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Guide to Crossing the Border by Bus from Singapore to Malaysia

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor December 17th, 2020 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, DIY Travel, Travel Blog 38 Comments

Do you have a day or two to spare for a cross-country trip, other than your destination like Singapore? Here are some tips for crossing the border from Singapore to Malaysia.

Does that country happen to be Malaysia? You’re lucky because these two countries can be reached within five to seven hours depending on traffic conditions. Don’t worry about how to do it because we got it covered for you.


1. What cross-border buses to take?

  • Causeway Link CW2
  • SBS Transit 170 (Red plate)
  • Singapore-Johore Express

All three buses travel from Queen Street Bus Terminal (Ban San Bus Terminal) to Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru in Malaysia. There you can transfer to an express coach bound for different Malaysian states, including Kuala Lumpur. The trip can take 40 minutes to 2 hours, and the normal distance-based trunk fares apply.

DIY Travel Guide: Commuting Singapore and Malaysia
CW2 Bus from Bugis. Photo by publictransport.sg.wordpress.com



2. What are the general expectations for this option?

The Queen Street Bus Terminal is closest to Bugis MRT, from which you can walk a few hundred meters to the terminal. Taking a bus ride or a cab is also an option especially since walking makes it harder to find the terminal if you’re not familiar with the roads.

Cross-border commuters will be required to take off the bus twice during the trip. One when it reaches the Woodlands Singapore checkpoint; and second, for the Malaysian Immigration checkpoint. Both will require you to present your passport for verification and validation. Once cleared you can proceed outside the building and wait for your bus.

Why should you opt for a bus ticket online?

Rather than visiting a ticket counter to purchase your bus ticket, you can log on to the portal and get your ticket online. It is an eco-friendly process and one that saves you time and effort. Having an account set up on the bus ticket portal will also make it easier for you to maintain a record of your previous and upcoming travels.

Note: It may not be the same bus that you ride from Queen Street. But as long as you have your ticket with you, you can take any bus that passes the border from your chosen bus company.

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DIY Travel Guide: Commuting Singapore and Malaysia
Queen Street Bus Terminal. Photo by publictransportsg.wordpress.com

3. What are the advantages of commuting through cross-border buses?

Budget-Friendly – You can save RM25 or SGD10 when you commute from Singapore to Johor Bahru or vice versa. Then transfer to an express coach bound for Malaysian cities. Fare starts at RM 31. Departure time is between 12:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.Side-trip in Johor Bahru – The Legoland Malaysia Resort and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town are two tourist attractions you can visit there.

Travel with every day, cross-border commuters – If you’re interested in seeing daily commuters, and having a small talk with them, or simply observing and experiencing it, then this option is for you.

4. Are there disadvantages?

There are and it includes the following:

  • No direct trips to cities in Malaysia
  • Standard bus seats
  • No seat assignment
  • Bus transfers before and after inspections are a hassle, especially for travelers that don’t pack light.

5. What are the general expectations for Causeway Link?

The daily schedule starts from 6:00 a.m. to 11: 45 p.m. This bus line has a high number of buses as it has two other sets of buses (CW1 near Kranji MRT station and CW5) bound for Johor Bahru.

These two have different pick-up points but once it passes through the Woodlands, anyone with a ticket from this bus can take any yellow bus along with CW2. This makes CW2 a more popular option among commuters. The fare costs S$ 3.30.

6. For SBS?

Departure times start at 5:20 am to 12:30 p.m. It has a special trip from Woodlands Road (opposite Kranji MRT station) to Larkin Terminal which leaves at 6:30 a.m. The fare costs $2.50.

Among the three buses, SBS is the most familiar as it has been in the transportation service for far longer than the other two. Like in Causeway buses, passengers can take SBS 170X, 170, and 160 across the border.

DIY Travel Guide: Commuting Singapore to Malaysia
SBS Bus. Photo by publictransportsg.wordpress.com

7. For Singapore-Johore Express?

Buses leave for Larkin Terminal at 6:30 a.m. until 11:30 pm. The fare is $2.40.

Compared with the other two buses, this has more comfortable seats. Although poor causeway frequency can be experienced for it has fewer buses.

Going to Malaysia from Singapore via cross-border buses is your cheapest option by land travel. If you don’t mind the bus transfers while carrying your bags with you, then by all means take this option.

Sharing seats with local commuters – and having glimpses of their daily routines through small talk – can be your reward for sacrificing some of the comforts that express coach buses with direct trips to different Malaysian cities offer.

DIY Travel Guide: Commuting Singapore to Malaysia
Larkin Bus Terminal. Photo by publictransportsg.wordpress.com

Tips for crossing into Malaysia/Singapore:


  • Remember, being allowed to enter a country is a favor extended to you as a visitor. Although 99.9% of people have no trouble, be courteous and patient.
  • Chewing gum is actually controlled in Singapore. Do not chew gum while you wait in the immigration queue.
  • Remove your hat and sunglasses while inside.
  • Have your immigration paperwork completely filled out and legible before you get into the immigration queue.
  • Don’t lose the exit card you are given; you will definitely need it when you leave Singapore. Expect all of your luggage to be screened for “contraband” items.
  • Keep your bus tickets with you.

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DIY Travel Guide: Commuting Singapore to Malaysia

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38 thoughts on “Guide to Crossing the Border by Bus from Singapore to Malaysia

  1. Can anyone answer my query please. Im a Filipino and arriving Singapore. I want to stay for couple of days in Singapore. Then, I will go to Malaysia to see and experience this Country.
    Can I depart there going back to Philippines instead?

  2. I travelled with my wife and 4 years-old daughter from Malacca (Melaka) to Singapure by bus. As soon as we boarded we new it was going to be a rough trip. There was no system to pack the luggage and passages were responsible for putting it on the bus. At this stage we thought “It’s not great, but fine”.

    When we got to the Johor Bahru Checkpoint, neither the driver or his assistant gave anyone on the bus heads up about stopping soon for the immigration checkout. It was basically the bus driver suddenly stopping and yelling at us to leave the bus as soon as possible.

    My family was the last one to get out of the bus, just to see our luggage was on the side of the road and having not idea what to do next.

    On the second stop, Woodlands Checkpoint in Singapore, same situation again. This time, after going through customers, the bus simply varnished.

    More than 7 people (all foreign) were left behind. Everyone was trying to figure out what the fuck was going on.

    This was definitely the worst bus experience we ever had. Definitely not recommended if you’ve got small kids with you.

  3. how much will we have to spend all in all, there’s 2 of us…, my sister lives in Singapore so, we will just be taking a bus or by train?? which do you prefer??


  4. does the buses or other mode of transportation from singapore to malaysia and VV gives discount to the elderly for their fares?

  5. Is this road trip from India to Singapore covering entire South-East Asia in the below mentioned route were possible? [closed]

    road-trips southeast-asia

    I want to travel to this countries mentioned below by road using cycle












    The Entire South-East Asia mainland
    Is that possible? Do they allow road trip ?
    What are the legal formalities need have to be done for a successful trip ?

  6. hello. i have a concern, does crossing a boarder going to malaysia and going back to singapore can be done in a day?. considering that we would like to do just sight-seeing near those border? thank you.

  7. Hi , im flying in to singapore then go to malaysia but will not go back to singapore but instead fly out from malaysia to my country?
    pls. help to answer.
    travelling by aug 2019
    thank you

    1. Yes, you can. Malaysia (KL International Airport is the world’s 23rd-busiest airport by total passenger traffic.

      1. Good day! I’m planning the same trip too. From Manila to Singapore then cross county to Kuala Lumpur. I will go back to Philippines via Kuala Lumpur. Do you think will it cause any problem in immigration in Phil. and the possibility to be offloaded? Thanks?

  8. Hi! this is a very helpful travel guide for travellers who want to travel from Singapore to Malaysia via land transportation like me. Hopefully, you can reply to my comment regarding the point of entry in Singapore and the point of exit in Malaysia on what to do? I would really appreciate your reply thanks a lot.

  9. Hello,planning for a Legoland 1 day tour this coming June 4, 2019 (Singapore Legoland Singapore)
    Then spend June 5 and 6 in Singapore. On June 7 to June 9 our itinerary is going to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore by bus then Return by June 9 for our departure flight Singapore to Philippines.
    My concern is,is this possible to enter Malaysia 2 times in our 6 day itinerary? Cause Legoland in Johor is still part of Malaysia. Hope you can enlightened us on this matter. Thank you

  10. I will travelling to singerpor
    this weekend, but i will like to visit Malaysia for a day and return back to singerpore and cache my flight. The truth is as Ghanaian i need a visa to enter Malaysia, what do I do. I will like to visit malaysia by bus. Be bless

  11. Very informative article! Question lang po, ano po kayang bus ang magadang sakyan from JB to KL? and how long ang byahe? Need po ba namin magbook ng ticket ng bus or diretso na kami sa Larkin Bus Terminal?

  12. Hi,

    I’m currently working in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia and would like to visit Singapore for 1 to 2 days. Do I need other documents to enter SG? Do I need Hotel reservations?


  13. am vincent david joel, am planning a trip to singapore for the first time an is visa free, am from benin republic, i have my passeport at hand and my ticket money. please do i need other document or just my passeport please tell me

  14. Hi i m working on a cruiseship and we are going to be in wet dock for a few days and i would like to know if it s a problem if my husband and I want to spend two days in Johor?
    We have our passport in hands and we are not going to work during the wet dock.

    Thank in advance

  15. Hi Good Morning If I would go on a tri-city tour Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will I get a stamp on my passport for the two other country even though I only have a Round trip ticket manila to Singapore ?

    1. This is also what im curious about. Someone told me that I will not get any stamp if I go to Malaysia from Singapore or Singapore to Indonesia. Anyone here can confirm it please. thank you

  16. Hi, can we fly from Manila to Singapore, travel by land to Malaysia, then fly from Malaysia to Manila? Are there laws that require us to go back to Singapore and catch the plane there?

  17. We will be going to singapore for 5 days and we are planning to have side trip to Malaysia for a day or two. Can you provide service where you can provide the best itinerary for 2 pax? detailed transportation and possible tourist spots to visit.

  18. I am planning to travel to malaysia and singapore. I’ll be staying in Malaysia, and planning to visit Singapore just for 1 day and return back to malaysia. Is it ok to do this? Appreciate your advice. Thanks

      1. Hi,

        I am a traveler from Philippines with PHL passport. We will be staying in KL for a week and would like to go to SG for a day. What docs do we need to prepare? We are first timers. Appreciate if you can help me get the info I need. We are leaving end of March. Thanks.

  19. Hi we’re planning to go to SG for travel. We have a one day itinerary for Legoland Malaysia then before night we’ll get back to SG. Need pa ba ng transit visa for Malaysia kahit day tour lang dun?

  20. Hi, if you will travel to Singapore and you stay there for only 2 days, and the rest of the week you will travel to Malaysia via train, then come back again to Singapore for the flight back home to your country, is the immigration will question for the documents that you have .

  21. hi i am travelling from singapore to malaysia by night. what is the best option for me? i am confused to what bus to take and what would be comfortable for me. i have searched the net for a while now but i am still confused what to take. hope for your response. thank you.

  22. hi i am travelling with a group of friends 13 adults and 7 children 🙂 , we will enter Malaysia through Singapore and we are willing to take the train to cross border , and our visa will take it upon arrival to Malaysia , so should we need to have visa in advance before taking the train ? if not ok if yes what is the best transportation bus from Singapore and from where and when we can book all tickets , sorry for long post 🙂

  23. Is the route same witn Malaysia going singapore?
    Anyone cam suggest other country destinations from Malaysia? Travel time is 5days. PH passport holder here!

  24. is there a restriction on what to wear when in johore indonesia & batam, malaysia? is it ok to wear sleeveless blouse and pedal shorts( above the knee)?

    1. I think u got confused with the location. It is actually Johor, Malaysia and Batam, Indonesia.
      Upon your question, as Malaysian, I’ll answer in regard about Malaysia. You can wear as mentioned in most public places except for sacred places such as mosques, temples and etc.

  25. Hi there this is Angkeatevy from Cambodia,. Honestly we have a plan trip to Singapore on 13th Feb 2017 and we going to Malaysia on 14th Feb 2017 after we spend our trip in Singapore one day. I want to ask you which is the best way to cross the border by bus or train? and is it good if we plan to cross the border at night time? could you please tell us the best ways to cross the border because we have a huge group of people some are old and some kids? and if we crossed to Malaysia which station we going to drop off? Sorry this is my first time to cross the border I hope to hearing from you very soon and thank so much for your kindness. Good days.


  26. Hi – I will be cycling. I presume its ok to go across from Singapore to Malaysia and back later in the day, with my bicycle. (I have a UK pasport)

  27. This is a very detail and easy to understand. Thank you very much for the detailed info!! Appreciate!!

  28. A very good and informative blog entry! 🙂 Very quick question though, what is the last trip of bus from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Singapore (is it 24 hours available)? My family is planning to cross the border after our tour in Singapore. Thanks in advance!

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