Tips and Things to Remember In the Immigration

Tips and Things to Remember In the Immigration

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You’ve done your research, you’ve booked your hotel, you’ve got your plane tickets—what’s next? IMMIGRATION! It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of traveling to new places, but there are things we have to keep in mind to ensure a smooth trip! We’ve created a list of the things you should remember in the immigration for a hassle-free travel experience.

One of the major considerations, when you’re flying or crossing from one country to another, is the immigration process and how to deal with the officer. Be confident. You’re not breaking any law by traveling to other countries. Here’s our list of tips and things to remember in the Immigration.

Tips and Things to Remember In the Immigration

We’re certain that you have loads of queries on your head when you’re going out of the country, especially when it’s your first time. So we gathered information from our fellow travelers in Two Monkeys Travel Forum for awesome tips in dealing with the immigration.

Here are some of the awesome immigration & airport tips that we got:

Check in online

Tick one box off your to-do list and save yourself a lot of time by checking in online instead of waiting in line.

Come early

Don’t be late! Three to four hours before your flight is the safest, but arriving at the airport two hours before your scheduled flight is good enough.

Monitor the flight status boards

This is the first thing you should do when you arrive the airport. It provides you with a more reliable expected time of arrival.

Wear comfy clothes

You’re going to be sitting on a plane for hours, so make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.

Avoid jewelry

As much as possible, don’t wear them. You’ll be asked to remove all of them during security. Save yourself time, and just pack them

Follow luggage restrictions

If you don’t want to be charged extra, then simply comply with the luggage limit.

Make sure all your valuables are in your hand luggage

Don’t risk losing your phone, cameras, or any expensive things you have by putting them in your luggage. Keep it safe in hand.

Tag your bags

Just in case the airport loses your luggage—which we hope they don’t!—it’d be way easier to find them with your name and details on it.

Double-check your documents

Make sure to have your passport, visa, plane ticket, and other requirements ready. Place them together in a folder, envelope, or an accessible pocket of your bag. Keep them together so it’s easier to access them when needed.

Don’t panic at the Immigration

It’s natural to have the jitters or feel utterly defensive in front of the immigration officer. But unless you have some funny (by funny, we mean illegal) business going on, there’s no need to panic! All you need to do is answer the immigration officer’s questions honestly, and present documents, should he/she ask you to. It’ll be a breeze!

Don’t crack jokes with the Immigration Officer

It will just make it seem like you’re hiding something. Just relax, and answer their questions truthfully.

Don’t bring fruits

Agricultural produce are often not allowed in airports, and will only cost you hours of inspection. Skip it.

No bomb jokes

Everybody knows that no one should be joking about bombs in an airport, but people still throw the b-word around. Don’t. Just don’t. It causes unnecessary panic, and, in some countries, it’s actually considered a criminal offense.

Go to your gate

It’s safest to come in early but should there be any new changes concerning your flight, this is where they usually announce it first.

Check the amenities near your gate

 If you do come early, that means you have time in your hands. It’s handy to know the restaurants or stores near your gate, where you can walk around and entertain yourself for a while.

Go window shopping

With your departure time in mind, go take a lot of walks. You’ll be sitting for a long time, so you might as well stretch and walk around while you can.

Check your first aid kit

Yes! You should always bring a first aid kit—nothing fancy, just the usual band aids and the medicine you take when you, say, have an allergy attack. This is often overlooked but it’s necessary to have your medicines with you, just in case. If you have prescribed meds, it’s best to bring the prescription.

Limit the liquid

Don’t drink too much water, especially when your departure time is nearing. Save yourself the hassle of always standing up and using the toilet every now and then while on the plane.

Charge your power banks

You’ll probably spend a lot of time listening to music and/or playing games on your phone. It’s best to make sure that all your power banks are fully charged so that you won’t have to worry about an empty battery.

Keep your information protected

When using the airport Wi-Fi, note that it is a public Wi-Fi. This means that you should limit the personal information that you share while using a public Wi-Fi.

Refill empty bottles

You can save up by bringing empty bottles, and refilling it at the water fountains at the airport. Plus, staying hydrated actually helps you avoid jet lag.

Be nice

Don’t let the airport stress and the long queue get to you. Always be friendly and polite, especially to the airport crews.

Enjoy the airport

Explore amenities. Head to the bar for a drink. Talk to people. Watch people. You have time to spare so walk around but don’t stray too far from your gate. If you do, remember your way back to your gate.

Sync yourself

Match the time on your phone clock or wristwatch with the time in your destination before you board the plane. If it’s night time where you’re going, try sleeping during your flight to avoid jet lag.

Have fun!

Arriving at the airport is the start of your travel experience!

There you have it, so fret no more as these awesome tips are proven effective by our lovely members! Happy travels!


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  1. hi im nika i will be traveling japan as tourist on october i just want to ask if what kind of documents should i bring in case im invited by us navy military or sofa status and his my garantor that he shoulder all my expenses . i have my plane ticket
    roundtrip .i hope you will respons thanks!!! it will help me!! ????

    1. Hi Nika. You must secure a valid Japan Visa. If your trip is on october ideally to apply your jp visa on 1st week ofseptemeber since single entry visa are valid for 3 months. For the requirements and List of accredited agencies where to submit your visa application you may check at

  2. Ask qu lang po qung kelangan qu paba ng CFO certificate sa immigration kc ung travel qu po ay sponsored ng american boyfriend qu..

  3. I will be traveling to Taiwan to visit a friend. My concern is that I am working in a government office. I am aware that government employee should secure a travel authority from their respective office before traveling abroad. However, I have been informed that the process of securing such document is quite tedious. Now, considering that I have to secure a COE and ITR from our office as one of the requirements in securing a Taiwanese visa, is there a way for the immigration officer to know that I am working in a government office if in case, I will using my old company ID from my previous work in an NGO?

    In the past years, I travelled to HK, SG and Malaysia but I was then working in an NGO.

    Thank you.

  4. Im first time to travel in hongkong this april and my passport was reniewal.give me some advice what wil i little nervous in our imigration..

  5. Hi thank you so much for sharing this, I’m a first time traveler and I’m planning to go to Spain. But I don’t have employment certificate because I’m not working. I’m self employed what document I will show them?

    Thank you

  6. HI! I’m planning on going to singapore this november 2016 with my friend for tourism and sight seeing and it’s our first time traveling without parents I’m really anxious about the immigration especially here in the Philippines since we are 21 years old and we are currently unemployed but we are enrolled in a review center in preparation for the US state board exam. What other documents do we need to bring aside from the passport, return flight and the hotel booking?

  7. My Filipina girlfriend is getting an Italian visa to visit me in September. She has never left the Philippines before and has a brand new passport. Does she need to get any exit documents approved from the Philippine government before she goes through immigration at the airport?

  8. Hi,

    I really need advise. My bf and I have booked for a Cambodia then Thailand Trip for 5 days and its our first time. My friend told me that it is not advisable since immigration will ask for a round trip ticket and it’s more advisable if we can show tickets that we exit on that country. Any advise please? Or its really not a big deal as long as we have complete docs?

  9. How about for a lone, female, single, unemployed traveller? Lol!

    I’m planning to go back to Vietnam this November, and I’ve just been there this October but I was bummed out of my head that I wasn’t able to experience their winter life, cause they were just getting those scarves out! But, I’m worried about my status since I just travelled there and I want to max out the 21 days allowance. Is there anyway I could get away with this?

      1. When you file for vacation leave, there is a space to check if your leave will be spent in the Philippines or abroad. If you check the abroad part, your leave will be forwarded, along other documents like clearances, as request to travel abroad. Usually, it would take a month or two because the head of the office (such as Department Secretary or Chairperson) usually approves your leave and authority.

  10. Most of the immigration officers have a God Complex. Their salaray is from YOUR taxes. show them who’s boss.

  11. For #22 – I can’t believe someone has the guts to say or suggest to lie regarding their occupation towards inspecting authorities.

    1. True! Never ever lie to the IOs if you don’t want your lies to be the cause of your “offloading”. If you tell them the truth, the thing is, you’ll be able to answer subsequent questions they may propound on you.

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