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Working Full time in the Philippines? 7 Ways to Save For Your Travels

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor November 2nd, 2020 Posted in Asia Travel Blog, Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 13 Comments

Traveling is not only for those who are wealthy. Nowadays, it has become affordable. With about PHP 20,000, you can travel a week abroad; or even to a local destination for at PHP 1K or 2K. If you are working full time, here are 7 ways to save for your travels.

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Traveling has now become affordable; an ordinary person can travel with a limited budget. This would take discipline in saving money as well as persistence to know to discover good deals. If you have a full-time job and don’t earn much but still want to travel, here are saving techniques you ought to apply.

1. Live Below Your Means

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Spend the money you have but not more than it. But more importantly, don’t spend it all, just on needs. Even if you can afford fast food for a month, it doesn’t mean you should do it, especially if you can cook yourself and save more money.

When I started saving for my travels, I decided to cut things that weren’t important. For example, I usually have mani-pedi every two months, I stopped it. Drinking expensive coffee (like Starbucks) was also replaced by 8-Peso Kopiko, and fast food was only for special occasions. I surely did save a lot of money from that, and you will, too. It’s not much of a sacrifice!

2. Create a Travel Fund

7 Ways to Save For Your Travels
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Have money dedicated to your travel fund; you can have a separate bank account for your travel goals. It’s better to have an exact amount so that you’ll do your best to avoid unnecessary expenses.  For example, you will save PHP 500 every salary day or PHP 1,000 for every month. I also have a piggy bank, where I put extra bills like PHP 20 or PHP 50 for my local adventures.

3. Have a Part-Time Job / Sideline

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If your work is not stressful and you still have time for other things, then have a part-time job. You can sell pre-loved clothes or even be an Angkas or delivery driver on your day-offs. In case you have other hobbies like drawing, photography, or writing, you can search for part-time gigs that would earn you money. You can use your earnings for your future travels.

4. Book Flights on Sale

Flying Business Class from Montenegro to Philippines with Turkish Airlines

Many airlines have low-cost flights where base fares are as low as PHP 1.00. So you could fly to another destination for about PHP 1000 back-and-forth. I even got a ticket to South Korea for about PHP 2,499, which is cheaper than regular tickets that cost at least PHP 7,000. I used the savings for souvenirs.

You also must know when the holidays are so that you won’t leave for a long time. I always wish for holidays to be on Mondays or Fridays so that I can spend 3 or 4 days on vacation. Also, talk with your companions and be flexible.

5. Travel with Friends

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The more, the merrier, they say. The more, the cheaper, I say. It’s fun to travel with your friends or family, and it’s also less expensive. I traveled solo on my way to Boracay and paid PHP 150 for a tricycle, good thing when I went home, I shared PHP 150 with other relatives. Getting good deals or cheap tour packages are perks if you travel with many people; from a standard PHP 1,000 solo package, you could make it PHP 700 or even PHP 500. You can also book hotels or Airbnb and share the costs with your friend; a great way to save money for your travels.

6. Ditch the Expensive Hotels and Fancy Restaurants

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You can skip the expensive hotel rooms or fancy five-star restaurants if you want to save money during your travels. You can go to backpacker hostels if you are solo or book a cheap Airbnb or local homestay if you are a group. Use the extra savings to explore the area. You’ll just need a place to shower and sleep; spend more money on adventures.

7. Have a Budget-Friendly Itinerary

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Rather than having tour packages, why not do-it-yourself? It will somewhat be cheaper, especially if you are with friends. Plus, you can control what to do and where to go. Research ahead of the expenses and some cheap deals. For example, in South Korea, you can save money exploring Seoul with a Discover Seoul Pass rather than buying tickets for each attraction. Have a tentative idea of how much you will be spending there to save enough money and have some extra in case of emergencies.

My Dream Trip To Mongolia1

Everyone can travel. If you don’t have enough money yet, then try these 7 ways to save money for your travels. Be resourceful and smart. Have discipline and be persistent in researching about the destination you will go to. Use the internet as there are a vast amount of itineraries and advice that will help you. Don’t forget to enjoy your adventures!

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Lyza Paloma

Hey, I’m Lyza! I once was a person who just imagined going to places “one day” but decided to pursue my dreams. My first travel abroad was in Japan, solo, last 2018, and fell in love with the journey since. I’m aiming to visit 10 countries before turning 30 and 2 new places in the Philippines every year. Besides traveling, I love organizing trips, taking pictures, reading, and making new friends. Follow my adventures through my Instagram.

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13 thoughts on “Working Full time in the Philippines? 7 Ways to Save For Your Travels

  1. I I’m going to the Philippines November I’m staying with my friend my girlfriend’s family I plan on staying there for three months.Please send me anything on travels in the Philippines. I don’t plan on staying at fancy hotels or eat in fancy restaurants.

  2. Hi Kach! Would like to ask, what place in Samal Island is the native room accomodation? Thanks! Planning to go there this October 🙂

    1. Hi. This is Kat, the one who wrote the article. It’s in Isla Reta Beach Resort, Talicud Island, Samal. The native room costs P700 pesos per night. There’s an entrance fee in the resort but it’s only P100 per person. I hope that helps. happy traveling! 🙂

  3. I love this post! Traveling with friends is fun and you can book to any rooms you wish, but when you have kids, I guess I have to choose for kid-friendly accommodations.

  4. Thanks Katrina! I’m planning to go on a trip this year with my hubby, I think I’ll be following your tips. 🙂

    1. Katrina’s writing is brilliant, wait for more! Hope your trip will go great so start saving now =)

  5. I dream of going to Davao and CDO. ^_^

    I’ve recently started my Travel funds acct. i must say I really enjoy saving up for it

    And yes, book in advance. Just make sure thay you secure an approval from your office ^_^

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