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OFW Guide – List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas

By Kach Umandap January 3rd, 2020 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 18 Comments

People want a brighter future, at minsan makikita natin yan sa ibang bansa. A lot of Overseas Filipino Workers have benefited a lot by working abroad; due to higher salary rates compared to working in the Philippines, they have savings or were able to buy a house or let all of their children graduate up to college. It may be hard leaving our country and our loved ones, pero maraming tao nag-sasakripisyo para sa mas magandang kinabukasan. 

List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas7
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If you want to work abroad, be it for your family, to be able to travel or to have more savings in the near future, then you might want to Find Jobs Abroad and Become an OFW. One way is applying through a POEA licensed recruitment agency and there are many of them and it’s hard to look at it one by one.

List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas8
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However, we will help you in achieving your dream by listing out popular work abroad websites where you can find official and accredited companies where that will give you work outside the Philippines!

POEA Website

List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas

Check out the announcements at the POEA website for urgent hirings. You just need to click the job you are interested in. There are government to government arrangements where you can directly apply and get hired through POEA and not at an agency. However, you may need to personally submit your documents at POEA in Ortigas or POEA Regional offices.

There are not a lot of job offerings here, and sometimes it is not updated so you might want to check out a few other works abroad websites too.

You might also want to check out this article on POEA Process on how to register or apply online, tips on getting work abroad, and explanations on some requirements. 


List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas1

Workabroad specializes in land and sea-based jobs outside of the Philippines. You can easily register on their website to get job updates, search for jobs, and apply. Make sure you upload your resume and a picture. Don’t forget to get your phone verified too.

You can search for a job or a country you would like and if you something you are interested in, you can easily click “Apply Now” and submit your application. You can also check your application status in this work abroad website; like if you have been shortlisted, your resume was kept for future reference or if you are not qualified.


List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas2

Jobstreet is a popular website for Filipinos looking for local jobs, however, they don’t only show local jobs but also work abroad opportunities. You can also register easily and search for jobs too just make sure that you have chosen the location to be out of the Philippines. If you are not yet ready to apply for the job, you can also save it. 

Applying is also easy with one-click. It’s also recommended to make a cover letter or a pitch so that you could also get noticed. However, it’s limited to only 300 characters, so you better make it straight to the point. You can check also your job application status in your profile or home button.


List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas3


Indeed is also a popular website for local jobs in the Philippines and has a feature for work abroad jobs. Redefine the search to POEA or the location outside of the country. You can also upload your resume and sign in so that potential employers can see you. Indeed can also let you apply through its website or the company’s website itself. 

OFW Guru

List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas4

OFW Guru is a website offers jobs for those who want to be Overseas Filipino Workers. It is still growing, so there are only a few jobs and agencies on this website. Countries that are on the list are less than ten but it will eventually grow as it is still a new company. 

Application is just in 3 easy steps – Create and complete your profile, choose jobs that will perfectly fit you and click buttons to submit your application. Now, all you have to do is wait for the good news.

Seaman Jobsite

List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas5

For those who want to be part of a crew (from oiler, mates to a captain or chief engineer) be it on a cargo vessel or tanker, then this website is for you. You can choose jobs by the agency or rank or closing date. By signing up and showcasing your resume, you can also receive job offers and get job updates, you might get an opportunity to go to your dream country too if it’s ever one of your stops (like Europe or the US). So if you want to go aboard and also travel by boat apply through Seaman Jobsite as it literally is for Seamen.

Magsaysay Group of Companies

List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas6

Magsaysay Group of Companies is a recruitment agency for those who want to work abroad both land-based and sea-based. So if you want to try being a member of a cruise, go and check out job opportunities at Magsaysay Careers. This is a POEA accredited licensed agency. The agency has been present for quite a long time, so you can be confident in its handling of people. Register easily and apply at jobs at a click!

List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas9
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For 4 years, I have been an OFW in Kuwait and Kurdistan, Iraq and it was a great experience; I earned ansa saved money, I was able to discover new places and more of myself. So I can share with you on how to find jobs and work abroad. This list is work abroad websites where you might discover an opportunity fit for you. If you found an agency and a bit wary, you can check in the POEA Accredited Agency List. Check out the POEA process too – so that you will be more aware of the requirements and the hiring and deployment process after being offered a job. Good luck!

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18 thoughts on “OFW Guide – List of Work Abroad Websites To Help You Find Jobs Overseas

  1. Sir/Ma’am kindly help me to work abroad, I need a high salary so badly for I having 3 children to enroll and to support their daily needs, I ‘am a experience Surveyor and this following position I’m going to apply Senior Surveyor, Lead Surveyor, Land Surveyor. Thank you and God bless have a great day.

  2. I would like to work in country like JAPAN, SINGAPORE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND. As any type of Farmer job atleast what is available. Thank You SO MUCH FOR HELPING..

    1. I’m working at derma clinic as a therapist for 14 years I have a lot experience about skin care about machine for slimming,facials,assistant doctor,

  3. i have business management BA, hotel management level 5 , and junior clinical nursing , having experience of six month sea man as mess man on Ethiopian shipping line , and different governmental work experience .

  4. How to apply for farming jobs, I have 7 yrs experience here in Los Banos Laguna, International Rice Research Institute.

  5. Im interested to work abroad but have no working experience,im 10interprenuer n do all the jods in my business n good in multitasking n manage have n short coarse (barista).Hope u can help me dind suitable jobs

  6. I am a graduate of bachelor of science in secondary education and been in bpo for years and wanna work abroad to somehow change the circle of my life. thank you.

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