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Is Baku, Azerbaijan ready to host the Formula 1? A tourist’s point of view

By Kach Umandap March 24th, 2016 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Destination, Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog 42 Comments

Formula 1 fans, and no doubt the teams too, are all excitedly looking forward to the first ever Formula 1 in Baku, Azerbaijan! What do you think of Baku, Azerbaijan for Formula 1?

The first official Formula One race was held on the 13th May 1950 at Siverstone in England, although the race’s origins began in France in the early 1900s. Back in 1950 seven locations comprised the World Championships; Britain, Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium, France, Italy, and Indianapolis in the United States. Baku’s addition in 2016, at 6km taking in its UNESCO World Heritage Site Old City and famous oceanfront Bulvar, promises to challenge drivers taking on the combination of narrow uphill sections and the wide promenade which at 2.2kms could see them reaching top speeds. Although it is not currently certain how many tickets will be on sale, it’s safe to say that viewers both in Baku and at home are guaranteed a spectacular race in a location like no other!

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Between 2012 and 2014 an international GT race was held in Baku and the city now has its sights set even more ambitiously having become the 21st country on the 2016 Formula One Calendar. The Grand Prix of Europe will take place in Baku between the 17th and 19th of June on a track that organizers are proud to say “thrives on Baku’s very attractive urban atmosphere and its great combination of the historic city centre, the beautiful seaside promenade, and the city’s impressive modern style.”

Public knowledge and perception of Azerbaijan will recently have been influenced by firstly; the Eurovision Song Contest hosted by the country’s capital Baku in 2012 and, even more recently, the 2015 European Games.

The latter, which only just launched in 2012 in Rome, chose Baku as its first host city, in which 50 European countries brought approximately 6000 athletes to compete in 20 sports and 30 disciplines. These included 4 new sports not currently competed in the Olympic Games: Karate, Basketball, 3×3, Beach Soccer, and Sambo (a martial art developed by the Soviet Union in the 1920s with Russia as its strongest representative.)

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For many athletes coming to Baku held great significance considering a gold medal at the European Games immediately gains them ranking points to qualify for the Olympics in Brazil. Azerbaijan is experiencing a new formal wealth since its exit from the Soviet Union in 1991 and is currently investing some of its sizable profits from a healthy oil and natural gas industry into becoming known as a European destination for tourism and sporting events. Their dedication to this goal meant spending billions of pounds on a custom-built athletics stadium with a capacity to seat 68,000 spectators plus other venues for gymnastics, aquatics, BMX biking, and shooting. In turn, Azerbaijan’s efforts were supported by the 50 countries that chose to attend the successful European event. It has since been named as one of the host venues of UEFA Euro 2020, putting it on the map as a major sporting destination.

Our Unexpected Journey to Baku, Azerbaijan

In January 2016 we were lucky enough to visit a wintry Baku. Any preconceptions immediately disappeared on arrival into this historically and culturally rich location famous for its oil and gas exports. In fact, just south of the city visitors can see the world’s first oil well and it is in this spot that at the beginning of the 20th century half of the planet’s oil supplies were drilled. We have since heard the city referred to as ‘the Paris of the East’, benefiting from landmarks left by many historical empires and a growing tourism industry thanks to its reputation for luxury dining, shopping, and spa treatments coupled with a currency offering a very good exchange rate for tourists to enjoy all of these aspects in abundance. Famously home to one of the world’s most expensive shopping streets, Nizami Street and its many boutiques are definitely worth a visit between races, whether looking to splash out or just window-shopping! Here’s our simple guide on a quick trip to Baku, Azerbaijan.

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Race Preparations?

As we walked around the city, along many of the streets the Formula 1 Baku will follow, there appeared to be little sign that anything out of the ordinary was about to take place. People went about their daily business, traffic flowed, the sun rose and set and all seemed normal. But as we looked a little closer, we began to see the subtle yet crucial changes being made to accommodate the impending race. Road works are well underway to alter the roads like widening straights, re-shaping the corners, and completely resurfacing the road with brand new tarmac. The entire track has been designed by renowned F1 track architect Hermann Tilke, which could become the fastest street race track on the F1 circuit.

The new track will start next to Azadliq Square, before looping around the Government House and heading west to Maiden Tower. From there the track will have a narrow uphill traversal, then circle the Old City before opening up onto a high-speed 2.2 km (1.4 mi) stretch along Neftchilar Avenue back to the start line.

All being well, Baku appears to be ready to make a smooth transition from city streets to the high-speed racetrack, and then back again.

The Controversy of Progress

Controversy surrounds the race preparations with many locals voicing their fears that much of the city’s history is quite literally being paved over as part of the modifications for the big race. Much of Baku’s historic streets have been in place for hundreds of years and are a crucial part of the charming character of the city. Unfortunately, in order to create a race track fit for purpose, many of these streets have been paved over with tarmac, prompting protests from locals. There have also been reports of mandatory evictions from some areas of the city in order to make way for new infrastructure which will support the event, as well as the thousands of visitors it will attract. This is a difficult situation to judge from the outside – the trauma caused by being forced to leave your home is obviously significant – but provided people are treated well in the process and given a choice of suitable alternatives, then it is possible that in the long run, the changes will result in an improvement in the lives of local residents. After all, many of the older buildings being demolished are very poor quality, Soviet Era concrete boxes – a memory of the country’s history which could probably benefit from some rejuvenation. With any major change in a place where people live, there will always be protests from those who do not want the change. The key is whether people are treated well in the process, something about which we’re not well-enough informed to judge, so we’ll leave that to those who are.

Is Baku, Azerbaijan safe?

The country is known for its low crime rate but usual caution when traveling should be applied, for example when taking taxis be sure to take the officially marked purple taxis which have seat belts.  Other than transport the only danger to tourists is leaving with more hand-woven carpets than you have rooms in your house and a few extra kilos from eating too much delicious local cuisine! We felt so safe wandering through the old city and along the wide Bulvar both day and night and with an increased focus on tourism the city is becoming ever-more friendly to visitors.

Travel Guide to Baku Azerbaijan for Formula 1

How about the People?
Travel Guide to Baku, Azerbaijan for Formula 1

A key feature in the Azeri culture is hospitality. It is well-known that Azerbaijanis would offer shelter and home comforts to a visitor at the expense of their own needs and this is evident to any tourist lucky enough to visit. From the staff in the Kempinski Hotel to the craft vendors in the winding streets of the old city we experienced a great sense of welcome from everyone we met. For an already prosperous country on the verge of newfound fame for its tourism and sporting events, it’s a comfort to tourists to know that they will be greeted with enthusiasm and generosity at every corner.

How about Luxury properties?

In terms of hotels in Azerbaijan is known for luxury, just recently plans for a 33-storey Trump Hotel Baku which will feature 890 square metre rooms were announced. The city is already home to many luxury hotel chains, such as the wonderful Kempinski where we stayed (Here’s our recommended list of other Luxury hotels in Baku, Azerbaijan) , as well as smaller boutique hotels. Many of these are fortunately situated close to the seafront, perfectly placed for visitors to be in the middle of the action once races begin. The Caucasus region is famed for its spa and hammam treatments and the capital’s hotels do not disappoint!

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Luxury aside, the country’s president has expressed views that an increased number of tourists calls for more construction in the hotel industry, particularly targeting two and three star budget friendly options to bring the country in line with options found nearby in Iran and Turkey. With so many aspirations for the future and ambitious developments underway, Azerbaijan looks to set to become a hot destination for both luxury travelers and sporting enthusiasts for many years to come!

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42 thoughts on “Is Baku, Azerbaijan ready to host the Formula 1? A tourist’s point of view

  1. I have to admit the only reason I’ve even heard of this country is because Azerbaijan participates in the Eurovision contest xD I’m a saddened to hear that they needed to tarmac over the roads to create a track. I don’t think that is acceptable if they are historic roads.

    1. Good point, Laura. Just hoping that things will go right and Baku, Azerbaijan can be ready to host Formula 1.

  2. I’ve never even considered visiting Azerbaijan, but perhaps the Formula 1 will inspire some more tourism in the area 🙂 Sounds like a lovely country!

    1. Definitely, Becca. That very point should encourage Baku, Azerbaijan to be prepared on this infamous event as it can be a great step to boost its tourism.

  3. It would be a great opportunity for Azerbaijan to host the F1, but that will also mean that the historical places will suffer during the process.

  4. How beautiful it looks there, especially all lit up at night. If they do host the F1 I guess it will bring more tourism but it would be shame to lose a lot of the historical landmarks in the process. x

    1. That’s why it needs a lot of planning, Zoe. Let’s hope everything will turn right for Baku, Azerbaijan.

  5. I never realised that so much had to be taken into consideration when a country hosts the F1! An interesting read for sure!

    1. Exactly, Leanne. Lots of aspects to check. For Baku, Azerbaijan as the host of Formula 1 2016, the historical structures are one of the challenges.

  6. I’m going to be honest I only knew of the country through their inclusion in Eurovision but it’s always nice to have a change in location for the formula 1 x

    1. Right time for Baku, Azerbaijan to get exposed, Rhian! The formula 1 can trigger lots of attention on it.

  7. Baku is a beautiful place and it would be such a shame if parts were altered just to make way for the F1, but the tourists and interest in the area can only be a good thing, it is a balance between progress and keeping tradition.

    1. Definitely the points, Mandi. It can be a take it or leave it situation for Baku, Azerbaijan to host Formula 1.

  8. Baku sounds like an amazing place full of luxury and nice that they are building budget hotels which will help with growing tourism but hope they are not forcing people out of some areas without proper relocation options in place

    1. Needs proper planning, Anosa. let’s see how Baku, Azerbaijan will do it for the Formula 1.

    1. Supporting Baku, Azerbaijan is the best way to do, Tanya. Let’s all hope for the best as it hosts the Formula 1.

  9. What a beautiful city! I remember being in awe of how incredible the city looked watching Eurovision and I’m sure they will do a great job hosting Formula 1. I think they should focus on what is best for the residents. who will be living there when it is all over after all!

    1. Certainly, Sarah. The opportunity from Formula 1 is great but the people of Baku, Azerbaijan who will maintain the area is an utmost priority.

  10. I didn’t realise that so many changes took place when a country hosts F1 that’s really interesting hopefully they are changes for the good of the future too

    1. Right, Miss Katty, Sustainability should be on eye. Let’s wish for the best for Baku, Azerbaijan. 🙂

  11. I’d hope they wouldn’t have to make too many permanent modifications to the city. The residents should definitely be the top priority!

    1. Certainly, Liz. Hope Baku, Azerbaijan can read these views to help them in preparing for the Formula 1.

    1. A great opportunity indeed for Baku, Azerbaijan to host the Formula 1. Melanie, try visiting Baku and stay to one of its luxury hotels. Yay!

  12. It will definitely be interesting to see what it is like when the host it! An amazing experience for all taking part I am sure. x

  13. Its great to know its a safe city to wander around 😀 Would make me feel alot better about going,

    1. With the crime rate, Baku, Azerbaijan is a safe place and makes it best to host the Formula. 1

  14. I had no idea that they might be hosting F1 but I think its amazing and it sounds like such a great place to visit, it’s actually put a new destination on the map for where I would like to go!

    1. It’s a great time for Baku, Azerbaijan to host Formula 1 and promote its toursim at the same time.

    1. Exaclty, Tara. One great opportunity for Baku, Azerbaijan to host Formula 1 and see things for improvement. 🙂

  15. I think they’ll be great. They’ve had so much going for them lately and they look like they really deserve it. I loved reading about somewhere different, my eyes have been opened to so many new travel possibilities lately.. I need to get my family out of the usual bubble of places I think!

    1. Thank you Victoria. This is a bit of challenge for Baku, Azerbaijan as well but let’s hope that they will nail hosting the Formula 1.

  16. I didn’t know that they might be hosting the F1, but I think it would be great for them.

    1. Well, they will, Dani. Baku, Azerbaijan is not on everyone’s expectation but it’s a great chance to host the Formula 1.

  17. “These included 4 new sports not currently competed in the Olympic Games: Karate, Basketball, 3×3, Beach Soccer and Sambo”

    Basketball has been an Olympic sport since 1936 …

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