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12 Countries Where You Can Get Citizenship By Investment

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor January 8th, 2021 Posted in Travel Blog, VISA Application Guides 2 Comments

If you have a big amount of savings and want to be living full time or mostly in another country, you can try the Golden Visas. With Golden Visas, you can be a citizen by investing in another country and enjoy two passports. Here are countries where you can get Citizenship By Investment.

Countries Where You Can Get Citizenship By Investment
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One of the ways where a country can have funds or benefits is through foreign investments. And an excellent perk for investors is being offered citizenship. The investor doesn’t need to live for more than 5 years in another country to be a Citizen; rather, the process can be quite fast. Mostly, investors need to donate funds for the government or purchase real estate. Know what countries offer such incredible opportunities in this article.

Countries offering Citizenship by Investment

1. Antigua and Barbuda

Countries Where You Can Get Citizenship By Investment 02
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Minimum Investment: USD 100,000
Time Frame: 3-6 months
Official Government Website: cip.gov.ag
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 151 countries

The first on our list is Antigua and Barbuda, which is a twin-island country in the Caribbean. You can invest in the National Development Fund with at least USD 100,000, one of the lowest on our list. Their passport is ranked 31st and allows you visa-free travel to Europe, most South America and the Caribbean Countries, and even South African countries.

2. St. Lucia

Countries Where You Can Get Citizenship By Investment 03
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Minimum Investment: USD 100,000
Time Frame: 3-4 months
Official Government Website: cipsaintlucia.com
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 146 countries

Another country in the Caribbean where you can obtain citizenship by investment is St. Lucia. The process will take 90 days and will give you immediate benefits. Visiting 146 countries visa-free or visa-on-arrival, including the Schengen States, is just one of the perks of their citizenship. Enjoy the volcanic beaches, luxury resorts, and abundant marine life in this part of the world.

3. Dominica

Countries Where You Can Get Citizenship By Investment 04
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Minimum Investment: USD 100,000
Time Frame: 3-4 months
Official Government Website: cbiu.gov.dm
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 152 countries

A tiny but gorgeous Caribbean nation waiting to be discovered is Dominica. You don’t have to worry about language barriers as the official language is English. Aside from the USD 100,000 development fund, you can also purchase real estate costing a minimum of USD 200,000. You can also bring your extended family like your dependent parents, grandparents, including in-laws and siblings.

4. Montenegro

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Minimum Investment: EURO 100,000 / USD 120,000 – up to 2021 or EURO 250,000 / USD 300,000
Time Frame: 3 months
Official Government Website: mia.gov.me
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 124 countries

Montenegro has 2 types of investment; the first one is available only to 2,000 applicants until 2021. While the other one is an investment in government projects, which is at least EURO 250k for underdeveloped areas while EURO 450k for developed areas. You can travel mostly visa-free in Europe with Montenegrin Citizenship. It’s much faster than getting a residency as it will take you 10 years.

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5. Vanuatu

Countries Where You Can Get Citizenship By Investment 05
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Minimum Investment: USD 130,000
Time Frame: 1 month
Official Government Website: vanucitizenship.gov.vu
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 130 countries

The only Oceania-South Pacific country on our list is Vanuatu. With a Vanuatu Passport as your second passport, you can travel to many countries, including the EU and UK. Another good thing is that there are no personal taxes like wealth, inheritance, or income taxes here. Real Estate is also cheaper than in the Caribbean countries. You’ll have more or less the same view; endless ocean and beautiful sand.

6. Saint Kitts & Nevis

Minimum Investment: USD 150,000
Time Frame: 1.5 – 2 months
Official Government Website: ciu.gov.kn
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 165 countries

Established in 1984, you can be a citizen of St. Kitts & Nevis through a donation to the Sustainable Growth Fund or a real estate investment. You don’t need to go to St. Kitts to apply for citizenship and can do it through an agent. You will surely fall in love with the beauty of this Caribbean Country.

7. Grenada

Countries Where You Can Get Citizenship By Investment 06
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Minimum Investment: USD 150,000
Time Frame: 3 – 4 moths
Official Government Website: cbi.gov.gd
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 153 countries

The last but definitely not the least Caribbean Country on our list where you can get a Citizenship by Investment is Grenada. As their passport is strong, you can travel without a visa to most of Europe and South America, and the Caribbean. No more applications for Russia and China, too.

8. Cambodia

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Minimum Investment: USD 250,000
Time Frame: 3-6 month
Official Government Website: cambodiainvestment.gov.kh
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 54 countries

Cambodia is the only South-East Asian country on our list where you can be a Citizen if you invest. You’ll be a bit like Angelina Jolie. Cambodia perhaps has the lowest cost of living on our list but has the least powerful passport.

9. Turkey

Minimum Investment: USD 250,000
Time Frame: 3 – 6 months
Official Government Website: invest.gov.tr
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 125 countries

Turkey is a country located in Eurasia where you can get Citizenship by Investment. If you acquire real estate for a minimum of USD 250,000 and do not sell it for 3 years, you can apply for citizenship. Though they are not visa-free to the Schengen Area, they are visa free to many Latin America, South America, and African Countries.

10. Malta

Minimum Investment: EURO 600,000 or about USD 725,000
Time Frame: more than 1 year
Official Government Website: komunita.gov.mt
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 184 countries

As Malta is an EU country, it can allow you to travel to 184 countries visa-free with freedom of movement in the Schengen Zone. You will need to be a Maltese resident for at least a year. Then, you can apply for citizenship after contributing EURO 750,000. EURO 600,000 is only applicable if you will wait for 3 years instead of one.

11. Jordan

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Minimum Investment: USD 1,000,000
Time Frame: 5 years+
Official Government Website: jic.gov.jo
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 51 countries

Jordan is the only Middle-Eastern country on our list. They don’t offer travel opportunities, unlike other countries. Still, it’s quite tempting for people who want to have a business in this part of the world. They have many options; the least is to invest USD 1M in SMEs for at least 5 years to become a national. There are also cheaper options costing JD 200,000 for a permanent residency.

12. Cyprus

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Minimum Investment: EURO 2,000,000 / USD 2,400,000
Time Frame: 6 months
Official Government Website: cipregistry.mof.gov.cy
Travel Perks: Visa-Free to 174 countries

Another European country where you can be granted citizenship is Cyprus. Like Malta, it allows you freedom of movement in the EU. However, you don’t have to be a resident for a year and directly be a Citizen. You will be investing about EURO 2M into real estate plus donations of about EURO 75K.

Countries Where You Can Get Citizenship By Investment 01

Those are the countries where you can get a Citizenship By Investment. We will also have a list of countries that grants you Residency by Investment. Most likely, from Residency, you can get upgraded to citizenship. This is one of the great ways to travel or do business.

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