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25 Best Islands in the Caribbean To Visit [With Photos and Travel Tips]

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor June 25th, 2020 Posted in Caribbean Travel Blog, Sailing, Travel Blog One Comment

Are you thinking about which one is the best islands in the Caribbean to visit? Well, to tell you frankly, all are the best! Each island in the Caribbean offers different relaxation and tranquility that will suit your needs.

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When you want to leave the hustle and the bustle of the city, any island in the Caribbean is considered a ‘sweet escape’. So we will help you choose which one would suit your standards. We listed down the 25 best islands in the Caribbean to visit.

1. Cayman Islands

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean
Yuya Hata

Home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, stretching 7 miles, Cayman Islands is also home to 3 islands; Grand Cayman (the largest island0, Cayman Brac, and the Little Cayman (the smallest island). All of these islands possess different characteristics that make the Cayman Islands worth visiting.

Grand Cayman is the most popular among the three. It’s known for its luxurious beach resorts and hotels. A lot of tourists also go here because of the scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities that it offers. George Town is Grand Cayman’s Capital and the Cayman Islands National Museum can be found here.

Meanwhile, Cayman Brac is known for the deep-sea fishing tours. And the Little Cayman is consists of some of the world’s endangered species such as iguanas and seabirds. The diverse wildlife of this small island makes it unique. 

2. Jamaica

Being known for its cuisine and beverages, Jamaica is one of the most visited countries in the Carribean. With its forest and reef-lined beaches, the views and atmosphere in this nation are absolutely breathtaking. Plus the rainforests and mountains are just beautiful that you shouldn’t miss them.

A lot of people choose to spend a vacation here for a nice memorable holiday. Various activities can be done here including snorkeling and diving. So if you’re game for an adventure and a relaxation, Jamaica is the place to be.

3. The Bahamas

It is not surprising that a lot of people fell in love with this beautiful archipelago. The Bahamas is consists of at least 700 islands, a wide range of resorts can be found here. The stunning beaches, and gorgeous island, who wouldn’t want to go here? The pristine aqua-waters and white sandy beaches are just some of the few reasons why you should travel in the Bahamas.

When you go here, never miss the chance to go to the Grand Bahama and Paradise Island. You will definitely have the best diving and snorkeling experience here and that includes the Andros Barrier reef, the Black-coral gardens off Bimini, and the Thunderball Grotto. 

4. Aruba

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean

For the perfect summer destination, Aruba might be the best one. This island in the Caribbean has dry and sunny weather and experience very short rain. The famous trade winds that bring cool breezes will make you feel the tranquility you need. The island’s blonde beaches are a sight to see. It also has one of the best wreck diving sites. You can visit Aruba at any time of the year but months of April to August is the best time since prices during these months become cheaper.

5. Turks and Caicos

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean

Turks and Caicos are known for its luxurious hotels and resorts. Its shops and restaurants have that deluxe atmosphere. It will make your dine-in unforgettable. The beautiful and stunning scenery of the ocean is also a few of the reasons why it is popular. Because of that, Turks and Caicos offer a lot of outdoor activities for people seeking for some adventures. 

6. St. Lucia

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean

St. Lucia continuous to culminates with the gargantuan duo of the Pitons. Travelers will discover the splendid cove of Anse Chastanet, concealed between cliffs and promontories and clusters of coastal waterfalls. It also offers the gleaming powder of Reduit Beach and the strong bulwarks of Pigeon Island National Park.

7. Cuba

Cuba Travel Guide for Filipino and British - Havana from above
Old Havana!

Cuba has remained secluded and outlying for travelers in the Caribbean until only recently. Report says a loosening of travel and import restrictions from America, both are expecting a large group of people to bring new tourists to the Pearl of the Antilles.

The capital Havana oozes vintage charm. In 1925 give way to the off-beats of samba, rumba, and songo everywhere. The island offers up picture-perfect beaches at Varadero, breathtaking vistas in the Viñales Valley, ecotourism amidst Karst Mountains in Pinar del Río and a lot more.

8. Antigua and Barbuda

The reason why Antigua and Barbuda are known as a well-rounded tourist draws is because of its sky-blue Caribbean Sea in the midst of the Leeward Islands. St. John is the capital and largest city of Antigua. And then there’s Barbuda: a mecca for sailors and swimmers in search of real solitude. Falmouth and English Harbour are two of the earliest colonial towns here wherein you can find the Shirley Heights Lookout and see the breathtaking pearly-white of beaches that most travelers will go to.

9. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has plenty of advantage, Los Haitises in the east to the Sierra de Bahoruco in the west, the Cabarete and Puerto Plata in the north to the urban sprawl of Santo Domingo and its concomitant colonial treasures in the south. Punta Cana where strips of white sand run along the windward coast like glistening ribbons in the moonlight, punctuated only by the occasional luxury resort, its infinity pools butting upright to rollers of the Atlantic.

If you are fearless and looking for an adventure you might want to try intrepid and seek out the ridges and hikes of the Enriquillo Valley, and indelibly green Armando Bermúdez  But if you aim for a pleasing and stunning place you can go to coast of Cibao, and hop between fishing towns and salt-washed cays.

10. Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital and largest city. Here, you can find the Baroque churches, the mighty El Castillo fort and the shimmering beaches of Condado and find glamorous beaches and the frog-spotted forests of El Yunque go east or south to see Ponce and be amaze of its architectural style.

11. US Virgin Islands

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean

It’s known for white-sand beaches, reefs and verdant hills. This trio of islands in the Caribbean sea Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas are prominent paradise.

Then there’s Salt River Bay, a verdant bloom of mangrove forests that spills into the cobalt blue and lovely underwater corals of Buck Island Reef. US Virgin Islands is a remarkable paradise.

12. Montserrat

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean
Photo by Leonora (Ellie) Enking CC BY-SA 2.0

Montserrat was severely damaged back in 1995 because of the catastrophic volcanic eruptions of Soufrière Hills, which destroyed the capital city of Plymouth and compel the evacuation of a large part of the island. The north of the island is largely unaffected and has black-sand beaches, coral reefs, cliffs and shoreline caves. Montserrat is known for its coral reefs and its cave along the shore. You’ll find Rendezvous Bay, jungle-spotted volcanic massifs deep in the central Hills. Travel to tiny Montserrat has and always will be a great experience.

13. Grenada

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean
Elaine Brewer

Grenada is famous for spices and is known as the Spice Isle.

It’s a significant source of cloves, cinnamon, and ginger, among others.

With the cones of Mount Saint Catherine and the Grand Etang Lake. To the south is Grand Anse Beach, with resorts and bars.

14. St. Martin

St. Martin is divided between its northern French side, called Saint-Martin, and its southern Dutch side, Sint Maarten. Exceedingly famous with cruise shippers and sun-seekers. It’s also known for fusion cuisine; vibrant nightlife and duty-free shops selling jewelry and liquor. The island is home to busy resort beaches and hidden coves.

15. St. Barts

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean
Photo by Robert Brown CC BY-ND 2.0


Barts has a certain air of importance that often works to keep away the casual visitor.

Here you’ll find the most luxurious hotel resorts and exclusive boutiques on the planet that helped it become a travel hotspot. Its array of stunning beaches, luxury yachts and bespoke fashion shops in its midst. There’s no doubt that the prize is worth paying for.

16. The British Virgin Islands

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean
Phil Hauser

The British Virgin Islands is one of the world’s sailing hot spots. Anegada is known for its secluded beaches that offer windsurfers some long and challenging rides or you can enjoy surfing opportunities on Apple Bay. Virgin Goda is probably most famous for the baths. And when it’s time to relax be sure to visit its glistening bath

17. Curacao

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean

Curaçao draws a really broad range of travelers because of its beaches tucked into coves and its spectacular views. There are luxury hotels like the Hyatt with its private beach in Barbara while some would try the Playa Kalki or be mesmerized of the hanging stalactites of the Hato Caves. Or visit the Maritime Museum and Postal Museum in the capital. This wonderful place is certainly worth a visit.

18. Guadeloupe

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean
Photo by Annie Mason on Unsplash

Guadeloupe resembles a butterfly, its 2 largest islands are separated by the Salée River. The Grande Terre with exhilarating nightlife and modish fashion outlets of Gosier. Basse Terre is Guadeloupe’s trump card. Regardless of its name meaning ‘low land’ it’s a wilder place and larger of the two isles.

19. Barbados

In Barbados, you can enjoy the soft sands of Alleynes Bay or Barbados Beach.

You can also visit the Bathsheba and Cattlewash salt and whitecap water and enjoy surfing. Flying fish is one of the national symbols of the island. It becomes frying fish with a scotch bonnet top and opulent all-inclusive resorts on the cliff tops.

20. Bermuda

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean
Sandra Seitamaa

Around the world, Bermuda is known for its pink-sand beaches because of the tiny organism called the red foraminifera which has a red coloring mix with the white sand.

The island is renowned for its picturesque beaches and gorgeous reefs that ring the island. From December the climate maintains stable and pleasant humidity.

Be in love with Bermuda’s translucent water and pink beaches.

21. Haiti

In spite of the tragedy that happened because of the earthquake Haiti still has plenty of surprises. If you are looking for an escapade this is the best place to be. With its soaring walls of the Citadelle Laferrière, the largest fortress in America. The lovely sands of Cape-Haïtien, the pirate retreats of Tortuga, the dense Forêt de Pins and its hiking trails and more.

22. Martinique

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean
Teddy Charti

Martinique is a rugged Caribbean island. It combines the belle of the tropics with all the refinement you’d expect of French overseas territory. The innumerable folds of empty sand going from Grand Anse to Anse Turin and bizarre mix of spice-packed Tamil curries mix with Francophone pastries on the streets of Fort-de-France. Martinique offers impressive landscapes and fascinating history that you will surely enjoy.

23. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean
Trenton Jones

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has a lot to offer and yet to discover. There are much fewer tourists that visit this place to explore the lagoons and sparkling cays of the Grenadines, or to honeymoon with views of Bequia Beach, or on the isolated Tobago cays. If you are adventurous you can try on the SCUBA gear and go underwater and the boundless schools of frogfish and barracudas. Enjoy the private isles,  volcanic landscapes, and exquisite beaches.

24. Trinidad and Tobago

25 Best Islands To Visit in the Caribbean
Wayne Lee-Sing

Trinidad and Tobago is a dual-island with distinctive Creole traditions and cuisines.

Tourists can also see the whitewashed remains and canons of Fort George or turtle seeking on Matura Beach. The smaller island of Tobago is known for its beaches and the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve, which shelters hummingbirds.

25. St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis is a well-rounded holidaying spot in the middle of the sun-splashed Lesser Antilles. Saint Kitts, is dominated by the dormant Mount Liamuiga volcano, home to a crater lake, green vervet monkeys and rainforest crisscrossed with a hiking trail.

Its sculpted volcanic hills covered in blankets of tropical green, historic sugar plantations clad in ages of moss and crumbling colonial fortresses. It’s a balance of escapade and relaxation, lovely tropical vistas and interesting history.

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