How to find Expedia Deals and Save Money for your Future Travels [Expedia Discount Code]

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Expedia, a site where you can not only book hotels but also flights, car rentals, cruises, and activities. It has been tested throughout time as it has been open since 1996 as a division of Microsoft. Now, Expedia is one of the world’s leading travel websites.

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One of the best things about Expedia is that it has countless deals; from last-minute deals (you can book discounted flights, hotels or packages in the week) at a good price, hotel discounts for almost 95%, and many more. You can also save more if you use the Expedia App which is found in the Appstore or google play. 

In this article, we will teach you how to see the Expedia deals and save money for your future travels. 

How to Find and Use Expedia Deals

Go to Deals Page and choose the deal that suits you. You can check destinations for the week, last-minute deals, hotel deals for less than USD 99. Sign-up as a member and you’ll have exclusive discounts too! There are also holiday deals, so do log-in and don’t miss it!

Expedia Deals

Using Expedia Deals for destinations

1. Click the city you want to travel too based on the choices given as you click “Destinations for the Week”.

Expedia Deals

2. From there, check out hotels that suit your taste and budget. You will know if it’s a great find if there are prices with slash marks.

Expedia Deals

3. Choose the room at the hotel and click reserve. For this example, I chose The Plaza Hotel that was rated $1388 and now priced at $1095. You could save $293 in this booking.

Expedia Deals

4. Choose your payment option; if you want to pay now or pay only the deposit.

Expedia Deals

5. Enter your personal details as well as your payment details and confirm your booking. Afterwards, you are done. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Expedia Deals

Using Expedia Deals for Last-Minute Deals

Last-minute deals are usually those that are for use within the week, so if you haven’t booked yet and your travel date is near, you can get great Expedia deals.

1. From flight to hotels to packages; a lot is available. If you have chosen one; click it.

Expedia Deals

2. In this example, I chose flights. Yes, Expedia deals aren’t only exclusive to hotels but you can get flights here too! Select the date of your choice and the destination.

Expedia Deals

3. Review your trip details and continue your booking.

Expedia Deals

4. Enter your details as well as payment details and complete your booking. Congratulations, you now have a ticket for your next trip!

Using Expedia Deals for Great Hotel Deals

You could get almost 95% off from these deals! From almost $400 a night, you could get it for less than $99.

1. Choose the hotel and city where you want to travel too.

Expedia Deals

2. As you could see, from the typical $599 per night this booking is only $35, saving you a great deal of $564! You can’t find this anywhere but at Expedia.

Expedia Deals

3. Reserve a room you would want and continue to payment.

Expedia Deals

4. Enter your personal and payment details. Review it and confirm your booking. Congratulations you have now a room worth 94% of what you have paid! A great deal indeed!

Using Expedia Deals for Members

Members of Expedia have special prices, so be sure to sign-up at Expedia.

1. On top of the website, you can sign up to a new account. Click “Create a free account.”

Expedia Deals

2. Type the details asked. Remember your e-mail address and password as it will be used for your Expedia account to get Expedia deals.

Expedia Deals

3. Go to the deals and enjoy member discounts!

Expedia Deals

4. After choosing a city, find those with a yellow tag that says “Member Price.” You will see a difference from the original price to a member price.

Expedia Deals

5. Pick a room. Type your personal and payment details, review, and confirm your booking. You are done!

More Expedia Deals and money-saving schemes from Expedia:

Expedia Rewards

When you are a member of Expedia, you can have ExpediaRewards.

Expedia Deals

With this, you can get lower prices for your booking. Every time you book through Expedia; you can earn 2 points for every $1 you spend. These points can be used in your future bookings (flights, hotels, packages, activities) as 140 points = $1.

So for example, you booked a hotel for $500; you will get 1,000 points. For that 1,000 points, you can have $7.14 less on your next booking if you use it. Pretty convenient, right? This is really one of the best Expedia deals.

Expedia Deals

You can earn more points and have more perks if you are a Silver or Gold Member. But you need to have minimum stays or bookings for a year to get promoted.

Expedia Deals

Expedia VIP Acess Hotels

When we were in the UK from our travels in Finland and Russia, we experienced an Expedia VIP Access Hotel. The Expedia VIP Access hotels are the best of the best and this list is exclusive only to Expedia members. A hotel needs consistent top reviews from guests, the best customer ratings within their region and consistent achievement of Expedia’s stringent service standards. You won’t regret spending your time in one of the hotels on the list as it is world-class.

Expedia App Bookings

Double your Expedia points or get exclusive mobile app discounts as you download the Expedia App and book through there.

Expedia Deals

With the Expedia App, you can save up to 40% on hotels and they are only available if you use the Expedia App. If you want a coupon code, you might check out this Expedia Article too!

Expedia is one of the travel websites I often use and with that I recommend people to use this. It has also lasted throughout the years (23 as of now.) You can get accommodations in any part of the world. You could also book flights, cars, cruises, and activities. Expedia has everything a traveler wants! Plus there are great Expedia deals that could help you save money for your travels. Sign-up now!

If you ever need another option, you can try other sites like Agoda or or Airbnb. However, Expedia deals are amazing and I trust this site to book for my travels, I hope you would too!

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