How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa – Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

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Are you a health care worker? Want to work and live in the United Kingdom? Well, good news! The UK has a new and improved Health and Care Visa! The cost is cheaper, the processing is faster, and it’s attracting healthcare professionals around the world, including the Philippines, to go and live in the UK. Here’s how to apply for a UK Health and Care Visa.

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It was announced last July 14 by the Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. They recently launched this last August 4. If you want to know the benefits, cost, and process, read the information below.

Health and Care Sector for UK Health and Care Visa

Here are the professions or work that will be eligible for getting a UKHC Visa:

  • Doctors or Medical Practitioners (2211)
  • Nurses (2231)
  • Dental Practitioners (2215)
  • Biochemist (2112)
  • Biological Scientist (2112)
  • Medical Radiographers (2217)
  • Midwives (2232)
  • Occupational Therapists (2222)
  • Ophthalmic Opticians (2214)
  • Paramedics (3213)
  • Physical Scientist
  • Pharmacist (2213)
  • Physiotherapist (2221)
  • Podiatrists (2218)
  • Psychologist (2212)
  • Social Workers (2442)
  • Speech and Language Therapists (2223)
  • Health and Therapy Professionals not elsewhere classified (2219 / 2229)

Other Requirements for Eligibility

  • With a Job offer from the NHS (National Health Service of UK), or an organization providing medical services and adult social care services – with a valid certificate of sponsorship – you’ll need to apply for a job first
  • Outside EEA and Switzerland
  • You have appropriate Salary – usually, it’s at least £30,000 per year, but you need to check the guidelines
  • Have Knowledge of English – you need to pass an approved English test with at least B1 level (e.g., IELTS) or have an academic qualification taught in English and recognized by UK NARIC or be exempted since you are from an English Language Speaking Country (e.g., Australia, Canada, USA)
  • With Savings to Support yourself in the UK
  • Can show your Travel history over the last five years
  • With Tuberculosis Test Results (for selected countries)
  • Provide Criminal Record Certificates, for those working with vulnerable people

Benefits Compared to Other UK Visas

  • Lower Visa Application Fees – Check out the before and after costs:
    • From £610 (or £464 if there is a shortage of workers) for those staying less than 3 years to £232 (£177 for Citizens of Turkey and Macedonia)
    • From £1220 (or £928 if there is a shortage of workers) for those staying more than 3 years to £464 (£409 for Citizens of Turkey and Macedonia)
  • Exemption of Immigration Health Surcharge – this usually costs £400 per year; so if you work for 3 straight years, you’ll save up to £1,200
  • Faster Processing Time – you can get your visa within 3 weeks after you have submitted your biometrics at the Visa Application Center
  • Long Stay – you can stay for as long as 5 years and 14 days and get extended until 6 years

Documents you will need to Provide

This must be in English or Welsh. If not, you may need to have it translated.

1. Valid passport and old passports – with at least a blank page for your visa, the old ones are for your travel history

2. Certificate of Sponsorship – you will get this from your sponsor electronically; it has a reference number for your application as well as the license or registration number of your sponsor

3. Proof of Knowledge of English – may be your IELTS results or UK NARIC Assessment

4. Bank Statement or the Certificate of Sponsorship stating that that the sponsor supports you

  • For those with A-rated sponsors – they must be able to give you a minimum of £945
  • If it’s not an A-rated sponsor – you need to have £945 on your bank 90 days before you apply

5. Tuberculosis Test Results – for selected countries

6. Criminal Record Certificates – most healthcare professionals will need this, it must be from the country you’ve stayed at for at least a year for the past 10 years, it may be more than one

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa

STEP 1: Apply for a health care job. It needs to be from the NHS or an organization providing those services. You can check NHS Jobs or Health Careers NHS as you might find a sponsor here.

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa - Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

STEP 2: After you have successfully applied. You will receive an electronic Certificate of Sponsorship. Gather all the remaining requirements and scan them ahead. You must apply within 3 months after you receive your certificate.

STEP 3: Apply online.

1. Choose Tier 2 (General) Visa.

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa - Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

2. Select the country you are applying from and where you can provide your biometrics. (I’ll be selecting the Philippines, btw.)

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa - Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

3. Apply now.

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa - Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

4. Register your e-mail. This will be used in case you are logged out due to inactivity. You can also save your application and access it later.

5. Answer the questions asked.

How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa - Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

6. Review your answers.

STEP 5: Upload the documents needed.

STEP 4: Pay the visa fee.

It will cost about:

  • Up to 3 years – £232 (£177)
  • 3 years and more – £464 (£409)

(For Turkey and Macedonia Citizens) PS You won’t be paying a healthcare surcharge.

STEP 6: Print out the form.

STEP 7: Create an appointment at the nearest Visa Application Center. You will be redirected from your application to the proper website.

STEP 8: Go on your appointment date to the application center for your biometrics taken. You can bring your documents.

STEP 9: Wait for the update of the decision of your visa. It will take about 3 weeks.

STEP 10: Submit your passport for visa stamping. Congratulations, you can now work in the UK!

Perks of a Long Term Work Visa

  • Work in the UK
  • Have another job, volunteer, or study as long as it doesn’t interfere with your current work
  • Travel Abroad (in and out of UK)
  • Bring your family with you
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I hope this will help you with your getting a UK Health and Care Visa. The hardest thing here will be looking for an employer and gathering your requirements; the rest is pretty straight forward. I wish you luck in your future endeavors!

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66 thoughts on “How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa – Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom

  1. Hi, I am a doctor working for the NHS. My COS is issued in July before the new rule and I came to the UK under Tier 2 General category. At present, I am planning to bring my dependants with the same COS. I am wondering, whether I am allowed to apply under health and care category visa for them. Also, do I need to provide any additional information from my employer ?

    Thank you

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