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9 Easiest and Visa-Free Countries to Visit for Filipinos – my ASEAN Travel Tips!

By Kach Umandap February 26th, 2022 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Travel Blog, VISA Application Guides 156 Comments

Filipinos tend to associate traveling with having a hard time obtaining visas. But who says you have to get visas before you can venture on a great overseas trip?  Why not start with Philippines’ neighboring countries which would not require a visa?

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You’d probably heard of ASEAN over the news, and you might know a little information about it. Well, let me tell you a few more about its members and the benefits we can get as Filipinos.

Philippine Passport

In 1967, the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) was founded to strengthen regional solidarity and cooperation among member countries and aims to create one of the largest single market economies in the world, promoting the free movement of goods, services, travel, and tourism.

The ASEAN Visa Free Countries Guide For Filipinos

These ten countries are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, including the Philippines. They have strong political, financial and cultural ties with each other. But their ties are not just for economic purposes alone. Their connection also aims to boost travel and tourism industry – thus not requiring the citizens of ASEAN countries a visa when traveling to another member country (for a limited number of days).

The only requirements you need: PASSPORT with six months validity, onward or return flight ticket and hotel bookings (or any proof that you have a place to stay).

P.S. Worried about the Philippines Immigration? Here are our tips on how not to get offloaded!

Here’s the List of all ASEAN countries Philippines Passport Holders Can Visit Visa-Free.

1. Brunei Darussalam

Philippine passport holders are allowed to enter Brunei Darussalam for 14 days without the need for entry visas. This is only applicable for tourism purposes.

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What to see: The capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, is home to the opulent Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque and it’s 29 golden domes. The capital’s massive Istana Nurul Iman palace is the residence of Brunei’s ruling sultan. Other places that are worth visiting are Royal Regalia Museum, Tamu Kianggeh, and strolling at the Waterfront. It is also known for its beaches and biodiversity rainforest protected within reserves.

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2. Cambodia

In Cambodia, citizens from the Philippines and other ASEAN countries are permitted to stay for 21 days. All visitors must hold a passport valid for six months and one empty page.

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What to see: If you are visiting Cambodia, you don’t want to miss going to Phnom Phen (the capital city of Cambodia) because of its rich heritage. In fact, it is a major destination for most tourists. Siem Reap is another popular city where the famous site of Angkor Wat (the world’s largest Hindu temple) is situated. If you are into climbing, then Koh Ker’s 30-meter climb above the plain is something to look forward to. It is located outside of the Siem Reap surrounded by an exotic forest. That’s a lot to look forward to.

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3. Indonesia

Known for its thousands of volcanic islands, it is also famous for beaches, volcanoes, Komodo dragons, and jungles as the home for elephants, orangutans, and tigers. Philippine passport holders traveling to Indonesia does not require a visa for a 30-day stay. The extension of stay is subject to the approval from the Ministry of Law & Human Rights in cases of FORCEMAJEURE: extremely bad weather condition, serious illness or serious accident.The Kunja Villa Bali Indonesia, the Ideal Luxury Accommodation for Honeymooners and Group Travellers

Please keep in mind that all Filipino visitors must possess a Philippine passport with at least six months of validity at the time of arrival in Indonesia and a return/ round trip ticket. Imagine yourself diving into the clear water. Surreal!

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4. Laos

If you are a Philippine passport holder, you are allowed to travel to Laos for 30 days. Just make sure that your passport will not expire within six months. You will also need to show your tickets for traveling in and out of Laos. A tourist visa will be issued upon your arrival and is usually good for 15 to 30 days (depending on the itinerary of the tourist) – which may be given at airports, Friendship bridges and border checkpoints between Laos and surrounding countries. Just in case you want to stay longer, you can apply at the Department of Immigration of Laos in Vientiane.

The ASEAN Visa Free Countries Guide For Filipinos

What to see: If you want to explore the three-tier turquoise waterfalls outside Luang Prabang or visit the thousands of mini wooden Buddhist figures in Pak Ou Caves, then plan your trip to Laos now!

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5. Malaysia

Philippine passport holders can travel to Malaysia without the need for a visa if they will only stay there for one month or 30 days. All they need is a valid Philippine passport. If a Philippine passport holder plans on traveling to Malaysia and will stay there for more than 30 days but less than 59 days, he or she will need to obtain a visa before traveling there. The visa applied for will be free of charge.

A Philippine passport holder will also need a visa if they will travel and stay in Malaysia for 60 days or more. They will have to get a visa with reference (VWR) before their planned travel to Malaysia. Their contacts or host in Malaysia will also have to secure for them a letter of authorization or approval for VWR from the Malaysian Department of Immigration. The original letter of approval will be included in the visa application.

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6. Myanmar (Burma)

Ordinary passport holders from the Philippines can stay in Myanmar without a visa for 14 days, granting Filipinos who are holders of ordinary passports visa-free entry to Myanmar for tourism and business purposes, The Philippines already grants Myanmar nationals a 30-day visa-free privilege under Executive Order 408, which was signed in 1960. The visa exemption deal is seen to boost tourism in Myanmar, a country full of tourist attractions but struggling to lure more visitors.

3 Days in Taipei, Taiwan - Itinerary, Travel Costs & Tips

If you want to visit the Golden Triangle (the borders of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand) or just want to explore Yangon Central Railway Station, then a trip to Myanmar is a must!

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7. Singapore

Philippine passport holders can be issued visas on arrival in Singapore, for stays of up to 30 days, whether for touristic or business purposes. Your Philippine passport should at least have six months validity after the date of intended departure from Singapore. Travelers should also have their confirmed return airline ticket and proofs of sufficient funds for the duration of stay in Singapore. Get ready, Merlion!

9 Easiest and Visa-Free Countries to Visit for Filipinos - my ASEAN Travel Tips!

What to see: if you want to explore Singapore’s Civic District from natural views at Merlion Park’s Marina Bay to the impressive Thian Hock Keng Temple, then plan your trip to Singapore, today.

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8. Thailand

The good news is you can stay in Thailand for 30 days at maximum. Visitors can now regularly go to Thailand and stay there within a total of 90 days in a six-month period, again, you are only allowed 30-days maximum on each visit if you will be entering the country via their airport or 14- days if traveling by land. So, plan your trip carefully ahead of time.

9 Easiest and Visa-Free Countries to Visit for Filipinos - my ASEAN Travel Tips!

What to see:  If you intend to visit the Grand Palace, or The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, or just experience the famous Thai Massage, then book your flight to Thailand, now.

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9. Vietnam

Filipino citizens are permitted to travel and stay in Vietnam for 21 days or less as tourists. Your passport should be at least valid for six months, and you should have a confirmed return ticket and enough money to cover your expenses for the duration of the stay. A fully accomplished and duly signed Visa application form with one original and recent 2” x 2” photo attached is necessary.

9 Easiest and Visa-Free Countries to Visit for Filipinos - my ASEAN Travel Tips!

What to see: If you want to see how did the Americans lose the Vietnam War by exploring Cu Chi Tunnels or if you are a backpacker who wants to visit Pham Ngu Lao Street because of its war memorabilia and other merchandise then go ahead and book your flight to Vietnam!

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The visa-free entry agreement is expected to boost tourism, trade, and investment between the Philippines and all ASEAN countries. Before you go on with your European or World Tour, start with the ASEAN countries first. If you must know, each country has its own culture and heritage that will make you embrace your Asian roots.

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156 thoughts on “9 Easiest and Visa-Free Countries to Visit for Filipinos – my ASEAN Travel Tips!

  1. Can Filipinos get 30 days Visa extension, after an initial stay of 30 days?
    Thank you for your advice here

  2. Hi i want to travel in malaysia and will stay for 2 weeks or less , im from philipphines what are the requirements needed.
    And if i have relatives from malaysia any requirements needed.thanks

  3. If I travel to Malaysia for less than a month and proceed to Thailand / Singapore for few days . After come back from Thailand/ Singapore, I can stay in Malysia for another one month ?

  4. hi. I want to travel to Singapore alone.is there really need a hotel booking before my travel?I want to go as a backpacker only.

  5. Hi!
    I am Filipino citizen,and have boyfriend whose the one to pay all the expenses..we are planning to visit to Singapore for 4days.
    What is requirements for me?
    Or is it ok that I dont have statement of bank account?
    Our date plan to go to SG is on Jan.18 to 22.
    Please do a response as soon as you read my comment.

    1. To be extremely careful, If you have an employer, get a letter from them saying you are on vacation within those days. Also if travel with your bf, together that will be better too. I have also heard the immigration in Manila will ask many questions and can bar people from leaving Manila, if you don’t have prior international travel experience and you are traveling alone.

    1. Yes. I went to malaysia, vietnam, cambodia and finally thailand.

      Been to south korea lately.

      Enjoy life brother!

  6. I’m a retired Filipino teacher, I want to go to Singapore, how much travel do I need to go to Singapore?

  7. My Mum has multiple entry visa to Australia, while she is in Australia can she go with us to visit Singapore for a week? Will it not cause problem to my mother?

  8. Hello! Im currently working here in saudi arabia, and gusto q magtravel sa korea, japan and china is it possible na makapagtravel ako sa tatlong bansa na to sa loob ng isang buwan?

  9. I’m a Filipino working in Saudi Arabia and I’m planning to visit one of these countries or even more. I’ll just go to the airport and i can get the visa for free or there are other requirements? Thank you!

  10. Hi po! Are all your travels on your own? Or did you have a travel agency? I was planning of travelling to Bali, Indonesia and I think you can help. Thanks!

    1. You can hire private car to tour you around bali. try to contact MADE JAYEN BALI (MADE SUSMAYUDIARTA in facebook. He was my tour guide back then. Enjoy Bali!

  11. Hello if i will travel going to malaysia to meet somebody can i use his hotel accomodation as mine too?

  12. Hi I have some questions I plan to visit Thailand wat is the requirements? My boyfriend Aussie will be in Thailand and he want me to stay in Thailand for one month do you think it possible to make easy to go in Thailand even I don’t have work.

      1. 6 months minimum validity of passport for all countries if Filipino . The airline will not allow you to travel if less than 6 months

        1. Hello po. Me too have questions. My Russian friend will be going to Phuket, and he wants me to stay with him there. I have a phil.passport still valid. Do i need a bank account or sufficient funds? he will book a round-trip ticket for me then we will stay on same hotel.
          Is it good to go?

  13. Hello po, tanong kulang maam/sir nandito po ako ngayon sa armenia balak kung magpunta sa hongkong for vcation ano po ba ang kaylangan document na ipakita? Salamat po!

  14. nabasa ko mga comment dito at magaganda lahat.
    naisipan ko lng din magbasa dahil baka before mag end ang 2019 makapunta ako ng Malaysia Singapore and India.

  15. Hi im filipina dito po ako s surabaya indonesia .my fiancee is working here.Pwede ba ako mag apply ng social tourist visa para i can stay longer than 30days here.

  16. Dear Kach,
    As first timer to tour singapore, is it a requirement at our immigration to present bank statement to show sufficient fund while in the country for say 1 week? What other requirements normally asked by our immigration officer at NAIA? Thanks

    1. No need to present the bank statement account. Kakauwi ko palang from singapore. And first time lang din namin magtravel dun. Di naman kami hinanapan ng bank statement account. Ang iready mo lang is yung hotel na tutuluyan, passport and ticket.

  17. I am a Philipine passport holder,I really wanted to go Europe but really it’s hard to apply Visa even though tourist?

  18. hello po, pupunta po ako sa vietnam ngayong june for 12 days pero 10 po muna kmi magstay dun tapos punta po kmi ng cambodia for 4 day ska po babalik ulit kmi ng 2 days sa vietnam. Pwede p din po b akong mkapasok ng vietnam for free kasi po npabook n ung ticket ko vietnam to cambodia to vietnam again pwede po kaya yun na free visa p din po ako oh need ko ng kumuha ng visa?

  19. Hi mam…im going to india but i get off load…can i go another country’..thts my first time..or if pwd kita tawag sa iyo..

  20. Hi po. Ask ko lang po sana do I need to have a visa for traveling to hongkong from the Philippines?Thank you!

  21. Hello po. ask ko lang kung kakailanganin ko pa po bang kumuha ng visa papuntang Thailand. Manggagling po ako ng UAE

  22. Ms. Kach aside from Asian countries what other countries no need visa when travelling. Can I ask you pms?

  23. My 2 children are going with me this april to malaysia. May chance kya ma offload kmi wala kmi invitation letter, from my common law husband, who is working there. And duon kmi mg stay for 25 days sa staff house nila instead n mg hotel kmi.

  24. As a Philippine passport holder we are given a 21 days visa to enter Cambodia right? My question is instead of the normal 21 days stamp on the Philippine passport is it possible to request upon arrival for the Cambodian “ordinary” visas (E class) which allows a foreigner to stay 1, 3 or even 6 months. Thank you

  25. Hi po my fiance ako pupunta sana dito sa Pinas.dahil gusto Dito kmi Ikakasal sa pinas bale Pakistani po siya Muslim ako Christian. Anu po requirements ang kailangan nya madali sa immigration natin dito sa pinas wala po ba problem?

  26. HI Kach. I’m looking at staying in Thailand for at least 6 months. Would you know the recommended process for this to happen? Thanks in advance.

  27. Does anyone know if there is a limit on how many times the Asean visa privelege can be used in a year? That is, if I were to be near the border of Thailand and Malaysia, for example, could I just go back and forth until my passport is full, or is there a limit? Thanks!

  28. Hi! Thanks for your informative blogs, esp. this one! I aim to teach English for 3-5 yrs in either Asia or Latin America, ( Singapore, Taiwan or Thailand) /(Colombia/Peru, etc.). I highly prefer the first one, but I’m confused how to pursue for I’d need to bring my mom, as soon as possible with me (my only dependent). Any idea at which country/countries are they allowing a constant exit to a nearby country and re-entry (within our allowed visa-free period)? So I could have my mom join me in a tourist visa while I couldn’t petition her yet? Your idea/advice
    would be highly appreciated-thanks!

  29. Pwede po ba makapunta sa hongkong for one week free visa?From philippines. ano po complete requirements at ano po needed na d maooffload sa philippine immigration po.needed po ba show money or bank statement?

  30. Hi, The article sums-up nicely, covered good info about visa. If any of you wish to migrate to singapore and need any sort of help related to visa do visit our website.
    Thanks in advance.

  31. Hi Kach thanks for sharing us your knowledge..it’s very imformative..

    Let me know the best countries to travel in Europe and America that no visa needed..that may stamped upon arrival…

    Thank you

  32. Huh? Vietnam already requires “fully accomplished and duly signed Visa application form with one original and recent 2” x 2” photo attached” for Filipinos traveling in the country for 21 days or less?

    1. No, recently, Vietnam don’t even require an arrival card. Just your Philippine Passport. 🙂

  33. Hi poh utatanong ko lng poh sana kung kelangan poh b mg apply ako to stay for 2 days ng visa for transit from saudi to malaysia.then malaysia to philippine?

  34. Kelangan po ba ng statement of account kung pupunta ng singapore? Or any proof of funds? Pano kung wala kang bank account?thanks

  35. Hi, Im going to travel via Cebu to singapore by plane then singapore to malaysia to thailand by land then Thailand to manila by plane di po ba ako makakaproblema sa immigration?

    Thank you!

  36. Hi, i would like to ask if do i need to get a visa to go in Indonesia? what things should i prepare too. I am planning to visit Bali, anytime soon. Thank you

  37. Ano po bang bansa ang madali lang ang proseso ng kasal, walang visa para sa Pilipino and US citizen. At mura lang para sa buong pamilya? Thanks po. Sana po matulungan n’yo po ako na masagot ang aking katanungan.

  38. Plano namin mag pakasal sana sa Thailand kasama ang pamilya lang. Kailangan pa ba ng Show money? Ano ano po ba ang mga kakailanganin na papers Para sa pagbyahe? Thanks! God bless!

  39. Hi Miss Kash plan to go to Singapore for 4days & 3nights, visa-free po diba?. Tanong ko lng po ano po need po ba ng show money, proof of accomodation and proof of ticket roundtrip?. Ano po ba need pagdating dun. Thanks po.

    1. I’m always visiting Singapore every year and even spent 18 days as a backpacker so I learn Singapore the way Singaporean do. It was easy. Visa upon arrival that a huge factor, but you must show your return ticket or an onward ticket/boarding pass & you must indicate where you want to stay in Singapore. Meaning writes the exact/complete address of the hotel or the apartment wherever you want to stay on the immigration card; however, needless to show your hotel confirmation. They will take your words for it. This will be checked after scanning your passport. “Show money” is not required unless you present yourself at the counter like a homeless person. SG immigration is very efficient, if nothing pops up on their criminal records, you will pass the counter in less than 40 seconds. The in and out of Singapore is the easiest airport I’ve ever been.

      1. Hi! I’m eyeing on teaching English for 3-5yrs in SG. My main concern is I’d need to bring my mom with me (my only dependent), as soon as possible. I’ve read online about their strict requirements on a high salary esp. for a singler person like me . Honestly it seemed close to impossible, at this time. Since we’re allowed 30days currently..will it be possible for my mom to exit to nearby countries and re-enter SG each time? Or is it true that SG is already strict too on this “technique”? Or at least, how many times may we re-enter under Tourist visa? (my concern is my momy, she’s a Senior Citizen and is no longer working). Will highly appreciate your insights-thanks!

    2. U need return ticket n hotel.booking.no show.money.but u.must hv extra money…singapore is expensive all n everything..be ready ur pocket for that.

  40. Hi I find your blog ery informaive. I have a queation. I am planning to travel in asia with my son and a companion for at least 2 months for a vacation. What countriea would you recommend if from phils to another country to another country or countries then return back to phils from the last country that we visited instead of returning back to the first country we visited? Or does it require that we need to return back phils before we can depart and visit another country? Will appreciate your response. Than you in advance!

    1. I recommend you to go to Hong Kong for 2 days then Macau by Ferry for 2 days then fly to Hanoi Vietnam or Vientiane Laos. From Vientiane, you can go to Bankok Thailand by bus or plane. Then go to Malaysia by train or plane. Then Malaysia to the Philippines. All countries are visa-free.

  41. Hi my husband is from Dominican Republic but a green card holder, we are planning to go to Philippines do we need to get him a visa, if so how long does that usually take, pls advise thank u

  42. Hi maam ask ko lng po mag torrist po ako for 1 week s malaysia ano po b ang kailangan n mga requirments dto s immigration ng pinas? Thanks

  43. i’m from Uganda and i have Uganda passport holder so is it visa free to Philippine or not, please answer.

      1. hi im from india and i want to visit philipines so do i need visa ?
        as per i consult with embassy and check philipines embassy website i need visa for enter philipines so just kindly clear my doubt answer me


    1. You can inquire at our Philippine embassy there in Uganda. I believe you need visa to go to Philippines

  44. Question lang. Planing
    to go in Singapore on June30 pero may mag sponsor sakin which is not local tourist lang din. Paano yung requirements for visa? Mag stay lang ako for 2 days. Thanks.

  45. Hi po!
    Im going to singapore this june 28. Im worried about the visa thing, saan ko po ba yon makukuha?

    1. Visa on arrival lang po. basta may fifill-upan kayong form na ibibigay sa plane. Yun ang ipapakita nyo sa immigration ng singapore. itago nyo lang lahat ng papel. wag nyong iwawala.

  46. Hi there.. ask lang ako if you have any info regarding tourists restrictions in malaysia. Non muslim ako and will meet my muslim bf in KL next month.. is it prohibited for us to stay in one hotel room? Should we have separate room bookings? Any info is much appreciated.. thanks

    1. Wag mo n.lng sabihin s immig s pinas n go ka malaysia to.met up.ur bf..bka m.offload ka…dami nila ask….no worry nmn n.mg hotel kyo in 1 room..un.lng.minsan.my checking at muslim.country to.pg.ngktaon…ma question kyo
      .but its rare to happen.im.sure ur bf put u in safe place..good luck.

  47. anu po ba ibang country pwede pang puntahan aside sa asean country na madali lang ang visa. salamat po sa reply.

  48. hi mam,tanung lng po ak,andto ak sa hk now plan kopa stop over ng kota kinabalu malaysia 4nights nd 5days lng ak dun,passport ko my working visa dto hk,kumbaga tickt ko roundtrip na pabalik dto hk,stop over lng ak dun tpos manla nku after 5days dun,tanong kopo need pba ng invitation letter sa frnd ko dun or supporting letter sa amo ko dto hk?at need ba show money?

  49. Hi po! plan to travel to SEA (Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand) nabasa ko sa blog po ninyo (for Vietnam) “A fully accomplished and duly signed Visa application form with one original and recent 2” x 2” photo attached is necessary.”

    need po ba ng VISA?

  50. Hi ma. Kach.. Your site is very informative po. My question po sana ako. If i have a tourist vusa going to canada but i have a layover at LAX fir 7hrs. Po pwede ba ako lumabas ng airport to see some places po dont if i am holding a philippine passport hibdi ba ako masisista? Or i have just have to stay on the airport po? Thank you very much. For your respond. Have a great day po.

  51. Tanong ko lang po.gusto ko sanang mag travel sa gambia..anu po mga requirements? Need po ba ng visa at bank account?

  52. Mam/ Sir, gusto ko rin makita ung Holy Land sa Israel ano ang requirement para makapunta ako. May hipag at pamangkin ng asawa ko dun na nagtwowork. Free visa po rin ba?

  53. Klangan po ba ng invitation letter from my friend if mg tourist me sa Malaysia good for 1 month lang ? Thanks po…

    1. An invitation letter is not necessary if you will visit Malaysia as a tourist. A maximum of thirty day stay is an auto grant for Philippine passport holder.

      1. good day, i am travelling to india through singapore, and it is said on my plane ticket that i need to have a transit visa, any idea of how to get it po?

  54. Hi po ma’am Kach! Need pa po bo ba ng visa pag mag tourist sa Morocco? Ano pa po ang mga requirements ang dpat dalhin kung dadaan pa sa immigration?

  55. I understand that i can visit vietnam without visa provided i stay for less than 20 days and i have a two way ticket, is my understanding correct? Therefore what other requirements do i have to bring aside from the two way ticket and a passport? Thank you

  56. hello po! been two monkey follower since started travel lifestyle. back in pinas na po. saving for jeju. hehe. ask ko po if i buy ticket manila to jeju no need visa ?
    some information say jeju is visa free for pinoys? i dont have korean visa yet.
    but i see all flights stopover or layover seoul before going jeju?
    but seoul needs visa. but internet says 72 hrs transit no need for visa?
    if i buy mnl to jeju(layover incheon) roundtrip, no need korean visa na po?
    pingers and legs crossed! waiting on cliff for answer!

  57. Hi mag ask lng ako if from Barcelona spain going to Singapore for tour wala bang magiging problem sa Phillipine passport holder?ano po ang requirements need po ba ng show money?salamat po.

    1. Asked kulang po sana if im going to Singapore as a tourist need po ba yung visa? And how long to stay in Singapore if once your filipino?thanks

  58. hello po.ask ko lang po san po pwede magtravel na walang visa na near lang din sa north america po.nadeny kasi ang application ko ng visitor visa sa canada po .at magkano dapat ang bank statement pagnagtravel tanungin po ba ng immigration po.

  59. Hi Kach! Your blog is very informative and interesting, really love it! I’m checking for my next travel and suddenly just clicked on twomonkeystravel..its was big help. Love to travel also hehehe!Take care

  60. Informative blog. These are really nice tips to follow. Thanks for sharing such a impressive article with us.

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