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How to Get a Permanent Resident Visa in the Philippines (Residency for Foreigners)

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor October 31st, 2020 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog, VISA Application Guides 72 Comments

Are you in love with the Philippines? Do you want to stay and live here longer than initially planned? Well, here’s a guide on how to get a residency in the Philippines for Foreigners. Usually, foreigners can stay up to 30 days, sometimes extended to 59 days in the Philippines. The spouses of Filipino citizens can also get a Balikbayan visa-free can stay for up to 1 year. But with a resident visa, you can stay up to a year or even more.

How to Get a Residency in the Philippines

There are many types of Visas in the Philippines, from Immigrant (Permanent Resident Visas) or Non-Immigrant (Temporary Resident Visas). If you are eligible, follow the instructions below to get your visa. This article also includes how to get an Alien Residence Card.

Immigrant Visa Types

To get an immigrant visa, you must be one of the following:

  • A child born abroad with a Filipino Mother – those who are born outside of the country during a temporary visit of the mother abroad
  • A child born after Issuance of Immigrant Visa of Accompanying Parent – if the parent has been issued an immigrant visa before the child was born then the child can also be granted an immigrant visa
  • Immigrant Visa
    • by marriage – with valid marriage to a Filipino Citizen
    • Immigrant’s Dependents – those dependent single children and spouse of an immigrant visa or temporary resident visa holders
  • Permanent Resident Visa for:
    • Amendment to Permanent Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage
    • Chinese National Married to Filipino Citizen
    • Filipino Veterans and Dependents –Filipino veterans of WW2 who acquired Americana citizenship; includes their spouses, single children who are American Citizens and residing abroad
  • Returning Filipino Citizen – previously natural-born Filipino citizen who is naturalized in another country and returning in the Philippines for permanent residence
  • Returning Resident – granted a Permanent Philippine residence before and back to the Philippines from a temporary stay abroad
  • Quota Visa – nationals who wish to live in the Philippines and their country has reciprocity relations with the Philippines

Non-Immigrant Visas

Temporary Resident Visas for:

  • Married to Filipino – many can avail of the PRV, but those with no reciprocity agreement with the Philippines can get a TRV instead (which can be extended)
  • Indian National Married to Filipino with Dependent

Treaty Trader’s Visa

  • An American, Japanese, or German Citizen that enters the country for trade or comer purposes
  • The foreigner who is entering the country to develop or direct operation of an enterprise

Student Visa

  • Any foreign national aged 18 and above
  • Taking up a course higher than a high school like in a university, seminary or college

Employee Visa

  • Any foreign national that engages in lawful occupation in the country
  • Taking any form of compensation

How to Get a Residency in the Philippines

How to apply for a Residency in the Philippines

STEP 1: Check out the immigration website of the Philippines for your requirements.

How to Get a Residency in the Philippines (Residency for Foreigners)

There is a checklist under a category, and you need to compile them and fill up the application form.

STEP 2: Go to the Bureau of Immigration Main Office or a BI Office that can process your visa. Submit the documents for screening at the Central Receiving Unit or frontline staff.

STEP 3: Get the order of payment slip and pay the fees. You will receive an official receipt, and they will give you a schedule to comeback

STEP 4: Attend a hearing at the appointment date.

STEP 5: You will now get an ARC I-Card. Ready your requirements for the application. Your biometrics (image and fingerprints) will also be captured.

STEP 6: Check the website to know if your visa and ACR I-Card has been approved.  If so, you need to submit your passport so your visa sticker will be pasted.

STEP 7: Claim your passport and ACR I-Card.

How much are the fees?

The fees will depend on what type of visa, what category you are in, how many years the visa is, and if you are the dependent, etc. Please check the BI website for complete information on your visa.

The ACR I-card costs USD 50.00 plus a fee of PHP 500.00.

How to Get a Residency in the Philippines

There are many types of visas for Residency in the Philippines for Foreigners and returning residents. The process is all common; however, the requirements and fees are different for each type. I hope this guide will help you on how you can stay longer in the Philippines. Take care and enjoy our country!

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72 thoughts on “How to Get a Permanent Resident Visa in the Philippines (Residency for Foreigners)

  1. I’ve been married to a Pinay for 5 years and I’m ready to retire in the Philippines now. Can I get the residency paperwork complete at the Houston TX consulate? And what documentation do I need to bring.? I have all her info from our attempt to get her here but due to complications I’ve decided to retire early and immigrate to Philippines as that was our end game anyway.

  2. Hello good afternoon I just want to ask if I can still get visa for residences, even if I’m not 50 years old Thanks

  3. Hi. I am Filipino citizen and have a daughter who is minor and Malaysian citizen. We’re residing in Malaysia. I am exploring to get my daughter a PR or dual citizen? Is this possible and what’s the procedure if you’ve had encounter this scenario previously.

    1. Kindly contact the nearest Philippine Embassy; if you are Filipino then by birth your daughter is also a Filipino. Not sure of the rules of Philippine-Malaysia though if they accept dual citizenship but mostly it’s discussed when your child is 18. But usually minors can get 2 citizenships.

  4. What about trying to get a Resident Alien 13A Visa while in the US? No one talks about this and the Consulate has told me that they will not discuss steps over the phone. No one can even tell us what has to be apostilled. My wife will become a Dual Citizen and I have to do this stateside, not in the Philippines.

  5. Hi, I am an Indian national… how can I get a residence visa for Philippines as I got married with Philipino girl from last 7 years , we have one daughter going to be 7 years… I need residence visa in Philippines. How can I apply.

  6. Hello, I am married to a Filipina for over 40 years, have lived in the Philippines for over 10 years now. Q: What happens to my status as 13A/Permanent Resident should my wife precede me in death? We already purchased our plots & Funeral Plans. Lot’s of different opinions about this.

  7. Hi , i need some advise getting a PR in philippines, is it possible and easier getting a PR with investment in the philippines?

  8. hi hoping you can help I was married to a filipino for nearly 20 years unfortunately she passed away from illness. She has a daughter who lives in the phillippines they are doing it hard .I want to go there to help them out how do I get a long term visa I would like to retire there as I have no family here I just dont know what to do can you please help salamat po
    terry roberts

  9. Hi, I am an Indian national… Can I get a permanent residence visa for Philippines as I am going to marry a Philipino girl shortly… I want to stay permanently in Philippines…

  10. Hi, I’m a guy from Belgium, in love with a guy from Philippines, and we wanna be together after all these time we are together. I already tried to find a job in Philippines, to work as expat or so but not really a succes for moment. I already had few contacts with companies based in Philippines and the say contact us again if you are living here. is there a way that we can be together, maybe start own business, or if possible to live there and work there. Any info would be helpful.

  11. I have foreigner friend who is living in thailand.but want to stay here in Philippines for good. What visa should he get to stay in Philippines permanently?

  12. Hi.. I have a US citizen bf. And he plans to permanently reside here in Philippines. I’m not annulled yet with my ex husband. Is there any way my US citizen bf stay here for good? Thank you

  13. Hi. I am a UK national. I have decided that I would like to live with my filipina girlfriend in the Phillipines, although we are not married. Is it possible to do this and what would the requirements be?

  14. Hi there I’m Roberto I have an Australian friend married to a filipina.He’s looking to apply permanent resident’s visa in the Philippine.Please help us what to do,where to get an application form and how to comply requirement.We highly appreciated any help,maraming salamat po(thank you very much)

    1. Hi, I have a fiancé from USA (green card holder) who wants to permanently move in the Philippines and get married here. Whatbare the requirements and cost.
      Will he be able to get a job here?
      Thank you.

      1. It’s going to be hard getting a job here if he’s American unless he applies for American companies based in the PH.

  15. i am married to a filipina in the philippines. i do have my acr card for visitor but i like to apply for permeant residence in the philippines here in toronto. how do i do this and how much it cost.

  16. Hi, I’m a filipino U.s citizen and filipino. I have hungarian gf. We would like to move to philippines later or for her to stay longer when she is there. What type of visa my gf will get for her to stay in philippines for a long period of time as possible? When she arrives there does she needs to get long stay visa? When it comes to residency for her, what are the options for her? When I check the spouse residency seems the hungarian is not allowed but not sure? Pls confirm. And if the hungarian is not allowed can she become u.s and hungarian citizen first to be able for her to get philippine permanent residency? Or what other option for her to be residents in philippines? And if she become residents in philippines, is there any limit for her to stay outside of philippines or she can stay outside the philippines infinite?

    1. Good day.
      I am a Malaysian married to a filipino citizen.
      My wife a filipino citizen recently passed away from cancer. I am in talks with her family who would like me to inherit her land.
      Can I still apply for Philippines permanent residency?

  17. I’m an American citizen I would like to retire to the Philippines I met a woman there 2 years ago and we have become very close. We plan on marrying soon after I can come there. I’m retired from the veterans administration and have no problem putting money in a Filipino bank account what is the best way for me to come on a 30 day visit and not have to leave sweetheart

  18. Hi, tricky one for you,

    I’m 24 from the Netherlands, I wish to reside in the PH for a long time, mainly for tax purposes, since my income is all online,

    Would you know which visa would be the best for me?

  19. Hi there! I’m a foreigner planning to stay permanently at Philippines and buy property for business, is there any amount to invest to Philippines to avail cetizenship, if yes appreciate if you can give me the list of the requirements and advice, thank you

  20. good day!
    i want to inquire on how to apply or process permanent residency here in the Philippines my auntie is senior citizen 66 yrs old (Filipina)and she decide to stay here in the Philippines for good, she married to German husband already decease 18 years ago, no children at all

    thank you,
    sally salengua

  21. I am a Singaporean married to a Filipino wife. I would like to settle down in the Philippines. I am 72 yrs old and my wife is 55 yrs old.If it is possible I would like to stay in Cebu and do some small business. How do I go about living my dream?

  22. I’m a American male married to a Filipino woman we have a 20 month old son together. We got married in the Philippines, we’ve been married now for 3 years i just moved here in the Philippines last December to be with my wife and son, now I’m going to apply for the permanent residency visa, do you know which documents I’ll need to have this done.

  23. I plan on getting married to my Filipina girlfriend in the Philippines. Can I buy a one way ticket to the Philippines and get a spouse visa when I’m there?

  24. HI, lots of interesting questions and they are helpful, thanks. I have a question, we are elderly American citizens and have been to PI, Cebu often, but we would like to live there during the winter seasons, like the most of elders move to Arizona here in USA. We just love the people and the country there in PI and would love to hire locals for house maintenance and such. Basically from December thru April or May seasons. Thanks

  25. Hi, am not a citizenship of Philippines and I want to apply for permanent resident visa. Can single foreigners apply

  26. I have a condo in the Philippines but was living there on a tourist visa. I can’t go back to my condo since Covid started. Is there any way I can get in the country since I own a condo? I’m 47, American citizen and no wife or kids there. No SRRV. Do I qualify for a resident visa or any lesser known visas??

  27. I have been married to a Filipina for 14 years now. We presently live in Canada but want to relocate and retire in the Philippines. I am a Canadian citizen and my wife is a Filipina citizen. Can I apply for permanent residency after I move to the Philippines or do I need to apply before I leave Canada?

      1. hi my huband indean cityzen he mareed me hear phipline and now me and my huband work in Macau toghter AMD 2024 come back phiphean can my huband esey resident in phiphean please replye

  28. hi, good day. im a malaysia citizen. i haved my son with filipino mother born here at malaysia. Now both of them residing stay at philipines ready. im still here at malaysia. how can i get visa if i want to stay at philipines. the problem is we never married. and dont have marriage papers. pls advice ..thank you

    1. It’s going to be hard to apply for a visa without evidence of marriage, so, you’ll need to wait for the borders to open for tourism and foreigners.

  29. Hi! I have a question, I hope you can answer me. I want to get permanent residency in the Philippines while my nationality remains Japan. I heard that children in the Philippines can get permanent residency if they apply. How? Looking forward to your reply.

    1. You can still have permanent residency while remaining Japanese. Are you perhaps half-filipino and half-japanese? or were you born here?

      1. yes mam, my mother is a filipina and I had japanese father. can you reach me through this email. looking forward for your response

        1. Hello Laurice, it’s better to check the BI’s website here – https://immigration.gov.ph/. Try going to services, alien registration then Philippine Born Registrants or Citizenship.

          I’m not really an expert with Permanent visas as I only know an overview and a certain type. You can contact the BI through their FB Page.

  30. I need your help regarding application for visa, my husband is a Pakistani National and we’re married in Saudi Arabia, not yet registered in the Philippines. How can he get a temporary resident visa? Please i need ur assistance. Thank u.

    1. It’s better to register your marriage in the Philippines. Then, let him apply for a spouse visa in the nearest Philippine Embassy.

  31. Hi, I querying about Visa application before my husband he is a japanese, what is the initial documents to apply? We are married already

  32. Hello, I’m an american looking to move permanently to the Philippines. All the legal things are a bit confusing for me.

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