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How To Get a Special Power of Attorney in the Philippines and Extra Tips for OFWs Abroad

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 7th, 2022 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Travel Blog 59 Comments

If you are busy, out of the country, or too far from the offices and you need to process your documents you can authorize a representative to do so on your behalf. A Special Power of Attorney is a document where the Principal appoints an Agent to perform acts or specific transactions on their behalf. Here’s a guide on Getting a Special Power of Attorney in the Philippines or Abroad.

Getting a Special Power of Attorney in the Philippines or Abroad
Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

You can make your own SPA or go to the nearest law office and get one typed for you. You will also need to have it notarized. Please also note that your agent or attorney-in-fact is only limited to what is indicated on the SPA and can’t go beyond. Read more below!

Special Power of Attorney

You can prepare for your SPA or go to the nearest law office for a SPA. Edit the one below, and print 4 copies in a long-bond paper.



I, (name of the Principal), of legal age, Filipino Citizen, married/single, with the address of (address), do hereby name, constitute, and appoint,(name of Agent), of legal age, Filipino citizen, married/single, and a resident of (address), to be my true and lawful attorney-in-fact to do and perform the following acts and things, to wit.

To authorize my Attorney-in-Fact to (purposes).

HEREBY GIVING AN GRANTING unto my said attorney-in-fact full power and authority whatsoever requisite or necessary or proper to be done and about the premises as fully to intents and purposes as I might or could lawfully do if I am personally present or cause to be done under and by virtue of these presents.

In WITNESS WHEREOF, we have set our hands on this ____ day of (month) (year) at (address or location).

(Name of Principal – Sign above it)


(Name of Agent)
Attorney In Fact



Republic of the Philippines)
Province of                        ) S.S.
Municipality of                   )

BEFORE ME, this _____ day of (month), (year) at (address), personally appeared, the aforementioned parties, known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing instrument and they acknowledged to me that the same is their free and voluntary act and deed.

Doc no. _____
Page No. _____
Book No. _____
Series of_____

Step-by-Step Guide on getting a Special Power of Attorney in the Philippines

STEP 1: Prepare a SPA (you can use the format above) and print 4 copies on a long bond paper.

STEP 2: Go to the lawyer’s office and sign the document. Usually, people sign this before going to a lawyer, but the proper things are signing in front of them.

STEP 3: Pay the fee and get your SPA notarized. The cost can be PHP 100 – 150, as per experience, however, it can be more expensive or cheap depending on the lawyer

STEP 4: You can now give the SPA to your representative. He/she can do what’s on the SPA.

Consularized Special Power of Attorney

If you are a Filipino that is out of the country and wish to have a representative in the Philippines to do things on your behalf, you can go to the nearest Philippine Embassy and execute a SPA.


  • Special Power of Attorney Form, you can check the Philippine Embassy’s Website – Here’s a Sample from the Philippine Embassy in Singapore
  • Philippine Passport or Valid ID (photocopy)
  • Personal Appearance with Two Witnesses
  • Notarial Fee Payment

Step-by-Step Guide on getting a Consularized Special Power of Attorney Abroad

STEP 1: Check the Philippine Embassy’s website and find the form for a SPA. Print this and fill it up.

STEP 2: Go to the embassy near you with your witnesses and documents. Sign it in front of the consular officers.

STEP 3: Pay the notarial fee.

STEP 4: Wait for the document to be ready. The officers will contact you if it is.

STEP 5: Claim your Consularized SPA and send it to your representative in the Philippines.

Getting a Special Power of Attorney in the Philippines or Abroad
Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

And that’s how you get a Special  Power of Attorney in the Philippines. It’s beneficial, especially if you don’t have time to process your documents. You can also get one abroad and send this to your representative in the country. Good luck!

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59 thoughts on “How To Get a Special Power of Attorney in the Philippines and Extra Tips for OFWs Abroad

  1. Hi im a Philippine citizen and im planning to get married in Dubai United Arab Emirates they asking for power of attorney from my father allowing me to get married here but I can’t a format or template for this regards can you please help me how to make this letter thank you

  2. Good Day. I have a sister who is in Japan right now, she wants her son of minor age to visit her in Japan. We need to get a passport for her and I will be the authorized person to help my niece get a passport. We are working on getting a special power of attorney SPA. I just want to confirm if I will be the one to prepare the spa here and Philippines and send it to Japan or the other way. Please help.

  3. Hi Lyza-
    My cousins in the Philippines are trying to sell land that belonged to our grandparents. Me and my two sisters are the only ones that live in the United States. My cousin is telling me that I need a SPA signed by us to help sell the land.
    1) Does the SPA require all three of our signatures?
    2) Or can one of us sign the SPA as a representative for the three of us?
    3) does it need to be notarized by the Philippine Embassy?
    4) I will be flying to the Philippines to deliver the SPA?

  4. Pano pi kaya ako andito sa alkhobar ayaw po kasing ibigay ang anak ko sa magulang ko pero hiwlaay na po kmi dati po kming live in , ngayon may asawa na po siya pano po ako makakakuha ng spa dito sa lakhobar saudi

  5. We have properties sa Philippines and we would like to execute a different power of attorney, with a more limited capacity. We are not Filipino citizen anymore and we are living in US. How and where do we obtain the legal forms?

  6. Good morning from Japan. I have a studio unit in Manila. I got a loan for it and I need someone to manage it. So I need a SPA for furnishing it and renting it out on my behalf. I am a foreigner in living in Japan , not married to a Filipino or anything. I am currently talking to a few agents online to be my SPA but it is hard to trust anyone online. Do you have any suggestions ? It would be hard for me to go there during these corona times. I want to make sure my SPA has only the authorization to manage it as far as furnish it, rent it, take care of the tenant, etc, not be able to sell or anything without my authorization. I appreciate your advice and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

  7. Hello! I am a japanese citizen and currently in the philippines. Pwede po ba ako magpagawa ng SPA dito sa pinas tapos ipapadala ko sa japan para bigyan ng authority yung kapatid ko sa japan na ayusin yung document ko sa japan?

  8. Hi po can I ask po .aalis po kZ at magtratrabaho abroad at iiwan ko sa Kapatid ko ung mga anak ko do I need to get SPA din po ba pra mauthorized sya na maging guardians ng mga anak ko or pwedeng sa local municipal nalang pagkuha nun ..thank you

  9. Embassy in Chicago no longer Consularize documents, referred to my states attorney generals office to verify documents.

  10. Hello Ms Lyza! I am US citizen now vacationing in the Philippines. I have a property in the Philippines that I need to sell and my sister here will do it for me. Can I have my SPA done here in the Philippines notarized by local notary public while I am here. Will it still be valid even if I am already back in the US? Proof that I was here to execute the SPA is my arrival stamp in the Philippines. Thank you for your response.

  11. Hi,
    I have already my special power of attorney, and it was already notarized, I need to send or to Egypt, do I need to apostille it first to DFA before sending it or no need to apostille?

  12. We have a situation po about SPA. Nasa pilipinas po si mama nung kumuha siya ng SPA then nung nakabalik po siya sa Italy hindi na raw po valid yung SPA niya kasi nakabalik na siya.

    1. You can try also this one especially if sa Pinas mo gagamitin, or you could go to a local notary and have it apostilled.

  13. Thank you Lisa!
    This is very helpful.

    I am planning to buy a small property in the Philippines, ano Pwedi ko gawin habang nada malayo ako? Thanks

  14. So I need an SPA for my vaccination and my mom is currently in abroad. She’s far from the embassy. Are there other solutions for this?

  15. Hi Lyza,
    Thanks for this post. Very helpful. For the SPA template, which address do I put for myself — my current address here abroad, or my previous residential address in the Philippines?

  16. Hi, I am non Philippine Citizen but married a filipina now i have a car in Dubai and i want to sell it their in Dubai. What do i need here from Philippine so i can sent to my friend in Dubai to sell the car for me.

  17. Hi, I’m currently working here in kuwait and I need a document to be apostilled in Philippines. Does it need the original copy of SPA or not?

  18. I’m a naturalized US citizen and I need to give SPA to my sister for PDIC purposes ( for extrajudicial settlement for savings deposit of my deceased mother). how do I formulate the SPA (what should be written) and does it need to be notarized then apostilled?

    1. You can get a lawyer to write it po.
      You can get it notarized by a lawyer and apostilled para mas legal or a get it from the PH Embassy.

  19. Hi. I’m here in US and I need to do Consularized SPA as well but through Apostille in Dept of State. Does the Attorney-in-fact part needs to be signed by the agent as well? or I could just simply put the name of the agent I appointed then it’s good to go for notarization? Thank you.

    1. you can put in the name since it’s not possible for him to sign the SPA as you are in the US.

    2. Pwede po ba pumirma ang may hawak ng SPA sa deed of sale ng lupa na ang may ari ay nasa abroad?

  20. Hi, i WANT to transfer my son in my sister to be his guardian, now im in Abudbi FOR work is it possible i can appoint my sister to be as THE guardian of my son thnks

  21. Dear,

    I am out of the country working as an OFW here in Saudi Arabia.

    The format of my SPA was done and printed in the Philippines by an Attorney. It was sent to me through the post or mail. I signed it and I sent it sent back to the Philippines through the post or mail too.

    My question is ” Is it legal”?


    1. Hai good day. We decided to colateral the multicab of my mother. But the company needs her SPA. My mother is currently at hawaii right now. Can we get a SPA here in the Philippines and we will email to her to sign it? Is it impossible? Thank you for the response maam. Godbless.

  22. Hello, just want to ask about my situation, I am a seafarer and currently onboard. What should I do for me to be able to have an SPA? Since we are also far from any Philippine Embassy Office.

    Many thanks.

    1. di po ako maka-answer nyan kasi technical talaga yung question at di pangkaramihan. Better ask po DFA or maybe your agency could help.

  23. Can I send a signed SPA abroad and send it through courrier and have it notarized in tue Philippines instead? Reason being tue consular office is so far away from my location and it will be cheaper to aend tue sgined document and send via courrier to be notarized in thw Philippines.

    1. You can try going to a local notarial office and have it apostilled (not in the PH country but in the country there). Then send to the Philippines. Please do confirm this process with the PH Embassy there.

  24. I have Client for House and Lot, he’s an OFW / Seaman. He wanted to appoint his wife as his Attorney-in-fact, can his wife proceed with Law office and notarize the SPA alone as long as this is originally signed by the Husband? Thanks, hope you noticed my inquiry.

  25. Hello,

    Can you please advise if I need to authenticate a Special Power of Attorney or does notarization suffice. I live in the US and my representative lives in the Philippines.

  26. Goodafter.
    I have planning to get passport my daughter she’s 7 years old but the problem my husband and I we are here in dubai.
    Please guide me how she will get passport without us. Because someone told us that we are need to get SPA.

  27. Hi My parent in-laws thought they were signing a document stating that they were putting the house up for sale. But it turned out they actually signed a.blankmpiec3 of paper. In which tje neighbour then typed on the paper stating she was given power of attorney. In regards to the house. Is there anyway they can contest this in court

  28. I am abroad and i wanted to give SPA to my mother but i was wondering if i can just fax or email a digital copy to them ?

  29. Can an Expat boss can get a Special Power of Attorney for a worker representative in the Phil for a specified purpose like He will buy a car for his worker but has to be under the boss name for security.

  30. Hello! I am a Filipino with a US Citizenship(not a dual). I have inheret a property which was a part of a banana plantation. This is an inheretance from my fathers side.I would like to grant my mother a POA so she can do stuff on my behalf. Considering I am no longer a Filipino Citizen, where should I go to get my mom the POA that we needed. Thank you.

    1. I am a foreigner who has interest in a condo/ in Davao. I want to rent my unit out through an Agent, The Community Administrator just informed me that I need an SPA for my Agent to manage my condo. I am overseas how do I get an SPA for my Agent.?

  31. My dad is in the USA and indeed to grant power of attorney to my aunt in the Philippines. Would we just have to go the Philippine embassy here to have the forms filled out, or can it just be notarized and signed by a lawyer? Also what kind of lawyer would I be looking for?

    1. No need to go to the Embassy. Philippines entered into Hauge COnvention wherein documents can no be notarized, authenticated by a county clerk then apostilled

  32. Hi. My sister, who lives in Dubai, and her boyfriend who now works in Australia, want to give me a SPA to accept their condo during turnover on their behalf (co-owners of condo). Do they individually execute the SPA for me? Or is it ok if her bf sends her a signed SPA and she executes it in Dubai?

  33. Lyza, thanks for posting this article. I live in the United States, and I was told that because of the Apostille Convention and that The Philippines is now part of that Convention as of May 2019, I no longer can get a red ribbon from the Philippine Embassy in Washington, DC, USA.

    Please let me know if your article provides tips before or after the new procedures made possible by the Apostille. Thank you

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