Recovering TIN – How to Know Your Lost Tax Identification Number in the Philippines

By Lyza Paloma August 11th, 2020 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Philippines Travel Blog, Travel Blog 101 Comments

Don’t know your TIN? Well, here are ways to know your Lost Tax Identification Number as well as verifying if it’s yours. Each one of us has a Tax Identification number to file our taxes.  When we work, sometimes the employer processes our TIN for us, but we have to fill up a form.

When we are doing business, we need to register at the RDO, and they provide us with TIN. It’s important so we should remember or keep a file of it.


In case we forget our TIN or lost it, we can’t get a new one. Having multiple TIN is punishable by law, as it will feel that you are avoiding taxes by doing so. In case you lost your Tax Identification Number, check out this article on how to find it and verify it.

1. Check your Documents or IDs

The best place to find your TIN is through your TIN ID if you have one. If not and you were previously working, try finding your old payslips or Form 2316, which is from your old company. For those who had a business, check your 1701 or 2551 forms or a copy of your certificate of Registration (2303); your TIN is found there.

2. Call your Employer

You can contact your employer as they surely know your TIN – it’s on their record as they file taxes on your behalf. Usually, the HR, Payroll, or Accounting department has your TIN.

If you have resigned already, you can also contact your previous employer as they may retain your details in their system. If not, you can also check through the BIR.

3. Contact BIR

Prepare your details and contact BIR so that you can get your TIN. Customer Assistant Division can be contacted using the following lines:

  • 8981-7030
  • 8981-7003
  • 8981-7040
  • 8981-7020
  • 8981-7046
  • 8981-7419
  • 8981-7452
  • 8981-7478
  • 8981-7479

In case you find it hard to contact them, you can also e-mail your query at [email protected].

You can e-mail like this

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good day.

I am (complete name) from (town/city). I would like assistance from your good office as I have forgotten my Tax Identification Number and need it for (purpose.) The following are my details:

(For Self-Employed)

Complete Name:
Residence Address: (include Zip Code)
Past Business Registered with BIR:

(For Employed or Previously Employed)

Complete Name:
Mother’s Maiden Name:
Father’s Name:
Residence Address: (include Zip Code)

I am hoping for your response.


Your Name

4. Visit an RDO

You may go to the nearest Regional District Office where you are. You can ask the counter where you can queue to have your TIN found or verified. Make sure you bring valid ID or documents to prove that you are the owner of the number.

5. Online

Under “other E-Services” of BIR, there is eReg TIN Query. However, this is only restricted to authorized parties. It will contain your basic information, like name, birthdate, and TIN. If you know someone who is authorized, then you can also ask them. However, going to the BIR or contacting them is a much better option.


That’s how you find TIN! Know you have located your Lost Tax Identification Number, make sure to have an ID or keep your documents so that the next time you need it, it’s easier to retrieve. Good day!

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101 thoughts on “Recovering TIN – How to Know Your Lost Tax Identification Number in the Philippines

  1. How to Recovering TIN I forget my TIN 30 years ago hindi ako maka punta ng BIR kasi po ditto ako ouside the country OFW po ako I need TIN no. for some purpose needed

  2. Sir/Ma’am
    Good day how can I get may TIN I forget my TIN no. and please give the active email add the person who help us thank you

  3. hello im from davao, and nag punta ako d2 bir .. na ipa transfer ko from 1905 to 1902 .. pero dapat ipa fax pa yung number ko.. pero habang nagpa fax ako walang sumasagot.

  4. Paano po pag sinabi sa pinuntahan ko na RDO na wala pa daw po akong tin number, ibig sabihin po ba kahit saang RDO wala po akong tin number o possible po na sa ibang rdo? Sana masagot nyo po pls.

  5. Hi mam I would like to ask if ,bibili ba nang property need din pa yung tin paano pag May open case matitrace ba yung nG bir?
    Hoping for you’re answer mam.thank you

  6. ma’am/ sir
    nawala ko po ung tin number at diko po maalala. ptulong nman po kc kylangan ko po ung tin number ko.

    1. Good day ma’am/sir
      I lost my id and other documents to look out my tin number and i want to know it for ma’am pls. Help me. Thank you

  7. Good day sir/madam
    Meron po akong tin id since 2011
    Then ngayon nag aaply ako through online Banking need tin I’d nilalagay ko yong tin id ko ayaw mag activate.
    Ano po kailangan o gawin ko sa tin Id ko po.
    Thank you

  8. I do already have my TIN number, I believed it was being processed way back 2017 by my previous company. For the past three (3) years now I’m still having a hard time on how to Identify my TIN number in any possible convenient way, I cannot afford to visit their site due to very complicated shift schedule.. I already contacted them several times but there was no resolution provided.. we always end up to a one (1) resolution with the exact information on how to visit them on site.

    Best regards to whom might have concern.

    1. good day po mam/sir nawala ko po kasi tin number ko and id need ko po malamam ung tin number ko patulong naman po diko narin po kasi ma contact dati kung employer wait for your kindly reply salamat

  9. Ma’am panu qu ba ma update tin # since 2013 pa po un..ndi po mareleased ATM qu pagwala po updated na tin#

  10. Hi Mam/Sir,
    Please help me.. i forgot my tin number at gusto ko rin n palitan ung civil status..Asap…thank you…

  11. Hi Sir/Mam
    Please Help me I forgot and Lost card Tin # please help me for necessary purposed.
    Thank sir/mam in Advance

    1. Good day. Please may i know my tin number because i can not remember?Can I change the status by online…ASAP.

  12. Good day po .. Nawala po ang wallet ko kasama ang tin id ko d ko po tanda ang id number pwd ko po bang malaman ito salamat po

  13. Hello good day hindi pa po ako nag kakaron TIN ID but meron na ako TIN NUMBER through my work last time sa STARBUCKS and hindi ko kabisado yung TIN number ko ask ko lang if pwede ko ma retrieved yung TIN NUMBER ko salamtttt

  14. Good day,, paano ko po ma retrieved ung TIN number ko,, burado na kasi sa old id ko since 2004 pa po ung id…salamt

  15. hi meron po ako tin numbr before nung nagbarko po ako. now nawawala napo yung copy ko and yung sa agency ko po. paano po ba malalaman tin number ko ulit thanks po

  16. Paano po makakuha Ng tin #? Samantalng nakapagtrabaho po ako sa Jollibee Ng 6 months…at Ng iverify ko sa BIR Wala daw po akong tin #…

    1. Questions po:
      1) Have you already applied for this before? Kasi once kalang mag-aaply for TIN
      2) How po? Thru an employer or have you been to BIR yourself – Self-Employed
      3) Mga what year kayo nag-register or first nag-work? Saan pong lugar?

      You can follow po instructions above.

  17. Dear BIR,

    Greetings !

    Have a pleasant day can I ask a favor from your good office to send through my e-mail with regard on my TIN number because it was lost by then since the flood hit our home last 2016 in CDO sadly most of my Documents were missing. Hoping for your kind consideration on this regard. Thank you !

  18. Hi! While searching how to retrieve TIN on Google I found your article. You said one of the ways is to email the bit. Is this really possible? Because I’ve heard before in 2011 that they don’t give the TIN thru email. I’m really desperate to retrieve my tin bcoz I really need it badly, I’m here abroad, when I called bir numbers I can’t go through I’m always directed to answering machine.

    1. There’s no harm in trying 🙂 Right now, government agencies are responsive. If not, you can complain thru 8888.

    1. If you got it twice po, then it’s doubled. Better cancel the other one as you’ll be penalized. My ex-coworker once have two TINs under his name.

    1. depende po if anong purposes mo, usually TIN can be given sa merong business or babayaran na tax like Estate, etc.

  19. Good day! I am requesting my TIN number because i forgot it and i need it to fill up application on having savings account here in Taiwan. It is required in their post office. Thanks.

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