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8 Best Things To Do in Santorini, Greece

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor January 19th, 2019 Posted in Destination, Europe Travel Blog, Travel Guides One Comment

Santorini is one of the groups of Mediterranean islands which has got it all. From turquoise blue seas to white cliffs and pristine beaches, these Greek islands have everything from adventure to romance. Whether you want to try your hand at trekking or watersports, this holiday is something to enjoy for yourselves.

When you’re in one of the Santorini holiday villas, you can calm down and have a wonderful experience. Couple that with the adventures you’ll have, and you would have one of the best vacations you’ve ever had. The only problem? The Mediterranean is one of the places which is filled with places to visit.


So, here’s our list of places you should visit when you’re there.

1. Going from Fira to Oia

Photo by Boris Kasimov CC BY 2.0

Fira to Oia is one of the hiking trails that you can enjoy no matter the season. FIlled with white cliffs throughout the area, these spaces are worth exploring in every way. Check out the beautiful looks at the skies, and try out walking through the various path. Firostefani to Imerovigli is filled with village sidewalk and the scenery, with the blue seas looking at you from below. You can check out the local cuisine and enjoy yourself the way only the Greeks can.
Make sure to take time out for this hike since it can take about 5 hours to complete the entire walk. The scenery and the localities will woo you and make you feel great.

2. Ammoudi Bay

Photo by Firelknot CC BY 2.0

A quiet little fishing village in Oia, this bay is somewhat of a fairytale. This bay is filled with cliffs and craggy rocks and has wonderful seas where you can relax. The rocks also provide an ideal place for you to jump and dive from so that you can have your corner of adventure.

Ammoudi Bay is filled with everything that Greece is known for. From the beautiful seafood at the local tavernas and the exquisite scenery, this seems like space where you can enjoy yourselves for the most extended stretches without any worries.

If you walk a lot and climb up the stairs, you can enjoy sunbathing on the cliffs.

3. Akrotiri

Photo by Taymaz Valley CC BY 2.0

Santorini is located on an Active Volcano, which covered an entire area in ash the last time it rained down on the cities. The clay homes and the architectural marvels of the 1400 BC is something you’ll remember. This Pompeii-esque beauty holds the life of that era in a picture-perfect scenery.

Check out the Minoan scenery and enjoy the space as a whole. Walk along the trails and understand what kind of life these Ancient people lived.

Pro Tip: Book a tour guide from early on so that you can understand the history as you roam around the space.

4. Nea Kameni

Photo by Cha già José CC BY-SA 2.0

One of those spaces that hold the history of the island in its palm. The Nea Kameni holds the active volcano in space. While, it’s not accessible unless you have a boat, and have tried out a tour. This area is somewhat of a novelty, filled with a charred landscape and sulfur vents along the way you have to hike up a trail to see the actual sight of the active volcano and take it all in. Nea Kameni is also known for the nearby water, and it’s sure to make you wonder how something so pristine, and something so disruptive lives in harmony in nature.

5. Red Beach

Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis CC BY 2.0

The volcanic area all around the area creates a beach that is unique. It’s not the Mediterranean beach of your dreams, and it does not hold up to the general idea of a white beach shaded with greenery. This beach is filled with jagged rocks which are red. This scenery gives rise to a memorable picture that you are sure to remember for a long time.

Remember to dip your hair in the seas, and enjoy yourselves.

6. Caldera Towns

Photo by Parekh Cards CC BY-SA 2.0

The Caldera Towns are a reminder of old school in Greece. With cliffs and houses over there and white houses beautiful area all around, the old Caldera Towns give out the image of something from your history books. You can take a walk around the town and try out the seafood at one of the tavernas in the village too. Check out the various monuments and the pathways throughout the city and remember to take loads of pictures to keep the memory of Greece alive in your mind.

7. Kamari

Photo by Paul Arps CC BY 2.0

Kamari is known for one of the most 80s experiences that you can see for yourself. The place showcases movies and enjoys itself one of the most culturally rich experiences you can have around town. Enjoy yourself some local cuisine and wines in the area and see the movies with your partners. Kamari movies are something you can enjoy as a whole, and then check out some of the cheeses from the area for your enjoyment,

8. Ancient Thera

Photo by Paul Arps CC BY 2.0

On top of the Messa Vouno mountain, you will be greeted with Byzantine, Hellenistic and Roman ruins all across space. Ancient Thera will welcome you with ruins and magnificent views all across the mountains which you can enjoy. Ancient Thera is not a long walk upwards, and you can see yourself in one of the capitals without any worries.

9. Find accommodation in Santorini, Greece

Extra Tip: Check out Plumguide for the best holiday homes and vacation rentals in Greece.

Santorini is a paradise on Earth and something to enjoy for everyone, remember to pack in a lot of sunscreen and other things so that you don’t get beat down by the sun. Remember to taste the local seafood and check out the world-famous wine while you’re at there.

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