Best Things To Do and Experience in Budapest

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Budapest is a bustling city full of great historical and contemporary styles, so here are the best things to do and experience in Budapest. Here are the Best Things To Do in Budapest.

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Things to dBest Things To Do in Budapesto and experience in Budapest
Guide book courtesy of Marco Polo Guides

The city got a rich history from the Celts, Romans, Magyars, Ottomans, and Habsburg. This turbulent past built the Budapest that we all know today. I will be exploring this historical city soon, and I think these are the best things to do and experience in Budapest.

 1. Go to a Kávéház (Coffee House)

best things to do and experience in Budapest
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“Black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love” — Turkish proverb that will perfectly describe the love of Hungarians towards their coffee love affair.

Coffee has been a big thing in Budapest. In the early days, coffee houses were really important for artists, writers and poets of Budapest as this was the place where they create their masterpieces. The Kávéház used to offer the “Writers Menu,” where they can have some special discounts.

After the world wars, the Kávéház opened up to the public. The coffee houses were then catered not only to the artists and writers but also to the people that have been affected by the war. The coffee houses were known to sell cheap foods and coffee in the city.

The love affair with coffee and the for Kávéház is still present in the modern Budapest, and there are some original Kávéház that are still in the open.  Ruszwurm is the oldest coffee house in the city that opened in 1827.

2. Visit the Széchenyi Chain Bridge 

This is the first stone and suspension bridge constructed across the Danube River in Hungary. In 1849, the bridge was the only bridge the connect the two cities, The Buda and Pest.

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Best Things To Do in Budapest
Chain bridge by randelrocks

Back in the days, Budapest is divided into two different cities. The Buda, the west side of the Danube bank, is the hilly, greenery and residential part of the city where you can find Castle Hill, the Citadella, and the Gellért Monument. In this side of the river, you can also find Óbuda (Ancient Buda) where Roman settled during their occupation.

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The Pest, the east side of the Danube Bank, this is the urban side of the city where you can find most of the shopping centers, the St. Stephen Basilica, Opera and much more. In the middle of the Danube River between the two cities lies Margaret Island (Margit-Sziget), mostly parks and spas. During the Ottoman rule, they turned the island into a harem.

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Other Bridges of Budapest:

Megyeri Bridge, Arpad Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Elisabeth Bridge, Liberty Bridge, Petofi Bridge, Lagmanyosi Bridge.

best things to do and experience in budapest
Photo Credits: randelrocks

3. Experience the lavish and classy hotel in Budapest

Best things to do and experience in Budapest
Photo Credit: Aria Hotel Budapest

On my upcoming trip to Budapest, I am so excited to experience the classy and brand new Aria Hotel Budapest by the Library Hotel Collection.

Aria Hotel Budapest is a luxury hotel that transcends the beauty and elegance of the 1870’s building into an expressive and passionate music themed hotel. The distinctive hotel inspiration of jazz, opera, contemporary and classical music gives an amazing atmosphere and inspiration that complements the beauty of Budapest.

The hotel is located on Pest side of Danube river, conveniently located in the close to the Opera and St. Stephen Basilica.

The Great Budapest Experience
The Music Garden

4. Relax in Budapest’s Thermal Baths

best things to do and experience in budapest
Photo Credits: randelrocks

Thermal Baths is one of the things you shouldn’t miss when you visit Budapest. There are more than 100 thermal springs in Budapest alone. We will be visiting Rudas Thermal Bath courtesy of Budapest Gyógyfürdői.

The role of the thermal baths started during the Romans occupation. This was the place where they relax and ease their aching muscles. The waters of these baths are known to have minerals to heal different muscular, joints and respiratory diseases or pains.

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5. Explore the different historical sites and landmarks

best things to do and experience in budapest
Photo Credits: randelrocks

There are loads of historical landmarks in Budapest, to name a few the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Castle Hill and Gellert Hill.

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Castle hill is where you can find Budapest’s historical monuments and other known landmarks. You can see a stunning view of Pest from the Fishermen’s Bastion and the Matthias Church.

Next to Castle Hill, another peak in Budapest which is Gellert Hill. This towering landmark in the city is surely hard to miss and fairly rich in history too!

6. Try the famous Hungarian Cuisine, the Gulyás (Goulash)

Hungarian’s love for paprika and other spices are undeniable.

best things to do and experience in budapest
Photo Credits:

One of their popular dishes is Gulyás made from beef, potatoes, onions and seasoned with paprika. This is one of my favorite dishes, so this one thing I will surely not miss to try in Budapest. Most of the Hungarian dishes are flavored with paprika and other spices and commonly based on pork or beef.

Another popular dish in Hungary is the Goose Liver (foie gras) however I don’t know if I can able to eat it due to the inhumane practices that they do to the poor goose.

7. Cruise on the Danube River

best things to do and experience in budapest
Photo credits: randelrocks

Here is another thing I don’t want to miss in Budapest, the cruise on the mighty Danube River.

Danube River has been the heart of Budapest and other nine countries in Europe. There are loads of river cruises company that you can try while in Budapest. If you have plenty of time, you can also try to cross countries via Danube river and explore a unique way of traveling around Europe.

Travel tips and guide for my Budapest trip were generously provided by Marco Polo Guides.

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55 thoughts on “Best Things To Do and Experience in Budapest

  1. Wow, such an amazing experience. I’m so jealous that you’ve seen a lot. Budapest looks like a very unique, great place. You made so pretty photos, good job!

  2. Wow Budapest is such a beautiful place to see. Ive never travelled there but its definitely is a place i would go.

  3. I’m glad I read your post to have some ideas about Budapest, because it’s never been on my bucket list until I read this post. Goulash is a famous dish, and the picture of the city with bridge is stunning!

    1. You must see Budapest and try Goulash and the rest from the list of things to do in Budapest. 🙂

  4. Although I’ve never visited Budapest, I’ll be sure to visit a Kávéház as I’m a big coffee lover! The baths look great too!

    1. Then you will surely love Budapesthe cityt. 🙂 Better bring some friends with you and have the bext experience in Budapest!

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