​7 Awesome Things to do in Berlin, Germany

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The true ‘dark horse’ of what is considered one of the most reserved countries in Europe, you’ll be surprised at the number of things to do in Berlin, as well as its night life and cultural attractions. Unlike other big European cities like Rome or Paris, Berlin has only been known for its lifestyle since the nineties until today. 25 years after the wall was torn down and Germany reunified, you can still feel the difference between East Berlin and West Berlin. Today Berlin is famous for its vibrant atmosphere and night life. Berlin is the place to be for everybody who calls themselves wild, free and creative. Every day you can discover new places, new styles, and new behaviors. Those who love abandoned places and feel comfortable when it’s a little bit dibrty and lofty will quickly feel at home here. That’s because of the “Wende,” where people got an intense energy, and everything seemed to be possible. After the pioneering work of the German group “Kraftwerk” new techno music was the ideal language to communicate this new feeling. People held illegal raves at old warehouses and celebrated that special Berlin feeling.

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Things to do in Berlin

photo credit: Berlin is <3 via photopin (license)

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If you decide to visit Berlin, Germany, these are some of the best things to do in Berlin.

1. Experience the Historic Berlin

Things to do in Berlin

photo credit: Brandenburg Gate via photopin (license)
Why is this one of the most awesome things to do in Berlin?

You should see this area to acclimate and get yourself into the Berlin mood. At least this is the story you should tell your family. You don’t need to take a classic tour in a group, just take the 100 bus line with a Berlin AB ticket for 2,70€. It starts at Alexanderplatz and ends at Zoologischer Garden. This line is given amazing street views of Berlin in all directions. You will see the monument of Frederik the Great, the Brandenburger Tor, the Kurfürstendamm with the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Church, the Philharmonie, Potsdamer Platz, Martin Gropius Bau, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Dome, the Berlin TV tower and the Museum-island. After this you should get to the station Ostbahnhof, you can still use the same ticket (it lasts 2 hours) and should make a point to visit the Berlin Wall.

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2. Visit the Turkish market at Maybachufer

Things to do in Berlin

photo credit: Am Marktstand via photopin (license)
Why is this one of the most awesome things to do in Berlin?

Every Tuesday and Friday you will find a great market at the Maybachufer from 11 till 18. You can sample ultra delicious pastes, bread, fruits and also fresh juices. Just take the subway to “Schönleinstraße” (U8) starting at Alexanderplatz. Here you can also eat a very common fast food which most Germans love – the Döner. There are also several variants like the vegetarian “Gemüse Döner.” The best “Döner” of Berlin is at Mehringdamm 36. When you see a very long queue, you’re going the right way. It’s good value!

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3. Grab a beer at the Spätie and enjoy the sundowner

Things to do in Berlin

photo credit: Modersohn via photopin (license)
Why is this one of the most awesome things to do in Berlin?

When the sun goes down, you should go to the Modersohn bridge at the Modersohnstraße. Here you have a good view of the east side of Berlin, and it has become a common thing that couples and people meet here with a drink from the Spätie (that’s where Berliners buy fresh beer). Späties are little supermarkets which have a cold beer, wine, and some other stuff. They are open on Sundays and the central ones in the night as well. If you are in West Berlin, you can watch the sun-downer from the Nationaldenkmal at the Kreuzberg. This is the mountain which gave the famous district “Kreuzberg” its name. You have a fantastic view and in summer a romantic waterfall.

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4. Drink more beers in Bar Marathon

Things to do in Berlin

photo credit: Hofbrau House – Lunch via photopin (license)
Why is this one of the most awesome things to do in Berlin?

Berlin has many bars, but there are some special streets where you can do a bar marathon. The most famous are the Simon-Dach-Straße at Berlin Friedrichshain. You’ll find many bars in different styles for each taste. If you are too drunken just take a Pizza at Pizza Dach for 3,50€ and continue drinking. Berliners, even girls, love to drink beer. It’s a signal to be casual. Everyone likes casual people around, that’s why drinking beer is one of the best things to do in Berlin! 

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5. Try your luck at the Berghain door

Things to do in Berlin

photo credit: Berghain via photopin (license)
Why is this one of the most awesome things to do in Berlin?

The most famous techno club of the world is the Berghain. Because the club lays between Kreuz-berg and Friedrichs-hain its name is Berghain. For most tourists, the Berghain experience ends at the door, as it’s very hard to get past Sven Marquardt, who is very well-known in Berlin. It’s forbidden to take pictures inside Berghain, but there are a series of portraits which show people in front of the Berghain. There is also an app which is called “How to get into Berghain” which should help you dress the right way. If you are refused, you can continue the magic Berlin night at other places like Watergate, Wilde Renate, Kater Blau (which is the follower of Bar25) and Tresor. You can also go to the Revaler Strasse, where there are several Techno Clubs. Be aware of scammers in the area.

6. Take the Ferry boat (to cure a hangover!)

Things to do in Berlin
© DZT/European Travel and Events, Berlin/Spree
Why is this one of the most awesome things to do in Berlin?

If you find yourself with a hangover after a party night, don’t waste your whole day in your hotel room or apartment. Try a relaxing boat tour, which usually starts at Friedrichstraße. Eat a “Bockwurst mit Senf” which is served on almost every boat and recover from the night before while beautiful Berlin passes by on both sides.

You should also try a seven seas boat tour at the Wannsee. If you are low budget, you can take a ferry boat starting at Wannsee to Kladow and back with a BVG Ticket for 2,70€.

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7. See some real culture

Things to do in Berlin

photo credit: via photopin (license)
Why is this one of the most awesome things to do in Berlin?

Berlin is not just about parties. You can find creativity and art in every corner. If you are interested in some real art, you should visit the Volksbühne, the Ostkreuz photography exhibitions (the next is on 9th October at the HO Berlin), art exhibitions like Positions or Berlin fashion exhibitions like Premium.

If you can’t stop drinking, then try some bar events like the Bar convent (in October), where you can drink the finest and newest creations made by the best bar keepers of Europe. There are also many flea markets and spontaneous exhibitions, and sometimes there are even exhibitions at Berghain – this is another way to see the techno-temple from inside, in case you didn’t make it in the first time around.

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21 thoughts on “​7 Awesome Things to do in Berlin, Germany

  1. Great list, Berlin is one of my favorite cities. I haven’t been to the Turkish market, but next month I’m traveling to Berlin again and would definitely visit it.

  2. Berlin is where my aunt lives! I really regret it much that I did not accept her offer to go there for a vacation! (Huhuhu!) This least gives me a preview on what I can do once I step there. Hope I could go there soon!

  3. One of the things that come to my mind whenever Germany is brought up, are beers, And if my memory serves me right, the beerfest in PH was patterned from the festivals there.

  4. Oh I want that take a beer in Spatie to watch the sunset and get more beer and ride a ferry to cool down heheheh would do the same thing if I go there

  5. Oh Berlin. It seems like it co-exists with beer! Hahaha! It’s truly a beaut and worth the travel. That boat tour seems surreal and I wonder if there are street art vendors in Berlin as well. 🙂

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