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40+ Websites to Find Digital Nomad Jobs – Work Wherever You Want

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 20th, 2020 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Travel Blog, Travel Blogging and Digital Nomads Tips No comments

If you want to work online wherever you want, be a Digital Nomad! A Digital Nomad is someone who is relying on technology for income and working remotely to support the nomadic way of life. You can work wherever you want – in a coffee shop, at the airport, on the beach, or the mountain tops. Here are some of the best websites where you can find Digital Nomad Jobs but please be careful as there are still scammers who would try to ask money from you – never pay.

40+ Websites to Find Digital Nomad Jobs – Work Wherever You Want
Allie Smith

For those who want to travel to anywhere, it’s a viable option for you. You can work where there is an internet and you can just bring your laptop or tablet wherever you go. It’s a combination of business and pleasure!


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Technical Services

40+ Websites to Find Digital Nomad Jobs – Work Wherever You Want
Caspar Camille Rubin

1. RemoteOK

Get a remote job at RemoteOK; most of the jobs offered are those in Programming, Website Developing, Designing, Marketing, and many more.

2. We Work Remotely

Another website to find Digital Nomads Jobs is We Work Remotely. If you have technical skills like designing, programming, sales, and marketing, it’s an excellent place for you.

3. Working Nomads

For designers, developers, analysts, and engineers Working Nomads is a great website to find Digital Jobs.

4. Freelancermap

Freelancermap is where people from the IT, Development, SAP, and Engineering fields can find jobs or clients. Plus, there are zero commission fees for freelancers!

5. Digital Nomad Job Finder

For those in the Tech Niche like programmers, Marketers, or Developers, digitalnomad-jobfinder is a website to find remote work.


40+ Websites to Find Digital Nomad Jobs – Work Wherever You Want
Christin Hume

6. ProBlogger

For those who want to write, ProBlogger offers remote jobs for writers, editors, and reviewers. There are also many niches available from Beauty, to Tech or Gaming Reviews!

7. Freelance Writing Gigs

Get your next writing gig at Freelance Writing Jobs. Content Creators, Writers, and Editors are welcome. There are contract-based and part-time jobs too!

8. Contena

Contena is a website where you can find Digital Nomads jobs as a copywriter, content creator, exam writer, or editor.

9. SalesFolk

Write Cold E-mails for clients as well as write articles about sales and marketing in SalesFolk.

Graphic Design

40+ Websites to Find Digital Nomad Jobs – Work Wherever You Want
Theme Photos

10. Crowd Spring

If you are great in graphic design, logo making, product, or website designing, check out Crowd Spring. Your creativity will flourish in this type of job.

11. Crowd Site

Enter in design or brainstorm contests made by a client or a private project and get paid. You can definitely work from home or wherever you want with Crowdsite.

12. Design Crowd

Do what you love, travel wherever you want, find clients, and earn money in Design Crowd. From Logos to Applications to Products or Illustrations – there are many design jobs to choose.

13. Design Contest

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, participate in design contests and private projects, and earn money. You can be very flexible and may grow to be a better designer.

14. 99Designs

Create designs for clients from book covers to T-shirt designs and many more. You have the creative freedom and also freedom from an office!

15. Behance

For those creative out there, from Architecture to Motion Graphics, to Fashion and UI/UX, you can find digital nomad jobs that suit your taste in Behance.

Online Tutor or Teacher

How to Adjust to the English Teacher Lifestyle
Element5 Digital

16. Tutor

If you are knowledgeable in a subject or good at teaching, then Tutor is a great website to find digital nomad jobs. Have one and one sessions with your students from Algebra to English or Physics or may assist in Test Preparations, too!

17. Chegg Tutors

Become an online tutor and work wherever you want at Chegg Tutors. Help students improve in their class, pass exams, and get good grades!

18. Verbling

If you are good at speaking your native language, then you could teach others your language and earn money. Verbling is a great place to find work as a Digital Nomad.

19. VIPKid

Teach English as a Second Language to children in China wherever you are and whenever you want. It’s also an advantage if you have a TEFL Certificate, learn more about it here.

Product Selling

Amazon Best Sellers in Lockdown
Christian Wiediger

20. Amazon

If you are creative or own brands or make interesting stuff, you can sell it on Amazon. You can also be an Amazon FBA Seller where you can provide storage, packaging, and shipping to sellers.

21. Ebay

Another website where you can sell your products, collectibles, or anything you own or create is Ebay.

22. Red Bubble

Upload your arts and designs in Red Bubble shop; if a shopper loves it, they can either choose to print in in a product they want like a shirt, a mug, or a phone case. You’ll earn money for anything you sell!

23. Society6

From wall art, to throw pillows, to apparels or bags, create a design, and sell it in Society6. You’ll earn money every time your art is purchased.

24. Zazzle

If you are an artist, designer, or photographer, make extra income by selling your art from stationery designs, invitation templates, and many more. You’ll get a commission when a design of yours is purchased.

25. Etsy

Make handmade items, craft supplies, vintage items, designs like themes or templates you made, or services and sell it in Etsy.

26. Shopify

Sell online with your own website and not a third-party website through Shopify. Create a store with your design and products!

27. Cafe Press

Design merchandise from T-shirts, to mugs, to bags or tumblers, and sell your products online. You don’t need to do the printing or the shipping as Cafepress does it for you!


40+ Websites to Find Digital Nomad Jobs – Work Wherever You Want

28. Istock

Choose your best photos and becoming a contributor in Istock; you’ll have a commission when someone downloads your photos.

29. Shutterstock

Be a contributor and sell vector images, photos, music, or videos in Shutterstock. You’ll earn a significant amount, especially if your amazing masterpieces and get lots of downloads from users.

30. Fotolia

Upload your photos in Fotolia and sell them. Every time someone uploads or uses your photo, you’ll earn a commission!

31. Dreamstime

If you have many great images in your files, earn passive income by uploading them and selling your stock photos in Dreamstime.


40+ Websites to Find Digital Nomad Jobs – Work Wherever You Want
Elsa Noblet

32. UpWork

Find remote jobs in Upwork. You’ll need to set-up a profile and get approved before you can start applying for jobs you are interested in. Find opportunities from writing, to customer support, designing, and many more!

33. Freelancer

Work as a freelancer and find jobs in your niche. There are simple jobs, too, for beginners like data entry tasks, retyping projects, and many more.

34. Guru

Apply for digital nomad jobs in Guru; from being a virtual assistant, designer, programmer, editor, and a lot more. You’ll definitely find a dream job where you can work remotely.

35. Project4hire

Bid for projects and get hired by clients all over the world. No need to go to their offices for an interview, do it via chat, video call, or e-mails. Project4hire is a great website to find digital nomad jobs!

36. Fiverr

Sell your services in Fivver – there are about 250 categories to choose from, e.g., Logo Design, Website Customization, Social Media Management, Voice Overs, and a lot more. Get paid according to your rate!

37. People Per Hour

Have the freedom to work anywhere in your terms in People Per Hour. Find perfect projects that match your skills and send proposals to a client at your price.

38. Simply Hired

Search for Digital Nomad Jobs for companies in the US at SimplyHired. There are jobs from QA Testers, Online Personal Shoppers, Data Entry Specialists, Customer Service Associates, and many more. There are thousands of jobs to choose from!

39. Flexjobs

Work from home or anywhere you want with Flexjobs. They offer great remote and flexible jobs from big companies like Apple, SAP, Dell, Hilton, and many more.


40+ Websites to Find Digital Nomad Jobs – Work Wherever You Want
Annie Spratt

40. Raket

For those Filipinos who want to get digital nomad jobs, try Raket.ph as clients specifically hire Pinoy freelancers or professionals on this website.

41. 199Jobs

Offer your digital services from designing, admin support, writing, and many more in 199jobs. It’s a Filipino marketplace where we can sell our services and get jobs or clients quickly.

41. Onlinejobs

For those who want to be Virtual Workers or Digital nomads, try Onlinejobs.ph. You can check out the job posts and apply for a job that is suitable for you.

40+ Websites to Find Digital Nomad Jobs – Work Wherever You Want
Dayne Topkin

I hope in one of these websites you can find digital nomad jobs. It’s a plus if you have a remote job, especially if you want to travel a lot. Say goodbye to typical offices and hello to the comforts of your homes, the peace of the beaches, and the fun in going from one place to another. Good luck!​

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