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14 thoughts on “Kach and Jonathan’s Jobs on the Road – Two Monkeys Travel Jobs

  1. Hi Kach and Jonathan,

    Greetings from the Philippines!

    Your experiences are so wonderful. I would like to do the same and probably meet my soulmate along the way. It is just fear and worries especially on financial matters that are hampering my plans. Do you have any suggestions to make me more courageous and go ahead with my traveling the world?

    By the way, do you have a compilation or list where I can do volunteering per country?

    Thank you so much!

    Best regards,


  2. I want also to looking job in other countries ! Pls show me ! how to apply it ? And I reading in here . There are giving free visa and ticket . I realized to get reply from your . I have 13 years expenrien of spa . Am interesting

  3. hello kach 🙂 ur story is very inspiring, gave me much motivation and courage to continue my backpacking journey. I often do solo travels, I couch-surf and find hosts for a place to stay in exchange of light work, it works well to me. I would like to ask where is the best country to jump start my trip to Machu Piccu? what are the possible odds or possible problems I might encounter in this journey? Thank you for this wonderful blog Kach and God Bless you both 🙂

  4. You two are living my dream! I’ve done quite a bit of backpacking and traveling but it seems like you both have a way of finding fantastic opportunities on the road. One question- how do you find hostels that offer a room for volunteer work?

    1. Thanks Sam! We usually used Helpx.net and also walk in, we stay in a hostel and ask them if they need volunteers.

  5. Great article and blog, Ive been reading through most of it for an hr or so and have learned quite a bit. My girlfriend and I are in early stages of planning to become world travelers but the biggest concern i have is generating income along the way. I own strength training/personal training program now and she does photography with both of us having experience in the bar and restaurant business. we plan to use workaway programs to hop around the world but my biggest concern is finding work during or between those stays so that we can have decent weekends and still afford travel. Any helpful words or resources?

  6. Wow, so many options! You make it sound so easy to travel without your job holding you back. I just want to ask, don’t you need a work visa to work as, say, an EFL teacher?

  7. This is great, love the reality TV one! We have been looking for idea on how to make money on the road, looks like there are plenty of options and lots of them fun too!

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