Food Tour in Thailand: What to Expect in the Village of Love, Bangkok

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What to Expect from a Food Tour in the Village of Love, Bangkok

A lot of activities can be done when visiting Bangkok, Thailand that staying there for only a few days would not be enough. During my trip there last August, my friend Aika and I only stayed for five days and, true enough, it was too short to see all the wonderful places in the Thai capital city. Good thing that we were able to join Taste of Thailand’s Bites and Sites in the Village of Love food tour, which took us around the historic Bangrak neighborhood. It was a great way to know more about Bangkok in such a short amount of time.

Photo by Taste of Thailand
Photo by Taste of Thailand

For the most part, it was an entirely new experience for the both of us as this tour does not take place in areas that are normally full of tourists. Here in Bangrak, which translates to ‘Village of Love’ in English, tour guests will have a glimpse of the locals’ everyday lives while feasting on various Thai delicacies for about four hours. Yep, four hours of eating, so make sure you are hungry when you arrive at the meeting point, which is at the Saphan Taksin BTS station.

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Here are a few things to expect when you sign up with Taste of Thailand’s Bites and Sites in the Village of Love food tour:

1. A lot of walking

Photo by Taste of Thailand
Photo by Taste of Thailand

This is a walking tour, after all, so expect a lot of walking. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, especially when visiting during the summer months. Don’t worry as there will be a lot of stops so there will be more than enough time to rest and recharge before walking again.

If you think this will be boring because of all the walking, you’re wrong. Taste of Thailand has really fun and entertaining tour guides that will share what they know about their city. During our tour, Bella was our guide and she was awesome. Aside from talking about the history of each stop, she also took photos and described the food that we were about to eat. She also showed us images related to our stop through her tablet.

2. Aroma that will wake your senses

Photo by Taste of Thailand
Photo by Taste of Thailand

One of the prominent elements of Thai food is its aroma, and what better way to indulge your olfactory than smelling curry at its purest form?

Prepare your sense of smell during this tour as you will drop by a curry paste shop while making your way through the Bangrak market. Your guide will explain the different types of curry and how each one is made, but I’m pretty sure the strong aroma inside the shop will distract you from doing anything else other than inhaling all that curry goodness.


3. Something for your sweet tooth


Thais like their food sweet, so it was not a question if they love desserts. It was not surprising too, that we were brought to a dessert shop that is a favorite among locals. Your sweet tooth will definitely love you once you take a bite out of the different treats you will taste.


Photo by Taste of Thailand
Photo by Taste of Thailand

4. Fruits 101


What’s a visit to the market without stopping by a fruit stand?  You will learn a thing or two about tropical fruits found in Thailand in this stop, all while tasting tamarind, mangosteen, and whatever else is in season during the tour. Even for someone who is from Southeast Asia, it was my first time to try out these fruits.

5. Milk tea and unique drinks


Aside from stuffing yourselves with food, you will also have the chance to gulp down Thai milk tea and other unique drinks along the way. What are these unique drinks, you ask? Join the tour to find out for yourself.


6. Authentic Thai flavors


This is probably the best part of the tour for foodies who want various flavors bursting in their mouth. From fish cakes to papaya salad to roasted duck and dumplings, you (and your stomach) will not be disappointed. If you weren’t hungry when you started the tour, you might regret it because you will be really full at this point.





7. Eating like a royal

Photo by Taste of Thailand

Cap off your tour with a meal fit for a king, or queen. Your last stop will be in a rather intimate restaurant, a stark contrast to the other stops. Here, your guide will talk a bit about the royal family, and how this restaurant is linked to them.

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Aside from the Bites and Sites in the Village of Love tour, Taste of Thailand also offers other tours that everyone will enjoy. For more information, you may visit their official website.

Photo by Taste of Thailand
With our fellow guests and guide Bella; Photo by Taste of Thailand

Note: The food tour was sponsored by Taste of Thailand, but the opinions in this review are entirely my own. Special thanks to Sarah, Bella, and everyone in Taste of Thailand for letting us join the Village of Love tour.

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9 thoughts on “Food Tour in Thailand: What to Expect in the Village of Love, Bangkok

  1. Excellent post! I’m a Scotsman married to a Thai (been together 17 years) and I eat Thai food all the time. I love all the exotic fruits like pomelo and rambutan and mangosteen; I’m off to Nepal trekking this year but may make Thailand at some point too. If I do I’m going to try and go on this food tour of Bangkok. The grub looks scrumptious! Thanks for sharing. I’m hungry now…

    1. Hi Raymond, thank you for reading my article. You should definitely try this food tour by Taste of Thailand. Let me know how it goes!

      1. I definitely will, Michelle – Barcelona (April), Trekking Nepal (October), and hopefully Bangkok December/January… take care for now!

        1. If you need more tips on your trip to Bangkok, feel free to email me and I may help you. I’d love to go to Nepal someday, too. 🙂 Take care!

  2. Thanks bloger for posting such a great article about what food should grab in Bankok. it’s a pleasure to read this.

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