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How to Apply For Qatar Tourist Visa for Filipinos

By Kach Umandap February 10th, 2022 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Guide for Filipinos, Travel Blog, VISA Application Guides 24 Comments

Plan your next trip to Qatar! Here’s our guide for Filipinos about applying for a Qatar tourist visa with your Philippines passport.

Being considered as the richest country in the world, in terms of GNI per capita, Qatar is a country to be. However, it is underrated for tourism purposes as it is known in the Philippines as a place filled with opportunities for OFWs. But with Qatar’s rich culture, beautiful buildings, picturesque landscape, and delicious dishes, it’s surely a place to explore.

How to Apply For A Qatar Tourist Visa with Your Philippines Passport
Rowen Smith

For Philippines Passport holders, we can enter Qatar if we will obtain an eVisa or ETA (for those who have visas from powerful countries). Here, we’ll discuss with you how you can apply for a Qatar tourist visa with your Philippines Passport.

Who are Eligible to Apply for Qatar ETA Visa?

Those applicants who have a valid visa for the following countries can apply for an Electronic Travel Authority Visa. We’ll have instructions on how to get one too.

Main Requirements in Applying for Qatar Tourist Visa

1. Passport: it must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry in Qatar, also scan the bio-page;

Philippine Passport

2. Passport Size Photo;

3. Airline Reservation (if from Qatar Airways, reservation information is not required);

Rent A Flight

4. Proof of Accommodation such as Hotel Reservation or Confirmation;

5. Invitation Letter from Qatari Resident (friend or relative) with Qatar resident visa copy, Qatar ID and Passport Bio-page, or Invitation Letter from Qatari National (friend or relative) with Qatari National ID;

6. Proof of Residency (from the main applicant only if you are a family)

Additional Documents Required to get an Electronic Travel Authority

You can submit one or more of these:

  • Valid visitor visa for the following countries: Australia, Canada, GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), New Zealand, Schengen Area, USA, or the UK;
  • Proof of Residence;
  • Proof of valid visa for residential status

Additional Requirements You Can Submit

  • Investments of at least 8,000 USD;
  • Income tax paper with an annual gross income of at least USD 8,000;
  • Travel history in the last five years to the following countries: Qatar, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Schengen, USA, or the UK.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply for Qatar Tourist Visa and ETA

STEP 1: Sign up for this website.

(If you booked in Qatar Airways you can log-in there and go to “My Trips.”)

  1.   Sign up with a valid email.
  2.   Check your email and click the link.
  3.   Create your password, and please remember it.

STEP 2: Log-in using your details. Read and accept terms and conditions then click ‘continue’.

STEP 3: Provide details of your Flight. 

  1. You will be asked if you are flying Qatar Airways, if yes, you need to enter your PNR Number and Last Name. If no, you need to fill in the itinerary.
  2. Fill up the information needed.
  3. Select Passengers and place the details. If you have a valid visa for the countries mentioned above, please indicate here (for ETA).
  4. Provide an email address of the main applicant.
  5. You will be given a summary of charges and information.
  6. Please wait for the email to continue with the process.

STEP 4: Scan your documents. It must be in JPG or JPEG format that is less than 200KB per picture. Upload your documents.

STEP 5: Pay the necessary visa and service fee.

STEP 6: Wait for your eVisa in your email. Please print a copy and present it to the immigration officer in Qatar.

Step by Step Guide on Getting a Qatar Tourist Visa with a Sponsor

STEP 1: Gather all your documents and send them to your sponsor in Qatar.

STEP 2: The sponsor will process the visa application for you at the Ministry of Interior in Doha.

STEP 3: A copy of the visa notice will be sent to you through your sponsor.

STEP 4: Have your passport stamped at the Embassy of Qatar in Manila – you should submit the visa notice, original passport, and other requirements. Pay the visa sticker fee of QAR 20. You can also avail of the DHL Express services for the receipt and delivery of passport and documents.


Visa Processing Fee for a Qatar Tourist Visa

  • Qatar Visa Fee – QAR 100
  • Qatar Visa Fee thru VFS – USD 27.78
  • ETA Visa Fee – none
  • VFS Service Fee – USD 14
  • Visa Stamping Fee – QAR 20 (PHP 350)

You can pay it online using your credit card and in cash (PHP). It’s non-refundable.

Processing time: It’s usually 4 working days.

Embassy in the Philippines

Embassy of the State of Qatar
Address: 32 McKinley Road Forbes Park Village Makati City 1219
Contact details: (+63) 288516666 | (+63) 288512341 | (+63) 288512342
Email Address: [email protected]

Please remember that the embassy of Qatar in the Philippines doesn’t process tourist or business visas. They only facilitate the visa stamping process or stickers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Qatar Tourist Visa

1. When should I apply?

You can apply as early as 90 days before your target travel date. However, since you can get the decision within 4 days, you can also apply 2 weeks before your departure to Qatar.

2. Is visa stamping necessary?

If you will use an e-visa service, you will receive an electronic visa that doesn’t require you to get your visa stamped. However, if a sponsor will apply for you, then you need to go to the embassy to have your passport stamped.

3. Can I submit my documents via delivery instead of going to the embassy personally?

Yes, the embassy has a DHL Express service for the receipt and delivery of passport and documents.

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24 thoughts on “How to Apply For Qatar Tourist Visa for Filipinos

  1. Hi! Need help regarding the process for application of Tourist Visa. I really confused about the process and requirements and where to apply.

  2. Hi, when was the last time you traveled to Qatar? Is the info here still updated? Because the visa website is trash I can’t even proceed to the next page it’s always showing error.

  3. hello.I have friend working in Israel and planning to have a vacation here in Qatar.what would be the process to enter here ing Qatar?

  4. We wish to bring our nanny of 3 years from UAE to Doha when we move there in a few months. Her residency in UAE expires 3 weeks before she would enter Doha with the sponsor’s wife and children (who would enter family visit visa) so not sure of the ETA option for nanny. The sponsor (husband) already has a QID for Doha so could apply from within. How can we bring nanny in direct from Dubai? Really feeling lost. Thank you.

  5. I have a multiple tourist us visa, and I’m trying to apply for eta unfortunately the website that attached here in your website says “Under the instructions of the Ministry of Public Health, entry to the State of Qatar for all foreign nationals are temporarily suspended. Hence our visa services will remain suspended till further instructions” . Can someone help me a tourist visa, since my father will have open hear surgery on 17?

      1. Hi Lyza, I’m planning to go to Qatar to apply for my Qatar Police Clearance. I used to work there. Where and how should I apply for a visit visa ? Thanks in advance. God bless.

  6. Hello po, i am planning to meet my British husband in Qatar (maybe end of this month or 1st week of september ).Problem is, i don’t have a sponsor residing in Qatar. My husband is just going to travel from UK (it’s his 1st time in Qatar).Pls give me some tips what to do. Thank you so much po!

  7. i don’t have a sponsor there in qatar. i’m just there to meet up with my friend who is also coming from a different country.

      1. Hi,im planning to visit my american fiancee in qatar, im taking our daughter wid us who has american passport, only me is using philippine passport am i eligible to apply an e-visa?

  8. Hi I’m curious if Qatar needs a transit visa? since I am planing to transit to Qatar going to brazil? (From Philippines transits to Qatar going to Brazil) do I need a transit visa for this?

    thank you.

  9. hello…just wanna asked if a qatari sponsor will directly get a housemaid from philippines without an agency??

  10. Hi. Thank you for this. Would just like to ask if a Filipino under tourist visa can apply for work in Qatar. Thank you

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