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10 Incredible Trips You Should do When You Visit India with The Indian Nomads

By Kach Umandap May 3rd, 2022 Posted in Organized Tours, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 9 Comments

Any plans of visiting Indian soon but don’t know where to go or what to do? Our friends over at The Indian Nomads will let you see a deeper perspective of India with their unique and amazing tours which is set on the following dates: February 12 to February 23 2017 & March 13 to March 25 2017


India is famous around the world for a number of things. It has impeccable structures, beautiful people and a rich culture. But that’s only the surface. We all know that The Taj Mahal is great, but you just cannot miss the things that truly define India.  You have to understand that the real & rustic beauty of this country doesn’t show itself easily. You will have to be a genuine explorer to unleash the true beauty of India and as tourists, you might have limited time and resources to see reveal such beauty.

10 Incredible Trips You Should do When You Visit India with The Indian Nomads
Photo by Vladimir Varfolomeev CC BY-NC 2.0

Not to worry because The Indian Nomads are here to help you see what India truly has to offer. They don’t just provide tours, but they take you on a journey. They are India’s exclusive spiritual and cultural tour organizers that will make your visit worthwhile.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel with a sterling spiritual episode in India. Vasco de Gama did his job and now, it’s your time to be the Indian explorers with The Indian Nomads. To give you a glimpse of their tours, we have listed the 10 trips that you MUST try.

1. Mystical Tours guided by a dedicated Spiritual guru 

Spirituality & mystical charm have always drawn people from all over the world to India. As the world becomes increasingly materialistic, the quest for spirituality grows more & more. Spirituality is about showing respect to all living beings and to live a positive life.  The Indian Nomads want you to experience such by providing a dedicated spiritual guru throughout your journey. Without a doubt, you will find a renewed spirituality.

Indian old monk sadhu in saffron color clothing
Indian old monk sadhu in saffron color clothing

2. Yoga Wellness Retreats

Yoga is a 5000 year – old Indian body of knowledge. Many think of yoga as a physical exercise where people just twist, turn, stretch and breathe in a complex way. While true, these are only the most superficial aspects of the science of unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul.Young woman practicing yoga on the beach. With your journey with Indian Nomads, you will have the chance to learn the age-old techniques of yoga which originated in ancient India. There will be a yoga master travelling with you, ensuring that you learn the basics while giving you more advanced tips throughout the journey.

3. Witness India’s Traditional Art Forms

India is known to have a rich cultural heritage. There are a number of diverse art forms which even Indians do not know of. If you join the Indian Nomads, you will get to see and experience the fantastic yet unknown culture that will make you appreciate the country even more.FORT COCHIN - MARCH 06: Kathakali performer in the virtuous pachcha (green) role in Cochin Kathakali Center on March 06, 2011 in South India. Kathakali is the ancient classical dance form of Kerala.

Get to see the colorful dance form of Kathakali, be amazed by watching deadly ancient martial arts, Kalaripayattu, and listen to an enchanting ‘sitar’ musical performance in an open lush green amphitheatre in Edakkal. For those who are not aware, Edakkal is a remote area in India where you can find the Edakkal caves and the tallest mountain in the district, Ambukuthi mala.

4. Nature Walks & Hikes

Does a hectic life leave you distracted and anxious? If yes, join Indian Nomads for a walk which can give you the dose of wilderness you need. This will also refresh your spirit and will let you take things slowly by being with nature.Young backpacker with backpack traveling along rain forest.Tourist hiking in the deep jungleThe Indian Nomads have chosen the most exotic locations enveloped by nature’s breathtaking beauty and serenity. Wayanad and Periyar in Kerala, South India are the most extravagant locations for such nature walks. Kerala is known to be one of the most famous tourist destinations in India as it boasts not just heavenly greeneries, but also great backwaters and beaches. 


5. Try local cuisines with Indian Nomads’ food tours

India is the paradise for food,  boasting not just one or two, but about as many cuisines as the number of communities. With Indian Nomads, treat your taste buds with the Kashmiri ‘Gustava’, Punjabi “butter chicken’, Hyderabadi ‘Dum biriyani’ and a number of mouth-watering Indian cuisines loaded with original Indian spices.  The best part about it is that you can also bring home a few traditional recipes and even its method of cooking with the exclusive crew-cooking sessions.south indian meals served on banana leaf

6. Live and travel with Houseboats in Kerala

Ever thought of staying in a floating hotel? That’s a new experience that you can get from Indian Nomads. You can even have an overnight stay in these spectacular royal floating houses. This is perfect for those who are tired of living a fast-paced life. Enjoy life in slow motion in the middle of backwaters while your chef serves you authentic South Indian delicacies.

Houseboat on backwaters in Kerala, India
Houseboat on backwaters in Kerala, India

7. Get a relaxing Ayurveda Treatment

10 Incredible Trips You Should do When You Visit India

Ayurveda, the origin of which has been traced back to 5000 BCE, has been the most ancient science of healing the body & soul. India is unarguably the birthplace of Ayurveda. For a time, it has lost its spark but today, more people across the world are starting to realize its benefits.

Young woman having oil massage spa treatment.
Young woman having oil massage spa treatment.

The Indian Nomads promise to give you a soothing dose of Ayurveda in the first ever Ayurveda resort in the world. Treat yourself to these Indian ayurvedic herbs to rejuvenate your senses. This amazing experience will be given to those who will join the journey with Indian Nomads, FOR FREE!

8. Visit the Tea Plantations in North East India

Next to water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. But have you ever wondered what it takes to make that perfect cup of morning tea?green tea plantation landscape in India

You might want to take the tea plantation tours in Munnar where you can witness the lush green tea plantations and the meticulous tasks involved in tea – making before it reaches millions of households. Do not miss the chance to pluck few leaves yourself while the expert worker educates you of the significance of these leaves in the process.

The Indian Nomads promise to take you to the most exuberant tea fields in the tea estates of India.

9. Be amazed by the Indian Tiger and the Asiatic Elephant

India gives you the perfect opportunity to discover the ‘wildlife enthusiast’ within. Visit the sprawling Periyar, home to some of the most exotic wildlife specimens of nature. The Asiatic elephant & the Indian tigers, along with Gaurs, Sambars, troops of langurs and much more can be found roaming freely in this protected area. You can either choose to trek or take a bamboo raft on the lake to witness these beautiful creatures. And don’t forget to take your cameras along because you will never know what you might encounter. The tour organized by The Indian Nomads also offers a night stay in the heart of the Periyar Tiger Reserve.Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) half submerged in water

10. See the Village life and do some serious shopping

The soul of India lives in the villages, and that’s what the Indian Nomads are here to show you. They want you to see the ‘ Real & Rustic’ India. The beauty of villages is described by the way villagers happily live in small huts made of clay or mud. Their lives are untouched by technology or urban chaos. Witness how they socialize every evening as they assemble in ‘Chopals’ with their ‘Hukkas’. See how they enjoy real conversations until late at night in the midst of natural surroundings.PUSHKAR, INDIA - NOVEMBER 20: Pushkar Camel Mela (Pushkar Camel Fair) on November 20, 2012 in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India. This fair is the largest camel trading fair in the world.

While in India, don’t miss the opportunity to experience village life for a day. The simplicity & rustic beauty of these villages will leave you absolutely spellbound.

When talking about India, how can we forget shopping? You will find everything from clothes to ceramic, metal crafts to musical instruments at such low prices that you’ll wonder how do these guys break even? The only problem you will face is how to get all your purchases back home. EXTRA: Read this guide on how you can also plan your Holi Festival Experience in India!

EXTRA: Read this guide on how you can also plan your Holi Festival Experience in India!


The Indian Nomads offer you tours which cover all the above-mentioned activities and a lot more. The present itinerary is based in Kerela – Gods own country.the-indian-nomads-tours-around-india

Like to go backpacking? Then try the 12-day itinerary, ‘A Marvel called India’ and experience the joy of strolling the most beautiful locations in the country while learning yoga, cultural artforms & spirituality with Indian Nomads’ team of hardcore professionals who have mastered these arts.  Thus, do not wait any longer.


  • February 12 to February 23, 2017 &
  • March 13 to March 25 2017


  • The most cost-effective way to actually see the REAL India
  • Well – tailored itinerary for an experience encapsulating the whole of India
  • No hidden expenses- the package includes stay, meals, activities & travel
  • Their belief in the Indian saying – ‘atithi devo bhava’ meaning ‘the guest is equivalent to God’
  • True to the commitment of delivering all the service that is promised
  • The team takes pride in welcoming the guests & in offering services. They are always on the go to take care of your requirements

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9 thoughts on “10 Incredible Trips You Should do When You Visit India with The Indian Nomads

  1. Urghhhh, would be AMAZING to experience an Ayurveda hot oil massage from the experts !! ??????

    Definitely need to stop procrastinating and plan my next trip! ?? ✈️

  2. I love India. Unfortunately I haven’t made it to Kerala yet and definitely need to see it after reading this 🙂

  3. Very well written and informative post.

    As we know there are lots of diversity in India.This variety makes India beautiful.

    That’s why India awesome place to visit.

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