Travel Tips for Italy and France

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Let me take you to my journey to 3 countries, 4 cities and handful of attractions to see around Europe!

Travel Tips for Italy and France
Altare della Patria

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Altare della Patria.

Who doesn’t want to walk through the ancient places of Rome? Or step in to the world’s famous Catholic Church located at Vatican City. For sure, sailing in Venice wouldn’t miss your list! How about experiencing the beauty and high fashioned Paris? I was fascinated with films that brought the history of ancient Rome Colosseum into life. It gets more exciting when I moved to Europe. Finally, I am one-step closer to the things only I only learned and saw in my textbooks and movies.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Vatican City and Colosseum.

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Growing up as Catholic, it’s on my top list to visit the Vatican City and see for myself what makes it special. Venice! Let’s go to Venice and sail on the Grand Canal was one of the intriguing stories that made me curious. No one would let their Europe holiday pass without seeing Paris; the Eiffel tower, different Churches and of course shopping!

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Grand Canal, Paris and Eiffel Tower.

June 23-29 2015

Soren and I travelled from Rome up to Vicenza and Venice then to Paris from June 23rd to 29th.

We caught the plane from Billund, Denmark by Ryanair (I found a very cheap tickets!). We were visiting Rome/Vatican City for 6 days and 5 nights. As being common Pinoy, I always make sure that I always find the cheapest flight and accommodation as I can! I booked the flight ticket 5 months before our travel date and I got 70% off, and it’s a direct flight! Winner right?! I tried to hunt down a cheap yet decent accommodation. It took me a month to find the right one. We will stayed in a hostel, double room with private bathroom and free breakfast.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Venice.


Depart: Billund Airport (Denmark)

Time: 10.30

Arrived: Rome Ciampino Airport

Time: 13.00

ROME – VATICAN CITY (June 18-23)

I chose Rome and Vatican because first, Rome has a LOT to offer from historic places, culture and their language. Second, it’s always been my dream to see  the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Travel Tips for Italy and France

Our hostel is located 4 kilometers away from Vatican City and 5 kilometers away from Colosseum, which is perfect! From our place we took the tram, and it takes only 20-30 minutes to reach Colosseum and Vatican Church. We decided to get 3 day pass (36€) for the transportation (busses, trains and metro). We did that despite that we know we will stay for 6 days. Because we’re not sure if it’s worth it to take the 5 day pass, but at the end of the trip we admitted that getting 5 day pass was better (saving money and the convenience)

— Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine 12 (full) 7 (EU citizen) so remember your valid ID

Travel Tips for Italy and France

We actually found a way to get an express entry. There will be people around who will say “do you need information about the entrance in Colosseo?”. Basically, there will be two lines; one for the ticket and one for the entrance. The trick is go on the ticket line (most people in the entrance line are people who bought ticket online), ticket line won’t take that long. Right after you get your ticket you can just go straight to the entrance door without going back to the main door where entry line is painfully long. Most tourists don’t know this. Soren and I learned it and would like to share the good news.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Roman Forum, Palatine Chapel and Palatine Hill.

Travel Tips for Italy and France

—Castel San’t Angelo (Adults 8€)

Unfortunately, we didn’t able to visit this. Yet we saw it from outside. It is big and looks really interesting. This is open from April-September 9am-7pm / October-March 9am-2pm and closed on public holidays.

No ticket needed (Park / Public Places)

Of course, we will also try to save as much as we can, so I search for public museums and parks that are worth a visit as well.

—Piazza Navona

(Fountain of the 4 rivers, Sant’Agnese in Agone, Fountain of the Moor and Fountain of Neptune)

—Trevi Fountain

There are two reasons why tourists throw a coin in the fountain. As you throw the coin from your right hand backwards over your left shoulder is to ensure that you will be back in Rome. While there is also a legend of “Three coins in Trevi Fountain”, the first one is to make sure you’ll be back in Rome, second is to ensure a new romance and the third goes for marriage.

—Spanish Steps & Fontanna della Barcaccia

Travel Tips for Italy and France

This place has 135 steps, a church at the top and a fountain at the bottom which are all built from 1723-1725. Tourists sits here to have a break from a long and sunny walks.


Travel Tips for Italy and France

Pantheon is a building for all Roman Gods where the middle of the dome is open. While we were inside, it started to rain and we were a bit warm and would like to stand under the rain to be refreshed but the staff asked us to move so people won’t stand in the middle. I personally recommend it as this temple was built from 118-128 AD. And of course because its incredibly beautiful.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Pantheon / Pantheon.


I love beaches. Even though it was on our itinerary to visit at least one beach, we didn’t make it. We’ve been walking around every day and always too tired in the afternoon to go to the beach. But we still want to suggest these beaches to visit in case you have the time to visit.

—Fregne, —Santa Marinella Beach, —Sperlongga (This is a bit far, but based on reviews it’s worth the travel)

VICENZA( June 24)

We took the train from Roma Termini in the afternoon and the journey took 6 hours. We chose the afternoon-night travel so we won’t waste a day in a train. We stayed with my cousin as I wanted to visit them and also to introduce Soren. This also saves us money!

We totally loved the place! After a week long stay in a busy city of Rome and mingling with all kind of tourists, Vicenza was our break from all people. The small province is quiet and peaceful. It was weekday when we went around the town, its was pretty relaxed and people are laid back and are enjoying their summer.

Travel Tips for Italy and France

We visited their famous church called Monte Berico, it is located on top of the hill, so it requires a bit of a walk, but there’s a bus that can take you up there. At the top, you can see the whole view of the Vicenza; it was a nice and very interesting church.

Vicenza is also popular for their wines, so remember to have a wine tasting and ask for their local wines! Soren tried it, and he absolutely loved it

Travel Tips for Italy and France
House of Antonio Pigafeta

Antonio Pigafeta, he was Italian who lives in Vicenza, Italy but worked with the Spanish government during the time of Magellan. He was the one who send reports of Magellan’s landing up to his death in the Philippines. I just think it’s awesome to see the house of the person who also been to Philippines long way back!

VENICE (June 25)

We’ve already planned to try the gondola ride to enjoy the Grand Canal. But it was too expensive, it costs 80€, it can take up to 6 people. We have the option to find some other people who were willing to share the expense but we decided not to. Instead, we took the vaporetto which is a public transportation. It goes around the Grand Canal and you can just decide whenever to get off. The ticket costs 7€ which is valid for 60 minutes. Normally, tourists get off at San Marco, which is one of the most visited landmark in Venice. The absence of car in this area is interesting. Yet, it’s not a big place, so don’t worry, you can also get around by walking.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Piazza San Marco.

Travel Tips for Italy and France

We only spend a day in Venice. I think a day or two will be enough if your main purpose is to look around and see the place. Then we caught a flight at 22.00 from Venice Marco Polo Airport to Paris, Charles De Gaulle. We landed around 23.30.

Travel Tips for Italy and France
The Grand Canal in Venice

Before leaving Italy, make sure to try their famous pizza and ice cream! It’s one of a kind! 

PARIS (June 26)

Depart: Venice Marco Polo

Time: 22.00

Arrived: Paris Charles De Gaulle

Time: 23.30

Where to stay in Paris? List for Backpackers Hostels, Mid-Range Hotels and Luxury Hotels.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Paris.

Some advice, if you’re planning to take public transportation from airport to your hotel, don’t land late night. We experienced it, though there is train from airport to Paris (Gare du Nord), metro’s service is closed in the midnight. We had a hard time to reach the apartment that we had stayed. We tried to hail a cab but it was hard. Good news is busses do drive throughout the night, bad news is it’s more likely shoulder to shoulder full. After the 4th bus, we’re able to hop in.

 Eiffel Tower

Travel tips for Italy and France

Of course, you would not let your holiday in Paris to pass by without seeing this very famous tower. The ticket rates had different option; you can choose either taking the stairs or elevator. There is also option how far you want to get to the tower, options are; first floor, second floor and the summit. We took the summit ticket and we payed 10.50€ for youth (12-24). You can also buy your tickets online, but the tower is open from 9am until midnight when it’s summer and the administration will open 3 ticket booths. It took us 45 minutes on the line but we arrived around 11am. You can go earlier when the line is shorter. Also late afternoon is good so you can try and see the view from the top in the night.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Eiffel Tower.

Travel Tips for Italy and France

— Sacre-Coeur

The famous church located on the Montmartre above the hill of 18th arrondissement, is worth the climb! It was Sunday when we planned to visit this; most stores are closed during Sunday except for tourist-located ones. On our way, as we didn’t brought a map we were not sure where it was located (we only have our screenshots from our phone), we got a bit undecided if we still wanted to see it. There are no mark of tourist around us, then the big surprise welcomed us. We were a kilometer away from the church when suddenly there was a street full of tourists, restaurants and souvenir shops. Everything was lively and busy again.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Montmartre.

Travel Tips for Italy and France

The church is big and looks amazing. No entrance fee, just a voluntarily donation. You can also light a candle inside. You can purchase the candle from inside the church or bring your own. Right after you step outside the church, you can see the city. You can also see the Eiffel Tower from this area.

It was a great experience to visit these top cities around Europe and see these things beyond what our textbooks taught us before. We would definitely want to go back and see more attractions, by that time we know the tricks and hacks so our journey will be easier and more convenient.

travel tips for Italy and france

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