? Because Im really afraid they wont let me in the cruise without a visa however with your blog post it seems i dont need it. Really need some assurance ?. I mean I dont want to ruin my vacation because I cant go on the cruise.

  12. Hello po i ask ko lang if pwede bang pocket money ang i present ko as a evidence for fund . We plan po kasi to travel in costa rica ? Ask ko lang po

  13. Hi I’m so confused about the Bahamas visa I’ll be taking a cruise and staying in half moon cay for less than a day I read that if we have a multiple US visa then I don’t need a Bahamas visa but then now the consulate just said I need a visa?

    1. hi! were you able to join the cruise to bahamas? i am also joining a royal carribean cruise this sunday via florida. i have a ph passport and multiple entry US visa. consulate said i need visa but cruiseline said i dont.

      1. Hi Denise, Did you end up going and did you need the Bahamas Visa if you were on a cruise? I am going on the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the seas for 4 days from Miami, Florida to Bahamas and back to Miami Florida. I got mixed information as well and would love it if previous travellers can share some experience… Thank youuu

    2. this happened to me also. i consulted a travel agency and the agent told me i dont need visa because im coming by a cruise and i have multiple entry us visa. however when i emailed and inquired through the bahamas embassy they said i need a visa. so now i feel paranoid because I dont have any visa. However, i trust the travel agent since in my opinion they know how to, with this scenario.

  14. I will be travelling to Armenia transit in Dubai via Cebu Pac then Flydubai for Yerevan. I have luggage to check in. My question is do I need to obtain a transit visa since I will be passing the passport control to collect my luggage then go to Terminal 2 from Terminal 1.

  15. Hi, which Travel agent did you apply for your visa to Azerbaijan. I had the list you provided. but just want to make sure I will have the Visa..

  16. Hi! Have you ever been to Jamaica? Any information on how to travel there would be really helpful. Thanks so much in advance! 🙂

  17. HI! thanks for such an insightful post on what countries do not need visas such as 9a tourist visas, special non-quota immigrant visas, or special non-immigrant visas!

  18. Hi. My boyfriend and I are planning to go to his Country in Bosnia next year. I’m a Philippine Passport Holder and there is no Bosnia Embassy here in the Philippines. I have searched in Google that the nearest Bosnia Embassy is in Malaysia. Could you help me please for requirements and how to obtain a visa. It’s not my first time to travel abroad, I actually got 4 times Schengen Transit Visa but it is for my Job as a Seafarer.

    1. if you have a valid multiple entry schengen visa, you can enter bosnia and herzegovina.. just double check how long.. i think only for 2 wks or so.

  19. hi! i’m planning to travel to costa rica on december of this year, it will be my first time to go out of country, I’m a philippine passport holder without any tourist visa. Will i have a smooth process on the philippine immigration and i also plan to take klm flight to costa rica and it has 3 stops, taipei, amsterdam and panama. will i be required to have a visa for amsterdam and panama if it’s only a connecting flight? thank you and GOD bless! hope to hear from you soon!

  20. Hi, Ms.Kach! I would like to asked about Bahrain. How to obtain a tourist visa if there is any visa requirements upon entering Bahrain.? And what kind of requirements should I submitted if I am applying from manila.? I hope to get your info also. Thank you very much in advance for helping me for the info you’ll be shared to me.:)

  21. truly amazing … i am Irish and live here in negros… i want to take my gf on trip but am not sure at all about the procedures… Can u help please ?

    1. Hi Kach, I availed your Rent-A-Flight Ticket Service two weeks ago for a Schengen visa application and it’s approved! Thanks a lot for this service :).
      I’ll be travelling to Europe by June thru a bus tour and will be visiting 9countries (Germany,Czech Republic,Austria,Hungary,Slovakia,Slovenia). I just want to confirm if my Schengen visa will be valid if staying or transiting on these 3 other countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina,Croatia and Serbia). Will appreciate your help on this. Thank you.

  22. Hello po, I am a filipino (us visa holder) and would like to know, what’s the cheapest way to get to mexico? If possible, not transitting US since i just got back from US and they might not allow me to enter US? thanks

  23. Hi, I really enjoyed your blog post! I just have a short question. I’m going on a cruise that has a port in the Bahamas, do I need to apply a visa? I have a 10 year multi-entry B2 Tourist visa for USA. Would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!

  24. Hello! Im a Philippine passport holder & im planning to go on vacation to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Do i need a get a visa before i travel there? Becoz i read somewhere on the internet that Philippine passport holders can travel there without visa for 90 days. Is this true? Hope to hear from you soon. GOD BLESS 🙂

    1. Hi. Just been there last Oct 2017. To enter Cyprus (southern part) you don’t need a visa if you already have a used (at least once) but still valid, multiple entry Schengen visa. Crossing the border to northern Cyprus is just like going to SM—there is a mini-passport control office where you show your bags and passport and they’ll send you on your way. They will not ask for any more documents as you are already inside Cyprus island.

  25. Hi, I have multiple entry US Visa and we are planning on a Disney Cruise which docks in Nassau, I asked the Bahamas Embassy if I need a visa to get on the cruise and they said I do. When did you go to the Bahamas (exact date please) and did you go on a cruise or on plane. Thanks.

  26. hi! i would like to ask if i need a transit visa from dubai. im currently working in saudi arabia and planning to visit maldives for a week and planning to stay in dubai for another week before going back to saudia arabia. and also what can u suggest if i will be spending 3 weeks in sungapore-malysia-indonesia because i have a month vacation and i cant decide where so its either the 3 countries or maldives and dubai.. im a filipina by the way.. thank u!

  27. Hi, I would like to know which country u flew from when u went to South America. I’m planning to go to Ecuador but all flights lead up to New York or LA, is there any route u can suggest for me to take coming from Asia? thanks

  28. hello, im in thailand right now my 30 day visa will expire next week nd i dont want to go back to philippine yet, if i exit to vietnam or myanmar and stay for 1 week and come back to thailand is possible? will i have a problem? my second time in thailand.

    1. nope,, you wont have a problem since Thailand is visa free, when u come back u will have another 30 days visa in Thailand.

  29. Hello there!

    I stumbled across your travelblog as I was searching about the process of application for a visa to Argentina. I’m also a Filipino living in the UK so I thought it was very nice to see a fellow Filipino Globetrotter.:) Now my question is, in your experience, how long did it take for you to get your visa since your interview from the consulate?

    My situation is that they’ve scheduled me an interview date on the same month that I leave for South America! ( My interview is on the 1st of October and I leave on the 31st). Do you think that’ll be enough for me to be able to get the visa on time?

    Thanks mate! Keep up the great job here 🙂

    1. Hi Theresa,
      When I was in Valparaiso during a backpacking trip in SA, I was able to get an Argentinian visa. The people in the consulate were very kind as well, no formal interview done and I was able to get it less than 5 days.

      1. My grandfather was the consul general in the argentine consulate in Valparaiso, so it was nice to read that you had a good experience there. I will be visiting in Argentina and Chile in January-February and it would be great to hook up with some filipina friends… Can you make some recommendations? My Skype id: Jose_u2 Salamat!

  30. Ms. Kach, all I can say is WOW! You’re really living your dream. It will be my first time to leave PH (to Siem Reap) as a tourist. What do IOs ask if you’re going to Cambodia? Do they ask company IDs or Employment contracts, Bank accounts? I’ve been in 7 countries already but my jump off point is always in UAE.

    your response is highly appreciated. Thanks!

  31. Hi, I have a question. What if you’re in a long term travel and along the way..your Philippine passport is about to expire. Do you need to go home in the Philippines to renew your passport? Or you can renew it in the country you are currently based.

    Status: backpacker no stable job and income.. long term traveler.

    Thank you! 🙂

      1. But doesn’t the PH embassy make you wait, like, 3 months from appointment date before they issue the new passport? Do they ask for any docs?

  32. Hey girl your blog is amazing and I really enjoy reading it! btw I was just wondering if you had any problem at the immigration when entering Morocco? My boyfriend is a British resident with a Filipino passport and we are planning to go to Morocco this summer as it is visa free for Filipino citizens (I hold a british passport). Did they ask you for your bank statement at all?.. or did you just have to show your passport and return flight tickets? We don’t mind preparing any documents but were just worried that we might miss some important ones! Thanks x

      1. Oh thank you – that’s good 🙂 my partner doesn’t mind preparing documents such as bank statement, proof of address and all sorts if necessary but if not, it is obviously less hassle 🙂 did you go in summer or winter time btw? I know its really hot over there in summer but don’t wanna wear something too “inappropriate” with it being a muslim country.. but I don’t know if I can bear to wear long sleeves and jeans when its like 30degree C.. LOL x

  33. Hi Kach! May I ask if your information for Azerbaijan visa is updated? I read some posts that you can apply an e visa. Will that be easier? Thank you!

    1. Hey girl 🙂 your blog is amazing and I really enjoy reading it! btw I was just wondering if you had any problem at the immigration when entering Morocco? My boyfriend is a British resident with a Filipino passport and we are planning to go to Morocco this summer as it is visa free for Filipino citizens (I hold a british passport). Did they ask you for your bank statement at all?.. or did you just have to show your passport and return flight tickets? We don’t mind preparing any documents but were just worried that we might miss some important ones! Thanks x

  34. Hi Kach, do you have any information about entry visa to Kyrgyzstan? I am based in Qatar and looking for a place to go next month for Eid holidays. I find Kyr kind of exotic, and I heard they don’t ask for visa, not sure if applicable only to GCC residents.

  35. I’ve been to Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Laos last year. I am planning to do a trip to Indonesia next month. Am I still required to show immigration my financial capability for travel even if I already have a travel history? I’m 21 years old anyway.

    1. They don’t require tourist visa for those who wish to enter Samoa for less than 60 days, but you must have a return ticket and your passport must be valid for at least six months at the time of entry into the country. 🙂

  36. Do you know if I can get a tourist visa to Japan while I’m travelling?
    I have a US tourist visa valid for 10 years also! 😉
    Cheers to more travels! love your blog!

  37. Hi! Great blog! It’s very helpful. I have a question for a friend. We’re planning a trip to South Korea this coming April and a friend of mine is working in Qatar. Is it ok that she apply for the visa there and will enter Korea from the Philippines? It’s our first time to travel abroad for pleasure so we’re not that familiar yet with the do’s and dont’s of travelling abroad. Thanks!

  38. hello I have a question I am planning to cruise in west Europe. and the main port of the ship is in Southampton england. can you help me what type of visa should I apply? im confused if its transit or visitor visa

    1. Hi Michell, well if you think that your total stay in Southampton will not exceed for 24 hrs then its okay to apply for a transit visa. The 24 hours starts when the cruise ship arrives at a UK port and ends when the cruise ship leaves the Common Travel Area. You can also check with your cruise company or agent if they made arrangements with the UK immigration authorities prior to your travel

  39. hi po ano po ba question sa immigration going to vietnam? im just taking my ielts exam there and vacation for few days and im currently unemployed pero ex-saudi po ako will that be a problem? pls reply po thanks! 4days lang po stay ko

  40. Hi. My family and I are going on a Disney Cruise to Bahamas this May. Just making sure, I don’t need a Bahamas Visa as long as I have a US tourist visa, correct?

    Thank you!

  41. Hi Kach, I’m planning to do a long-term backpacking trip from SEA to EU. Can I apply for a Schengen visa outside of Philippines where I don’t have a residency? I’m a digital nomad and I’ll be hopping from one country to another. I hope you can share some tips on how to go with this. Your website very inspiring and helpful. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. You need to apply in a country where you have residency so go back to the PHL first then apply for it then resume for your trip. Learned my lesson the hard way.

  42. Hi…I just want to ask what is the requirements to visit Malaysia for only 10days… Last year i’ve been there for 3days only…i just passed in Philippine Immigration because i have a returned ticket in kuwait…Now i am planning again this month of May for only 10days to visit a friend but i have no more docu. except my passport and 2way ticket…Pls help me …

  43. Good day Madam Medina
    Im grateful to find your travel blogs. I am a Filipino.
    I would like to ask how did you apply a schengen visa? Because I’ve read on your past blogs that you left your work and started to travel what did you put on your application form if you do not have any family members in EU? And Another thing do you think they will approve my schengen visa if it will be my first time to travel overseas and it’s in Europe? Thank you so much
    God bless
    More travels to come
    And a bountiful love

  44. Good day Madam Medina
    Im grateful to find your travel blogs.
    I would like to ask how did you apply a schengen visa? Because I’ve read on your past blogs that you left your work and started to travel what did you put on your application form if you do not have any family members in EU? And Another thing do you think they will approve my schengen visa if it will be my first time to travel oversees and it’s in Europe? Thank you so much
    God bless
    More travels to come
    And a bountiful love

  45. I have 22hrs layover in Denmark and I’m a Filipino Citizen with US visa, I’m visiting Dubai from US. Can I go out during layover without schengen Visa?

  46. I have 22hrs layover in Denmark and I’m a Filipino Citizen with US visa, I’m visiting Dubai from US. Can I go out during layover without schengen Visa?

  47. Useful suggestions . I learned a lot from the specifics , Does someone know if I could locate a blank DS-82 copy to use ?

  48. Hello, We plan to backpack around asia and latin america for the next 5 years. The thing is our passport will expire in two years. Will we be able to renew our passport outside PH? How to go about it? we won’t be working in the country we will be visiting since we actually work online (digital nomads). So no work permit, etc.

    Did you encounter problems in renewing your passport in indochina or abroad as a tourist?

    1. No problem renewing visa abroad because it’s your right! The only thing about South America is that there’s no embassies everywhere, so you have to strategicall plan your route.

  49. Hi,

    We are going to Hongkong this month, I am interested on visiting Shenzhen since I saw an article about their five day visa. Do you know anything on how to process this. This is my first trip out of the country and I would really need some help.

    Thank you.

    1. Sorry Joanna, no idea yet with Shenzen! I’ve heard you can process in Hongkong but to make sure you have to do it before! Let me do my research! =)

  50. hello i’m a Filipino, work in Taiwan i want to used my vacation leave on visiting some country like south Korea.. what the thing is should do?

  51. Hi Kach , I’m planning to have tourist visa this December in UK to visit my boyfriend , However , I’m confused if I need to book my ticket first before getting my Visa because they require itinerary Documents,

    May I ask if you book first your ticket and if it’s helpful to get approved?

  52. Hi! If im traveling to Tbilisi, Georgia and I have a layover in Azerbaijan, do i still need to pbtain a visa for Azerbaijan before my flight going to Tbilisi? Thanks!

    1. If it’s only a layover (meaning you won’t leave the airport) then no need for the Azerbaijan visa.

  53. Hello! I’m planning to visit georgia and armenia on december. Georgia is visa-free because I’m residing in saudi. Do i really need to have a travel insurance and bank statement? Will they ask for it when i cross the border? Or i just need to show my passport and residence permit??
    Hope you will reply.


  54. Hi Kach, if i will travel at cartagena colombia, it is visa free right. but if i will use air canada, and one of the connecting flights will be toronto , do i have to secure canadian visa? i am a filipino. thank you

  55. Hi Kach, if i will travel at cartagena colombia, it is visa free right. but if i will use air canada, and one of the connecting flights will be toronto , do i have to secure canadian visa? i am a filipino. thanks. 🙂

  56. Hi Kach and John! Planning to go to Baku in October and tried to contact those accredited tour operators there but until now (like 1 month already) no reply from them. Just wanted to ask if which operator processed your e-visa before? Thanks a lot!

  57. Hi kach and John.. I’m a recent fan of your site. i find it very helpful po.. i’m a permanent employee here in our country but once in a while i want to travel po.. recently we’ve been to cambodia, thailand and vietnam po and super enjoy kami ng hubby ko.. we’re planning to travel po ulit mid next year with some of my colleuges.. and i saw here po na we can enter south america by crossing borders like peru, bolivia, chile, ecuador and columbia.. can you give us some tips po if san kami pwede first mag arrive thru flights then cross borders by land.. nagsearch po ako ng fare from manila to Columbia, multiple airlines po and its a bit pricey.. maybe you can help us po sa itenerary and san kami mas makakatipid.. THANK YOU so much po. 🙂

  58. Excellent write up! Exactly the answers I was looking for. Now I have more countries to visit on my RTW. Woo!

  59. Hi Kach/Jonathan,

    I noticed in your blog that only Czech Republic has this remarks– Schengen visa required (multiple entry if travelling to other Schengen-member countries)

    Does this mean, if I only have a single entry Schengen visa, I cannot include Czech Republic in my Europe trip itinerary?

    Thanks and more power!

  60. Hi yah!

    We’re planning to go to India from Nepal through Parashupati Nagar Border. As a Filipino, do I still need a visa to go to India through the border? I will be having a Nepal visit visa and during our visit (being the only Filipino in the group, the rest are Nepalis), we would like to go to Darjeeling.

    Any idea?


  61. Hi please help! I live in the uk with indefinite leave to remain, would this help get me to another country easier? Salamat po!

  62. Hi!! Just want to ask kung first time traveler ka ba mahihirapan ka mag travel..kasi planning to travel HK this week pero akala ko na pag my roundtrip ticket and hotel ka na ok na yun..pwede ka na mag travel pero marami akong nababasa about sa na offload kasi solo traveler and unemployed or whatever reason specially pag girl ka at single.

  63. http://manila.usembassy.gov/niv-application.html#1 this is the website if you are interested in applying to visit the USA. I recently helped my sister obtain a US B1/B2 visa; an F2 category would take about 20 years! Everyone’s situation is different, but what the interviewers at the consulate office what to know is if you have plans on returning home after your visit. It would help if there is anyway you can visit a visa-free country, like Hong Kong, even if just for a few days. The best reason to return is family ties. If you are married with children, are they staying behind? Any other family members staying behind? In some cases, it is possible to travel with children under 17yo. As soon as you set up your appointment for the interview, a background information begins. That said, don’t ever, ever lie to the interviewer-by the time you arrive for your interview, the interviewer already knows everything about you. Make a list of possible questions that you think may be relevant to your case. They will always ask why do you want to visit the USA. That said, prepare, rehearse, and spit out your answer without hesitation, in English. Oh yeah, make eye contact. That is how they can find out if you are telling the truth or not. If you have relatives in the US, make a list and be able to name them and where they live. The objective is to get to the US. Once you get to the US, there are loads of options on changing your status. That is another story.

  64. Hi there. I soooooo love your blog. I’ve been to almost 30 countries and this is the first time im doing a cruise. I am a Philippine Passport holder with a US Tourist Visa and Im doing the Caribbean Cruise with my American Passport holder Sisters. Question: Do I need to secure a Visa into the following countries we’re going into? St Maarten, St Kitts, Turks and Caicos and Puerti Rico? I’ve been trying to find out the answer from some sites but your experience in traveling will definitely help me figure them out instantly. Thanks!

    1. Hello Jordg, I already answered it on the article. You dont need a visa if you have your USA visa and if you’re going on a cruise. Thanks! =)

  65. Backpacking in the Caucasus seems interesting.
    If I;’ll travel through Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, how much money would I need for each country? I’m thinking of staying 5 days max in each country.


  66. Hi i read about some of your blogs and its interested and for us as a filipino citezen who r dreaming to travel like yours and hoping soon we can too..this is my question im planning to travel in nepal by next year so i just worried what travel document i need for me to bring
    Thank you

  67. My boyfriend and I are planning for a few months of travel to Thailand and neighboring countries. We’re planning on doing overland travelling and we’ll start in Thailand. That being said, will they still look for an onward ticket as we enter Thailand? Does it matter if our onward ticket is from Laos to the Phils?

    1. You don’t need any document for Hong Kong, just your passport and your plane ticket. Beware, you will need to pay some made up fee (P1700) at the terminal, if you are flying with PAL. There are two lines at the arrival terminal in HKG; visitors and immigrants. You do not go through immigration because you are just visiting, unless you plan to work and live there; just follow the visitor herd and meet your bf. Again, beware, there are not many sitting/waiting areas at the arrival gate. So, plan on meeting your bf near one of the eating establishments; McDo is easy to remember and find. http://manila.usembassy.gov/niv-application.html#1 this is the website for B1/B2 Visa (Visitor) application. You can do everything online; cost is $160 or about P95000. Don’t want to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, but how serious is your relationship with your bf? Fiancé visa sounds more appropriate. You’ll have to try the famous Maryland crabcakes. Good luck!

  68. Hi Miss Kach. My bf and i are planning to spend 10 days in hong kong this coming july. He is in the us and me here in the philippines, I am still a student and that means i dont have properties and etc except for bank account. my bf is going to pay all the expenses there including our meals and my plane tickets. so what shall i do when i am in immigration? do i need to show them the itinerary from my bf?? we will provide return tickets by then to prove that i will return here in the philippines?

    And also my last questiong, in 10 months i will graduate for my degree. my bf wanted me to apply a tourist visa which is a graduation gift. i will visit him there and explore the beauty of maryland, so i am not going to be there to find a work just a vacation to unwind my mind, and also the purpose of my visit there is sight seeing, travel and to spend time with him.

    I hope you can help me with this. looking forward for your reply. thank you!

  69. Hi Ate kach, your blog about visas around the world was very informative. I’m a 26 y/o, Batangueña working here in Abu Dhabi UAE. I’m planning to visit Georgia during my annual leave this Aug. 2016 instead of going back to PH. Simultaneously, I’m looking to an option of taking my mother with me in my Georgia trip. (FYR: My mother is on vacation right now in UAE (under 3 months visit visa – valid only until Aug). As a residence visa holder of UAE, I believe I will no longer face any problem in application of my E-visa. However, I’m worried with my mother side, thus, I would like to request some good advise to consider regarding my plan prior to application of E-visa. Thank you in advance. 🙂

  70. Hi! I just wanna ask for some advice regarding visa in Maldives. I will be going there next month, I already have my ticket and hotel booking. I am afraid that they might not give me visa because i am travelling alone and im a med student. Should i worry about my visa?

  71. Hi Kach I just wanted to start by saying you’re such an inspiration to me and to all Filipinas who dreamt to experience the same. Really dreams do come true if you have the commitment and passion for it like you have.Continue to be an instrument of inspiring others.
    Kach just some query lang… Kasi I will be traveling to Sweden next month probably and I am holding a Schengen Visa for 90 days only, question, do you think will me and my swedish boyfriend be allowed to get married even if I am holding only a tourist visa?

    Thank you for your time.

  72. Hi.. ask lng po.. im planning to visit thailand then cambodia.. do i need to show a return ticket from thailand when i leave the phils or ok n ung ticket coming from cambodia to phils? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Jeanne, only your flight returning to Philippines and just explain to the immigration on how you’d go from Thailand to Cambodia.

  73. Hi Kach! As a Pilipina I am happy knowing that I have a kababayan na naeenjoy and buhay through traveling. Keep traveling and enjoy life to the fullest.

  74. hi kach! Just want to ask what else do I need at the German immigration aside from my tourist visa? I am planning to visit my boyfriend in Germany this month ?

  75. Great Blog! Please note though that Zambia does not issue visa upon arrival anymore. You have to apply online beforehand. I was just there last November. Also, Filipinos can avail the EAST AFRICAN VISA (one visa to access Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya). Rwanda in itself is visa free for Filipinos and Mozambique visa is around 50 USD upon arrival (the price varies if you apply beforehand or if you will get it from the border which would be more expensive). Kenya now requires tourists to apply for an e-visa prior to arrival. Lastly, Zimbabwe visa can also be obtained online (they will issue it in 2 or 3 days).

    1. Wow thanks for the input, What is the website for the East African visa? We’re planning to go to Africa early next year! We can’t wait! =)

  76. Hi im mary.,
    I want to ask u abt my situation i dont hve working permit here in lebanon since 2012 till now. I want to go back to the philippines but i dont know if nasan ang employer ko biktima kc ako ng illegal lebanese recruiter na ang sav he can find new employer for me i trust but after i gave money and all documents he run away.. I tried to surrender to all stations and embasssy but they didnt accept me.. I dont know now wat to do.. Any suggestions.. Thank you.

  77. Mabuhay!
    Maaari bang pumunta lang sa embajada ng Thailand sa Pnom Penh at mag request ng 3buwan na visa, o mayroon silang mga kailangang dokumento o maraming tanong hinggil dito?
    Nakapunta na ako ng Thailand 5 beses pero sa ngayon ay balak kong manatili doon ng mga 75 na araw. Wala ako sa Pilipinas sa ngayon pero plano kong lumipad sa Pnom Penh kung doon pwdeng makakuha ng 90 araw na visa. Sa aking pagcheck sa internet, pwde kang makakuha ng 90 araw na visa pero dapat ay mag enroll ka sa isang escuelahan sa Thailand, ung Education visa ang ibibigay sa iyo pero may kamahalan at kailangang 5 araw sa isang linggo ka magreport sa escuela.
    Maraming Salamat.

    1. Go to the Embassy and they’ll answer your questions. My experience was in 2013 so i dont know the rules now. Thanks!

  78. Hi Kach,

    I have been closely following your blog and it was really good. Because of this, I was inspired to write as well. We just recently launched keyseeandme.com

    I hope I could get tips from you, the Guru

    Thanks and all the best to you!


  79. Hi,

    We’re planning to go to Thailand again this May or June (just visited last March 25- Apr 2). Can we re enter? Are we going to have any problems? We are Filipinos by the way and we plan to stay for 30 days this time. During this period we plan to also travel to nearby countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. But we’ll be back & will be based in Thailand. Is that possible? Is there a limit to re entering the country on “Visa upon arrival”?

  80. Hi just wanted to ask if you bought an actual return ticket to show as exit requirement for Philippine immigration. I have read somewhere else that some people just buy the “price lock” feature of website airlines and print that out to show as return ticket. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. I bought a return ticket, it was cheap. I dont want to take risks with the dummy tickets.. immigration officials in the Philippines are quite strict and they will check everything!

  81. Hi! I am very amazed about your decision to travel the world. I am not that brave yet to let go of my job. I hope I get to do that soon! 🙂 Btw, I would like to ask what countries can you recommend to visit? I’ve only been to Melaka, Malaysia and I wanted to visit other ASEAN countries which will not cost me my fortune. Hehe. Thank you! 🙂

  82. Hello…gorgeous,
    My friend in London wants me to visit him next month & i will stay there for 30 days.he will shoulder my roundtrip ticket .but visa is mine.now,my Q.is how much is 30 days visa going to London & where i apply here in UAE.
    Thank you.

  83. Great post, very comprehensive. Although ours is a different story, my husband is Australian while Im Indian, visas are such an issue! I wish traveling was easier.

  84. hi i would like to ask. i was a student and now im not and i dont have work ..ill gonna meet my foreign bf in hong kong and stay there for 3days can you tell me some experience pls. its my first time to travel next week and i dont have any idea

  85. Hi there, I would also like to know if you know any info about the visa requirements for Japan. I read an article back then that you no longer need one as long as you stay.for less than 30 days but then others said that you still need it. I hope you can enlighten me about this since my cousins and I are planning to backpack there next year. Thanks! 🙂

    1. you need a visa in Japan. and you need to apply it at the Embassy even if you just want to stay for a day or so.

  86. Thank you for the helpful informations. God bless guys.. Be safe in all of your travels. More power and love. 🙂

  87. Thanks for this helpful information kababayan. I’ve been traveling to South America since October and next week I’ll be in Ecuador. I hope to see you around! More power ???

  88. Hello kach, my name is romeo your kababayan here in the philippines. I need your expert advice because I don’t know how visas work. I am currently on my trainee visa japan, and this march is my departure date. The job contract policy is that I will have 1 year trainee visa and then plus 2 years extension so i will get a total of 3 years stay in japan… I am thinking during my stay, before I ended my contract can I apply for a free visa tourist in south or north amerika? And what are the procedures I need to do? And if you can help me how the “cross country works” upon your experience in travelling.. thank you for sharing your story.. it gives me hope that I can be succesfull someday as I have dreams like yours but mine is for work abroad purpose. Safe trip in your travell.. many thanks and Godbless you.. im hoping for your reply kababayan..

    1. Hello Romeo, that’s a lot of questions and most of your questions are in the links of the article on how you can get USA visa, on how you can cross the borders etc. Also most of the countries in South America wont require a visa from Philippines passport holder. Please read the articles then message me if you have more questions! =)

  89. Hi guys! Do you have any information how to apply for a Guatemala visa? Apparently, I am having difficulties to get a hold of the people from the Guatemala embassy in japan and I have a sponsor who’s willing to apply a visa for me in Guatemala city. I just need to let him know the step by step process written in Spanish…

    1. Hi. Philippine passport holders are eligible for visa on arrival. When I landed Yerevan, no Immigration questions asked. Im not sure in Manila Airports 🙂

    1. Hello Grace, this is Kach! India is massive, where exactly in India are you going? North? East? West? South? Most of their airports have international flights!

        1. Hello^^
          I’m Lannie a Philippine passport holder and just recently got married. I live in Korea with a Korean Spouse Visa. We are planning to have a trip in Europe as a couple. He doesn’t have a problem entering Europe because he holds a Korean passport, not needing a Schengen visa. But what about for me? Should i be applying for the Schengen visa? If so, how and where? We have been wanting to travel abroad most of the time but there’s always an open question of how about me holding a Phl passport and who is living in Korea, nit in the Phl.

          Hoping for your response! Thank you in advance.

  90. Im traveling to krabi thailand on feb 13 to 15 2016 for weekend holiday and i just notice that may philippine passport is expiring on august 5 2106 and i already book my return ticket for 3days stay at krabi. Im working here in singapore now. Can i still travel to thailand,,? I have an appointment letter from the Philippine embassy on april 21 2016 to renew my passport.

  91. hi Kach,

    i was wondering if you have any idea how to to get to Lichtenstein ? it’s included in the no – visa- list of countries yet i believe it’s near switzerland. I tired searching through the internet but I can’t find any info about. it. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi there. Filipino passport holders (unless you are EU resident) need a visa to Liechtenstein and it’s part of the Schengen Area. If you a have a valid Schengen Visa, you may freely enter to this tiny state 🙂

  92. Bookmark this. I’d definitely read your blog. So inspiring and I hope I can travel and get visa too.
    This is really informative. Thanks!

  93. hi po Ms. Aiza, clarifiy ko lang po,, anung ibig sabihin sa above na state mo, yung countries,

    hongkong = 14days validity? meaning freevisa for 14days?

    thanks po,

  94. Hello po.. I just read your blog here online and I just wanna ask if its okay to travel to Barcelona from Philippines, but I will process my tourist visa here in Thailand.

    1. Hey Christine, yes there’s a possibility but being granted a Schengen visa will depend on the embassy! So, just state the reason why you’re applying there and not in our home country maybe a valid residency in Thailand!

  95. hi! ill be going to thailand this january but i plan on traveling across borders. i refuse to buy a return ticket because i am not yet sure as to when i will be going back home. i am a holder of a Philippine passport. Is an onward ticket (indonesia or singapore) sufficient for the immigration to allow me to enter the country? this will be my first time to go abroad by myself. thanks!
    btw, ill bookmark your page. it is very informative. kudos! 🙂

    1. Hey Aiza, the Philippines immigration is strict, they are not yet familiar with the backpacking concept so you really need to have a return flight ticket to Philippines or else you wont get pass by the check in process. Just book a very cheap promo sale ticket that you wont regret not to use.

  96. hi Kach 🙂 I’ve been wanting to visit Petra since last year. i am working here in Kuwait and had applied for visit visa to Jordan last year but unfortunately, it was denied. I had a friend working there and her Jordanian friend had already talked to someone in the Ministry of Interior (in Jordan) because I am planning to take another shot on visiting there, but they said that Filipinos are not allowed. Can you please recommend an alternate way to get a visit visa to Jordan? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello Jie, no other way but to go to the Embassy. If you have a valid working permit VISA 18 in Kuwait then there’s a chance.. seems like they are limiting the entry of the Filipinos there because of the DH problems. Really beautiful country though.

      1. hi Jonathan, thanks for the reply. I am a holder of VISA 18, I will try again this month. Wish me luck 🙂 thanks again 🙂

    2. Hello Jie, not sure if I replied to you in another form as I received the same question like this. They are really strict in Jordan now for Filipinos because of the issues with abused Domestic Helpers there and illegal recruiters bringing them to nearby countries which is red flag in PHL immigration. The only way to go is get the visa from the Embassy or get a valid Tour company who would arrange your visa. When I was in Kuwait, that was the time I got my Jordanian Tourist visa.

      1. Thanks for replying Kach. I will try again this month. Hopefully I can get one this time. Thanks again 🙂 God bless.

  97. Hello Kach and Jon! I’ve been checking your travel blog and fb page from time to time. I salute you guys for what you’ve been doing. 🙂
    I know you’ve touched and inspired a lot of people. I’m a traveler myself and just like you Kach I worked in the Middle East for some years before I went back to Manila and found myself starting a small NGO in N.Luzon 🙂 I’ve been traveling in between too. Both in and outside the Philippines. Now, I will finally be able to use my US visa and go to Hawaii. I’m not employed by a certain company, i run a small nonprofit org, sometimes I sell/distribute coffee and co-manages a small transport business of my parents. I’m quite worried that immig officers here in ph or in us will question me. I do have a return ticket for after almost 5 months. Will that be okay? 🙂 thank you in advance and more power.

    By the way, Kach, I’m a Medina too! My mom is. We might be related lol!


  98. Hi! I would like to know more about the processing requirement, procedure and fees of a work permit in Vietnam. I am planning to go there in February next year to teach. I suggested to my employer to process my work permit and send it to me so I won’t have problems with the immigration when exit the Philippines. My employer said it takes months to acquire a permit because my credentials must be certified by different agencies from Vietnam and Philippines in Hanoi and then be submitted to DOLISA in Nghe An where I will be working and other extra processing back and forth at the Immigration Office in Vinh City. I don’t actually get it. Is this legit? Please if you can send me the quotation of processing fee and the procedure and length of time it will be processed, I’d be very thankful! Oh, also he said we might pay half and half on the work permit.
    Thank you!

    1. Yes Morin, processing a work permit takes a while in the Philippines and Vietnam. We are travel bloggers and not an agency, for formality and legal stuff you need to talk to your employer.

  99. Thank you for sharing your experiences in travelling 🙂

    May I ask questions regarding DS-160 thank you in advance.
    My friend was a Filipino working in South Korea and he was invited by his relatives to
    attend the wedding of his cousin in the US.

    my questions are the following:

    In filling his DS-160 form what he will put for full name in native alphabet his full name in the passport ? or “it does not apply”

    What home address will he use ? his home adress in his home country Philippines? or his address in South Korea where he is currently working and the place where he filed his DS-160 form and also his mailing address?

    He recently renewed his passport in South Korea is it right to put that the country that issued his passport was Philippines and the place where his passport was issued was in S. Korea?

    For the type of non immigrant visa is it right that his purpose of trip to US was– Temp. business.pleasure. visitor (B) and for specification- Tourism/Medical treatment (B2) ?

    What are the supporting documents needed in the interview?

    Will his payment in the visa fee will be made after filling the DS-160?

    Hoping for your response and guidance, thank you very much!

  100. Dear Ms. Kach,

    I am here in Abu Dhabi and I am 22yrs.old, I have travelled a lot in my dreams though and after reading your blogs it makes me want to put them in reality.
    I don’t have much income cause I’m only earning enough for my family but I will be working on my online jobs(odesk) now to fund my travels in the near future!

    If it’s not too much to ask from you guys, do you have any suggestions for me to follow or an itinerary which country can I go first and nearby countries which I can go next via bus or what not ?
    I might be doing it like a year or so from now but I want to at least see the list and be motivated  thank you so much!

  101. This is amazing and nice of you guys giving us tips.I have plans to go at Bahrain. Do you have some ideas? I already contact someone inside bahrain about the sponsorship.But seems to have alot of money.I am willing to do it.The thing is that after having tourist visa granted is the next step.
    Visa stamping in the philippine immigration is a pain in the ass. Is that okey if i fly to singapore or thailand to bahrain.Where in asia is best to fly out? I hope you could give tips about this, This is much appreciated. Thank you!

  102. hi, kach & jonathan! been dreaming of the places you have been to…thanks for sharing your amazing and unique travel journey. just want to ask did you stay for a months in every country?

    1. Hi, Liechtenstein is part of the Schengen Area. If you have a valid Schengen visa, you may enter to this tiny state 🙂

  103. Hi Kach, i’m happy to have found your article. I could say that your travel experiences were amazing too! I’m planning to go to Vietnam next month. I already have my round trip tickets and hotel accommodation but still I worry about being checked by the immigration as I’m going to travel alone. I heard they are strict in terms of solo travelers. My question is, how much money will I need to stay there for 6 days? I wish to look for a job too. I’m an English Teacher with TESOL certificate. Is that possible to find a job there easily? I’m 31 yrs. old. thanks!

      1. Thanks for the reply. By the way, how much is the show money at the immigration for a 6-day trip in Ho Chi Minh and what other documents would they need aside from my passport, round trip tickets and hotel accommodation?

  104. Hi Kach,

    Planning to go to london from manila..but layover is in Dubai (just transiting). Do I still need a visa foe Dubai if just transiting?

  105. Hi there, Im travelling to Vietnam from Cebu this Jan 14th for 1 week vacation. I will be staying somewhere in Ho Chi Minh and It would be my first time there. I hope you can give me some tips…


  106. I agree, India seems to be an exciting destination and I absolutely can’t wait.

    My question is about their Visa on Arrival, which i will do for the first time: I’m making a side trip from Nepal to Delhi (and stay here for about 2-3 days only) and wish to avail their VOA. From what I understand I just need to fill out their e-visa application (4 to 5 days before my departure) and just present it (including photocopies, ID pics, return ticket, and payment) at the Immigration? (in other blogs I read they’ve also prepared a bank certificate plus hotel reservations; not sure about “show money”)

    I’m asking because I don’t think I will have the time to go to the Indian embassies in Manila nor Nepal. That’s why they give VOA for convenience after all, right?

    Maraming salamat

    1. Hello Richard, yes apply it online and just show your tickets! I dont know why you have to prepare bank certificate but I assume it;s needed in the Philippines immigration and not the Indian Immigration. Go try the VOA online then enjoy your India journey! You will love it!

  107. Hi there, great content you have.

    I’m Filipino flying to Male (Maldives) from Kuala Lumpur for a holiday soon. Just to have an idea: how much dollars (I’m assuming USD on your post here) did you need to present for visa?

    I don’t use credit cards. Thanks

    1. Hello, I dont have credit cards too. how long will you be staying in the Maldives and which island will you stay? Remember that most of the island dont have ATM machine so you need to withdraw money in Male. I suggest, you need to have $500 cash as show money just in case they will ask.

    2. Hi. If you are to go to the islands in Maldives, they only accept USD. Maldives is not really a cheap place to visit. Better to save money to enjoy the enchanting beauty of Maldives. We dont need a visa to visit this lovely place. When I landed, I wasn’t asked for anything, but I saw some immigration officers asking for additional documents for some tourists like hotel bookings, return tickets etc.. Much better to book one in advance 🙂

  108. I’m such a loser for just learning about this blog today. I am beyond amazed by all your travel experiences, Ms Kach! You are such an inspiration to someone like me who loves to travel but doesn’t have enough financial support–so wandering one step at a time 🙂 I’ve just booked a ticket to Phuket, mixed feelings–cos it’s my first time to travel alone (on my very birthday). I was searching for tips on girls traveling solo when I found this post. It’s gonna be a 3day/2night stay and my friends keep on asking me if I’m sure about going to Phuket alone. Though I’m really excited, I’m also a bit worried that’s why I’m planning a month ahead. I would love to hear your advice regarding this solo trip I am so looking forward to experience.
    Btw, I’m already here in Thailand–working for almost a year now. =)

    1. PS. I haven’t booked a hotel/hostel/B&B yet. I’m thinking of getting a day Phi Phi Island tour. Do you have any recommendations or advice on getting day tours? Thank you so much in advance! 🙂

      1. No idea Gypsy, what we usually do is rent a bike then go around the island! I think you can do it too! =)

    2. Heya Gypsy, thanks for this message! Oh you’re already in Thailand, must be easier for you to move around the region!! Dont be worried, enjoy your trip (the only thing you have to worry about is being addicted to solo travels!) Here’s actually the list of hostels where you can easily meet fellow travelers, twomonkeystravelgroup.com/2015/06/ultimate-list-best-hostels-thailand/

  109. Hi Ms. Kach,

    I have a question, I want to travel to Armenia, can you suggest an airlines that budget friendly. Many thanks

  110. Hi! Kach, I’m going to Costa Rica on September, but I have connecting flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco to Huston Texas and then to Costa Rica.. Do I need to get a US transit visa ????

  111. Hi, Is it true that Filipinos are not allowed to have the visa on arrival when entering to Shenzhen from Hong Kong? Hoping for your response. Thanks!

    1. Up!
      Is it allowed for a Philippine Passport holder to apply for Shenzhen Visa at Lo Wu Border arriving from Hong Kong? Thank you.

      1. Hey Doc, as I answered above. Never been to that area but as far as I know it’s still part of China. I was in North Vietnam and there was a small town of China, we still needed the visa even if i wanted a day trip only. Dont take risk, pre-apply your visa at the Embassy.

        1. No it’s not allowed. Pero kung nagtrabaho ka sa Hong Kong you can apply China visa in Hong Kong. Trust me. I have been there many times.

        2. Ive read a blog and its true pinoy are not allowed to apply for a visa at the border.,,we can arrange a grouo visa thru tarvel agencies

    2. I dont think it’s true Char! Shenzhen is part of China and you need to pre-apply for visa at the Embassy in the Philippines. I think that would be only applicable to westerners on a business. Dont take risk.

  112. Hi Kach is that true about Free Visa going to Liechtastein part of Europe? Im confused i thought they need visa? Please enlighten me. Thank you

    1. Hello Joseph, the only thing is that the only way you can travel to that country is by entering the EU zone so you will be required to have a Schengen visa to reach your destination.

  113. hi kach, i am going to vietnam tomorrow.. my worry is that my ticket is reserved only for 5 days.. however, i need to extend my stay in vietnam for another 3 days more and reroute my return flight to another country.. my question is, should i still get my stay extended? if yes, where should i go? or can i just book another flight to another country without having problems with vietnam immigration? thanks..

    1. Chen, I apologized just now, been traveling for 4 months non stop and got limited time online. What happened to your trip?

  114. Hi Kach, I been hearing rumors about traveling in Kurdistan and after they got home they can’t go back abroad. How true is that? Thanks

    1. Hello Kyle, I’ve never heard of that.. but I was able to go back to the Philippines and left again the country after my trip to Kurdistan. =)

  115. Hi Kach, I know it’s possible to book a piso fare to Dubai but do I need a VISA if i want to go to Europe from there (transit only)? Thank you!!!!!!

    1. I’m not really sure about transit in dubai, but i think if you will only be there for few hours without leaving the airport and if you have a connecting flight then you dont need it. As long as you have a proof of onward ticket.. the thing is you have to check another issue about that at the Philippines immigration.

  116. Hi Kach, I’m travelling alone in few months to Vietnam for a week. I am employed and I have the necessary papers and documents. However, I haven’t booked or reserved for a place to stay. I’m planning to look for one when I get there. I’m just worried about being held off by the immigration here in Manila since I’m a female and it’s my first time to travel alone. I’ve been to Taiwan with family before so I hope it’s an advantage that there’s a visa stamp in my passport. Any tips?

    1. Carlene, I think I replied to your message already on facebook but I suggest you’re better off booking a hotel accommodation without paying in advance like in Agoda. Hotelscombined (this is the best!) or booking.com. Check out options here =- https://twomonkeystravelgroup.com/travel-deals-tools/ they will give you your accommodation booking confirmation which you can print to show to our immigration officers and you can pay them when you check in, you can also cancel it. No need to give your credit card details.

  117. I’m a freelancer, and i really want to start backpacking (first in SEA), but i’m not sure about immigration law. what documents should i prepare? I heard a lot of people are getting questioned (or worse), even before boarding the flight itself.

    1. Not sure about the requirements as it’s always depends on the immigration official! I suggest you check the immigration website. From other freelances that I’ve met, they’ve said they print copies of their works with some clients- if you’re a writer, print all the articles you’ve published same if you’re a photographer. You can also ask one of your clients to provide work experience certificate.

    2. Yeah it happens KC, I suggest ask your clients or even one of your clients to give you a letter that can prove that you’re working for them. If you’re a writer, print those articles you’ve written with your by line to show to the immigration your work. Just compile your online portfolio and print it for them!

  118. Hi! Great blog! 🙂 Just a question.. Do you think it would be advisable to get a US visa months before the intended travel dates? I wanna try getting it as early as now.. however.. I might travel by mid-next year pa. Do you think that’s okay? Or, too early?

    1. Hello Carol, yes you can apply as soon as you can since if you get approved you can get 10 years tourist visa! =)

  119. Hi guys 🙂

    I live in Denmark right now and thinking to go on a travel as well. I don’t have complete plan yet, but I’m thinking to start somewhere in Asia. I have a bachelor in HRM but haven’t got long experience since I decided to go here in Denmark right after I graduated. I’m also thinking to get TEFL to be able to teach English. My big confusion right now is, if I go fly to a country(Asia) how challenging will it be to get a job to fund myself? I have some savings but also worried that things won’t work as I plan it. I will also travel with my boyfriend, he’s Danish.

    get a job to fund myself? I have some savings but also worried that things won’t work as I plan it. I will also travel with my boyfriend, he’s Danish.

    Hope for your response 🙂

    1. Hello Clover, sorry just now! I think we already talked via private message before? If not, for finding a job, it all depends on you and where you will be exactly going and what kind of jobs you want to offer. Teaching English is the main big source of income there and working in Hospitality industry is a different thing – you can volunteer though!

  120. Hello please help.
    I plan to go to Korea within this year of 2015. and I am unemployed. My last work was 2013 because I went back to University but stopped around 2014. I have my old form of employment but that was dated 2012-2013. I have TIN number too. Can I ask if I can use these ? I also read from another blog that if I cannot show these
    – In case the applicant cannot submit one of the above mentioned requirements, he/she can submit additional documents such as Land Titles. I have a house property here and its under my mom’s name, as well as ITR but house tax. can I use that for documents?

    Please reply I really need answers. No one helped me here when I asked. so I am really at a lost for words what to do.

    1. Hello Fish, to be honest I’ve never been to Korea so I cant give you an exact answer. If it’s too hard for you to arrange, I highly suggest you hire a travel agent who can assist you with this or maybe arrange and join a group tour for your first visa application. I also dont know the embassy rules in the Philippines. Thank you and good luck with your journey!

      We have a Korea article here –

  121. We went to Georgia November 2014, you have to apply for a visa now before you can enter the country.

          1. Kach, e-visa is now required for RP passport holders, but if you have GCC countries residency permit, it will be visa free. I just went back to Georgia last month.

  122. I just learned about your website last night when a friend of min in facebook like your page.. I didn’t have the time to read about it last night as it’s late already.. What I did is like your page in fb so I’ll have the time to go back today.. And I’m really glad that I did.. I love travelling.. I love everything about it.. I hate reading but not when it’s about travelling.. I’ve traveled in most cities in the Philippines and Asian countries as visas could be really difficult for a Philippine Passport holder.. I just came on a trip for 5 weeks and reading your blogs makes me want to travel again… I’m lucky enough that I never had a problem with immigration even though I’m unemployed, but I do get nervous hearing all the stories from other people… Would want to travel to Hanoi then Luang Prabang this year.. Hopefully I can save enough then I can just come back on your blog and get an idea on how to go about it..

    1. Scheanneth, please forgive me if I replied just now, I didnt see this! Let me know if you need tips in Hanoi to Luang Prabang. really love those 2 cities! I actually traveled from Luang Prabang to Hanoi!

      Take care and more travels to you!! =)

  123. Hi Kach, would you recommend getting the Shenzhen visa here in the Philippines or would it be just fine to get it there upon arrival? Thanks!

    1. Oolalai, Ireally apologize for replying just now. You cant get it on arrival, you have to pre-apply and be approved! =)

  124. You are truly an inspiration.. I have only been to Korea and Japan and I am now booked for China, and soon after Dubai, Australia, Peru and Greece. I want to see places I only saw on books. And I have always read your blogs. The travel bug must have got me but people like you made my desire to travel the world even stronger! Keep up inspiring people!

    1. WOW!! Thank you so much for your kind words Jerome!! I’m so excited for your upcoming trip this year!!! =) Feel free to message me anytime if you have any questions! =)

  125. Really really great! Thanks for this.. Me and my cousin also like backpacking. I have been to 5 Asian countries and planning to visit others. (save pa muna.keke) Your blog is super helpful. You give us a lot of infos.btw.di po ba dangerous sa India? What are the countries na medyo kailangan mg.ingat? I’m 23 and my cousin is 26. We are like kids roaming around so we need safety measures.hehe.

    1. Hello Xyrz, India is not dangerous but you always have to trust your instinct! You’ll meet backpackers there who are way younger than you and they are fine! You’ll be fine! Enjoy your journey!!! =)

  126. Hi Kach! I started reading your blog just this month and I can’t help but admiring you and the places you’ve been too. Hope I could travel the world and… find love just like you. 🙂 Take care always.

    1. Hello Irene!! Claim it #dreamsdocometrue!! Thank you so much for reading and hopefully we can publish more useful articles for you!! Positive vibes!!

  127. Wow! Thank you for this. Might need this for future reference. Question. How long do you stay in one country? Aaand whats the best country youve been to? Salamat 😉

    1. Thank you Garet!! It depends, in Peru I stayed for 183 days.. The golden rule is NEVER OVERSTAY! My favorite country so far is INDIA, CHILE and UK! =)

  128. Hello Jenny! Well, first I’m so happy for you that you finally decided to do what you’ve been wanting to do!! I actually initially travelled with my siblings as it was their vacation and I haven’t seen them for years.. (it was their first time abroad too!) then I was on my own which was the best! You’ll never be alone while travelling! You can do other jobs – you can read this (10 practical jobs you can do while travelling – https://twomonkeystravelgroup.com/2014/11/top-10-practical-travel-jobs/)

    As for us, the main source of our income is by Teaching English and doing Massage Therapy. It’s better if you’ll be armed with skills and certifications before travelling so you’ll travel and earn at the same time! I can help you get TEFL certificate! We can talk more, message me on our Facebook page or email me at [email protected]

  129. im so glad i saw your blogs…very helpful and inspiring!!! this few days i felt so hopeless and bored… im stuck with my work (working in abu dhabi now) my dream is to travel the world but .since we filipinos are binded with our responsibilities to our families, we forgot to save, or if we did, im sure it wont be enough to travel.in my case (my brother is still in college,will graduate on 2015)
    so today i read almost half of your articles.. (shivering because of excitement )
    and i made a plan to travel the world on 2016 after finishing my contract 🙂

    ill be alone(coz i dont have friends who share same interest) or maybe with my bro(though he needs to find work first)
    im just wondering coz im not a graduate of BSED.. would that be okay to teach haha..im an hrm graduate.. (i wonder if hostel and restaurant job is the only choice i have?would that be enough to cover my expenses?)hope to hear a word from you(from an expert)
    thanks…God bless )

  130. WOW! A fellow Pinay living her dream! Hello!! Thank you so much for this write up! I really wanted to visit South America just another question: Do I need to have US VISA to get there? (I heard people saying you need to have US visa.. ) Hope to hear from you! 🙂

    Travel photos : http://instagram.com/sarahmaytanhuanco / PH, Manila

    1. Hello Sarah!! Thank you for that! x No, you don’t need a US visa to go here unless you will have a flight via USA. In South America, we Pinoys have free visa access to Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia,Ecuador Suriname. We have to apply for Argentina and Chile though but I already have my Chilean visa from here! It’s easy to get, I’ll publish the article tomorrow!x

  131. I’m so glad to have come across this site. Thanks for sharing your visa experiences. I never knew there are so much places to visit for Filipinos even wihout a visa or simply getting a visa upon arrival. I’ve been wanting to travel the world just like you guys do and your blog is a great source info and inspiration beginners like me. 🙂

    1. Hello Lorie, your welcome!! Thank you so much for reading and yes that;s right, we filipinos have a lot of opportunities!! Feel free to message me on facebook if you have any inquiries! =)

  132. Hi Kach !

    So glad I found your blog site. I really wanna travel like you do. You guys inspire me a lot. Hopefully by 2016, I could start backpacking and travel into some parts of the globe . It would be a dream come true. This article would really help a lot in my future plans. Bless you guys in your upcoming adventures. Keep rockin ! xoxo

    1. Hello Azenith, I’ll try to update this blog with visa rule! yay! Thank you so much for reading and please write down your goals as it will all come true! This was also on my wishlist before! =)

  133. Wow! Some of the places that are still in my bucket list, you visited already. I love Petra, Jordan . All of your travel guidelines superbly helpful . I encourage you both to stop over in British Columbia and explore. I join a group here called BC Hikers. It will be a pleasure to meet you guys here.



    1. Hello Joanne, received your message on our facebook page! Thank you so much, I really want to go to Canada! Hopefully in few years time!! Let’s keep in touch! =)

  134. Hi Kach! I am loving your posts and envying you right now 😀 I have always wanted to travel to places like you’ve been to but I lack the opportunity…time…and money. If I may ask…how did you start? What are your preparations? Thanks!

    1. Hello Maricel, thank you so much! Glad you liked it!! Oh I’ve started reading a life-changing book, then from there I lived frugally then planned my route! Message me on facebook – Two Monkeys Travel so we can talk! x

  135. Hi Kach, love this article! Batang gala rin ako. Nastop lang kc may anak but rarampa ulit pagnka6mos si baby. Maccha Pichu! Grabe gusto ko pumunta dun. May friends din ko sa Bolivia. You are really having the best in your life. Bongga ka talaga. Saan ka sa UP? yupielbi ako. D nga lang daw obvious sa akin! Haha

    1. Hi Jennie!! Thank you very much for reading! =) We’re heading to Bolivia, can you hook us up with your friends so we can meet them? I’m UPLB too!!! Econsoc and Sigma Beta! Was quite active nung college days, I think the reason why gala pa rin hanggang ngayon! haha =)

  136. Rappler brought me here….. 🙂 …thank you for the informative article about visas …safe backpacking ! bookmarking this one !

  137. Thanks for this. This is awesome! Been planning a latin america backpacking experience but I never know where to start. Great article! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Hello Jumax! Feel free to message us, I actually wrote our South America Backpacking in 2015! Hope you’ll find that useful!x

  138. Hi, it was great to see that you’ve been to different countries already, I love travelling as well, i’ve been to different countries that you’ve visited especially in SEA, me & my cousins did the backpacking as well, it was so much fun and a lot of adventure and plus you met someone that gives you an inspiration. I wish it would happen to me as well :). Anyhow, just keep travelling and enjoy the unique culture of different countries.

      1. Hi Katch, superb! I enjoyed a lot that’s the reason why i started travelling, recently i just visited my cousins in Canada, people are very friendly, i love the scenery as well. I was there last summer just to escape the humidity – I ‘m based here in middle east (UAE, Abu Dhabi).
        By the way, i was more of the interest to see beach, temples & nature although I’ve spent some days in Bangkok and Saigon but i was quite amazed to see the temples in Siem Riep and Tanah lot in Bali, Indonesia. I love the beach in Nha Thrang (Vietnam) and Unawatuna, Sri Lanka. Plus the asian foods are so much great! 🙂 So where’s your next destination? Me, I’m planning to travel again next year maybe Turkey or Nepal or Greece & will definitely be back again to Canada to try winter.

        1. Hello Janet, awesome life you have there! Living in the Middle East has a lot of advantages – cuz you’re in the middle (kidding!) I’ve been to Turkey and Nepal and I really love them! We are in Peru now and heading to Chile and Bolivia for Christmas! Still have to save for the trip to Argentina and Antartica!

          1. Yeah, i do agree with you living in the middle east is somehow giving me the opportunity to travel anywhere in quite reasonable price.hehe.. 😉 Peru and as well as Brazil will be one of my bucket list, i just need to save more money. Good Luck to your trip and enjoy!

            1. Hello Janet, yes definitely! you’re indeed lucky there! Well, let’s keep in touch, would be happy to meet you in South America! x

  139. Hi ate! OMG taga UPLB ka po? anung course nyo? gosh I’ve always wanted to travel and go backpacking (: your blog inspires me a lot to travel to different countries. how i wish maka graduate na ko hehehe. hoping for more articles like this! goodluck 🙂

    1. Heya Miya! Yes, UPLB!! Economics ako – Econsoc and org and Sigma Beta sorority! Oh sweet of you! Yes, you can travel more, you guys are indeed lucky kasi the flights are cheaper now compared before!! Let’s keep in touch in facebook if you want! x

  140. Traveling is always a great escape to everything! You are very lucky to experience all of those. Thank you for sharing them with us (your readers)

    Gracia AmorTheBlogger. xxa

  141. Wow! You’ve been to a lot of places already! So jealous of you guys! I wish I could have enough money to go to these places as well. Now, this serves as a challenge to save up and earn more so I can also experience being in these places.

    This is a very helpful post especially to backpackers to know which countries no longer requires visa. Thanks for sharing!

  142. I’ve been to Colombia wherein I got my visa there for an internship with AIESEC (though tourists are not required) while Malaysia and Singapore required none. As for China and US, we got our visas in Philippines. For Dubai, we had to get it there. Travelling is really great and this blog post help people know important info! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rem! You are well travelled too! How’s Colombia? We plan to go there next year! =)

  143. Wow, this is amazing. 🙂 I’ll show this to my travel buddy/boyfriend and hopefully we’ll be able to experience some of this soon. Good luck and enjoy your next travel destination Ms. Kach. ^^

  144. I am sooooo jealous! You are living my childhood dream and for now, I live vicariously through your posts. Bookmarked! Awesome, Kach!

  145. I am sooooo jealous! You are living mu childhood dream and for now, I live vicariously through your posts. Bookmarked! Awesome, Kach!

  146. I admire your passion for travel. I’m getting inspired. I would like or prefer to travel on countries with less budget.

    By the way, your post is a good source of information.

    Thanks! 🙂

  147. Hey Kach, I super love ur blog. Been planning to do backpacking before but haven’t got the courage to do it. I do love to travel as well and because of your blog I was so inspired to do it. Currently working in Bali now but I’m not that happy with my job and planning to quit january next year and start my journey. I dont have a lot of savings,so I hope I can survive! Thanks a lot for inspiring me

    1. Jelly! How’s Bali? Never been there! Thank you so much for this message , you can message me in facebook if you want to chat about your upcoming trip! yay! Positive vibes! =)

      1. Bali is a nice place,there is a lot of good beaches and temples as well. What is your facebook so I can message you there. Might go to Ko Samui on New Year. yes positive and good vibes 😛

  148. Hey Kach,
    I have a question, I’ve been traveling alot lately and I have been keen on visiting South America for a surf trip. I was wondering if you would know the cheapest way to fly there? Thanks!

    1. Hey Fred, where are you coming from? If Asia, the cheapest is if you fly via USA or via Australia. But I’ve seen there’s a cheap flight with KLM from Malaysia to Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you will be coming from Europe, the cheapest is if you fly to Brazil or maybe fly to Peru via Condor (Frankfurt). Hope this helps! =)

    2. Oh my Fred, just noticed your comment! I think the cheapest is to fly to Buenos Aires or Santiago! =)

  149. That was fantastic!!!! Love this blog, it’s amazing. I love to travel and to travel around the world is my greatest dream. Will keep posting. Thanks.

    1. Anna Marie, thank you for this! yay! =) Awesome life, isn’t? Let’s keep in touch and I would be really happy to meet you on the road! x

  150. Hi kach! I was inspired by ur article..planning to include also on my bucketlist next year, to travel at least 6 diff countries or more. Btw, im just curious, how do u do it?i mean if u quit the job, where are u getting ur source kf income, coz u can travel all over diff countries, i would love to enjoy travelling too..but have to take note of the expnses. Thanks!

  151. Hi Kach,
    I saw your story in Rappler and followed the link to your Two Monkeys Travel Group website. I started reading your posts and could not stop! I love it! 🙂 I also love traveling and have been doing it since I moved to the UAE. I recently came back from Myanmar and loved every minute of my trip there. Your travel tips are very helpful and informative. I have South America on my wish list as well so I will definitely follow your progress over there. Cheers, Cleo

    1. Hello Cleo, we just started and hopefully more articles to be up soon! thank you so much for reading!! x You’re lucky cuz you’re already in Dubai, you can easily go to a lot of countries from there. I remember my flight to Armenia was via Dubai! We haven’t been to Myanmar, lucky you! One of my wishlist when we get back in Asia! Let me know if you’ll go to SOuth America, I would be very happy to meet you here! x

  152. Nice and true! salamat po! Been to places alone most of the time too and we meet people along the way…good winds on your more travels!

    1. Hello Argelle! Thank you po and yes travelling alone is awesome! I was on my own for 2 months after my siblings went home to Pinas before I decided to meet the White Monkey! Awesome people on the road, I know you know that great feeling! x

  153. Thanks for this wonderful article, it is very useful tips for us,who love to travel on a backpack.I’m excited to read your next articles. Ingatan ka nawa palagi ng Dios sayong paglalakbay.

  154. Hello ! Your article is a heaven sent to me! Almost all my doubt and questions about the countries that. I ‘ve been planning to add to my bucket lust have been answered. I want to know more abt route to manchu picchu, dying for this one…..

  155. Whoaaa! Peru! Been planning to go, just need to get enough time off so i can linger there…let me ask, is it safe to travel alone? Babae po ako, hehehe. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Argelle, yes it’s safe but of course you need to take some precautions din! Before I’ve met the White Monkey, I was travelling on my own! =)

  156. Hi Kach! This post is really helpful as I’m planning on a backpacking trip around SEA next year. May I ask what gear/backpack you use? This is one of the things I’m a bit worried about, if I can bring a backpack as a hand-carry as I don’t want to check in any luggage. 🙂

    1. Hello Meryl,

      My mom actually bought me a really cheap backpack in the Philippines last 2012 which I used until this year! When we arrived in the UK, Jon gave me his old backpack which is 35L (Regatta is the brand) there are far more better backpacks! I might write something about that in the future. If you want a hand carry then better stick with 35L below! I was able to just hand carry my old bags too! x

  157. I’ve been to most European cities including London and Paris, this post inspired me to visit those exotic places you’ve been. And you went to Iraq! If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do?

    1. Hello Briggs, I was working in Kuwait for 4 years up to Supervisory position and tried my luck in Iraq to get into Oil Company. After few months, didn’t like the crab mentality of pinoy there and i just decided I didn’t want to work for someone anymore that’s why I left after 5 months! x I would love to go to Paris, would you like to write about your European trip? Yay!

  158. Kach, thanks for this post and you really inspire me more!!! I also have a passion for travelling despite the demands in my current job and having a small child (2 years 8months old) now.
    The list you gave is very helpful, I wish I/we could join you one day. 🙂
    You can check out my fb, the photo albums are the cities i’ve been.

    1. Thanks ALven!! I love your pictures with your family!! =) I’m so impressed, I hope in the future I can still travel with a kid! would you like to write about your travels po with your family? Never met a filipino family with a baby who likes travelling! I’m so impressed po. I added you in facebook! Hope we can keep in touch! =)

  159. I love this! Iska ka rin pala! Woot! Im going to have my little backpacking trip next year in SEA so this post is really helpful.

  160. When you come here in Ecuador, give us a call. =) This is a small country with loads of surprises. But we are like at little more than 100 Pinoys here. 90 days will surely be not enough. =)

    1. Hello Tito Paz, wow really? So happy to know that there’s a community there! Would love to visit you po when we go there, most probably August 2015! =) How can I keep in touch?

    2. Hi Paz I will be traveling to Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, what is the best place to visit in Ecuador?

  161. What a completely useful post! I travel with an Indian passport, so a lot of these guidelines apply to me as well, and I’ll be using this nifty list when I make new travel plans. Thanks for posting!

      1. Hello Kach, in travelling to El Salvador at least 30 days or less do I need to show a money?

        your response is highly appreciated.

        1. Hi Dex, if you’re applying for a tourist visa you need to show your bank statement or proof of sufficient funds to cover the trip 🙂

        2. Hello po Im a filipina. Im will be travelling for the first time outside of Asia to visit my fiancees family in Croatia. How much will the visa cost me and how long will it take? I have no bank account. My fiancee can and will take care of me so i can provide his adress while im there. Do i need bank account? I dont have a job as I stopped working a while ago to get pregnant as were trying make a , baby. Anyway, love your blog, Great youre sharing youre amazing travel experiences. Hope you will see my post. GOD bless you.

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