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Guide for Filipinos

A list of articles that consists guide for Filipinos who want to explore the world.

It is no doubt that Filipinos love traveling. Despite the fact that our passport is definitely not that strong, you can still see Filipinos everywhere in the world. Well, except for our Overseas Filipino Workers, Filipino people surely love to explore different countries and regions. For this reason, we have a list of articles that will help Filipinos out there with their plans to travel. 

From travel guides and travel blogs to visa guides, this guide for Filipinos articles can help you with your concern. So what can you expect from these articles? Here’s a quick overview.

Visa Guide for Filipinos

As mentioned, the Philippine passport is not a strong one considering the number of countries that we can visit without the need for a visa. Just a quick fact, Japan passport is the strongest passport in the world according to Henley Passport Index, which grants its holders visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 191 destinations! Wow! Unfortunately, for Philippine passport holders, we need to work harder for us to receive that visa we’re longing for.

Applying for a visa may sound overwhelming and difficult, especially for first-timers. Well, we’re not gonna lie that it is indeed nerve-wracking. Gathering all your documents, preparing yourself for the interview (if it requires), and making sure that everything is settled is totally frightening and sometimes it can make people anxious. For this reason, we decided to help all the Filipinos in need when it comes to applying for a visa.

Schengen Visa, USA Visa, Canada Visa, and visas you need to some Asian countries, we have that. You will learn the needed requirements from main to supporting documents. The step by step guide on what you will need to do after gathering all your documents. And the frequently asked questions during the application. These articles cover all that. And if it’s not enough, you can also choose to apply for a one on one travel coaching with us. It will help you answer all your travel inquiries. Our rent a flight and visa bundle services are also the other options you can choose from if you don’t want too much hassle when applying for a visa. Just make reading a habit and you will learn more all about these.

Travel Guide for Filipinos

If your visa gets approved, it is now time to worry about your travel. Traveling also requires planning, from accommodation to tours, you need to plan it ahead of your travel dates. In short, your itinerary (it’s also one of the requirements when applying for a visa.) Fixing your itinerary is sometimes difficult without enough research. If you know what you want and you have all the information, then it becomes easier. 

With all the list of our travel guide for Filipinos article, you’ll be able to know the best things to do, places to visit (both popular and off the beaten destinations), where to eat, and where to stay in countries or places you want to explore. Not only that but you will also learn travel tips from those articles plus suggested tours wherein you can save more money!

So all you have to do now is to look for your target country and start your travel plan!

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