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Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia (Asia)

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor July 14th, 2022 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Destination, Travel Blog 57 Comments

One day in September, I feel like the mountains, rivers, seas, lakes, and waterfalls are calling me. I feel like going home, but work and other circumstances wouldn’t allow me to have enough time. Here’s my guide to Awsome Places in Georgia.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia (Asia)
Photo by shankar s. CC BY 2.0

Flights from Abu Dhabi to Manila, then to General Santos would take much of the few days I am allowed to take leave. Not to mention the pricey airfare tickets. But I know deep in my subconscious mind, that I wanted to be with nature.  I wanted to be free from work-related stress and everything that bothers me.

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Here comes Georgia which keeps on popping from my Facebook newsfeed. Promos from Holiday Factory and other travel agencies won’t leave my wall so I decided I will take a break.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Georgia.

I searched on the internet about Georgia. I even asked strangers thru social media. Every feedback was positive. Not even a single person tried to hold me back. So it worked. Surround yourself with positive people and feed your mind with positive thoughts ONLY.

I flew to Georgia as a solo traveler. As a first-timer who was always limited by my fears, I had my own share of anxiety. I prayed for my safety. I declared blessing over my limited budget.

Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is bounded to the West by the Black Sea, to the North by Russia, to the South by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. (Wikipedia). I have crafted my own beautiful story but words won’t be enough to express it. Though I can tell you what amazing things to do and places to explore in Georgia are based on my 5-day stay there. This wouldn’t be about my travel for now. This would be about your story sooner or later. You can even make it better.

Assuming you are already in Tbilisi Airport, feeling alone in the midst of other passengers, anxious and nervous. Cope up, you are here to enjoy.

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Let me guess what will make you at ease. I think it is when you are going out from the airport to the waiting area, searching for a guy that you don’t know that your host sends to pick you up. And out of a number of people waiting there, you will see in an A4 size bond paper written “Kala D Karin, Hotel Gomi 19.” That’s you, right? Feel secure now.

Most Georgians are familiar with the history of their place and they are more than willing to tell you about this. As a Kaladkarin (someone you can bring anywhere), I know you are more eager to listen and find different ways to discover more of this country endowed with beauty.

Wherever you plan to stay, either in a hotel or a hostel, for sure you will receive a warm welcome.  And it’ll make you feel at home during your entire stay. Here’s our list of best backpackers hostels in Georgia.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia

Narikala Fortress

When you are in Tbilisi, take a hike to Narikala Fortress. You’ll never forget it, I guarantee you. Why? When is the 4th century? I don’t even know. It was at this time that it was built. But I have an idea that it is so old. Imagine a fortress that has passed the test of time and protected a city from wars.

Why not try to seat, walk, climb, hug, and even take a selfie on the ancient walls. Won’t you feel proud of yourself that you’d been able to set foot in the city’s witness its history while enjoying the overlooking view of Tbilisi?

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia (Asia)
Photo by
ლევან ნიორაძე
CC BY-SA 2.0
Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 2
One of the ancient walls of Narikala Fortress was built in the 4th century.

Inside Narikala is St. Nicholas Church, newly built in 1996. You are allowed to go inside the Church. For women, just make sure to wear a head scarf and a long skirt (available from the entrance.) And shorts are not allowed for men. Taking photographs is not allowed as well inside the Church. But you are very welcome to say a prayer.

From Narikala, don’t go back afterward. Continue to take a walk going to Sololaki Hill where Kartvlis Deda or Mother of Georgia is standing tall and proud. She is a beautiful and courageous 20-meter statue of a Georgian woman clad in their National Dress.

Look at her and let her welcome you with a bowl of wine from her left hand. Never mind the sword she is holding in her right hand, it is reserved for those who come as her enemy.

By walking to the other side of the hill, you can reach Botanical Garden wherein at the heart of it is a spectacular waterfall.

Vardzia Cave Monastery

Going to the Southern part of Georgia, you can visit a cave monastery, Vardzia. Unleash your inner child. Walk around and even play hide and seek here. (Even though you are alone and regardless of your age.)

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 3
Vardzia was constructed during the 12th century and excavated on the slopes of Erusheti Mountain.

According to etiological myth, young Tamar went hunting with Giorgi and got lost. Put yourself in her case, imagine you are the young heiress, Prinsesa Kk, and being lost. Then you heard somebody calling your name. Your reply is “ac var dzia,” which means “I am here, Uncle.” From this myth, Vardzia Cave Monastery derived its name.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 4
Exploring the huge Cave Monastery.

Back to reality, Tamar became the first woman to rule Georgia. She is known as the Holy Righteous King Tamar. In the Georgian language, she was called KING because SHE ruled as a monarch and her father had no male heir.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 5
Vardzia, rock-hewn cave city.

Mtkvari River

From the monastery, you can go down where a refreshment store is found. Beside it, is the Mtkvari River that invites you to sit on its side, relax and tell you to let your worries flow with its waters.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 6
A part of the 1,515-kilometre length of Mtkvari River.

If you’d been traveling for how many hours, it’s inevitable that you might fall asleep in between trips. You missed what your tour guide was telling about the place and its history. Out of tiredness, sometimes you’re dreaming you are a princess trapped in a castle. Then the bus took a stop. You woke up, still feeling sleepy. But everybody’s stepping out of the bus. And you should have too.

Rabati Castle, Akhaltsikhe

Still getting back to your senses, you look around. Whoa! You’re mesmerized. It’s another castle. The adrenaline rush is back in your system. You want to walk, run and jump for joy. Dream comes true? You are now in Rabati Castle, Akhaltsikhe.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 7
Rabati Castle was built during the 13th Century.

You are taking a flight of stairs after stairs, while enjoying the view of every hall as you ascend, trying to capture pictures here and there. You’ll really get crazy if your battery gets empty or your memory is full.

You kept on moving and taking steps and now you’re taking sets of ladders going up to the highest peak of the tower. And you see from above the beautiful place of Akhaltsikhe and the rest of the castle below.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 8
A view from the top, overlooking the rest of the castle and picturesque Akhaltsikhe.
Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 9
A view from the top is taken in between the ancient walls of Rabati Castle.

Tell me now, does it need to become a real princess first to be able to explore and feel the joy of being in a castle? I don’t think so; a Kaladkarin can do it as well.

It’s a must experience also to have a stop in Borjomi and drink from free-flowing mineral water that is known for its healing and restorative properties.

David Gareja Monastery

Do you love hiking? Then head to the Eastern part of Georgia and visit David Gareja Monastery on the borders of Georgia and Azerbaijan.

During the travel, if you are coming from Tbilisi, you might feel you are being lost along the way. Desert and hill after hill, you might think there is nothing to see in that place. Indulge yourself in the stillness and silence of the place as you continue your journey and reach the place.

David Gareja Monastery Complex was built during the 6th century. You can also visit the tomb of St David Garejeli, the first monk who lived in this cave monastery.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 10
The David Gareja Monastery overlooks a hill.

Your visit isn’t complete without taking a hike up to the hill.  When you reach the hilltop, an unexplainable feeling will embrace you, it might be the wind, the sun, the view, or maybe because angels do exist there.  You might feel like singing the song of The Carpenter’s Top of the World, you are free to do so. Or you can throw out your “hugot” lines and let them vanish in the wind or be absorbed in the vast array of the land.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 11
Can you spot the little monkey over there?

Traveling to the Northern part of Georgia through the Georgian Military Road will amaze you as well. Along the way, you might be busy looking at the scenic views through the window. Enjoy every moment and scenery that you are passing by. Expect something.

Great Lake Jinvali

For sure, the next breathtaking panorama will amaze you, the Great Lake Jinvali. You might not believe what your eyes are seeing. But yes, great creation is just within your sight. Seize the moment.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 13
Still along the Georgian Military Highway, the Ananuri Castle overlooking Lake Jinvali.

The Caucasus Mountains and Gergeti Trinity Church

As you continue traversing the Georgian Military Highway, you will be awed by the majestic Caucasus Mountains. Till you reach a small town, Kazbegi.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 14

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 15

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 16
Kazbegi. On top of the mountain is the Gergeti Trinity Church.

In the photo shown above, we can see the Gergeti Trinity Church on top of the mountain. And it’s a must to visit the place. As for me, if I had enough time, I’ll do hiking to reach the top. And yes, I will really take a hike next time. I won’t tell you why. But riding a car going there is surely an adventure and I think you will never forget it as well. Find out why.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 17
A spectacular view, overlooking Kazbegi and the Caucasus Mountains.
Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 18
Gergeti Trinity Church and Mt Kazbek.

Mt. Kazbek is the third highest peak in Georgia with an elevation of 5, 047m. It is a stunning, snow-capped mountain and it is very easy to notice. He is like a King that sits on his throne. Say “Hi” and send your wishes to this prominent, beautiful dormant stratovolcano. Who knows, one day, you’ll be able to trek this splendid peak of Caucasus.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 19
Mt Kazbek magnificently stunning under the clear, blue sky.

If you are on a day tour, you may wish to extend or wish the hours to slowly pass by. Our capacity as human beings might not be enough to absorb all the overwhelming superb experiences of this day. Life goes on, and everything passes by but we have the ability to cherish these little and great things.

Travertines of Georgia

When I was in Georgia, I said farewell to Mt Kazbek with the hopes to return soon. After enjoying the lush, green Caucasus range and feeling a bit anxious about the winding mountain road, I didn’t notice that we passed another way.

I fall asleep and wasn’t able to understand what our guide was telling us. That’s why I’m not aware of where we are. 🙂 Then we had a stop.

A fascinating view greeted me. Is it real? What is this? Is it a mini-waterfall beside a road? A unique kind of river? Or a spring from orange porous rocks? What are they? (The price of a sleepyhead, lost in somewhere.)

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 20

As I come closer, there are really waters being produced like that of spring from those creamy porous rocks then dropping by like a waterfall then flowing as a river.  And the water is so cold and refreshing.

As I am writing this, I have to ask somebody about this place. Thanks to Georgia and Travel for accommodating my query and giving me a comprehensive reply.

So, these are the wondrous travertines of Georgia. They are a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs. It is formed by a process of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate. (Wikipedia)

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 21
Travertines of Georgia. And one thirsty monkey is trying to fetch a bottle of mineral-rich water 😛

Awesome Things To Do in Tbilisi, Georgia

When you are staying in Tbilisi, pamper and entertain yourself as follows. You can add up our list as well.

Wear traditional Georgian costume and go back in time

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 22

Try different varieties of nuts

Feel the joy of shaking a branch of a walnut tree to let the ripe ones fall. Then using a stone to break its shell and able to extract the nuts. Some locals just grew it from their yard.

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Eat fresh fruits

Figs, grapefruit cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, and grapes can be picked from their vine as long as you ask permission.

Dine in a Georgian Restaurant

Try their cuisines like khachapuri, Soko seize, and khinkali while listening to Georgian songs played by a band with alternating performances of traditional dance.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 23

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 24

Stroll around Rustavali Avenue and Freedom Square

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 25

Visit Abanotubani and have a sulfur bath

Soak in the water and have a good scrub and massage afterward.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 26

Walk around in the Flea Market Dry Bridge

Buy something unique stuff or antiques and souvenirs.

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 27

Feel the peace of walking or crossing the Bridge of Peace

Awesome Places To Explore in Georgia 28

Places in Georgia

And if I still had enough time, I should have explored the Prometheus cave, visit Signagi and Bodbe and gone around Georgia.

Until next time.

For now, my heart is full of gratitude because, through the roads of Georgia, I found myself as a solivagant going on the path of wanderlust.

Places in Georgia

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Louiela Ann Analista-Profile-GeorgiaLouie Ann Analista is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) based in the United Arab Emirates. She loves nature trips. Lately, she traveled alone and the journey was successful. Thus, she is fond of calling herself Miss Solivagant.

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    I am interested if it is possible to list the name of our boutique hotel- Lifferent Hotel & Spa, on your website. Our hotel is located in Tbilisi, Georgia, in a posh neighborhood of Vake District.

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  2. Thank you for the informative article! Ive tried searching for Georgian traditional wear but couldnt find it, can you recommend me yours? 😀

  3. Hello! I am a Filipino working in Doha, Qatar. I am interested to visit Georgia for 5 days on August 2017. Can you please help me on some inquiries below?

    1) Estimated budget of QR 2,500
    Would this be enough? will cover airfare, eVisa fee, hostel, food, & land transpo

    2) Is it better to contact a travel agency, or is it easy to do everything on your own?

    Hoping to hear from you soon, thank you very much!

  4. Wow, I didn’t realize there were such cool historical places to check out. I’d love to do some exploring in Georgia.

  5. Wow, Georgia is so beautiful! Nice to see someone posting about it, it isn’t a destination that gets written about much

  6. Georgia is actually high on my list of places to visit. Not only does the scenery look stunning, but I bet the food is amazing too.

  7. What amazing pictures! Out of all of the countries I have never done Asia, not really sure why but where you went looks appealing.

  8. Wow, the photos you took while in Georgia look amazing! One of my friends just got back and she can’t stop raving about it – definitely one to add to the wanderlust wishlist.

  9. Never heard of Georgia in Asia before, it’s good that the feedback prior was all positive. Yay for the solo trip, dressing in the traditional Georgian costumes would of been fun, I spy pizza! x

  10. The food, the blue skies and crystal waters… definitely a new one for my list. You’ve definitely filled me with more Wanderlust!!

  11. Hi. Planning to visit georgia also. I am from Abu Dhabi, from what I have read in holiday factory, flight is from Dubai. Wala po bang flight auh to georgia? Magkano po magagasyos Sa 5 days stay? TIA

    1. hi… im from abu dhabi as well,, direct flight po is flydubai from dubai and air arabia from sharjah airport… cheaper flights as well is azal airline from dubai with connecting flight in baku, azerbaijan…

      My friends took flight from auh to tbilisi thru Qatar Airways,, stopover in Qatar…
      For 6 days, I spent 320 usd,,, tours, food, accomodation….

  12. Hi! I’m planning to visit Georgia by end of October with small group of friends (around 10). Do you have the agency contact details? We want to book in advance because we will be staying for 2d/1n only and want to make the most of it. Thanks po 🙂

    1. Hi Tere, I can share to you Wine Tours… if you can search in facebook a group with name Kabayan Holidays in Georgia and contact Mr David. They are base in Tbilisi but offer good tours to the countryside. They have friendly English speaking tour guides as well.

      There’s a Filipina also who is base in Borjomi who helps kabayan to arrange tours in Georgia… Look for the group in Fb Kabayan-Georgian Travel Pool Group…

  13. Hi! Thank you for the sharing the guidlines. I’m from Philippines and having both US and Japan valid visiting visa. Do I still need to spply for an entry visa going to zgeorgia? Planning to travel eith my daughter and son in kaw anytime this year. Thank you.

    1. Hello Eartha, I actually just checked their website because I’m going there in 2 weeks time, if you have valid USA visa then you dont need to pre-apply for visa! =)

      1. Holders of visas or residence permits of EU/EFTA/GCC countries, overseas territories of EU countries (except Anguilla, Montserrat, Pitcairn, Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha), Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea or the United States do not require a visa for max 90 days in a 180-day period. The visa/residence permit must be valid on arrival to Georgia.[16] However, there have been few cases where those holding valid residency of GCC countries have been denied access without assigning any reason.

  14. good day, Maam, Interested sana kami pumunta ng Georgia, ano po ba requirements ng Visa? or paano po ba maka punta? 🙂

    1. Where are you based Glenn? If you have valid US/UK or any Western countries visa or GCC residency visa then you can go to Georgia ng free visa. If not, you need to go to their website and apply for e-visa.

      1. Currently living here in Saudi Arabia, and were planning to have a vacation po, so from Philippines ok lng po ba? free dn po ba? really interested to travel 🙂 thank you sa info.

  15. Thanks for this informative article! Excitingly beautiful photos too!
    Could you give us an idea on how much one has to spend to be able to do what you did? It will be of great help. THANKS!

    1. Hi… Thank you…
      I stayed there for 5 days… i have spent around 320usd including hostel, tours, souvenirs, food and food and foods???

  16. Hi. Im going to Georgia on first week of Feb and this help me a lot. But i want to go to places by public transport. Do you think its possible? Thanks!

    1. Hi Des. Thanks…
      As per my experience, I just walked around and enjoyed being lost in Tbilisi…
      For places like Vardzia, David Gareji and traveling along Georgian Military Road I took day tour wherein I am in a group with English speaking guides.
      But for sure they have public transportation “marshrutka” traveling to places outside Tbilisi…

  17. Hi,

    This is a god article. Did you plan all of this? I mean the itinerary. I read a blog that most of the people there dos not speak english. I’m thinking of booking with a travel agency. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Mimah, thank you..
      I went there with list of the places i wanted to visit. Then I booked with travel agency for day tours when i reach there. I showed them my list and they suggested which package I will take.
      But for Tbilisi, I just walked around by myself.
      Communication is a little difficult, but for sure you will survive?

  18. I went to Georgia last September without expecting anything, but wow oh wow! I was overwhelmed with a vast options this wonderful country could offer. The highlight of my trip was my hike to Gergeti Trinity Church – 1 hr 15 mins, a memorable experience because I didn’t bring any water with me. LOL. Good thing there is a river which provides a refreshing cold drink. The view from the top is magnificent!

    1. I agree with you… specially that it was my very first travel… I wanted to take a hike to Gergeti Trinity Church as well but I was on a day-tour so we took a car going to the top (and I was praying the entire trip?)…

      1. Hi Louiela, May I ask how many days you’ve spent in Georgia in this tour? I’m planning to go this Eid Sept 9-12, also based in UAE. Thanks!

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