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Step by Step Guide on How to Apply for a UK Tourist Visa in Qatar

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor January 26th, 2022 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Travel Blog, VISA Application Guides 61 Comments

The United Kingdom is one of the most exciting places in Europe, if not the world. With Queen Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace, gorgeous accents, and many more – it’s truly in everyone’s bucket list. If you are in Qatar, here’s a guide on How to Apply for a UK Tourist Visa in Qatar.

The UK is composed of 4 nations united as one – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You can spend up to 6 months in all of them for a visit. Know how by reading this article. This article is dedicated to the OFWs living in Qatar, who are interested in visiting the United Kingdom.

UK Tourist Visa Application Guide at a Glance

Valid for up to 6 months (per visit)
Available in Single or Multiple Entries good for 2, 5, or 10 years

Application is available online and through a VFS Center
UK Tourist Visa available within 3 weeks after application
You can apply as early as 3 months

Embassy Details:

British Embassy Doha
West Bay
Dafna Area, Onaiza Zone 66, Al Shabab Street.
PO Box 3 Doha, Qatar
+974 4496 2000

VFS Visa Centers:

UK Visa Application Centre
Level -1, Al Nuaimi Building
Oqba Ibn Nafie Street, Airport Road
Doha, Qatar

Business Hours: 9:00 – 4:00 PM, Sunday to Thursday
Passport Collection: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Sunday to Thursday (extension from 6:00 – 8:00 PM)

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Documents you may need for a UK Tourist Visa in Qatar

You will need to print them in an A4 Sized Paper. You may also scan your documents ahead. Please keep note that everything must be in English or Welsh; if not it should be translated.

1. Valid Passport – valid on your whole stay in the United Kingdom, with a back and front blank pages, a copy of your bio-data page is needed

2. Previous Passport or Travel Documents – with visas and stamps for your travel history

3. Proof of Employment or Studies

  • Employees – Iqama, Certificate of Employment stating applicant’s details like start and length of employment, position, salary, and other company details
  • Business Owners or Self-employed – Certificate of Registration (BIR or DTI) with applicant’s name, the start date of business, tax returns are also significant documents
  • Students – No Objection Letter from School confirming enrolment and leave of absence

4. Proof Financial Capacity – includes bank statements and bank certificate, titles of properties, Sponsor’s Financial Documents

5. Additional Documents if the Applicant is a Minor:

  • Birth Certificate or Legal (Adoption) Documents
  • If not accompanied by a parent or guardian, signed letter from them with a copy of their passport and signature

6. Other documents you may also pass:

  • Cover letter as to why you want to go to UK and if ever there is someone sponsoring or inviting you, explanation of such
  • Invitation letter – from the person who invited you in UK with proof of identity, address, or financial capacity in case they are also sponsoring you

Visa Fees for UK Visit Visa

You can use credit, debit card, or PayPal when paying. Visa fees are non-refundable once you have paid it. VFS Service fees will depend on the services you will additionally render.

  • Single Entry – £ 95
  • 2 years (up to 6 months each visit) – £361
  • 5 years – £ 655
  • 10 years – £ 822

Step by Step Guide on How to apply for a UK Tourist Visa in Qatar

STEP 1: Ready your documents. Scan them before you start the process. They must be in JPEG, PNG, or PDF Format.

STEP 2: Complete the Online Application Form. You may check the topic below on how to complete it.

STEP 3: Choose the length of your UK Visa. Pay the Visa Fee. You will need to take note of the reference number (starts with GWF). After that, print the front of your application form or the checklist.

STEP 4: Create an appointment at a Visa Application Center in Doha. Upload your documents ahead (with a checklist and barcode separator), or you could do it at the center with an additional fee.

UK Visit Visa Application Guide for Philippine Passport Holders 11

STEP 5: Proceed to the VAC on the date of your appointment. Submit your documents and get your biometrics taken (photo and fingerprints).

STEP 6: Wait for the update of the decision of your UK

STEP 7: Wait for an e-mail about your application for a UK Tourist Visa.


How to Apply and Fill Up the Online UK Application Form

STEP 1: Go to this website and click “Apply Now.”

UK Visit Visa Application Guide for Philippine Passport Holders 01

You will then be asked for the language you would want to use for your application.

STEP 2: Choose the country where you will have an application. Type “Qatar.”

How to Apply for a UK Tourist Visa in Qatar

You will provide your biometrics at the application center in Doha with the address above. Choose the upper option, then click “Next.”

STEP 3: Start your application by clicking “Start Now.” You have to be active for 25 minutes, or you will be logged out.

UK Visit Visa Application Guide for Philippine Passport Holders 04

STEP 4: Register your e-mail and make your own password. This is in case you will be logged out; then you can retrieve your application through a link there. Click Save and Continue.

STEP 5: Answer questions asked, they may include the following:

  • Contact Number
  • Applicant’s Full Name
  • Gender
  • Civil Status
  • Address and length of stay
  • Ownership Status of House
  • Passport Details
  • National Identity Card
  • Nationality(s)
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Work Details – Start date, Employer’s name, address, contact details, job Title, Salary, and Description
  • Income and Expenses – regular life and expenses during your trip
  • Planned Travel Dates
  • Language Preferred
  • Main Reason For Visit (with details)
  • Dependent Details (if you are supporting someone)
  • Parent’s Details – Complete Name, Birthdate, Nationality
  • Family in the UK
  • Travel Companions or Group
  • Accommodation Details
  • Travel History (UK and Other Countries – with dates of arrival and departure and purpose)
  • Travel Refusal, Removal, Deportation, etc.
  • Conviction and other penalties
  • Previous Employment Organization
  • Extra Information

STEP 6: Double-check your answers before “Continue.”

STEP 7: See the documents you should provide and continue by ticking the box. Read the declaration, and off you go to the payment section.

Step by Step Guide on How to Apply for a UK Tourist Visa in Qatar

That’s How to Apply for A UK Tourist Visa in Qatar. It’s pretty straight forward; you can get your visa in 7 easy steps. If you need more assistance in your application, feel free to contact me as we have an visa application service that helps with your visa application. No need to stress much about your documents or how to apply, we’ll do it for you. You’ll just have to answer our questions and go to the center. Good luck!​

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61 thoughts on “Step by Step Guide on How to Apply for a UK Tourist Visa in Qatar

  1. Please, I am interested with UK visit visa application and I would like to know how much for the service charge and how to get in touch with you. I leave and work here in Qatar. Thanks and looking forward to get your feedback soon.

  2. I live in Qatar with my wife and completing the form and payment, I was to upload the documents. there is a section that requires tuberculosis certificate which I do not have and does not know where to get one in Qatar and how many dates it takes. I had to cancel my application and appointment because of this!!!. Do I really require a test if am visiting for just a month and where can I take the test for my wife and daughter in Qatar?

  3. Hi miss..I want to apply uk tourist visa from qatar ..I am applying first time uk visa..need some guidance from u.

  4. Hi!I would like someone to contact me via email so that I can provide my contact number.Im her ein Qatar.And I am looking for a way if I can process my application here. What is the fastest way to go in Uk.Student or work visa or tourist?Please reach me out asap!

  5. Hi, is there minimum number of months or length of employment required before you can apply for a Standard visit visa in UK? For example, is the 3 months salary really required because i just joined a new company less than a week and i want to apply for UK visa.

    1. It’s Bureau of Internal REvenue – the in-charge of collecting taxes in the PH – i suggest looking for something equivalent in your country of residence

  6. Hi How much is the charge for applying visa for me and my wife to the UK? I am an Indian national and working here in Qatar.

    1. Please, I am interested with UK visit visa application and I would like to know how much for the service charge and how to get in touch with you. I leave and work here in Qatar. Thanks and looking forward to get your feedback soon.

    1. Good Day!
      Dear Team,
      First of all i would like you to say Thanks for all of your support that you have done through your website. secondly you keeps continue this help with your messages, lot others like me are getting a great support from your. Thank you again,
      I actually wanted to visit U.K to my brother and my sister, they are living there. But i want to go my on my own. and i need your help to guide me what are the required documents we need to submit. i have plan to visit in Feb-2022, So i will apply for visa now. SO you are requested to please help me out with your kind guidance.

  7. Hi, can i ask? How many months required for bank statement and is need for minumum actual balance in ur account? Thanks.

      1. Please, I am interested with UK visit visa application and I would like to know how much for the service charge and how to get in touch with you. I leave and work here in Qatar. Thanks and looking forward to get your feedback soon.

  8. Dear ma’am,
    I am applying to get UK tourist visa therefor I appreciate if you please send me the NOC format, so I can send it to my company for processing.

  9. Hello ,
    I live in qatar and I am a house wife can I apply for the visa uk and can i make as proof of ban statement my husband’s sponsoring?

  10. Hi,
    I am planning to apply for a UK visit visa from Qatar. Can you help me by providing a cover letter and how much it will cost.

  11. I would like to avail your all in bundle visa service for UK. Im working in Qatar holding a philippine passport and Qatar resident ID. Are you still accepting applications even if qatar us under the uk red list?

  12. Hi ma’am, I’m government employ but ma’am i need to know if may i applying visit visa in uk then how much money i need to show in my bank statement.

      1. Hi me and my family planing to visit Uk, we’re here in Qatar, Srilankan nationality, hw can we meet Us,,.? My WhatsApp No:- +974 74757678

      2. I’m trying to delete that my previous comment, because it’s there mentioned my WhatsApp number, So please don’t approve to preview,,. Thanks 🙏

  13. Hi,im in the uk right now,i would like to bring my little brother (13 yrs old) to the uk.is that possible to apply for him alone?and do i need to put an invitation in the application?

  14. Would it be okay Ma’am to apply UK tourist visa without exact flight date yet? Actually, my plan is just to apply in advance so that once restrictions are lifted, I will travel anytime.

      1. Hi, I want to visit my family in UK for two weeks from Qatar, what are the requirements I need to apply?

      1. Another thing Ma’am, is it needed to have bank savings as show money eventhough my trip is sponsored? If yes, how much?

    1. follow the steps po, however, you may need to e-mail them if they accept tourist visa applications during the pandemic.

  15. My daughter and I want to apply Visa To UK from qatar.. we want to visit her father just for a month.

    My main problem is, my passport has 3months validity from the time I want to travel.. travel plan will be on August and passport expiration will be on October.

    1. You will need to apply for a new passport. You won’t be allowed to travel out of the country if your passport is about to expire (the minimum is 6 months).

  16. Hi! I want to get a tourist visa to the UK and I’d like to get assistance. How could I avail of your visa assistance service? Thanks.

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