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7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 31st, 2022 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 87 Comments

Inviting you to its traditional houses and up-and-down roads, Bamberg must take a spot on your list of places to visit if you are in Germany.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 1

With 70,000 people living, who can imagine that this humbly populated city has been recognized and listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site for 22 years? Yes, the whole town of Bamberg officially grabbed its title in 1993. No need to imagine how this happened; just be fascinated by the awesome things to do in Bamberg.


Here are our 7 Awesome Things to do in Bamberg, Germany

1. Witness the Island life at Little Venice

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 2

Join a river cruise along the residential areas. Photo by: Dwi Anoranganirum (Arum)

Upon arrival on the bridge after the Bamberg Center, a line of half-timbered houses welcome you. They are a strip of buildings which were mainly constructed in the middle ages. Formerly the fishermen’s village, this part of Bamberg has been one of the most favorites, tagging it as the Little Venice in Franconian Rome.

If you want to make your visit to Little Venice more memorable, make sure to come in August (around the third week of the month) and be part of the traditional Bamberg Beer Festival called “Sandkerwa”. During the festival, Little Venice serves as the background in portraying the dispute of Bamberg’s fishers as well as a notable Italian night.

Location: Klein Venedig, Am Leinritt, 9604

2. Be mesmerized by an Old Town Hall resting in a river

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 3

Another greeting attraction in Bamberg is the Old Town Hall which lies in the middle of the Regnitz River.  It was originally placed in 1386 but was reconstructed from 1744 up to 1756 to widen the services to the public. The impressive location of the hall on the island’s side of Bamberg is said to be forcedly done. Some records tell that former people failed to get land from the Bishop, where they can build the town hall, so they put up a human-made island where the city hall has somewhere to stand to.

Now, this three-dimensional baroque architecture is highlighting the old Rococo Hall and the Ludwig Collection. The Ludwig Collection caters to over 300 artistic figurines, animal-shaped serving dishes, and dinner services made of porcelain from the 18th century. If you are a big fan of these primitive collections, have access inside the old town hall. But if you are contented with its outside aesthetic, then grab your camera and shoot that best angle!

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 4
The Rococo style in the Old Town Hall.

Location: Altes Rathaus, Obere Brücke 1, 96047

3.Visit Emperor Heinrich II and his wife Kunigunde at the Bamberg Cathedral

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 5

No, you will not meet Emperor Henry II who died in 1024, and his wife Kunigunde, but only to pay a visit to their ‘forever love’ tomb, created by Tilmann Riemenschneider, inside the Cathedral.  Also known as St. Peter’s and St. George’s Imperial Cathedral, it was initially constructed from 1002 up to 1012. After a decade of construction, a fire went it down, leading to the new formation in 1081. The third establishment was in 1111 and has survived until today.

The 11th-century Cathedral is considered one of Germany’s most important models of architecture from Romanesque to the Gothic period. It exhibits not only the royal couple’s tomb but as well as the Bamberg Horseman, the altar by Veit Stoss, and the papal tomb of Clemens II.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 6

A dramatic black and white four-tower Bamberg Cathedral. Photo by: Dwi Anoranganirum (Arum)

Scheduled tours are provided by the Cathedral Administration. It can include melodic concerts by the organ.

Location: Dom, Domplatz 5, 9604

4. Fall in love with thousands of Roses in New Residence’s Garden

Who wants three pieces of roses for I LOVE YOU? Or a dozen to make it more romantic? Well, stop that little desire and load yourself with thousands in the Rose Garden of the New Residence.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany
Photo by Thomas Depenbusch (Depi) CC BY 2.0

More than 4500 roses are flaunted in the courtyard of the New Residence in Bamberg during summer. Touring around the columns of roses can give an almost perfect impression of relaxation. The café is ready to serve the visitors and benches are all stand by too for your weary feet to relax.

As Germany has four different seasons, do not expect the whole year of roses blooming. Nevertheless, pay a visit after the winter season to have a unique view of the garden and gaze as well the St. Michael’s Monastery.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 8
A view of St. Michael’s Monastery from the ‘Rose-less’ Garden.

Location: Rose Garden – Domplatz 8, 96049

St. Michael’s Monastery – Michaelsberg 10f, 96049

5. Have a glass of Rauchbier (smoked beer) in a traditional brew pub

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 9
The WIRTSHAUS ZUM SCHLENKERLA. The oldest and most famous brewery pub for Rauchbier.

After viewing St. Michael’s Monastery, which is a former brewery, it’s time to try the original smoked beer in Bamberg.

Monasteries are said to be the origin of breweries and believed that smoked beer is invented accidentally. There was the fire in this religious foundation and bulks of barleys were smoked. During the middle ages, the monks are allowed to brew, which helps them to stay self-sufficient.

Presently, the distinctive taste of the smoked beer is preserved in Bamberg as barleys about in 36 hours. And to continually achieve the smoked beer’s taste like in 300 years ago, the master brewer needs to adjust the flame during the process.

Amazing, isn’t it? There are nine breweries, which are mostly internationally-acclaimed with awards, in Bamberg and all of them can definitely satisfy your beer-craving. If not, then try the other 70 breweries around the town. When you come back to Bamberg, lend a more space in your stomach and get drunk with its 50 varieties of beers. Prost! (Cheers!)

Location: Schlenkerla – Dominikanerstrasse 6, 96049

6. Try the Bamberger Zwiebel (Onion of Bamberg)

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany
Photo by Bernt Rostad CC BY 2.0

Embrace the delicious agricultural side of Bamberg by ordering the grilled onions stuffed with mincemeat or the Bamberger Zwiebel in a restaurant.

Way back in 1600, Bamberg was the center of onion cultivation, when vast production in Germany started. So in support of the main crop in town, place an order of their Onion Meal. Do not worry on your breath after; there’s nothing wrong in making your tummy filled. Locals said that Bamberger Zwiebel is best to taste during winter.

7. Enjoy the hilly walkways and nature-like scenery

For the nth time, Bamberg has been compared with Rome including their same seven hill-structures. A peaky town displays the natural pride of every spot that it can offer. In Bamberg, churches and cathedrals; houses; and universities are some common stressed constructions, which are influenced by the exceptional medieval era.

For a day tour in Bamberg, to stand in the hilly alleys can be enough to fill your eyes with amusement. Enjoy your walk paths and peep the top sites situated in each hilly part of the town.  Yes, it could be tiring to walk the whole day, but the green scenery in Bamberg can get rid of that grogginess. Bamberg is one of the cities where you can still stroll freely, without minding any traffic around. This might also be the best combination of relaxation and tour, isn’t it?

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 11
End your day in Bamberg in a bright countryside-like spot that will surely make you come again.

Though the lists can be done in a day, do not miss the chance to spend more time exploring this ancient town.

How to get there: The nearest airport in Bamberg is Nuremberg. From there, you can take a one-hour train trip. An affordable day ticket, costing 18€ can be used. Purchase a Tagesticket Plus that can cover 2 Adults and 4 Kids, valid for a day.  Additionally, there’s a weekend promo which allows passengers who bought this ticket on Saturday, to be used it until the next day.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Nuremberg.

Planning to spend a weekend in Bamberg? Do not forget to do all or any of the things mentioned here. But I am sure you will also discover other awesome things to do in Bamberg! Share them!

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Extra Tip: Check out Plumguide for the best holiday homes and vacation rentals in Germany.

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87 thoughts on “7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany

  1. Oh yes!!! My kids are jumping for joy to see another old church that most germans no longer attend. Oh!!!and the old city hall. Then the 9 year olds can drink a rauchbier. ..awesome!!!! If we wait a few more weeks the roses might bud.?????

  2. Bamberg, Germany looks so beautiful. It has great buildings and sceneries. If I go there, I would probably take so many photos.

  3. Germany is rich with history and beautiful sights. I’m so inspired by you learning that you’re from the Philippines and traveling the world.

    1. Thank you, Louisa! Traveling the world is still too much for me. Hehe. I am a very slow traveler and Germany is just so hard to skip with beautiful stuff to explore, like these awesome things to do in Bamberg.

      1. Even though I have lived in the US for 66yrs., Bamberg was my place of birth and it is still considered my home. I have returned many times over the years for quite extensive stays, usually with my grandparents. They and my parents have been gone for many years, but I’m going home again this fall for 1month.
        I will actually be staying in a hotel in Bambergs Gartenstadt, down the street from my grandparents home.
        I am SO excited, it’s been 25yrs this time.
        The days aren’t moving fast enough for me.
        Thank you for your beautiful pictures and a tour through your eyes.
        Happy Travels!

        1. Tamara – be prepared. It is quite different from the last time or least the Army post is. The downtown part of Bamberg is much the same and you will be happy to see the improvements with the pedestrian only zone down by the old Hertie store. Enjoy yourself. I am taking my daughters with me this summer to visit my sister who still lives nearby in Baunach. Many fond memories of living on post and off.

  4. Omg lovely photos!!!!! I had the pleasure of visiting Germany once but I was too young to really remember anything significant:-/ hope to visit again one day!

  5. The Old Town Hall resting on the river is definite to see. Wowzerz, just amazing photos of Bamberg, Germany. These are great places to add to the list of things and sites to see. Thanks for sharing

  6. Wow, I must admit when Germany is spoken of most of us (including me ) think of Berlin and Munich overlooking the other great places to visit. this guide was very helpful. If i ever go to Germany will check this place out.

  7. Wow! Looks like a stunning place! I’ve been to tons of other places in Germany but never Bamberg. I guess I will have to add it to my list.

  8. These are great ways to spend your time in Bamberg! I visited Germany a few years ago and can’t wait to go back.

  9. Looks like such an adorable, peaceful town! I love that its on the water as well. Looks like a great time! XO

  10. My first stop would #5 concurrent with #6 haha! Smoked beer sounds really interesting. This is a great guide. Bamberg is not as popular as other German cities, which I like – does that make it less crowded? Less touristy?

    1. Yes, I can say so; as compare to other towns. Still depending on the season though on when will you try these awesome things to do in Bamberg.

  11. I would love to visit Bamberg one day and explore all the markets and seee and sample all the cuisine. My friend went recently and she really reccomends it

  12. This was pretty interesting to read. My ex is from Germany and he used to tell me about quite a few of the things that you mentioned above. Lovely read. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Those buildings are absolutely beautiful. It seems like a beautiful and interesting place to visit!

  14. I have never visited Germany but I would like to. When I get the chance to I will definitely add Bamberg to my “must visit” list.

  15. This is my first time hearing about Bamberg and already I know that it is somewhere that I would like to visit. The architecture looks so beautiful xxx

    1. Glad you find it beautiful to see these awesome things to do in Bamberg, Germany. Come and try these for real! hehe. 😉

  16. Wow! I’ve never heard of Bamberg before! What a stunning town. The Town Hall is unbelievable 😮

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! Hope you will have a chance to try these awesome things to do in Bamberg, Germany. 😉

  17. There are so many awesome places in Germany, definitely one of my favourite countries and this is on my to go to list 🙂 x

  18. Bamberg looks a lovely place to visit. I wonder if they do a vegetarian version of the grilled onions, I adore onions. My brother travels regularly to Germany, Ill ask him if he’s ever been there.

  19. I’d never even think to visit here but it’s been beens wiftly added to my list of places I’d like to go on a mini break to!

  20. I think I will skip number 6, doesn’t look appetising haha. Although Bamberg looks amazing. Such a beautiful and quirky place with some even more beautiful buildings.

    Jenna von x

  21. Wow, Bamberg looks and sounds amazing. Those Roses are beautiful as are the old buildings .
    I’d love to visit one day. xx

  22. I’ve never been to Germany yet but it somewhere I’d like to visit and these suggestions look interesting. thanks for sharing this post. Angela x

  23. I have never heard of this part of Germany, but it looks lovely. I like visiting places on a canal for nice long walks along it.

  24. Bamberg looks like my kind of excursion especially since I love culture and architecture! I would love to see the emperors tomb!

  25. Jessica, thanks for your insight in things to do in Bamberg, Germany! We are here just 3 days so we want to hit the highlights! It is a sunny day on October 31, 2015! Cheers!

    1. Hi Angela,

      Weather looks perfect for going around in Bamberg! I guess you will witness lots of people hanging around in ice cream shops along the Bridge where the Old City Council is located. 😀 Have a nice three-day trip and you may want to join our Facebook Forum/Group and feel free to share your photos. Comment here if there’s anything you need during your stay in that City. Drink a rauchbier for me. HAHAHA!


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