DIY Travel Guide-Travel to Batanes, Philippines

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes, Philippines

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Would you like to tick off various items from your #travelgoals in one trip? Then Batanes is your place to be! Go Travel to Batanes, Philippines!

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

Stand on this pedestal, face north, and behind you are the 7,100+ islands of the Philippines.

Being one of the dream destinations in my country, my expectations were way too high. And guess what, this northernmost province of the Philippines won’t disappoint you.

According to some personal blogs, they described this destination as a finest getaway, a place bathed in serenity and dramatic scenery, a green wonderland, an amazing destination, one of the safest places here in the Philippines, and one on every Filipino’s bucket list. After staying for 8 days in the majestic islands of Batanes, I attest that these descriptions are all true and insufficient. Yes, these are insufficient. These adjectives cannot justify the glory of Batanes. You have to come and experience it by yourself.

Here’s my itinerary, contact information of guides, some tips, and budget breakdown for my 8 days solo travel in Batanes.

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

This is how the locals of Itbayat unload their goods

Contact information of my local guides in Batanes:

  •  Itbayat Island Guide – Jojo Labrador – 09206603801
  •  Batan Island Guide – Sir Joel – 09493499350
  •  Batan Island Accomodation – Nanay Cita’s Homestay – 09399193616
  •  BATODA (Batanes Tricycle Operators & Drivers Association – 09297038404
  •  Sabtang Island Guide – Jhun Castillo – 09084366357

Trip Highlights:  

Batan Island 

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

Vayang Rolling Hills in North Batan

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

one of the lighthouses in South Batan with beautiful exterior

Itbayat Island 

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

Coral Cliff Caves in Itbayat Island

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

on top of Torongan Hills in Itbayat Island

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

Who would have thought that this is in the Philippines- Coral Cliffs in Itbayat Island

Sabtang island 

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

Nakabuang Cave Natural Arc of Sabtang Island

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

Honesty Coffee Shop in South Batan

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Travel Tips:

  • Choose window seat D (right side) when flying to Basco then take the window seat A (left side) when going back to Manila. These sits will give you the perfect view of Batanes Islands.
  • Bring sunblock!!
  • Electricity in Itbayat Island and Sabtang Island is off from 12:00 midnight to 6AM.
  • Water in Itbayat has a weird taste. I opted to buy mineral water all throughout my stay.
  • Be at Basco, Itbayat, & Sabtang Port 30 minutes before the scheduled trip.
  • Acquiring a guide in Itbayat is not mandatory but it will help you a lot!
  • Food / meals are expensive in Itbayat. If you’re on a budget trip, you can cook your own food. If not, help the locals and pay approximately PHP 250/meal.
  • Pack light!

Daily Budget:

 DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

Itinerary Details:

DAY 1 (Batan Island)

  • arrival in Basco, Batanes
  • checked in at Nanay Cita’s Homestay
  • roamed around the town proper of Basco
  • prepared my things for my 3day trip to the northernmost inhabited island of the Philippines – Itbayat Island

Places to visit:

  • plaza
  • Basco port
  • Dominic de Guzman Cathedral
  • SBC Canteen

DAY 2 (Itbayat Island)

  • DIY Travel Guide-Travel to Batanes, Philippines

    “Please experience Batanes. Don’t just google it.” @ Torongan Cave, Itbayat Island

    woke up as early as 4AM

  • travelled from Batan Island to Itbayat Island thru a falowa (3-4hours)
  • settled my things to one of the stone houses near the Itbayat Municipality Hall
  • whole day tour with Kuya Jojo Labrador

Places to visit:

  • Chinapoliran Port
  • Town Proper
  • Lake Kavaywan
  • Karoboban View Deck
  • Torongan Cave
  • Torongan Hills
  • Raele Village
  • Yawran Village
  • Varayvaya Village
  • Itbayat Airport
  • Old PAGASA Station
  • Nahini Votox (Boat-shaped burial grounds)
  • Lake Kavaywan

DAY 3 (Itbayat Island)

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

Locals wearing vakul

  • attended the Holy Mass with the Locals
  • wandered around their town proper
  • half-day tour with Kuya Jojo Labrador

Places to visit:

  • Maria Immaculate Church
  • Riposed
  • Nahili Votox
  • Port Mauyen
  • Paganaman Port
  • Small Lagoon
  • Mauyen Port
  • Coral Cliff Caves

Activities to try:

  • Hiking (Mt. Riposed)
  • Swimming (Small Lagoon)

DAY 4 (Itbayat Island)

  • early morning ride to Itbayat PAGASA (New) Station
  • met their Municipality Mayor
  • roamed around their town proper
  • travelled back to Batan Island

Places to visit:

  • Itbayat Elementary School
  • Municipality Hall
  • PAGASA New Station
  • Plaza

DAY 5 (Sabtang Island)

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

This was in Morong Beach in Sabtang Island I was able to wear my 2pc swim suit because no one was there

  • woke up as early as 4AM
  • travelled from Nanay Cita’s Homestay to Ivana Port in south of Batan Island
  • travelled from Batan Island to Sabtang Island thru a falowa (30mins)
  • whole day tour with Kuya Jhun Castillo

Places to visit:

  • Cliff Road Turn
  • Morong White Beach
  • Nakabuang Cave (Natural Arc)
  • Sabtang Light House
  • Sabtang Church
  • Savidug Stone Houses
  • Sabtang Weavers Association
  • Rosa de Lima Chapel
  • Chavayan Road
  • Chavayan Church
  • Duvek Bay
  • Lion Rock at Duvek Bay
  • Chamantad-Tinyan View Deck
  • San Vicente Ferrer Church
  • Thomas Aquinas Chapel
  • Savidug Idjiang
  • Sumnanga Village ( Little Hong Kong of Batanes)
  • Tiñan Viewdeck
  • Chavayan Village
  • Bario Sinakan (Poblacion)
  • Lime Beach

Activities to try:

  • Swimming (White beach with Natural Arc)

DAY 6 (Sabtang Island)

  • travelled back to Batan Island thru a falowa (30mins)
  • travelled from Ivana Port in South Batan to Nanay Cita’s Homestay (30mins)
  • wandered around their town proper
  • hanged-out with fellow travellers and locals

DAY 7 (Batan Island)

  • whole day tour with Kuya (North & South Batan)
  • watched their Batanes Day Program at their plaza

Places to visit:

North Batan:

DIY Travel Guide to Batanes

Valugan Boulder Beach

  • Naidi Lighthouse (Basco Lighthouse)
  • Naidi Hills
  • Bunker’s café
  • Casa Real
  • Vayang Rolling Hills
  • Nakamaya Burial Site
  • Valugan Boulder Beach
  • Basco PAGASA Station
  • Carmel Chapel
  • Basco Port
  • Domingo de Basco Cathedral
  • Valugan Bay
  • Valugan Boulder Beach
  • Chadpidan Boulder Beach
  • Dipnaysupuan Japanese tunnel
  • Tukon
  • Basco Airport

South Batan:

  • Diura Fishing Village
  • Racuh A Payaman (Marlboro Hills)
  • Alapad Rock Formation
  • Ruins of Songsong
  • Radiwan Port
  • House of Dakay
  • Spanish Bridge
  • Tayid Cliff & Lighthouse
  • Chawa Cliff View Deck
  • San Carlos Borromeo Church
  • Disvayangan Beach
  • Honesty coffee shop
  • San Jose Obrero Church
  • San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel
  • Loran Station
  • Mahatao view deck
  • Mahatao Light house
  • Mahatao Boat Shelter
  • Disvayangan Beach
  • Imnajbu Road cliffs
  • Imnajbu Village
  • Itbud Village
  • Chanartian Viewdeck

DAY 8 (Batan Island)

  • departure back to Manila

 You can also check out the video I made for this trip 

Dios Mamajes, BATANES! from Jindraism on Vimeo.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams. If you have to do it alone then by all means… Do yourself a favour, book a ticket for yourself, and witness the beauty of this province. – Jindra 

Travel to Batanes, Philippines

Name of the Contributor:

DIY Travel Guide to BatanesJindra Lantacon is a 20-something girl who never got her name spelled correctly at coffee shops. She’s one of those straight forwards and quick witted Aquarians who do not follow conventional ways. When she’s not working or blogging, you can find her panting while climbing mountains, running barefoot on a beach, talking comfortably to strangers, or virtual traveling when she’s out of budget.

Name of the Country: Batanes, Philippines

Date/s of your Travel: June 19-26, 2015

City / Places Visited and Number of Days:

Batan Island – 3 days

Itbayat Island – 3 days

Sabtang island – 2 days

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  2. Hi,

    The rate for tours indicated, is it per head? Or per unit? Is the indicated rates for motorbike and tryk tour good for 2 pax as well?


  3. Hi, rate for guided motorbike tour for north and south sabtang, is it also applicable for 2 pax? Or the rate will be 2x too?

  4. Hello Jindra! Possible ba pag 3days lang? Keri ba? I would like to ask your help if ever I’ll only have a three-day stay in Batanes, what-to-do & where-to-go, what do you suggest? Thank you! Cheers! 😉

  5. hi, miss jindra! thanks for this post… batanes has been in my bucket list for the longest time, but hopefully will tick it off in march 😉 i will be going solo, that’s why i’m looking for diy tips since most travel and tour packages has minimum required no. of persons to avail a certain rate. I just wonder, how much is the fee for the tour guide? do they have fixed rate? or, would it be up to you how much you would give them? are you on one on one, or did you join a group? thanks!

  6. Cool! I’m going to Batanes alone on Oct 19-25. Found this post really helpful. Wasn’t able to score a cheap ticket, though. But I think the place is going to be worth every cent. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  7. woooooow so beautiful 🙂 sana wag umulan ng last week ng september…. and sana may makasabay din akong fellow kaladkarins that time 🙂

  8. Wow, great post and photo’s, it sounds amazing! I would love to go to the Philippines and this post is giving me a serious case of Itchy feet!

  9. Hi Jindra, thanks for the inspiration of travelling alone. I’m saving this link for my trip reference. An idea pls of when is the best deal to book flights to Basco via PAL or SkyJet, that 2400++ is amazing ☺️

    1. Hello! I got mine last November 2014 when PAL offered low fares online. You can also try their travel expo.. I believe, SkyJet has promo this week. You can check it. 🙂 Thanks nga pala for appreciating this article. Hehe 🙂

  10. Hi! this post will be real helpful when my friends and I finally decide to push through with our trip. Btw, how did you manage to book a P2,500 ticket to and from Basco? Your input will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hello! I scored that tix last November when PAL offered low fares online. You can also try their travel expo..Or join us in Two Monkeys Travel Forum in Facebook. Most of our members are hayok din sa promo fares just like SkyJet promo going to B. Ayun. Nakakuha naman sila ng tickets as low as 900++. hehe We inform each other pag may promo fares. Join us! And thank you for appreciating this article. 🙂

    1. Go, sago! 🙂 Remember.. If you have to do it alone, then by all means! Even if you’re not 100% certain if you’ll go alone or not, just book the ticket! You can cancel it and get a refund anyways. 🙂

  11. Thank you for sharing this! I have always dreamt of visiting Batanes for the longest time, but have put it aside. I guess one big factor would be the cost of airfare going to and from Basco. I saw your list of expenses for your trip and was surprised that yours was waaay cheaper! How did do that?! Do you mind sharing with your readers?

    Thanks again for this post! Will bookmark this, for quick reference, when I realise my Batanes dream, hopefully soon! 🙂

    1. Hello! Thank you for appreciating this article. 🙂 Carinderias are all over Batan Island. Meals usually cost 80pesos. rice +1 viand. Quite expensive compare to the carinderias in mainland luzon. hehe But if you are really on a budget trip, canned goods is an option. When I was there, I also cooked my own meal. I ate Adobo for almost 3 days because I cant afford to eat 250 per meal. Haha 🙂 Go and book your ticket na! 🙂

  12. This is incredibly useful since we have been planning to travel to the Batanes Islands. The perceived high cost of traveling to these beautiful islands had put us off. But with this comprehensive travel guide and rate sheet, the cost is very reasonable after all.

    This is one step closer to make our Batanes-adventure dream come true! Thank you!

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