Working Full time in the Philippines? 6 Ways to Save For Your Travels

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It has always been Kat de Leon a.k.a Thrifty Monkey’s dream to explore all the provinces of the Philippines. She believes there are so many majestic sites that her country has to offer, tall mountains to climb and stories from different cultures that need to be shared. This is where her passion for traveling was awakened.

budget travel-calaguas

Traveling has brought her to places that she has only seen on TV and magazines. She discovered that traveling isn’t just for the wealthy. An ordinary person can travel even with a limited budget. Mind you, she is just a mere employee who has an 8-5 job, but she is still able to pursue her passion for traveling. Yes, she does not earn much, and she cannot afford unpaid leaves, but she manages to travel to at least ten provinces in a year. These are some ways on planning and saving that she applies in her life that earned her the title the Thrifty Monkey:

1. Live Below Your Means

Just because you can afford to buy that elegant and pricey dress or you can dine a tenderloin steak in a fancy restaurant doesn’t mean you should. Even if you get promoted or get a raise from your job, you should keep your standard way of living the same. Instead of spending the extra money you earned, why not channel it to your savings and investments. In this way, you will be able to pursue what you really wanted to do like traveling.

2. Create a Travel Fund

Expat Guide To Money Management

The Thrifty Monkey has a separate bank account that is exclusive for her travel fund. Every month a fixed amount (Php1,000.00 to be exact) is automatically debited from her salary and transferred to her travel fund. This is an excellent way to save because you won’t need to tap your personal savings to use for your travels. Also, you can build your fund even when you are not on a trip.

3. Travel with Friends

The more, the merrier, the cheaper. It will surely be one heck of an adventure if you travel with your buddies. Not only is it more fun but it is also way less expensive. You will have someone to share the expenses and split the bills with. It is also a good idea if months before the trip, you and your friends are already saving. You can pool your funds together so that when there’s good hotel deal or if one of you was able to haggle a cheap tour package, the funds are readily available.

budget travel - davao
Hello Davao!

4. Book Flights on Sale

Flying is now made easier with the proliferation of budget airlines such as Cebu Pacific, AirAsia and Pal Express that offer low-cost flights. They often hold seat sales, commonly known as “Piso Fare,” where in you can book a flight for only Php1.00. Though there are still taxes and other fees that will be added, the total cost will still be much cheaper compared to regular fares.

budget travel - airplane
The Thrifty Monkey scored Php700 round trip tickets to Coron. Regular fare is Php4,000. Yey!

Tip: It is better if you are flexible with your travel dates. The Thrifty Monkey suggests you book your flight months or even a year before your trip to be able to avail seat sales. Also, most of the time, they open their seat sale period a day or two before a holiday. So, if there’s an upcoming holiday (Labor Day, Independence Day Bonifacio Day etc., you), be ready because surely a seat sale is on the way!

5. Ditch the Expensive Hotels and Fancy Restaurants

You are just going to shower and sleep there! Instead of splurging on expensive hotel rooms why not stay in inns, backpackers hostels or local homestays and use the extra bucks you saved in the exploring the place.

Native room accommodation in Samal Island, Davao.
Native room accommodation in Samal Island, Davao.

Same with dining, of course, when traveling you would want to try various local cuisines. However, you can’t only find these in fancy restaurants. The best place to shop and find delicious foods is in the market. Aside from being able to haggle, you’ll get to dine with the locals and get tips about the famous attractions, food, drinks, and the way of living in their place.

6. Make an Awesome-Budget-Friendly Itinerary

The Thrifty Monkey loves making itineraries. She is so obsessive-compulsive about it that even though her trip is still a year away, she has already prepared an itinerary for it. She prefers doing DIY trips rather than getting tour packages as they are cheaper. Like her, you can also make a budget-friendly itinerary where in you don’t have to spend much to enjoy a wide array of exciting experiences.

Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao del Sur.
Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao del Sur.

The internet is a powerful tool where you can get a vast amount of information on the places you want to see. There are many travel blogs that provide DIY guides that you can copy and tweak. They offer various advice on where to eat, what hotel to book, where to go etc. These blogs will also give you an idea how much you will need for the trip.

Traveling need not be very expensive. Everyone can be a Thrifty Monkey. You just have to be resourceful and be smart with your money to enjoy and acquire excellent adventures.

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13 thoughts on “Working Full time in the Philippines? 6 Ways to Save For Your Travels

  1. I I’m going to the Philippines November I’m staying with my friend my girlfriend’s family I plan on staying there for three months.Please send me anything on travels in the Philippines. I don’t plan on staying at fancy hotels or eat in fancy restaurants.

  2. Hi Kach! Would like to ask, what place in Samal Island is the native room accomodation? Thanks! Planning to go there this October 🙂

    1. Hi. This is Kat, the one who wrote the article. It’s in Isla Reta Beach Resort, Talicud Island, Samal. The native room costs P700 pesos per night. There’s an entrance fee in the resort but it’s only P100 per person. I hope that helps. happy traveling! 🙂

  3. I love this post! Traveling with friends is fun and you can book to any rooms you wish, but when you have kids, I guess I have to choose for kid-friendly accommodations.

  4. Thanks Katrina! I’m planning to go on a trip this year with my hubby, I think I’ll be following your tips. 🙂

  5. I dream of going to Davao and CDO. ^_^

    I’ve recently started my Travel funds acct. i must say I really enjoy saving up for it

    And yes, book in advance. Just make sure thay you secure an approval from your office ^_^

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