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Civil Wedding Requirements – How to Get Married in the Philippines

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor April 2nd, 2022 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 357 Comments

Getting married is one of the most exciting events in our lives. It is the day you can officially call the love of your life as your husband or wife. Though it feels like a finish line, it is also the beginning of married life together.

In the Philippines, to have a Civil wedding you need to pass marriage requirements to your Local Civil Registrar. It is perhaps easier and less costly than having a Church Wedding, where you need to schedule at a Church, have Baptism and Confirmation if you are not Catholic and a lot more.

How Foreign Nationals Can Get Married in the Philippines – Filipino and Foreigner Wedding Guide
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But nevertheless, on both occasions your marriage is legal. For the requirements also, if you are under 25 or married to a Foreign National then there are other requirements needed for your Civil Wedding.

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines1
Photo by Chiến Phạm

This article will tackle how to get married in a Civil Wedding. 

Civil Wedding Requirements:

The Local Registrar Fees would be different for each city or municipality. Please have an original and keep photocopies for yourself. However, these are the common requirements for a civil wedding:

  • At least 2 valid IDs of the Couple during Personal Appearance
  • Certificate of Attendance in Pre-Marriage Counseling
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of No Marriage
  • Marriage License Application Form
  • Barangay Certificate
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • 1×1 picture

Some requirements will be explained below. Please note that both parties must secure above list of requirements, but for the additional requirements, it is only required at a certain party with those conditions.

For example, if the female is 21 and the male is 26, then Parental consent is needed only by the girl. But if both are 21 then both parties need separate Parental Consent.

Additional Civil Wedding Requirements if 18-21 

  • Parental Consent 
  • Parent’s Personal Appearance

Additional Civil Wedding Requirements if 22-25 

  • Parental Advice
  • Personal Appearance or Written Advice

Additional Civil Wedding Requirements if Widowed

  • Death Certificate of the deceased spouse

Additional Civil Wedding Requirements if Annulled 

  • Certificate of Registration from Civil Registrar for registration of the Annulment Papers
  • Certificate of Finality of Annulment issued by the Court

Additional Civil Wedding Requirements if Foreign Applicant

  • Passport (bio-page)
  • Copy of stamp on your latest arrival in the Philippines
  • Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry (from the foreign embassy)
  • Divorce Decree (if divorced)
  • Death Certificate of deceased spouse (if widowed)
  • Naturalization Paper (if Naturalized)

Civil Wedding Requirements: What they are, How to get it?

Valid ID

Valid IDs are those that verify your identity. It should have your name, birth date, and signature.
Here are some examples:

  • Passport
  • Voter’s ID or Certificate of Registration
  • BIR (TIN ID)
  • Solo Parent ID
  • Company ID
  • School ID with current registration card
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Postal ID

Certificate of Attendance in Pre-Marriage Counseling

Go to your Local Civil Registrar to ask the schedule for the Pre-Marriage Counseling. Both of you should attend this. Topics will be about the Philippine Family Law, Family Planning, and Filipino Culture or Customs. After your seminar or counseling, you will be issued a certificate. 

PSA Birth Certificate

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines2

You can get a PSA Birth Certificate through Walk-in Application at any Serbilis Service Center, SM Business Center or Online. For a foreign national, please get your birth certificate in the country you are born at or through the embassy. It is better to secure this before going to the Philippines.

Certificate of No Marriage

As per the PSA Website, a CENOMAR states that the person is single (never been married) or unmarried (previously married but divorced or widowed.) You are not allowed to marry again to another person your status is “married” unless your marriage was annulled. If it is, the CENOMAR must state that you are “single.”

To get a CENOMAR is the same as getting a PSA Birth Certificate. However, we can discuss on how to get your CENOMAR online.

1. Go to this website.
Click “CENOMAR.”

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines

2. Read the terms and conditions, and the data privacy notice. Click “I Accept” if you agree, and then “Next.”

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines

3. Put the details needed for request details. Click “Next” after you’re done.

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines

4. Fill-in the requester’s and delivery details, and then click “Next” when you’re done.

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines

5. Check and confirm if the details you put are correct. When you’re done checking, click “Confirm.”

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines

6. Review the summary. You can click “Add New Request” to request for Birth Certificate so you can receive everything at once. Click “Next” to proceed.

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines

7. Review and re-check all the details before clicking “Proceed to Payment” to see the payment channels.

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines

1. Click Submit and proceed to payment. 

You can pay through the following options:

  • Credit card or GCash
  • Banco De Oro
    • BDO branches
    • Online Banking (BDO account holders only)
    • ATM (BDO account holders only)
  • UnionBank
    • UnionBank branches
    • Online Banking (UnionBank account holders only)
    • ATM (UnionBank account holders only)
  • Bayad Center
    CENOMAR costs Php 430.00 while Birth Certificate costs Php 330.00.
  • PayMaya App (Biller: PSA Serbilis)

2. After payment, you can now wait for the delivery of your CENOMAR and Birth Certificates.
You will get them on:

  • Metro-Manila – 4-6 working days after payment (Additional 5-7 days for areas that are outside of courier’s standard serviceable areas)
  • Other cities or provinces – 6-8 working days after payment (Additional 5-7 days for areas that are outside of courier’s standard serviceable areas)
  • Other countries – The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) has resumed accepting international mails to selected countries only. As an option, you can avail of special courier services through FedEx for delivery addresses outside the Philippines: PSA Serbilis Special Courier Service. For special courier services through FedEx, delivery charges shall be the requester’s/document owner’s account and shall be billed separately and directly by FedEx. 

Marriage License Application Form

Get the Marriage License Application for your Civil Wedding at the Local Civil Registrar of the place or city or municipality you are marrying at. Forms may vary from towns so it is better to get it there.

Barangay Certificate

A Barangay Certificate can state that you are living in the part of the town. You can go to the Barangay you are residing at and ask for a Barangay Certificate. Fees may vary per barangay. 

Community Tax Certificate

CTC or Cedula is issued after you pay community tax either the city or your barangay. Usually, you can get it at the Treasurer’s Office. Bring a Valid ID. Your payment will depend on your income – Php 5.00 (basic) + Php 1.00 for every Php 1,000 gross income. So if you declare Php 200,000 income for last year; then you will pay Php 205.00


Bring a 1×1 recent picture.

Parent’s Consent

You parents need to have an appearance of both parents and valid ID for their consent if you are aged 18-21 years old. However, if you don’t have one or both of them, you can get consent from the surviving parent or a legal guardian. If both can’t appear, then you need to have an Affidavit of Consent signed in front of two witnesses.

Why is this needed? Because sometimes when we are in love we can’t think right, just of each other, parents will give you great advice and a view if you are ready for marriage. Some also are forced into marriages like an 18-year-old to a 30-year-old, parents can protect their child by not giving consent

Parental Advice

You need to have Parental Advice if you are aged 22-25 years old. You can have your parents appear at the local registrar or have them write that they know you are marrying and any advice to your marriage. If they don’t like you to get married, you need a sworn statement stating that you informed your parents but they refused. If your parents agreed, you will have 10 days of waiting time, while if not 3 months of waiting for the Marriage License. 

Death Certificate of the deceased spouse

If you are a widow, get the Death Certificate of your deceased spouse. You can include it in your online application for CENOMAR or birth certificate as written above. You can also visit the Serbilis Service Center or SM Business Center. The process is like getting a PSA Birth Certificate, so you might want to follow that.

Annulment Papers

Get a Certificate of Registration for registration of the Annulment Papers and a Certificate of Finality of Annulment issued by the Court from Civil Registrar. It should have remarked on the judge or the court that issued the decree, including the case number, date of issue and that your marriage is annulled. 

Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry (for Foreigners)

Your Foreign Fiance needs to go to his Foreign Embassy or Consulate to get a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry. This will certify that there are no legal impediments on their marriage (e.g. the Foreigner is already married to another person in their country.) This should be in English.

Here’s a more extensive guide: How Foreign Nationals Can Get Married in the Philippines [Filipino and Foreigner Wedding Guide]

Divorce Decree 

If the Foreigner is divorced, a Divorce Decree is needed. It will state the final ruling of the court that indeed the marriage is terminated. Before coming to the Philippines, a Foreign National can get that in his country or where he/she held the previous marriage.

Death Certificate of the deceased spouse

If Foreign National is widowed, provide the Death Certificate of the spouse. Should the spouse died outside of the Philippines, s/he can bring it before coming to the Philippines.

Naturalization Paper

If the foreign national is a naturalized citizen of another country, s/he to present his/her Naturalization Papers. It is proof that the person has obtained citizenship via naturalization and that he is indeed considered a citizen of that country.

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines3
Photo by Jeongim Kwon

Here is what you need in order to be married in a Civil Wedding:

  • Marriage License
  • Solemnizing Officer
  • Civil Marriage Ceremony

Getting your Marriage License

After gathering the required documents, you can go to the Civil Registrar and pay the fee for your marriage license. You can get it after 10 days.

Why 10 days? It will be that waiting period as your marriage will be publicly posted to check if no one will be against your marriage. After the release of your marriage license, you can marry within 120 days.

Solemnizing Officer

As per the Family Code the one who can be solemnized by the following:

  • Incumbent member of the judiciary within the court’s jurisdiction;
  • Priest, rabbi, imam, or minister of any church or religious sect duly authorized by his church or religious sect and registered with the civil registrar general, acting within the limits of the written authority granted by his church or religious sect and provided that at least one of the contracting parties belongs to the solemnizing officer’s church or religious sect;
  • Ship captain or airplane chief only in the case mentioned in Article 31 of the Family Code;
  • A military commander of a unit to which a chaplain is assigned, in the absence of the latter, during a military operation, likewise only in the cases mentioned in Article 32 of the Family Code;
  • Consul-general, consul or vice-consul in the case provided in Article 10 of the Family Code.

Marriage Ceremony

  1. Book the public chambers of a judge or an open court, an office (e.g. Mayor or Consul General’s), church, chapel or temple.
  2. Bring at least 2 witnesses of legal age; the solemnizing officers, and of course the marrying parties. 
  3. Formal Marriage Ceremony by the solemnizing officer.
  4. The signing of the Marriage Contract.

Congratulations! After signing, you are now husband or wife! You may think it’s a lot of documents but they are a bit bearable if you are Filipinos. However, more is needed if one of you is either under 25 or a foreigner. Now, if you want hassle-free, then you might want to read How to get married in Hong Kong: Filipina and Foreigner.

Marriage is different than being a boyfriend-and-girlfriend. It is a level up version and there are times of ups and downs. However, no matter what you will always be bound together and learn what to do in conflicts. Also, you can start a happy family with kids or pets like cats. It’s not something easy to get out of, so you need to think deeply before getting into it. 

Being married is one of the best feelings in the world; sharing everything with the love of your life forever. I hope, like me, you find your true love, get married and have a happy blissful marriage!

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357 thoughts on “Civil Wedding Requirements – How to Get Married in the Philippines

  1. hello maam taga zamboanga city po ako at walang embassy ng south african dito sa bayan namin ang partner ko. gusto po namin magpakasal kahit civil wedding lang , ano po yung mga kailangan nyang kunin na paper’s maam?

    salamat po . hintayin ko po reply niyo

  2. Hi po ask lang po ako, dun ba sa 10 days waiting for marriage license application kasali ba don ang holiday or hindi po, sana masagot

  3. Good evening po Ma’am, just wanted to ask Lang po, taga Leyte po ako at magpapakasal this coming Dec 2022 dahil uuwi dito Ng pinas ang future husband ko para SA wedding namin, ask Lang po what if completed requirements na po at gusto namin magpakasal SA manila, okay Lang po ba iyon?

    Hihintayin ko po ang inyong reply, salamat po in advance

      1. I saw somewhere na you can use affidavit of cohabotation in liue of a marriage license but do I need parental advise padin? Turning 25 next year

      2. Hi po . Tanong ko lang po sana , im from Nueva Ecija po pwede po ba sa ibang lugar magApply ng marriage license? From QC po kse magiging asawa ko but ndi na po sya Filipino Citizen.

        1. Mas better po sa hometown nyo or sa hubby; after makakuha kayo ng license – you can marry anywhere in the Philippines

    1. hello beh same here from SA din yung partner ko , nakakuha ka na ba ng requirements for him? if nakakuha ko ano yung mga kinuha mo beh at

  4. Hi, Just wondering do I still need a CTC/Cedula if I’m currently working here in canada and planning to get married in the Philippines? Your reply would be appreciated . Thank you

  5. hi lyza paloma pwdi mag ask pwdi ba ma kasal ung indian na kasal xia sa kanila at Hindi pa na aprove ung annulment nya sa India kc nag plan kc kami na magpa kasal sa pinas this sa year Sana masagot mo tanong ko salamat

  6. Hello po pano po kumuha ng application form ng kasal po kse uuwi un boyfriend ko japanese mgpakasal po kme sa july pano po kumuha ng application form at mgkano magatos po sa marriage license at iscedule pa po ba ang kasal nmn kse plan nmn on the spot this july maksal po kme bago sya bumalik ng japan po pa help nmn po thanks respon asap ty kse my mag document na po kme na preapare pa help nmn po ty

  7. hello po, thank you for the helpful article. Follow-up question lang po, if the wedding ceremony will be in a venue in Antipolo, pwede po bang ikasal ang couple ng judge from Nueva Ecija? Thank you in advance po

    1. Hello po good day panu po ba maka kuha ng application form para sa kasal po anu anu po mga need uuwe po si jowa by December po Lebanon po County pero nasa Canada po sya.salamat po

    2. This is an honest reply based on the law.

      NO. Hindi po kayo pwedeng ikasal nung Judge from Nueva Ecija sa Antipolo.

      Pwede lang po kayong ikasal nung Judge (as Solemnizing Officer) doon po sa Court of Jurisdiction ni Judge Nueva Ecija. Sa Chamber po ni Judge sa Nueva Ecija.

      Kung talagang gusto nyo po makasal sa Antipolo bilang Venue, Judge po in Antipolo ang kunin ninyo.

      Article 7 of the Family Code
      Art. 7. Marriage may be solemnized by:
      (1) Any incumbent member of the judiciary within the court’s jurisdiction;
      Judge = member of judiciary
      Court’s Jurisdiction =
      Judge from Nueva Ecija jurisdiction is Nueva Ecija

    3. Hello po, malapit na po yung sched namin sa civil wedding, wala po kaming parents na mag aatend since malayo sila, sino po ba pwede naming kunin as witnesses? Pwede po ba yung LGU employee nalang po?

      1. Ano po ang Requirements ng widow for civil wedding? Magpapakasal po kami ng boyfriend kong India dito sa pinas. Sana masagot salamat po.

  8. ask ko lng po, “After the release of your marriage license, you can marry within 120 days.” pwede po ba more than 120 days? i mean na e expire po ba yung mga requirements sa wedding?

  9. Hi… I’m a foreigner and want to get legally married with my PH girl friend. Can you suggest me an agency who could help us out with paperwork & all government/legal process. And what will be agency fees and legal fees for civil marriage?

    Waiting for your affirmative reply.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Good morning.
    I’m a UK national who’s come to the Philippines to marry my fiancé of three years. The registrar will not accept my documents even though they’re the legally required documents that the Philippine and UK government ask for, they’ve also been motorised by a local attorney too. I arrived on 22nd March but have to return to the UK on 16th April. Is there any way to force them to accept these documents ?.

  11. Hi Lyza! I would like to ask how to get married if the two are foreigners in the Philippines. What are the requirements and procedures? Thank you!

  12. pano po mag request or e invite ang magkakasal if sa ibang city po e kakasal? for example R10 ikakasal then ang magkakasal from R11?

  13. Hi po. I’m 24yrs old. Need ko pa po ang Parents Advice pero what if po mother ko lang ang payag na magpakasal ako tapos yung father ko e hindi payag. Enough na po ba yung nanay ko lang po magbigay ng parent’s advice? Thank you po

  14. Hi ma’am ..gusto ko po itanong kung saan ako kukuha Ng original joint/separate affidavit of parents giving consent to the marriage with indian national irrespective at any age,, original affidavit of singleness/willingness to get married to a Indian national at joint affidavit from indian national at Filipino on how they meet and plans after the marriage

  15. Good day po . Gusto ko lang po itanong kung pwede po ba ang civil wedding kahit yung couple hindi po doon naka-address sa lugar ? For example po taga Laguna ang couple at Muntinlupa po nila gusto ikasal ?! Pwede po kaya yun ?! Thanks in advance po 😊

  16. Hello, our marriage license is scheduled to be released on the 28th of February 2022. Are we able to choose a schedule only after we get our license or can we schedule for a civil wedding while waiting for the release? Thank you. Your article is very helpful.

        1. depende po sino po mag-officiate ng wedding nyo – judge sa courtroom, mayor sa office or ibang venue, pastor

  17. Hi, I’m Ness. 38 y/o. And my bf from UK is 44. We are both single. Is it possible to get a civil wedding within 30days??? If not, then, is it possible for us to get married for his maximum stay or tourist visa extension??? How long does it take pra maayos lhat ng requirements for civil wedding with a foreigner po? Hope u’ll notice me. Thank you po and Godbless.

  18. Hi, My fiancee and I will getting married next year. He is a foreigner and he had only limited days to visit me here in Philippines, so it is possible that i can apply or schedule his legal capacity in the embassy so it won’t take long upon waiting and then when the time for releasing the document he is personaly get it. Is that possible? Thank you

  19. Hi, im 49 years old and my fiancee is also 49 years old from USA, he had only limited days to visiy me here in Philippines, so it is possible that i send him the form to fill up for the marriage license application and then he send it back to me alongwith the docs needed to submit and can i submit the application for marriage license alone? Then he will only come when our marriage is scheduled?:

      1. Hi po sana masagot po mga katanungan ko
        Me and ng egyotian bf pla to get married in civil this coming August
        May 1 week vacation po xa na binigay ng companya possible po ba
        Ano lo mga dapat niya dalhin
        Nsa sausdi po k
        Xa. Gngayonnka base
        Salamat po

        1. Hi , you will have to check different offices involved like NSO,Civil registry & DSWD.For foreign marriage,they have more strict requirements like Certificate of no marriage from his own country ,if Divorce, there is another requirements and others.

  20. Hi,

    Once completed the requirement, kami po ba ang mamili ng date kung kelan ang gusto nmin wedding day. TIA

    1. Once you have a marriage license, you can go to an officiator po – like Mayor, Judge, Church – doon kaayo mamili ng date – kung available din sila

      pwede din kayo mag-reserve or check muna then balik lang if may license na

  21. they require 2 valid ids. i have my passport since 2014, and i recently got my national id. Question is do they accept national id na po ba for requirments? Or kasama na po ba sya sa list ng valid ids? Thank you.

  22. Hi im danica 22yrs old and i want to get married with my live in partner 23 yrs old . we have 3yearsold daughter … But my mama and papa dont want to be there pwede po ba kahit wala sila? Civil wedding

  23. hello mam, how about we got married abroad and we want to marry in the philippines again, what requirements do we need?

  24. Hi, thank you for this article. I have a question hope you can answer. My fiance is in Davao and im in Dubai atm. Our plan is to process all the documentation and the Marriage License remotely like he will do all the processing & scheduling from davao and i will provide all the necessary docs from my side while im still here. So that when i arrive in PH after quarantine, we will do the civil wedding rites. Is it possible? Do i still need to give authorization? Can we do the pre marriage counseling online?

  25. Gud eve. We’re 32 & 33 of age and planning for a civil wedding, kailangan pa ba namin mag-attend sa Pre-Marriage Counselling kahit nasa 30+ na kami pareho?

    1. Hello po ang boy is 51 yo and girl is 29 yo they jave lived together for almost 9 yrs already . Now they wanted to get civil marriage. . Need pa po ba ang consent ng parents? Or can they just be married without their parents presence?

  26. Pede po ikasal ng civil na.nakavideo call ung bride kasi nakaquarantine po sya sa subic dahil nagpositive sa covid need po nila marriage license kasi oct 2 2021 napo church wedding

    1. i think dapat physically present kayo …

      (3) A marriage ceremony which takes place with the appearance of the contracting parties before the solemnizing officer and their personal declaration that they take each other as husband and wife in the presence of not less than two witnesses of legal age. (53a, 55a)

  27. Hello po. May mga expiry dates po b ung ibang docs? Like if plan n iprocess ung docs 5 mos ahead ng planned month ng wedding? TIA

  28. Hi I have question po. Currently, 25yr old na.
    Turning 26 sa November 25. Mag aayos na po kmi ng papers. We are planning to get married on december. Do i Still need to have parental advice?

  29. Hello, it says after 10 days of no objection, we still need to wait 3months to proceed to marriage. Kasi marino ang bf ko is it possible if the 3months delay can be extended within a year? So the marriage ceremony will be after he went home again?

  30. ask ko lang po sabi kasi “If your parents agreed, you will have 10 days of waiting time, while if not 3 months of waiting for the Marriage License.” so basically pwede mag pakasal pero yung marriage license madedelay? or we need to wait for about 3 months bago ikasal?

  31. Hello po ask lang po how if im only 22 and the guy in the legal age na tlga need pba tlga ng appearance at consentt ng parents ko ? I ssecret wedding sana nmin ksi pano po kaya un ?

  32. Hello! Great article, but I have a question about marriage license. Can it be processed by a representative?

    My Fiancé and I are currently working abroad (different countries) and we hope the marriage license can be processed before we fly to Philippines so that the 10 days waiting period can start counting. Given our jobs, and the quarantine period required in the PH, we can’t afford to wait another 10 days.

    Hope someone can answer. And sorry if this has been asked before.

  33. Hi. Sa civil wedding po, Ask ko lang po, after 10days pag makuha na yung marriage license, automatic na po ba na bbgyan kami ng civil registrar ng schedule ng kasal at kung saan gaganapin? Ex. Mayor’s office.

    O kami pa ang magpapaschedule ng separate po? Thank you.

    1. You can ask for a schedule po, pwede nyong gawin before ng license i think. pero dapat sure na by that day meron na yong marriage license nyo po.

  34. Hello po.. I need clarification lang po.. kc ang Sabi s info s taas kelangan muna ng marriage license bago kami makapag proceed ng civil wedding ceremony.. Pero bkit po ung sister ko nakasal sila sa city Hall ng Batangas tapos doon sila ng signing and then after weeks Saka pa lang nila nakuha ung marriage license? Pa clear nman po medyo wala akong alam s process to be honest.. plano po kc namin n hndi s city Hall gawin.. Sana po masagot kasi nakaka stress Lalo n ngaung may mga quarantine process so makakain ung days ng vacation.. salamat po in advance..

    1. Hello po, marriage license – licensya po yan na pwede na kayo mag-pakasal.
      Yung pipirmahan po is Marriage Certificate po yun at hindi marriage license

  35. Hello po.. We’re planning to have our marriage license in caloocan (I’m from Bulacan and he’s from caloocan) , but we want to get married in Bulacan. Is it okay lang po ba?

    1. depende po yan if ready na lahat ng documents mo – then, after submitting your requirements at the LCR (with seminar), you can get your marriage license in 10 days.
      Then depende din sa scheduled date mo.

  36. I’m widowed, and I’m planning to get married. I got a Cenomar, and the annotation is that I’m married and no indication of being a widow. Is the death certificate of my spouse sufficient to get a marriage license? Are there any more documents that are required?

  37. Hello! I am concerned about the validity of our wedding (christian wedding) . Garden wedding kami last year. Apparently, nalaman ko na dapat daw mag letter of request sa solemnizing officer (pastor) na outside sa church ang ceremony and the pastor will answer back through letter also. Sabi ng registrar pag natrace raw ng PSO na walang ganun baka ma void yung wedding. Is it true?

    1. Check nyo po yung rules ng church baka yan lang medyo strict. Kasi usually, registration lng yung PSA at LCR, di na sila nag-checheck one-by-one.

  38. Hi po. Is it okay po if we just get my brother (25 years old) and my boyfriend’s bestfriend (30 years old) to be the witness during our civil wedding?

  39. Hi, we plan to get married in cebu soon. But the thing is both of us are from Mindanao. Is it okay to get married in Cebu even though we are not residents of Cebu?

  40. Kung ang fiancee ko ay from Germany,kelangan din ba ng cenomar nya?..di ba sa ibang bansa ay certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage? Ano po ba talaga ang requirements kung ang partner ko ay taga Germany..

  41. Hello po. anu po ba mag magandang gawin pra mapabilis ang application namin habang nasa ibang bansa pa kmi?matatapos po ang aming quarantine July 7
    Till July 21 lng po Kami sa pinas. Salamat po

    1. Pa shedule po kayo ahead ng seminar po, pero yung ibang LGUs usually once a month sa kanila. Check nyo nlng. You can let another person handle the requirements for you, then when you are out, deretsyo nakayo mag pass.

      1. Salamat po sa reply … pwede po pala iba na muna mag asikaso ng papers…. salamat po ulit ng marami

  42. Hi! Gusto ko po sanang itanong if okay lang po na walang umattend na magulang both parties, pag 26 years old na po ang parehas na ikakasal. Gusto po kasi sana namin secret wedding lang pag 26 na kami ni partner para di na need ng consent ng parents. 2 witnesses of our choice lang po sana. Or need padin po talaga na alam ng magulang namin na ikakasal kami kahit above 25 na po kami?

  43. Hello po.. plan po naming mag pakasal mag fiancee this coming July 12 days lang po sya sa pinas. Arrival may June 27. Then 10days quarantine.. arrival ko June 21.. pareho kmi July 21 balik sa abroad. Meron npo kaming …PSA…CENOMAR… DEATH CERTIFICATE ng husband ko at divorce documents.. makaka abot po ba Kami kung mag start ako ng application July7

      1. Hello po. sa fiancee ko po… Filipino US citizen sya. Meron npo syang exemplified copy of divorce d paper… ang original nasa kanya pa po.. pag dating sa pinas dala na nya

  44. Hi po..legal po ba ang civil wedding namin kahit walang pirma ang judge na nagkasal sa amin? Thanks po

  45. Hi po usually how many days to be exact we wait to get a civil wedding here in manila. My fiancee and i plan to get a civil wedding here in phillippines and he has
    a limited time for vacation which is equivalent for 1 month to do all the processing for civil wedding. Is one month is enough to do all to get marriage licence

    1. that depends po on the seminar and when are your documents submitted po. If makakuha kayo agad ng seminar at magpass, ok na yan by the third week. Then officiant nlng ibook nyo. Better check ahead the schedules po.

  46. Hello, may I ask about sa case namin nag partner ko canadian po sya kasal sya dati sa isang pilipina din pero annulled na sila pwede na kami magpakasal ? Thank you

    1. If he gets a CENOMAR in the Philippines, it is shown as married, so it would make your marriage not valid po if ever or hard to push through.

  47. Hello Guys,

    Can you please tell me the full cost of a civil wedding in Davao City, we are planning on just having our 2 friends there, and it’s booked into the hall of justice, we are wounding how much money to take ?

    Regards Geoff & Jeanene ..

    1. For Civil Weddings po, okay lang po if different religions.
      Usually church weddings ang need.

  48. Hi, can we get married in a different city? For example, we are currently residing in Cavite and we want to get married in Caloocan, is that ok? Do we need additional requirement for that?

    1. You can apply for a marriage license in your city and once you have that, you can get married anywhere in the Philippines.

  49. Pwede po ba ang judge mag solemnize sa kahit saang venue(for example sa isang garden wedding)? Thank you

  50. hi po. Ask ko lang po if need pa ng marraige counselling ang couple with 2 kids na both 30+ na age? plan na po kasi namin magpakasal kahit civil lang. salamat po.

    1. Yes, I just got married a year ago, I’m 43 years old and my husband is 55 and both of us attended the Pre-marital Counseling.

  51. Paano po pag wala po ang nanay po nasa 22 palang po kasi ako ang tatay ko lang po kasi ang malapit po saakin
    At ang tita ko din po ay nasa ibang bansa puwde po ba kaya na tatay ko nalang po mag sign up para sa nanay ko kasi po nasa bohol po ang nanay ko at mahirap po makapunta sa manila dahil na rin ho sa covid ano po kayang magandang gawin po pa help naman po salamat po sa sasagot☺️☺️

  52. Can I asked po? We just moved in from new city kasi tapos plano namin dun nalang kami mag papa civil wedding and we secured the requirements also the barangay certificate kaso hinihingan kami ng government issued id na nakalagay na ang bagong address namin which is the recent city na estayhan namin most of our ids kasi address namin is previous city pa. Necessary po ba na we can present an id stating our new address eh ang tagal pa naman ng released ng mga ids ngayon.

    1. Try nyo pong i-ask ang LCR sa new city nyo or have your requirements passed sa older address nyo po. You can get married anywhere in the Philippines with a marriage license.

  53. hi, would like to ask
    1. if barangay cert and community tax cert is still necessary if we are working out of the country and will just go back home to get married?
    2. do we really have to wait 10 days for the marriage license or is there a way to expedite if we only have limited time of staying in the philippines like less than a month?
    3. is there any validity date of cenomar? would like to process it atleast months ahead from coming back to phil.
    4. could we use our own copies of psa birth cert and not to get a new one, im suppose that we dont have to submit the original isnt it? thank you for reply. hoping for a help and guidance

    1. 1. depends on your LCR, most of where I lived asks for those
      2. Yes, it’s in the law.
      3. 6 months
      4. Original is usually asked. Some LCRs will ask for a new one (with receipt) as Security Papers change and somehow this document can be printed “illegally.” You can get this together with your CENOMAR.

  54. I’m from Manila and planning to magpakasal ulit sa philippines. I lived in Las Vegas actually at plano ko by next year Civil wedding lang can u please send me all the necessary papers I need to bring.

  55. Hi, is it ok for the wedding will be held on Sunday? Judge or mayor. We really need to have our wedding Sunday as possible 🙁

    1. It really depends po. Usually, you can book it on working days, but try asking their office if Sunday is okay.

      1. Anu po Ang first stip,na move sa civil wedding?should I go ask first n judge if what is the papers we need to comply?

  56. hi can i ask pwede po ba sa psa cebu kukunin ang cenomar ng fiancee ko po from italy? ma release po ba agad?

  57. Good evening. I am from Antipolo, Rizal and my fiancé is from Scotland. We got our marriage license last Monday, 22 February 2021. We are thinking of having a simple civil wedding before a judge in Quezon City, and because of the pandemic, we would like to get married as soon as possible . Problem is, we don’t know the proper process on how we’d be able to ask a judge for such. Do we need to go the Bulwagan ng Katarungan, in the Quezon City Hall Complex and look for a judge ourselves? Or is there an application form that needs to be filled out first before a judge can be assigned to us?

    1. I think you need to file your marriage license to the Office of Clerk of Court in the Quezon City Hall of Justice if you plan to get married there. Sila mag aassign kung kaninong Judge kayo ikakasal.

  58. Hi,

    May I ask if my partner can possibly get his Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry in Estonia instead of getting it in Consulate of Estonia here in the Philippines? Also can I get a schedule for Pre-marriage Counseling even without him para pagdating nya meron na kaming sched and lastly can I get a copy of his CENOMAR? Thank you very much in advance!

  59. Hi,

    Ask ko lang if possible if he can get his Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage in his place as he will just stay here for a month or dapat na sa Consulate of Estonia dito sa Pilipinas sya dapat kumuha nun? Also, pwede bang ako lang mag-isa mag-pasched. for Pre-Marriage Counseling para pag-dating nya may schedule na kami and can I get him a CENOMAR? Thank you!

  60. Hi, my fiance is a japanese, and she and i are planning to have a civil wedding. Wanted to ask more about the requirements she needs.. so i can also start processing the requirements that i (we) need. Since covid is still a hassle so we can atleast start.

  61. Hello po tanong ko lang po sana kung ilang days po ang processing sa civil wedding may plan po kasi kami ng bf ko na nasa saudi habang ako po nandto sa hongkong uuwe po sana kami para magpakasal sa manila.ano po mga kailangan naming requirents to prepare at ilang days po ang proseso salamat po sa tutugon???

    1. Pinoy po din ba bf mo?
      If complete na requirements mo, then probably 2 weeks. Pero check mo din yung sked ng counseling kasi doon minsan natatagalan yung mga tao.

      1. hi po ., ako din ofw po, pede po ba na un pagpasa ng requirements pra mkakuha ng marriage license e un partner ko ang ggwa. pra kpg uwi ko po hawak n nya un marriage license then psked n lng po ng kasal. ? thanks po

  62. Hi.i just want to ask.is it okay if we process the wedding documents here in NCR but the wedding is in the province?thank you

    1. this is also may question po.nagaasikaso na kasi kami papers para sa pagkuha ng marriage license po. as ko lang po if pwd na yung marriage license po is dadalhin namin papunta province kasi dun namin gsto magpakasal.thanks po sa sasagot.

  63. Hi, i like to know if i am foreigner in uk as unhappily married but no ongoing relationship as marriege not divorce but living seperate life, whats the process of get engaged to a phillipino via online for now, until i visit to actually marry in person. is there such form for registry of engagement?

    as i dont want to be fooled by any person saying that it cost 1500 to 3500 peso to get official certificate of engagement , as to much attempt of fraud going on online.
    Please tell me to keep me safe and legal The step by step process and cost of any section that needs fees and how much so i can understand better.

    This could be towards marry a phillipino female or transgender

    any one here to help on this??

  64. pwede po bang wala kaming witness?yung kaming dalawa lang talaga sa kasal. 30&32 yrs old na po kami. salamat po.

      1. Heloo po i dont know if this is the right box to post a question. Hoping to get an answer. My partner and I are planning to get married and the only place we think is possible is here in Philippines. I’m here in the Philippines and my fiancee is a German national, and he is about to go to Chile for work. As much as possible we want to gather his requirements before leaving Germany. However our concern is how can he able to enter here in Philippines, do you have any idea what type of Visa is applicable for him, our government still not allowing foreigners to enter here unless a family member. Hope to get an answer thank you..If its possible to get marriage visa.

        1. You’ll need to wait for the borders to open, there’s no marriage visa here. The Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage is an important requirement for Foreigners.

      2. Good day miss lyza, may age requirements ba ang witness?
        Im 33 ang may partner is 31.

        thank you.

  65. (Sorry I have posted this question on someone’s post.)

    Hi thank you very much this is very informative for me and my fiance, we are already preparing our requirements based on this. Just a question, do our parents can already act as our witness? or do we really need a pair of ninong and ninang? Thank you very much in advance!

      1. Hello good day, i would like to ask lang po sana if we still need the parents consent to get married kung above 30 na po ung age foreigner po ung guy. And if getting married po sa province ung kailangan lang po ba namin e process dito sa manila is the legal capacity to marry?And some other documents ay e-process sa lugar kung saan ang wedding? Like for example the pre marriage certificate, barangay cert.and cedula?

        Thank u for po for reading and hope to get a reply as soon as possible. Thank you

        1. What’s considered po is the age of the Filipino partner and not the foreigner. So, if kailangan ng Parental Consent kasi below 21 pa, then you need to get it.
          Legal Capacity us from the Embassy, foreign partner can get it.

          You can process your marriage license at your hometown. After makuha nyo na, you can get married anywhere in the Philippines

    1. Hi.. Good morning! Bf going 27 this march,me going 25 palang this july 30, gusto sana namin secret marriage,like hindi alam ng bothside namin, gusto naming date is july 24, it means 24 palang ako,ask ko sana if paano yung parental advice since ayaw namin ipa alam both side?

  66. Hello ask lng po asa canada po ako at yun magiging asawa sa pinas po pwde po b sya mag ayos ng mga requirements nmin para po pag uwi ready n po laht

    1. pwede po i prepare ang ibang requirements, pero need nyo mag-seminar at mag personal appearance. tapos hintay ng 10 days

  67. Query ko lng po pede po ba mag pakasal sa ibang municipality khit hnd ka resident mismo dun?? Kunwari ibang province ka at gusto mo magpakasal sa maynila. Pero ang barangay cert mo e nakuha mo sa province. Thank you and happy new year!!

    1. Yung marriage license niyo po, kukunin niyo po sa Local Civil Registry ng municipality kung saan kayo naka reside. Either sainyo po or kung saan naka reside ang partner niyo. Pag nakuha niyo sa marriage license niyo, kahit saan na kayo pwede magpakasal. Within PH lang po. ?

  68. Ask Lang po, is it okay dumiretso po kami sa marriage consultant sila na po daw mag process at nagbayad po kami Nang partial payment.

      1. Hi does the divorce degree needs to be in english? My bf is from finland and his divorce paper are written in finnish.

  69. Ask ko lang po. pareho po kaming 25 years old pwede na po ba kaming magpakasal na walang consent ng magulang? Salamat po

    1. Hi.
      Question lang po kung pwede kaya ma process ang marriage license habang nasa quarantine boyfriend ko? Uuwi pa lang from abroad para pag tapos po sana ng quarantine period, mag attend na lang ng seminar and ibang need before the civil wedding. Thank you.

    2. Hi.
      Question lang po kung pwede kaya ma process ang marriage license habang nasa quarantine boyfriend ko? Uuwi pa lang from abroad para pag tapos po sana ng quarantine period, mag attend na lang ng seminar and ibang need before the civil wedding. Thank you.

  70. Hello po, pwede parin po ba kami mag file ng marriage lisence kahit may on the process na correction sa name and gender sa PSA? Thanks

  71. Good afternoon,

    I am a British male currently in the Philippines. I am engaged to my Fiancee and we would like to marry.

    I go back to the UK 6th January. Do we have enough time to get married? And how long will it take to get the approval from the embassy as I have my 30 minute appointment booked for 15th December 2020.

    Hope you can help

    Many thanks

    Kind regards


  72. Hi I’m already 32 years old and I have fiance from USA his 39 years old and his planning to come this coming January 5 2021 to marry me but he just stay here in 10days it is possible we can married.?I hope you can answer my question thank you

    1. basically you need him here at last 90 days, because i am the one who really experience the whole process just this month, he also need to go to his UK embrassy get the no marriage certificate,m only this would take more than 10 days and also not easy to book the family planning sometime up to 3 months schedule

  73. Good day! my fiancee’ and I are planning to have our wedding by December 2020 but the DSWD available schedule for seminar is on February na. Can we have a private seminar from someone else authorized?

    1. Hello po one more thing I want to asked is can I process by myself for our wedding because my partner is in aboroad and hes a feroeigner he will just come here for a short period of time? Since he is in abroad how can he got he’s cenomar then ? Can he got as well in their embassy on which country he is? Thankyou waiting for ur response

  74. hi, my fiancée and I are planning for a civil wedding in Philippines next year by May 2021, we are both OFW. My questions are:

    1. can we apply for online pre-application for marriage license now or only by May?
    2. How many days is the validity of marriage license which was applied online?
    3. How many days is the validity of PSA birth cert and Cenomar? (we both have CENOMAR we got it on August 2020 will it still be valid if we marry on May 2021?)

    1. 1. You will need to be present to get a marriage license, so you could start processing it in May
      2. I’m not sure if there is an online pre-application for a marriage license. Please contact your LCR. Personal appearance is usually needed as you need to undergo seminars and pass requirements.
      3. Usually, it’s good for 6 months. You’ll need to have one in April or May. you can ask a relative to assist you.

    2. Hi thank you very much this is very informative for me and my fiance, we are already preparing our requirements. Just a question, do our parents can already act as our witness? or do we really need a pair of ninong and ninang? Thank you very much in advance!

  75. hello po pwede po bang ako mgprocess ng mga documents nung ikakasal? kasi ung kapatid ko is nassign na for out of town po tpos ung asawa nia buntis na po.. salamat

      1. Ma’am Lysa pwedi mo po ba ako matulongan, i need some Private questions, in emergency and i need your help ma’am

  76. Hi, our Pastor is only licensed in the US so she advised that we must have a civil wedding first before she can officiate our wedding. Does it mean that our official marriage will be the Civil one? What will happen with the one that will be officiated by our Pastor?

  77. Hello po pwede po ba na solo ko po asikasuhin ang mga requirements? nasa abroad po kasi partner ko uuwi lang po siya for our wedding since short break lang pwede sa kanila. When po need na ang need kami dalawa may appearance? salamat po

  78. Legal po ba ung secret married kayo tpos di nmam kayo.ngsama since ikasal civilh 10 yrs ng di ngkikita my asawa na lalaki po thank u sa sasagot

  79. hi po, pwede po bang mag paset ng civil wedding outside sa 120 days validity ng marriage license? for example po expired yung licence ng dec. 30 pero nkapagpasched ng jan. 15. pwede po kaya yun? salamat po sa sasagot.

  80. for foreign partner, i can get his CENOMAR at PSA too? and how many copies of PSA CENOMAR and birth certificate needed please. TY

  81. Kinasal po ako only 20yrs old.malayo sa magulang kasi nasa probinsiya po sila.and then yung parents ng husband ko ngbigay po sakin ng form na fifill upan,wala po ako alam sa marriage at yung form po na binigay may nkalagay registration hindi po inexplain kung para saan.ang sabi fill upan ko lang daw. After po nun ang kasunod po na bnigay marriage contract na..meron po akong pag.alinlangan pero dahil ngtatampo na nun husband ko at nagagalit kya pinermahan ko nlng.inisio ko nalang yun po ang tama kasi buntis din po aq that time..in short naprocess po ung marraige namin sa munisipyo kahit walang mga requirements,walang consent ng parents ko ang totoo hindi po nila alam ang tungkol dun nung time na yun.hindi dn po kami umattend ng kahut anung seminar,ni hindi nga kami kinausap ng parents ng husband ko kung anu planu namin at kung my balak ba kami mgpakasal basta nagbigay nlng sila ng fifill upan..hindi din po kami humarap sa mayor o judge o atty. Wala po kahit anu maliban sa auntie nya na ngtatrabaho sa munisipyo na naglakad ng marriage contract and then ayun po my NSO marraige contract na po kami..
    Anu po masasabi nyo sa kalagayan ko?ngayon hiwalay na po kami ng 6years.no commutnication at ndi nagkikita..pwedi po kaya aq mgfile palegal seperation kung sakali?thank you po sana masagot nyo tanung ko.God bless

    1. Yun witnesses of legal age pwede ba kahit parents ko nalang? We’re trying to limit visitors kasi as much as possible. Yun parents nya nasa province so hindi makakapunta dito sa manila.

  82. Hi po , paano po pag gusto po namin magpakasal agad ? Na di po namin need maghintay ng 120 days ? Okay po bha yon ?

        1. It the given timeframe po for people to know you are getting married and in case someone is against it, they can complain.

  83. What if destination wedding. Eg. we are from cavite tpos gsto namen sa batangas ikasal. Yung mga dapat ba sa batangas ren kme mag pa register or pede sa cavite na

  84. Wala po bang ibang babayaran sa munisipyo bukod sa cedula? wala na po bang masyadong gagastusin? kasi sa ibang articles po may nabasa ako na may babayaran na 10k sa munisipyo para maikasal.

  85. Yung partner ko po walang PSA birth tapos rush po yung pagpapakasal namin sana kasi gusto namin by November kasal na kami…Pwede po ba yung lumang birth certificate gamitin namin?


      1. possible po if ready na lahat ng requirements nyo at may schedule na kayo for seminars para sa marriage license

  86. Hi i just want to ask if its ok or still legal if we will get married in my place. Zamboanga City and he’s from Batangas. Thank you! BTW we’re in legal aged already 33/34.

      1. good day ask lng po if my bayad yung mga ninong and ninang sa civil wedding like yung ninong at ninang sa binyag 200 per head.. ganon dn ba sa kasal?

    1. Yung marriage license lang po. But once you get married through a civil marriage – till death do you part na po. Unless mag-annulment.

      1. Hi Lyza, after the civil wedding ceremony. Do we file/register our marriage? What will happen if we don’t file. Will our marriage be invalid?

  87. Hi, would you know po kung okay lang na proxy ang dumating as witnesses since di makakapunta yung original sponsors written in the contract due to pandemic? Will this be an issue or okay lang as long as you bring 2 legal age persons. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks po.

        1. Yes, po. Yung workmate ko po, foreigner din yung fiance niya, kumuha din sya ng CENOMAR ng foreigner. Required po kasi.

  88. Hello..may i ask,? Can we married in other city kahit hindi kami parihong residence sa city nayan? For examples pariho kami taga mindanao, then we wanted to get civil wedding in manila. It’s allowed or not? Please i need your answer..

  89. Hi. I hope you have knowledge in our dilemma.. Is it possible to secure another marriage license (ML) in other city hall, lets say in Manila, when you have already applied in QC? We have a correction (Religion) in the ML Application Form but it is unclear if correction/s will be allowed. The ML issued by QC Municipal is due for release at the end of September.

  90. Hi ! just want to ask paano po kung kasal na kami overseas then we are planning to get married ‘again’ sa pinas , parehas lang po ba ang mga requirements ? by the way my husband is a foreigner. Thanks po in advance sa sagot. ☺️☺️

  91. Hello!! What if we choose to have garden/beach or other outdoor wedding but still in CIVIL way. Are those on your lists still the requirements?? Thank you!!

  92. Hi! Your blog is so amazing! However is it possible to do a civil wedding ceremony in a church or chapel? Or is that not allowed? I live abroad po and uuwi lang sa pinas for a month and yung process ng church wedding I believe is extra longer. But we both want to have a simple church/chapel wedding (Sorry if this is a dumb question but thanks for your time!)

    1. Hello po, are you a Catholic po or a Christian? Kasi po, for if you want a church or chapel wedding you need to coordinate with the church and they have additional requirements po like Baptismal/Confirmation Certificate, Pre-cana, etc.

  93. Good day!
    Our merriage license expired last Febuary,2020. Then we would like to renew it. Can I have your advice on how we can procces it again and what are the requirements for this? Thank you.

    1. I think you’ll need to have to gather your requirements again, but, you can double-check with your local civil registrar

      1. I am certain marriage license definitely needs some reprocessing and rework. But how about the birth certificate, CENOMAR are they also requiring 6 mos. expiry of documents prior to the civil wedding date? We’re supposed to have a church wedding but rescheduled it and planning to have a civil wedding for now. I have extra copies and thinking if I can still use it.

  94. Hi Iam a filipina but recently I have received my citizenship here in spain

    I want to ask if my birth certificate , certificate of legal capacity to marry and other papers need to be translated in english?

    Thank you

  95. I am getting married with a foreign fiancé. What else does he needs for requirements? Incase they asked for it. We are planning all of this for December. Is it safe to get married on December? I hope the CoViD-19 will be gone. Thank you!

  96. When you get your legal capacity to marry does it have any expiration ? and also the cenomar does it expire? thank you in advance

  97. Thank you for this article! I was able to get my CENOMAR smoothly by following your guide. May I ask how much local CRO’s in Manila charge for a marriage license and ceremony? I have a friend who got married in Quezon City last year and paid P14,000. I’m not sure if the amount was for the license or the ceremony. I wonder if that’s a regular amount to shell out for civil marriages in Metro Manila?

    1. A marriage license might cost less than PHP 1,000, and the ceremony will depend on the fee of officiator. Probably the 14K was a civil wedding package.

        1. Usually, you will be the one processing your marriage license, then they will contact the officiant and do the paperwork after the ceremony.

  98. Planning to get married on April 2020. What if Im a dual citizen (Philippines and Canada). Do I still need to get the requirements for “Foreign Applicant?” Please help. Thank you 🙂

  99. Hi, I live in the US and am planning to marry my girlfriend in the Philippines this year.

    She is 23. So she will need parental advice.

    But we want to get married in secret and not tell our families. We will tell them later on and have an official wedding later, but not this year.

    Since she is under 25, and we need parental advice, can we get a sworn statement that we told her parents about the marriage and they said no? Does the sworn statement have to be written? Salamat po

  100. Ask po bout my civil wedding, the actual ceremony po is 22 May 2011, place of marriage is sa prefered po namin na venue ginawa, pero yung sa marriage contract po na nakalagay is 26 May 2011, same date po nung marriage license.. then the place of marriage po is ibang venue po naka declare dun.. is that possible po na ma grant ang petition ko for annullment if mag apply ako ng annullment ? Salamat po.

  101. Ask po bout my civil wedding, the actual ceremony po is 22 May 2011, place of marriage is sa prefered po namin na venue ginawa, pero yung sa marriage contract po na nakalagay is 26 May 2011, same date po nung marriage license.. then the place of marriage po is ibang venue po naka declare dun.. is that possible po na ma grant ang petition ko for annullment if mag apply ako ng annullment ? Salamat po.

  102. Hello po Ate, I’m planning to marry a Korean, may clarification Lang po ako, after po ma complete ang requirements above, pupunta po Ng Korean embassy here in the Philippines, right? Ano pong kukunin duon? Yung Filipina po ba Ang kukuha or Yung partner ko po na Korean? Thank you.. ❣️❤️

    1. Hello Ate Rhein,
      Nakuha nyo na po ba lahat ng requirements nyo?
      How about your partner’s requirement?
      I’m also confused about this hahaha:D thanks

  103. Hi! I’m turning 23 this year and my fiancee is 33 he’s a Chinese national and booked 3years here in Manila for work and we’re planning to get married by the year 2021, but he can’t really speak English well, and by the way he is legally divorced in China and has documents as a proof.what should we do to process our requirements for getting married? Hope you can answer me?

  104. what if the girl is 22 and she only have her mother to appear and because her father is unknown to be found?will the wedding still be available?

    1. Yes, you can go to the lawyer to have an affidavit stating that the father is not found but the mother agrees with the wedding.

  105. Can a widower marry after his wife dies? or there is a timeframe til he is allowed to get married again.

    1. > getting your PSA Birth Certificates and CENOMAR will depend on how you will get it – at PSA Serbilis Centers or SM Centers about a week, for Online it may take 3 weeks due to the pandemic
      > seminar is only a day but you’ll need to check the available schedule
      > marriage license is 10 days after your application

  106. I have my gf in Philippines and we are planning to do marriage. So will you please suggest me now these days can do marriage there in Philippines . I’m Indian and I want to know that can I have to apply tourist visa for Philippines to getting married or there is some specific visa for wedding. Please suggest me the procedure

    1. We don’t have wedding visas for Indian Nationals, you can try getting a tourist visa before coming to the Philippines.

    1. Yes, you can ask the civil registrar if they know one. Usually, it’s a judge or the mayor. Yes, you also need to pay the solemnizing officer.

        1. It really differents per judge or officer and the place you are at (eg in a small town it’s cheaper than in the city), but you can budget PHP 5,000 or more for that. It’s better to call his/her office to know the fees.

  107. Hello!how can I get married devorce Australian man here in the Philippines and what are those requirements to my Austrian fiance?

  108. Hello good evening i just want to ask if i can get the legal capacity for my fiancee? and can i get the legal capacity here in geeman consulate in cebu city? He will stay 16days only for preparing the weeding do you think we can make it? Can i attend the counsiling alone or vediocall with him is that possible?

    1. You need to contact the German Embassy what your partner needs to obtain a Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage, he can also try visiting the Civil Registrar in his town. Usually, you need to attend counseling as a couple. Usually, more than 2 weeks is needed if you want to get married here considering you’ll need at least 10 days to get a marriage license.

  109. if i plan to.marry to USA man..just we are are chat in short time..then he will come Philippines to marry me..is it possible. that after the wedding day ..to travel go with him to USA

    1. You will need to have a US Visa to travel to USA with him, it will depend on your visa type and consul if you will be approved.

  110. How long it will take to be married in civil. Cause were planning to get married cause my husband need our marriage certificate for his health card so that he can add me as beneficiary..

    1. It will take less than an hour or two to get married in a Civil Wedding Ceremony. However, the processing of the marriage certificate depends on your officiant as well as the civil registrar.

  111. We’re planning to get married, my parents agreed already I’m 22 and my fiancé is 24 he’s incoming 25 this september. Do we still need to have parents advice on my fiancé side? Or no need na?

    1. Parental consent or advice is needed by Filipinos. However, if he is a foreigner, he might need a “Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry.”

      1. hi, does the parental consent apply if the foreigner is under 21? or does he only need the certificate of legal capacity to marry? kasi sa country naman nya hindi applicable yung parental consent sa age nya when marrying someone

  112. Nahiya sana ako magtanong kasi matanda na ko Im 54 going 55 next month my bf 55 going56 on june we want to get married secretly. May anak ako but ayaw ko munang malaman niya, bibili kasi kami ng property ilalagay nya land title mr and mrs. Binata sya anulled ako 24 years ago. Meron kaming kilalang pari para basbasan kami but not in public

  113. Good day! We havent gone for pre marital counselling seminar, but we were done with precana seminar, I know precana is for church wedding requirement, if we will undergo civil wedding first before church wedding, will it be fine if we replace precana certificate instead of pre marital counselling?

  114. Hi,,gudeve may I ask some questions okay lng ba n hindi n kmi kumuha Ng counciling abt family planning and parent consist we are both 39and 37years old were been together 15years we have also 2kids already

    1. You need to ask your Registrar’s office of pwede po kayong mag-skip. But, usually, it’s a requirement for a civil wedding po.

    1. You’ll need to ask your civil registrar’s office if it’s okay. However, you can get a PSA Birth Certificate online, which is more convenient.

  115. Hi. Just want to ask. We are planning to get married though we’re living together now. Im older than him. I am turning 28 and he is 21 years old. We already has 1 son. My family doesn’t like the idea of me getting married to him. What should we do? I told him if we can keep it a private just the 2 of us with our witnesses. Is it possible? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello.
      I have a question.
      We are from Bulacan but planning to have it in QC, therefore we need to get our marriage license in QC, Right?

      1. No need po, you need to get a marriage license at your hometown or where either of you lives. However, you can use your marriage license anywhere in the country.

  116. Hi, great article! Could you please provide breakdown of costs in applying civil wedding in ph. Thank you!

  117. Hi Good Day. My boyfriend and I want to get married. I’m 23 turning 24 and his 24 already. We want to hide it to our parents. Is that okay if their is no Parental advise ?

  118. Hi. I wanted to clarify to what you have said that the seminar, is this the Pre-Counselling Marriage? That this is for under those age 25 below?

    Coz my Fiance is a foreigner and we are both 25 yrs above already. And he will be here by December 2020 for 2 weeks only (days he was granted from work). And the said seminar is a requirements also for a marriage license as per our local registry here in Valenzuela city.

    But we are planning to get married thru our Church pastor.

    Hope you could enlighten me with this. Coz his aim is for us to get married while he is here.

  119. Hi. Good day . I am 18 years old and my boyfriend is 23 years old. We are planning to get married ASAP. But we want to hide it from my parents. Can my guardian can be used in the parental consent instead my parents? Thank u.

    1. Guardians can only give you consent if your parents are deceased. You’ll need to have parental consent since you are under 18 and they need to have personal appearance when getting a marriage license.

  120. Hi, it’s confusing do I need to get a CENOMAR for my bf too? He’s a foreign..Any help to make it easier our civil wedding? He will only stat here for one month. ?

    1. For him, he needs to get a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage from their embassy or back in their country. It’s better if he gets this before coming as the embassy may take more than a month.

      1. Hi. I’m with the same path as Donnabelle it’s just that my fiance is going to stay in the Ph longer. I’m very much concerned about the CENOMAR because my fiance is not willing to get one. He visited Ph last Jan. 2020 and it was his first time to ever step into the country. His reason was (ipagpalagay natin na wala talaga) wala namang mapu-pull up na records/information if PSA will check pointing to him to any marriages in the Ph because he has never been here before. It’s kind of contradicting to what you replied to Donnabelle’s question vs this info you posted at https://twomonkeystravelgroup.com/foreign-nationals-get-married-in-the-philippines/


        1. We already had the Affidavit In Lieu of a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage and he truly believes that this document will suffice to prove himself that he’s single. I’m going to seek legal advise if needed be. I hope you can further enlighten the information presented. Thank you.

          1. hello .. sorry for the misunderstanding…
            the top priority is the certificate or affidavit which you already have. However, the registrar may also need your CENOMARs.
            My ex-officemate married a Canadian, CENOMAR was also asked from him regardless of his nationality. The 2nd time he came to the Philippines was during the wedding. You can get an authorization from your fiance to get a CENOMAR.

  121. Hi, it’s confusing do I need to get a CENOMSR for my bf too? He’s a foreign..Any help to make it easier our civil wedding? He will only stat here for one month. ?

  122. Hi I’m 19 years old and my bf is 43 from US and we are planning to get marry here in the Philippines, what is the requirements is needed to bring here if he arrived

  123. Sobrang helpful. Hindi komoleto pero starter information talaga para sa mga gusto ng organized na kasal.

  124. Hi.. I seriously need help.. Im a foreigner and i want to marry my Filipina girlfriend.. I know what papers i need before i go there, but im kinda confused about things that i need to do in Philippines.. And to be honest.. Im gonna come in September.. and gonna stay some 23 days and im just not sure if i can get it done in such a short time..

    Now to my questions.. Can we marry any place in Philippines or just in her home province?
    Do we both need to get to that marriage counseling?
    Where can i apply for marriage license? I know at civil registrar but can it be any civil registrar or just in her home province? She lives few years in Manila so can we get married there?

    Its so damn confusing.. im really struggling to get all information that i need on internet.. especially those from local authorities,,

    Please hel and if you can, reply straight to my email

    Thank you all for your advice and god bless you..

    1. Hi you can marry in 23 day period of your stay provided that your gf will process paper prior to your arrival.
      I have a friend who can help u sort it out he is a solemnizing officer innthe city

      1. Thank you for your reply, would you be please so kind to pass me any contact on that person you have mentioned? Thank you so much for your help, Thank you 🙂

  125. Hi

    My fiancee (australian) and i are getting married this year. Is it true that we have to wait for 10 days after his arrival in the Philippines before we can get married?

    Thank u

  126. Good day! I was just wondering if there are personal appearances needed in the whole thing (except of course the ceremony and the seminars) or can one of the couple do it in behalf of them both. My partner is currently based outside the country so we were just wondering if I can do it for both of us. Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Seminar is just for people marrying under the age of 25 or so.. if you are already living together the seminar is jot a requirement anymore for civil wedding

      1. Hi. I wanted to clarify to what you have said that the seminar, is this the Pre-Counselling Marriage? That this is for under those age 25 below?

        Coz my Fiance is a foreigner and we are both 25 yrs above already. And he will be here by December 2020 for 2 weeks only (days he was granted from work). And the said seminar is a requirements also for a marriage license as per our local registry here in Valenzuela city.

        But we are planning to get married thru our Church pastor.

        Hope you could enlighten me with this. Coz his aim is for us to get married while he is here.

  127. Can two non nationals obtain a marriage license in PH? We are both naturalised Irish citizens but both born in PH.

    1. Check first with your Embassies since per Family Code, you need to have legal capacity to contract marriage.

      Art. 21. When either or both of the contracting parties are citizens of a foreign country, it shall be necessary for them before a marriage license can be obtained, to submit a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage, issued by their respective diplomatic or consular officials.

      It’s a bit hassle for foreigners to get married here. The easiest country to get married at is Hong Kong but it’s hard to enter due to Coronavirus disease.

    2. Hi. Good day . I am 18 years old and my boyfriend is 23 years old. We are planning to get married ASAP. But we want to hide it from my parents. Can my guardian can be used in the parental consent instead my parents? Thank u.

  128. Hi great article. Can 2 foreign nationals get married in the Philippines in a civil wedding?
    Ex- Canadian citizen and Chinese national

    1. Check first with your Embassies since per Family Code, you need to have legal capacity to contract marriage.

      Art. 21. When either or both of the contracting parties are citizens of a foreign country, it shall be necessary for them before a marriage license can be obtained, to submit a certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage, issued by their respective diplomatic or consular officials.

      It’s a bit hassle for foreigners to get married here. The easiest country to get married in is Hong Kong but there’s Coronavirus 🙁

    2. Hi! My fiancé and I are planning to get married this October. I am 22 years old. Given that he will have papers for legal capacity to get married. And I will process the needed requirements. With this, our only problem will be the seminar and he can only stay for 2 weeks. Is it possible for us to be wed in 2 weeks? What is the possible solution for the seminar 🙁

      P.S corona virus hindered us to be together for three weeks in October 🙁

      Thank you and God Bless! X

  129. hi can i ask my fiance is a Italian and hes coming here on june and were planning to get a civil wedding while hes here in phillippines,.what is the easyiest way to fullfill all of the req.before he come?

    1. Let him get his papers especially the Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage in his country before coming here.

    2. Hi? Ask lnngpo pwede po ba ko mag pa set ng date for precounsel ng magisa kasi nasa hospital yung bf ko for surgery. Para sana kahit nakapag sched nako ng seminar

  130. My cousins who are already British citizens wants to have another ceremony here in PH. They already had one in UK. What would be the requirements?

  131. Hello. We’re planning to get married here in ph but their country doesnt have an embassy here in ph. Do you have any advice po? Thanks

    1. Let your partner contact the embassy nearest in the Philippines or the Department of Foreign Affairs in his home country.

      1. Hi. Were planning to get married but we want it privately. We dont want our family to know it. Were just having a family drama. Were planning to have it to both of us and other witnesses..We are both 28 years old. Would it be okay for the civil registrar to not post it?
        Another concern is if we choose to file marriage licensed in my town, would it be posted also in his town? Thankyou..

        1. It’s actually the rule to have it posted, and usually, not many minds the posting. Personally, I’ve never seen one in our LCR.

  132. I am a nan British and want to marry my Filipino fiance the wedding in the Philippines I need a certificate of legal capacity to marry her do I get in UK or in Philippines and where here do I get one please

    1. If I’m not mistaken, if you’re a non-Catholic Christian, you must first get a clearance from the Archdiocesan Chancery Office at the Archbishop’s Office, 121 Arzobispo St., Intramuros, Manila.

      The said clearance can be obtained by submitting a Letter of Approval from the pastor or minister of your non-Catholic sect which will state that you’re qualified to get married and there’s no legal impediment preventing you to do so.

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