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How To Move to Canada through a Provincial Nominee Program [Immigrate to Canada]

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Do you want to be a permanent resident of Canada? Read our guide on how to move to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program.

An option to immigrate to Canada is through the Provincial Nominee Program. Each Canadian Province has its own programs and requirements (but not all provinces offer it). If you get to be nominated, then you can live in that specific province and be a permanent resident of Canada. The Application may be paper-based or online.

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I hope you find what you are looking for in this article. It’s a great option to move to Canada, be it as a student, worker, or businessman. Check out which Canadian Province is also great for you and your family to go to.

Provinces or Territory that offers Provincial Nominee Program

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Be nominated by one of these provinces. Each of them might have different procedures and instructions, so contact them through their website and apply.


Located in Western Canada, Alberta may be landlocked, but there are 66 UNESCO World Heritage sites and 600 plus lakes you could explore. It is one of the most affordable places to live in the country. If you want to go to the US, Montana is the state you’ll be first stopping at.

You can check this link to know the criteria for being in Alberta. I’ve not typed everything down as the link is much more updated. Even though your Application is made online through the Express Entry, they would want your original Application to be mailed to Canada.

British Columbia

The most Western Part of Canada is British Columbia, a province where you could see the Pacific. It’s one of the most expensive provinces to live in Canada. Though it’s capital is Victoria, the largest city is Vancouver.

The pathways offered by the BC PBP are point-based Skills Immigration, Express Entry, and Entrepreneur Immigration. You can learn more about their programs here. Application fee for Skills Immigration is CAD 700. Processing time is usually 2 to 3 months.


Manitoba is the province to go for those who want to see Polar Bears. It’s the central province of Canada, having Winnipeg as its capital. Many love this place due to its fun festivals, gorgeous lakes, and fascinating museums.

If you want to be nominated by Manitoba, then the first step is submitting an Expression of Interest. Like most of the provinces, its point-based. Check out the MPNP through this link.

New Brunswick

Located in the Atlantic part of Canada is New Brunswick. It’s one of the most affordable provinces with the lowest cost of living; that’s why many immigrants can afford new homes here. Enjoy beaches as well as forests here.

NB has a Skilled Worker Stream for those who want to be nominated and work here. You can check their Program Guide to know if you are eligible for the PNP. Their government highly recommends online application.

Newfoundland and Labrador

In another Atlantic part of Canada, the easternmost is Newfoundland and Labrador. It was once a colony of the UK but became independent in 1933. When here, check out whales and icebergs as well as enjoy the beauty of nature.

If you want to be a provincial nominee of NL, then you can be a Skilled Worker, International Graduate, or International Entrepreneur. Instructions are found on their website. When nominated, immigration officers will be helping you until you get PR status.

Northwest Territories

It’s located in the same place as its name – Northwest of Canada and is the second biggest province. Should love to see the northern lights; this is one of the best options. There are also many National Parks and Reserves here, so you would not regret traveling around this gorgeous region.

For those who want to immigrate to this part of Canada, you have two options. One is to purchase or invest in a business; the second is to have a job offer. You can apply online here.

Nova Scotia

The second tiniest Canadian Province is Nova Scotia and is composed of more than 3,800 islands. Cruise ships mostly dock here, especially in the capital, Halifax. For those who love amazing culture and sceneries near the beach, it’s a great option.

Physicians are on-demand in this part of the country. However, their NSNP program also accepts Skilled workers, occupations on-demand, and entrepreneurs. Check out their streams online; eligible applicants usually need more than 3 months to immigrate here.


Ontario is the most populous province in Canada, home to its country’s capital, Ottawa, and the ever-popular Toronto. They only not share borders with other Canadian provinces but also US States like New York, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. You could also see Niagara Falls from here. It’s the main economic hub of the country but also is an expensive place to live in.

The OINP has different streams available; from Skilled Traders, In-Demand Skills, PhD Graduates, French-Speaking, Human Capital Priorities, and Entrepreneurs. Currently, the Foreign Worker and International Student Stream are not available. You can check out more information on their website.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island may be the smallest in Canada. This “Garden of the Gulf” with red beached spots is a beautiful place to live in. This was named after the fourth son of King George III of the UK; PEI was formerly a British Colony.

You may see this link if you are interested in living in PEI. There are programs such as Atlantic Immigration Pilot (where you can find an employer who will hire you) but also PNP as a critical or skilled worker or international graduate.


A rectangular (although not entirely so) shaped Canadian Province located in Western Canada is Saskatchewan. Its name came from the Cree language meaning “Swift Flowing River.” If you love museums, you can explore them in this part of the country.

The SINP program has three categories – International Skilled Worker, Saskatchewan Experience, and Entrepreneur and Farm. To know more, read their link on the application process as well as eligibility.


Near Alaska is the westernmost Canadian Province – Yukon. With many lakes and mountain ranges, Yukon is the densely populated. Nature lovers would fall in love with this place as there are countless of activities from hiking, skiing, kayaking, or dogsledding. The Aurora Borealis (northern lights) is a big bonus.

For those who want to immigrate here, read this. You can run a business in Yukon or be nominated after you find someone who will hire you.

Applying for a Canada Provincial Nominee Program

The usual process will involve getting a Medical Exam or Police Check (NBI Clearance).

How to Move to Canada - Provincial Nominee Program
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Paper-Based Application

  • Apply first at the province where you want to be nominated at, when applying there you must be under a non-Express Entry Stream
  • In case you get chosen, you’ll submit a paper application – you may need this application package
  • After gathering your documents, you need to mail it as per instructions
  • Biometrics, Medical Exams, Police Checks, and Language Test Results might be needed
  • This may take longer than the Express Entry System

Express Entry

Option 1: You apply beforehand at the province you want to be nominated at and apply under Express Entry Stream. In case you get nominated, you can create your profile or update it in case you have one already.

Option 2: Create an Express Entry Profile. Choose the provinces you would like to apply at. In case they give you “Notification of Interest,” you can contact them for your Application. When you are nominated, accept the offer electronically.

  • You can log-in here.
  • Apply to come to Canada and choose Express Entry

How to Move to Canada Provincial Nominee Program 02

  • Wait for an invitation or getting nominated
  • If you have been invited to apply, you will get a message to submit your Application for permanent residence online
  • There will be instructions for your Application like your supporting documents as well as the fees.

Once everything is in order, you can get your residence permit and move to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program. It’s quite a lengthy process, but this will be worth it as you can live permanently in Canada already. Good luck!

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