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Inspiration and Love Stories

Kach and Jon started this blog by sharing their traveler experiences and a love story with the world. Aiming to inspire other people to see the world, spread love, and to keep positive in life. You’ll read a bunch of inspiration and love stories while traveling here but not only about Kach and Jon but from other real-life travelers too, who found love and happiness while traveling.

Most travelers travel to find peace and adventure, but some of them end up finding love instead. How do they do that? There’s no answer. Finding love doesn’t need a plan. It’s not what you see in dramas nor movies, but it definitely is better and more sincere. Once you find it, then that’s the time you can create your very own love story. 

Creating Inspiration and Love Stories While Traveling

Whatever your reason is for traveling, we all aim for the very same thing; to explore something new. We don’t usually intend to look for a partner in life, maybe some, but it’s most likely at the last part of their priority list when on the road. 

Meeting a stranger that shares the same interest as you is a jackpot! You will get to talk about your experiences and adventures. You’ll understand each other more than anyone else could. Most importantly, you share the same passion that will be the biggest reason for the both of you to get closer with each other. 

Of course, it will all start as getting to know each other first, then you’ll probably end up traveling and exploring the world together. By this, you can be an inspiration to a lot of travelers around the globe with your crazy adventures and amazing love stories. In these compiled articles, you’ll read a lot about inspiration and love stories from different travelers. Different experiences but with the same reason; to inspire others. Who knows? Maybe on your next trip, you’ll be the next one who’ll find the love of your life with whom you can explore the world. So what are you waiting for? Go on and see what awaits outside your home. 

Love can be found literally anywhere. It’s sometimes in a place you didn’t expect it would be. Once it came to you, the decision is always yours. Either you’ll ignore it, or you’ll embrace it. Just one thing is for sure, traveling doesn’t only offer adventure and new learnings, but also that “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.

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