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Fly with AirAsia – The Cheapest Way to Travel around Asia Pacific!

By Kach Umandap May 25th, 2017 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Travel Blog One Comment

For the past months, I have been traveling on the other side of the world. I’ve been to Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brunei, and Myanmar. And like most of my travels, each country never failed to amaze me with its unique charm and local secrets. I have to thank AirAsia for making these trips possible. I actually love their service, and the thought of it being a low-cost carrier is definitely a plus for budget-conscious travelers. The airline is helping more people to go around the globe for a fraction of the cost.

AirAsia - The Cheapest Way to Go around Asia Pacific!But speaking of low cost or cheap fares, there is, of course, a drawback especially if you are someone who carries gadgets with you. In my case, I was carrying my cameras, lenses, and laptop. The thing is, I didn’t want to check these in even if I had 20 kilos available. It was because our gadgets are considerably expensive and it would be too risky to check in. Meanwhile, the 7-kilo hand carry allowance was obviously not enough for my need. I’m sure I’m not the only one who experienced this, right? But anyway,  without that small challenge, everything else was fine.

AirAsia as a player in the travel industry

two monkeys travel - nullarbor traveller - australia 6

AirAsia is a low-cost Malaysian airline which is headquartered near Kuala Lumpur and is known as the largest airline in the country by fleet size and destination. It was established in 1993 and became operational in 1996. By 2001, the company faced financial turmoil and Tony Fernandes obtained AirAsia and made it profitable once again. They started with 2 planes in Malaysia to a brand with 6 airlines and 15 hubs!

AirAsia - Cheapest Way to go Around Asia (3)With a number of recognitions under their belt, you can simply say that they are doing a great job. Here are some of their milestones.

  • Voted The World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for the 8 consecutive years by Skytrax
  • Voted Asia’s Leading Cabin Crew (World Travel Awards)
  • Largest LCC in Asia – in terms of jet fleet and number of guests carried
  • A True ASEAN Airline, connecting all 10 ASEAN countries

AirAsia’s Network Map and Routes

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AirAsia has around 120 destinations in Asia and in Australia. If you book in advance, you are likely to get great deals and promos.

AirAsia - Cheapest Way to go Around Asia (3)

Monkey DividersAirAsia’s Ancillary / Add-on services 

While at times, just ‘winging it’ during your travels work, it is also essential for us to prepare and plan ahead. With AirAsia, there are Ancillary and add-on services which you can purchase before your flight. This way, you can experience a comfortable and worry – free travel.AirAsia - Cheapest Way to go Around Asia (3)

What are these add-ons?

  • In – Flight Meals – What’s the best way to kill time when flying? Then fill your stomach with amazing food! With AirAsia, you can pre – order amazing meals and save 25% than its regular price.

AirAsia - The Cheapest Way to Go around Asia Pacific!

  • Check – In Baggage – If you think you will be carrying loads of clothes and items, it would be ideal that you get baggage allowance. It’s good that AirAsia has a ‘Carry More, Save More’ program because that means you can bring home more souvenirs, right? Plus, doing this online will save you 50% off the airport rate. 
  • Book Online – Get the cheapest fares when you book online. The great thing about it is that you can still manage and amend the booking you created in just a few clicks.

Fly with AirAsia - The Cheapest Way to Travel around Asia Pacific!

  • Travel Insurance – As regular travelers, we recommend that you get travel insurance. We’ve written an article about this but it’s also good that AirAsia offers something similar. You’d never know what will happen during your travel and thus, getting protected for a small fee is something you should highly consider.

Monkey DividersWhat are the Pros of Flying with AirAsia?

Thinking of having your next flight with AirAsia?  Here are the good things I observed.

How to save on Traveling

1. It is ideal for short – haul flights –  If you don’t care much about the leg – room, or if you can stay full for a couple of hours, then this is a good airline to fly with. But if you think you need to stuff yourself with good food, you can either eat at the airport or purchase from the airline.

2. Amazing destinations – If you are a backpacker wanting to save some costs and to reach the best destinations, then flying AirAsia is the best way to go. Just make sure you have enough time to prepare and that you book in advance to get the best rates.

3. Good Budget Lounge – For just $12, you can stay in a budget lounge! Not bad if you will have an overnight stay in the airport.

4. Promos are extremely discounted – Watch out for their promos because these are absolutely great deals.

Monkey Dividers

What are the Cons of Flying with AirAsia?

AirAsia - The Cheapest Way to Go around Asia Pacific!

Then, of course, there are few things that need improvement. This list should manage your expectations but shouldn’t deter you from flying with AirAsia.

1. Limited 7kgs hand carry baggage allowance (even for your gadgets) – So if you are traveling and carrying your gadgets to take the perfect shots during your dream vacation, you might end up paying more because you need to check – in your items.

2. Not ideal for long – haul flights –  You can’t bring your own food so if you get hungry, the last resort is to buy from the airline, or just wait for you to arrive at your destination. In addition, the legroom is also limited and you can’t do a lot of stretching which is fairly important when you are flying for a long time.

3. Costly last minute flights – It is good if you book in advance or get promos with AirAsia. But I noticed that last minute flights can be expensive. Pretty much the same with all other airlines that I encountered.

Should you fly with AirAsia? 

Fly with AirAsia - The Cheapest Way to Travel around Asia Pacific!

AirAsia can be a fair choice, depending on the type of traveler you are, and the kind of adventure you are going to have. If you are not a picky ‘flyer’ that would like to get extreme comfort when you are ‘up there’, then this shouldn’t be a problem. I suggest that if you are on a budget, carefully plan your trip ahead to save on ticket costs with AirAsia. You may also consider getting add-ons prior to your flight, if necessary. Weigh your luggage first, or try to leave your bulky gadgets and opt for the more portable ones if you want to stay away from costly additional baggage fees.

AirAsia - Cheapest Way to go Around Asia (3)Monkey DividersWe partnered with AirAsia and they provided complimentary flights to various destinations in Asia and Australia. However, opinions were based on the actual experience.Monkey Dividers

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