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Rejected German Visa: My Remonstrance for a Schengen Visa

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor February 21st, 2022 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 650 Comments

“I was too confident.” That’s the greatest realization that slapped my face when I received my passport without the stamped of Schengen Visa from the German Embassy.

It was my second time to apply for a Schengen Visa in the same Embassy. I thought I was prepared enough and can easily get that visa as smooth as my first application. I was wrong.

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Okay, enough with the negativity for a minute. Pause for a moment and try to imagine yourself here:

A little bit more summer-sunshine in Nuremberg, Germany
A little bit more summer-sunshine in Nuremberg, Germany
Winter white excitement!
Winter white excitement!

Relaxing, isn’t it? Those photos can be one of the reasons to attract positive senses and stay motivated even if a rejection comes. Sometimes, depending on every applicant’s case, to re-apply is not the best, immediate solution once you got rejected. There is a way to skip repeating the steps of making an interview schedule, filing your documents, attending the personal interview, and waiting for your passport to be delivered. The answer for a Refusal of Visa is a “Remonstrance”. This process is definitely legal and free, and I can tell the best one.


So, let me boost up your confidence by sharing my experience on how to file a Remonstration (asking for a new decision) of your DENIED SCHENGEN VISA application in LESS THAN A MONTH, and finally step in your feet to where ever Schengen countries in you are routing to.

January 21, 2015

I received the Ablehnungsbescheid (Refusal of Visa Letter/Notification).

“Your application is hereby refused.” I wish that every Schengen Visa applicant will not see this line.
“Your application is hereby refused.” I wish that every Schengen Visa applicant will not see this line.

I know it is heartbreaking to see the letters D-E-N-I-E-D on a paper instead of the newly-attached Visa on your passport, but try to stay FOCUS and READ my following experience.

There are nine general reasons why your application is denied:

There are 9 general reasons for denial
There are 9 general reasons for denial

To make these reasons clearer, the letter provides an outlined “sub-reasons” on why your application was not successful.

The sub-reasons for denial
The sub-reasons for denial

Whatever marked in your Refusal Letter should be clear enough for you to take the next step. Analyze it and if you think that you can OPPOSE THE REASON which the embassy noted and therefore DO NOT AGREE WITH ITS DECISION in denying your application, start to prepare for the filing of your Remonstration.

IMPORTANT: If you deem that the Embassy’s decision is right and you do not have any acceptable reasons and supporting documents for your remonstrance, stop reading this AND START WITH YOUR NEW APPLICATION!

January 22-24, 2015

I crafted my Remonstrance Letter and prepared the necessary documents which support my appeal.

The rejection of my visa application denoted Reason Number 8: “The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.”

I tried to remember what I have said during my interview and could not recall what’s wrong and what’s lacking with the details I have uttered. The supporting reason answered that: “Your purpose of the stay was not substantiated by the documents presented.”

On my second application in January 2015 for a Visitor’s Visa, I submitted the same documents based on my first application in August 2014 and was too confident (like what I have said in the first paragraph of this article. Apologies for saying it again.) that it would give the same result. But I was stupid enough not to consider the big difference on the span of time I am requesting for. I requested for a 21-day stay on my application last year while my 2015 application was a 90-day (the maximum days you can get within six months) multi-entry Schengen Visa. Though I explained that my three-month stay will not only focus on visiting a friend but also academic reasons such as to prepare for the Master’s program I will attend in Hamburg, Germany, by taking a language course, I failed to submit the valid documents on these statements as I focused on the general and basic requirements of a Visa for the purpose of visiting a friend. I opted the Visitor’s Visa as I have a Formal Obligation from a friend in Germany and will then stay in his place so I do not need to present a proof of accommodation. Additionally, acquiring a Schengen Visa for participation in a language course lasting no longer than three months requires an evidence that you have previously attended language courses, which I did not have.

For your reference, here are the links for the list of requirements I needed in applying for a Schengen Visa in Germany, according to my purpose:

For visiting family/friends:


For participating a language course not more than three months:

I prepared a copy of the email from the University, acknowledging the receipt of my application and the schedule of my one-month language course. I needed some days to complete the additional documents and to finalize my Remonstrance letter which includes quite a lot of readings. I wanted to be very sure that time and considered that appeal as my last chance to get the Visa before my confirmed flight on February 16. Generally, the remonstrance letter should include the following:

  • Your full name, date of birth, place of birth, and the number of your passport
  • The date your application was rejected
  • A serviceable address that contains the street name, house or apartment number, City/ Town/ Village, postal code, if applicable: please state your e-mail address
  • The remonstration must be signed by your own hand (a remonstration by a third party e.g. your sponsor, can only be accepted and processed if you have given your sponsor a power of attorney, which is submitted with the remonstration)

January 26, 2015

I sent my Remonstrance letter via email.

For my case, I also asked my friend to support my remonstrance which I guess was helpful as it was written in German. Be sure that your letter and the one you asked to assist you are coordinated.

This is my Remonstrance Letter’s format:

Remonstrance letter format
Remonstrance letter format

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January 27 up to February 12, 2015

These were the days of frustration.

My flight comes closer and no email yet from the Embassy regarding the result of my Remonstration. New plans are coming like starting to prepare my documents again for the new application. To think that was very discouraging because of the long process I need to go through again, plus wasted money and time. Though 85% of me was telling that I need to give up already on that Remonstration result because of the various experiences I am reading in forums that there is really no clear time on how long the Embassy will respond to your appeal, I still decided not to rebook my ticket. There’s still a 15% of me who believes that there will be a result soon anyway, and that, I will fly in some days. I know that waiting for the result was the only thing I can do during those days and try to avoid making follow-ups to the Embassy regarding my appeal.  Asking for an update time by time slows the Embassy’s system and so I encourage every petitioner to BE PATIENT during the process! I guess my patience can only take for two weeks. On February 9, 2015, I sent an email, asking for any information about my plea. I did that because I supposed 14 days after I sent my Remonstration is reasonable enough to ask for an update and my flight would be in seven days then.

February 12, 2015

I set this day as my last day of waiting.

It was Thursday and if the Embassy wants to issue the Visa, it should be on this day so I can have time (on Friday) to bring my passport. My email showed nothing from the Embassy. I decided to arrange my ticket the next day.

February 13, 2015

The “Thank You, Lord!” day.

The "Thank you, Lord!" day!
The “Thank you, Lord!” day!

I welcome each day with opening my eyes and checking emails on my phone. URGENT was the first word I saw. I stayed relaxed as I knew it was not work-related; the people in my freelancing activities have never used the word urgent as a subject of their emails, even though it’s urgent. So… I opened that mail and my 15% hope immediately went up to 100% but ended with 98%. Yes, HOORAY FOR A NEW DECISION! But the 2% disappointment was for the re-booking fee. As indicated in the Embassy’s email, it needs one up to two to three working days to issue my visa. I changed my flight date on February 20, and it was not cheap as I submitted not a reservation ticket but a confirmed one.

IMPORTANT: Do not ever do what I did. Just pass a reservation of round-trip ticket during your personal interview. The Embassy is not requiring an applicant to present the confirmed tickets. I thought I will be approved immediately so I purchased CONFIDENTLY my flights.

February 16, 2015

The day of my departure turned into the day of the submission of my passport and new tickets.

I do not have any idea on how it should be but it turned definitely easy. The Counter 1 in German Embassy is designated for inquiries like mine. The lady just asked the new date of my departure and suggested just to pick up my passport personally because of the holiday on the 19th.

February 18, 2015

“This is it!” Day

My smile on that day while looking my newly-printed Schengen Visa was enough reason to be speechless.


To avoid being denied your application:

  • Allot enough time in applying for a Schengen Visa. Do the personal interview THREE MONTHS before your preferred date of departure, though it is possible to do for ONE MONTH.
  • Prepare and bring all the REQUIRED documents and MIGHT BE REQUIRED. For instance, photos showing how you have known the person inviting you (for Visitor’s Visa and for Formal Obligation). Do not just stick with what is listed from the Embassy’s information sheet.
  • BE CONFIDENT, but DO NOT BE OVERCONFIDENT! It is important to get that convincing feeling for the Embassy Staff during the personal interview. Talk friendly and present your requirements confidently (but not too much).
  • EXTRA TIP: Many visa applications require you to show a full travel itinerary and a verifiable flight reservation in order to process your visa application, but why would you pay for a flight if you’re not sure that you’ll be able to use it? You can make a request for a confirmed and legitimate flight ticket here.

If refused:

  • ADMIT your FAULT if you think you really did mistakes in the application. I believe that Embassy has enough reasons why it did not issue your Visa.
  • DO NOT GIVE UP and FIND THE SOLUTION. Even if no one knows how high the possibility of receiving a new decision is, TRY TO FILE A REMONSTRATION! (as soon as possible). You are only allowed to appeal for one month after the receipt of rejection.
  • Invest LOTS OF PATIENCE. I know how frustrating it is to wait WITHOUT KNOWING EXACTLY WHEN you can receive and WHAT WOULD BE THE RESULT, but be PATIENT! It would be worth the wait!

If your remonstration is not granted:

  • ACCEPT IT and do a new application. Fix your documents and evaluate thoroughly what was wrong.

If you’re feeling stressed with the administrative process of your application, RELAX and SURROUND your mind with inspiring photos of your destination like these:

A part of the East Side Gallery (or the Freedom Wall) in Berlin, Germany
A part of the East Side Gallery (or the Freedom Wall) in Berlin, Germany
Regensburg, Germany
Regensburg, Germany


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650 thoughts on “Rejected German Visa: My Remonstrance for a Schengen Visa

  1. Sad stories, all of you below. (Very) fortunately I have German citizenship acquired by descent (father is German and mother is Filipina) and therefore hold a German passport. Can’t be thankful enough for this privilege. I hope some of you will have the opportunity to visit my country. Sad for those whose visas are refused even after lodging an appeal. Good luck.

  2. Hi there, I read your articile and its really motivating. My mothers visa got rejected with a reason that her intention to come back was ascertain which is totally baseless. After 8 years, I was hoping that my mother would visit me during summer break. Anyways, I am also planning to submit a remonstration letter on my mothers behalf. I was confused either my mother will submit the letter at the consulate from where she got have refusel or we need to send the leeter to Berlin as the refusal letter we received have the address of Berlin in case of remonstration. I would also appreciate if you could give us an idea of what supporting documents we can attached to it. She have a property there and strong family ties as everybody in my family lives there apart from me and my wife.

    I am looking forward to your kind response.

    1. Did your mother recieved Visa after Remonstration? If yes how many days it took overall from the day you submitted Remonstration.

      1. hallo l have a question
        what happened to the dates that you were given on the invitation letter
        Did the German Embassy change them automatically or you have to communicate with the person who is inviting you

  3. Hi
    I have one question……have u got reply at the same day when you sent Remonstration letter through email?I have sent email today but no reply that they received or not??

  4. Greetings dear Poster,
    I’m really motivated with your article, thank you very much for the great piece of work.
    I’m currently in this your former situation. I was denied of German visa, i wrote and submitted a Remonstration letter, Including the file they said, that was missing but over month and weeks now, nothing , no further information and my contract start date is fast approaching: 1st October, please should I write a reminder letter to the embassy again and if yes, pls send me the format.
    Thanks in advance for your respond

  5. Very useful information, really thank you so much for providing such information. I am really glad to see this information.

  6. Thanks a lot, Ms. Jessica Ayun, your inspiration is wonderful and clear,
    I have the same problem, but now your encouragement has bring light back to me to try again, thanks one more time.

  7. Sir , my tourist visa from Austria embassy has been rejected in the month of February 2020 I want to reapply kindly suggest me

  8. Hello there,I applied my Visa and attend the interview date 10/03/2020 ,but the embassy denied to give me the visa..the reason for denial was “there are reasonable doubts as to your intention to leave the territory of member state before the expiry of the visa.. please reply

    1. Hi
      How were you able to sort out your visa. I just had same experience. Did u write a remontrance letter? What are the documents you provided?

  9. Hello Ma’am!

    I just would like to ask if the remonstration you submitted was written in German. I am doing my remonstration – Spain rejected my visa application and wonders if I really need to look for a translator as it was mentioned in the refusal letter that appeal should be written in Spanish. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon.

  10. My name is Jayabal KirthiKa I have applied for Family reunion visa(on 17/12/2019) for Germany to visit my husband who is staying there in Hamburg in work permit from Dec 2017 to till date and his permit going to ended by 29/11/2020 but I got the denial letter for my family reunion visa stating that as per German resident Act we did not fulfil the requirement.
    We got married on 10th Nov 2019 1) First my husband plan to get me there in visitor visa and we applied for that but at that time it got rejected and we thought that there is some mistake in invitation letter so 2) second time also we have applied the visitor visa with proper invitation letter and document as for our knowledge but again it got rejected and both the time the same reason has been mentioned for rejection(Reason: your intention to leave the territory of the member status before expiry of the visa could not ascertained) so after all these he called to Chennai embassy regarding this and they said for wife you should apply dependent visa likewise we applied and the same also got denied by German office.
    We really don’t know what we need to do??? I am alone here and he is staying there and his contract is till Nov 2020 so I really don’t know how to be with my husband and which visa I need to apply to be with him we ask many persons but no one responding us in proper way so I am writing this mail to get the way for reach my husband to stay with him Kindly help us
    And also please guide us which visa we need to apply or by which way I can go and be with him
    Can any one please help in this please

  11. My Visa has been refused for the reason justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided

  12. Hi thank you so much for sharing your experienced about the visa refusal,can I ask what I need to do because the reasons why I am refused is there are reasonable doubts as to my intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of my visa,i just received yesterday my visa application results…

    1. I had the same issue and i wrote a remonstration letter and backed it up with documents to show i have ties to my country like providing proof of a Landed property, if married then a marriage certificate, proof of being self employed. Anything that shows you have a responsibility in your home country. Right now i am in the process of waiting to hear back from the Embassy.

  13. Hello good day, can i ask if i can write a remonstrance letter to german embassy while my sponsor will work on a remonstration in berlin? I just wanna explain my side.
    And in my remonstrance letter, can i mention the things that could go wrong from German embassy, i mean the things i think their mistakes? Because i applied for Language course visa and it should be processed in Germany not in Manila. I had an interview, with complete requirements and they sent me a letter dated a day after my appointment, so it means it took them one day to have a decision for my application. And the refusal letter is only in german, no english translation which he (my german citizen sponsor) thinks very disrespectful plus the fact that they didnt allow my papers to go in Germany first for the decision. I feel like it is a right taken against me coz i paid for visa fee and havent treated as for they do to others.
    Please give me some thoughts, and answer to my question, thank you very much!

    1. where i can send the remonstration letter i mean can someone help me like provide me email address where i can send the remonstration letter in pakistan islamabad embassy

  14. Good thing that you were approved. In my case, since I experienced a series of refusals in VFS Manila for France Schengen visa (less than 2 months), I was finally granted a visa. I never gave up despite I already read the Travel Stack Exchange forums about series refusals and them advising not to reapply.

  15. Hello, I went for an Aupair interview and the feedback from the embassy was stated declined, after reading this it gave me hope again, but if doing a remonstration, can I send them with the remaining documents that I did not bring during the interview?


    Hello there,

    My name is Huseyin and I’m from Turkey, recently I’ve applied twice for a German Visa (Schengen- Business Visa) from Dubai. Unfortunately, I got rejected twice for different reasons.
    I’m the General Manager of a company in DMCC free-zone region, I applied for business visa to attend for our exhibition the parent company whose head office in Turkey is doing an exhibition which will take place in Germany on Feb 2020.
    For the food, hotel and transportation our company in UAE will be sponsoring, we have an invitation from a company in Germany.
    I have given all the documents they asked for as per the check-list including the bank statement of mine and our company.
    In the first application my account didn’t have any sufficient balance, like 4-5K AED.

    First rejection is due to the following reasons:
    • The provided documents are not sufficient to reflect enough means of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay and travel to the Schengen area.
    • Your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.
    • The submitted documents were not able to rule out any doubts in regards to your familial and financial ties in United Arab Emirates.
    After this for the second application the company transferred my bonus amount to my account, like 70k AED.
    I submitted 6-months bank statement and also my company bank statement as well.
    Second rejection is due to the following reasons:
    • The information which was unreliable has caused strong doubts in the true intention of your travel.
    • The submitted documents were not able to rule out any doubts in regards to your familial and financial ties in United Arab Emirates.

    Could anyone please help me to apply for the visa correctly so that I won’t get another rejection.
    Also please suggest, If I can apply for a tourist visa instead of Business Visa to attend the exhibition.
    Let me know please all the possibilities, thanks in advance.


  17. Wooow l have been crying my eyes out, my husband visa was refused due to the fact that they were sure if they reason l gave them was true enough that me being pregnant. So seeing l think l can appeal. Please can l get in touch with you the writer, u save me feeling down

  18. I applied for a student visa and got an approval email on the 29th of November 2019. On that same day, I personally took the travel insurance and passport to the gate of the embassy. I mentioned my travel start date as the 8th of December 2019. Till now, I am yet to get my passport back. why is it taking so long?

  19. I recently went for an au pair interview and i think i got confident and very friendly to the person who interviewed me that i forgot the important points i had in mind that my visa got denied.i feel more encourage now that i have read your article since i will be having my interview again soon.
    Thank you so much for the article
    Greetings from Kenya

    1. I’m glad to hear that as this gives me hope, l got declined today for my aupair Visa and l don’t know how to do a remonstration letter. Do l need a lawyer or l can do it alone?

  20. Hi Jessica Ayun,
    Its great to know about you and your story. i Believe you are able to help me for my Remonstrance letter for German Visa.
    I got refusal letter along with my passport on 10 Nov. 2019 with reason
    “The provided information has caused strong doubts in the true intention of your travel. Your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained. The submitted documents were not able to rule out any doubts in regards to your familial and financial ties in the United Arab Emirates.”
    1- First of all i and my Colleague are going for a business trip from Dubai to Germany for for 5 days.
    2- We have sponsorship letter from a company in Germany.
    3- We are financially support by a local company who’s head-office is in Pakistan. Company is providing for for food, transportation and accommodation in Germany.

    Please guide us write a Remonstrance letter.
    Your help will be a great help for us and we will pay you for this once we will get visa.
    Thanks and waiting for your sooner reply on email address.

  21. Hi. Nag apply kmi sister ko and cousin. Nadeny kmi ng sis ko. Nilagay nmin n support ko sya since 6 months palang sya employed as nurse. Nagpasa ko lhat ng properties and business, itr, bank cert etc…
    Bakit kaya pati ako nadeny?

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  23. My employment visa to Malta got rejected ,stating last two reasons that i wouldn’t come back to my home country ,but as of I got issued a permit to work in Malta and had all the contract papers that was required to prove that I was solely going for the purpose of employment .My contract denotes 2yrs of validity and my company have sent me all the contract papers,accommodation proof ,insurance I got it on my own .but they stated such reason like I m going for employment how will I make them believe that I am going to work there and will leave the territory before the expiry of my visa ,I was thinking of filling an appeal ,On which grounds and what documents should I provide to convince them as I am not going for a travelling purpose .

    1. Hi Pansa, did you made an appeal and got a result?? I am having the same issue related to malta as my visa got refused for malta employment visa.
      I have made a appeal last month to Immigration appeal board, malta.
      The documents i have send them is proof of all my assets in India, property papers to show i have somethings to come back to my home country with all Notary stamp by a lawyer, Family Documents, Return Flight Tickts, all the documents i showed in my 1st application. Just make sure you need to make them beleive what will be the reason when your visa expires and you will come back to your home country.
      Best of luck. As i am as well waiting for a reply from them. Your decision will be taken by Central Visa Unit, malta for will be forward to Immigration appeal board with its decision and they should contact/Email you. Nobody knows the processing time. Least try to wait for a month period.
      All the Best.

  24. Hi…i m from India… I and my husband’s german Schengen visa recently got rejected last week. In India they don’t entertain remonstration mails …they ask for submitting your appeal’s printed copy at Vfs. We are really confused about whether to appeal against the rejection or apply freshly again as we have only 15 days left in traveling to Europe. Pls guide us what to do…..as its really urgent. Tracking is not available for the appeals. We have sufficient proofs against their rejection reasons which we failed to submit earlier. We are just going as tourists with our group of friends.

    1. No point in applying for an appeal. My 3rd rejection came today and I was planning to spend 45 days in Europe and this would have been my 3rd time. File a fresh application if and only if you are sure about showing evidence against the reasons you were rejected for the first time.

      1. hi im pratty from philippines. its my first time to apply for german tourist visa application and it got denied when i received it last sept 12,2019. Iwould like to file a remonstrationbut im worried because my expected flight is on oct 11 and my invitation letter will effect on Oct 10,2019.
        will they deny it again because my invitation letter is about to expire?

        could you reply to my email please

  25. hi. when you sent your remonstration letter by email? do they reply you with an acknowledgement that they received it? Thanks

    1. Most likely no…wait for about 20 days max…they should reply, remind them in 4 days interval…. When was your visa refused? And why?

  26. In the outlined reasons for visa refusal i noticed number 6 was omitted. Please kindly share if you have it. Thanks

    1. hi. when you sent your remonstration letter by email? do they reply you with an acknowledgement that they received it? Thanks

  27. i am very thankful about the experience you shared.. how i wish you could help me with this problem i have. The same story of rejection but I have not prepared the letter and documents yet.. how can i prepare the papers for my daughter and sister who are single.

  28. Hi Jessica, The visa application to France of my son together with her wife was recently rejected. I read many blogs that filing appeal with France court normally just goes to trash. I also read it must be written in French. Can I just ask someone who knows french to transcribe my english letter then i will sign it and also send my signed english letter?

  29. Hi! I am not sure if you have an idea about this question but I’ll give it a try. My Visa is a family reunion visa and they would be able to issue the visa soon as they received my passport. (They gave me my passport back after my application for some reason I don’t know). What I need to submit together with passport is, print email, and planned date of arrival in Germany. I am confused as to how to present it “planned date of arrival” do I just verbally tell them when I plan to go there, type and print it or just purchase a ticket and show it to them? I don’t know if it makes sense to ask this question but I really have no idea.

  30. Hi TwoMonkeys! My mom and I were denied a German visa but instead of a paper given to us, I received a call saying I should just apply at the Spanish Embassy because most of our travel dates are spent in Spain. There was just a sticker on our passport but no letter of denial. is this still a denial? I was about to do a letter of remonstrance but could find no letter of denial with our passports. Thanks!

  31. Hi Jessica,
    After reading your article, I can really say that I am on the same situation as yours.
    I just received my passport from VFS-Global Germany with a letter stating that my visa application is been refused. And it’s under reason No.9 “your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained”. So it means that I didn’t give enough proof that I will return here in the Philippines. I applied for Visitors Visa, my boyfriend sponsored me. He wrote sponsor/invitation letter. I made sure that every requirements are complete. I had travelled to USA, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and just recently at New Zealand. I was thinking why is it I’ve been denied? I have worked here in the Philippines since 2016, and in all my travels I did come back here in Philippines. I am thinking to send a Remonstrance how can I do that ? Do I have to send it through email ? or mail ? incase through mail, do I have to send my passports and any other supporting documents with the letter? Where I am gonna address it, since they do the VFS-Global Services now. And the other thing is , I don’t think I have enough time since as what you indicated in your article it takes 2 weeks and I have to leave on April 6. I will be staying there for only 21 days. I am sorry if I have a lot of questions. But I am looking forward for your quick response. I am just really wanted to visit my boyfriend, his family and friends.

    Thank you so much.

  32. Hi,

    I am really confused on how I go through with applying for a Language Visa and hoping that you can help answer a few questions.

    You see one of the requirements is to prove your rootedness in the Philippines and proof that you will go back home.

    I want to learn to language for future possibility of employment as a nurse in Germany. I am applying for a language visa because I wanted to continue learning the language in Germany instead of here in Manila. It’s more efficient to student there so I can practice the language and be surrounded with Germans speaking the language on a daily basis.

    I also have a German boyfriend, reason why I want to learn the language is so I can be with him and find a job in the future. He will provide my accommodation although he will not be my sponsor because I will be paying for my studies. Meaning I will open a blocked account. Another thing is we don’t have plans of getting married yet.

    Question is, my condition is already contradicting the requirement to prove that I will go back to the Philippines.

    Do you have any advise regarding this matter? Or did you ever encounter the same situation before.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello. Checking if your visa got approved. I have the same questions as yours. Planning to apply a visa (job seeker visa) but with my German boyfriend as a sponsor. TIA.

  33. I got a call from Embassy this morning. But i missed that call as i was driving at that time. Can anyone let me know whether i can get a second call or do i need to do anything from my end.

      1. my call then aq knina kaso di na tumawag kasi mahina signal can affected kya sa pag denied ng visa ko pag ganun..

  34. Hi, The article sums-up nicely, covered good info about visa. If any of you wish to migrate to singapore and need any sort of help related to visa do visit our website.

    Thanks in advance

  35. Hi Jessica

    If you reply quick it could be great i did not known what to do so my story begin LOL

    i am from pakistan i am single 29 years old first time alone I applied for german visit visa for one month for tourism . my interviews was great i was 100% sure then i will get the visa and my one mistake i forget to submit one document my family certificate (i have family left in home country ).. and so they rejected me reason 9 . “after visa expire i will not came back to my home country ” and also mention on rejection letter i did not submit my family certificate …

    so next found this website so applied for remonstrate Appeal in appeal letter i mention i have family in my home country and i live with my parent alone i must came back to my country i have business to run in my country and i also submit my family certificate document so after exact 2 month later today i receive appeal rejection letter again

    that is exact word on the letter.

    “””” your Remonstration does not contain any additional information-documents or documents relating to the rejection marked in Box 9 of the rejection notice-for reasons of Nance and the further explanations provided in the notes to the consolidated financial statements.

    The rejection of your visa application will be made even after a renewed examination from the specified Reasons to maintain. The remonstrations for your children could not be processed due to lack of form validity. I would ask you to understand and regret not being able to send a more favourable message”””

    so that is LOL my question is to ask what kind a document they want for reason 9 i have nothing to show seriously nothing i am blank paper i already provide my business and family what else they need it .
    and also they mention consolidated financial statement i show 18,000 dollar equal business statement in pakistan rupees it valuable money in my country ..

    and seriously what is that mean by “”children lack of form validity thing “” seriously i applied alone i am single unmarried.

    so i am planing to re-appeal to court berlin so what i do necessary to mention on that appeal

    in other hand i can show another 20,000 to 25,000 dollar money to personal account is sitting there for 6 year but they will make objection where you get that money ,, i only can say from business i have proof to show but they never belief that

    I need your Advice .. and i have not intersect to stay out of my country i am very happy in my country

    1. And i just Realize that they call Nance me mean i am gay .. what i am very offended this rejected

      i kick there ass with my next appeal letter

      “Sorry my not good “

  36. Hi Jessica,

    What if I’ll apply for a language visa good for 3months but no longer employed in the Philippines by that time? Do you think it will be an issue? Of course with the formal obligation from my German husband. We think of applying for the Visa for Family Reunion while in Germany. Hope to hear your thoughts about this.

  37. Hello, miss Jessica! Thank you for this blog! I’ve commented somewhere to people’s comments but I just wanna make my own separate comment again just to make sure you’ll be able to see it. Haha. Anyway, me and my grandma are set to apply for a Schengen visa accompanied by my tita and her Dutch husband this September. Hopefully, we are to travel to the Netherlands in December, if visas approved. This is like my tita’s graduation gift to me. And also for the reason na my grandma will have someone with her on the way back home to the Philippines. The overall trip is sponsored by her husband, which is a Dutch national and we are gonna stay at their residence mostly during the trip. The plan of stay is 3 months. My concern is, I am a fresh college graduate, just last June. No past job experiences & currently unemployed. Not enrolled either as I am not pursuing further studies yet soon either. Don’t have any title under my family or mother’s name either. Except sa lola ko, mother’s side. But we don’t carry their surname. So this means I lack the document that will prove my “deep-rootedness” or a legitimate reason that I am going back to the Philippines. But I am definitely going back naman po talaga because I have responsibilities to attend to, my family, take civil service exam, possibility of pursuing a masters degree, and at the same time find a job to somehow support my siblings studies. I need to help financially to my family. My question: is SHOW MONEY by the sponsor and return ticket not enough? What are the chances of my visa application given that I lack this very one document? Yan lang po talaga, no proof of “strong ties”. And this is my first time to travel abroad, by the way. I’ve been dreaming about this my whole life & now that I have the opportunity, being denied of a Schengen visa is the last thing I wanted. I am really praying for it huhu.

    I really hope I can get a reply from you. It would be very helpful. Thank you!

    1. I eecomment NOT to apply for any Schengen Visa at german embassy if you do NOt earn at least the equivalant of 4000 EUROS per month in your country and be able to proof that this is the case since years, if you are not a steward, seaman or if you did not at least get allready 3 times a Schengen Visa.

      Waste of money, time and nervs. German embassys in PHILIPPINES (the worst), PAKESTAN and INDIA and AFGHANISTAN WONT ! give Schengen visa anymore! Be aware!

      The reason is simple: the right wring in Germany did scare the politics in that country so harshly, that all visa applies now are rejected, really almost all.

      My advice:

      Chose a visa free country for you OR chose an other EU country as Greece or Poland…

      Germany wont change its weird Visa policy next years. Thank you stupid AFD!

      1. My sister got her Schengen visa from French embassy. During her first try last August 13, the visa was not granted due to 2 reasons” justication and purposes are not reliable and her comeback to Philippines is ascertained. what I did is review again her requirements and did her cover in a very personalize way and add other supporting documents. after preparing all the necessary preparations, I applied her after 2 days. AND THANK GOD HER VISA WAS APPROVED! WE WILL SPEND HER BDAY IN EUROPE.


  38. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for your article. I am applying for a national visa for Germany from the German embassy at Paris. And I luckily got a 9 am appointment for the very next day, after weeks looking for a cancellation. Sadly, I don’t have photocopies of a document of mine. I know this is a silly question, but do you know if there is a photocopy machine at the German embassy at Paris.

    1. Hi Salwa,
      At what time were you checking for cancellations? I am trying to get one for almost 2 weeks. Please help!

  39. HI,

    My parents applied for schengen visa through German embassy, Delhi. There application was rejected and no reason was marked in the rejection letter. Their application was proper. All the required documents were attached. My parents are retired and over 60 years of age.

    I called the embassy many times but I can not contact the visa cell as nobody picks the phone. I have written many mails but I never get a proper response. Finally I have written them a letter for remonstration.

    I am waiting for a response from them. What should I do. My parents have their flights in 30 days.

    I never expected this from German embassy. They should be a little more considerate about senior citizens. They can at least provide a reason of rejection so that it can be corrected next time.

    1. Hi Kunal
      Di you get any reply from them.
      Mine is the same case and we are waiting for the feedback.

  40. Hi! Just wanna know if your hotel location might be a cause of denying your visa?

    As I got a call today from the embassy and he ask me some questions related to my application. Everything was good but when it comes to my accommodation, he told me that my hotel location is too far from Paris (my target place to be visited but not only this) since I booked my hotel in Chez Josephine, Metting France (400km away from Paris) as I found this hotel the cheapest and I was on rush booking it just to arrange my following documents not knowing the exact place is too far. But I actually planning to rebook it once i got my visa, however, I didn’t inform the staff as I don’t think it’s a good answer so I just told him that it’s fine for me and no worries even if its 400km away.

    Please advice. Thanks in advance!

  41. Thank you for your inspiring article; I chanced upon it after my German student visa was denied. It gave me a lot of hope. I did the remonstration. There was a lot of back and forth – took about a month and a half in all. But I’m happy to say that I have my visa today! Live in Ghana. Thank you!

    1. My Student visa application to pursue masters in Germany was denied due to doubts about the secured financing of my stay in Germany. Am actually trying to appeal with some additional documents which is an investment statement. Please can you assist me on all the required process. Thanks

  42. This blog is informative. Through it, I learn that rejection is a normal routine by German/Other Embasies. Ok, I got rejected here in Nigeria, and I wonder how and why should I be rejected. However, based on what I see here, I realize that, it is very very normal. The interviewer, (looks Nigerian to me, and you know in Nigeria we do things differently) pressed on the amount of money he saw in my account, just some few days to my trip. He said he felt its unnatural for the money to be there. I felt really bad. How could he assume that. Very negative of him. I think the money in my account, whether natural or artificial, does it matter to them? My trip is academic and all the supporting documents were attached. He didn’t even give much value to the hip of documents presented. Thanks and best wishes.

  43. This blog is informative. Through it, I learn that rejection is a normal routine by German/Other Embasies. Ok, I got rejected here in Nigeria, and I wonder how and why should I be rejected. However, based on what I see here, I realize that, it is very very normal. The interviewer, (looks Nigerian to me, and you know in Nigeria we do things differently) pressed on the amount of money he saw in my account, just some few days to my trip. He said he felt its unnatural for the money to be there. I felt really bad. How could he assume that. Very negative of him. I think the money in my account, whether natural or artificial, does it matter to them? My trip is academic and all the supporting documents were attached. He didn’t even give much value to the hip of documents presented. Thanks and all the best.

  44. I got this reply from embassy now after my remonstration i dont know what to expect

    Dear Sir,

    Please be informed a decision has been made on your remonstration and you may proceed to the Embassy during our collection hours.

    Thank you

    1. Hi
      I applied for France visa and somehow they refused to give me and to my daughter who is a minor. The reason for the refusals is “Your intention to leave the territory of the Member State before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.” I am really upset because I only wanted to visit a friend who is sponsoring us. And of course to see the beautiful places in France and to relax my mind. He gives all the documents needed by the embassy but in the end we get nothing. What will I do, my intended trip actually is April.
      Hope you can help me because it seems I lost my confidence and stop believing myself. Thanks.

      1. The same situation for my friend too. She is a Civil Servant (Teacher) and visiting Germany for the wedding of her sister’s son. The visa was refused with the same remark of “Your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not ascertained’ It looks unrealistic. She had already got the leave from the Head of her department and the visa period applied is also within the same period. In addition she is leaving her husband and children in her home country. She wants to re-apply and see how it works?

        1. I just got mine today with the same letter of disapproval. In my case I am self-employed so I used all my document upon the interview. I don’t know what other documents I can show them from my business, but I know those all helped. I have some sidelines like helping in my partner’s business, back office support and accounting, but I am not officially employed. I wonder if I can have him write a letter stating that I’ve been helping around, or something that will show them I am needed to come back. I also host a couple of properties in Airbnb for 2 years now. I’m a co-host, but I don’t know if they will consider it. Some advice would be greatly appreciated!

        2. Germany does not respect to take Schengen Visa anymore. Forget it unless you are not really really rich… simple as that.

    2. Please how did you get the email address to send your appeal. I was always rejected and I want to send an appeal

  45. Hi Jessica…I applied a visit visa of gemany but it was refuesd….and the reason is the #8
    plese guide me what i do

  46. It is a very advantageous post for me. I’ve enjoyed reading the post. It is very supportive and useful post. I would like to visit the post once more its valuable content. Thanks for sharing this so interesting post! I really want to be thankful for the way you have put it here.

  47. Hi!!

    Thanks to you Jessica for such a special thing that you have explained on your blog, i am Pakistani national and the resident of Saudi Arabia since 10+ years still working with same company through out these 10+ years, i really want to visit EU as tourist as my other office friends each holidays going for tours in different countries which really make me curious to do so and visit too.

    Unfortunately i dont have any travelling history the rest i can provide all the checklist for France tourist visa to french embassy . my question is if i would apply with out any travelling history? because few of my friends say they will not give you visa as your traveling history will really matter and i dont have any travelling history so therefore kindly advise me should i waste money and time for making travelling history or should i directly apply for France tourist visa ?

    The thing i can provide below as per the check list of France tourist visa requirement but still i am afraid after listening my friends .

    -Passport + photos
    -copy of residential permit (IQAMA)
    -Introduction letter from employeer
    -Bank statements for 4 months ( lols even for 10 years)
    -Exit Re-Entry issued by the Govt of Saudi Arabia on behalf/request of my employeer
    -Confirmed returned ticket (Air France) is this point really plus points if i book with air France?
    -Confirmed reservation in Paris.

    shall be thanks full for you kind reply.

    Best Regards

  48. Hi,

    I was rejected German Visa last Wednesday and after read your blog, I had to write a remonstrance letter right away when your words are so powerful. I am truly traveler and then that result made me feel upset a lot. I sent my letter without expectation because my flight is coming soon. However, it was unbelievable that after 1 night, they replied my email and set up an interview . Although most of information I had read before that the embassy would re-check and inform later(which that have no interview), I was happy that I have the chance to know what happened to my application.

    Thanks for your words again 🙂

    1. Hi How many weeks did you wait for you to be informed that your visa is denied from the day of application? Thank you..

  49. Hey Jessica

    My Scheme visa for Germany got refused stating the same reasons as yours. I went through your remonstrance and appealed with new supporting documents through mail.
    They called me in 3 days to interview me. Of course I went. They clarified what they had to and gave me the visa for 90 days inspite of appealing for 30 days.
    Thank you so much
    Your post helped a lot!!

    1. Hi DIV,

      I also got the same issue like you. They also set up the interview with me. Next week, It will happen while I have no idea what will go on because I asked them if I needed to submit any documents and they said no. So I really worry about my application.

      What did they ask you in the interview? Could you please share with me some tips?

      Thanks so much in advance.

  50. Thank you for this article. My fiancee is worried that her visa request gets denied because we already booked the flight for February. Is it a problem to provide a booked flight ticket or does it look to confident to the embassy so that it would be better just to hand in a flight reservation?

  51. Hi, Jessica!

    Does the scanned support remonstration letter from the sponsor aside from my own sponsor needs an SPA from any lawyer in Germany since he is there? or I will have it notarized by a lawyer here? I hope to receive a response from you as I plan to file remonstrantion letter on Monday.

    Thank you very much!

  52. Hi, I will be applying for a Schengen visa for the 2nd time to visit my dutch boyfriend. But instead of ‘visiting family and friends’ category, its going to be ‘tourist’ category this time. This is because my previous sponsor is terribly ill at the moment. So, should I present to the Dutch embassy that I will be staying at my boyfriend’s house (no hotel reservations)?
    Thank you.

  53. I am also very stressed out !! I have applied for a Schengen Tourist Visa for 90 days for myself and my daughter. My spouse is travelling on business for these 90 days and thus he has applied for a Business Visa. We want to accompany him in this trip and have a holiday in Germany. I have given all supporting documents but am afraid after reading this.

  54. Thanks,Jessica for the enlightening information provided.
    I received my rejected information on 17th march 2017.
    There and then,i sat and wrote and presented my appeal.
    My sponsor also wants to write and present his own appeal on my behalf too.
    Do you it will be helpful in any way if two separate appeals are sent to the embassy for the same purpose?

  55. Hello po,

    I applied for a visitor German visa twice and got denied twice too (parang double dead po. ouch! HAHAHA) for the same reason, #9. Now, the first denial, I didn’t appeal for a remonstrance. And, the second denial, I appealed it. I sent the email last March 10, and I got no reply from the embassy. I was thinking na, maybe because it was Friday and I submitted the email around 7 PM which is hindi na office hours. Pero po, almost 1 week ago ko na po na send iyong email, wala pa din akong natanggap na reply.

    Normal po ba iyon? Advice naman po what’s best to do…

    Thank you.

  56. Hi Miss Jessica,
    I need your advice.I applied visiting a friend/bf visa for 90 days.My interview was last Feb 22 and I got a result of ReFusal of Visa yesterday March 3. The German embassy marks no.9. I dont have work here but I have one son. The woman in the embassy asked me if I have children,then i said I have one but she didn’t ask for proof or birth certificate. If I include my sons birth certificate on the documents,the result could be different? My bf wants me to file a remonstration? What shall I do?Pls help me

  57. Hello,

    i and my brother applied for a visiting VISA and was rejected just on the 20th of December 2016 it was rejected and article 9 was stared we cant just help i was we could need your help

  58. Hello,

    I have just appeared for a dependent visa interview on my husbands student visa. During the interview the executive asked me to provide birth certificate and blocked account details over email.
    Mail 1: I sent to them my birth certificate and informed them that I have initiated process for opening blocked account.
    Mail 2 I have sent letter showing blocked account is opened but account number generation is in process. The letter from bank says Student Name,. But I have applied for dependent visa.
    My questions is will this be a concern that it say student before my name?
    I will have to resend a mail with account number.. Is multiple emails going to be a disadvantage?

  59. What do mean on my tracking from 2go.
    I looked it at online travking number and it says there shipment details
    Status: is undelivered- refused to accept as per staff?
    What it means?

  60. Hi po Ms Jessica

    Matanong kulang po kasi na Refuse din yong pag kuha ko nang Schengen Visit Visa 90 days po para po sana doon ako mag Christmas at mag New year sa Boyfriend ko ang sakit po na makita na refuse Visa. Interview date ko is on November 14,2016 din ngayon araw din hinatid yong passport ko. At ang Na mark X sa akin ay about the intention on why you leave the Territory (9) and about My Rootedness here in the Country since I don’t have work yet at di rin ako nag aaral wala along anak pwede po din Ba akong Gumawa nang Remonstrance Letter?.

    Thank You Po and I hope you Can Answer me☺☺☺

  61. Hi! My husband and i just recently received our denied schengen visa from netherlands embassy. Reason is justification for the purpose and condition of the intended stay was not provided, the information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and condition of the intended stay was not reliable. Our purpose is to spend our honeymoon in europe and the travel angency made the flight reservations, itinerary, insurance and accomodation. The itinerary compose of netherlands, germany and italy. The interviewer asked us why we didnt include paris in our itinerary since its a popular honeymoon destination. Honestly, we would love to go to Paris but we just justified the itinerary made for us by the travel agency. And once the visa is approved we were supposed to make some changes. We are scheduled to live on oct 25 but it seems that if we try to appeal it will take some time. Is it advisable to stick with itinerary and just mention that in case it will take some time to process our appeal we are willing to adjust the itinerary etc or just submit a new itinerary and reservations and dates with time allowance included in our appeal. Any advise or help will be appreciated. Im finding difficulty finding resources about applicants applying for remonstration thru netherlands embassy and the letter should be sent to netherlands. Pls advise. Thank u!

  62. Tanong lng po mam.3times na po ako na refuse sa schengen country visit visa application.1from Sweden and 2from German imbassy pwedi po ba ako mg apply ulit?at ilang months po ba ako pwedi mg apply uli?thanks and God bless

  63. Dear Jessica
    Thanks a lot for the post.I would like to ask regarding my case as I have just now got rejection of my Schengen Visa to Germany and the reasons obviously Para8 and Para 9 of the coloumn.
    Its was the second time my visa got rejected after Feb 2014.
    Now please suggest me if again Remonstation will help me get the visa and within how many days.

  64. Hi! Received the refusal letter today and it says that “Sufficient justification for the purpose and circumstances of the intended stay was not provided. Although you have stated that the primary place of residence during your trip is in the member state of destination you indicated, this is not supported by the documents submitted”
    Can someone help me what does it mean please? We submitted itineraries and also hotel bookings which under my sponsor’s name. I dont understand why they denied for #2 reasons where we submitted hotel bookings but hotel bookings was under my sponsor’s name. Please help me what does the refused reason means

    1. Hello ! Is your sponsor an EU citizen ? If yes u should have formal obligation letter from ur sponsor. Since the hotel reservation is not under ur name u should have atleast some proof that you are related to him/her. May i also ask when did u applied ur visa? I have been interviewed last tuesday but i submitted my lacking documents last wed. I am expecting to rcve my passport atleast tomorrow but i called 2go courier today and it seems that they dont have my passport yet. I am quiet nervous thou this is my 5th time to applied for visa. Thanks

      1. Hi! Yes my sponsor is EU citizen. He was the one who sponsored me and its my second time getting a visa, first was granted and second one was refused. We’re travelling around schengen countries, we applied at netherlands where our point of entry is as well as where we staying the longest. I also applied in netherlands last year and it was approved. I dont understand this time was denied. I dont know if its because the hotel name is not under my name. My sponsor is my bf same as last year we submitted everything but they still denied it for the reason of purpose and condition of intended stay was not sufficiently demonstrated, so i really dont know what went wrong. What about you, all 5 applications were granted?

        1. Hello , i just recieved my passport yesterday. Thanks God everything went well 🙂 i have another 60 days visa validity. Anyway about your case .. i wonder why u guys provided hotel accomodation if your bf is eu citizen, since u applied visa at netherlands embassy ur bf must be dutch right ? and if u have formal obligation i think u don’t need hotel reservation because u will be staying in his place and that all ur expenses will be covered by him. On my opinion i think u somehow confused ur interviewer. As for me i have my formal obligation from my german bf and even i will travel to different part of europe i dont mentions any of these to the embassy bacause i dont want to confuse them. I just always answered them that i will visit my boyfriend nothing else.Anyway this is just my opinion ..:) just remember everything during ur interview u might get a clue why u have been rejected this time 🙂 Goodluck

          1. Hi Map! Congratulations on your visa. No he is not a dutch. He is italian working for 12 years in swiss. We applied in Netherland because we will also going to Netherlands to have a vacation, that is where my point of entry is and also the longest were staying at. 9 days amsterdam and 3 days rotterdam thats why we applied in Netherlands. During the interview i remember they sent me away because two of the hotel dates were wrong but we booked again and i came back. I dont know if i should appeal or reapply because the reason for denial is #2 it says “Sufficient justification for the purpose and circumstances of the intended stay was not provided. Although you have stated that the primary place of residence during your trip is in the member state of destination you indicated, this is not supported by the documents submitted.. where in fact we submitted hotel bookings and we also stated im going to stay in my bf home in swiss for 8 days only. The only reason i can think of is the hotel booking is not under my name, not sure though if thats the reason of my denial., thank u for answering me Map. Again congrats and happy trip

  65. Hi Jessica! My spanish student visa was denied. Luckily, the articles I did not meet were presented in the refusal letter. What I did is I checked the Spanish articles and looked at the specific points i was not able to accomplished and lead me to being denied. I hope I was able to prove my eligibility. Now, I’m waiting for the results. I haven’t seen any successful case like mine online, though. I’m hoping for positive results.

  66. My husband is EU member. He visited me recently in our home country to return to Germany on October. So I applied to travel with him because I will be on leave that period but my visa was rejected because of incomplete documentation and that they are not sure of funding of my stay during my 5weeks duration. During my interview, I told them that my trip would be finance by my husband. Now my husband is not in Germany to collect the evidence of financing the stay but has savings in our home country. Please what do I do

  67. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for writing this article. I applied for Schengen visa twice and got rejected twice. But this was 10 years ago. Now I want to try my luck again. I’ll be visiting my cousins in the Netherlands. These are the things I would like to submit to prove my “rootedness” to the Philippines:

    1. COE with approved LOA (no ITR though and just 5 mos. in the company)
    2. Property with title (I co-own with 4 other friends)
    3. Stocks and mutual funds invested in the Phils.
    4. Life insurance

    Do you think this will be enough?

    Thanks again.

  68. Hi,how did you get your appointment? I had trouble to get my appointment.. I’ve been trying so many times. Please help me what I need to do in order to get an appointment. Is there anyway to get an appointment beside in online base?thanks

  69. Hi and thank you for writing this. My friend is experiencing the same problem of a rejection based on the 9th reason (embassy is not sure he will leave when his visit is finished). We have chosen to do the remonstrance as you did. But this time, I (the guy in Germany he wants to come visit) learned about the Formal Obligation (which I did not know about in the beginning). So, I have a a question for you: Did you German friend supply you with the Formal Obligation when you applied the first time? And you were still denied? Or, did he do that when you made your remonstrance? I thought we had nothing to lose so I prepared the Formal Obligation on my side and sent it to him, and it was included along with the remonstrance letter. I would love to know the answer about that in your situation. Thank you in advance for responding.

    1. Hello John! My friend provided a Formal Obligation for both applications. Regarding the reason of rejection, better let your friend to show bank accounts and/or documents, showing the rootedness in his/her country.

      1. Hi Jessica,
        I applied for visitors visa in Germany embassy Nairobi Kenya on 31st January 2018 and after 8 day I got a refusal letter. The reason for refusal was number 8.

        I was in Germany 2016, was invited with my for Man friend now my fiancee had invited me. I have appealed on 15th of this month but I haven’t heard anything from the embassy, am supposed to travel 12th of March to Germany.

        Plz advice me what to do.

        Thanks in advance.


    2. Thank you for your reply Jessica. Just one last question: your friend’s Formal Obligation was a personal letter or was it the “Verpflichtungserklärung” document formally stamped by his city?
      Thanks in advance, John

  70. Hi, i send my remonstration letter last july 1, When is the right time to follow up?, because until now i haven’t receive mail from them. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi, when you wrote your remonstration did you have any support letter ? what should be the format for the support? thankyou for your answer..

      I will be writing my remonstration for my au pair visa and i want to ask my host mother to support my remonstration, i follow the format jessica provided above but i don’t know how should my host mother will write hers, ..

      1. Hi Leraj.. ask lang na approve na ba visa mo as aupair?? Apply kasi sana ako aupair visa may host family na ako., ang kinakatakutan ko lang kasi nag apply ako noon ng tourist visa tapos na refuse. Mag conflict kaya yan?

  71. hi i just wanted to ask if I am authorising my sponsor pertains to the persons inviting you from germany or is it a lawyer?? thanks

  72. I applied for schengen visa to Germany to visit my friend and go to attractive places in Germany on 1 April 2016 but got refual. I did remonsration letteron 27 April but reply yet. It is sad for not even response to acknowledge the complaint letter.

  73. Thank you very much for describing your experience in such detail and giving a template letter! It helped me eventually get my visa after a decline.

  74. I am in this situation right now. I have submitted my remonstration letter last June 9,2016 and I received an email from the German Embassy saying that they are reviewing my application. Today marks the last day of my waiting time since my departure date is on sunday, june 26. If theres still no reply from them, I need to do my plan C (because my plan B is the remonstrance) I am praying hard that they would reply as soon as possible so that I could catch up with my schooling if they reject me. Did you get an email too saying that they are processing your application?

      1. Hello jessica
        You heading speak for me i was so confident cos i wanted to renew my 2yrs shengen visa.
        But i did messed up i did not submit my travel Insurance and my fight reservation date was wrong too.anywayz in 4 days i got my passport back no visa just refusal letter.
        I know i messed up so im just going to re apply cos its basicaly my fault.please whay type of letter can i include with my application.

        This is the reason for refusal
        You have not submitted the documents required to verify their rooting in Nigeria, which are required by the visa procedure. For this reason, it can not be ruled out.

        The documents you submit do not allow a sufficient economic roots to be established in Nigeria

        The documents submitted by you are not suitable for the purpose of adequately supporting the specified employment / study period

        Your data do not allow a sufficient family ties to Nigeria.

        So im intending to acd the document of my property and my car. With every other document requested.

        Im thinking i should get a lawyer to write on my behalf apologizing for my negligence

        Please any clue will be appreciated too

  75. Hi Jessica. I had my interview last June 15. I am very nervous if my visa will be accepted or not. I submitted a formal obligation, invitation letter, a medical insurance from Germany. I also submitted the printed copy of our e-mail conversation as well as the our photos together with my sponsor. My sponsor is a German national, and also the founder of the foundation who sent me to college. I also submitted the screenshot of their posts about me on their website in German language. What I am afraid of is that the interviewer asked me if what am I applying for and I said a tourist visa and she calmly said that a tourist visa is different from a visitor’s visa. But I wrote on the letter that I am requesting for a tourist visa. Do you think I have a problem with that?

    1. H Angelica! Could you get a visa? Yes, tourist visa is different from a visitor’s visa. Generally, visitor’s visa is for those who have sponsors. 🙂

  76. Hello miss Jessica,

    Pls I need your help nag apply po ako ng schengen visa sa German embassy. Na interview po Ako noong June 9, narecieve k ngayong umaga ang passport k with attachment letter n my visa is hereby refused in the reason of number 9. Intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained. Anu po kaolangan kung gawin.

  77. Hi anyone knows if I am able to do this with the italian embassy as well? I got a refusal letter for my tourist visa and reason 8 and 9 are ticked which is a bit confusing since I showed them papers that I will be studying there in september and just wanted to visit as a tourist first. can any one help how I can appeal at the italian embassy?? I am scared that this might affect my student visa application which is nearing. Please anyone?

  78. Hi! This is very helpful. I am also in the same situation right now. However, I am not sure of the reason why my visa was denied. In the letter of refusal that the embassy sent me, they dis not put a mark to any of the reasons stated (in your case, they marked reason #8) but in my letter, there is none. Maybe you have an idea on what I should do? Should I clarify it to the embassy? Or just directly send an appeal letter? (Even if I am not really sure of the reason why I was denied). I hope you can help me with this. Any information would be a great help. Thank you very much.

    1. Hello Maying! You can’t submit an appeal letter if you don’t know the reason of rejection. I assumed you did a clarification first?

      1. Hi jessica my husbandgotbhis passport and a letter saying that his visa for applying a schengen visa to visit denmarki just want yo ask what is the first thing we should do?

  79. Hi,
    Thank you for such sharing information blog, i need to ask something,as below
    As my parents got refusal on visit visa, however i am graduating this June so had intention to invite my parents for my graduation, they submitted their all documents on 3/05/2016 and on 12/05/2016 they got an refusal letter by mentioning reason of “the embassy is afraid that you parents plan to not come back to Pakistan. It says particularly that they assume this because both of your parents want to come”
    on 18/05/2016 my parents handover remonstration letter to the embassy by mentioning strong reasons and was in German version,on 19/05/2016 they also sent a fax of a attested letter from Pakistan Court to the embassy on 19 May by mentioning assurance of their return to Pakistan, till now no answer!
    my graduation will be held on 3/06/2016,
    so what should i do next or should i sent that remonstration letter via email,
    need your suggestions,
    many thanks

  80. You are a great writer. I thank you very much for all the detailed information. Let me use patience and see if I can get a good reply from the German Embassy in Nigeria.

  81. I find your post very helpful, I’ve been reading this whenever I want yo give up already, I applied for a schengen visa to Sweden thru the Norwegian embassy and got denied, and now I’m appealing their decision, I was told to wait for five months and its a month over now, I’ve ask for an update with them but they didn’t give me an answer up until now.

  82. Dear Jessica Ayan,

    I read the information you have provided at above and am impressed by your instruction provided. Hereby, my visa was rejected from German Embassy with marking the section# (9) “your intention to leave the territory of member states before expiry of the could no be ascertained”.

    Based on information you have provided above, I am preparing my remonstration letter and want to be checked by your side before submitting to embassy. Do you have time to please assist me in this regards.
    I am Arshad Khan from Kabul – Afghanistan.

  83. Hi Jessica! If your visa is denied, will they stamp your passport with the word denied? And if you get denied at the German embassy but you filed another application at the France embassy and it is approved, will you be able to travel to Germany?

  84. Dear Jessica Ayun
    I applied for a Schengen Visa on 8th April to visit Poland under Erasmus program (Internship) the Turkey Embassy. Since my application, I have been checking the progress on their website but it still indicates it is being processed.
    My internship letter states that I am to start working from 20th June 2016 to
    19th August 2016. My flight ticket (return) show the date of travel is 15th June and return date is 26th August. My insurance covers the same dates as my travel dates (15th June to 26th August). I gave bank statements and scholarship letters indicating that I receive monthly stipends from the government. I also gave letter from university stating that I will receive an Erasmus grant.
    What do you think could be the reason for the long time (1 month) it is taking them to process my visa?
    Could the internship dates difference with flight booking dates be the reason for further scrutiny? and can they deny me a visa based on that?
    I previously traveled to Spain on Schengen visa and the processing took only four days, but the Polish one seems to be taking too long. No time frame!

  85. Hello admin could you please help me that i want ot apply for business visa fro germany any suggestion which type of paperz required?

  86. Hello miss Jessica
    Sana matulungan mo ako regarding sa pag aapply ng schengen visa, yo visit my sister in Germany she worked there as an aupair and her employer willing po to send here such documents needed like invitation letter, and bank statements to show her employer have enough to sustain while I’m staying there.jobless po ako and I’m concerned the requirements in no.7 about the rootedness. Paano po pag walang income tax return? And the no.8 to I need to comply this I’m already 30years old. With out ITR is it possible to get visa?

  87. This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Thank you!

  88. Hi Jess,

    I applied for Italian tourist visa on March 22,2016, its been 20 days and I still didn’t received any feedback from the Embassy whether it is approved or rejected. My sister just got the visa in just 2 days. But for me, its been 20 days and the vfs cannot give me an exact feedback. I emailed the embassy already but no reply was received. It is so frustrating, we can’t prepare our plans because of my visa.

  89. Hi! Thank you for this blog 🙂 It was indeed a great help. I was rejected also when I applied for my schengen visa for Norway. I follow and used your format and luckily my appeal was granted. God Bless. and Thanks again 🙂

  90. Hi

    We have applied for the shenanigan visa & it got refused two times & we have already booked our tickets reason for return was same both the rimes that is no -8 .
    Pls suggest what to do ,because as per the requirement we have submitted all the documents .

    Priya Jain

  91. hi i’m applying for visiting friend visa this month, i was invited by a friend and ill be staying for one month, it will be my first time, my host wrote me an invitation letter that i would give to the german embassy, he will sponsor me and paid all expenses, my question is the invitation letter is enough? how can i show that my host can provide me financially? by the way, he refused me to give a formal obligation, what other type of proof that i can show that he can sustain our living within the days of my stay.. will a bank statement of him will be enough? please do take noticed of this thank you very much.

  92. Hi Jessica,

    I have an schedule interview in German Embassy come in April 14, 2016 but I’m afraid because I have no reservation for round trip yet and no Health Insurance as well here in Philippines. I have only formal obligation and other documents from my aunt (the person who invited me to visit Germany) including her payslip as she will be responsible for my expenses and accommodation. Please help me every details that I need to prepare before the interview. Is the property named by my Mother enough? Do I need to resched the said Interview for prepration purposes?

    Thank you so much!!! your blog is really helpful.. Keep it Up!!! 🙂


  93. Hi, am Everlyne Owiti , I have applied for visa for Swiss and my hos appealed and it was rejected. I have another friend inviting me to Getmany but Am scared they will definayelly refuse because the firs application they said they dont think I will leave the schegen area when the visa expires.What can I do?

  94. OH MY GOSH FRIENNNNND!! I did not wait for 6 months na for my Norway visa appeal approval. My sister receives the letter! they grant my visa na! waaa!! funny how roller coaster to apply for schengen visa. but I wont leave on March 29 (as my first decision) maybe by June or July pa. haha still Praising the Lord!! 😀

    Thank you for this blog and thank you for your encouragement!! 😀

  95. hi
    I have applied german visit visa(schengen visa) twice and it got rejected reason(no 3) you have not provided sufficient funds and i have shown 6 lakh RS for(2adults and 2 childern) and my sponser has shown 20,000 euros. first time they rejected it with stamp and second time just a refusal letter without any stamp.i have my all tkt and hotel booking some of them non refundable…please do help me what to do i am very worried.

  96. Hi Jessica,

    This will be my fourth time to travel to Germany however, applying for the visa is nerve-wracking every time especially the fact that I got rejected on my third visa application and had to send a remonstration letter which took the embassy 6 months to decide and finally grant me a visa.

    My concern now is this: I am still employed by the German office and doing my work from home here in PH, this of course does not require me to pay taxes. Question is, the business visa requirements states that “i.e. most recent income tax return, certificate of employment (including your employer’s full name,…….)” I do not have an ITR. Do you think I will get denied if I don’t submit the ITR? I do have the coe, Invitation letter, and can even attach my work contract to support the fact that I am employed and need to go back and conduct business in PH.

    I’m definitely traumatized from that last rejection since we had to wait 6 months and push back training schedules and projects just for that visa and although the next travel is still in August, we decided to start re-applying next month to give us some time in case I get rejected again and will have to submit a remonstration letter.

    Hope to hear from you,

    1. Hi m, sorry to jump in. I know someone who is a freelance writer and works for European organizations. In her case, because she is a freelancer, the new rule now states that freelancers are like single proprietors. So they have to register as a business and go through the registration process. Then they will also need to file taxes that apply to single proprietorship. So she can freely and easily apply for visas because she has her “business” ITR. Not sure if that is the same setup you have.

  97. Hi I am writing this from different context. we selected and prepared volunteers to send to Germany with all necessary papers. The application is rejected with the reason that the letter of motivation is convincing; and the german language knowledge is not sufficient. Actually the German Government letter that langauge is not a barrier to travel and give visa is there for this program. We are planning to remonstrance the issues.

    If any suggestion and experience please share.


  98. .hi I and my children were rejected visa to join my husband in Belgium. the reason for the rejection is that my husband does not have a job at that time and my children were not registered immediately after birth, l am about to reapply again. please advice me on how to go about it this time.

  99. Okay lang ba na isama sa requirment ko ng properties title ng grandma ko kase di pa kase na transfer sa name ng mother ko . tapos Ung bussiness ko kase sari sari store lang and i only have barangay bussiness permit do i need to process my bussiness on city hall so i can have a mayors permit? please help naman po advice nman po salamat po !

  100. Hello i just wanted to ask my visa got denied regarding 9 that personal details i i submitted we are not enough because i dont have my bussiness before and we just want to apply for a new one how long it takes ? If im self employed what should i need to do but my boyfriend parents will invite me agin

  101. hello Jessica 🙂

    I am so glad that i found your blog your idea really thats why i need your advice. I am planning to get student visa in germany for the firstime. My fiancee already enrolled me there and had a proof of finance since his the one to provide everything for me. I had my A1 certificate (german language) in cebu last 2014. I have all my documents except rootedness to go back here..i dont have any job .we own a house under my father’s name ..

    thankyou and best regards

    1. Hi Rhea. I never tried to apply for a student visa in germany. Please check it at the embassy’s site. what will you study in germany? Remember that attending a language course varies. Less than three months should be schengen visa. 🙂

  102. Hello Jessica,

    I am currently preparing my documents for the Visa to Visit my boyfriend in Germany. I am unemployed, no business and taking care of my 5-year old son full time. We get financial assistance from his father every month and my German boyfriend is also supporting us at the moment. I already have all the documents ready except for the “rootedness”. What documents can I present to the Embassy to prove that I will really come back to Philippines? I have a single parent ID. Can I use this along with my son’s birth certificate? Thank you for your guidance.

    1. Hi Zyr. I am not discouraging you but the possibility of rejection is higher. Will this be your first time to apply? Only you and not your son? Maybe it’s better if ask for shorter days of visit (less than a month) so it would be reasonable. Also, if you or your family has some property, better present a title. What I think you can provide aside from your ID are documents on the financial assistance of your son’s father.

      1. Hi Jessica. Thank you for your reply. Yes, only me. We are trying to apply for 3 weeks only though. And, there is no document for the financial assistance from his father because he gives it to me personally. I really don’t know what to do now and how else I can prove. Thank you so much again.

        1. Hi zyr. Just wanna know if u got a visa. And if u just showed your son’s birth certificate as a proof of rootedness?

          1. Hello! I have the same concern regarding the lack of document that proves my strong ties in the Philippines. I am a fresh grad and currently unemployed, and not enrolled either as I’m not pursuing further studies very soon. And we’re set to apply for Schegen visa this September. I am traveling with my family to the Netherlands, btw. And it’s sponsored by my tita’s Dutch husband. What do you think will be other documents/proof I can provide? What are my chances given that I lack that one document?

            I hope I get a response. Thank you!

  103. Hey Jessica, your blog is so enlightening: I just filed my appeal to the Swiss embassy manila yesterday for a Schengen visa application. Do you think they will grant me visa this time provided that I attached the contract to sell of the house I purchased last June 2014, and a letter of assurance from my company. This really bothers me as i am really looking forward to have this trip in Switzerland. Thanks.

    1. Hi Stephanie. Thank you. 🙂 Not sure about the process in Swiss Embassy. What does it say about the process of remonstrance? Check it so you can set how long you can wait and to make a new plan if ever. Wishing you luck for your appeal. 🙂

  104. thanks for this postive blog! huhuhu! I just got my refusal email for schengen visa! first time to travel to Norway goin to my sister. she’s a citizen na. she’s also my sponsor but I dont know why I got the refusal. My younger sister and mom went already in Norway without any problem! ako na first timer, refused. saklap. hahaha I have all the docus, COE (includes the duration of my granted leave and how long Ive been working), payslip, invitation letter from my sister, UDI grant from police in Norway, Reserved ticket, travel insurance too! I am bout to leave this March 29! and while browsing mga comments walang certain time kung kelan makakareceived ng appeal T__T

    sa monday ko pa makukuha ung reason why they refused my application. it was just too quick! I passed it Feb 10 and I got the refusal email from the UDI. NO Feb 12. sakit pala mabasted? hahahaha

    pls help me with my appeal! update kita! huhu

    1. PS: Pinasa ko lang yung documents ko sa VFS Global philippines kasi ganon na daw ngayon for getting Schengen Visa 🙁 so wala akong interview interview na nangyare :(( refused agad, ganern! haha

    2. HAHAHA. I love you humour, Lyndz! Never tried to apply for Norway. Also, no idea on the process thru VFS. Once you got the reason of refusal, let me know then I will see what can we do.Check your younger sister and mother’s documents if may difference from yours. Hope it will be processed soon as your intended date to travel is quite near na. 🙂

      1. hahaha! eto nga ang sakit na nga mabasted na judge pa ko sa paggiging single! ano ba yan huhu! so number 9 ung nakuha T____T tapos ginawa pa kong lalaki!

        “your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry pf the visa could not be ascertained”

        “in our assessment as to whether the applicant has sufficient good ties to his home country to issue a visa we have put weight on the fact that applicant is young single and has no children. Furthermore, we have put emphasis on the fact that the applicant has neither documented to own property or having other financial commitments to his home country. Based on this we find that the applicant does not have sufficient ties to his home country to issue a visa.”

        gusto ko email sayo lahat hahahaha Yung younger sister ko kasi 5 yrs ago pa siya nagpunta ng Norway. ang COE nya was from Government kasi she was working talaga sa Brgy. so I think kaya siguro naapproved siya agad. While my mom, di naman daw strict kapag parents ang pupunta. sa sister lang daw strict. T__T pano ko kaya toh iaappeal 🙁

        1. Oh my! But you have work in PH, right? dapat sapat na yun. Yes, judgmental talaga sila singleness. na they consider family ties only with children though brother/sister or parents are definitely family member whom we normally supporting to. What’s your plan now?

          1. syempre mag aappeal ako friend! hahaha jinustify ko ung pagiging single ko. naiinis ako na isa toh sa reason bakit ako nadeny hahaha di ko naman kasalanan magmukang bata e ganon naman tlaga mga pinay mukang bata =)) agree??

            “As a servant of the Lord, it really breaks my heart that being young, single and having no child will be one of the hindrances of spending my short vacation with my Sister and her family for the very first time. I am almost 28 years old and not any young anymore. Being single and no child should never be a hindrance to travel around the world. It does not define your worth. This is a blessing from God that we get to learn how to wait and not to settle for anything less. Additionally, when you are living the single life you have time and occasion to do what pleases God and blesses your soul. ”

            hahaha nakakatawa mga sinabi ko. dinefend ko din ung work ko and financial responsibilities. nag attached na ko. I hope and pray to get the decision right away kasi malapit na mag march! T__T haha

            1. and I haven’t seen my Ate in person for almost a decade! pagdadamot pa ba nila ung pag reunite namin T_T grabe sila </3 hahaha

            2. pede din ba mag appeal ung sister ko na nasa norway? aside from me? aattached ko din sana sa email haha but kasi eto nakalagay sa Norway visa info: haha

              If you wish to send an appeal, please follow these steps:

              Write an appeal and affix your signature on the document.

              If another person will write an appeal on your behalf, he/she should sign on the letter of appeal and scan it afterwards. Please provide a Power of Attorney to that person. Applicant then should fill-out and sign the Power of Attorney form. Applicant should also attach his/her photocopy of valid ID (latest ID with photo and signature).

              power of love este power of attorney daw. :))

              1. Yes. Folloe mo lang friend ang instruction nila.. Haha. Hope you’ll get the result soon. May sinabi ba na time of waiting after making an appeal?

                1. walang sinabi! T___T sabi lang iemail.
                  I guess same ng sayo, waiting in vain ang peg! haha siguro gawin ko na din ung ginawa mo, nagfollow up after 15 days pero after 10 days lang saken =))

                  pano kapag nirefuse pala ulit? pede naman mag apply again ng visa right? after 3 months? pero makikita ung refusal sa records nila ?:(

                    1. eto na ang anxiety while waiting haha grabe tagal 4 weeks daw ung pinakamabilis T__T haha

                      “The Embassy has received your appeal.

                      The Embassy has considered your appeal, but is unfortunately unable to reverse the decision. The appeal has therefore been forwarded to the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) in Oslo. You will be informed when the Directorate has made a decision. The Directorate’s processing times can be found on our website udi.no:”

                    2. nakalagay pa pala “it’s either 4 weeks. 8 weeks or withint 5 months!”

                      geeez! haha pls include me sa prayer mo, hopefully positive reply nila? haha

                    3. Wow! 5 months. At least they specify unlike in German Embassy, several weeks lang ang nakalagay. Hehe. I have a friend who waited for four months for the result. Kapit lang! Hehe

          2. Hi Jessica,

            I badly needed some help..I applied for Spain visa and Ive got my refusal letter today and it was ticked in #1,2,8. I am wondering why they ticked #1 since I didn’t forged any of my documents. What do u think is the reason for this refusal? It’s my first time to apply for Spain visa since I need to visit my sister this coming August.i provided all the documents required. Do they check the flight bookings? Since I didn’t purchase the ticket,I only did flight bookings which will be on their system only for 2-3days.Do u think this is the reason why they tickle #1? And for the rest,what I need to do? Do I need to reapply? Thanks….

  105. Hey 🙂
    I hope you can help me with this–I dont have ITR, no bank accounts. I just had a job for 5 mos now but I could take a leave anytime. My Italian friend will provide all the documents that will be needed for my application stating that he will finance my whole trip. Do you think I will be granted a tourist visa? Thanks.

    1. Hello Chicai,

      I did not submit an ITR on my first application for a Schengen Visa (Visit visa since I had someone who invited me). I just asked from my employer that time a Certification, explaining why I have no ITR. However, I was working for more than a year on that company and that would be the difference with your situation. You can try of course but I suggest to limit the number of days to one-two weeks since you’re new in the company and if that will be your first time to apply. And oh, I also had no bank accounts that time. Give it a try and keep me updated 🙂

    1. Hehe. You are definitely lucky, Anca. It just how the visa world works now. I just wish there are some changes in the future to make it easier for travelers.

  106. No, that’s awful and so frustrating! This post will at least be helpful to others in similar situations. The photos are beautiful too. 🙂

  107. HI..







    1. Hello Angel,

      I guess the best way is to have a family reunion visa since your Mom is already residing in Germany. Please check the website for that. I am not sure but it might take longer than the tourist visa.

      1. Hello, miss Jessica! I kind of got the same concern. I am to travel with my family to the Netherlands, this is like a graduation gift trip of my tita for me. My tita is residing in the Netherlands for almost 3 years now, she married a Dutch. We are set to apply for a Schengen visa this September, me and my grandma, together with my tita and her husband. The plan of stay is 3 months and it’s sponsored by them, the overall trip. But the thing is, I am a fresh college graduate last June, currently unemployed & no past job experience, and I’m not pursuing further studies soon either. This means I don’t have any proof of “strong ties” or a reason that I’m coming back in the Philippines. I have a bank account though. Is SHOW MONEY by the sponsor and a return ticket not enough? And what do you think are my chances given that I lack that document? Huhu and how does “family reunion visa” works? Would that be a better option and higher chances of approval? Please enlighten me, I am really worried about this whole thing. This will be my first time to travel abroad, if I get approved of the visa.

        I hope I get a response. Thank you!

  108. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your visa problems. Such beautiful photos to focus on, like you said, and a really useful post for anybody facing similar issues! X

  109. Sorry to hear that you had visa issues. I think this is so useful for others going through this.

  110. What a drama! If that was me i’d be like yeah ok I wont come to your country LOL
    Well done for fighting babe.
    Charlotte x

    1. It was. That thought came to me as well during the waiting time. Haha. It’s worth the wait and the fight, Charlotte. 🙂

  111. I would love to visit East Side Gallery as I am a huge fan of street art and being nicknamed ‘freedom wall’ is a bonus in my books. We should all be free to be ourselves.

  112. I’ve never applied for any kind of visa (I’ve never been abroad – I know, I am missing out!). It all sounds very stressful and I can only imagine how disappointing it is to be rejected. I do hope it all gets sorted. The photos are beautiful. xx

  113. That must have been such a stressful time for you! I’ve only ever had to apply for holiday visa’s before and there are usually never any issues with these x

  114. hi jessica

    i want to share to you and the readers about my remonstration experience. i submitted my remonstration on Sept 28 2015 and i and the got result only last week jan 19 2016. still denied. 4 months of waiting and a coupe of follow ups (btw the german embassy manila never bothered to reply on any of our follow up). its my fourth time to apply for a schengen visa in the german embassy manila. first 3 are all approved but my 4th application is denied reason 9..the embassy sent me a 4 page german letter ( no translation)

    My advice is if you can wait for 4 months try the remonstration… if your in a hurry just re apply.

    1. Hello Gheena,

      Yes, I just heard from a friend of mine the same situation. She filed for a remonstrance around third week of september and the denial letter just arrived last jan 15. If you are in a hurry and will re-apply, just take note the reason of your refusal so you will be accepted this time. All cases vary and I guess we should not depend on someone’s case but most importantly in our own cases. Thanks for sharing and I wish you will get a visa soon. Keep us updated here, Gheena!

  115. Hi Ms.Jessica,

    Good day!

    I would like to ask for you suggestion on what will I do about the refusal of my visa (language course visa). I took my interview last Jan.20,2016 and just received today the letter saying that my visa was refused. I was just so frustrated on how it became no.9 as the reason of my disapproval. I submitted to them all needed documents like my COE, Approved leave of absence and other documents that was listed on the checklist prior to interview. I am confused right now on what other supporting documents should I give. I am a Overseas Filipino Worker and I filed my leave of absence for 5 months making it a waste if they will not grant me a visa.

    I am hoping that you can enlighten me on how to prove to them that I will comeback in the Philippines.

    Thanks and Best Regards


    1. Hi Ger. maybe title that you or your family has? That’s the only document you can still submit if you already presented ITRs and other papers. Is this the first time you apply for a schengen visa? No. 9 alo appears to be a reason based on your former schengen visa usage. 🙂

      1. Hi Ms. Jessica

        Yes,this is my first time applying for a visa in Germany. I already submitted a remonstrance letter last Jan.25,2016 and would like to give thanks to you for giving me a clear mindset on how to deal on crafting my remonstrance letter. i added some documents that are not included including my family ties and from my work.Hopefully,it will be suffi ient enough to prove them that I will come back from my work in Saudi Arabia. After 1 daythey replied to me telling that they received my letter and currently in the process of examination again.They are requesting not to do provisional replies and just wait for the embassy to contact me.

        That’s All.



  116. Hello Jessica, I am planning to try to get schengen visa for the second time. My first try was denied becausw that time I wasn’t enrolled and I didnt have a job. As of now, I’m studying, currently enrolled. My relatives are inviting me to go to Germany by summer. Do you have any advice as to what should I get from my school so that it could be added as a proof that I will be going back here in the philippines.

    1. Hi Shannen,

      Please look at the Germnan Embassy’s wesbsite for the updated requirements. Never tried applying for schengen visa as a student. Hehe. All I know are registration and certification telling that you are allowed to missed some classes (if ever). Thanks! 🙂

    2. Hello! I just wanna ask how it went for you? Were you still denied of a visa the second time around? I’m also currently unemployed and not enrolled, since im a fresh graduate. And not gonna pursue further studies yet. So idk what to really show as a proof of deep-rootedness.

    1. Hello Efe,

      I don’t think so it can be a barrier. I was 21 when I first applied a Schengen Visa and accepted.

  117. Hi Jessica, today I received my passport with the letter and unfortunately my tourist visa application has been refused. The reason is based on #9. Currently I resigned to my job 2 days before my interview last Jan. 11 because the account manager didn’t allow me to have a leave of more than 2weeks, and I plan to go to Germany for 6weeks and will stay in my fiance’s place. I am going to file for a Remonstrance. We own a house under my father’s name but he is deceased, and I have a responsibility my Mom and my younger brother.

    Can you suggest what are the things I can attach to prove that I will go back here in the Philippines? Please help me. Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless =)

    1. Hi Nerissa. Being self-employed (having a business or someting likewise) can prove your rootedness aside from the land title. The Embassy will of course ask how can you support your family without a job?

  118. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for all the information. I have been following your blog for a quite bit as I am planning to apply as a tourist this coming last week of January 2016 through the French embassy. I have been waiting forfor this moment for about 7 months now. I work in Kuwait as a Customer Service Agent for a well known company. I have followed every possible website and tried to acquire as much information as possible. Since the days for applying are coming near I am getting nervous and fear that I will get rejected. As per the information on the official website of the embassy I have prepared all my papers as per their requirements. Unfortunately my company declined to give me a COE with the details which the embassy requires saying that it’s their standard format for issuing a COE. My COE includes all other information except for the information from when my leave starts and the date when I will be back at the office for work. I’m worried because of this. I will include my contract with the company, my pay slips and also the COE but with out what I have listed above. Please suggest if there are other ways to fix this.

    Best regards.

    1. Hi Max. Thank you so much for following this post. The dates of your leave should be separated from the COE; you need to ask for an approved leave of absence. 😉 This will be another assurance for the Embassy that you will go back to your work.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        I have checked with my hr manager and she told me she cannot give me anything as such. But she printed an eform which is used by my company internally, which is not a professional looking letter which states the no. of days I have been granted leave for and she stamped it with the company seal.

        Also my friend who had applied earlier has told me that a cover letter and the travel itinerary is not that important for me to attach with the other documents. What do you say. I will apply next week , so please help me with the documents and to get things clearer.

        Thanks again for your help 🙂

        1. Hello Max. That would be fine I guess. 🙂 Usually, you should have submitted a letter (leave of absence) to your HR then the respective officer/s would just approved it by signing or puting a company stamp so what you have would be perfect! 🙂

          At least in the Philippines, an itinerary is not a requirement by the German Embassy, only details for your means of travel (Planes) as they also removed now flight reservation ticket which makes the applications better.

          Good luck and I know you will get it. 🙂

          1. Hey Jessica,
            Thank you for your reply. Actually in my company all leave matters is first submitted to our reporting manager and then he will submit my request through the company portal to HR and Finance respectively. It is called an e-form. I have a copy of the leave application which i had submitted to my department head. It is a piece of informal paper where my direct supervisor has signed for approval and also included is a signature from my manager with the company seal. Along with this paper I also have the print out of the leave e-form which also has the company seal. It includes the no. Of days I will be on leave and the date as well and who it was approved from. I will also include documents as follows.
            1. Original passport.
            2. Copy of passport and residency permit which is valid until 2017.
            3. Schengen application form which I filled online.
            4. COE, Payslip, and my original contract letter with the company.
            5. Travel insurance.
            6. Hotel reservation.
            7. Flight reservation.
            8. Bank statement.

            Please let me know if I need to add any other things other than listed above.

            Thank you for your time and consideration.


            1. you look very ready, Max! Bank statements for the last six months to be exact and the visa fee, don’t forget. hehe. Wish you all the best! 🙂

  119. All appeals are just a waste of time. I did once, still the same result, mind you someone like me from the province would paid hotels all over again and flights! lol

  120. Hey Jessica

    I would like to know what is best possibility in my case.
    My traveling dates were 14th to 28th October 2015 for Italy and Greece so I have applied for Schengen visa. I had confirmed booking on cruise liner for 14 days which was paid and non refundable same as my flight tickets. It was so painful for me to accept rejection.
    Now as I saw your article that you also had same rejection reason what I got. But my travel itinerary was genuine and it was fixed. Now what should I do ? remonstrance is possible ?
    I am single : that’s what everyone is telling me is the main reason to not getting a visa ?
    Working under an NGO and small business (self employed) so what do you suggest !!

    I really want to visit Europe at lest few places. But am losing hope as travel agent is telling me not to apply agin as due to attack in France and all political issues are on heigh now days. According to him one more time rejection means I will not be able to apply for a long time. Even they can hold my passport….!!!! I have no idea what to do. 🙁

    Please give me an advice for remonstrance or re apply or can any friend in Europe help me as sponsor.

    1. Hi Ashu,

      When did you receive the letter of rejection? Remonstrance is only possible within one month since you got the refusal. If you had it in October then it’s not possible; re-application is recommended. 🙂
      Having a job is enough to prove your rootedness (given that you provided all the documents needed) and being single (at least in the Philippines and must be in all countries) will never be a valid reason of a visa rejection. I was working in an NGO as well and single when I first applied a Schengn Visa in the German Embassy. I even did not present an Income Tax Return (only a certification from our HR office because my position does not require to pay taxes). On my latest application, I am self-employed and also had no problem.
      It needs a lot of admistrative stuff but it will all be worth it. Believe it! 🙂
      For the Sponsor, I don’t have enough statistics to validate that having that gives a higher chance of visa issuance. Based on my readings, most people opted for a tourist visa without any sponsor and it turned out good, as long as you proved your financial capacity. For Germany, the ideal amount is at least 45Euros per day. All the political things happening now surely affect the visa processing but those are not the reasos not to apply. Happy New Year and May you fill 2016 with lots of confidence! 🙂


      1. Please, there are many applicants that got denied, even after all those forever documents were presented like mine, of course who would go to the interview which one had painfully prepared but go there lacking, no, all applicants are arm with documents, it’s just that most places in Europe are either discriminating applicants or they just don’t care at all. Most reasons given were #9. There’s a woman applying a fiance visa and getting rude words from the desk officer, jeez! And most importantly, please don’t book flights or cruise tickets prior to an interview, tickets mostly are non-refundable, and getting a rejection is a bad blow.

        1. Hello Gemini. Rejections are case to case basis, but I should agree that there are really discriminative issues which hinder the issuance of visa. Those are mostly caused by former bad experiences of the Embassy from the applicants who illegally stayed in a certain country. Time for the Embassy to change that perception and assumption.

          Making an appeal is an opportunity not only having a possibility to get a new decision but as well as having a chance to prove that every applicant has a genuine motive and thus complied with all necessary documents. It will make the Embassy realize, in addition, to consider things in next applications. We should not get badly affected with the people who treated us badly during application but let them believe that we deserve to travel. Thank you very much for all your inputs! Truly appreciate it! 🙂

      2. What do you think can I apply again now ? It’s almost two months that my Schengen visa got rejected !! Or do I need to wait for couple of months ?
        Travel agents are keep telling me that I will not get visa as now days so many issues like (political and terrorism) with Schengen.
        What to do 🙁
        Am so confuse.
        I want to visit Montenegro in February.

      3. Hi Jessica,

        Me again. This will be my fourth time to travel to Germany however, applying for the visa is nerve-wracking every time especially the fact that I got rejected the third time and had to send a remonstration letter which took the embassy 6 months to grant decide and finally grant me a visa.

        My concern now is this: I am still employed by the German office and doing my work from home here in PH, this of course does not require me to pay taxes. Question is, the business visa requirements states that “i.e. most recent income tax return, certificate of employment (including your employer’s full name,…….)” I do not have an ITR. Do you think I will get denied again and this time because of not submitting the ITR? I do have the CEO, Invitation letter, and can even attach my work contract to support the fact that I am employed and need to go back and conduct business in PH.

        I’m definitely traumatized from that last rejection since we had to wait 6 months and push back training schedules and projects just for that visa.

        Hope to hear from you,

      4. Hi Jessica,

        Me again. Sorry had to re-write my message here since I accidentally clicked Submit. lol!

        This will be my fourth time to travel to Germany however, applying for the visa is nerve-wracking every time especially the fact that I got rejected on my third visa application and had to send a remonstration letter which took the embassy 6 months to decide and finally grant me a visa.

        My concern now is this: I am still employed by the German office and doing my work from home here in PH, this of course does not require me to pay taxes. Question is, the business visa requirements states that “i.e. most recent income tax return, certificate of employment (including your employer’s full name,…….)” I do not have an ITR. Do you think I will get denied if I don’t submit the ITR? I do have the coe, Invitation letter, and can even attach my work contract to support the fact that I am employed and need to go back and conduct business in PH.

        I’m definitely traumatized from that last rejection since we had to wait 6 months and push back training schedules and projects just for that visa and although the next travel is still in August, we decided to start re-applying next month to give us some time in case I get rejected again and will have to submit a remonstration letter.

        Hope to hear from you,

  121. Hello, Jessica! I am so glad that I found your blog. It is helps me to have an idea on what should I do to process my family visit visa. My German fiance will be my sponsor and he will give me the formal obligation and informal invitation. To proved our relationship, we are planning to screen shot our convo and call logs and print them out. Also we will print our pictures together. Do you think, that would be enough? For the rootedness, I have an online job which is based in China. I am not confident that that would be enough so I am thinking of planning to enroll on the German school in Makati to back-up my work certificates and LOA certificate. My plan trip will be on February and I can start my German lesson on May. We dont have any properties under our family name. That´s all I can provide prove that I will go back. Ooopppss, can I also show my contract on our wedding coordinator for our wedding on May 21st? It can also prove that I will really go back because I am getting married. I only plan to stay there for a month. Sorry for many questions. Danke!

    1. Hi Maviel,

      Is this your first time to apply for a Schengen Visa? My honest advice is to get a tourist visa if you can prove your own financial capacity to travel. The Embassy will normally assume that you will get married in Germany and never come back in the Philippines because first, you only have an online job (I mean it’s totally a decent job but it does not assure the Embassy enough about your rootedness). Secondly, the contract might not be a good proof though you really have a valid intention. I am suggesting this for you to have a bigger possibility to have a visa, but it will be all up to you, Maviel.


      1. Thank you so much for replying. Yes, this would be my first time to apply for a visa. This is now a big dilemma. I really don’t have the capacity to support my own travel. Hehe. How about if I will look for another job which is not an online job?

        1. It depends, Maviel. If you can find a job that can allow you to leave for a month? If you’re job is thru online at least have some proof of your rootedness in the Philippines such as documents from BIR or something likewise. 🙂

          1. I dont think that we have an ITR bcos my salary is not enough to be charged of tax. Can you give me more suggestions? I am more lost now. Hehehe. The only real problem is the rootedness. Thanks

            1. Hehe. Then ask a ceritification from your employer why you don’t pay taxes. Is this a full time job?

  122. Hi Jessica!
    Thank you for making this article. This really helped me alot! I’m a Pinay working in Saudi Arabia and I applied two weeks ago for a Schengen Visa for Germany as a tourist. I had high hopes that they were going to grant me a visa, but after 2 short days I received a refusal letter (in German and Arabic, imagine!). Numbers 8 and 9 were ticked, thanks to your article I got the idea what they were looking for. The VERY sad thing is that I went to the application center with several additional supporting documents that might have satisfied them, but the one who assessed my papers told me that there’s no need to send them and that it will only confuse the Embassy. E.g. I handed them an onward flight to another destination, sort of a connecting flight from Germany to Riyadh to Philippines, and also my Travel Request signed by my boss. It was really frustrating.

    I submitted my Remonstration Letter 4 days ago, and my planned trip is on the 1st of January. I told them that I am going to meet my friend there (a tourist also), and a lot of reasons why I need to go back to Saudi and to Philippines. I mentioned that my parents and other members of the family are living in Riyadh, do you think it’s a plus for me when I said it in the letter? Hoping for some positive vibes.

    1. Hello Cha,

      It’s fine to send letter but I agree with the staff that make it less detailed. Be as direct as possible! 🙂

      1. Hello Cha & Jessica,

        I am an EU citizen residing in Saudi Arabia and I have applied for a Schengen Visa for my spouse on 16-DEC-2015 for the purpose of tourism. On 27-DEC-2015 I received a refusal letter (in German and Arabic, very inconvenient for me) with numbers 2 and 8 ticked. I prepared a Remonstration letter on 28-DEC-2016 and flooded them with emails explaining that as a spouse of an EU citizen, my wife has the right of free movement when traveling with me in Europe and received a reply this morning stating that my remonstration letter is received and I will receive a written reply in a couple of weeks.
        Also, I would like to note that the VFS Visa office in Jeddah is very incompetent; as Cha mentioned above, they force us to exclude important supporting documents for no specific reason.

        P.S. Thank you Jessica for this blog and for providing as with a draft of your remonstration letter. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!

        1. Hi Michalis,

          May I know which among the Nos. 2 and 8 are ticked off? I don’t have enough information btw in terms of your wife’s rights in traveling with you but getting a tourist visa should not be hard for her if she has the necessary documents. Maybe a family reumion visa would be better for her next time? I just hope you will get a positive reply soon. Thanks for leaving a comment here and Happy newy year to you and to your wife! 🙂

          1. Hi Jessica,

            The letter which the German Embassy provides here in Saudi Arabia does not include the sub-reasons part which you have received in the Philippines. I’m a frequent traveler and my wife has recently obtained a Schengen Visa to Italy and we traveled there in August 2015. She also obtained two visas to Cyprus in April & July 2015, and traveled there with no problems. I’m certain we will miss our flight to Germany on 8-Jan-2016, but I’m willing to take this issue to court if we get a negative reply on our Remonstration letter. Thank you & we are hoping for a positive update as well.

            1. Hello Michalis,

              That’s quite weird; letter should be in a uniform format. I just truly hope you will get a positive reply soon and no need to go in Court. Happy Holidays! 🙂

            2. Hi Michalis and Jessica,

              Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both. I’m sorry to hear that you got a refusal letter as well. For me, the German version has the sub-reasons, but the Arabic has none. Maybe it’s there too?

            3. Hi Jessica & Cha,

              I visited the German Consulate in Jeddah today after sending several emails to both the consulate and embassy and explained to them my case. They told me that as a spouse of an EU citizen my wife should have not been refused her visa. So they offered to help by having her reapply and re-take her fingerprints. The promised a positive reply by this week.
              Thank you again Jessica for writing this blog that has help me understand how to handle refusal cases much better & Good luck with your application Cha.

              1. That’s great news, Michalis. Happy to help you. Let us know when you got the visa. Safe travels to both of you! 🙂

            4. Hi Jessica! I got the visa today, a multiple one as well! We will be traveling on the 8th as planned! 😀

            5. My Remonstrance worked! Thanks Michalis and Jessica. 🙂 Got a call from them 8 working days after i submitted my letter.

  123. Hi, Jessica, ur article, regarding that experiance is excellent,thanks alot that u,shared it.
    myself applied 3 to german visa ,but rejected, 1st national, 2 times shengen. i,m a doctor n applied for some hospitation course, last week. but 2 days back i passport came back without visa,,i was so depressed, don,t know what to do; at that time i thought about remonstrance, read ur article,, it gave me new hope.
    in refusal form, it’s marked at no.9 saying that ,i won,t come back in the valid period,now i don,t know what kind of documents to submit to get visa, please guide me

    1. Hello Doc Hari,

      Are you working in a certain hospital or do you manage your own? Documents regarding your activities in the Philippnes will help your remomstration. 🙂

      1. hi jessica, i,m from india,. i applied here in mumbai,, just yesterday only i sent to remonstrance letter in your format, to mumbai consulate..to email i,d ,, [email protected]. to a regular email., is it ok, ? or is their seperate email i,d for that?

        1. Hello Dr. Hari,

          Yes, simple/normal mail is fine. Whatever indicated in the German Embassy in India about the email, that’s where will you send your letter and that would be fine. 🙂

  124. Hello Jess…am Shan, from India.. applied for my Schengen Visa for Germany from Saudi Arabia last Nov 2015.. but got refused… stating not providing sufficient means of subsistence…working in Saudi Arabia….i am a traveller since 2013 and previously I had schengen visas from Switzerland & Netherlands.. have been to UK as well…i am going to US this Jan for 2 weeks and on the way back wanted to get down in germany for 3 days…i have submitted all the required docs etc to support the visa but the bank statment was shown with low balance and that could be the reason…we are 2 travellers.. myself & wife…

    Going thru your experience with the remonstration and some inspirations from my colleague, i decided to make an appeal to the german embassy… your remons letter format was a really good one….mmmm now its the 9th day since i have sent the remonstration letter & the additional supporting documents…… i sent the documents thru post…after a week I just sent in an email to the embassy asking for an update… they said it could few weeks and embassy would get back to me…

    mmmm.. the waiting period….. do not know would be the result….just waiting eagerly for the updates…



    1. Hi Shan,

      I hope the processing time of German Embassy in Saudi Arabia would be much faster than in the Philippines. I have been reading lots of comments here that there was no reply since months.

      I know you will soon get a positive reply (given your previous travels)! Claim it. Thank you for leaving a comment here. Safe and happy travels for you! 🙂

      1. Hi Jess.. its the 17th day today and still waiting for a knock from German Embassy for the updates…as you said , patience is the only way..mmmm… Merry Christmas..

        Good Day…


        1. Hi Shan. I got rejected by the German Embassy in Saudi Arabia as well. Did you get any notification that they received the remonstration letter when you sent it?

          1. Hi G,

            I did not receive any notification / acknowledgement from the Embassy informing that they have received my Remonstration letter. I was in touch with the Embassy through the emails and they just mentioned about the procedures. After sending the letter by DHL, I checked DHL Tracking service which confirmed that the package which I sent has been received at the Visa section of German Embassy ( A Person from the Embassy accepted the package )..Until now there is no update from the Embassy…

        2. Hello Shan,

          Happy Holidays! 🙂 Hope you had a very good Xmas. I guess the processing time now is longer than before. The German Embassy has a new Consul and they are having problem on number of staff and workloads have increased the usual they had. Hope you will still have time to wait.

          1. Hi Jess.. holidays were good..i was in Bahrain..how was ur xmas? thank you for the updated info…still waiting for their reply…am not going to send in an email to them for creating delay again…i have time till Jan third week…my ticket is booked for 28 Jan 16… hope some news will turn up by then… one quest jess, if they do not grant me visa even after receiving remonstration letter, how would they respond – will they send an email or a phone call or a letter by post? if its taking too much time for review, will that be a sign of a negative reply from them or something positive… if you heard about some similar experiences, please do share…

            Have a wonderful day ahead and wishing you a lovely new year…



            1. Hello Shan,

              Another denial should be by post. 🙂 About the span of review time, I have no idea as it is case to case basis, Shan. 🙂

            2. Hi Jess,

              How are you.

              Its been more than a month now after my remons and still Embassy did not give any update. I think they would be busy still or might not have checked my file yet.. its around 18 days only left for my US trip. should i send an email again to ask the status and explain about my trip or should i still wait for their reply….last email i sent to them was on 13 Dec 15….

              Have a nice day.


            3. Hi Jess,

              Too happy here..

              Today Embassy sent me an email stating to send the Passports to Embassy and that they will issue my Visa.

              Thank you so much for your blog and valuable comments which has helped me to get this..

              Now have to just get my tickets issued and I will fly to germany..

              Enjoy your day…



              1. Hi Shan, would you mind what additional documents you send together with the remonstration letter please to provide proof of subsistence? Hope to hear from you please…

  125. Hi Jessica. Your article is a good read. 🙂 I just had my interview at the Austrian embassy and I’m a bit stressed out as the consul did not ask for my day-to-day itinerary and cover letter. She just asked me where I’m going and why I’m going to those places. She then stamped my passport with the date today then informed me to wait for the decision via email within 5-10 business days. I prepared a lot of documents including my contract at work but she never asked for them.
    Now I’m worried if I should have volunteered to give those documents instead. I’m hoping for the best though I guess I’ll need to endure some sleepless nights until I get my passport back.

    1. Hi Aimee,

      I never tried applying in the Austrian Embassy. But I guess they almost have the same requirements. As per German’s Embassy, work contract is not necessary, only the approved leave of absence and certificate of employment. I am truly hoping that you will get that visa. Ready for the Sound of Music visit? Hehe. Good luck and thank you for dropping a message here. 🙂

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you for replying and sending a positive vibe my way. I just got a letter from the embassy via email, which is in German. I tried to translate it via Google translate and I think it’s asking me to provide a letter explaining that I’ll be back for sure and that my reply letter should also be in German. I also think it says I should submit my reply within a week. I’ve already called up a few translation companies and because of the holidays, they won’t be able to help me within the time frame. By any chance, can your friend also help me with the translation? I’m willing to pay the professional fee if ever. 🙂

        1. Hello Aimee,

          Can you share here the exact letter? Yes, sure. Send me the English version of your response as well and I will try to translate and let it check by a native German speaker. Haha. Thanks! 🙂

          1. Happy Holidays, Jessica! 🙂
            Thank you so much for your willingness to help. I already have my letter in English and would only need to have it translated to German and send it not later than Monday, December 28. Could you please send me a message via [email protected] so I can send you the letter to be translated? I cannot post it here since it has some confidential information.
            Again, I really appreciate the help that you’re extending. 🙂

    2. Hi Aimee,
      Same here, also had an interview at the Austrian Embassy last December 8, and up until now I don’t have any update on my application. But I am willing to wait. 🙂

        1. Hello Aimee and Jessica!

          Merry Christmas!

          YES! I got an email last Dec. 22 and it says my application has been APPROVED!
          I need to pick it up personally though. So I’m going there on the 4th of January which is the 1st day when work resumes.
          This has been the best news ever!

          How have you been with your application?


          1. Congratulations, Kristine! 🙂 Good start for the new year. May the upcoming days in 2016 be as best as this. Safe travels! 🙂

          2. Hi Kristine and Jessica,

            After more than a month of waiting, I finally got the magical email stating that my application has been approved. I can personally get my passport or have a representative get it for me.
            Many thanks for the help and kind words. 🙂

            1. I’m leaving a month from now. Waiting for the result was a bit stressful but it was all worth it.
              Thanks again Jessica. 🙂

  126. Hi Jessica,
    I have attendend for interview in german visa embassy bangalore.
    My husband is working in frankfurt, germany. And Iam planning to go on dependent visa for 1year.
    I have submitted all the documents, including my marriage certificate(original).
    They said like I will be getting an email.They didnt collect my passport, Is it like rejection or what?
    Please provide the response ASAP.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Vijitha,

      First time to hear that situation. Is that a tourist visa or a family reunion visa? My tips maybe limited to tourist visa only. Anyway, better ask the Embassy in Bangalore on what does it mean. Or better check its site. 🙂 As far as I know, upon application, they will collect your passport whether accepted or rejected. 🙂

      1. Hello jessica i just want to share my experience yesterday in german embassy . That was my third time for interview and i have been twice in germany this year to my surprise they asked for my ITR and bank statements even i have formal obligation and my bf will shoulder my expenses. I couldnt provide those papers right away because i have been to the bank and they said the processing will be two weeks as for my itr my company is so stupid that they dont want to provide this also the holiday is approaching so theres no way i can provide those docs in one week time. I came back to german embassy after i went to the bank and inform the girl who interviewed me. She insist that those are requirements and that they have new consul. I am so frustrated that i cant concentrate at work right now i know it will be rejected. Its just so bad its my third time it shouve have been easy. Btw i submitted coe and loa . Anyone who experienced the same?

        1. Hi Pam,

          ITR is still a requirement even if you have a formal obligation/sponsor. For the bank statements, it should not be part unless you are self-employed. The new administration might affect the process in the Visa. All you can do now, I guess, is to submit what they are requesting, at least the ITR.
          Thank you for sharing your experience, Pam. I really appreciate that, especially knowing that they have a new consul as there are some comments now about the processing which are all new for me. I hope you can find a way to present those requirements and avoid rejection.

          1. Hello jessica
            Ask ko lang kasi nagsubmit ako ng remonstration letter noong monday december 7,2015 tapos may na recieved akong email MAni * Visa this morning lang december 11,2015 ang sabi doon sa email natanggap nila ang letter ko, tapos on going process for examined yung papers ko, …ilang weeks pa kaya ang result ng new decision, kasi ang flight ko sa december 18, 2015 na ….kung sakaling magkavisa ako need paba ako mag CFO ? Thank you very much!
            I wait your reply god bless!

            1. Hello jessica
              Ask ko lang kasi nagsubmit ako ng remonstration letter noong monday december 7,2015 tapos may na recieved akong email MAni * Visa this morning lang december 11,2015 ang sabi doon sa email natanggap nila ang letter ko, tapos on going process for examined yung papers ko, …ilang weeks pa kaya ang result ng new decision, kasi ang flight ko sa december 18, 2015 na ….kung sakaling magkavisa ako need paba ako mag CFO ? Thank you very much!
              I wait your reply god bless!

          2. CFO Commission on Filipinos Overseas need paba ako mag seminar? Thanks until now wait parin ako ng new decision from germany embassy i positive ang result…

            Thanks jessica God bless po sa inyo..

            1. Oops. Ame, I don’t know what’s the process for that. This is only limited for schengen visa (stay of 90 days or less).

          3. Hi jessica i forgot to update you about my application. I was able to submit my ITR but not my bank statement. I however was able to provide my personal credit card statements and it works! I am currently in germany and enjoying my holiday tho the Christmas here is not really that happy like in PH hehehe … MERRY CHRISTMAS.

      2. Hello jessica
        Ask ko lang kasi nagsubmit ako ng remonstration letter noong monday december 7,2015 tapos may na recieved akong email MAni * Visa this morning lang december 11,2015 ang sabi doon sa email natanggap nila ang letter ko, tapos on going process for examined yung papers ko, …ilang weeks pa kaya ang result ng new decision, kasi ang flight ko sa december 18, 2015 na ….kung sakaling magkavisa ako need paba ako mag CFO ? Thank you very much!
        I wait your reply god bless!

  127. Hi Jessica,

    Sent my remonstration letter and gave the power of attorney to my employer to support the letter sent to the embassy last Sept 27 and we got a reply a week after saying they recognize the importance of this application and purpose of the trip but asked us not to follow up. 11weeks after and 2 follow ups sent and no reply. It’s becoming frustrating especially this is a business trip and a third trip (supposedly) to Germany. 🙁 Denied on my supposedly third return to Germany. They stated that reason for denial was not enough rootedness in PH and I guess my returns to DEU were just 2-3months after each trip. What do you think I should do next? Should I re-apply without having final decision on the remonstration or I still wait? We’re on a tight deadline and hotel, travel insurance and tickets were already paid for and now I’m afraid it will all be wasted as the waiting gets longer and longer.

    In dire need of advice here.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Msd,

      You can try to apply again. I honestly don’t know what is the best way to do when a remonstrance is on going. Try to call as well the Embassy if you are allowed to make a new application. If the Embassy will tell you to be prepared with new application then better be careful now and look at the reason of your denial before. Keep me updated, Msd! Good luck! 🙂

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Just when I was losing hope the embassy called me earlier today and told me the good news! They have considered my remonstration and is asking me to submit a new travel insurance including the new dates of travel and my passport! Happy news! Good thing I had transferred my travel insurance policy to an open date so now I just need to call my travel agency and request to send me a new policy and hopefully no price change. 🙂

        Your post is very informative. Keep it up! 🙂

        God bless you!


        1. WOW! Congratulations, Msd!Is this from Manila Embassy or you applied to another country? I am truly happy for you. Long wait is finally over. :))))

          1. Hi Jessica,

            Same embassy and I gave it one more day and said to myself if no feedback on the remonstrance tomorrow then I will re-apply this week but instead I got a call on the day of my “personal deadline”.

            Keep writing informative stuff! It really helps a lot of people. 😉 Thank YOU!


            1. Hehehe. Love that personal deadline. I also set that for myself and a day after they sent a mail. So happy for you. Welcome to Germany soon! 🙂 Safe travels! 🙂 Thank you for reading aricles here in Two Monkeys Travel. 🙂

  128. Hi, Jessica!

    I’ve a question. I’m planning to apply for a VISA this Jan 15 to visit my uncle in Germany. I will request a leave on my current company from Feb 15 up to 30 days. If ever they denied my VISA and I filed an appeal (I heard some takes up to a month to come to a verdict) and I received it for example on March 15, will the leave still be okay? Or will it be invalid since Feb 15 has already passed?

    I hope you get what I’m talking about. 🙁

    Thanks for this blog, btw!

    1. Hello J,

      Don’t think for any denial before your application. Hehe. Some of the comments here already took 2 months or more in waiting. Generally, if ever you are rejected then file for a remonstrance, and the Embassy gave a new decision, they will ask for new travel dates (if it’s already over the initial date you requested). Additionally, they will also request for your new approved leave of absence that is related to your new travel dates. I hope I make it clear to you. Good luck on January 15! 🙂

  129. Hello Jessica! 🙂
    Your article was very helpful.I appreciate your spirit in helping others regarding this subject. Anyway I just want your input about my situation. My boyfriend wants me to visit him just to show me around and for that I will only need the minimum amount of days they allow a person to stay (21 days? is that so?) My problem is I don’t really have an extensive bank account and travel insurance.Now I read something about sponsorship. If my boyfriend will take that role, you think I won’t be needing to provide the statement of account and travel insurance if he is infact the sponsor and he will provide an invitation?

    1. and also do you think I will be denied? I heard from other stories there are in fact biases when it comes to people who wanna acquire tourist visa. Especially for people like me who has a boyfriend in there, they might be suspicious in essence. What do you feel about that?

      1. Do not think you will be denied. Basically, there is nothing wrong to visit your boyfriend (it’s very normal). As long as you will return here and tell your honest reasons (with supporting documents) why you want to go to Germany, then you will have a visa. Germany, however, is one of ‘strictest’ Embassies among schengen countries in terms of checking your documents and the whole process. Follow its requirements and you will be fine.

  130. Hello Jessica!

    Thank you for this very helpful article! I’m planning to apply for a Language Course Visa. I already took A1 and A2 german language course here in the Philippines and planning to take B1 in Germany.

    I just graduated last year and currently unemployed so my question is, What can I possibly pass to the embassy as my proof of rootedness in the Philippines?

    My B1 language course in Germany will be on January 15, 2016. Do you think I could finish my application and interview in a month? Should I book a roundtrip ticket even if I don’t have visa yet?

    What other documents can you suggest to support my language visa application? Also, do you have tips for the interview? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Nick,

      For the language course, lasting not more than three months, the key requirement is a proof that you have previously attended a language class. On that, you will have no problem. To support your rootedness, opt to present your parents’ papers, especially if they will shoulder your expenses for that trip.

  131. Hi, I have sent a remonstration letter via email. But I haven’t received any response, you know like a mere acknowledgement that they received it. Should I be worried? Also, they were very strict on how you should put in everything so I attached the letter & other supporting documents via PDF (as instructed) and on the body of the letter I just said something like I attached the documents as PDF files bla bla bla.

    Oh and the first email that I sent was rejected because the attachment was apparently too big so I sent it again and did not receive any rejection notice. I am just not sure if they received it or not. Do you think I should go to the embassy to give them the documents myself? Despite of already sending them one via email? I just wanna make sure they received it. It’s been a week but I’m honestly not sure if they received it or not.


    1. Hello Raf,

      I can only suggest to make a call first and verify if they received or not. If phone call did not work, prepare your papers then head to Embassy. 🙂

      1. Hello miss jassica .
        I applied last october 23 and got the result of refusal through courier last octuber 31,2015. I immediately made a remonstration letter about the denial “Reasons:
        1 .you have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence,for the duration of the intend stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence,or for the transit to the third country into which you are certain to be admitted
        2..your intension to leave the territory of the member state before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.
        3.The finicial capacity has not been proved adequately.
        a. The financial means are insufficient according to the bank statement submitted by you.
        b. Although you have a formal obligation letter. The financial soundness of the inviting person is not given.
        c. A proof of personal financial means for financing the stay has not been provided either.
        4. you did not succeed to demonstrate your willingness to return to your home country.
        a. your family roots in India could not proved sufficiently/credibly down. b. your economic
        your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained”.
        I just submitted my remonstration letter on 14 nov at the embassy New delhi including my all papers .Embassy send me this mail on 17 nov 2015 : Dear Sir,

        The Embassy has received your remonstration letter. The applications will be carefully reviewed. You will receive an official letter shortly.Yours Faithfully
        so today is 26 november .my booking date is 15 december .so what i do know thanks

  132. Hello Miss Jessica,
    I just wanted to ask some advice to you.I was interviewed last 19.October.2015 and received my refusal visa 27.October.By the date received my fiance is sending the Remonstrance letter.But till now we haven’t get an answer from the embassy.So last week my fiance decided to write again a follow-up letter about my Remonstration letter what’s going on now.
    Until now no answer,so is it ok if my fiance will sent again a kind of letter?We are very frustrated now.Have a good evening and waiting your reply soon.


    1. Hi Jennivy,

      The first risk you can get in doing a remontrance is to feel a great frustration as no certain dates will be provided by you. Additionally, you can’t have any assurance on what kind of result you will have. Hence, making an appeal takes a lot of preparation and patience. The Embassy is asking the remonstrator to avoid a follow-up as much as he/she can. There’s nothing wrong on getting an update regarding your case but keep in mind as well as there are several issues that the Embassy is facing. Just be reasonable enough on the time and the way you approach the Embassy about the status of your remonstrance. If you are targeting strict schedules, I advise you to make another plan aside from waiting the result.


      1. Hello Miss
        In fact we cannot move or make another plan without the decision from the embassy.It is almost 1 month now since we emailed the Remonstrance letter.Is it possible that all the applier had received the results from the Embassy of making the Remonstrance letter?Should we still waiting patiently till receives it?Or what is the good things to do right now miss Jessica.
        Anyway,thank you for the reply and God bless..


      2. Hi Jessica,

        Sent my remonstration letter and gave the power of attorney to my employer to support the letter sent to the embassy last Sept 27 and we got a reply a week after saying they recognize the importance of this application and purpose of the trip but asked us not to follow up. 11weeks after an 2 follow ups sent and no reply. It’s becoming frustrating especially this is a business trip and a third trip (supposedly) to Germany. 🙁 Denied on my supposedly third return to Germany. They stated that reason for denial was not enough rootedness in PH and I guess my returns to DEU were just 2-3months after each trip. What do you think I should do next? Should I re-apply without having final decision on the remonstration or I still wait?

  133. hello…am attending an nterview on 24th germany embassy in kenya..am a student ,so not yet employed,,hav no children..not married, we are traveling to germany with my fiance and he is the one catering for everything..how then can i prove family ties. kindly assist

    1. Hi Lilian, Please be guided with the german embassy in kenya on what they are asking for if you are a student. They may require additional paper comapre to the Philippines. Here, if you will be applying for a visitor’s schengen visa as a student, you need to submit the following:
      -University Certificate
      -Proof of Enrolment
      -letter of exemption from studies
      Additionally, you can present any document of you and/or your family’s property (if any)
      Good luck! 🙂


  134. Dear jessica,
    Yesterday I got my refusal letter from Denmark embassy with the reason no.09. they told me I have appeal right so would u like to tell me what should I do and send me the refusal format that i could make them agree with my documentation.

    I will be very glad.

    Noman Razzak

    1. Hi Noman, Better refer to Danish Embassy for your appeal. They might have a different process or format for it. 😉 For my remonstrance in the German Embassy, you can see the letter I submitted on this article. 🙂 thanks!

  135. Hi Jessica! My visa was rejected because I have lacking documents. Now, I want to send the documents to the embassy. How can I do that? 🙂

    1. Hello Hannah, you can submit those papers together with your remonstrance (letter) via email or directly to the Embassy in Makati. 🙂

      1. Hello Jessica, do you mind if I ask advice again? 🙂 During my visa application, I did not really specify what visa am I gonna apply for. I just checked the study and work. In my case, when I arrive in Germany, I am going to study German Language Course form A1-B2, then I will have my nursing practicum in a government hospital who will accept my application. So, in my remonstration letter, I wrote that I was applying for student visa. Is that correct? or do you have any advices? because I am going to the embassy in 3 days. And honestly, I really don’t know what to do. Thank you so much Jessica 🙂

        1. Hi Hannah,

          Identiying your visa type is actually the first thing to know. Hehe. And what was the rejected visa application? Attending a language course can be under schengen visa if its not more than 90 days. Why will you go to the Embassy? Better not go if you are not ready, Hannah. 🙂

  136. Hi Jessica!

    First of all, thank you for the super informative post. And also a big thank you for taking the time to read our comments and leave helpful replies to our queries. We really appreciate it especially to us who are newbies to this Visa application challenge. LOL

    I will be applying to the German embassy also to visit my Spanish boyfriend (who is based in Frankfurt for work). Although we will visit Spain during my trip to meet his parents for the first time, I will be spending most of my time in Germany though. He will sponsor my trip and we have the letter of obligation which he got from a German government office. But after reading the horror stories of some of your readers, it seems the letter of obligation is not enough. Do you think it’s not too much if I will also pass my bank statements (for the previous 6 months)? On my bank account, I also have funds to cover my stay for 8 weeks with a budget of 45 euros per day (even with the letter of obligation already)… So is this unnecessary already? I might be over doing it.. yikes.

    We have a small registered family business here in the Philippines, I hope that is enough to convince them I will really come back. 🙁

    Also, this is quite a stupid question, but are the documents supposed to be placed inside a clearbook, a folder, an envelope or what? haha

    Thanks jess! I know you are bombarded with millions of questions everyday, I appreciate it. Hope to hear from you!


    1. Hello Cheryl,

      I will try to answer your queries point by point . 🙂

      – Bank Statement is necessary if the applicant will shoulder his/her trip or if he/she is under self-employed.
      – Yes, present the business registration as part of your proof of rootedness in the country.
      – It’s up to you when you will put all your requirements, the interviewer will not get it, just the papers.

      Good luck with your application! Be honest and straight to the point; these will surely help you. 🙂

  137. Hello Jessica 🙂

    I prepared all the documents especially the invitation letter a formal letter from my boyfriend in Germany. Had my Interview last Oct 30, 2015. After 4days, I have received my Passport with stamp in there and a refusal letter. Reason number 9. Now, I am writing my remonstrance letter and my boyfriend will support this remonstrance letter. I have a job here in the Philippines but I did not even submit bank statement because I dont have. I cant take ITR because my salary doesnt reach the income to pay taxes. what other documents can I submit?

    1. Hi Aisys,

      We have the same reasons of denial. and just submitted my remonstration letter today at the embassy together with the approved leave of absence from my employer.

    2. Hi Aisys,

      Bank Certificate/Statement should not be the issue because your bf sent a formal obligation (letter), showing he will support your stay. The bank statement is submitted by applicants who will shoulder their trips. If you don’t have an ITR, ask your HR department to issue a certificate why you are not paying taxes – that should be enough. 🙂

      1. Yes, Actually Jessica I was submit Cert of absence from my employer himself during my interview. but i got denied. I was disappointed about the decision of the embassy. I wrote a letter, actually I copied your remonstrance letter format and i edit some of the content. Please, give me pieces of advice ms. Jessica before I submit my letter. Thanks 🙂

        1. Hehe. Aisys, I spent some days before I started my remonstrance writing and even some time before I officially submit it to the Embassy. I had no idea if it will convincce them or not. I just made sure that it contains the information which the Embassy is requiring such as date of rejection and among others. That’s the basic. If you are lacking any of it then your whole appeal will not be entertained. In terms of reasoning, I focused of course on the reason of my rejection and how could I contradict it with my real situation and valid supporting documents. In short, check all information again and assess by yourself if the new details you will give them will be enough for them to issue you a visa. It needs a lot of patience and luck though! 🙂 Hehe


          1. Hello Again Ms. Jessica.

            I already submit my Remonstrance letter last November 24, 2015 but until now I won’t receive any response from the embassy. I read here that I must submit the letter 1 month after received the refusal. On December 04, 2015 is a month after I received the refusal letter. What If they don’t read my letter?

            1. If you received an email from them, with your case number then it means they have read it and your remonstration is on process.

              1. Hi Aisys,

                Please call the Embassy on what you can and can’t do during your remonstration. Explain on how long you have been waiting already. Good luck! 🙂

            2. Hello again Jessica!

              I’m very sad! 🙁

              My Remonstration was rejected too. 🙁
              Can I appeal to the Berlin court?

          2. Hello jessica. Good day to you!!!
            Hope you have a great day?
            We have a same denial. No.9 (your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.)which is i received my refusal letter yesterday. And now i am writing my remonstration letter to the embassy. Im just asking, if wat kindof documents that i need to submit to them. I have my contract rental of my apartment in my hand which is expired next year in may2016 and a official receipt of my monthly wifi bill.which is addressed to my name and it would be expired in august2017.
            Is it my documents is not to submit to them??and how can i submit?? Hope you will response me.thank you.

            1. Hi Kitty,
              I got reason no. 8 for denial. Hehe. I submitted additional documents to support my activities for 90 days, which I asked for during my interview. For your case, identify first what you presented in the Embassy and if you think you missed something then you can add that to you remonstrance. Also, may I know if you are employed, sel-employed or a student? That would be a great detail so we can know what else you can submit. Thanks! 🙂

            2. Wen i interview.the interviewr ask me if wat should i do at the moment. And i said nothing because i just finish my school in my german school course.then the interviewer said to me for wat. And i said for communicate tothe parents of my boyfriend…mmmm regarding of the case im not a student anymore or a self employed.but this this coming march my foreigner friend said that he wants that i taking care his son as a nanny.so i need to come back. .wat should I do now. !!!????

      2. Hi Jessica,

        i have a question, does the person who made the formal obligation need to show also bank statement? i am for interview tomorrow, and i dont have his bank statement. my brother is the one who invited me.

  138. Hi Ms. Jessica,

    I applied last November 4 and got the result through courier last November 11,2015. I immediately made a remonstration letter about the denial reason “your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained”. I just submitted my remonstration letter today at the embassy including my Leave of Absence from my employer. My question , is this the reason why i got denied ? the approved leave of absence? which is i did not submit it during my interview cos i was over confident that time. I only have the itr, coe and co id. so here it comes, waiting for the result.

    do you think they will grant me the visa this time?

    1. Hello Mish, normally, the interviewer will just ask you to give the approved leave of absence the next day as this is one of the basic requirements.
      You should have finalised first the reason/s of your refusal. What you did and did not present during the interview. By then, your remonstrance, including supporting papers will be strong enough to have a new decision. Therefore, I can’t really say that they will grant you a visa this time. In any case, I wish you the best of luck! 🙂

      1. I don’t think so, cos i have provided them coe, itr, and co id. as stated in the (9) sub reasons the only documents i don’t have during my interview was the Leave of Absence.
        wish me luck them, we’ll keep you posted!


          1. Hi Jessica,

            as i’ve mention i received the refusal letter Nov. 11, base on the letter (english) there is no date indicating the date of refusal so i assumed it from the date i received the letter. I already submitted my remonstration letter last Nov 13, 2015 and i put in the letter that the date of my refusal is Nov. 11, but i found out at the back of the refusal letter written in German that there’s a date Mania 6.11.2015 and i don’t know what is the date for.

            Does it matter to them?? or they will base it in their record of my refusal??

            1. Yes, Mish. The date you received the letter is the official time of the rejection notice. November 6 is a bit confusing on what it pertains, but November 11 is the better day as you just had the interview on nov 4 so it suits to one week after.

            2. Seriously??? hahahhaha.. My date of departure i declared in the infomartion sheet will be on November 27- Dec 5 same with my leave of absence.. crossed finger hoping for a result nextweek from the embassy… 🙂

    2. Comments before even said they waited for two months. The embassy’s site explains that it can take up to six weeks. You can see it has really no specific span of time, Mish. Next week result would be impossible, I’m afraid. 🙁

        1. Yes. Just set a reasonable time to follow-up. For instance your travel date is coming or after 6 weeks as it’s the set time by them.

          1. Hi Jessica,

            i made a follow up this morning through phone at the embassy. 🙂 i asked the officer regarding the status of my remonstration letter, she told me that the result was send thru courier. oh my gosh i was so confused i was expecting a result by email from them, since it was a remonstration only. is it their new process or do you think the result was denied again? why do they have to send it through courier again?

            i feel so nervous and im shaking. hahhaa. crossed finger for the result……………

            1. Wow! That’s impressively fast. I hope the result as well. Don’t want to make you feel unmotivated or something likewise but usually the result thru a courier might be another denial. I have no experience about it; that’s only based on the Embassy’s info. I really wish it’s a positive response. I am excited to know too. 🙂

            2. This is the day! Last Day of frustration…

              I got the result of my remonstration. and you are right its a refusal letter again.
              shet! i translated the letter and i found out that they dont consider my supporting documents which is i submitted together with my remonstration letter.
              “Their remonstrance , however, contains No supplementary documentation or documents relating to the box 9 of the Rejection A DECISION ticked grounds for refusal”

              They want me to file an appeal in Berllin. Im done!!

              1. Hello Mish,

                I am sorry for that. I hope you have another plan and will still pursue your Europe trip. I admire your patience. 🙂

            3. Hi Jessica,

              Here i am again, were planning to file appeal in Berlin.. After all the frustration i still have plan B and i will be leaving nextweek (Thailand) … Just wanna say thank you for being approachable to all of us regarding our visa concerns.

              More power to you and God Bless! i will still keep you posted

  139. Hi miss Jessica,

    I have an appointment this Nov. 18, 2015 at the Embassy for the interview. My documents are ready.. but i have a problem about the papers. is it ok to show them photocopies of the documents and it is in a short and long bond papers. is it ok? or they are also strict about the format and so on.. please i need your opinion.


    1. Hello JLou,

      Size of the papers does not matter but the content does. 🙂 Bring original and photocpies of all the requirements. Secure as well yourself another copy. Good Luck with your interview! 🙂

    2. Goodday i just want to ask about my denial in German Embassy last year ago i would like to apply again for schengen visa in Switzerland should be better to put on my application that i already got denied in german embassy for applying schengen visa or No? Thank you and have a nice day

        1. Yes, Bro. It can be seen in your passport – the stamp (only date and visa type but no ‘rejected’ word indicated) by the German Embassy during your interview. However, one’s application will not be based on your former one. The result will vary and depend on your current papers and purposes. Please take note the reason of your refusal and think how to furnish it as it might also affect your application to another Embassy. God Luck! 🙂

  140. Hi Miss Jessica,

    how will i get the refusal paper from the embassy? i filled already an application last 0ct 22,2015.
    and i just receive a call last Nov.9 that my schengen visa applied are denied, until now i don’t know the reason why my visa denied? i still didn’t receive any deny papers? please help me what to do miss jessica?

    thanks so much for your concern

    1. Hello Gina,
      Your application result was actually quite delayed. Longest time you will wait should be one week after your interview. Also, it should not be thru phone call but by post. Did you ask the one who called you why the process was like that? You better send a mail to the Embassy and give all the information you have mentioned here. By then, they should be the one who can guide you.

      1. Hello Miss Jessica,

        I just recieve The Refusal Letter, The Visa got refused Reason no.9..And right now im in the prosses of making Remonstration Letter.. And i dont have Job since lastmonth. I am Seperated for 12yrs..and Still the Maried is intact.. And i have 5children. The Documents i gave to the Embassy are the following:
        My Children Birtcert (NSO)
        My Birthcert(NSO)
        My House Deed of Contract
        My 6months remitance accnt from my Bf in Germany.

        About FAMILY TIES?? Dont know which kind of Documents i can support on this? Please and I hope give some ideas regarding this?
        Once again,Thank you so much for your Concern.

        Thanks in Advance

        1. Hi Gina,

          Is this your first schengen visa application? And how long did you ask to stay in the schengen area/s? Those are the two points I just thought affected your application. As a first time applicant, it is better to get for a month or less, especially if you are sponsored and currently no job. But for your remonstrance, you can present some papers, showing what are you doing in the Philippines or what’s your source of income. For instance business? Thanks!


          1. Hi Miss Jessica,

            Yes this is My Fisrt Schengen Visa Application, And i apply 75days stay in Germany. I really dont have Job or bussiness here in Phil. As My BF financialy support me monthly almost a year by sending me money in my bank account. I just made a Remonstration Letter just now. Also Supporting Remonstration Letter from My BF in Germany sent it to Me by Email today. And i print it already. I will
            give this Letters personaly in German Embassy tomorrow, You think this is rhe right way to do this?
            What do i need to do more?

            1. As i’ve mentioned to you Miss Jessica, My BF in Germany which also support me and made also a supporting to my remonstration letter, do i need a power of attorney to his letter for remonstrance he made?? I am very thankful for your help Miss Jessica really appriciate it.


              1. Hi Gina, No need for that. Simple letter is fine but you can ask for a lawyer to assist you in your appeal if you deem it is necessary.

  141. Hi Jessica,

    I have applied for Germany Visitors visa in chennai, India to visit my india friend in germany and got rejected for the reason no 3 (You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence, for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence, or for the transit to a third country into which you are certain to be admitted, or you are not in a position to acquire such means lawfully. Previously I have applied with self sponsered. Now I have received formal obligation letter from my friend and i would like to remonstrance against embassy decision with the formal obligation. Please suggest me and give some tips to get my visitor visa. Please do the needful.

    Suresh kumar

    1. Hello Suresh,

      Then do remonstrate according to the German Embassy’s process in India. Please be reminded as well on your target schedeule. But I am actually not fully sure if filing a remonstrance will be better or doing a new application as you have now a sponsor who can shoulder your expenses for the trip. One advantage I can see for doing an appeal is the visa fee if ever they will issue a new decision. I suggest to do some research on epxeriences of applicants in your country. It might lead you to a better strategy by their tips and advices. Thank you! 🙂


      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you so much for your immediate response. My date of travel is Dec 28, 2015. I will do some research in this regards.

        Once again thank you.

        Suresh Kumar S R

          1. Hi Jessica,

            I have filed remonstration on rejection of my visa on 13.11.2015 and two days before I got call from embassy. That lady telling we have received your file from VFS global Chennai and visa officer requires your passport, so kindly submit your passport through VFS Global Chennai. But she didn’t tell, my passport required for stamping visa or something else. Now I’m confused whether my passport they asking as part of remonstration process or for stamping my visa.

            If you have any clue pls tell me in this regards.

            Thank you,
            Suresh Kumar

            1. Hello Suresh, You mean two days after you make an appeal, someone from the Embassy called you? Based on my remonstration, the passport is not part of the requirements and it will only be asked after the result. That time, your visa is granted but they will also ask for your planned dates of departure and return. Please contact the Embassy to make your case clearer. 😉 Thanks

            2. Suresh,

              I just got my visa rejected from Chennai VFS Global as well. I would like to file a remonstration as well. I would like some advise from you. Would you be kind enough to email me your phone number. My email id is [email protected].
              Thank you in advance.

  142. hi jesca,my application was rejected bassing on numver 3,8$9.i have everything i feel like am fully covered wuth visa requirements. what should i do?

  143. Hi Jessica. Your blog is very informative.

    I applied for a Schengen visa to visit my aunt in Sweden for 32 days. I received the refusal letter Nov.4, the reason was the justification of my stay was not provided. In the letter, it was also stated the ONLY siblings and children of the sponsor is considered to be close family members, thus i do not think I would make an appeal as i think it will be denied again.

    However, me and my German boyfriend have decided to apply a schengen visa for 30 days in the German embassy, we have all the papers. Im quite worried because the only document i have to prove my rootedness in the Philippines is a school certificate. I have traveled quite a lot around asia, i always come back.

    My scheduled appointment is on Nov.12, My bf is here in PH right now, and will be with with me in the Embassy for my appointment. We have known each other for 6 months now, we have photos together, phone connections, and our relationship is genuine.

    Will i have bigger chance of getting a visa, for the reason of him accompanying me to the embassy during my interview?

    Will my previous refusal affect my decision of the embassy?

    I need your advice Miss Jessica.. Thank you so much.

    1. Hello Ken,

      Thanks for your comment. Glad you found it useful.
      As a student, be guided with the requirements that the Embassy provided. I guess school certification is not enough. Your registration and excuse letter/approval of absence from the class are also necessary. I hope there are enough days for you to get these papers. Thanks! 🙂


    2. Hi Jessica, just an update of my visa application. It was refused for reason number 9. I was really hoping na ma grant. Nakakafrustrate maghintay ng result, sleepless nights, over thinking, alot of reading sa mga forums, hehe.

      Anyways, I’m in the process of making a remonstration letter. I have a notarized Affidavit of Guardianship of my 17 year old brother, my parents are abroad. Do you think it’s a strong document for them to change the decision? Do u think I should also submit my brother’s birth certificate? Or no need? Thanks alot Miss Jessica.

  144. Hi Jessica,

    I applied for a Schengen visa at the French Embassy, the visa got refused for reason number 9. How long should I wait before re-applying? I have seen post from blogs that appealing takes long and no time frame. I have submitted a letter from my employer stating my leave of absence was approved. Should I also state on my cover letter that I do not have plans of overstaying?

    1. Hello Coletski,

      I haven’t tried yet applying in French Embassy. They might have certain different rules from German Embassy. Just to make it clear, you are preparing now for re-application, not for submitting a remonstrance? Thanks! 🙂


      1. After I got the refusal letter, I was planning to appeal but then its not like in German embassy where you send the appeal letter at the embassy here, french embassy requires to send appeal in France…the postage is costly and no assurance that they will reply…if I had known I should have applied at the German embassy…I’ve read from some blogs that its a waste to send an appeal when you get refused at the french embassy…I just want to research on what kind of proof should I submit to establish strong ties here in the Philippines…My trip will be shouldered by my aunt as a gift, I submitted an affidavit of support but not her bank account. Although I submitted bank certification and statement, I think it wasn’t enough for them. I was wondering if I also need to submit my son’s birth certificate? Is it also an issue if my passport shows my maiden name instead of my married last name? I have not updated it since I don’t have identification with my married last name. But I did furnish my marriage certificate…haist what other documents should I prepare….

        1. Hi Coletski,

          I suggest you compose yourself first then review your application. 🙂 It is better to think soulution/s if you are more relax. 🙂 These are the points I just wanted to clarify:
          – Is your aunt living in France? If yes and she did give a formal obligation, stating that she will shoulder you stay then you do not need to present a bank certificate/statement to prove your financial capacity in the travel.
          – Point No. 9 is all about your work. The Certificae of Employment, approved leave of absence and latest Income Tax Return are enough to approve your visa. Re-check those.

          I hope you can prepare better this time and wish you the best of luck with your application!


          1. My aunt is based in kuwait, we will meet in doha and go together to france. My ITR was from my previous company since I joined my current company October last year only…could it be the issue? The letter stating the approval of my leave was printed with company’s letterhead however there was no address or phone#, should I ask the HR head to reprint it. The COE that was issued to me is printed on a paper with company’s letterhead with address and phone# but the leave approval was not there it was on a separate letter.

            1. Hi Coletski!

              Those documents look fine. So in your applicaton, better make those papers clearer, in terms of information. 🙂 And yes, ask your aunt to give a letter of sponsorship with her bank certificate/statements if possible to prove her financial capacity. 🙂 I know you can make it this time. Jsut be more careful and direct with the details you will provide to them. Above all, be truthful! 🙂 Good luck!


            2. Hi Jessica,

              Thanks for the advice! My already furnish an affiddavit of support stating that she will be financing my trip and I enclosed that with my previous application. I just failed to include her bank statement. Should I also ask COE from my previous company to support the ITR? Is it essential that the ITR be from 2014? My former company failed to give it to me so I submitted the one I got from 2013. And on the new cover letter that I am making should I state that my previous application got refused?

              All the best,

              1. Hello Coletski,

                I guess the ITR should be the latest one. Get and submit the most updated as much as possible and support it of a CEO from your former company. That would make your papers clearer. For the cover letter, I honestly do not have any idea on how it should be written as the German Embassy does not require something like that. I suggest that you stress the point of your rejection before since it was the problem why you were denied. 🙂 I really hope you will make it this time!


            3. Thank you so much Jessica! I will try to furnish all the documents first before I call to set for an appointment. It was really a big help. I’m hoping for the best this time. Will give you the news once I got a feedback. Ciao for now!

  145. Hi Miss Jessica, first of all, thank you for making this blog, it gave me quite a relief for the whole process you’ve been through and knowing that it finally got approved. I just got the result of my Schengen application today which I applied for last 22, it only took them 3 days to reject my application and it did pierce my heart.
    I was invited by my boyfriend whose a German citizen and that he’ll be the one shouldering the entire expenses of my trip and will provide me the accommodation.I got rejected for the 9th reason. And right now I am in the process of constructing a remonstrance letter. The only support for my rootedness here that I had shown was my enrollment certificate from a trade school that I was enrolled in. The whole duration of my class was 6 months, but of course I have no intention to stay there illegally due to my studies here which I really need to finish. But what was stated in my certificate was that I was only enrolled for the 1st semester, which I assumed the reason why it got rejected. So I am thinking now to let the school issue a certificate for my advance enrollment and indicate in that certificate the starting date of the class. I have just one concern that hopefully you could somehow answer to enlighten me, I was thinking of adding a sworn statement signed by a lawyer for an extra back up for my letter and also I’ll have to let my boyfriend make a letter in Deutsch to back me up as well to guarantee them that I’d return here. By the way this is my first time to travel abroad and it breaks me into pieces seeing the refusal letter.
    Hope to hear from you soon..

    1. Hello Alyanna,

      How many days did you ask for the Schengen Visa? As first time applicant, opt for a month or less.
      Since you applied as a student, what exactly your schedule looks like? For the papers, letter from the University is also needed, indicating the permission of your absence in the class. Registration card or something likewise is also necessary 🙂

      Jessica A.

      1. I was enrolled in a trade school for 3 modular courses for three semester. It’s a school that offers modular courses, the school name is FIDA Fashion Institute of Design and Arts located in Davao. Since I am not a high school graduate it’s the only school that offers short-termed courses that suits my interest that doesn’t require high school diploma. Honestly, I am a lazy bum when it comes to the typical thing that such school offers so I ought to take the shortest way possible.
        I asked for the maximum duration which I thought won’t be a huge deal since I know for myself that I’ll return since I won’t give up my studies to overstay nor will I illegally stay in Germany. But I know this reason won’t be enough for them. I showed them the certificate of enrollment and paid tuition receipt that was all the papers I’ve had for supporting my rootedness here. About my study schedules, it’s normally like any other school, you’d have prelims, midterms and finals. Just that you can only go there twice or thrice of even once a week but for a whole day. My concentration was the basic sewing, pattern making and draping.
        But since you told me that I should’ve lowered the duration of my planned vacation, do you think I could at least change that and put that detail on my remonstrance letter? If so, how can I draft that?

        Thanks by the way for the quick reply.

        1. Also, let’s say I stated that I’d only stay there for like a month, then it got approved, can I possibly extend my stay in there?

        2. Hi Alyanna,

          What is the number of days you inidcated in your application? In your remontrance, better stick with it to prove your sincerity in asking for a new decision. You can therefore mention all the cases regarding your class in the Philippines and support it with a schedule card from the university. If there’s any chance, you can as well provide properties of your parents or relatives.


          1. You mean like land titles?
            I still don’t understand how this would support my rootedness, but I’ll take note of that also with the schedule card from my school..
            thank you for the help Jess..
            Also, I was thinking to have my remonstrance letter be notarized by a lawyer.

            1. Hi Alyanna,
              That can support your family rootedness. 😉 For the letter, the Embassy is not requiring you to notarize it. It can just be a plain letter, explaining your real reasons for asking a new decision. Good luck with your appeal and wish it will reverse the rejection. Thanks a lot!


      2. Hi Jessica,

        Im planning to set an appointment this week at the Embassy. I already completed all the requirements that i need to submit. I wanted to ask you if i really have to submit the reservation booking ? Does it really necessary in applying a visa? Please help me, its my first time to apply for a visa.

        1. Hello Jing,

          Which reservation booking do you mean? For your flight or for the accommodation? The German Embassy has already changed its requirement for the ticket reservation. You do not need to present it anymore, just an itinerary. Please check its website for you reference. For the accommodation, you also do not need to submit a hotel reservation if you are invited by someone in Germany and you will stay to his/her place. If this trip will be shouldered fully by you, then prepare a reservation for your accommodation. Thanks!


  146. I am wondering if someone can advise. A friend of mine in Bolivia is going to an International event in Germany. She has an american visa and she has traveled to the States once with no problems and did not overstay. Since this is a big event the organizing company sent a letter and she took that along with some newspaper articles where it shows that she is going to the event. After two weeks they denied her a visa so the organizing event sent some official letters, also she obtained letters from the government in Bolivia stating that they will support her stay in Germany and they promise she will get back. She took an appeal letter in German with all new documentation and we belive they will reverse the denial. The problem is that she has a scheduled flight to the US to attend events in the US and the German embassy said that she can’t apply for a visa in a different country to where she lives. My question is “If she does come to the US and her appeal is reversed and she gets the schengen visa, while she is in the US could she go to a German embassy in the US to have her passport stamped with the visa? Thanks

    1. Hi Marc!

      As far as I know, she can only get the visa from the country where she applied for it. You can check this concern in the German Embassy if that could be possible, given that her cases are all reasonable. 🙂 Let me know how it went. Good luck to her travel and thanks for dropping a message here.

      Jessica A.

      1. She is going in person to the embassy today to try to find out if about her appeal. I don’t think the consulate or embassy is very busy in Bolivia, so hopefully they will process he appeal fast. I will keep you posted. She brought all the new documentation and letter on Friday October 23rd. I will let you know how it went.

          1. My friend called the German Embassy Today at 3PM and they told her that her rejection had been changed and a visa had been granted. She was told to return tomorrow 10/28 to have her visa stamped. She is flying out to the US tomorrow night and then to Europe in mid november. Luckily for her, her ordeal endees after only three working days since submitting her appeal letter and more documents.

            1. Hi Marc,

              That’s great news! 🙂 happy trip for your friend! Thank you for sharing her experience with us.

              Jessica A.

  147. Hi Jessica,

    First of all thank you so much for sharing your experience with remonstration process.
    This helped me a lot and gave me hope during my “shocked/depressed” days after i got the refusal visa letter from the german embassy manila.

    It is my 4th time to apply in the German embassy. First 3 were all approved all of them were for tourist visa. the 4th visa i applied for is a short term language visa… i got rejected for reason no 9.
    And i have a very good travel history,,i never over stayed in Schengen, i have 10yr usa tourist visa and canadian tourist visa.. i have never overstayed anywhere and never got in trouble during my visits..

    I already submitted my remonstration letter on Sept 28 but have not got any decision yet.
    How long does it take to get a decision? how many weeks ?
    I know with your case it was fast, but NOW how long does it usually take?

    Thanks again

    1. Hello Gheena,

      Sorry to hear about your refusal. For the langauge visa, as long as you took a language class before, they should approved you. Anyway, about the time on when they will give a reply, it is indicated in their site that it can took up to six (6) weeks. If you are willing to wait that long, do so, then you can make another plan after. I hope it can still fit with the schedule of your language class.

      Jessica A.

  148. Good day Jessica,

    My Schengen Visa application specifically Business short stay Visa was also refused by the Spanish Consulate.

    Reasons why refused was no. 2-3-8-9 quite so many 🙁

    I already submitted an appeal letter but below is their revert:

    “Please be informed that the final resolution of your visa application is ready for collection from Monday to Thrusday at 1pm.”

    Please advise if you think it may be approved this time….

    Thank you.

    1. Goodluck to you.. Pls let us know the result.Hopefully you get the visa..

      Im also waiting for the result of my remonstration in the german embassy.
      Im also thinking about applying in Spain instead because its a month now and i have not received any decision yet.

      1. Good day Jessica and Gheena,

        Regret to inform you that again we receive refusal result again.

        And need to appeal to higher court in Madrid.

        Spain embassy is so strict.

        Just to give you a tip just apply to Netherlands embassy if you want to have schengen visa right away.

        My officemate was able to got their business visa after 2-3 days.

        Thanks a lot for your reply.

    2. Helllo Lily,

      I do not know exactly what’s the process for the Spanish Embassy. But I am glad you were able to request for a new decison despite the number of refusal reasons they gave you.

      Just look at the result of your appeal and let me know how is it.

      Jessica A.

      1. Good day Jessica and Gheena,

        Regret to inform you that again we receive refusal result again.

        And need to appeal to higher court in Madrid.

        Spain embassy is so strict.

        Just to give you a tip just apply to Netherlands embassy if you want to have schengen visa right away.

        My officemate was able to got their business visa after 2-3 days.

        Thanks a lot for your reply.

        1. Hi Lily,

          Are you planning to apply in Netherlands Embassy? Wish you will still pursue your trip. 🙂

          Jessica A.

  149. i put four cases included mine for Greece tourist visa with all proper genuine documents and got rejected first time with reason unable to provide travel schedule plan again i reapply for that and clear every point in in interview but still same reason again rejected second time what should i do now pls help me to sort out this problem as i already waste lot of money on ticket and hotel bookings i am ready to pay your service charges also to get this work done. we all were genuine the only things was my two friends never travel international and two of us were well travelled. i had shown every genuine thing and recommend by my cousin who had been to Greece i was thinking that tourism contribute alot for country growth i was the one who also busted immigration fraud of australia and also put every proof with my visa application i am really upset that i lost money and spoil mood as well as got stamp twice on the passport without any reason. therefore i would like to request you verify my case and check it it properly and do justice with me as this is very unlawful act done by embassy with me. if u say i will send u all documents by email also.in refusal they mention i can appeal against the decision how can i get greek lawyer here and its very difficult and annoying process so i need justice my intention was clear that i just want to spend 8 days touring Greece nothing else.I am Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) having certification from Usa and master in computer’s field and also done ielts overall 7 bands. So i am well aware how to prepare students and how to teach them whole-heartedly. I am also working as part time Sen. Lecturer in DAV college phillaur in IT field. We can also provide services like website making, Maintenance, Hardware Repair,Software, Data Entry Services at cheap and best rates. i am also working part time in cyber crime department of punjab police and also submit all my international and national certificates.

    it is total wastage of money as well spoil my passport reputation i never got refused from any country always come back on time in my home country i am married having one daughter and we just plan greece for tourism may be it was our mistake to choose greece for tourism coz she took my interview i clarify everything in English properly so at least she should give any solid reason about the rejection.
    I really feel ashamed that after providing everything legal and genuine without any reason my hard work money gone waste.

    I have full faith on higher authority of greece who will do justice with me.

    Name Sumit Narang
    Dob 13/11/1982
    Apply date new delhi 05/10/2015
    Passport no. L4000089
    Ref no. grjl/051015/0001


  150. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing your experience! Is very helpful. Quick summary, I will be applying for a schengen visa next month. Going to Spain on christmas – new year trip with my partner (who is spanish) for tourism and to meet his family.

    I’d like your opinion about the which box to tick in the “nature of your visit”. I’m hesitant to choose between “visiting a friend/family” and “tourism” ??

    I *think* I have a strong case of not overstaying my visa as my partner is working in NZ while I am in SG (although i have a new job, ive been here for years) and we will back in our respective countries of work after the holiday season ends.

    Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

    1. Hi Rica,

      Glad you found it helpful. If you could ask your bf’s family for an invitation then opt for visiting a friend/family. However, if you will shoulder all your trip expenses and confident enough to convince the Embasyy that you are financially capable then just for the purpose of tourism.

      Just be reminded on the number of days you will ask for but as long as you have all documents and genuine reasons, I am sure you will get that visa.


  151. Hi Jessica,

    Your blog is very informative, indeed.
    I’m currently residing in Saudi, filed an application for Schengen Visa last Oct. 11. Unfortunately, Oct. 14, they refused to grant the visa with reason (same as most of the people here) no. 9.
    Frankly I was offended because I felt like they just had a glimpse of our nationality “Filipino” and disregarded the supporting documents, then end up with the decision for refusal.
    I submitted all documents that would prove that I will come back to Saudi after my vacation:
    -Employment Letter
    -Leave Certificate
    -Exit-Reentry Visa from Saudi (which is very very very hard to get if your vacation is still 3 months away, unless you have some backup from the Admin)
    -Invitation Letter of my relative stating my arrival and departure date from Germany
    -Paid round-trip booking
    -Salary Certificate from Employer
    -6 months bank statement (showing that I’m receiving a regular monthly salary)
    I can’t think of anymore valid documents to prove my intention.

    After reading your blog and the readers’ comments, I thought I would submit a “Remonstrance.”

    Can you please advise me what I can include in my remonstrance letter or what else I can present to challenge reason No. 9?
    -FAMILY TIES > Is it asking for Philippines or Saudi family ties? I don’t have here in Saudi. But, does mentioning my regular remittances to Phil. count? I have family obligations at my home country but I don’t have any documents to present if there’s any. I don’t have properties, just my family.
    -ECONOMIC BOND > again, was this in Phil. or in Saudi? I’m working in Saudi so I can, technically, just provide certificates & letters from Saudi.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. Hello Ryebvel,

      Just woke up and read your comment. Interesting point!
      What kind of schengen visa did you apply? Business, Visiting a friend/family or tourism? I am assuming for a family visit as you got an invitation. And I agree that you presented all the required documents for the purpose of stay. So for No. 9, there are four detailed reasons presentd by the Embassy upon rejection and you already explained the first two. Since you applied in Saudi and you have a residence/working visa there, you might submit those documents pertaining to Saudi. However, it is indicated on the English version of the “Refusal of Visa” is home cuntry for the Economic bonds, so I suggest you may submit with your remonstrance, the papers of remittances as well as the property owned by your family. Additionally, you can also present a contract from your employer about up to when will you work there. One year? Two years? And maybe a certificate/letter from your agency (if you have), telling what’s your agreement after the expiration of the contract? Is it subject for renewal of you will need to return here. I am not really keen on the process of working abroad so I am just giving some possibilities. Hehe. Maybe you may think other essential papers like from POEA when you are just processing your employment for Saudi.

      The other two points for No. 9 applies to you if you have applied for a Schengen Visa before. If not, focus on the first two then.

      P.S. I am really laughing at myself when I am giving some recommendations regarding remonstrance. Hehe. I am not affiliated to the Embassy and I do not know all the formal processes an applicant can do. All I have is an experience on how I challenged them that every applicant deserves second chance. hehe. And that, all of us should be allowed to go to our dream country, whatevery nation you come from. I am wishing that some years after, it would be easier for us, Filipinos, to travel outside our country. Hehe.

      Jessica A.

      1. Hi Jess,

        Glad to receive a response from you 🙂
        I applied for a visit visa, you assumed correctly.
        Regarding remittances, I am planning to resend them the previous account statement I submitted upon applying then further explain in my remonstrance letter (would that be enough? Am not sure..), because I don’t have copies of my remittances 🙁 And gosh it just struck me that our property was not in any of my immediate family’s name, it was informally handed over to my father by his mother, the owner with papers T_T
        With regards to contract..geez they’re all arabic, that’s why I requested for an Employment Certificate instead..guess I have to seek help from a certified translator..
        I am also planning to request a remonstrance support letter from my relative in Germany who is also my sponsor..u think that would help a lot? Can you please give a format of this support letter that will be strong enough to challenge this reason No. 9? I’m really terrible with writing letters..(well, my bad)

        I actually thought you’re really good at these kinds of things, and I consider it a talent. That’s why of all the blogs and forums I’ve read, I chose to inquire here 🙂

        Thanks again.

        1. By the way, as I’ve mentioned before, Exit and Reentry Visa from Saudi Ministry of Interior is already in my possession. It’s a strong document expats use to exit & enter Saudi, and without it, legally leaving and entering Saudi will be near impossible. I thought German Embassy knows that because it is in their requirement checklist. Can I also stress that point in my remonstrance letter?

          Thanks in advance.

        2. Hello Ryebvel,

          Wooo! Documents stress! Hahaha. Better submit papers which give direct meaning so it avoids complications and long explanations to the Embassy. As long as you have new document to present and it truly supports your appeal, you can remonstrate. Regarding the letter, you can check on the article the sample format. The letter from your relative in Germany should be in German, I suggest.


          1. Hi Jess!

            Good news! My remonstrating worked!
            Cheers! ^_^
            I submitted my remonstrance letter thru email & the response truly was fast, I can’t believe it!
            The only new document I submitted was my payroll (I didn’t have any other on-hand documents & I was just eager to appeal, lol). I just stressed on my remonstrance letter so many reasons why I need to come back to Saudi Arabia & I ask them to review my supporting documents.
            Then, bwwaala, they said they have decided to issue the visa to me.
            My problem now is that I need to send my passport..the visa application center told me to come personally to submit my passport..I told them I can’t come personally and that I may ask a representative to bring my passport to VFS..still they insisted it should be me ONLY T_T

            1. Hello Ryebvel,

              WOW!!!!! Congratulations! Sooooo happy for you!:) I advise you to come personally; the Embassy might change their mind. lol. Just kidding! Just go there immediately (or depending when do you plan to go to Europe) as it needs a day or two to release the visa. Let me know ASAP when you have that visa in your hand! 🙂

              Jessica A.

            2. Hi Jess!

              Thank you. You’re actually part of the success, that’s why, CHEERS! ^_^

              Actually it was the VAC/VFS who told me to come personally, but I really can’t due to work situations..So, I e-mailed the German Embassy in Riyadh and they responded that I can just send an authorized representative to submit my passport either to VFS or Riyadh Embassy itself.

              My friend will be going to VAC on Sunday (start of the working week here in Saudi) for her personal application in another country, and so I asked her to be my authorized representative and submit/collect my passport.
              I’ll let you know about the result next week 🙂

              Best regards,

              1. Hello Ryebvel,

                I am more than happy to guide you by my simple words. I am excited on that visa and definitely will look forward on your trip! 🙂 Safe travel!


            3. Hi Jess,

              My apology that it took me this long to pay a visit here.
              I just passed by to again express my gratitude for your assistance in my remonstrating. Got my passport with 1 month visa already.
              I didn’t know that they also give less than 6 months schengen visa ‘coz I thought 6 months was the minimum duration they would give, if approved.
              Anyway, it’s just enough for my visit so I’m just thankful for their reconsideration^_^
              Also, just recently an Egyptian colleague told me that I’m still lucky ‘coz he never got a schengen visa of more than 7 days even if he’s requesting for at least 1 month.
              So, I gues it’s still CHEERS for mine, and I’m coming for you, Germany! 😀

              God bless you, Jess!


              1. Hello Ryebvel

                Welcome to Germany! Yay! I hope you will not need to do any remonstrance in the future. Happy travels! 🙂

  152. Hello Jessica good day!!! Your blog is very helpful and it’s giving me hopes to continue my dream to trip in Europe . .. I received the result the refusal of visa last Friday October 16,2015 the reason based on # 9 .
    I didn’t submit any rootedness documents it’s because Im unemployed. I was graduated this year supposedly this trip is my graduation gift from my auntie. Now I ask the establishment where I conducted my OJT before a job offer certificate and they’re willing to give it to me .. Would it be strong enough as proof of my rootedness???please give me some advice ..thank you

    1. Hi Sheila,

      I love your introductory message! That’s the power you need, girl! 🙂 Go to Europe! Haha. But of course, we need to consider some proper documents. Just present something that can explain what are you doing now in the Philippines. And also, let your auntie to make a letter that she will shoulder every cost for that trip and that, you do not need to submit financial documents.

      Jessica A.

    2. That certificate from the company where you had your OJT might not be enough but if you showed some of your family’s rootedness here, it can help you. You just graduated and the Embassy can just rely from your family’s capacity.

        1. Hi Sheila,
          Please refer to the Embassy’s website. Look into it and do read experiences of other applicants as well. These will surely help you. 🙂

  153. Hi Stani,

    I never tried applying for a Business Visa but since we have the same general reason of denial, I might help you. For No. 8, there are four sub-reasons which the Embassy ticked-off, which was yours? From there, you can identify which documents you may submit. For No. 9, there are also four detailed reasons which the Embassy considered to come up with its decision. Though none of those were part of my denial reasons before, I just mentioned why is it necessary to come back in my country. I elaborated that I am still supporting my family but then during the days that I am not in the country, there’s still my sister who is working and my mother who is receiving a pension. Additionally, if you have an employer, you may also include to your remosntrance that you have obligations with your company and thus, you will definitely return.

    In terms of the documents, always submit original and photocopy. Make sure to have some copies with you as well.

    I hope these can help you a bit. Thanks! 🙂


    1. Thanks Jessica.
      On the number 8, it was contradictory statement made or submitted conflicting documents on the purpose of travel.
      On the number 9, practically all 4 were ticked off.
      The supporting documents, do I have to include my international passport and the original of all other documents such as my, travel insurance, tax clearance certificate, invitation letter, confirmed hotel booking, etc., when am submitting the remonstration letter?
      I really don’t know what other documents they could possibly required that I did not submit before during my interview, because I practically submitted every document required on the checklist, except the pictures the officer asked for during the interview.
      All the documents I submitted during my interview when applying were;
      1, valid passport and color copy of its data page.
      2, 2 passport photography.
      3, travel insurance worth €30,000 covering the entire duration of stay.
      4, confirmed hotel booking covering entire duration of stay.
      5, Round trip flight reservations.
      6, Tax clearance.
      7, My personal and my company bank account statements of last 3months with sufficient balance.
      8, Invitation letter from inviting company based in Germany.
      9, marriage certificate
      10, My child birth certificate.
      11, Introductory letter from my company signed by my secretary since i own the company.
      12, Company registration certificate
      13, Memorandum of association of the company.
      What else could I possibly add to all this? Please help.

      1. Also, included in the documents,
        14, Evidence of business transactions here in Nigeria and abroad, such bill of lading, receipt etc.

      2. Hello Stani,

        I got all your points and I also do not know what else is lacking, honestly. Have you applied a schengen visa before? And how did you use it? that’s the only point I can see for you to appeal.

        Jessica A.

  154. Hello Jessica,
    I just stumbled on your article and I find it inspiring.
    My recently applied for a schengen business visa at the German Embassy in Nigeria and my application was rejected, reasons based on number 8 and 9. Though I submitted all the required documents during my interview. But one thing the officer asked me (though not in the visa requirement checklist) was my wedding and family pictures which I did not present, even as I have presented my Marriage Certificate issued by Marriage Registry.
    I want to file an appeal (remonstration) to be submitted in person at the embassy, what should be my supporting documents, and secondly, am I to submit photocopies of the supporting documents or the originals?
    Please I really need your opinion.
    Thank you.

  155. hello Jessica,
    thank you for your blog soo helpful,
    i was invited by my bf in the month of jully to go to German, i m a seller here in Cameroon, i had all the documents: INSURANCE MADE IN GERMANY BY MY FRIEND ;1000euros in my bank account, the flight reservation, the engagement letter for my bf, he was in cameroon last year, but they refused me visa, now my bf took a lawyer to made for the remonstration, he wrote to the embassy since one month and half no answer to me!!! could i have more chance because he is a lawyer or not…???
    the lawyer have to write to the embassy again???
    IM waiting your answer im very anxious
    thank you in advance

    1. Hello Mary,

      I am not sure if you have more chance if you did the remontance with a lawyer. One thing I am sure about, if you have mentioned valid reasons and attached supporting documents to the REASON/S which the Embassy emphasized, 99% they will have a new decision. It was in July when you applied and received the refusal and until there’s no response? You should then talk with your lawyer again as it can only take up to 6 weeks to receive the result of your remonstrance (at least what’s indicated in the German Embassy’s website in Manila). And I guess your lawyer will have a better idea to fastrack your appeal.


  156. Hello Jessica! Love this very informative article! I just have one quick question, is it possible for a freelancer like me to get a Schengen Visa? Do O have a chance? I would really love to visit the countries in Schengen area. The only problem is that I don’t have ITR and my employers are US and Canada based but I think they are kind enough to provide me with COE if I’ll make a request. I quit my corporate job and just focused on being a Virtual Admin Assistant so I can still work while I travel and so I can look after my 7 year old daughter since I’m a single mother. Hope to hear from you and thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Vanessa! Thank you for spending time in reading my article. Yes, it is possible but they might look for a Certificate of Registration form BIR, that can be one of the reasons to prove your rootedness in the Philippines. This is easy to get but the responsibilties after in paying taxes will be bigger. During your interview, you can emphasze why you quit your job and so your travels before. You can check this https://twomonkeystravelgroup.com/2015/04/how-to-apply-for-schengen-visa/ as well to guide your visa application. Just drop a comment here in case something is not clear to you. thanks! 😉

  157. Hello Jessica, I applied German visa in Bahrain where I worked before and in four ocassions, I was never denied. My last 10 days application last 2013, they give me one year visa, up to October 12, 2014. I thought that German embassy is the friendliest embassy so far( tho I have UK, Canadian and US visa). I was denied once in French embassy and sinumpa Kong Di na ako mag apply dun. ??

    1. Hi Jiggey! I can’t assure if Embassies matter country by country as I don’t have experience yet in applying outside the Philippines. However, based on some information I read in different forums, French Embassy might be ‘less’ strict, and there’s a survey/study held before where they issued the biggest number of visas. In the Philippines, I can say, German Embassy requires a detailed processing. This can be the reason why some applicants found it harder here. But then again, applicant’s case matters most. Thanks and more travels for you! 🙂

  158. Hi miss Jessica,
    Your article is really helpful,i got refusal visa yesterday September 29th,The reason is box no.9,i am applying ffor visit visa as my boyfriend sponsoring me for this travel as he want me to introduce to family and friends in Germany,as well as celebrating xmas and 70th bday of his .I applied for 81 days visit and indicate in my application that leaving Singapore for good as soon as i depart on October 15,and go back in the Philippines on 3rd of January together with my boyfriend as we have plan to get married in manila before flying to NZ and to live there.I have all my documents with me including the formal of letter of obligation for me endorse by his municipality or town.As well as the confirmed tickets .As my bf sposoring me this all including my financial support and accommodation.They said to my refusal letter about my quiting on job and decided to back in Philippines not ascertained..they not convinced that im going back in time before my visa expire.What do i need to so for the remonstrat letter,hope you can help me ty.

    1. Hello maria! so you applied in singapore? But the reason of your refusal is definitely the hardest to fight, I guess. Do you have work now or business? Have you presented all documens which can support your identity here in the philippines?

      1. Hello Jessica,
        Thank you for the reply i have already sent my appeal letter,still waitingfor the result.I’m still working here in Singapore at the moment.I am hoping they will give consideration regarding about my appeal letter,my bf sent all the documents that i need just to show them that im leaving Germany on the intended date.As well as his support letter.Thank you so much.

        1. I see. Having a sponsor and you declared him as your boyfriend might not look convincing for the Embassy that you will come back in the philippines, especially that you requested a long stay in Germany. I just hope that someday all embassies should stop assuming that we will illegally stay in a country. Hehe. Anyway, in order to get a new decision with your visa application, you should have at least mentioned these things in your letter:
          -family rootedness in the Philipines (what and who are your relatives here?)
          -will you have work/business in the philippines?
          -when do you plan to marry?
          -Or how will you live in NZ?

          1. Hello Jessica,
            Yung na mentioned mo na mga pde ibgay isinama ko sa sa letter ko,ksma na ang confirmed ticket namin dalawa pabalik sa pinas sa January 3,na mentioned na rin fun yung plan na mgpakasal sa Pinas at pgkatpos nun pupunta kmi ng NZ dun na titira.Yung bf ko na support sa letter ko na inimbitahan lng nya aq for 81 days para pkilala sa family and friends nya ganun din papakita yung culture nila.German citizen sya pero Permanent resident xa ng NZ at dun ang job nya sa Nz,umiwe lng dn xa sa Germany para magbakasyon at mg celebrate mg bday ng nanay nya,at pra maipakilala aq sa family nya.Lahat ng proof of evidence pinasa namin,ngayon still hoping kmi sa good results .Thanks pala ulit,laking tulong mo.

        2. Hello! Got all your points, Maria. Just one thing, your sponsor letter is named to your bf but he’s working in NZ. You should have then asked the formal obligation (if you had that) from his parents in Germany. Anyway, wish you will have good result soon. 🙂

  159. Hi jessica! I applied for a Schengen Visa last 17 Sept and I received the result 23 sept. I was hoping they wouldn’t reject my application as ive been there before with the same purpose which was visiting my family. And to be honest, I was pretty confident that they wont reject my application. But Unfortunately, my application got refused, their reason was number 9 “the intention to leave the Member states could not be ascertained”. And i dont understand why they refused my application. First, Ive been there before and I came back to my home country so i guess it should be quite enough not to reject my application (well i was thinking that way) Second, I gave them all the documents they needed like the documents i gave them before. Lastly, I answered all their questions during my interview and it was actually the same question they have asked me before (so I’d like to think it went well). And I was thinking what went wrong? Its just really frustrating and disappointing. So ive sent my remonstration Last night, together with the support letter of my Uncle written in german. Are they supposed to reply? Or I just have to wait and be like how’s it going with my remonstration. Thanks in advance! And btw, your blog is very helpful! (: hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hello natalia! I totally agree with all your arguments. I feel the same way. To be able to go there before and come back here should be an enough evidence that we will be leaving Germany based on the visa validity. However, the decision of the Embassy is final and submitting a remonstrance is a tool to let them know that our applications should be accepted.
      As you sent your appeal, the embassy will give a response, indicating your case number. I wish you can receive feedback soon.

      1. Hi Ms. Jessica! Good day to you! 🙂 It’s been a month now since I’ve sent my remonstration letter in German Embassy Manila but I still haven’t got an email about the new decision. My flight was supposed to be tomorrow 🙁 but until now I still don’t have any email from them and don’t know if they’re gonna re-consider and give me a new decision. It’s just really frustrating and im losing hope 🙁 Do you think I should send them a follow up about my remonstrance? And how do I ask them? Should I include my case number? Would you give me an advice on how to send an effective follow up? Thanks in advance. Your blog is really helpful 🙂

        1. Hello Natalia,

          The two readers before even waited for two months and still no reply from the Embassy about their remonstrances. I don’t know now how is it going; if they got it or not. The Embassy’s site noted that it can take up to 6 weeks to receive a result. If you are willing to wait that long, do so. If still no reply, go for a new plan. Regarding the follow-up, you can just simply send a mail to them, indicating your case number. However, the Embassy is not encouraging the remonstrator to do it as it can delay the process. I guess they have bulks of cases today as it can take longer the result, compare to my last situation before. You may send a follow-up to them, professionaly asking for any update but consider as well a back-up plan on your side, especially if you are targeting a schedule to go to EU.

          Thank you for that message and PLEASE keep hoping. I know how frustrating it is but it should not hinder us to travel. 🙂


          1. Hi Ms. Jessica,

            It’s so really nice of you to help and give advice to people like me who got refused and encouraging us not to give up. I’ll keep on waiting till next 2 weeks as you said that it may take up to 6 weeks and maybe after that, I’ll send them a follow up. And I guess, it’s not bad after a long wait.

            Im really hoping that Im not waiting for NOTHING.

            Thanks so much again Ms. Jessica 🙂

            1. Hello Natalia,

              My pleasure. The six weeks is anyway the time set and inidicated by the Embassy’s site. I have no experience about that and of course, I can’t guarantee you anything. I am hoping too that your patience will be rewarded soon. Keep me updated!


  160. Hi jessica! I applied for a Schengen Visa last 17 Sept and I received the result 23 sept. I was hoping they wouldn’t reject my application as ive been there before with the same purpose which was visiting my family. Unfortunately, my application got refused, their reason was number 9 “the intention to leave the Member states could not be ascertained”. And i dont understang why they refused my application. Firstly, Ive been there before, so i guess it should be quite enough not to reject my application (well i was thinking that way) because obviously i came back and i gave them all the requirements they needed. Secondly, i answered all their questions during my interview, it was actually the same question they have asked me before. So i was thinking what went wrong? Its just really frustrating and disappointing. So ive sent my remonstration Last night, together with the support letter of my Uncle written in german. Are they supposed to reply if they got my email? Im just worried if they got my email Or they just really dont respond and keep you waiting and be like how’s it going with my remonstration. Thanks in advance! And btw, your blog is very helpful! (: hope to hear from you soon.

  161. I have applied for Schengen Visa for Germany in Abu Dhabi on 06/09/2015 for 10 days and the Embassy Refused my application on 22/09/2015. Beacuse of reason no 8.

    It was mentioned in German Language (Die vorgelegten informationen uber den zweck und die bedingungen des beabsichtigten Aufenthalts waren nicht glaubhaft) and also in English (the embassy does not hold that you have convinced it that you are going to Germnay for the purpose stated in your application)

    Now What is the process, what should I do in this case. Is it good to wait for three months and reapply or it will be better to appeal.

    1. Hi zahid! you can appeal as long as you think you are better prepared that this recent application. Same applies with a new application. You can apply again anytime after rejection if you do not want to wait the result of your remonstrance. Just study again your documents and reason/s in going to Germany. Check what could be wrong so you can be ready in your next application and get that visa!

  162. hi jessica im a 22 medical student from iran. i had been accepted officially in a summer shool(biology)in wuerzburg university on sep20. to sep26. .i had appointment for visa on sep3. but i rejected with 2 un logical reasons ( 8: your purpose of stay was not substantiated… 9: intention to leave the territory could not be assured…) . all my documents were complete like hotel reservation , bank account statements my uni permission letter, etc. i wanted to get visa just for 10 days to attend in the course . with the considration that my course date has been finish , please give me some clues to write my remonstration letter . thank you im waiting to hear from you soon.

    1. Hello behnaz! Since your course is already done, why do you still want to make an appeal? I guess you can file for a remonstration if you have a new class schedule and checka agaian your requirements.

  163. Hi Jessica, This article is very helpful especially for us who got their visas denied by the embassy. Like you, I would like to follow this process of remonstration. I got denied due to number 9 reason and i am currently working on getting my boss’ letter to the Germany embassy. I just have a quick question though. Regarding the letter of my sponsor who will support my appeal, how can i get or give them power of attorney? what do i need to do to process that? your insights are highly appreciated.

    1. Hello Daryl! In supporting your appeal, you can just simply mention it in your remontrance letter. Do you have a sponsor on this trip? That can make a letter as well and support you.

  164. Hello
    My schengen visa is denied by Netherlands embassy for the reason that my intention to leave the territory could not be assured. I gave my return ticket, hotel reservations and employment certificate by my employer. Still I was refused. Though I also had one previous schengen visa 2 years back. I have submitted a visa appeal about 2 weeks back but no reply to it yet. Let’s see what happens. But this refusal is very disturbing esp for reasons which are wrong.

  165. Hello!

    Thank you for this article. Its indeed really helpful. i am planning to write my remonstration. did you have to pay again another fee when you did it? Did you send all the additional documents thru email too? Im really devastated right now with this and just need all the help that i can. I am glad your blogpost is there.

    1. Hi Marites, Sorry for that news. First, you do not need to pay again if you file for a remonstrance. This is one of its advantages, compare to applying again, where you need to prepare for 60€. Second, yes, all documents are sent thru email, Lastly, may I know what’s the reason of the refusal? Thanks

  166. Ola! A great article here!!! A great writer too!!! I was searching for your other articles Jessica. Can you send me the links????

    1. Ola Rei! Thank you for those words. This is the only article by me that is published here yet. Hopefully soon, I can give you links for other stories. Thank you so much

  167. Still.. I haven’t received any email results from the embassy regarding my appeal. It’s already 26 days. What can I do ???

    1. Hi Regine! Did you apply for a tourist visa? If not, I guess it can take longer. 🙁 However, you can try to email them and ask for an update. If you are targeting a certain date, better try another plan instead of waiting. 😉

      1. Yes, tourist visa, I already post a comment here one month ago hehe. And I sent an remonstration last August 4, until now no reply ??? kakapagod mg wait, nababaliw na ako

  168. I sent my remonstration last August 4, 2015 and until now there is no response from the Embassy. I feel the urge to send them a follow up but they emailed my sponsors which is my uncle, that I should not follow up regarding the status of my remonstration.. But my patience is fading away…. Haha! Anyway, thanks for this article! It helped me during the process… 🙂

    1. Hello Angel. Thank you that it helped with your remonstration, though I am not really happy that I keep on answering messages about it because it means there are lots of rejected schengen visa application. 🙁 But then again, I am grateful I can help you 🙂

    2. Hi angel, we’re same I also sent my remonstration last August 4. Did you received any reply? Pls update here if you received any email from embassy ☺ thank you ?

      1. Hi Regine, I’m still waiting for their email until now. Nakakaloka mag wait! I really want to send an email for update but I don’t know how and what to say to avoid nega vibes to them haha! We’re planning to leave on Sept15. Because its the only time we can travel and visit my family. Hoping they’ll reply na.

        1. Same here. Huhu. My reservation ticket is on Sept 4, but I will change my flight. I also sent and update to embassy but they replied me auto message. Pls update if you got response na, and I’ll update too hehe. Thank you 😀
          (this blog is very helpful. Thank you Jessica) 🙂

          1. Hello girls! Regine, I was back reading some comments and found yours. So, you’re a make-up artist? I guess all your the certificates from your clients are strong documents, but be sure next time the BIR Registration for a ‘solid’ proof of your rootedness here. 🙂

              1. Same. I will be sending an email for follow up today but I don’t know if it will do good. We’re planning to leave next week. And hoping for their response this week.

                1. Oh okay. Your flight is next week already? Then maybe you should follow up as what Jessica did also. Please still stay message here if you got response. Thank you 🙂

                  1. I did this morning. No response even the auto reply from the embassy.

                    Can my sponsor call them for update? The embassy emailed my sponsor when we sent the remonstration last aug4.

                    1. Jessica,
                      Yes he did support our remonstration. Owell, we are just hoping they’ll reply na.

                      I’m not really sure about the content but its not an auto reply. My email update though didn’t receive any reply even auto reply. :((

                    2. How many times did you follow up? I think three times is more than enough. I would suggest, you for another plan

                    3. hello Ms. Jessica I received a bad news about the refused visa but I already make a remonstrartion letter hopefully they will reply as much as possible..

                    4. Hi! Wish you luck with your remonstration! 🙂 I hope you have submitted enough supporting documents 🙂

                    5. Thanks jessica.. i only hope and pray everrythings gonna be alright.. my flight booked on Sept. 30 but until now still theres no reply from them. They give a file case no. When i send my remonstration letter. Whats itv means..

                    6. Will, How is it? Did you receive any reply?
                      The case number can be used if you do a follow-up for the embassy to have an easier track of your remonstrance (case).

                    7. I followed up already and I got a reply it said still under processing. My god its almost 25 days already until now I havent got any decision. if so do I need to apply again when do i need to reapply again is there’s a certain time to reapply again? I appreciated

                    8. Hello Will. For me, 25 days should be enough to wait, or maybe a month (that would be the maximum). As far as I know, there is no time given on how you can apply again. It might also be a good option while waiting the result of your remonstrance, which no one knows when can you receive it. In case you want to apply again, take note of the reason/s why you were rejected before. This will help you, of course, to avoid the refusal again.

                    9. Awww, me too. But we’ll just wait for their decision. its frustrating but we’ll accept whatever it is. 🙂 10% of me is still hoping. Hahaha

                    10. Hello Regine and Angel! How is it going? Did you receive any email from the Embassy? I read in a forum that the result of the remonstration can take up to six weeks. After then, you should go for another plan? 🙂

                    11. Hi Regine! Two months for me is more than enough to wait for their response, Doing follow-ups might not be able to help the process as the Embassy will only reply that they are limited and your planned travel dates will not be considered. I hope you can find another solution to pursue this trip. How about applying to another schengen country that can be ‘less’ strict? But be sure to check again yur documents in case you plan to.

                    12. Hi angel. Have you receive any feedback from embassy? Me until now, no reply. Lol. Very bad maybe I’d rather go to next plan.

                    13. Did he also support your remonstration? Yes, he can, but I guess German Embassy now is on its busiest period due to some refugees issue in its country. I don’t know if it really matters but my German friend also though that way. Additionally, I was in the Embassy yesterday and witnessed quite lots of discussions and complains. I just hope that remonstration processing can’t be affected much.

                    14. Thanks Jessica! Yes he did support my remonstration. I hope they would reply na. 🙂

                      Hi Regine,
                      I’m not sure what exactly they emailed my uncle but I’m sure its not an auto reply. My follow up email didn’t even recv even the auto reply. Nakakaloka