7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany

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INTERNATIONAL. That’s how the city of Mannheim in Germany generally described. The label has been proved by the wide eras, depicting respective parts of the city. It might still sound vague for those who have never been in Mannheim; so if you are one of them, stick on this site and start realizing how this city can be your next destination! Here are things to do in Mannheim, Germany.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 1
A part of Mannheim’s Friedrichsplatz.

Just around ten-minute walk from the Hauptbahnhof (main station), Friedrichsplatz is composed of many notable structures such as the Water Tower, Rose Garden, and Art Gallery.

Popularly tagged as the ‘Quadratestadt’ or ‘City of Squares’, Mannheim seems to prove the well-organized perception of being a German. The City of Mannheim in the region of Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan has its inimitable chess board-like structure, which aims a systematic and easier track location for everyone. Likewise, Mannheim is commonly associated with New York City’s borough, Manhattan, with its square collation. It started around 40 decades ago, when Palatinate Elector Friedrich IV commanded the city construction, following the Rhine and Neckar rivers’ estuaries.

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Through numbers and letters, you will never go out of your way in the city of Mannheim. The block squares start with the letter ‘A’ on the left side of Schloss (Palace) and end with ‘K’, heading to the Neckar River. On the right side of the palace, ‘L’ begins, reaching the ‘U’. A Street called Breite Straße links the Palace and the Neckar River, dividing the blocks of ‘A-K’ and ‘L-U’. Conversely, the Planken Street connects the Water Tower and the Rhine River, splitting ‘A-D; L-O’ and ‘E-K; P-U’. Each square has its own numbers, commencing with number one and ascends counterclockwise for ‘A-K’ and clockwise for ‘L-U’.  Take note that letter ‘I’ cannot be seen as it is usually represented by ‘J’ or vice versa.

You can visit Tourist Mannheim for a clearer illustration and explanation of the Mannheim Squares.

Guided by its impressive grid arrangement, there’s no reason to just pass by this city, like most people do. Unlike its neighboring cities, Frankfurt and Heidelberg, Mannheim might not be one of the top cities to be visited by the tourists. It is then time to change that norm because there are piles of things to do in Mannheim, which are fairly encouraging to include the city in your trip.

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Let me give you some through these seven awesome things to do in Mannheim, Germany

1. Reminisce the World’s first inventions made in Mannheim

The Forbes Magazine listed Mannheim in world’s top 15 most inventive cities. No doubt about it; major transportations are founded in the city.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 2Laufmaschine. Photo by: Baerchen (license)

Karl Drais introduced in 1817 the first vehicle without pedals, entailing a balance, called Laufmaschine or Draisienne.  The rider is in between the two wheels as he needs to push it by his feet. Drais’ invention led to the creation of today’s bicycle.

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Automobile came along with the transports inventions.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 3

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 4
Carl Benz’s Monument in a park in Friedrichsplatz.

It was Carl Benz who conceived the vehicle functioned by a gas engine.  This German Mechanical Engineer obtained the first patent for the three-wheeler and gas-fueled car in 1886, which signalled the continuous manufacturing of automobiles. Two years after the official birth of Carl Benz’s car, his wife Bertha, with their two sons (Eugen and Richard), tested the improved version of the car by taking the first long distance journey. From Mannheim, they travelled to Pforzheim (Bertha’s birthplace), covering about 180 kilometers, including the return trip.

Do you want to ride on to these inventions? Unfortunately, you can’t but your eyes can witness these first vehicles by visiting the Technomuseum.

Location: Museumsstraße 1, 68165

2. Discover the City’s Artistic Collection for free

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 5
Kunsthalle (Art Gallery) in Mannheim.

If you spotted the city on the first Wednesday of the month, you can go at the Kunsthalle (Art Gallery) for free and explore the various modern and contemporary art collections. Every Wednesday, the art gallery welcomes guests for free as well as from 6-8 in the evening. This 144-year old building gathers a long range of artworks from paper, woods and even virtual, which constructed primarily for the City’s 300th founding anniversary only. The planned demolition of the structure after the International Art Exhibition was cancelled and shifted into a town’s art gallery that has been exhibiting until today.

Location: Friedrichsplatz 4, 68165

3. Grab a ‘naturally-made’ ice cream

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 6

 Photo by: Eismanufakturzeitgeist

After making your eyes full with industrial works, it is time to fill in something to your stomach.  Zeitgeist is just perfect for it. The shop has been operating since May this year, offering a daily surprise of ice cream flavor. Targeting vegan ice cream, Zeigeist is naturally producing this sweet dish to help people let go that guilt of having desserts.

Location: Eismanufaktur Zeitgeist Meerfeldstraße 45, 68163 Mannheim-Lindenhof

4. Do Picnic at the Rhine Shore

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 7

 Be delighted with your picnic chice while at the Rhine Shore. Photo by: Michell Zappa. (license)

Just around 350 meters away from Zeitgeist, Die Metzgerei can be traced. Though it specializes on breakfast meal, Die Metzgerei serves different picnic baskets (packages) on the go, with blanket rental, which fit for everyone going to the Rhine Shore for a relaxing meal.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 8
Enjoy the Rhine River view while having a Picnic.

Location: Rheinparkstrasse, 4, 68163

5. Feel the Unique ‘Academic-Majestic’ mood  in Europe’s second biggest Baroque Palace

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 9

Following the Château de Versailles in France, Mannheim’s six-hectare Baroque Palace has been residing in the City for nearly 300 years since its transfer from Heidelberg. Consists of five wings, the royal’s place has three-storey facades, rupturing four-storey pavilions. As one of the many heavily damage structures during the Second World War, Mannheim’s Baroque Palace has been reconstructed, covering its major parts such as the great eventic staircase and the Rittersaal (Knight’s Hall). Currently, Barockschloss Mannheim accepts visitors to see every highlight of the historical palace and embrace the royal life.

About 80% of the palace operates as a University, recording impressive academic assets. Standing as the University of Mannheim, it is classified as the most beautiful campus in Germany with over 12,000 students.

6. Appreciate the Beauty of Varied Music

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 10The former fire station, now presenting musical performances. Photo by:Mannheim Quadratestadt.

Music is life. That is most people believed. But music varies and everyone’s ears too. How about jazz and modern music? Then try to enter the Alte Feuerwache in Mannheim. This a former fire station that is now pleasing the audiences with live world class music performances, with a very inviting café-bar and beer garden. Imagine sipping your favorite coffee or gulping a liter of beer while feeding your soul with a good music.

Location: Brückenstraße 2, 68167

Another option is usually a classified-elite form of music, the classical. It might not be everybody’s sound-taste but visit Rosengarten and it might change or add to your music preference.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 11
The Rosengarten, built from 1900-1903.

Rosengarten is a Concert and Congress Hall that offers other sundry cultural events every month, accommodating over 2,000 guests.

Location: Rosengartenplatz 2, 68161

Considered as the Music City by UNESCO, you should not miss to experience at least one genre of Music in Mannheim.

7. Do not forget the City’s ‘not-so-ordinary’ landmark

7 Awesome Things To Do in Mannheim, Germany 12
The Wasserturm in Mannheim.

Okay, this might sound as simple as saying A-B-C, but I want to include in your list of things to do in Mannheim to remember the Wassertrum or the Water tower. Every place has its identity and that makes people easily recall what and how it looks like. Simply, people set a certain landmark. In Mannheim, the renowned Wassertrum takes that sign, standing 60 meters above the highest point of the Friedrichsplatz. Aside from serving as a meeting point for most of the people, the Water tower was used to be a reservoir for drinking water. This Romanesque tower amazes everyone after sunset at it starts to spark with the moving fountains at its foot. An inspiring conclusion for a day, isn’t it? Hold on, this Baroque sandstone structure can still astonish you with its meticulously designed open staircase, inviting each of us to glance manifold sculptures, including the Amphritite (Goddess of Sea).

Location: Friedrichsplatz, 68161

The ‘City of Everything’, I can say. From museums, nature, food, and shopping spots up to endless of stuff, Mannheim can give it; just name it. The city where creations of the old times are still kept and where modernization never stops, your list of things to do in Mannheim, Germany will never be bare.

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  1. Did you know, in Mannheim the (at least in Germany) famous spaghetti ice cream was invented?
    The adress: O4 5, Eis Fontanella
    Have fun & enjoy!

  2. I also dream of going to Germany. It has always been one of those countries that I dreamed of visiting when I was a kid. I think I would have fun sampling those ice cream. I am weak when it comes to ice cream.

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