7 Awesome Things to Do in Flores, Indonesia

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Dragons cradle, home of the largest living lizard, a nearly fictive island with beach of blushing pink shaded seashore, with locals protecting and sharing an experience of traditional norms of their local tribe. A humble place of raw beauty kept untouched, this is the blooming tropical paradise of Flores lying in the province of East Nusatenggara. Together, let us explore more about Flores as it reveals spellbinding  grandeur of its place, people and traditions.

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things to do in Flores, Indonesia
All photography supplied by CARLA MANALO

7 Awesome Things to do in Flores, Indonesia

1. Witness the Caci Traditional Dance in Melo Village

Why is it one of the best things to do in Flores, Indonesia?

Caci Dance is a traditional performance of Manggarai, an ethnic group in the western part of Flores. An artistic whip fight dance performed with energetic twist and turns which at the same time represents philosophical values of sacrifice, sportive and solidarity among the group. Caci dancers wear distinctive and sacred costumes in their performance such as the whip, hood, their own Manggaraian saroong, bells, buffalo hair, and more. Dance has been a traditional performance being preserve and pass down to the younger generation of the tribe. Witnessing the actual performance of the local tribe is a simple way to understand the cultural identity of the people. Truly, this is one of the best things to do in Flores, Indonesia

things to do in Flores, Indonesia
Caci Dance of Manggatai in Flores, Indonesia
All Photography supplied by CARLA MANALO

2. Organic Foodie Experience in Melo Village

Why is it one of the best things to do in Flores, Indonesia?

By far, this is the most noteworthy food experience in my entire trip to Indonesia. The panoramic view of the island has an added factor to this experience. Lunch has been prepared right after the Caci dance performance and just by mere looking at our meal, it sure does looks palate friendly and oh so yummy. The delightful freshness of each dish captured my own high standard of a perfect gourmet experience. No need for garnish or whatsoever, from the prawns cooked with perfect savory up to the tastiest fried duck, every single meal was a delight in my palate. If given a chance to go back in Flores, I would definitely visit Melo village again and ask for their way of cooking. This experience is definitely a certified best thing to do in Flores, Indonesia.

things to do in Flores, Indonesia

3. Coffee break after lunch

Why is it one of the best things to do in Flores, Indonesia?

Full loaded after that wonderful feast of authentic food, it’s definitely a perfect time for a coffee break to loosen up a bit. Chitchat with folks, kissed by the crisp air of the mountain and a cup of organic coffee made by the locals, such a lovely way to spend the day. The coffee is so good that I brought them to the Philippines! You might also want to try their sopi,  a traditional palm liquor, keeps you warm like coffee but make sure to drink moderately. Drinks to keep you warm, overlooking the island of Flores, for sure this is one of the best things to do in Flores, Indonesia.

things to do in Flores, Indonesia

If you plan to further explore Flores, homestay and tours are absolutely available. For further info, please contact Sanggar Riang Tana Tiwa Liang Ndara, Kristoforus Nison: +62 852 3950 3379 or Stef Hasima: +63 821 4563 3638

4. Volunteer in Taman Bacaan Pelangi

Why is it one of the best things to do in Flores, Indonesia?

Tama Bacaan Pelangi or Rainbow Reading Gardens is non profit organisation providing children of remote areas in Eastern Indonesia access to good books. We were very fortunate to get an opportunity to take part in their volunteering activity, headed by the very inspiring founder of the said organisation, Miss Nila Tanzil.

things to do in Flores, Indonesia

Children were gathered and all lined up in the open field as we approach the school area. Precious smiles, waving hands, a feel of excitement and wonder can be seen from their cute little faces. We were divided into groups and tasked to tell something or anything about ourselves. It’s a real fun activity, though I’m really shy speaking in front of a crowd, but to impart something in the minds of these little children on how reality works for a grown up, it’s a great feeling. There’s even a question and answer portion right after each introduction, finding it amusing how these kids get curious about life, our profession and even with our age (haha!). No doubt, a day spent with the kids in Rainbow Reading Gardens is  definitely one of the best things to do in Flores, Indonesia!

things to do in Flores, Indonesia

For further info (on how to get involved/donate books) please contact [email protected] or check out their twitter and facebook account @pelangibook and www.facebook.com/pelangibook

You may also visit their website at www.tamanbacaanpelangi.com

5. Trekking in Rinca Island

Why is it one of the best things to do in Flores, Indonesia?

Our first close encounter with the dragons happened in the little island of East Nusa Tenggara, in Rinca Island. An important briefing of do’s and dont’s have been provided by a ranger right before we left the hotel. It is very important that you follow all regulations because Komodo Dragon’s bite is no joke, it can actually kill you. Care for the environment is important as well so remember to keep trash and throw it in proper disposal areas.

things to do in Flores, Indonesia
One gigantic dragon at the entrance

As we dock in the wharf, we waited for the others until the group is complete. Led by our park rangers, we begin our journey to the land of dragons by walking. Passing along the entrance (with two gigantic Komodo Dragons on each side, statues), few moments and our encounter with these giants began. A slow yet fierce creature walking by, cameras ready for that rare shot, rangers on standby, reminding everyone of precautions. As the dragon passed along across the path walk, we continued our journey in the island, getting to know more of how these dragons live their everyday life.

things to do in Flores, Indonesia

things to do in Flores, Indonesia

Nestling territory of Komodo Dragons

Younger ones are faster runner than the old ones, but better be sure than sorry, everyone must be alert once a lizard approaches. It’s more or less an hour of trek in the island. We went to the nestling area of the dragons up to the hill for an overlooking experience of the whole island. Aside from these huge lizards, we spotted other creatures in the island like deer, monkeys (and there’s a sign at the entrance to be careful with crocodiles, though we haven’t seen one). It’s a close encounter with nature’s grace. Certainly, this is one thing you shouldn’t miss when visiting Indonesia, certified one of the best things to do in Flores!

things to do in Flores, Indonesia
On top of the hill

6. Explore the Pink Beach

Why is it one of the best things to do in Flores, Indonesia?

Yes, it’s pink! Sand grain has a touch of this very unusual yet fascinating color. Pink beach, or Pantai Merah, was our last stop for that day. This interesting color of the sand grain was made from tiny bits of red reefs produced by a microscopic animal, the Foraminifera. Beach of clear water, it is home to a number of corals and fishes. I chanced to snorkel around the area, Nemo was there!

things to do in Flores Indonesia

Surrounded by dry grassland and hilly landscape, it gives  you this tranquil ambiance. A truly mesmerizing experience barefoot walking into the unusual colors of the sand and a magnificent view underwater, just few meters from the shoreline. And to make the whole experience a little more sweeter, wait for the sunset and fall in love. Pink beach definitely gets into the spot of the best things to do in Flores, Indonesia!

things to do in Flores, Indonesia

7. Sunset in Labuan Bajo

Why is it one of the best things to do in Flores, Indonesia?

Every sunset has a unique way of making someone fall in love with its undying scenery. Coconut trees line up along the beach, blocking the ray of lights from the inviting sunset over the horizon. Ferries and fishing boats parked by the bay, kids jumping around and sharing the excitement of their simple yet fun life at the sea. This is  certainly one of the best things to do in Flores, the sunset experience at Labuan Bajo.

things to do in Flores, Indonesia
Sunset at La Prima Hotel, Labuan Bajo

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Monkey DividersFront sea view is what our hotel offers, La Prima. Pool facing towards the sea, we get to experience the appealing sight of the island. A panorama of sea view, enjoying the serenity of the moment and the beauty of the surroundings. For further hotel info, visit their website at www.laprimahotel.mynetworksolutions.com

Special thanks to Wonderful Indonesia, Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia and the whole Indonesian staff for having us in this International Bloggers Trip – Indonesia’s Top Bucket Destinations 2015.

Sharing with you this wonderful news from #WonderfulIndonesia , giving you the chance to visit Komodo Island for free! For further details on this exciting contest, please visit the INATopBucketList Wonderful Indonesia Competition For further info about Wonderful Indonesia, please check the Indonesia Tourism informationMonkey Dividers

7 Awesome Things to Do in Flores, Indonesia

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  1. I like to visit indonesia next year in april, wish to visit bali yogikartha jakarta and komodo island please send me some details with park entrance tickets etc

  2. Thanks for this amazing and informative blog Carla! You have decorated your article with needed info! Waiting for more about outstanding things.

  3. What a lovely place vibrating with colur and culture around every corner. I specially loved the part about the reare Komodo dragons.

  4. This looks amazing! I would love to see that whip dance. I can imagine my kids would be enthralled by it!

  5. I’ve been to Indonesia but I haven’t tried sopi yet, thats one more thing to do when I get there! Would love to spend an evening on the Pink Beach, watching the sunset.

  6. Let me in on any of those! I personally like Indonesia so much, I’ve even drafted some of their food into my usual recipes at home. But speaking of some amazing places of course, I would really like to go on long treks there, maybe even hangout with a Komodo Dragon at Rinca Island! Haha, I hope they’re friendly.

  7. Indonesia really looks like a multi-faceted destination. I’ve not yet been there but do have a strong desire to go, as they are producing some fine cacao.

  8. WOW! These are 7 things to add to my whole travel list in general, not just for this area. The Caci dancers look amazing and that pink beach is bliss. And omg! The sunset from the pool at La Prima hotel? I want to be there STAT!

    Thanks for sharing,

  9. What a fascinating, wonderful place, although those nasty Komodo Dragons would get me keeping my distance.

  10. I find Komodo dragons fascinating – I would love to see them in the wild. Incredible photos, it all looks amazing. Kaz x

  11. Indonesia is on my bucket list! I really would love to work in an elephant sanctuary out there.


  12. How fabulous to see the Komodo dragons.
    Lots of amazing food to eat and things to do there 🙂

  13. Indonesia is my dream destination in South-East Asia which I’d love to visit someday in my life. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. Have pinned it!

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