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Teaching English – TEFL

This is a collection of articles related to teaching the English language to learners and how to have a TEFL certificate. These articles can also serve as a guide on how you can teach this specific language and how you can become an effective teacher with the help of a TEFL Certificate. 

I still remember what one of my friends told me before, “If there’s one job in this world that would be difficult for AI to replace, that’s a teacher.” There is always something new to learn, it makes teaching limitless. Math, Science, History, English, or whatever things you’re interested to know, a teacher can help you. But being a teacher comes with great responsibility. You need to make sure that your students are learning. It may sound easy to find a job as a teacher. For as long as you have the skill and experience, you can get the job. However, it is also important that you are considered a professional when it comes to doing this job. How? By obtaining a certificate. A lot of employers right now are looking for licensed teachers or teachers who have a certificate.

One of the best examples is being an English Teacher. In able to teach the language, especially if you want to teach abroad, you need to have this certain certificate which is called TEFL. 

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This certificate gives you the opportunity and a higher chance of getting hired as an English teacher abroad. We’ll give you a brief introduction to this certificate before you start reading the list of articles below.

Where Can You Start Teaching English with A TEFL Certificate?

If you have a TEFL certificate you can teach to numerous countries that are in need of English teachers. Not only that but in this modern-day, you can now also teach at the comfort of your home through online teaching. Although this type of teaching doesn’t usually require any certificate, having one is always an advantage. And if you decide to level up your career and teach abroad, you’ll have the biggest chance among others.

These are usually the countries that are in need of English teachers:

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. South Korea
  4. Thailand
  5. Vietnam
  6. Malaysia
  7. Taiwan
  8. Cambodia
  9. Turkey
  10. Spain
  11. Brazil
  12. Colombia
  13. Mexico
  14. Russia
  15. Morocco

Those are just some of the countries you can choose from if you want to teach English. You can also apply in UAE as they are also in need of English teachers.

Furthermore, these mentioned countries all have a very competitive salary. And by teaching there, you will also learn about their culture and you’ll get a chance to meet different types of people. To get to know more about how you can start teaching English with a TEFL certificate, then you can read all our articles listed here. Most of them are divided by country and you can also find guides on how you can obtain a certificate. So what are you waiting for? Start your teaching career now!

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