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Teach English Abroad – A Filipino Backpacker Guide to TEFL

If you’ve been reading our previous articles, you already know that our main sources of income are from TEFL Teaching (English) and Ayurveda Massage Therapy. As a Filipino TEFL English teacher abroad myself, I will show you how we FILIPINOS can also teach English abroad. I’ll show you the easiest way to get your TEFL certification in the Philippines and start your new life as a Filipino TEFL teacher. All with just your passion and an online TEFL course. You could earn up to $25USD an hour and see the world at the same time! Are you ready to change your life?! Be an English Teacher Abroad while traveling the world!

NOTE – Although I have written this article with certain tips and advice for Filipinos, all of the information and TEFL courses can also be used by other nationalities too. You can also use the 60% discount on TEFL courses – It’s for all Two Monkeys Travel readers!

Please note that TEFL course providers are only providing the TEFL course and the TEFL certification that teachers need to be able to teach English as a foreign language. Every country has its own employment and visa requirements and they often change without prior notice. These requirements can sometimes require that TEFL certification is “validated”, “notarized”, or “authenticated”. Such is the case with China and Vietnam. It is your own responsibility to check the requirements for the country that you plan to teach in, as no TEFL course provider has any control over the employment visa regulations of other countries. 

We have also partnered with Let’s TEFL to offer accredited 120-hour TEFL courses with a 60% discount. Just use our exclusive promo code – TWOMONKEYS. Let’s TEFL courses include free certificate shipping!


TEFL Teaching Certificate / TEFL Certification

First things first – Before you make any decisions to quit and move abroad, you must invest in your CERTIFICATIONS and SKILLS to sustain your travel. Why? Because to teach English abroad is a big commitment. Parents won’t pay just to be a “foreign teacher,” they expect you to teach their kids and treat them as your own. Or do you want to go back home after six months when you’re broke and begging your old boss to give you your job back or even ask Mama and Papa to buy your flight ticket to go home? Of course not, that’s why I’m here to tell you how you can start your long-term sustainable travel lifestyle!

If you want to be a Filipino TEFL teacher, then you’re going to need some TEFL certification or TEFL teaching certificateHere’s my other article on TEFL Certification for Filipinos.

What are the different English tests and certifications?

Firstly, there’s a big difference between English Certificates and English Teaching Certificates.

IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE, PET …and more, are all English Certificates.

  • TEFL – Teaching of English as a Foreign Language – English Teaching Certificate

Being Filipino – we are considered as non-native speakers, so when we decide to move abroad to study or migrate permanently, then we may have to take one of these two English language tests, recognized worldwide: International English Language Test System (IELTS) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

  • IELTS is run by the British Council, therefore, uses British English

It is an English language test that is used for educational, immigration and occupational purposes mostly if you decide to go to UK or Australia.

  • TOEFL is administered by a USA-based organization and therefore uses American English

It is for testing your ability to communicate in English in specifically academic, university and classroom-based settings. Mostly useful for migrating to the USA or Canada.

“But can I teach English abroad and be a Filipino TEFL teacher if I pass TOEFL or IELTS?”

The ANSWER is NO. You need to get a TEFL teaching certificate; then you can be a Filipino TEFL teacher and start teaching English abroad! 

A TEFL course and TEFL certificate are not just tests; they are teaching certifications that you must have to teach English as a foreign language. Usually, you need to pass 120 to 140 hours of training: TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

Whether you want to teach a long or short term, the best preparation for becoming a Filipino TEFL teacher is a 140 hour online TEFL course. The TEFL Online Certificate is perfect and gives you all the skills and knowledge you need to start teaching!

Okay, enough with the formalities… So here are the details you’ve been waiting for – How to become a Filipino TEFL teacher like me and start your new life, with an amazing source of income while traveling – Teaching English abroad!

TEFL Course in the Philippines – How can we get it even though we’re not “NATIVE SPEAKERS”?

Finding a TEFL course in the Philippines is the same as finding a TEFL course anywhere else in the world. All you need is an online TEFL course. This has nothing to do with your Nationality! Filipinos are well-known across the world as some of the best TEFL English teachers next to Native English speakers (British, American, Canadian, Australian), as English is one of our two first languages, so Filipino TEFL teachers gain a lot of respect, particularly in other countries in Asia. If you’re having issues with your grammar, then check out Grammarly, a website that could help you proofread your work or your lesson plan!

My cute Vietnamese students!
CLICK the PHOTO: Read this for our 8 Steps to Succeed as a Traveling TEFL Teacher

My Personal Story: How I became a Filipino TEFL Teacher

When I was new in Vietnam, I didn’t know that I could teach English abroad as a TEFL teacher and I didn’t know how to do it, but luckily Jon and his friends had already prepared for this even before moving to Asia – he already had his TEFL certificate before leaving the UK. That was the first time I had ever heard or learned anything about the TEFL certification. So I did my research online for companies offering the TEFL certification course for Non-Native speakers like me – There are a lot, and there are even three big companies in the Philippines, which are all OVERPRICED, but if you don’t know about this then you might just end up paying these greedy companies!

Teaching English in Vietnam

I took an online TEFL course with a British company and paid around $400 for my 120 hour TEFL certification –  I was just excited to get certified to start teaching. But I can tell you; this is one of the best investments, you’ll ever make. The TEFL course was expensive but worth it! 

Now I know that there are cheaper online TEFL courses available which are just as good. 

We have also partnered with Let’s TEFL to offer accredited 120-hour TEFL courses with a 60% discount. Just use our exclusive promo code – TWOMONKEYS. Let’s TEFL courses include free certificate shipping!

You need to pay with credit card or debit card with VISA or MASTERCARD but if you don’t have it, let me know, and I can connect you to the management to make an alternative payment of the Western Union or something like that (my email is [email protected])

The online TEFL course is really helpful and very thorough – it was quite hard for me as my Middle Eastern lifestyle had already slightly damaged my English! During the TEFL course, you’ll learn different skills from lesson planning, how to handle different classes – large class, individual, children and even Business English! I took the 120-hour course, which is perfect for a new teacher and you can gain informal volunteer teaching experience before you and while you apply for your first jobs to give you valuable experience in the classroom.

When you decide to start your online TEFL course, if you need any help – questions, motivation or whatever is on your mind – just email me here or join our Exclusive Facebook community group. There are a lot of people there taking the same course!

Thank you letters from my students! =)
Thank you letters from my students! =)

Finding TEFL teaching jobs for Filipinos 

Even to teach English abroad sounds like one of the best jobs while traveling, each country has different rules – you have to consider the visa requirements, the pay, applicant requirements and the salary. In South-East Asia, the best places to teach are in Vietnam. The pay for TEFL teachers is high ($25 per hour), and the living costs are very low. They also think very highly of Filipino TEFL teachers. Another option is the Middle East, but you’ll be required to get a work permit, and it’s more complicated – it’s not backpacking there you know! South America is another great place to be – Jon, and I have been teaching English in Arequipa, Peru for six months now and it’s awesome, but the pay is very low compared to Colombia, Brazil, and Chile, where living costs are higher anyway.

Teach English Abroad A Filipino Backpacker Guide to TEFL
Photo by World Bank Photo CollectionCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Now for applications, if you apply for TEFL jobs online because you want to teach English abroad – some institutes might reject you, especially when they state “Native Speakers” in their candidate requirements – don’t worry, they just need ‘educating!’ I learned this the hard way while in Vietnam. So, what’s the technique for getting TEFL jobs? Go to the country, enjoy your backpacking and if you feel like staying in that city longer then look for English institutes and simply WALK-IN with your TEACHING CV, CREDENTIALS, and your formal clothes. NEVER refer to yourself as a ‘non-native speaker!’ Almost everyone in the Philippines is raised with TWO OFFICIAL LANGUAGES – English and Tagalog. This is the truth, and this is what you must tell them. It’s that simple!

(Before embarking on your journey, bring at least two sets of formal clothes which you can use for situations like this!)

Visas for Filipino TEFL teachers

This is one of the most common questions I get asked – “What about visas for us Filipinos?”

Indeed, as a Filipino passport holder we might have more limitations when going to Western countries, but since you’re a backpacker and planning to teach English abroad, then you probably won’t go to expensive, English-speaking countries!

Teach English Abroad A Filipino Backpacker Guide to TEFL
Photo by Jerick Parrone CC BY-SA 2.0

The ideal place for you to start is Asia and South America where most of the countries are visa-free for us Filipinos! Golden Rule: NEVER OVERSTAY! Shame on you and shame for our country! People who overstay give us a bad reputation and make it harder for us to get visas. Don’t do this, please

So what do you need to do, then? I can only tell you specifically about our experiences in Vietnam, India, and Peru, as these are the places where we have experience teaching and volunteering, but the rule is the same everywhere – Check before you go! 

If you go to any country, there are always different types of Visa – Visa On Arrival (just a stamp), Tourist Visa (can be up to 3 months), Business Visa (For Consultants and if you want to do business while there for short time) and Work Visa (You want to work there officially in a permanent job). It would be wrong for me to try to tell you exact rules, as they are always subject to change.

In Vietnam, I was initially using the free visa on arrival, but I got tired of doing visa runs, especially when I decided that I would be teaching. Once I decided to work as a Filipino TEFL teacher, we visited a Travel agency where we could process a 3 to 6 months BUSINESS VISA, allowing me to work as a “consultant” and get paid. Since we didn’t work full time and we were freelancers, institutions accepted and hired us. One company even offered me a full-time position with a Work Visa, but we already had plans to head to India instead.

Teach English Abroad A Filipino Backpacker Guide to TEFL
Photo by U.S. Army Cadet Command (Army ROTC) CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Jon and I went to India to study Yoga and to do some volunteer TEFL teaching. We applied for our visas in Hanoi and were able to get a 6 month Tourist Visa for $80 (Jon paid more, we Filipinos are luckier with some visas!) I don’t know the rules when it comes to teaching in India and I don’t think they need you to teach them as most are fluent like us! But I’m giving you this experience just in case you want to go to India to VOLUNTEER! Just get the six months, multiple-entry visa! Volunteer TEFL teaching is very rewarding and is great work experience too.

Teach English Abroad A Filipino Backpacker Guide to TEFL
Photo by Francisco OsorioCC BY 2.0


Now in Peru, I’ve read blog articles of some Pinoys saying that you can only get a maximum of 3 months, nope! You can get 183 days VISA ON ARRIVAL, but you have to tell the Immigration Official why you need that amount of time – we told them we are volunteering and wanted to learn Spanish (which was true!). You can also read my personal visa experiences here to over 60 countries.

Now, if you want to work on a long-term contract, then you have to apply for a “Carne de Extranero” (residential visa) so an Institute can hire you and pay you a salary, but if you just want to be a freelance TEFL teacher, then your tourist visa is fine as you don’t have to pay any taxes if you stay in the country for less than 6 months – of course, you will leave before your visa expires!

INCOME – How much do Filipino TEFL teachers earn? 

The pay for TEFL teachers differs greatly based on the country and the institution where you are working. In Vietnam, I started getting paid $17 / class (which was 90 mins) then soon after I jumped up to $25/ hour! If you’re a freelancer, you need to know how to balance your schedule! Here in Peru, we got paid for only $11/ hour in the institute, but up to $500/ month for private TEFL classes.

My two Business English students - private class in Peru!
My two Business English students – private class in Peru! Cooked them Pinoy fried rice during our last day of a 3-month program!

You need to consider the cost of living in any country and also about the taxes. You also need to know how they will pay you – whether you get paid cash after the class, fixed monthly salary or just depending on your agreement. Jon and I were paid mostly in cash in Vietnam and through our local Peruvian bank account Peru.

If you need tips on how to manage your finances while backpacking especially if you have a Filipino passport, then read our other article.

SUMMARY OF PREPARATIONS: Things you need to do

1. Plan your route/itinerary and when you feel like staying in one place then apply for a volunteering gig or a paid teaching job.

2. INVEST in your TEFL Certificate – we highly suggest you get the 120 hours, plus volunteer teaching experience, which will make you much more attractive to employers. Here’s the company we recommend, Let’s TEFL, with 60% off your 120 hours online TEFL course here with Promo Code TWOMONKEYS.

3. Practice Teaching your siblings or friends to prepare yourself for the classroom limelight! Practice different sign languages and miming too – oh, you don’t need to be fluent in Spanish or fluent in another language to teach English in that country. It may be helpful but don’t stress yourself! You can read our article here on how you can become a good English teacher.

4. Don’t forget to pack formal teaching clothes in your backpack – for ladies, just two dress or different top and nice skirt; and for men – trousers, long sleeves and two shirts with collars.

5. Documents – if you plan to get a work visa eventually then bring your original diploma with red ribbon from DFA (scan it to get a digital copy) and other documents.

6. PREPARE YOUR TEACHING CV – I can send you a copy of what our teaching CV looks like, just email me when you’ve passed the TEFL course. Your Teaching CV doesn’t need the information of all your past work experience, but you should mention your most relevant jobs and skills and explain why they would help in the classroom.

7. GATHER CONTACTS before you go – If you’re a follower of Two Monkeys Travel Facebook page or a member of our group then you already know that I will help you with that!

8.  If you have questions about TEFL certification, course, teaching opportunities, etc., please read this FAQ page before you send an email to me.

ENJOY your NEW SUSTAINABLE LIFE ON THE ROAD! There is a different source of income to – check out our list of 10 Practical Travel Jobs. We also offer travel coaching – I can help you find teaching opportunities, plan your itinerary and any long-term sustainable travel-related issues you have (You’ll also help us with our travel fund)


We have also partnered with World Tesol Academy to provide an online TESOL certification course for the lowest price you will find anywhere – $34 USD! We recognized how badly affected many people around the world have been by the Covid / Coronavirus situation. So, we spent a lot of time discussing with this great company how they could come up with an affordable solution to help people afford the opportunities that an online TEFL / TESOL certification can bring.

World TESOL Academy Accreditation

World TESOL Academy courses are now accredited by not just one but two internationally recognized accreditation bodies. Once you complete your course, you will have an education certificate that’s accredited by both Accredit at and CPD.


1. What is TEFL Internship? Is it worth it?

A TEFL internship is an amazing experience where you get your TEFL training, take part in TEFL orientation workshops, and then work as a paid intern for about six months with a language school. The basic difference between a regular job and a ‘paid’ internship position is that most regular employers today prefer to hire EFL teachers who also hold a bachelor’s degree. You do not require a degree to be an intern. It is an ‘earn as you learn’ situation. An internship pays a bit less than a regular position, but it adds significant value to your resume as well as loads of real life TEFL experience. So, instead of a degree, it is the perfect stepping stone to start your TEFL career.

The only problem is that with a passport from the Philippines, you are not eligible for our internship programs except for the volunteer Africa internship. The only reason we can offer internships only to holders of the specified passports is due to work permit and visa-related issues. The schools that hire our interns directly from overseas arrange for work permits and documents, and so we have to comply with their requirements. I am sorry about that.

2.  How can I also teach English in Vietnam if I have a Philippines passport?

If you are traveling to Vietnam with a passport from the Philippines, your best option would be to get your 120 hour TEFL certification, then apply in person once you are there. The school that hires you will help arrange for work permits and visas.

To help you get an edge over other applicants, Let’s TEFL will provide you with:

  • Official Letter of Recommendation with detailed breakdown of completed course modules
  • Genuine advice & feedback on building your TEFL Resume and Cover Letter
  • Tips on how to ace your TEFL job interviews

We have students from all over the world, and our graduates are currently teaching in over 30 countries; if you are determined, and focused on your goal, I am sure you can make it happen.

3. How long does it take to complete a Let’s TEFL course?

Our courses are carefully designed, peer-reviewed and tested to ensure strict standards of quality are met. Our 120-hour course will take approximately 120 hours to complete! This includes reading each section thoroughly, completing all the exercises, quizzes and tests, keeping track of new vocabulary and definitions, and achieving a passing mark. Depending on individual learning and study habits, you may take a little less or a little more time. And remember, our dedicated tutors are always available to consult with, make suggestions, help explain difficult sections, and guide you throughout your course!

4. Can I apply for a work permit or work visa in foreign countries with Let’s TEFL’s certificate?

Yes, you can! Our internationally recognized certificates can be used to apply in countries where a successful, accredited course completion is required! Please note, most countries require a minimum of 100 hours of TEFL training to apply for a working visa. If you are planning on applying to a country with these requirements, you will need to complete our 120 Hour Professional Course.

5. Does the TEFL certificate expire?

The certificate never expires. However, the longer you have been away from teaching or learning, the less attractive it might be for employers. If you’ve been away from teaching and TEFL for a while, taking a course to refresh your knowledge would be a good idea.

6. Does the online TEFL Certificate specifically state that it is an online course?

No, our certificate simply states that you have completed XXX Hours of TEFL training.

7. I don’t have a degree; is teaching English an option for me? 

Having a degree is an obvious asset, but not necessary. Some countries will accept teachers who have only completed a 120 Hour TEFL certificate and a high school diploma.

8. Do I have to be a native English speaker to benefit from a TEFL course? 

No, you do not need to be a native speaker to teach English. In fact, there are more non-native TEFL instructors around the world than native ones! A TEFL course will provide additional benefits to non-native speakers through the comprehensive Grammar and Functions sections in some of our courses. While many employers prefer native English speakers, completing a Let’s TEFL course demonstrates professional commitment and growth, which are highly valued in the TEFL industry.

9. Do I need to know grammar inside out? 

It helps to have a strong understanding of grammar and concepts, but it is not essential. In our longer courses, a comprehensive grammar module is incorporated in your learning. It will give you all the knowledge you need to confidently work with grammar lessons in an EFL classroom.

10. How long do I have to complete a course? 

Students have 90 days to complete a course. This proves ample time for the majority of students taking a Let’s TEFL course. However, if students require more time to complete a course, there are course extension options available. Please contact us for more details.

11. When will I get my certificate? 

Certificates are sent within five working days after the course has been finished, although most will be sent within 48 hours.

Don’t forget, your first step to becoming a Filipino TEFL English Teacher is to learn how to teach English and to get your certification!

Already know how to get started teaching English abroad? Just want to take the online TEFL course? OK! Then get 60% off your 120 hours online TEFL course here with Promo Code TWOMONKEYS.

Please note that we have been affiliated with Let’s TEFL and promoting for a year now!


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    I’ve I’m currently planning to try my luck working outside the country. I was looking into applying as a teacher since I have a degree in education and a licensed teacher. I have joined seminars on studying TEFL in Vietnam and be certfied internationally. I was very interested to join until they dropped the price. 100k is too much for me.

    What’s the difference of studying it there though and taking myTEFl?
    Also, I was leaning more of applying in the middle east. Do you think they will consider myTEFL certificate there? I’ve heard ESL teachers are paid more than specialized ones.

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

  31. Hi Kach!
    I’ve I’m currently planning to try my luck working outside the country. I was looking into applying as a teacher since I have a degree in education and a licensed teacher. I have joined seminars on studying TEFL there and be certfied internationally. I was very interested to join until they dropped the price. 100k is too much for me.

    What’s the difference of studying it there though and taking myTEFl?

    Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

  32. Hi Kach,

    Now that I’ve read about MyTEFL, I plan to take the 120 hour professional course in December. I wish it could be sooner but I have a major exam coming up for the 4 Sundays of November so, I’ll deal with that first. Anyway, thanks for a very informative article. Your website is a treasure trove of useful information. Keep it up!

  33. Hey Kach

    It’s Luna traveling yoga teacher, I’m really interested to get my TEFL certificate I’m currently in Hongkong and flying back Costa Rica sept 13, I can only pay tru western union

    Warm regards

  34. hey thanks for the post. verry informative, yesss!
    i have 2 problems, i am asian but im a native english speaker(adopted from VN and moved to the US just before turning 6, ive looked this up and im considered native english speaker since I can only speak english.)
    also im 24 and got a dui in miami florida, USA about 20 months ago but was dropped to reckless driving, meaning it is a misdemeanor and I was NOT convicted. I know Korean will say no for sure. japan china and thailand dont give 2 shits, and VN i have heard mix reviews. do you think this is a big problem, also i dont have a degree but i plan on getting the TEFL course done but not gonna do it if my dui and asian problem causes rejection

    1. Hello Tyler, your DUI case wont matter if you will be freelancing but for a work permit in Vietnam or any Asian countries you will be needing a police clearance which I think you’d get since you told me you’re not convicted. For Asian countries, what matters most is your nationality so if you have a USA passport then you’ll have more advantage. Sad thing about Asia is that the looks matter so they prefer the Caucasian looking teachers! Anyway, go for it! I’m very asian looking and have a Filipino passport but was able to get different teaching jobs in Vietnam and Peru.

  35. Hi Miss Kach can i ask just for this 2 things? its always rolling in my mind. I am a graduate of a business course or Accountancy to be exact but im already starting with MyTEFL, do I have an edge over applicants that are Bachelor of Education degree holders? or they will be more considered than me with regards to qualification since I’m an accountant? and the second is I’m planning to come to Japan for a tourist visa of 30days (since most of Pinoy only get approved for a 30days visa) and apply there in Japan for work as a teacher, do you consider that move for me? or it is so risky and I will only be wasting my money? Miss Kach I want to ask you since you are in a better position to answer me because of your experience. Thank you so much Miss Kach.. thank you also to your discount code on myTEFL

  36. Hi Kach! I am a Professional Photographer and am wondering if there is a market for portrait photography while traveling abroad? If I have to get another 9 to 5 job, it will kill me.

    1. the market is tough, a lot of bloggers are doing this as well aside from Professional photographers like you! You could do it but you need to establish your name in the industry or maybe focus on a niche of photography – wedding, honeymoon or something like that! There’s a new trend of photographers now who are called Destination Photographers and they are being hired by travelers! Search google and you’ll get what I mean! Thanks Carrie!

  37. Hi Ms. Kach, I am just curious if we can use the TEFL certificate if I want to be an online english teacher? Thanks!

  38. Hi Ms Kach!

    I am truly inspired with your story, i think you are an instrument of God to all of us who wanted to pursue our dreams. You are my answered prayer because i wanted to have certificate in TEFL at low cost. I hope as soon as possible i enroll in the online course of TEFL and i can avail this discount. I’m new here in Vietnam for two weeks and searching for work. I know that there’s a big opportunity waiting especially if you have TEFL certificate. Thanks and Godbless.

    1. I just saw this, forgive me Jane but thankkkkkk youuuu so much for this sweet message! How’s teaching in Vietnam now? I wish you all the best!!! =)

  39. Hi Kach!

    I’ll be having my very first solo trip to Vietnam this coming July and I am beyond excited. I’ve always wanted to travel alone and I finally made the decision to do it!

    Reading your blog posts has really opened my eyes on the huge opportunities out there. I’ve been doing some research and I’m so ready to take my leap of faith to do what you have inspired me and everyone else to do. I know it’s not an easy decision to make and sacrifice is a must but you gotta do what you have to do.

    Although I hope you dont mind me asking a couple of questions. Prior to your first teaching stint or job, did you have any experience teaching? What was your first teaching job like? (I have no experience in teaching whatsoever)

    Hope I didn’t blabber that much haha thank you again! Hope you get to see this messge ?

    1. Nope, I didnt have any formal teaching experience but I was doing charity events while in University so I think it was a great training ground for me.

  40. These are great information! Looks like you have gone far spreading the richness of the Filipino Culture and Language! Kudos to your team!

  41. Hi Kach! Thanks for the blogs, it really helped a lot!!! So great guys! I am about to finish my TEFL course. Can I ask for a sample of your CV? Thanks!

  42. Hi Kach and Jon! Great blog! I just got my certificate from mytefl. Thanks for the discount! Anyway, need some help looking for work in either Japan or Korea. Do you have any sites you could recommend that recruits Filipinos for those countries? I’ve traveled a lot but I only have a Philippine passport and tourist visas from US and Canada. I also have a Bachelor’s degree as well.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  43. Hi Kach and Jon,

    Your blog really really helpful and so inspiring. Im planning to go to vietnam to train and get a TESOL Certificate this coming June. Unfortunately i came across this blog so late because i already paid a consultancy fee to a visa consultancy here in northern mindanao and the amount to pay in a training school base in vietnam is way too higher than what you post in your blog. Though its my fault i didn’t research it first. Anyway, at first, I only thought of teaching to vietnam as a career but when I read your blog now I want to travel around the by teaching as a source of income like you did. I already requested to join in your facebook page i hope you accept me so that i can interact with you guys to learn more and explore more. And also, can please send me a sample CV and Cover letter? Im not a graduate of Education Course so i really hope you guys can lend me a hand.

    Thank You So Much! 🙂

    1. How’s the job so far Kim? I replied to your email ages ago, did you use my CV format well? Wish you the best! =)

  44. hi kach, i want to ask where i can order a book if ielts, or toefl i want to buy it so ii can prepare myself to study after i finnish my job here in gulf area, thanks it will be a big help

  45. Hello, Kach! I found your blog very informative and inspiring for us all beginners in the ESL world. I just finished taking my CELTA in Vietnam although I’m now back in the Philippines, I’m planning to quit my job and fly back there and work as a teacher. Do you have recommendations on schools that I should send my resume to? I think I saw from one of your responses below that you have a list of schools that readily accept Filipino ESL teachers. I think that would be a great start for me. Thanks very much and good luck on all your future adventures!

  46. Hi Kach!

    I’ve been reading all your blogs and thought they were all helpful to me as I also like to travel. I’ve started travelling in Asia since 2012 but had to come back to the Philippines to work and save up. So this year I’ve decided to quit my job to prepare my long term travel in South East Asia and hopefully in South America. For now, I’m studying EILTS and TOEFL to get a teaching certificates just to you know support my financial needs if I ran out of money while I’m on travel. It would be a great help if you could send a copy of your CV and even a sample of a cover letter. I would really appreciate your help and God bless y’all. Thanks xxx

  47. Hello! Ate Kach! 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog and it INSPIRES me A LOT!! 🙂 🙂 I am deciding to take online TEFL course, I just need more time tho because I need to save.. I think God really brought me here for a purpose because in Sept. I’ll be going to Thailand for 2 weeks and I think I really need this. Thank You so Much! 🙂 🙂

  48. Hi Kach,

    Thanks for this. I’ve been looking for a TEFL online course cause the husband & I are planning to give up life in UAE and backpack Southeast Asian countries. And to sustain this lifestyle I was planning to find a teaching job in Thailand so we can be based there. Will this course be recognized there? Are they strict with where you get your TEFL certification?
    Thanks so much! 🙂

  49. Hi Ate Kach! Ever since I read your blog I became so inspired with my life. I admire you so much for your courage to follow your dreams. And so I also started turning my dreams into a reality and the first step that I took was I enrolled myself on myTEFL, I am close to finishing my course if it’s not too much could you send me a copy of teacher cv and a sample of your cover letter? And some advice to ace an interview I just want to be prepared thank you in advance! Godspeed! ?

    1. Rochelle, send me an email and I would be the happiest to send you my copy or I got your email here! Will send it to you, let me know if you receive it! Go for your dreams! <3

  50. Hi Kach,
    After reading this, I am decided to enroll for TEFL. I love to travel, in fact I am going to Vietnam for 6 days on July.
    Just got one question Kach, is it okay to enroll for TEFL and teach English later on even though you don’t have a college degree?

    Thanks in advance Kach

    1. Hello Liza, yes you must get your TEFL certification esp if you dont have a degree so it could help you in applying for jobs! The only problem is that when you decide to work full time instead of freelancing, one of the requirements is the college degree. But get your certification and it could help you!

  51. Hi, Kach! Thank you so much for you article! What do you think is it possible to become a TEFL teacher if my nationality is Russian?


    1. Yes Valeria, we’ve met Russian teachers in Vietnam who speaks very fluent English.. it will all depends on your demo teaching class! Confidence is the key! =)

  52. Hi!!

    Thanks for the post. It’s sooo helpful.

    I just like to ask if you’ve tried teaching in south korea? If you did, can you share your experience and the processes u went through?

    An email would be highly appreciated!:)

    Thank you!!:)

  53. Hi Ate Kach 😀 waa thank you for the discount code I was able to used it today. I enroll in myTEFL :). If its not too much, could you also send me a sample Teacher CV and cover letter:) I just wanna be prepared and make my own:D Thank you in advance.

  54. while reading this article of yours, i think i should enroll on this online course. I may not be a good speaking and writing person in English but i need this for my profession as a Seafarer. I need to improve. After this my plan is to travel while teaching local and/or abroad during vacation are my options to support all my travelling expenses. Thanks a lot Kach for this. Very helpful info. Salute!!!

  55. Hi! Your travel blog is AHHMAZING!! I have learned a lot reading through it. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and teach English, so reading what you’ve gone through has given me inspiration to push forward and take that next step in getting TEFL certified! I’m glad to know that Filipino passport holders can also teach English in other countries. Btw, I met my BF the same way you guys met! Except our location was in New Zealand! He’s from Brazil and I’m from the South Pacific. Thanks again for sharing your inspiration stories! Much appreciated. 🙂 Salamat!

  56. Hi Kach ,

    I really enjoy reading your blogs, it’s so inspiring! Continue inspiring everyone!

    Thanks for the link (mytefl.net) i already enrolled the course .



    1. yay glad to hear this Annie!! =) Once you finish the course, feel free to message me and I could give you our sample CV and also links to job opportunities esp for Filipino teachers!

      1. Hi Kach, thanks God i’m almost done with my course in tefl. Favor please could you send me a sample of Teacher CV & cover letter and links to job opportunities for filipino teachers(in my email) . Thanks a lot. God bless

  57. Hi, Kach!

    Just recently done with my TEFL course.. Thank you so much for all the tips.. And of course the dicount! Great help! Can ask for a CV and Cover letter format of yours?

  58. Hi, I hope you can help me find a teaching job, preferably in Malaysia. I just completed my certificate and diploma in TESOL. I don’t have any classroom experience.
    Thank you.

  59. Hi Kach. If I were to be a part-time/freelance English teacher in Vietnam and have acquired a Business Visa, do I have or have you go through POEA and get considered as an OFW? I would appreciate a reply on this. Thank you. 🙂

  60. THIS!!!!

    Guys thank you so much for this article. I just started my TEFL course last night and already doing 17% as of posting this comment. This is very helpful for those who cannot shell out more than a thousand bucks for on-site or even online courses!

  61. Hi! I’ve been planning to get my TEFL certificate. This article’s really helpful! Thank you! But I’m confused though, is TESOL and TEFL just the same? Thank you so much :))

  62. Hi Guys!
    This is very much helpful! I used to travel but not frequently, I started travelling in 2012 but last year was my best year to travel in 3 different countries – Thailand, Republic of Georgia and Armenia and thinking of going to Seychelles too but unfortunately I had to hold it off, reason being is my boss was away for 2 weeks and I am the only one in the department. This year I decided to travel with a purpose (do missionary works or volunteer). I am going to do volunteer work in central America, but I am glad I stumble into your blog 😀 I was thinking of (getting but not actually) certificate if I teach English there… Now that knowing there’s a lot of opportunity and benefits of having a certificate I might as well get it… Thank you for your heart to share your experience! I will share mine when the it comes…
    More blessing,

  63. Hi there!

    Just a minor confusion. If I want to teach English abroad, should I take the TEFL test right away or should I go through a TOEFL/IELTS test first? Thanks so much! Loved this article.

  64. Hello Kach,

    Is there a way you can delete my email address on one of my posts here?, My yahoo account got hijacked, I think, I had exposed myself to hackers or scammers by that. Thank you.

    1. Hello Kitty, I dont think your email was exposed because no one could see it unless you mentioned it in the comment, my email address is everywhere compared to yours. I suggest you double the security of your account then.

  65. hi kach! how did you have your diploma red ribbon? do i have to go back to my university then ched then dfa like what I’ve been reading online? thank you(:

    1. Yes Christine, I had my diploma red ribbon from DFA! Never used it though, it’s necessary for getting a proper contract and work visa.

  66. I enjoyed reading this entry and very much considering the tefl course. ?
    I am glad that you’re sharing this information for free ?
    May more blessings and opportunities cone your way!!

  67. Happy New Year, Kach and Jonathan! I wanna thank you both for being instrumental to achieving my final goal for 2015. If not for the 40% discount, I wouldn’t have been able to enroll in the TEFL certification program on MyTEFL.net. I told the admin about it and Tina processed my enrollment right away. For those asking if it is still valid, it still is. So what are you waiting for?

    Forever grateful,


  68. Hello Kach!

    I ‘m on my way of getting the TEFL certificate, It would be in March. Also, I would like to copy the format of your CV/ RESume, if you don’t mind.. Thank you so much

  69. Hi! I’m utterly grateful for this article of yours 🙂 I’m really interested to take the TEFL course. Please kindly guide me through the process. I sent you a message to your email and, also, took the liberty of joining your Facebook page. Hoping to hear from you soon! You’re a blessing! Happy New Year, Kath and Jonathan! 🙂

  70. Hi Kach,

    Really happy to see your blog, got informed about TEFL program, the 40% discount, and your travels. I’ve been teaching English online for living for about 4 years, thus, It gives me the freedom to travel while working. Currently, I’m in Vietnam particularly in Danang City on 3 months tourist visa. I love the city and have a plan to stay for more months. So, I’m looking into possibilities to teach English during the day for extra income. Next week, I will start my journey, look for schools, walk in, and drop my resume. Based on your experience, do you think it’s possible to get hired without my diploma, with just my TEFL certificate which I hopefully have in March?

    1. Hello Kitty, how are you? If you dont have a degree, you might just have an issue of getting a work permit because it’s a requirement but I think you can work on that stuff if you talk to the school. When I was there, they never asked for my degree, the only important thing is if you’re TEFL certified (didnt even bother asking if it was online certificate or classroom)

      Also you can get the TEFL course that we recommend, so when you’re about to pay.. you need to type 2MONKEYS in the cart to get 40% so from $300USD course, you will now only pay around $170. You need to pay with credit card or debit card with VISA or MASTERCARD. if you dont have it, let me know and I can connect you to the management to do an alternative payment of Western Union or something like that.

      You can also join our TEFL group on Facebook to have your support group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/TEFLEnglishTeachersWorldwide/

      Enjoy Kitty!

    2. Hi Kitty

      We are a training center in Ho Chi Minh city, we are looking for many English Teachers for kids from 2-4 years old. If you are interested, let’s discuss for further details. Email me at [email protected] or if you have friends who are interested, appreciate if you refer them to me

  71. Hello again Kach and Jonathan. I just finished my TEFL certification course using the 40% discount from Two Monkeys. I’m now waiting for them to send me my certificate. I can’t thank you enough for the discount. It was a great help.

    Once again thank you.


    1. Hello Shi!! So great to read this message! Thank you so much!! Are you now looking for a job? If you need help with your CV layout you can message me and I can send you ours that you can use to format! Have an amazing 2016 ahead of you and we know you’ll have a lot more opportunities! =)

      1. Yes, I’m actually looking for teaching jobs in Vietnam. I’d really appreciate the help with my CV format since I had jobs before that were not related to teaching. Happy holidays to both of you!

    2. Just read this Shi!! Really happy for you!! I think you already emailed you my sample CV! Please update me with your job search, I’m so excited and happy for you! =)

  72. Hello! I have a few questions about the TEFL 🙂 once I finish the TEFL course, do I immediately get certified? Or do I need to take a separate exam for the TEFL certification? 🙂 Also, will it be necessary for me to take the TOEFL OR IELTS exam? I’m a part time English teacher right now and I am enjoying it:) I’m considering pursuing this as a career and I’m very lucky to have stumbled upon this site! Thank you very much for this!

    1. yes you will get your certificate immediately after you finish the course! For TOEFL or IELTS, are you planning to migrate or study in USA/Australia/UK or Canada? If yes then you need those courses but if you only want to teach then TEFL is enough.

  73. I saw this blog on my friend’s timeline on her facebook account last October 2015 (I can’t remember that exact date haha). After reading the the article, I decided to apply as an English Teacher via online specifically located in Hong Kong. Luckily!! out of 25 schools that I applied with one of them replied and ask if I could have an interview with them in Hong Kong, thats a week after I read this blog. I was hesitant at first because I don’t know if I will get the job or back here in Manila as if I have a week vacation without a job offer and its a risk to take. Thank God my parents are supportive and encourage me to try. I have been to Hong Kong many times so its easy for me to locate the place of the school where I will have my interview and with the help of google map I think there is no excuse for me to get lost. October 24, 2015 was the best day of my life! I got hired! However, I lack one thing that is the TESOL/TEFL certificate. I would personally to thank the blog owner for giving a discount for TEFL/TESOL myTefl.com. My soon to be Employer and I made an agreement that I will finish the course on or before the first week of December. I was able to do it on time. I find a miracle after I seeing this blog article! BIG TIME!! SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for posting!!!! This is a TRUE STORY! I am looking forward to meet my students in Hong Kong in a week time!!!

    1. I already replied to your facebook message and just saw this!! Thank you Jeffrey!! You just made my day!! <3

    1. YES GWEN, when you’re about to pay put the code 2MONKEYS so you’ll get 40% discount. Once you paid, email me and be happy to assist you with TEFL concerns.

  74. Hi Kach and John,

    I stumbled upon your beautiful blog and read every detail of it. I still have a few questions though as I’m a slow learner. After this, I’ll start the myTEFL course right away.

    – Does the final TEFL certificate from myTEFL 120 hour program state that ‘you are officially TEFL certified’ or do I have to take a separate examination to gain this (like IELTS)?
    – As I have some full-time job, is it possible to only work part time (laptop with skype/webcam) and teach English? And is it also possible to earn the same from it?

    P.S. I do want to travel so I’ll do this in thr future. How I wished I’ve seen your blog earlier.

    Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Hello Jose, yes once you receive the TEFL certificate then you’re TEFL certified immediately and could start finding volunteering or teaching jobs. For teaching online, yeah you can do that! As long as you’ll find websites who have the same schedule for you and their students.
      For the TEFL course, you can also do it after work. When I did mine, I was working full time in Vietnam and was able to do it only at night time and weekend and was able to finish the course within 2 months.

      Once you enrolled, send me an email at [email protected] and I would be happy to help you find teaching gigs. You can get 40% off on our course by using the code 2MONKEYS when you’re about to pay. – Kach

  75. Hi Two Monkeys!

    Reading the posts in this blog excites me, maybe because i am a dreamer and travelling is definitely on top of my list. I have a bachelors degree in special education and have been wanting to teach english abroad.

    I have read the articles and even researched the courses that i would take to make my dreams come true. Just come clarifications, is TOFL an examination that i need to ace? or i need to enroll to the 120 Hours online course? Thanks and hoping for your kind reply!


    1. David, TOEFL is an exam certification you need to take to migrate or study in the USA. TEFL is the 120 hour online certification course that you have to take to teach English abroad. They ARE DIFFERENT.

  76. Thank you for sharing this! I always wonder how did they do it and never really had chance to research on this… More power to you guys! Great post!

  77. Wow, this must be fate.. I was just thinking of going on a sabbatical after a year or so and i was wondering how i could sustain my travels when i will go on that trip. And this answer came! Thanks for sharing this information.

  78. Hi Kach, This blog is really helpful, I am interested in taking myTEFL online 120 course, so my question is, the promo code that you mentioned above, can I use it to get a discount?

    Thanks in advance!


  79. Hello kach, every detail of your words are worth reading and your blog is so inspiring..Like me,.i also don’t have an experience in teaching because of my previous jobs as a bank employee and as a hospital nurse. I was being tied as banker for how many years thus made my mind to raise this question if i am still be qualified to land a job as teacher to my dream place, vietna..as i am currently in my early 40’s. O am looking forward to give me an idea about issue of age limits as i am also.now planning to enroll for a Tefl course
    Sincerely thankful to your post, mylene

    1. Hello Mylene, yes po no age limit with teaching! I have colleagues in Vietnam who are 40s too but please note that being a backpacker teacher is different from being an OFW teaching english to support their family. You can take the TEFL course anytime you want po.

    1. Hello Shi, sorry just saw your comment. it took me almost 2 months because i was working while in Vietnam and was only able to do it at night and during weekend.

      1. Okay. Thanks. I’m about to take my 120 hours. I’ll use your 40% discount. Hoping to finish mine in two months too. I also am working full time. Wish me luck.

  80. Hi ate Kach and kuya John! I’m just wondering if there is any chance for me to be able to teach abroad (like may be Thailand or China) I will be graduating in April next year with a Bachelor’s degree in English Language. Hoping for your response! 😀

    1. YES Gina, but you need experience esp if you decide to teach as a Professional Career, aside from your degree, it’s better if you have a TEFL / TESOL certificate.

  81. As a native English teacher will I be able to find work as an English teacher? either working in a school or finding private students?Are visas important?

    1. Hello James, of course it’s actually easier for you to find a teaching job esp in Asia. Anyway, if you want to apply for a work visa. you need to have a University degree.

  82. Hi Miss Kach! I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for this very wonderful and inspirational post you’ve got! When I knew about the English teaching profession from my mom (she’s in Japan right now), I became interested with it. Eventually, I resigned from my job as a CSR-teller at Metrobank and applied at Convergys since most of the english teaching jobs here required a call center experience. I really love to travel, and I believe that I can make my dream come true if I become an English teacher! 🙂 I am sooooo inspired while reading your blogs (which I just randomly clicked) and I hope I can do it too! I was able to find an institution that offers a Tesol Course but it was quite expensive, it costs 45,000 pesos. Glad I read your blog and knew about mytefl, that would be a really big help for me and to many other people who wants to become an English teacher too! Super big thanks Miss Kach! May God bless you along your journey around the world! :*

    1. Hello Nicole, yes you can make your dreams come true!! Let me know how it is going with your MYTEFL course, would love and be happy to help you all the way!

      See you on the road!! =)

  83. Hello again Kach! I’ve discovered your blog 2hrs ago and I’m still here, you are truly an inspiration! You and your forever 🙂
    I’ve mentioned in my other comment that I’m working for almost a year now here in Thailand. Exactly a month after I arrived here last year, I started working as an English Teacher at Rajabhat University–my contract will be renewed so I decided to stay. My degree is not Education, I only had my TOEIC score to show back then. That’s why I’m really interested in getting Diploma in Teaching or TEFL course. Since you’ve mentioned about TEFL as one of the best investments… is it possible for me to take it while working on the weekdays? I only have the evenings of weekdays, the whole Saturday and Sunday. How much money do I need to prepare for the entire TEFL online course? Thanks in advance 😉

  84. Hi Kach,
    I’m from Cebu. I’ve been working as an ESL teacher since I graduated with education degree last 2012. I’ve been planning to work abroad as an English teacher so thank you for sharing your experiences. You really give me an inspiration to pursue my goal.
    I knew this group when I volunteered for project backpacker teacher in Tabuelan. It was a great experience for me. So I’m so thankful knowing the group and the people who are part of it.

    I’m just curious though, do I need to have an experience teaching in school if I want to teach English abroad? I plan to study in Harvest International School here since they offer TESOL course.
    Thank you guys!!

    1. Heya Jermaine, some schools will require your experience and some will even pay you higher for the classroom experience but usually this is just necessary to prove that you’re confident to teach. Thank you so much for volunteering in our Visayas team!

      1. Thanks for the reply Kach and thanks to that project.. It’s really inspiring.. More power to you guys.. Godbless.. 🙂

  85. Hi Kach and Jon, I’m really interested in enrolling for a TEFL course. However, I’m an undergrad and finished 2nd yr of college. Do you guys think I still have a chance teaching English in another country?
    (I’m planning to conquer the world as well) You guys really inspired me. 🙂

    1. Heya AM, I think of course you will have the opportunity to teach abroad.. you really just have to talk to the company regarding the working visa – this is the tricky part because most of different country rules will require your University degree. You can still try, maybe ask the company first when applying regarding this matter. However, if you will be a backpacker teacher – like you just plan to teach to support your travels, applying for business visa could be helpful for you, no need for the diploma requirement.

  86. Hello Kach!
    Thanks for this informative post. You’re enthusiasm shows and nudges my discontentment away. 🙂

    I’m from Baguio and currently working in Taiwan. As a first timer, I was quite surprised as how English can be quite a skill here. So I have been planning to invest in English certificates. I have 2 (or more) questions though:

    1. Does TEFL require you to be a holder of an IELTS/TOEFL beforehand? And is TEFL conceived for everyone no matter the college degree they hold?

    2. Do you know of quality and affordable online IELTS courses? As I have a day job, I can only practice in my spare time. Also, you listed the difference between IELTS and TOEFL. Among the two, do you recommend IELTS? As it seems to have a wider range than TOEFL in terms of scope – education, immigration, occupation.

    I don’t really have teaching experience which makes me doubt if I can teach English. Am hoping that a TEFL certificate will boost my confidence.

    Anyway, keep writing and all the best!

    1. Hello Margaret, just saw this.. nope, you can take the TEFL without needing IELTS or TOEFL- these two would be helpful if you decided to migrate to a western country. why do you plan to take IELTS? Are you going to Australia or UK, the best place to get is from the British Council or Cambridge. Not sure where is their office in PHL.

      Experience is quite important for pay rate, but if you’re newbie just be confident! =)

      1. Hi Kach,

        Thanks for the reply.
        I wrongfully assumed that IELTS was needed in a TEFL course. So 🙂

        I have questions, though am not sure if I should ask it here. But,

        Do you know how myTEFL schedules the course? Say I enrolled for the 120-hour (90 day) course. How frequent will the class be in a week? In order to know the speed of the lessons, do they assess the student before starting the course?

        Do you know how soon the classes start? is it like a week after payment, or?

        And you might have been asked a lot about this but, as a graduate, how did you persevere and stay motivated to finish the course? Haha, just that, right now, at the back of my mind, am thinking of the course fee. 🙂

        And BTW, a great bargain from the promo code. A big help for students with no dollar allowance.

        Maraming Salamat! 🙂

  87. Hi Kach and Jonathan I recently got my TEFL certificate . I am now part of Hanoi group in facebook and i have been studying Vietnam’s culture before I go. I have seen and read about the many dangers about Vietnam , especially the scams of certificates being copied and overpriced goods for foreigners. As compared to Bangkok, I can clearly see the dangers as early as now. Since you and Jonathan have an extensive experience teaching there, I hope you could share some of your experiences..A lot of people are unaware of the dangers . I read about 10-20 blogs about it but I want to hear it from you as well… Thanks a lot in advance

  88. Hi Kach! I’m deeply inlove with your travels and stories abt being a backpacker. I’m planning to quit my job as I really wanted to do is travel the whole world (hopefully! But hey, everything is possible right)?

    I’m going to invest in TEFL and do the same strps you did along the way, I will be traveling with a frirnd who also a fan of yours.

    Won’t deny that, I’am a bit scared.. But also, I’am a risk taker also. Hope to get in touch with you abt my “wanderlust”! God bless!


    1. Hello tina!! Sorry just now, been traveling non stop with my mom! It;s normal to be scared and feel confused, actually i didnt know about TEFL when i started to travel.. lately na lang when I was on the road.. the key, prepare prepare and save save!! Kayang kaya mo yan! Feel free to message me anytime! =)

      1. Really appreciated your reply on my message! Me and my friend is following you guys about your world travel!
        Just a question tho,
        How much money fid you bring or any show morny to the immigrations?
        We will be starting from sg- Myanmar- onwards.. Altho, we’ll work aling the way, but still preparing for the money at least. Hope to get a response from you! God bless!:)

        1. Hey Tina, the immigration didnt ask me how much money I had but if you will be traveling around South East Asia then they will assume, you have at least 20K-25K pesos but depending on the number of days you will be travelling.. maybe $30/ day budget would be good for you.

  89. 1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination
    and why?

    I have taught English as a second language for three years in Thailand
    before recently relocating in Abu Dhabi, UAE. There could have been numerous
    choices of countries that I could choose to expand my teaching experience like;
    Japan, Korea, China, Brazil because of the saturation of Filipino teachers in
    these countries and because it is somehow more lucrative compared to teaching in
    Cambodia or Laos. However, I would choose Morocco to be my teaching
    destination. Morocco’s English proficiency Index in 2014 conducted by EF
    Education First ranks 55th with a score of 42.42 that is -6.97 trends
    with their performance through the years. That means they have very low
    proficiency in the English language. With national languages; Arabic and Berber,
    learning English may not be a priority. And according to an acquaintance from
    Rabat that I met during my first week in the UAE, the strong influence of
    French and Spanish in their culture is dominant than that of the Western
    English-speaking countries like the US and/or UK. Morocco may not be a haven
    for English teachers but I consider it a marvel if I will be given a chance to
    live and share their countrymen my dexterity in the English language. It is
    with a great joy if I could be a positive motivating force to Moroccans if I
    will be given the privilege to teach there.

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers
    are some of the best in the world?

    Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world because
    we just don’t teach. We share our lives and most of the time we consider our
    students as family. In my first year of teaching experience when I was in
    Thailand, I had this student who was reserved. He always has this small toy in
    his desk whenever I conduct my classes with them. He was in Prathom 3 (Grade
    3). I was surprised that this reserved boy is an eager learner of the English
    language and with that I worked closely with him and saw his potential grow. I
    trained him to join spelling bees in inter-school competitions and though he
    may not have won the competition out of 35 participating schools, he was
    thankful that he was able to conquer his fear of competitiveness. Now, he is
    already about to graduate elementary and I’m still in contact with him and his
    family (He’s raised by his father and grandmother only because his mother died
    a couple of months after his birth). The influence that we give to our students
    is limitless, it is not bounded by the four corners of the classroom. Filipino
    teachers just don’t teach and share ideologies, we transform lives.

  90. OK! So, entries for the competition to win the Online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel have closed! As promised, the winner will be chosen on the night of Kach’s birthday – Tonight!
    It’s still the 31st here in South America!

    Thank you for all of your entries and good luck! 🙂

    Positive Vibes!

    1. P.S. I will still reply to any comments and questions after the competition is over. We’ve been moving around a lot lately and have to catch up on comments!

    2. Please extend the submission hours. I just got back from Abu Dhabi and I was hoping I could make it even the last minutes. 🙁

  91. Since the cerebral stroke I suffered 4 years go, I have been working from home as an online content writer. I have also written and published an e-book with Amazon/Kindle.
    I would like to augment my income by teaching others how to write in English. I would also like to teach spoken English but the stroke I suffered affected my speech a bit.
    Prior to my disability, I used to conduct IELS review classes and tutor college students in English in Saudi Arabia.
    Can Two Monkeys Travel help me?

  92. Hi, is it really necessary to have the red ribbon for my diploma and TOR? I am planning to work as an english teacher in Cambodia starting january next year…

    1. If you’re planning to have a work permit then yes it is necessary.. all pf my documents have red ribbon from DFA.

  93. hello!I hope I could still join your giveaway. I’m Anne 23 years old. I’m currently working as a volunteer in a private organization. I know how much important a TEFL is that’s why I’m really excited to join.? Now to answer your questions.

    1. What is your dream tefl teaching destination?
    First, I wanted to teach English to our fellow “kababayans”, so I want to teach English here in the Philippines at first. Since I am working as a volunteer, I am exposed to many indigenous people and I’ve noticed that they don’t know how to express themselves in English, but I would love to travel to Cambodia.   Since college, I have been dreaming of this place because they have interesting culture, food and scenery and I’m also dreaming of South America specifically in Bolivia where you could see uyuni. They say uyuni is like the reflection of heaven that’s why I wanted to witness the beauty of it
    2. Why do you think that Filipino are some of the best?
     We Filipino teachers are some of the best because of our passionate way of teaching. We make sure that our students understand and at the same time enjoy the English language. Based on my experience, my students said that they feel satisfied with the Filipino style of teaching because of our semi-spartan way. They don’t feel pressured to learn.

    Thank you for giving us this kind of chance! More blessings to two monkeys!

  94. Hi! I’m seriously considering this opportunity. When will the promo end for 2Monkeys? I just need to sort out my schedule. Thanks!

      1. Yay! good to hear that. 🙂 This is my first time on your blog. Call it destiny, but I was just looking for a travel&teach project to join in hours ago then I went to google and saw this. This is going to be a big step for me but I know it’s gonna be worth it. Will back read on your entries to learn more! Thank you for the inspiration! 🙂

  95. Hi! Can I get your email address? I have a few questions to ask..I am also a filipino but wish to teach english as a second/foreign language, but i think my situation is a little different..? So I wish to ask for some advice. Thank you! My email add is [email protected]

  96. 1. I’d probably be biased when I say that my dream destination is Serbia, because that is where my boyfriend is. But I think it would be good to start there since I heard that a lot of people are looking for someone to teach them English.
    2. It has been said many times, and i’ll say it again, Filipinos are compassionate. I think it’s in our blood to care about others. I have been teaching for around 6 years. I’ve handled kids from preschool up to college, teaching, Filipino literature (to those kids whose mother tongue is English) and IT.. And nothing really makes me happier than a kid going back to me (sometimes so many years after) thanking me for the things they have learned from me. It’s just so inspiring to see them learning from you. Also, you’ve mentioned it, too; We were raised to speak two languages (sometimes, three if you count our parents dialects), Filipino and English.. And I believe most, if not all, Filipinos learn really fast. 🙂

    Oh, I wish i’d given more time to my blog like you. You shared so many inspiring stories and you have inspired me to write again. Thanks!!

  97. I didn’t even see myself teaching before as this is now my bread and butter. Teaching for two dedicated years, by sacrificing my weekends makes me scornfully reject what I can do that could make me happy or make me see myself doing other things than to teach and seclude myself. But still, I still do what I do and still caught myself ranting even to myself. And dearly, I need to be kind to myself even, and this is how I see myself doing it.

    It’s not that I do not like what I do; I actually feel the importance of hours and days.
    I can see how importance education with this job is. This kind of opportunity is hard to let go without even trying what to do. We always look for ways to solve the problem we claimed to be ours.
    Nothing equates than trying with my might and to claim that this TEFL can me mine. Oh heavens!

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    I even wonder why would I go out and teach other nations. It sounds ironic how teachers are needed here in the Philippines. I will remind myself that teaching the language that can bind people together will be a great leap to mankind. But I see myself just half of the good bunch that can teach English. Taking risks such as being far and being with other nations thrills me to be even at my best.

    I’ve seen so much of South America and I’ve heard a thousand times about Peru, Machu Picchu. This could be the hardest thing same time as I will be deciding to leave my comfort zone and my first
    job. The place is new to my old self and I can see so much of new learning and brave discovery for myself. Allow me to tell you how I shaped myself in teaching.

    There was a time that an older student than me can’t read and can’t write. Stories came why she wasn’t able to provide herself a security cloak by educating herself and I felt the need to help her.
    We stayed long for her enrolled program for English Proficiency that turned out to be an introduction to preschool. We sang together that lullaby alphabet song. We mumbled the phonetic chart.
    We wrote the alphabet together. I’m with her and she’s with me. Her being dyslexic which she just discovered during our lectures challenged and surprised me. She challenged me to be patient with her and redo everything if we must and to be strong for her which is the least I can do.
    She surprised me to do all these things.

    My life doesn’t end like that, there were times that I am teaching with an ADHD student for our preschool program and I am challenged to be patient to myself too. I’ve acted like a carp without even testing the waters and I still enjoyed the results.

    2.Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    I’ve learned that to be a teacher has been the greatest thing that I can imagine for the rest of my life. We are full of enthusiasm. We want to give to them the things that we have even if how hard that is. To be given a chance to learn English I see the need to share how this language binds people of different cultures together. We empower our deeper capacity of love and sacrifice and compelling us to rise above mediocrity.

    I’ve experienced to be an IELTS and TOEFL teacher to some of my foreign students such as Korean, Japanese, Iranian and Chinese and I see how enthusiastic they were to give English language a try. They are adapting to the challenge they have given themselves. And if given an awesome chance to have at least to earn an hour in this online course, I have no doubt of being a tunnel of pride to people who wouldn’t want to teach English because it sounded easy but the people you are dealing with is not.

    PS: I don’t know how many times I must try to enter this contest that I have even dreamt of you guys talking to me and I saw myself offering a travel book to have you signed! It sounds funny but I can stand the feeling. Even on my dreams, I already won the prize. What a damn pleasure to know your adventures. I dare say, thank you for walking on air. FIGHT!

  98. hello john and kach!
    I’ve never considered myself of becoming a teacher.. This past few weeks I have been wanting to go abroad and I haven’t found a suitable one for me. Majority of the places I want to go to want peeps who have a medical degree which is far from my course..
    Europe has been my target destination… ^^
    Then I read this blog. I’ve always wanted to go out of the country and reading your blog makes working abroad sounds easy.. lol ^^
    I come to realize that communicating in English is something that I can do and why not make use of it by being a teacher. (not super perfect) This is the only thing that I think am good at. I want to ask though, do you need a degree in education to become a teacher abroad? (i’m an a.b. liacom graduate) Can a TEFL certificate compensate my lack of education? I’m hoping to hear from you both.. Hope to hear from you soon^^


  99. Hi Two Monkeys! Thank you for this! such a generous and kind act of you to help out your fellow Filipinos in achieving their dreams smile emoticon I’m hoping to do the same soon and i know this will be a stepping stone in doing so. smile emoticon

    My answers to your questions are:

    1. As much as I want to put a certain place, i just can’t choose so I’ll just answer what’s the closest i can get from my heart. I want to teach somewhere isolated where it’s hard for the people especially for the kids to go to school or where there is a major number of out of school youth. Probably somewhere from the third world, aftica or most southeast asian countries. It will be a wonderful experience to help other people whom modernization forgot. Since it has always been my dream to step a foot on every isolated place in this planet and interacting or even teaching the locals would be a lovely bonus together with the unforgettable experiences that I can gain. I also believe that I can learn more from those people that I can hopefully teach english, art (which i majored at) and even my travel experiences because everyone has their own amazing stories and its awesome to know each one of those. 🙂

    2. I think Filipinos are one of the best teachers that you can have because not only we are passionate and hard working but we are also capable of touching the hearts of others. Filipinos are flexible and can work anywhere in any circumstances. We know how to deal with any type of people and we are keen on learning new things. But most of all, we love helping other people. I’ve taught art workshops to out of school youths and children with disabilities before and those are one of the most heart warming experience that I had. When I see how their eyes sparkle with excitement in learning something new, my heart flutters. When they learned to love doing the things I have taught them I feel like I’m doing something that can change the world. Lastly, when they thank me with all smiles because of what I taught them, I felt amazing to be alive and to be doing things that can make others happy. I think everyone deserves to feel something like that atleast once in their lives and TEFL will be a great help. 🙂

    I’m glad that there are people like you that exists, reminds me of every good in the world. I hope you’ll continue inspiring the hearts of many! more powers to both of you and wishing you all the best in life! x

  100. Hi Kach and Jonathan, Happy Monday ! I want to start my week right so here I am again…

    “A good teacher imparts knowledge but a great one instills the love for knowledge.”

    1.What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    I want to be consistent with my answer so I want to say Vietnam. A great number
    of TEFL teachers choose Vietnam for very practical reasons: 1. Good salary and
    2. Low cost of living. I am planning to backpack across Asia and having savings
    is quite important, compared to Thailand and Korea Vietnam’s salary is much higher.
    Although Thailand is equally beautiful, some Filipino teachers get paid 15,000
    BAHT in Thailand which is not much of a difference to what we are getting paid
    in our home country. Vietnam is a challenging country to go to as a non-native
    speaker since most school would prefer nonnative speakers but if some Filipinos
    can do it and Kach can do it then I believe that I can too. I have been reading
    some blogs about teaching in Vietnam and most TEFL teachers say that the
    students are cooperative and polite and the place is very beautiful.

    2.Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    I think Filipinos are one of the best TEFL teachers because of our good motivational skills.
    Every day, I try to motivate my students or at least influence them to love English. I
    always say that it is easier to learn something if you love it. Most students
    whether Koreans or Chinese learn English because they have to and it makes the
    learning process more difficult. So , as teachers I feel that we must not only
    teach them things about grammar and pronunciation but make the lessons as fun
    as possible so that learning English is something they will eventually love
    doing. Filipino TEFL teachers are good at that, we don’t just teach a language
    but we want them to love what they are learning about.

    Have a great day you guys!

    1. Hi again Florian! I really admire your persistence and eagerness to win the free online tefl course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      You’re right, Vietnam will be a great base to travel the rest of South East Asia.
      I think you’ll find that when you teach English Abroad in Vietnam, there’s a whole new generation of Vietnamese who are learning English because they really want to, so that will make teaching them even more rewarding!
      Good luck 🙂

  101. Wow! Thank you for this very helpful article and for the awesome opportunity that you guys are offering to us, your readers. I can feel your genuine effort to help inspiring and motivating people around the world especially Filipinos, to travel and explore new adventures. Your articles are indeed very much helpful to any questions regarding traveling and backpacking or just everything related about visiting different countries and engaging to various people around the world.

    Because of your article I’ve learned about TEFL and I think that starting as a teacher in Vietnam would also be best for me. I happen to know someone who also teaches in Vietnam and supports herself from it. She’s also an avid traveler and I met her in Australia. She’s a solo traveler and as inspiring like the both of you. Therefore after hearing a good feedback from her teaching experience in Vietnam, it has become my dream TEFL teaching destination.

    Filipinos are the best TEFL teacher’s simply because we are known to be smart speakers. In addition, we just don’t teach for the sake of teaching and getting paid. But we are noble teachers. We want to do our best to make the most out of it. We want our students to remember us in their hearts. We connect to people not just through verbal communications but also through the language of love. I know it because both my parents are public school teachers. And they’re remarkable in their chosen profession. I couldn’t be more proud of them. They have touched so many people’s lives through teaching and I was raised to witness that.

    Looking forward to more inspirations from you monkeys <3

    PS: Me and my boyfriend, we call each other "monkey". So we're also like two monkeys. hehehe 🙂

    1. Hi Hyne! Thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel. I’m so glad you like the website and really happy we can help!
      It’s awesome that you’re inspired to teach English abroad and Vietnam is such an amazing place to live and travel. I don’t know anything about Saigon, but Hanoi is a beautiful place. You’re quite right about the passion of Filipino TEFL teachers, we had a few Pinoy teacher friends in Hanoi and they really cared about their students.

      Good luck 🙂

  102. Hi Joam and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!

    I’m so glad this article motivated you to try to teach English abroad and be a Filipino TEFL teacher. Brazil is an amazing country and one of the best places to teach English abroad. The culture is so varied and stimulating – keep watching the site and our page to see more about Brazil, including cHRIST THE Redeemer.

    Good luck! 🙂

  103. Hello Kach and Jonathan , yes it’s me again LOL…………….I have so many absent students so I wanted to use my time wisely … Thus, another entry

    1.What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    Taiwan is not a popular choice for many TEFL teachers. However, I heard from friends
    and other teachers that it’s a good place to start because there is less competition.
    The food and rent is also inexpensive as well as they say it’s a shopping
    paradise like Hong Kong. I always wanted to explore places that are off the
    beaten path. I mean places that might not look or sound interesting but when
    you get to know it, it will turn out to be an amazing place. Taiwanese people
    are now more enthusiastic in learning the language which is awesome because
    it’s another opportunity for all TEFL teachers.

    2..Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?
    In my opinion, Filipino TEFL teachers is one of the best because of their innate
    ability to adapt to the environment they are in. This is very important for all
    TEFL teachers since travelling is a requirement and most needs to learn other
    people’s culture and tradition but most importantly respect them as their own.
    Language and cultural barriers can be a hindrance to teaching students effectively.
    However , flexible and adaptable Filipino teachers always finds a way to learn
    , imbibe and respect someone else’s culture so that learning is comfortable and
    more effective . As teachers, we must always learn to “bridge the gap.”

    1. Hi again Florian!

      I admire your dedication to winning the online TEFL course!

      Because you have so many clear and well thought our reasons for wanting to teach English abroad, I’m certain that your passion and will power will carry you through to great places in the TEFL world!

      Good luck! 🙂

  104. Hi KACH and Jonathan , it’s me again . Since you are two of my favorite people in the world and I like flooding your news feed…LOL (‘,)

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    I think Thailand is an ideal place for adventure for most teachers. The need of
    English teachers is so strong in this country because most Thailanders cannot
    really speak or understand English. I think Thailand is a magnificent place to
    travel to because of its diversity. Thailand can have some awesome pristine
    beaches and modern cities like Bangkok. I’ve been to Bangkok once and it’s so
    amazing because it’s a busy modern city with a well preserved culture. I want
    to visit Chiangmai and Phuket the next time I travel to Thailand. Another
    reason why I chose Thailand is because of the people. I mean it’s not called
    the “land of smiles for nothing.” I noticed that the people there are so calm,
    even with the heavy traffic in Bangkok I noticed that drivers patiently wait
    for their turn. I also want to go there because I want to empower women by the
    use of the English language. Most women there have limited job opportunities
    because of the inability to express themselves in English. I think English can
    open more doors for the Thai people , it’s just a matter of time.

    2.Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    Filipino teachers are undervalued or stereotyped however I think that we are as
    competent as other nationalities and we have certain qualities as teachers that
    are unique about us. I have been teaching English for quite some time now and i
    have observed my coworkers as well. A good quality that Filipino teachers have
    is their ability to adapt to different kinds of learners. From young learners
    to adults, I mean my youngest student is 6 years old and my oldest student is
    65 years old. Moreover, we have the ability to sustain our energy throughout
    the day. We start our classes with a smile and ends the day with the same smile
    and enthusiasm that we had throughout the day. I think that our ability to be
    happy in any situation is something that emanates to our work, no matter what
    it is . Last but not the least, we empower ourselves and we recognize that as
    teachers we need to continuously improve. We work on our flaws and we also
    learn from others.

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Florian!

      We love you flooding our news feed, don’t stop!
      Thailand in beautiful and full of amazing people, so they would be great to teach!

      Yes Filipinos can be undervalued at times as teachers, being given lower salaries, which is why we want to encourage more Filipinos, who are often amazing teachers, to pursue TEFL and to fight for the salaries they deserve. ‘We are raised with two first languages – English and Tagalog!’ Include this in all applications and repeat it until it is heard! Keep searching for the right job and an employer who appreciates that fact. I promise you they are out there!

      Good luck! 🙂

    2. Hi again Florian! Haha, you really are dedicated to winning the online TEFL course!

      Since you have so many clear and well thought our reasons for wanting to teach English abroad, I’m certain that your passion and will power will carry you through to great places in the TEFL world!

      Good luck! 🙂

  105. Hi guys! They say third time’s a charm. 😉 So here’s another entry, haha! My dream TEFL teaching destination is Indonesia, inspired from the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ (Yes, it’s cliché). Besides wanting to experience what was shown on the movie, I want to teach the locals in the remote areas to give them the opportunity to sell their local products and earn new friends globally. In return, I get to experience their culture, food, art and the scenery.

    Filipino teachers are the best in the world. Simply because we are passionate when we do things that we love. We make extra miles to accommodate the needs of each student and treat them as family. In order for them to be comfortable, making the experience enjoyable and creating a bond that will last a lifetime.

    1. Hi Iris and thanks for your continued enthusiasm to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      That;s a great film – Cliches are cliches for a reason, because they are true, or at the very least, inspiring!

      Good luck with your Filipino TEFL teacher dream! 🙂 Jon

  106. Hi. I’ve been following your blog and this one got my attention. I used to teach english to koreans and japanese in the philippines and i had a blast. I did this gig for almost 10 years -online, in an academy or private classes in their dorm or rented apartment. My students were a colorful mix, age ranged from 6 to 66. i got to learn life lessons from them too.
    So reading about getting tefl certficate to teach in either korea or japan came up and i wanna dive in. Knowing and learning about these amazing countries from their citizens makes me feel all fired up to get back to teaching, but this time, i might get a chance to soak in their culture, taste the local flavors and experience the real japan or korea, different from what i would learn from mainstream media. my biggest dream is to walk along a busy local market or join a festival, maybe with my students, first, to experience the culture, and, to understand whats going on. this will be a good exercise for the student to practice his english, too.
    Oh well, it’s 330am and i need to get back to bed and the job i wanna run away from ( but keeps food on the table so i cant, just yet!). before i close my eyes,i will say a silent prayer and i hope the heavens grant my heart’s wish to see the world, and maybe change it in what little way i can.
    Goodluck with all your endeavors, john and kach. Be seeing you around. Thanks, guys!

    1. Hi Ivy and thanks for entering to win the online tefl course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      It’s seems like you already have some good experience in teaching English as a foreign language which will help you a lot with your online TEFL course and with being a Filipino TEFL teacher. I agree it’s great to teach a variety of students and meeting all kinds of people makes it all the more worthwhile as well.
      Korea and Japan are both great places to teach English abroad, from what I have read and I’m sure you would do really well. Practical exercises and excursions are a brilliant and creative way to make teaching English fun and provide real life experiences to your students.

      Good luck with your dreams to become a Filipino TEFL teacher – it seems like you’ve been doing it already and you’ll continue to do great.

      Good luck 🙂

  107. Hello!! I’m Hannah from the Philippines.

    I am an AB English Language graduate, an avid reader and a certified wanderlust. My heart loves to travel and although I haven’t experienced travelling outside the country, I have always dreamed of doing it. The question “what’s your dream destination?” is as hard as answering the question “what’s your favorite book?” I can’t think of a certain country because I dreamed of travelling and conquering the whole world. I have always daydreamed of walking the cobbled streets of Italy and eat the best pizza! or watch mardi gras and experience the soccer craze in Brazil. I would also love to experience the culture of Vietnam and explore the beautiful country of Korea. I would go on and on telling and explaining what country I would love to go to but it would take weeks or years to do it and still, it would not be enough and it will only bring me to what my heart truly wants, to travel, explore, learn and understand all the countries in the world.

    Filipino’s are the best teachers simply because we are very passionate. When we want and do something that we love, we always give our all. And as teachers we always give all our energy, love, time and lastly, our heart and soul. We treat our students like family and give them the best education and care that they want and need. We make teaching fun by incorporating our own ideas and teaching techniques. And at the end of the day, we always include them in our prayers that they may be happy and be whatever they want to be in the future.

    1. Hi Hannah and thanks for applying to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!

      It really sounds like you’re a born traveler and all those characteristics will make you a wonderful Filipino TEFL teacher too! All of your passion for travelling and meeting new people can be channelled into a love for teaching English abroad!
      We’re in Brazil now, in Rio, so check out the Facebook page for some brand new inspiration!

      Good luck 🙂

  108. Another dream TEFL destination for me is Italy. Besides the food and their culture, it’s the home of well-known painters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Dante Alighieri to name a few. (Been reading a lot of Dan Brown’s novel, haha). While teaching english, it will be a great opportunity to learn the Italian language and to live like a local.

    Filipino teachers are one of the best teachers in the world because they give their heart and soul into their teachings and inspire their students. They take their time to get to know each student and approach each discussion or lesson accordingly, to make it easier for the student to learn and still enjoy their time, creating happy memories for both the student and the teacher.

    1. Hi Iris and welcome to the Two Monkeys Travel online TEFL course competition (again haha)!

      Italy is fantastic too and really easy to visit from Spain. You can get everywhere pretty much by train. I didn’t teach English Abroad there but the Italian culture and food and of course the Italians themselves make it an amazing place to visit. I’m sure it would be a great place to be a Filipino TEFL teacher too. Make sure you visit the North – I worked in tourism / customer service on a campsite in a town called Peschiera del Garda for 5 months.

      Good luck 🙂

      1. Peschiera del Garda sounds so wonderful, Jonathan! Thank you, will definitely check that out. More power and more blessings to both of you and Kach. 🙂

  109. I really want to be a sensei in Japan. That country is in my
    bucket list. Aside from cherry blossoms and my favorite ramen, I always love
    the rich culture of Japan. I want to
    visit Kyoto and Tokyo in particular. I used to teach Japanese learners online
    and ever since, I got really interested in their way of living. Japanese
    students also have deep respect to their sensei .

    My next choice would be in Maldives. I wanna try living on
    an island and I wanna be near the sea or ocean in Maldives’ case. The culture
    and the people are equally interesting as well. I just don’t know if there are many
    Filipino teachers out there.

    Pinoy teachers abroad are known to be dynamic, hardworking,
    adaptable and friendly. We also have a good grasp of English grammar and a
    neutralized accent even if it is not our mother tongue. Even the USA hires
    Filipino teachers because they know how good we are. Most importantly, we give
    a personal touch to the art of teaching. We understand our students and we are
    sensitive to their needs. We don’t just teach simply because this is our job.
    We really want our students to learn from us. These are the reasons why Pinoy
    teachers rock here and abroad!

    1. Hi Vanessa and welcome to the competition for the online TEFL course!

      Japan is still one of the places that I should have visited while I was so close in Vietnam. The culture and history is fascinating and it looks like an amazing place to teach English abroad. We’ve been to the Maldives, but I don’t know if it’s a big location for TEFL teaching, let alone if there are any Filipino TEFL teachers there. Only one way to find out I guess!

      Good luck 🙂

  110. Hi Florian and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course!
    I would love to go to China and wish I had when we lived there, it will be a great place for you to teach English Abroad. I also met a lot of Filipino TEFL teachers in Hanoi, so there’s a good community ready to join already.

    Good luck 🙂

  111. Hello! I am Les Bautista 🙂

    I want to teach somewhere in Africa, one of my dream is to do a volunteer (either for an elephant Sanctuary or teaching kids), and I am really hoping that someday I can make it happen.

    Filipino TEFL teachers are the best, because we teach with compassion. We are dedicated and motivated to open the minds of people. We understand the need of students and cherish every smile they pay for our hard work. We are moved by overwhelming comfort that someone learned valuable lessons by our hard work. And we Filipinos do not know the word GIVING UP.

    1. Hi Les, welcome to the competition for the online tefl course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      Africa is amazing, it’s where I grew up. It would be an incredible place to teach English abroad, perhaps not for the salary, but definitely for the experience. YOu might even be the only Filipino TEFL teacher there!

      Good luck 🙂

  112. Hi Kach and Jonathan it’s me again LOL (“,) kACH said post as many as you can so I took it literally.

    My dream TEFL destination is Costa Rica and Thailand. I recently watched Youtube videos of some TEFL teachers making a comparison of the two equally beautiful countries. I know for a fact that many travel bloggers and TEFL teachers visit South America . I have heard so many wonderful stories about well preserved jungles and beautiful waterfalls. My adventurous nature would love a place like that. I lived in a city my entire life and I am tired of modernization. I want to experience a simple life , away from stress and traffic.I saw pictures of another travel blogger like you guys and I saw that it’s really breathtaking. On the other hand, I love Thailand because of the food. Especially, the street food. I would love to go back there as a TEFL teacher and visit places like Phuket and Chiangmai . Plus factor is clothes are affordable and the people are so nice that during my stay at BANGKOK , everyone is always smiling.

    I think Filipino teachers is one of the best in the world because we really love talking and teaching at the same time. We enjoy having a good conversation and teaching is all about having a sensible and good conversation. I have been teaching IELTS and conversational English to Korean and Chinese students and I always tell them that learning English is fun if you use it and integrate it in your daily life. As Filipino teachers , we set an example that even if English is our second language we use it daily and we have fun using it. That is the only way to gain fluency , usage…Slowly but surely , we Filipino teachers we build the confidence of our students to speak up and express their ideas . Moreover, as a Filipino teacher ,we make sure that we follow global standards of learning and we always create good conversations with students because each person has a story to tell.

    FLORIAN (Flo)

    1. Haha! Hi Florian, yeah you can apply for the online TEFL course as many times as you like. You really want to teach English abroad yeah!

      Good luck future Filipino TEFL teacher! 🙂

  113. My dream TEFL teaching destination would be Viet Nam. Not only does the country offer a wide array of travel destinations from historical architecture to pristine beaches, its people are enticing prospective English students as well because they are generally a nation who are very persevering and hardworking. I would love to help the Vietnamese people improve their speaking skills in English as they are slowly opening up to the world, an indication that the country is on its way to progress. I believe that learning English is now vital in the country because not only would it eliminate the language barrier that both visitors and locals face but it would also provide the Vietnamese myriads of opportunities to land jobs that deal with a lot of foreign interaction, thus making them globally competitive.

    Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world because we are familiar with grammar and syntax ever since we started going to school. Although we are not native speakers of the language, most of us have a native to neutral accent, which is very ideal in teaching English especially to other non-native speakers. Our friendly nature, paired with proper management and organizational skills, synergistically serve as effective tools in honing the core skills of speaking, listening, reading and comprehension of our students.

    1. Hi Arman and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course!

      I agree totally about Vietnam and vietnamese people, it’s an amazing country and a great place to teach English abroad as well.

      Good luck 🙂

  114. I also love traveling but funding really hinders this passion. I wish I could just quit my stable job, albeit average-paying, that easily but unfortunately, I cannot. As one of the breadwinners of the family, I cannot go on jobless even just for a month. Thus, I’m starting to travel at nearby places here in the Philippines. But I think having a job abroad can make me start to fulfill this dream, since I can adequately support my family and travel to places at the same time. This is the reason why I’m here on your page, joining this contest, so that I can get a free TEFL course.

    Anyways, the first country that comes to my mind when asked about my dream teaching destination is South Korea. Not only English teachers are highly paid but are also in demand in this country. Further, Korea has a rich culture thereby making a great place to grow as a person and a professional. However, I read in some blogs that non-native speaker, who re mostly Filipinos, are discriminated over native English speakers. So I think that this is one issue which needs to be looked into.

    In connection to that, I think Filipinos are some of the best TEFL teachers in the world because they (I hope I can say we, but not yet) strive hard to establish their worth and expertise even if they are being discriminated. I also think that Filpino teachers are more patient when it comes to teaching English because they are aware that learning the language is not very easy, since our major language is not English.

    So that’s it. Thanks for this opportunity and I’m hoping to be chosen. God speed and all the best to the both of you, monkeys!

    1. Hi Alexa and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      I understand your situation and one solution could definitely be to teach English abroad. Just be aware that as a Filipino TEFL teacher you will need to push harder for the top salaries as schools still often class Filipinos as non native. Dont let that put you off though, there is still good money to be earned and amazing places to see!

      Good luck 🙂

  115. Hi Belle, thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!
    It seems like a lot of our readers really want to teach English in Korea! It must be a great place to teach English abroad.
    Good luck 🙂

  116. . What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?
    The first on my list is South Korea. I’ve been working for a korean company for almost two years now and as I can see they still find it hard to speak in English which makes it even harder to communicate with them, that’s why if I’ll be a TEFL teacher my first destination would be South korea. And I think if I will be teaching there i will also learn a lot because of their colorful culture. And another thing i would also want to help aspiring Korean pastors and preacher’s (Christian community) so it would be easier for them to spread God’s good news to the world.

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    Filipino TEFL teacher’s are some of the best in the world because of our big heart for helping one another that gives us drive and motivation to keep on striving to give a helping hand to the one’s in need. And we all know that we Filipinos are known for our hospitality, the warm welcome we give to whoever comes in our country or even we are abroad we are showing this one of a kind trait of a Filipino.

    1. Hi Karmina, welcome to the contest for the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel! It’s great that you have such a personal motivation to teach English abroad, that’ll make being a Filipino TEFL teacher all the more satisfying for you!

      Good luck 🙂

  117. My dream TEFL teaching destination is Spain because we almost have the same culture and food to the spanish community. Plus it is also easier to travel to the different parts of Europe.

    Filipino TEFL teachers are the best in the world because not only they give their time in teaching but also their heart and soul. Making that extra mile to help the students achieve their goal.

    1. Hi Iris and thanks for entering to win they online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      Spain is a beautiful country with so much to see and so many places around to visit. Make sure you get to Barcelona in between teaching English abroad. Good luck becoming a Filipino TEFL teacher! 🙂

      1. Hi Jonathan! I hear Barcelona is really beautiful. I also want to experience La Tomatina which is celebrated in Buñol, Spain. 🙂 Hopefully, it goes well.

  118. 1.I have three (3) dream destinations: 1. Egypt. 2. India 3. Korea

    Why? : I choose this three (3) countries because I want to teach English with them.

    2. Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world because they are hardworking.

    1. Hi Agnes and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      Wow, you have two very unique destination ideas to teach English Abroad, Egypt and India are not common places for TEFL teaching and especially not for Filipino TEFL teachers.

      Good luck 🙂

  119. I was just been reading this last Monday then I saw your post!!! Anyway to answer your questions.

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?
    The destination will be Africa, India, Vietnam. These three countries because aside from teaching I want to help out too. Especially in Africa and India, where like the Philippines are still in the third world status. I want to at least impart them a skill that they can use to help themselves excel in what ever field they aim for. I wanted to help out people to have an effective means of communicating to anyone in the world. Knowing at least a second language (in this case English) will open doors for anyone, not all doors but its a start, right?

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?
    Filipino excel in the field of teaching English because for most part of our culture and history we were subjected to have second languages. We developed quite well in dealing with other nation and the accommodating trait that almost all Filipino has has become useful too. Most of the time we’re friendly towards to our student, creating a very good atmosphere for learning. Also because we are really good at mimicking accents. My Korean students love it when I tried making different accents. ^_^

    1. Hi Hazella and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      Teaching English Abroad is definitely one of the best options you have to support yourself long term while you travel. Good luck, future Filipino TEFL teacher! 🙂

  120. I have three dream teaching destinations. The first is Japan. Aside from its culture and cherry blossom trees, I am amazed with Japanese and their education system. They are dedicated people to a certain task and which is a trait that every teacher would like to see from their students. Second is Korea, because I am no doubt a fan of the Koreanovelas. Haha Third, is Vietnam. I am currently helping 5 of my Vietnamese friends in school for our lessons and I find that joy teaching them plain English and explaining our subjects one by one in simpler terms in order for them to understand. I believe that the TEFL course will boost my knowledge and give me certain skills in the right way of teaching English. These three countries are my dream destinations, but I certainly don’t want to limit myself in teaching who or where.

    I think Filipinos are going to be great English teachers because we are born bilingual and if you could add our dialects which some words are inherited from different countries. We learn English and Tagalog at the same time. Whether its on the TV, school or at home, we can understand and comunicate basic English in a more easier way. The next reason is that we are flexible people, we adapt to cultures easily and we learn languages faster. Probably because we twist our tongues so well. Hehe. But really, we were once invaded by three countries namely Spain, Japan and US. Their vast cultures we inherited are evident in our speech ans actions. Our ancestors that came from three roots, the Indones, Malays and Negros where we also carry their traditions. This heritage is a blessing in disguise, we can interact amd at times find similarities in their culture from ours. Which is why I think we can become great English teachers.

    1. Hi Nica and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course. You’ve chosen three great countries with three amazing cultures to teach English abroad.
      I think that you’re right about the history of the Philippines making a big difference to the skills of Filipino TEFL teachers.
      Good luck 🙂

  121. Hello. 🙂 I’m Princess. Thanks for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I hope I get chosen. 🙂

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?
    The first on my list is South Korea. I’ve been teaching English to Koreans for the last 6 years. I’ve made friends with most of my students and I’ve heard a lot of stories from them about their country which I hope I can get to experience too first-hand. Apart from that, teaching in Korea has been one of my goals since I started working as an English teacher. I think it’s gonna feel totally different from teaching at home. 🙂

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?
    For me, it’s simply because we love what we do and we naturally have that heart that cares for others. Regardless of our personal reasons, our passion and compassion are what drive us to help those students and make a difference in their lives. 🙂

    By the way, I just wanna let you know I’ve been inspired by you guys. I’m a single mother of three. Traveling around the world is one of my dreams. But it’s kinda hard due to my current circumstances. However, you made me keep holding on to that dream. I believe one day I can follow your footsteps. Thanks a lot for being an inspiration. 😉

    1. Hi Princess and welcome to the contest for the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      I would love to go to Korea too, I’ve heard such amazing things about TEFL jobs in South Korea and it’s such an amazing culture to live in and teach english abroad.
      Good luck! 🙂

  122. I just signed up for the online course! Thank you so much for being so generous with the information and experience you have! And thank you too for getting the discount for us Pinoys (whose money doesn’t have much value)! Thank you Kach! 😀

  123. Hi there, Adara here!

    I’d like to try my luck on this contest so I’m crossing my fingers! I’ve been working as an ESL teacher for a long time now, but it didn’t give me any chance to be able to travel in places that I want to visit by reason that I don’t have time to do it due to limited holidays. However; I’ve already made up my mind to quit my job next year and chase my dreams.

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    If ever I will have a chance to teach TEFL,I would love to teach in Korea, Japan, and China. Why? simply because I have a lot of friends from these countries and most of them are my students. It would be an advantage to teach in places where you already have connections and that makes it easy for me to establish my career while being there. I presume they can be a big help for sustaining my travel, but of course I’m open to teach anywhere. 🙂

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    Yes, I totally agree that we are best of the best! It’s not just because we have excellent fluency in English but we are naturally passionate teachers. Our goal is to cater the needs of our students who wanted to learn about the language. It is always our great satisfaction at the end of the day knowing that we shared our knowledge to people who strongly desire to learn the subject. That is why many foreign students prefer to study with us it’s because we sincerely teach them.

    1. Hi Adara, thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      Your three chosen countries also have some of the highest salaries for TEFL teachers than teaching English abroad. And I agree, it’s personality that makes a great Filipino TEFL teacher!
      Good luck 🙂

  124. Hey Kach and Jon, would like to join the contest too!
    For the longest time, I was planning to take the TEFL course, but alas the timing isn’t right. And now that there’s an opportunity to take the course for free, of course I want to grab it. Who knows, maybe i’d end up as the winner! 🙂

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?
    Definitely Japan. I was torn between Peru and Japan, but Japan won out because my love for Japan stems from childhood. All those anime watching must have brainwashed me. LOL! But kidding aside, even though they have been one of the country’s conquerors, theirs is a civilization long established before us and their whole culture fascinates me so. From the cherry blossoms to the samurai, to zen gardens and the Harajuku district. I would definitely love to immerse myself in their culture and not just go for a visit. what better way to do that than to teach English in Japan! 🙂

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    Aside from the obvious fact that we have the best English in Asia? We have always been a country of double standards. And that goes for language too. Our national language is Filipino and yet, we place a very high significance on English as a language. But that has worked to our advantage because it has given us that edge overseas that other Asian or other non-English speaking countries did not have. Filipinos are also known for being hardworking and for going that extra mile. There is also our famous hospitality to speak of, that even in teaching, we apply.

    1. Hi Darlene, welcome to the contest for the online TEFL course! Even if you dont win, you can always get a 40% discount on the online TEFL course if you click on the link in the article!
      I agree that Japan would be the better country to teach English abroad. Peru is an amazing place to travel, but pays quite poorly for TEFL teachers.

      Good luck, future Filipino TEFL teacher! 🙂

  125. Well, I already quit. I sustain my travels with freelance jobs online. Much like you, I’m going to learn massage therapy! I am looking into getting an intensive massage therapy training in Chiang Mai in November. I will stay there for several weeks. I have my eyes on a local animal shelter to volunteer to, while I am there. Next, I was planning to go to India to learn different massage techniques like Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Massage, much like what you did!
    After reading this article, I realised the potential for being a TEFL teacher. I am already teaching English to Japanese students online (one of my freelance jobs). Furthermore, I have never been to Vietnam yet. So, much like you, I would like to teach in Vietnam as well!
    Moreover, just like you, it is also my birthday month! Yours is on the 31st, mine is on the 28th. Happy Birthday to us!!!!

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    I dream of teaching in several countries in Asia (Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia). I would like to volunteer in schools which are difficult to reach, like the ones in the mountainside. Based on my research, most of those schools are run by non-profit organisations, some are orphanage and shelters. Most of these even rely on travelers who volunteer on teaching positions in exchange for a place to stay. I found several of these online.

    If I would have the privilege of winning this giveaway, you can be certain that I will put it to good use. After all, we travel to enrich our souls and to pay good vibes forward.

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    We all know that English and Tagalog are the official languages in the Philippines; however, most of us have learned Tagalog first. Therefore, we know the struggles of those who are learning it. We were there before. We have experienced learning it and being a beginner ourselves and we have gradually improved to fluency. Thus, we set a good example for those who wish to become better English speakers.
    Filipinos are not the only ones who make good English Teachers. We are not the only ones who are motivated, patient or with a happy disposition. But we have walked in our students’ shoes. I believe this is our edge over native English speakers.

    I, Thank you! *bow*

    1. Hi Wanderlustre and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course! Congratulations on quitting your job and starting your new life. Teaching English abroad and TEFL is a great way to travel, but if you have more skills then that’s even better!

      Good luck! 🙂

      1. Thank you!! I was just in Brazil over a month ago. Too bad I was unable to meet you guys in person. Anyways, there’ll be plenty of opportunities in the future, I’m sure! More power to you both! muito besos xx

  126. I hope I’d win. ^__^

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    My dream destination is to teach in Peru. It is a great country and it’s because I want to see Macchu Picchu like u guys did! 🙂

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    Well, everywhere we go now, there is a Filipino. Filipinos are patient and hardworking which are 2 essential things for being a great teacher. Besides this, English is also a native language for us since we study this language ever since we started school. This makes us great candidates for TEFL teachers.

    1. Hi Rose and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course!
      Teaching English in Peru is fantastic, although it’s one of the lowest paid countries in South America. You definitely need patience to teach English abroad, but you’ll love being a Filipino TEFL teacher! Good luck 🙂

  127. Hello! I’m April Dyan Dalusung from Makati City. I would like to thank you for giving this kind of opportunity. I would like to give a try, trying isn’t bad after all. 🙂

    Hello, It’s me again. Here is my second entry. Thank you so much for this opportunity. 🙂

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    I worked in a Chinese Company in Makati City for almost two years. Working with Chinese colleagues is not an easy job, having an interaction with them everyday is difficult. What made it difficult? Most of them cannot speak English fluently; they are having a hard time composing their thoughts, so they speak short phrases instead or seek for the help of our interpreters. It’s really hard, we’re like isolating each other because we can’t communicate to each other due to the language barrier.

    That’s why if given the chance to be a TEFL teacher, one of my dream teaching destinations is China or any Chinese speaking country. I want to help Chinese people learn to speak English so they don’t have to be afraid to share their thoughts and so they can speak their mind without the help of any interpreter especially when they are in a foreign land.

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    Filipinos TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world because of their patience. It is difficult to teach English especially to students who are not accustomed in using the language and patience became an asset to Filipinos because of their willingness to share their knowledge to their students though it takes a lot of time and effort. It is really in the attitude and passion for teaching. Their
    patience and motivation to teach drive me to do their job well. Noting compares to the happiness and fulfillment of a teacher when you see your students learning.

    Thank you. =)

    1. Hi April and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      We love doing giveaways because we want to encourage and help people to have the same kind of freedoms that we enjoy! Teaching English abroad in CHina would be fantastic and they pay really well too!
      I agree, I find that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the most enthusiastic and fun TEFL teachers I have seen anywhere!

      Good luck 🙂

  128. Hi. Karyne here. I wanna give this a shot.

    Well, I wanna teach in South Korea because I wanna see Jeju island. And then I wanna go to Japan too and teach there coz I wanna go and explore Sanrio Puroland.Haha.(yeah i’m a fan)

    Filipinos are the best TEFL teachers not just because we speak perfect english but also we are great copycats. We can speak english with different accent such as American Accent, British Accent , and even Indian accent, etc.

    1. Hi Karyne! Thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course!

      Jeju Island looks incredible and Korea is an amazing place to teach English abroad. I’ve heard that the pay is very good too!

      Good luck! 🙂

  129. Thank you #Two Monkeys Travel for this amazing chance. To my co teachers and aspiring applicants, best of luck to us. My name is Lucille B. Clavero. I’m 29 years old. Yes, my dream is to teach English and wander the world. I am doing the former (currently an English teacher at Tangos National High School) and doing the latter one step at a time locally first (recently visited Mt. Pinatubo).

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    My dream TEFL teaching destination is Brazil. They have impressive and to die for touristic attractions – waterfalls, colonial towns, churches, beaches, wildlife, etc. Name it, and Brazil has it. It’s one of the countries I think has maintained its naturesque and immaculate beauty

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    Filipino teachers, like the rest of the Filipinos, have that instinctive, innate heart that cares, empathizes, understands, and adapts to the situation they are in and those around them. As, Filipinos, we have been submerged in hardships so we know the virtues of working hard, camaraderie and succeeding. As teachers, we want our students to overcome the obstacles we have experienced. We have that tendency to think positively, be enthusiastic, and become brave leaders though everything seems to be hopeless. We are hopeful dreamers who believes in our dreams and that we can change the situation no matter how difficult it looks and how narrow the path. Therefore, with diligence, we strive hard and pray, until we succeed. And we share it, because we want others to succeed as well and manufacture success.

    1. Hi Lucille and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL COURSE with Two Monkeys Travel!
      You’ll be a great Filipino TEFL teacher, especially if you’re already teaching. Brazil is a brilliant place to teach English abroad, it’s where we are right now. Exciting stuff everywhere!

      Good luck! 🙂

  130. Hello! I’m April Dyan Dalusung from Makati City. I would like to thank you for giving this kind of opportunity. I would like to give a try, trying isn’t bad after all. 🙂

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    During our Hongkong trip last February 15- 22, 2015, we met 3 guys from South Korea. They’re not Koreans actually; they were from different nations teaching English in South Korea. They told us that Korea is really in need good English teachers because like we all know, only few Koreans can speak the language fluently. One of them even told us that one of his students wished and hoped that she could speak the language fluently, so she could communicate well with her english teacher.

    That is why, if given the privilege to teach English in a foreign country, one of my dream destinations would be South Korea, to help them improve their learnings in English and as what the student wished, so they could communicate well with foreign people, especially South Korea is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    Filipinos are known as one of the most stellar educators in the world. Given the knowledge that they have, the devotion of the Filipinos to share their knowledge and to make a difference, adding the totality of their intelligence and patience would make them stun and amazed the world. Aside from the patience that serves as their foundation in sharing education in the eyes of their students regardless of the money involve, Filipinos way of teaching are more getting higher and better because of the passion and love for teaching.

    Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi again April! Two entries huh? you really wanna win the online TEFL course and teach English abroad!

      Good luck! 🙂

  131. Hi. Is TEFL certificate enough to be an English teacher or should I also have teaching experience? Thanks.

    1. The online TEFL course is the first step, then you need to get some experience. You can do this at home by taking volunteering jobs in your local area, or even volunteering tefl teaching in other countries. This is a great way to learn the basics of the classroom too.

      Good luck 🙂

  132. Hi Sherry and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course!
    It’s really rewarding to teach English abroad and there are so my TEFL volunteering. TEFL jobs in Vietnam do pay very well, but remember that you need to be assertive with employers as many still want to pay Filipinos less than ‘native speakers’. Kach refused to take any less than $20 and eventually she was paid the same as me.
    Good luck! 🙂

  133. So my wish this year is to quit (corporate) work and travel – and voila! You guys have the solution! I’ve been following your adventures for a while now and I cant help but be inspired by your drive to keep moving and follow where your hearts and feet take you. So I guess it’s my turn! 🙂

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    This would have to be Hongkong as it was where I realized how much i love traveling outside the Philippines. I think there’s lot of places yet to be explored and the fusion of culture in this place is fascinating, too. I also have a soft spot for Chinese kids (hopefully I’ll get to teach kids first!) and the thought of interacting with people from different backgrounds is an enriching experience that I will always look forward to.
    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    Filipinos have the heart for teaching.This is something that makes us outstanding English teachers. We have embraced the English language like it is our own, too. These two factors make us patient and dedicated mentors.Every Filipino teacher cares for his student’s developments (as well as for the students themselves) which is why the learning experience from Filipino teachers is incomparable.

    Happy traveling! Continue inspiring everyone around you. 🙂

    1. Hi Nadine and thanks for entering to win the online tefl course with Two Monkeys Travel! So happpy you love reading the website and feel inspired to travel more! I enjoyed teaching kids too, it’s much more active and fun. teaching tefl to adults can be great too though as you can have real conversations with people about their lives. Hong Kong would be a great place to teach English abroad!
      Good luck! 🙂

  134. Hi! I want to join the contest and take a chance of something that might help me make my dreams of travelling around the world come true!

    1. The place I wanted to be a TEFL teacher is in Japan because I’ve always wanted to see the cherry blossoms.

    2. Filipinos are the best TEFL teacher because we are always giving our best in what we do.

    1. Hi Yuki and thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      I’d love to go to Japan, we still haven’t been there yet and it’s one of the bets places to teach English abroad. Good luck! 🙂

  135. Being in the ESL teaching industry since 2008 I’d like to add one thing that I’ve come across time and again. It will be VERY difficult to get a teaching job with just a 60hr TEFL.
    I started with this but many schools around the world, even Korea where I got mine and it was accepted at first, will not accept this credential because it doesn’t have any ‘in-class’ teaching experience.

    The 120-140 hour course is intensive because it gives you IN-CLASS experience working with real students to practice the skills you learned in the classroom (or online). It’s really important to have this and is worth the extra cash if you are serious about becoming a Backpacking Teacher.

    Btw, $25/hr is a GREAT teaching salary! Typically, I found that teaching salaries (Korea, Turkey, SE Asia, Latin America) are between $5-12/hr for most schools. Particularly if you are not from the US, UK, Australia, South Africa. Well done on finding a place that pays that much!

    1. Hi Josh,

      Thanks for reading! We recommend in this article a few times that the 120-140 is the only one to get. The pic of the 60 hour certificate you see in the article is just one of the modules that Kach completed as part of a 120 hour course. I did a 140 hour course in the UK. Pretty much all places we’ve taught so far change what they’ll accept depending on how badly they need the teachers! haha!
      The minimum you should be getting paid in Vietnam is $20 per hour and if you specialise and teach privates then you can earn much higher. Get into a university then you’re talking $30-40. Crazy money really. Peru we took a huge drop, $5 for schools and $10 for privates.

      1. I really wish I had gone to SE Asia to teach now. I had always heard good things about Vietnam.

        From my experience in Korea, It’s pretty easy to get a job if you are from one of the major countries of “anglo-English speakers such as USA, UK, Australia, etc but could be a bit more difficult if you are not light skinned and even more difficult if you are from SE Asia, but not impossible. The salary there….personally I made about $2000-2200 while I was living there teaching at a private school (paid more, less benefits) and a public school (paid less, more benefits). I never taught private lessons there as I was worried about vigilantes who try to find ‘illegal teachers’ to get them deported. I believe you could make $15-30/hr easily…but you may need to say you are from one of the countries mentioned earlier as Koreans were really particular about ‘who’ they learned from.

        In Turkey, my next teaching destination. You can get a job with or without credentials…and without being from one of the main companies, but you’d be working for just $6/hr which is nothing in Turkey. Private lessons are where you can make a real killing. I charged between $15-50/hr depending on my clients and I knew others (one friend from India who would say he was British) that charged no less than $100/hr. It was all about perceived value. He went after a client-base that saw ‘cheap’ lessons as just that, cheap and the more you pay the more value you get. It was a niche market that went well. Schools will pay anywhere between 900-2500/month USD depending on the type of school and credentials.

        Here in Central America and Mexico, I’m finding that the salary has decreased a lot, just as you said. $5-10/hr…mostly just $5/hr. For schools…$600-1400/month seems to be the typical salaries I’m finding.

        1. Hi Josh,

          I agree, it’s easier to get a job teaching English abroad if you’re a native speaker and if you’re from SE Asia then it can be harder to get the higher salaries. I find that this can be unfair a lot of the time and based on parents wanting a ‘dancing white monkey teacher’ to post on Facebook and show off to their friends. I’ve met many Asian teachers who are better than a native speaker but get paid less, even the native speaker is just a backpacker who ran out of cash and show’s up late to classes stinking of booze and sweat! Kach had to fight in the beginning to get paid what she deserved, but eventually she landed higher hourly rates than me. It’s all about how you present it to them. In Hanoi at least (can’t comment elsewhere) she approached schools with the attitude that she has a higher command of English than them because she was raised with English and Filipino equally. She told them, ‘I have two first languages!’ and told them what she would work for and what she wouldn’t. It’s the only way and it doesn’t always work out, but she ended up getting paid $25 per hour when I was on $20!

          What you say about perceived value is very true, you can either let them take the value out of what you do, or you can tell them what your value is and convince them why. Either way, it all comes out in the wash!

          This is something that makes TEFL and teaching English abroad so interesting – every country and every employer throws a new challenge at you and you have to try to figure out a way through it!

  136. Good day, I am Minnie Bequizo. First I want to say thank you for the give away, it is a great opportunity since having a TEFL certificate is expensive. Best of luck to me and to everyone.

    1. What is you dream TEFL teaching destination and why?
    -Its Bangkok, I want to do it in Bangkok because I plan to start my backpacking in Thailand and to start it in Bangkok. I also heard from my friend that had been travelling more than 50 countries in the world that Bangkok is a good place, its like the Philippines with amazing people, not so highly cost of living and its an open country too.

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?
    – It is our asset to be best in everything we do, not just being a TEFL teachers, we are also known to be the best worker around the globe. It already in our blood of being patient, smiling, hardworking and adaptive, we can adapt with the environment easily whether we will be in ASIA, EUROPE, USA or in the other part of the continent. We are also known to be helpful in short we have the heart of a GOOD SAMARITAN. Like you has it to for giving us a chance to have this certificate. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Minnie!

      Thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course! We love doing these giveaways, but if you don’t win, it’s fine as we have a 40% discount through the link in the article and using the discount code MYTEFL35.

      You will love being a TEFL teacher. Teaching English abroad is one of the best ways to travel long term and to feel like you’re doing something good at the same time.
      I’ve heard that TEFL jobs in Thailand can pay about half the hourly rates that you can find in Hanoi, but it is cheap to live as you say with plenty of jobs as well.
      Good luck with your future as a Filipino TEFL teacher! 🙂

  137. Hello there! I’m Regine del Carmen (this is just a shortcut of my looong name), 23 y/o from Sarangani Province, Philippines 😀 I’m so glad that I’ve come across your blogs today! The promo is such a wonderful opportunity! As I have read your blogs, it’s not enough just to have a bachelors degree in teaching English, you’ll need a TEFL certificate too. Now, i’ll try my luck hehehe 😀

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?
    The first step of my dream plan is to teach English in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a diverse place with cultures intermingling each other and their economy is growing superbly. It will be a good place to start life abroad. Their second language in Dubai is English so there are opportunities to share my knowledge there. I would like to teach English to that amazing country, to fulfill my dreams and to earn more experiences and cash to plan for my next trip in Italy. 😉

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?
    In general, Filipinos are known to the world as hard-working and hospitable persons. It is clear that we do good jobs, especially abroad, for the sake of the families waiting back home. We always have that warm welcome to the visitors either foreigners or locals; we treat them nicely to the extent of our efforts. So we have that diligent and easy-go- to-along-with attitudes. Aside from those traits, what makes Filipinos one of the best TEFL teachers in the world is our good grasp of the language. We were born to English media and along the years in the academe, the language has set it’s good roots to us. Our grammar is good. We never say that after we graduated college, our English is perfect. No, there will be some blemishes. But it can be trained very well if we are exposed to the native speakers or anyone who speaks like them. Therefore, we can adapt it quickly because Filipino tongues are flexible unlike Indians’, Italians’ and other nationalities’. We can hide our native sound to produce British or American accent. Moreover, Filipino TEFL teachers are kind-hearted, innovative and cool. No one likes a grumpy traditionalist one especially nowadays. We like having fun while learning, it’s like having fun while teaching. Filipino TEFL teachers are complete packages! All in!

    Happy Birthday Brown Monkey! I wish you the bestest! 😀 <3

    1. Hi Regine!
      Thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course!
      About your degree in teaching English, it’s not a situation I’ve come across before. The normal rule of thumb, is that getting a TEFL certificate helps to focus on the foreign language aspect of the English language, rather than teaching the English language to native speakers, like a school teacher inthe UK. There may be countries / schools that accept your degree alone, so it’s worth checking. I would recommend reinforcing that with an online TEFL course to learn the techniques of teaching a foreign language. Either way, your English teaching degree will give you a great background to teach English abroad.
      I’ve heard that teaching TEFL English in Dubai is extremely well-paid, let me know how it goes!

      Good luck! 🙂

      1. Hi Jonathan!
        I’ve been trained in Teaching English as Second Language (TESL). TEFL is a bit different but the main point is we teach English. I think having the course will be exciting and there will be a whole new perspective to learn in English. That’s really good to know that in Dubai they pay “extremely well”! Win or lose, I will pursue a TEFL course! I’m really grateful about the information! 😀

  138. 1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?

    My dream TEFL destination is Vietnam and Thailand . Both countries have some similarities and differences . I think both destinations offer beautiful sceneries for adventurous people . Aside from that Vietnamese and Thai food are famous worldwide . I have always been a food enthusiast so with these countries I will never go hungry . The cost of living is quite low with both countries so I can have enough savings.

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    Although English is our second language , Filipinos have an adaptive tongue and attitude . We can easily learn the American or British accent with constant practice and usage . Thus , resulting to the emergence of numerous call centers and ESL schools in the country . Moreover , Filipinos are fun loving teachers , we were born to entertain and our hospitable nature is apparent even in the teaching field . Last but not the least Filipino TEFL teachers are one of the most resilient and patient teachers you will ever know. We are used to challenges and we know how to make the most out of it , and that is the main reason why majority of Filipinos work overseas despite setbacks .

    1. Hi Florian and thanks for entering the win the online TEFL course!
      You’re right the food in both countries is incredible and they are both great places to teach english abroad. You’ll love being a Filipino TEFL teacher!

      Good luck! 🙂

  139. Hi! I’m Mary! I’ve been planning to do the tefl course and your giveaway would be a big help! 🙂 Here’s my answer:

    1. What is your dream TEFL teaching destination and why?
    My TEFL teaching destination is Vietnam or Indonesia, as this countries are very rich with culture and attractions yet a lot of students can’t afford to study or learn English. I would love to help as volunteer to the people of this country as English teacher and motivate them to be positive in life! 🙂

    2. Why do you think that Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world?

    Technically speaking, Philippines are one of the countries in SEAsia that uses Latin Alphabet which gives them a bit of advantage to learn English. English is also their 2 language, but in my opinion it’s almost our official language(same level as Tagalog). Whilst I’m traveling, I learned that in Europe, they teach Mathematics, Science and other major subjects in their language. And I was shocked about it as much as they are also shocked that Filipinos studies a lot of subject in English starting from their primary level up to university. Filipinos are also worldwide known for their warmness and kind. So, I believe Filipino TEFL teachers are one the best! 🙂

    1. Hi Charie!
      Thanks for entering to win the free online TEFL course, you are going to love teaching english abroad. Vietnam in particular is an amazing place to teach English abroad as a Filipino TEFL teacher. The lifestyle there is incredible too.
      Good luck! 🙂

      1. Hi Jonathan! Thank you for response! If I will decide to teach English in Vietnam, then I should apply for Business visa, right? 🙂 Thanks again!

  140. Hi. My name’s Maria Michaela Jamora, 21 years old and an avid reader of your blog. I wanna give some shot for this. 🙂
    1. My dream destination would be Chiang Rai, Thailand. Since I enlisted myself to be an English teacher to volunteer there hopefully by next year, I guess getting this chance will help me enhance my skills more and help the kids to learn English. Such skill will be very useful to my future endeavors. I also find their culture and people quite interesting and their country is also beautiful like ours.
    2. I think Filipino people are warm, passionate and full of patience. The very reason why we don’t have any problem establishing good rapport with the students. Aside from that, there’s no denying that English has become one of our main assets when establishing a teacher career. We always want the students to learn in a way that is conducive and always work at our best.

    1. Hi Maria!

      Thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course! Chiang Rai is a beautiful place. I didn’t teach english in Chiang rai, but I visited for over a week and I’m sure it would be an awesome place to be a TEFL teacher. It’s definitely true what you say about Filipino people in my opinion, which is why they make such great TEFL teachers!
      Good luck! 🙂

  141. Hi my name’s Ylana Balana, 22 yr.old. thanks so much for this entry. I’m truly inspired by your travels and how you’re sustaining your adventures. My answers are:
    1. My dream destination would be Vietnam. I went there last year with my sister and cousin and I fell in love with the people and their culture. I find their customs similar to ours. People are very welcoming and I just immediately felt at home.
    2. We Filipinos have the heart to teach and share what we have to offer. We always offer the best at what we do because we never hesitate to walk that extra mile. When we work, we always leave a mark to people so that they would remember us not just hardworkers but people who are happy.

  142. Hi I’m Charmaine. I just read an article yesterday regarding on how to get TEFL certificates and I was really glad that you posted this because it encourages me more as well as giving me more information on how to do it.
    My answers are:
    1. My dream destination to teach english is Vietnam. Since my cousin is working there as a Human resource manager and she has been encouraging me to go there but I am still finding a way on how to find a job there since Nursing career is not so good in that country. I want to start there for the reason that I will get to spend more time with my cousin and we will be sharing payments for the apartment. Way of living is less expensive. That is on the practical side but the other side will be, I will get to know more about Vietnam for I only see and read blogs about this country

    2. Filipinos are the best teacher because of our patience and we have this certain smile that even though things are getting a little bit challenging on our part we still managed to give them smile that sometimes they will never get a hint that we are having trouble. We also have an open mind when it comes to learning the language and the culture.

    1. Hi Charm,
      Thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course with Two Monkeys Travel! I’m really happy that you found the TEFL article helpful, teaching English abroad is one of the most enjoyable ways to earn money and travel.
      Vietnam is an amazing place to be a TEFL teacher and with so many teachers from all over the world, there’s a great community of TEFL teachers to join!

      Good luck! 🙂

  143. My TEFL dream destination is Lima, Peru. The reason why I chose Peru is because of you two. I fell in love with Peru when started reading your travel Blog! It’s all because of you guys! 🙂

    Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best in the world because Filipino educators teach with sincerity and it come from the heart. We can easily adapt and we are likeable.

    1. Hi Edmund,

      Thanks for entering to win the online tefl course with Two Monkeys Travel!
      Thanks for reading the website, I’m really happy that you’re inspired to travel and teach English abroad. Peru is a great place to be a TEFL teacher, although the pay is much lower than teaching English in Asia.
      Good luck! 🙂

  144. 1. My TEFL dream destination is Africa. I am so amazed of those volunters there. I want to teach and photograph african kids. I even dream of adopting one when I’m still single in my 40’s.

    2. Filipino TEFL teachers are the best. They have all the good qualities. Yes,all! They have the unique combination of heart and mind. Easy to teach and very patient when they’re teaching.

    1. Hi Leslie! Thanks for entering to win the online tefl course with Two Monkeys Travel!

      I actually grew up in Africa, so I can tell you for sure it would an incredible place to teach english abroad and to be a TEFL teacher.

      Good luck! 🙂

  145. Hello there Two Monkeys!

    Im Kathy, 26 from Bacolod, Philippines.
    From working in a corporate world for 6 years, I had an immediate change of career to an online English Teacher due to unexpected circumstances. Since then, I decided to pursue my Bachelors’ degree and now I am about to graduate this October. Thanks and glory to God. Right after I graduate, I plan to start off my backpacking in Vietnam too. Just as what you both did because you inspire me. I even plan to visit Luang Prabang where you both meet.

    Anyways, to answer your questions and win the free TEFL course, here it goes…

    1. The country I see to be teaching TEFL to is Vietnam, because it is my starting point for backpacking, its an important place for the Two Monkeys and especially, I have learned that Vietnam have great people and places who are eager to learn the language.

    2. Filipino teachers are indeed one of the best teacher in the world. In my 8 months of experience in teaching English online, all of my students told me they prefer Filipino teachers beacause we are the kindest people they’ve ever met. Its so humbling to know that there are lots of foreigners who appreciate the characters we all have.

    Hoping to win the free course to start my dream of becoming someone who will conquer the world and spread love.

    Praying for all the best to you Two Monkeys! All the love at you.

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks for entering to win the online TEFL course!
      Congratulations on finishing your degree and graduating, we’re both really happy for you!
      you will love teaching english abroad, especially in being a TEFL teacher in Vietnam.
      Good luck and keep in touch if you have any questions!


  146. Hi Nagi!
    Thank you for sharing your opportunities with Two Monkeys Travel readers! Did you ever find your TEFL teacher?

    Jonathan 🙂

  147. 1. My dream destination to start teaching English is South America. I have longing to visit that place for quite sometime now and to connect with locals there (as simple as teaching English) will be an icing on top of a bucket list.

    2. Filipinos are known as persistent, patient and pretty much almost next to being a native English speakers. It is in our nature to serve and give a helping hand aside from we are very relational as a nation.

    1. Hi Kenneth! Thanks so much for entering. South America is a great place to be a TEFL teacher and since there are far fewer Filipino TEFL teachers there, you will have less competition when searching for TEFL jobs. Choose carefully though, as some countries like Peru have very low salaries for TEFL teachers, whereas Colombia and Brazil pay much more.
      Good luck! 🙂

  148. 1. My dream teaching destination is Korea and or Japan 🙂 why? Simple because I love their culture. I believe being in love with the place makes it easier for one to excel.

    3. Filipino TEFL teachers are known to be hard working and are popular for being so patient. They have the best smiles and best characters to showcase. Filipinos are known to be jolly that’s why they are highly considered almost everywhere.

    1. Thanks Kristina Dass, great answers! I think Japan would be an amazing place to teach TEFL and I know that there are quite a few Filipino TEFL teachers there too!

  149. Hi Kach and Jonathan,

    I am Joerebie Ababon, I have read your article and I find it very helpful. I just realize then upon reading throughly the content that there is no need to worry about finances while on travel if I will do the steps and tips you shared.

    I am a Business Administration graduate, and currently working aligned to my degree. I am inspired by you, so I am very willing to shift my career, learn more about teaching English language and get TEFL certificates.

    To answer your question;

    1. As to start in living my dreams, I want to visit asian countries.

    2.Filipino TEFL teachers are some of the best because we are passionate, patient, hard working, and multi tasking.

    1. Hi Joerbie! Thanks for entering. Asia is a great place to be a TEFL teacher, I worked there and met a lot of Filipino TEFL teachers.

      Good luck!

  150. Hello when you were in Philippines, how did you get your TEFL certificate? How did you apply a job in Vietnam?

    1. Hey Keiko, I didnt get my TEFL in the Philippines, I got it from the online company,here’s the link – http://bit.ly/1HmgCpG

      for the jobs in Vietnam I applied for it when I arrived there, word of mouth from friends and you can join a facebook group called Hanoi Massive, Hanoi Teachers and Hanoi Comrades. where people announce opening.

  151. Hi Kach and Jonathan,

    · I’ve been reading articles in two monkey travel group and I am also part of your Facebook page. By the way my name in FB is ‘Ako si Carlo Caputan’. Great tips on how to succeed as a Travelling English Teacher. I enjoyed every single article that you posted and it provides inspiration. I love travelling and also wants to enhance my knowledge in English and use it for teaching. I’m actually looking at teaching in Middle East preferably Dubai at some point and your articles were a great point of reference. Me and my friend are planning to take TEFL however, we’re not that knowledgeable with the courses. I have also read one of your responses to one of the commenters if TEFL is hard you responded it depends on the TEFL course. Would you give us light about this? Sana matulungan mo kami. J

  152. Very helpful guide for non-native speaker, thank you. My friend is very interested in teaching english abroad so I’ll let him know!

    1. Hi Anita, thanks I’m glad you enjoyed the guide and let your friend know that we can help him anything he needs to be a TEFL teacher and teach english abroad!

      Jonathan 🙂

  153. Thanks for this article, this really motivates me to work harder!
    Here in the Philippines, I think DLSU is the one that offers TEFL / TESL.

  154. What other documents you need to bring or present to land an English Teaching Job? Do i need to bring my diploma/TOR? Or TEFL certificate is enough if you’re not planning to get the work visa?

    When you first had your first teaching gig, what proofs/certificates you presented to the employer and how about the requirements to extend your stay in Vietnam? And what kind of visa you had?

    1. Hello Arjay, work visa is a different thing. The most formal way is to go to POEA and get your PDOS and Medical clearance which will be submitted to the embassy of the country where you will be going. I did that for my jobs in the Middle East. Yes, you need your Diploma and TOR and they all be authenticated by DFA – you need a Red Ribbon.

      My situation in Vietnam is different, I was not looking to be a full time teacher (I quit my full time job to travel), we were there only for few months.I had my diploma though and my TEFL certificate so when I landed the job, I applied for my Business Visa which can be transfered to work visa (the company will have to process it for you). My company wanted to give me a work visa but I was not so keen as we’re leaving for India.

      If you decide to teach as a career then go check with the POEA so you can be sure with all of the legalities and requirements.

  155. Hi Kat! I enjoyed every single article that you posted. Now I am moved as well to do the same thing that you did! Currently I am out of the country, teaching in Indonesia and I’ve been wanting to jump into something different. I’m starting to plan out for next year and hopefully by august 2016 I want do it already! I hope you could help me and others as well. Truly, you are inspiring a lot of people! Always keep safe!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to send me email for any questions, would be very happy to help! =)

  156. Hi Kat! Rey here from Kuwait.

    Nabasa ko sa Blog mo advise mo 140 TEFL hours.
    sa Site nila 120Hour lang meron?


    1. Hello Rey, yung sa MYTEFL kasi 120 hour Professional Course so pwede na din sya, ganyan ung certificate ko =)

  157. Hello Kach is it ok if hindi tapos ng college mag take ng TEFL? My hubby and I love to travel but limited budget din. And after ba ng TEFL mag eexam pa kami? Nakaka inspire naman ang story mo. Sana magawa na namin soon!

    1. Hello Kristina, no need for the degree for online TEFL course, degree is important though if you want to get work permits. For TEFL, the exam is included in the course, you have to pass each module. Go take the course – We partnered with this Canadian company and they are giving 40% discount to our readers when you use the discount code MYTEFL35 – here’s the link – http://bit.ly/1HmgCpG

      Magagawa mo din to! Dreams do come true! =)

      1. In obtaining TEFL degree is not important but will it be sufficient if I would like to teach? 🙁 my husband doesn’t have a degree but is better than me. I’d love for us to both take TEFL and eventually travel and teach part time while travelling to earn, but my main concern is that my husband doesn’t have a degree :'( will he be able to teach?

        1. Yes Kristina, it’s all about passion! The degree is important only if you want to make it as a career because companies will require you to work full time and you need work permit with that.

  158. Hi katch..good evening. …I’m an OFW And really love traveling but I don’t know how to start with it…….di alam kung anong gagawin at kung kelan ang tamang oras to do it…..finding good opportunity somewhere na much better here in Taiwan but afraid to do.
    Nakaka inspired ung story mo…….sana magawa ko din yong mga nagawa mo…..keep it up!
    I will always read your articles from now and then for me to help and motivate myself.
    I love the way you do your things and ways…
    take care always…

    1. Hello Melode, kayang kaya mo magstart! Gusto mo ba every weekend lang or long term na byahe na? Madami daw magagandang lugar na pupuntahan jan sa Taiwan! Pero kung anu man, message mo ko, I would love to help you!

      1. Oo nga eh kadi impossible kapag ikaw ay naka contract. ..lol
        but I really want traveling. …maybe soon really ASAP.MG ipon tlga ako for that. ..even southeast asia lang…matravel ko yan like you…..

    1. Hello Kate, we are actually promoting two different companies TEFL247 and I-to-I people are always assuming that when you do things online then it’s already a scam.. Why would be a scam? I took my TEFL last year and I’ve been teaching for more than a year now and no one ever told me negatively. Maybe what you might be refering to is the internship programs etc. but what I’m only promoting is the online TEFL course- take the course, get the certificate and teach English wherever you go.

      1. Thank you for your reply. 🙂

        Is the i to i online tefl course certificate recognized in the countries you went to? Which do you think is better, TEFL247, or i-to-i? TEFL247 is really much cheaper.. Is it plain self-study in both companies? with no teacher and no evaluation whatsoever..

        I’m seriously considering getting one in a few days.

        1. NVM. I already bought from TEFL247. LOL. :)) I was actually able to search for a 26 gbp deal.. 😀

          Thanks for everything, Kach!

          1. Awesome Kate! We have friends who are doing the course! Let us know if you need help! TEFL 247 is great as it’s cheaper too!

  159. Actually working on a tourist visa is illegal in Peru or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Doesn’t mean that a lot of people don’t do it however.

  160. wow! this is extensive and very detailed… glad you were doing well in Peru.

    Question: I only want to do a volunteer teaching, will it be possible there? I already have my TEFL certificate. I got it in Thailand… I did onsite and online course.

    1. Heya! You;d like to volunteer in Peru? Yes, you can volunteer here and there’s a lot of opportunity! Where exactly are you planning to go and for how long? The ideal is if you stay at least 3 months so the volunteering experience will be worthwhile!

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Written by Kach Umandap

Founder of Two Monkeys Travel Group. Since 2013, Kach has visited all the 7 continents (including Antarctica) and 151 countries using her Philippines Passport. In 2016, she bought a sailboat and went on sailing adventures with her two cats - Captain Ahab & Little Zissou in the Caribbean for 2 years. She now lives in Herceg Novi, Montenegro where she's enjoying her expat life and living on a gorgeous Stonehouse. She writes about her experiences traveling as a Filipina traveler with a PHL Passport. Also tips on backpacking trips, luxury hotel experiences, product reviews, sailing & adventure travel.