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7 Reasons Why You Should go on a Daytrip from Berlin to Dresden, Germany @ondaytrip

By Kach Umandap March 30th, 2016 Posted in Destination, Europe Travel Blog, Organized Tours 33 Comments

On my recent unexpected trip to Berlin to attend the ITB travel conference I connected with Daytrip to visit the nearby historical city of Dresden. I hadn’t heard much about the city prior to my visit so was amazed on arrival in the old historic centre, built in the 1800’s from stone after a huge fire destroyed the city. It was later further damaged during World War 2 and I was intrigued to see the mix of old and new throughout, with many additions and repairs made in the 70’s.

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Daytrip from Berlin to Dresden

With such little knowledge about the place I had decided to seek the company of a local guide which I found through Daytrip, a company offering tours from city to city in Central Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Poland). They make your journey more than just a simple train ride, bus or taxi, by connecting you with a local to show you the best parts of a city and make the whole trip an experience.


Micha, my Daytrip guide, picked me up in Berlin and drove me 2 hours to Dresden, a short journey spent chatting about the day ahead and what it’s really like to live in Prague and Germany. Micha’s job essentially is to take people from A to B while talking about the country and answering any questions whether political, cultural or about her personal experience of life there.

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It was fantastic to be able to travel with someone who knows so much about the place in which I was travelling, not just the touristy attractions and historic monuments, but about the experiences of real life.

Daytrip in Postdam, from Berlin to Dresden

Stops along the way allow guests to see things most tourists would miss, historical sites as well as beautiful scenery. For Micha, the special part of her job is always meeting new and interesting people from many walks of life, full of enthusiasm to learn and really experience her home town and the surrounding area. Our trip consisted of a 2-hour drive to Dresden. Once in Dresden we took a 90 minute walking tour of the Old City followed by a delicious in one of the many gourmet restaurants in the city. Having arrived with close to no knowledge or impression of this city, I was able to have a highly personalised experience, all the help and knowledge of an informative and friendly guide who knew the city like the back of her hand. For me this is the only way to discover a city! On the way back we broke up the journey by stopping at Sanssouci Palace in Pottsdam, the former summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. The palace is a unique example of Rococo architecture, as King Frederick’s personal taste had so much influence in its design that it is even defined as ‘Frederician Rococo.’

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Seven reasons to travel with Daytrip from Berlin to Dresden:

1. Sanssouci Palace

The first stop on our journey was the central attraction of Pottsdam, a town close to Berlin, and was brought to life by Frederick the Great in 1747. Its name means ‘without worries’ in French and is a reflection of the lifestyle he desired. The palace sits in a magnificent park surrounded by many interconnecting trails just waiting to be explored. The Rococo style UNESCO site was once home to some of the Royal family but has been a museum and open gardens since 1927.

2. Frauenkirche

After its devastating destruction in World War 2 the remains of the city’s most iconic church lay in pieces for 60 years until finally being reconstructed from the very same stones. The impressive workmanship is best enjoyed from outside and would be difficult to miss while strolling through the Altstadt but it is also free to enter to examine the ornately decorated interior.

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3. Bruehl Terrace

Just a short walk from the Frauenkirche brings you to the edge of the river Elbe, lined by the decorative pedestrian boulevard Bruehl’s terrace. In fair weather many hours can be spent observing the passing boats and daily life here, or even taking a boat ride along the length of the river to take in the stunning riverside architecture from the water.

4. Procession of Princes

A porcelain mural stretching 394 feet along the courtyard of the Royal Mews. At the time of its making in 1876 the design of Saxony rulers on foot and horseback was etched into the stucco but this was later recast onto porcelain tiles. Miraculously it remained unscathed after Dresden’s catastrophic bombing in 1944 and is still much admired today.

5. Green Vault

Created by the Kings of Grenoble to display collected treasures of jewellery in gold, silver, Ivory and jewels, although today these are mostly replicas of those destroyed in World War 2. Divided into two separate exhibitions, the Historisches Grunes Gewolbe and the Neues Grunes Gewolbe, of equal opulence and is thought to one Europe’s richest treasure chambers.

6. Dresden Panometer

A little further from the old town, but a couple of tram stops will bring you to Yadegar Asisi’s panoramic painting depicting the Augustan Era of Dresden contrasted with rotating exhibitions projecting different eras around the central column. A fascinating way to see Dresden through the ages in its many states of grandeur, destruction and repair.

7. Zwinger Palace

This baroque site is a marvel to explore, with a courtyard of fountains and three museums: the Old Masters Gathering, the Porcelain Gallery and the Meissen Gallery. The terrace and gardens can be enjoyed for free but the museums require a ticket. These can be bought separately or can be included in the Dresden Museum’s card costing 22 Euros with access to 14 museums in a 2 day period.

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33 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should go on a Daytrip from Berlin to Dresden, Germany @ondaytrip

  1. Dresden is breathtaking, I spend 3 days there and still wasn’t able to see everything the city has to offer. Amazing pictures!

  2. Dresden looks stunning and i also love taking dah trip. Any trip would be amazing when the tour guide is knowledgeable about the place and its history. I love the meaning of sanssouci palace. I am quite intrigued about the green vault. Kudos to you for taking those lovely photos

  3. This day trip seems to be packed with many places to visit. Surely, worth the trip! I’m curious with the Green Vault. Would be great to see some treasures!

  4. I wish there were photos for each of the 7 places to visit in Berlin. I had a hard time googling each of them. I would love to check out the Church Frauenkirche. To think that it was only rebuilt and using the same materials used when it was built. That’s a work of art!

  5. Would really love to visit this place. I wish I have the luxury of time to travel. Maybe I should consider shifting careers. You have great photos, by the way.

  6. So that’s what Sanssouci means. Daytour sounds fantastic! I love having a chatty tour guide. He/she makes me appreciate the place more.

  7. I always love day tours/travel for it enables me to see the real beauty of a place. You can see every detail and interact to different people at the same time

  8. I’m really looking forward to the day when I can travel outside of Asia. Coming from the Philippines, a huge chunk of the travel budget goes to airfare. I wanna experience the boat ride you mentioned at Bruehl Terrace and I’m curious with the Dresden Panometer.

  9. All the pictures are just so wonderfully captured! I love your photography and the way you cite the minutest details from your travel. Germany is a far-in-the-future travel destination for me; but now I know some details to start with at least…

  10. Hopefully I will be able to visit these places in the near future, thank you for this list, though as of the moment, I’m just reading this post but it’s very helpful. Thank you

  11. Whoa, love the architecture shown in the photos. 🙂 I hope there are also photos for the rest of the list. I admit I don’t know much about Germany so I haven’t included it in plans yet, but a daytrip seems like something that can easily be squeezed when travelling around Europe.

  12. Sounds like a great tour! It’s amazing how many little details you can see when there is someone there to point things out. I love the sound of Pottsdam!

  13. Sounds like a really interesting city and im well impressed they managed to rebuild the chapel again!

  14. I saw so many trains heading to Dresden when i was in Germany but never knew what was there. Looks like such a lovely place x

  15. I’ve never been to any of these places before – but I definitely want to go now! It sounds fantastic ?

  16. After reading this, coupled with your ‘ awesome things to do in Berlin’, i’m seriously wanting to go!

  17. I really wanted to do a day trip somewhere when we were In Berlin a few years back, now I can go back and do this! Yay!

  18. I have never visited Germany but this looks like a great place to visit, definitely one to put on the ‘to travel to’ list!

  19. This sounds like an awesome place to visit. I’ve always wanted to visit Germany but I’ve never managed it quite yet.

  20. What an absolutely gorgeous place to visit! I have never been to Germany, and would love to go there., Thanks for the tips x

  21. I’d be very excited to see all the different styles of architecture. Checking out a few museums would be great too!

  22. Zwinger palace sounds like my kinda hangout; it has art, soul and most of all can show you a glimspe into the past!

  23. Oh Dresden looks SO beautiful!! I love being shown around by a local, always gives a totally different insight to a place.

  24. I just love all the architecture in Germany. I can’t wait to go back some day.

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