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How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa – Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

Are you a health care worker? Want to work and live in the United Kingdom? Well, good news! The UK has a new and improved Health and Care Visa! The cost is cheaper, the processing is faster, and it’s attracting healthcare professionals around the world, including the Philippines, to go and live in the UK. Here’s how to apply for a UK Health and Care Visa.

UK Health and Care Visa Things you Need to Know 01
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It was announced last July 14 by the Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. They recently launched this last August 4. If you want to know the benefits, cost, and process, read the information below.

Health and Care Sector for UK Health and Care Visa

Here are the professions or work that will be eligible for getting a UKHC Visa:

  • Doctors or Medical Practitioners (2211)
  • Nurses (2231)
  • Dental Practitioners (2215)
  • Biochemist (2112)
  • Biological Scientist (2112)
  • Medical Radiographers (2217)
  • Midwives (2232)
  • Occupational Therapists (2222)
  • Ophthalmic Opticians (2214)
  • Paramedics (3213)
  • Physical Scientist
  • Pharmacist (2213)
  • Physiotherapist (2221)
  • Podiatrists (2218)
  • Psychologist (2212)
  • Social Workers (2442)
  • Speech and Language Therapists (2223)
  • Health and Therapy Professionals not elsewhere classified (2219 / 2229)

Other Requirements for Eligibility

  • With a Job offer from the NHS (National Health Service of UK), or an organization providing medical services and adult social care services – with a valid certificate of sponsorship – you’ll need to apply for a job first
  • Outside EEA and Switzerland
  • You have appropriate Salary – usually, it’s at least £30,000 per year, but you need to check the guidelines
  • Have Knowledge of English – you need to pass an approved English test with at least B1 level (e.g., IELTS) or have an academic qualification taught in English and recognized by UK NARIC or be exempted since you are from an English Language Speaking Country (e.g., Australia, Canada, USA)
  • With Savings to Support yourself in the UK
  • Can show your Travel history over the last five years
  • With Tuberculosis Test Results (for selected countries)
  • Provide Criminal Record Certificates, for those working with vulnerable people

Benefits Compared to Other UK Visas

  • Lower Visa Application Fees – Check out the before and after costs:
    • From £610 (or £464 if there is a shortage of workers) for those staying less than 3 years to £232 (£177 for Citizens of Turkey and Macedonia)
    • From £1220 (or £928 if there is a shortage of workers) for those staying more than 3 years to £464 (£409 for Citizens of Turkey and Macedonia)
  • Exemption of Immigration Health Surcharge – this usually costs £400 per year; so if you work for 3 straight years, you’ll save up to £1,200
  • Faster Processing Time – you can get your visa within 3 weeks after you have submitted your biometrics at the Visa Application Center
  • Long Stay – you can stay for as long as 5 years and 14 days and get extended until 6 years

Documents you will need to Provide

This must be in English or Welsh. If not, you may need to have it translated.

1. Valid passport and old passports – with at least a blank page for your visa, the old ones are for your travel history

2. Certificate of Sponsorship – you will get this from your sponsor electronically; it has a reference number for your application as well as the license or registration number of your sponsor

3. Proof of Knowledge of English – may be your IELTS results or UK NARIC Assessment

4. Bank Statement or the Certificate of Sponsorship stating that that the sponsor supports you

  • For those with A-rated sponsors – they must be able to give you a minimum of £945
  • If it’s not an A-rated sponsor – you need to have £945 on your bank 90 days before you apply

5. Tuberculosis Test Results – for selected countries

6. Criminal Record Certificates – most healthcare professionals will need this, it must be from the country you’ve stayed at for at least a year for the past 10 years, it may be more than one

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa

STEP 1: Apply for a health care job. It needs to be from the NHS or an organization providing those services. You can check NHS Jobs or Health Careers NHS as you might find a sponsor here.

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa - Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

STEP 2: After you have successfully applied. You will receive an electronic Certificate of Sponsorship. Gather all the remaining requirements and scan them ahead. You must apply within 3 months after you receive your certificate.

STEP 3: Apply online.

1. Choose Skilled Worker Visa.

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa - Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom



2. Select the country you are applying from and where you can provide your biometrics. (I’ll be selecting the Philippines, btw.)

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa - Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

3. Check the available visa application center locations. Click next then apply now.

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa - Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom


4. Register your e-mail. This will be used in case you are logged out due to inactivity. You can also save your application and access it later.

5. Answer the questions asked.

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa - Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

6. Review your answers.

STEP 5: Upload the documents needed.

STEP 4: Pay the visa fee.

It will cost about:

  • Up to 3 years – £247 per person
  • 3 years and more – £479 per person

(For Turkey and Macedonia Citizens) PS You won’t be paying a healthcare surcharge.

STEP 6: Print out the form.

STEP 7: Create an appointment at the nearest Visa Application Center. You will be redirected from your application to the proper website.

STEP 8: Go on your appointment date to the application center for your biometrics taken. You can bring your documents.

STEP 9: Wait for the update of the decision of your visa. It will take about 3 weeks.

STEP 10: Submit your passport for visa stamping. Congratulations, you can now work in the UK!

Perks of a Long Term Work Visa

  • Work in the UK
  • Have another job, volunteer, or study as long as it doesn’t interfere with your current work
  • Travel Abroad (in and out of UK)
  • Bring your family with you

With current work being carried out on the largest vaccination programme in British history for the Covid-19 Oxford and Pfizer vaccines, it’s no wonder health care providers are looking for opportunities in the UK. Whether you’re wanting to study, volunteer, move in with a family member, or wish to work in the UK, you will need to find the best areas to live that provide opportunities for health care workers and students. You can find more information and tips for renting and buying property from a UK property company RWinvest in their online guides.

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I hope this will help you with your getting a UK Health and Care Visa. The hardest thing here will be looking for an employer and gathering your requirements; the rest is pretty straight forward. I wish you luck in your future endeavors!

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87 thoughts on “How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa – Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

  1. hi!maam/sir,i am a midwife but i stopped working when i got pregnant to my first baby but now want to work again like care giver.

  2. Hello Sir, very good information, just wanted to confirm regarding IELTS,
    I am looking for senior health care job applying for the visa, but I have IELTS Academic ukvi score 7 band, can this be eligible for visa and work or I have to get new IELTS general, it’s very confusing. Please reply, thanks

  3. Hi,
    I have a degree in BSc electronics, am I eligible to apply for a health care work visa. I have IELTS score overall 6. Is it only apllicable for health care professionals. Please looking forward to hear from you.

    1. Hi ,I have Master in public health, Bsc in community health science (public health), community health officer, community health extension worker and primary health care workers, family planning provider and occupational health workers. Does the sponsorship cover a family of five?


  5. Hello.im Dr.Nayaz.Gp dentist from India.Do i need to clear licensing Gp dental exam before appling for health and care visa uk..can you please guide regarding this. Regards .Dr.Nayaz

  6. I came in as a visitor but my flight was cancelled due to covid lockdown in October,I have applied for a nhs nurse job to help fight against covid.I got the job and did the application in December but haven’t received a reply yet?Will I be ok in that regard.

  7. Hi sir/ madam.
    I am shibi issac.
    Can i apply a health care assistant job via this route. Kindly reply me thank you.. Shibi.

  8. Hi, I am a doctor working for the NHS. My COS is issued in July before the new rule and I came to the UK under Tier 2 General category. At present, I am planning to bring my dependants with the same COS. I am wondering, whether I am allowed to apply under health and care category visa for them. Also, do I need to provide any additional information from my employer ?

    Thank you

  9. Please can a Dialysis Technical apply for a UK Health and Care Visa.Am from India has many travel history and working experience in Hemodialysis .

  10. Am Mavis from Ghana did I need to apply for the Health and Care Visa without the ELTS ?since am from English speaking country?

  11. Hi, i have a nhs sponsor and certfificate of sponsorship. I need to apply for the health and care visa but cant find any link? Do we just apply through tier 2 general visa and it automatically counts as health and care visa? Thanks

    1. Hello.im Dr.Nayaz Gp dentist..planning to apply for health and care visa uk.Do i need to clear the licensure dental exam before applying or not.let me know. Regards

  12. Hi I going to apply for my UK visa. I am currently working in southafrica since 2012 as a nurse from India. But from 2019 October to March 2020(6months) I had some problems with my visa renewal do you think it will affect me when I apply my UK visa .

  13. Pls..is the English exam(IELTS)a mandatory requirement?if yes,is it compulsory one must get the required score before being selected?

    1. Yes, it’s a requirement especially if you are not a national of selected countries. You can also try if your degree is recognized by UK NARIC.

  14. Dear sir, thanks for detailed first hand information. Can you please tell how many visas have so far been issued under the HEALTH AND CARE VISAS category?

    Regards Syed IRFAN Ali

    1. Hello, please check the article as it has been updated. You may need to apply for a job and get a sponsor first.

      1. Please i understand you’re eligible to apply when you have traveled for the past 5years. Please what about someone us who haven’t travel to any country before? I want a feedback as soon as possible.

        1. the criteria doesn’t mean only those who have traveled in the past 5 years can get a UK Health and Care Visa
          it means you can travel if you have a travel document (passport) and enough funds to go and live in UK.
          For who have traveled though, you will need to show travel history (through passport stamps and visas found in old and new passports)

  15. I am a health worker,i have the experience,and i have worked in some many hospital,so am qualified

    1. Hello, please check the article as it has been updated. You may need to fill up the application online.

    1. Hello Dammy,
      Unfortunately you need an IELTS overall score of at least 7.0 band, and 6.5-7.0 band score in each of the section(listening, reading, writing and speaking) But if you do not want to take the IELTS, you can go for an occupational English test (OET) exams which is also recognized by the NHS and UK home office, the OET differs from an IELTS test in the sense that the exams will focus major on your proffession(for example an oet exam for you will major more on pharmaceutical vocabularies).
      Otherwise, Unless where your previous medical studies was in any of the following countries Australia, Canada, UK, America, New Zealand, South Africa and and a few more not mentioned here, can you get a waiver from the English proficiency requirements..

    1. Hi good morning , I’m Olasupo abidemi , I’m a social worker in Nigeria and I want to know if the application form is out

  16. Sir
    I’m registered nurse with a degree
    can I get someone to lead to process
    my application?

    1. I am a social worker by profession. I have great motivation to work with the health sector in UK. Can you guide me to apply

    1. Calling all nurses from Non – EEA countries like Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, India, Phillipines etc who would like to live and work in the United Kingdom.

      Staff Nurse Band 5 / RGN jobs (NHS Hospitals)
      Benefits of Package:
      Salary ranging from £22128 – £28747
      Free 3 year Visa
      Free sponsorship
      Free Health surcharge
      Free flight fare (up to £ 500)
      Free accommodation for 1 month
      Free Airport pick up upon arrival in the UK
      Reimbursement of CBT test fee
      Reimbursement of IELTS test fee
      Reimbursement of OSCE examination fee
      Annual leave of 27 days (8 plus public holidays)
      NHS Pension plan
      Who Can Apply?
      Registered Nurse – At least 1 year post registration Experience Required
      IELTS- 7 or OET- B & or CBT passed
      Only the candidates with IELTS 7/ OET-B (individual or clubbed) will be interviewed.
      According to new NMC/ UKVI criteria we only accept an IELTS score of 7.0 in each of the 4 parameters for sponsorship(Cos)

  17. Can I be trained to be a social worker in the uK? And granted visa, how do I go about it?

  18. I am an health education practitioner, please kindly put me through on the visa process

  19. Hi
    I once worked in the UK as a care worker I loved my Job however I lost my certificates that I got from there because it’s been long really.

    Am in south Africa since I come home I never did any care worker job
    Please advise on what to do because I would really like to go back and work in the UK

    Thanks hope to hear from you soon

  20. Thank you for the information ,l really want to work as a Counsellor in the UK ,how do l get a job .

    1. Have not written ielt and cbt yet ,can I go ahead to look for a sponsor?am a registered nurse midwife from Nigeria.thanks

  21. Hie I also want to work in the UK…I work as a pharmacy assistant but my educational background is Bcom can I apply?

  22. Thanks.
    I’ll sure be glad if am updated on the due date, cos am fully interested in the job.

  23. Thanks for the information. But how can I get a job offer in UK as a paramedic.
    Kevin ogbodu

  24. I am interested as a social worker but my educational background is financial market…. I also want to work in UK but I am already 50yrs old….

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