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How to Apply for A Tourist Visa if You Are Unemployed or Not Working

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor January 11th, 2022 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Travel Blog, VISA Application Guides 31 Comments

Tourist Visas are not exclusive for the rich, the working, or those with businesses. How about those unemployed, can you apply for a tourist visa? Of course, you can; however, you need to prove your ties, your financial capacity and your purpose. If you want to know how, here are tips on How to Apply for A Tourist Visa if You Are Unemployed or Not Working.

Tips How to Apply for a Tourist Visa if You Are Unemployed or Not Working

If you are not working, don’t be afraid to apply. Don’t be too negative and think that you will be immediately rejected if you are unemployed. In this article, we will give you some tips and suggestions on how to pass and get your visa. This will include extra documents you might need. Just take note that you must prove that you are there for tourism; meaning no working, no looking for jobs, or no living permanently. If the embassy thinks you will do those things, then you may get denied. Read more about this in our article!

1. Make a Cover Letter

Tips How to Apply for a Tourist Visa if You Are Unemployed or Not Working
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If you have no work, one document that can explain your situation is the cover letter. Here, you can enlighten the Embassy as to why you are unemployed; e.g. you are a housewife/husband, you just resigned, or your contract recently ended, and you want to travel, etc.

You can also tell them where your funds are from; your savings, a sponsor, etc. For those who want to take a sabbatical leave to travel, you can show your travel history (stamps and visas). Don’t forget to mention your purpose and that you will surely come back to the Philippines.

Cover Letter Writing1

2. Prove that you are Financially Capable of Travel


Another important thing is your financial capability. Since you don’t have work, you need to show that you have enough funds to travel. You can show your savings and where you got them. So, for example, you’re an OFW, and your contract has just ended, then you can show your previous work contracts. Another, if you have a past business, then you can show your certificates, etc.

However, if you don’t have enough money to travel, then you can check our guide on applying without a bank account. One tip there is getting a sponsor; it may be your family member, relative, or loved one. You’ll need to pass their financial documents as well as your Guarantee or Sponsorship Letter in the format given by the embassy if there is one. Also, a proof of relationship is submitted; e.g. Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, or conversations, pictures, etc.

In case your boyfriend or girlfriend is sponsoring you, it’s better if you have already met or been together. The Embassy, like our country’s immigration officers, doesn’t like trouble, and going with a person you don’t know much might get you red-flagged as a person to be likely trafficked. So it’s better if you let your partner visit first or have a good travel history.

3. Have a Proof of Rootedness in the Country

A Lavish Staycation at Hilton Manila Philippines

The key to being approved for a tourist visa even for unemployed applicants is that the embassy is confident that you will come back to your home country. You can show your deep ties to the country if you have properties, children, or pets! Aside from that, you can also show them other sources of income like investments, rental of properties, gigs, etc. Don’t forget a flight ticket back to your home country.

Rent A Flight

You could also prove that you have other activities, like hobbies or clubs, organizations you are a member of. State it in a cover letter and also show some proof. Like for example, “Even though I am unemployed, I am a member of the Liturgy Ministry in our Church. We have monthly assignments, and I will be scheduled to serve a few days after my tour.”

4. Attach Tourism Related Documents

My Luxury Hotel Experience with Hilton Port Moresby

To also demonstrate that you are doing tourism-related activities, you could attach a detailed travel itinerary, hotel bookings, attraction bookings, etc. This will let the Embassy know that your intention is to travel around their country and not to look for a job, especially as you are unemployed. Those bookings will be very helpful.

5. Prepare for your Interview

Tips How to Apply for a Tourist Visa if You Are Unemployed or Not Working

In case you get interviewed before getting a tourist visa, the US, for example, you can practice answering questions. Here’s a list of sample questions and answers for B2 (Tourist) US Visa. You will probably ask “What’s your purpose of traveling?”Who is paying for your trip?” “Why are you not working?” Don’t answer too shortly, you need to elaborate your answer. Like for example:
Why are you not working?

I just resigned from my job. – It’s too short, and this will lead to another series of questions, instead, say)

I recently resigned from the company I have been working with for five years. Before looking for another job in the Philippines, I think I deserve a break. So, I’ve decided to travel to the US using the savings I got from working. – Unlike the first one, this explains much more about your situation and the interviewer can go from there.

6. Gather complete documents

Philippine Immigration Tips for Unemployed and Homebased Online Worker or Freelancer

Check the requirements for the Tourist Visa Application. In case you don’t have Bank Statements or Bank Certificate asked, as per number 2, have a sponsor or proof of financial capacity. If you are also missing things, use your cover letter as to why you don’t have those. You can also attach numbers 1 to 4, so that your application is strong, meaning there’s not much loopholes or reasons as to why you will be denied.

Make sure that the rest of your documents are also valid, like for example your passport’s validity is at least 6 months valid from your departure. Your application form is also complete, and the details are the same as your supporting documents, etc.


7. Follow Instructions

After you have gathered all of your documents, follow instructions on how to apply for a tourist visa. If you need to use a travel agency like Japan and South Korea, then get one. If you need an appointment like Schengen, US, Canada, or UK, then book one at the Visa Application Center. If you need personal appearance, then do so.

Tips How to Apply for a Tourist Visa if You Are Unemployed or Not Working

Those are our tips on how to apply for a tourist visa if you are unemployed or not working. It’s not impossible to be approved for a tourist visa. Bear in mind that your purpose is really to travel there and not to be TNT or an illegal worker. Prove to the embassy that you will indeed come back. If you need help, you can check our visa application bundle service. Good luck and happy travels!

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31 thoughts on “How to Apply for A Tourist Visa if You Are Unemployed or Not Working

      1. Hi ms.lyza ask ko lang po makakuha po kaya ako ng visit visa kahit wala po akong job,dati my work ako at nagresigned ako since 2016.gusto ko po kasi magbakasyon sa bf ko sa australia tapos siya po yong gagastos ng travels ko at sya rin po magbigay ng money para sa savings account ko meron kasi akong savings pero konti lang. May pag asa po bang hindi ako mareject?please sana matulungan nyo ako.

  1. Hi ma’am sana po matulongan ninyo po ako kasi kakauwi ko Lang galing UAE nong august 2 po ma’am tapos yung boyfriend ko po na sana duabi po siya nag work at gusto niya na maka balik agad ako doon sa kanya ano po yung mga procedure na kailangan naming gawin na maka balik agad ko sa dubai madam may travel history po ako ma’am nag work kasi ako noon sa dubai isang domestic helper po 3years po ako don tapos recently Lang po ako nakauwi ma’am sana ma sagot po ninyo yung tanong ko salamat ma’am god bless and more power to you ❤️.

  2. This is so informative, I wouldn’t have known this without you. I am soon applying for a visa without a job.

  3. Hello po. Can I ask about US tourist Visa? I’m planning to go US for sponsorship by my cousin. The bad thing is i resign at my work and i think it would be a bad record for me since I’m applying for tourists and I’m unemployed. Is there still a chance fpr me because I heard it’s automatic denied since no job.

  4. Hello po. Im Maricel Aquino. Share ko lang po to and i need help or advise in my case. Im a married since 2018 but then since kakarenew ko lang passport ko ng 2021 i decided na irenew nalang po kasi gawa ng pandemic ang hirap po mg apply at mg paappoitment sa dfa. Ngayon po my sister ako sa denmark iniinvite po ako dahil manganganak po sya sa july. My invitation letter sya at sknya po accomodation pag dating ko dun my problem is i have a bank account which is binigay ng mother ko un pera ko s bank account at sagot dn ni mother ko ang ticket at lahat ng gastos ko po kasi po wala akong trabaho kakaresign ko lang po sa trbaho ko ang kaso nga lang po lahat ng requirements ko single and yung dti ko pinag tratrabuhan is married po ako dun so please i need answer please help me with this.

  5. Hello po maam
    .Im planning to visit my boyfriend po for 3 months this coming dec-march and sa case ko po ksi maam i have a job po more than 3 yrs na and di ko po sure kung papayagan po ako ng company na mag leave up to 3 months kasi wala po kaming leave na ganun katagal at wala po akung choice kundi mag resign
    Ano po ba ang dapat kung gawin since isa po ito sa mga requirements .. we met each other na po .kakabalik lng po nya sa country nya few days ago.thank you so much.sana masagot

    1. Much better if i-adjust mo travel dates mo na papayagan sa company. Mas strong kasi yung ties and percentage of approval if may work na babalikan.

  6. Hi, I’m Margaret Chamian. I want to apply for tourist visa in US. This is my first time to go out of the country. I want to gift myself a travel to the US. To visit some friends, siblings, stepmother in California. Please teach me how ti get a US Visa. Thank You So Much

    1. HI PO I HAVE MY BOYFRIEND IN THE US AND PINAPAPUNTA NYA PO AKO DOON since Hindi po sya makapunta dito Kasi Hindi po sya vaccinated for some health issues.sponsor po nya LAHAT.Aalis na po ako SA work ko and balak ko mag start Ng online business.Possible po ba na ma approved po ako? thanks in advance

        1. Hi Ms. Lyza, ask lang po kapag need ng proof na nag meet na kami ng bf ko, ano po yung needs nila? Pictures?

  7. Hi! I am planning to go on a trip to Australia as a tourist kaso my income is about ₱15,000 a month. Would that affect my application even if I show enough funds to cover for my expense via bank deposits. I do plant to fund the travel myself and would be taking a leave from work. I have read in a blog that a person who has ₱25,000 monthly income got rejected coz his income is too low that is why I am a bit concerned.

    1. I’m not sure if Australia is open right now. There might be other factors with his visa rejection – finances, proof of ties, etc.

  8. hi po.. i learned some idea on this… but i have something to ask a question.. can i apply indian visa without friend in india,? i just want to visit and tour there and also im a blogger…

    im from philippine

  9. Hello im graduating this school year and i have enough funds in my savings to cover my stay in paris meanwhile my parents would be the one to cater my flights and hotels. What are some advice you can give me when i process my visa?

    1. I got Uk visit visa twice but couldnt come as pandemic. I plan to get new one this year but im not working now. Thank you for your website now i think it still possible for me.

  10. I thank you for your website. I would like to ask about Schengen Visa tips , I am a housewife from India, my just lives in France as an electrical engineer since 2017. He wants to invite me in France for a 3 months trip on family visit visa. I recently applied for France short stay visa but I got rejected. What are the tips of you to helps me with my Schengen application . In november my husband will come to india so I want to apply again for France visa. Please I need your helps and tips to pursue my dream to travel to France and celebrate the Christmas and new year festival with my husband this December.

    1. Hi po,

      I am a teacher and will be applying a J1 visa. My husband will be coming with me thru the J2 visa. He has a visa denial history and is unemployed. Will this affect our visa application? Thank you

  11. I thank you for your website. I learnt some , however I would like to ask about Schengen Visa tips , I am an OFW from Saudi Arabia , and then I am planned to resigned , then I will go in Estonia ?? for Visitors friend. What are the tips of you to helps me with my Schengen application . Please I need your helps and tips to pursue my dream to travel to Estonia this September.

  12. Good afternoon , wala po akong work sa ngayon pero may boyfriend po ako from Vienna, Austria 4 years na po kami. Magkikita sana kami nung April 2020 kaso nagka lockdown. Plan po naman is ako pupunta dun sa kanya Possible po kaya na makakuha ako ng visa kahit di pa kami nagkita? 4 years na po kami..

    1. Good afternoon, wala po akong work sa ngayon pero gosto mo Sana ako kunin ng amo ng mama ko sa UK. Possible po bah Kaya makakuha po bah ako ng visa?

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