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9 Ways To Save Money on Your Travels this 2017

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor May 18th, 2017 Posted in Travel Blog One Comment

If youre thinking of taking some vacation anytime soon, you are probably considering your options with regards to money. Going to Europe seems to be an excellent idea but implementing it would cost you a lot. Or perhaps you want to see some of the United States most stunning landmarks, but you dont know where to take all that money from? Here are some of the most convenient tips on how to save on your vacay.

1. Fly away – Use Low-Cost or Budget Airlines

How to save on Traveling

One of the biggest expenses, which you are going to incur, is the plane ticket. Provided you want to travel internationally, you might expect to pay up to even 50% of your holiday budget. If you want to travel for less, consider using cheaper airlines. Sure, there is a bit less legroom, and you wont get a hot meal unless you pay for it, but if youre only going to spend a few hours on board, is all of that really necessary? For a long-distance flight, buy your tickets last minute. Airlines try as much as they can to fill their crafts with passengers right before the flight, and this is your chance to travel to another continent for much less.

2. Use Different Booking and Comparison websites

Dont assume booking websites will necessarily give you a better deal. Sure, looking at them doesnt hurt but when you see a nice promotion, you should check with the hotel directly. It might be that your dream accommodation provider can give you a more comprehensive offer than any other booking website there is.

3. Travel During the Weekdays and Avoid Weekends


Yes, most holiday packages start at the weekend but it also means that your hotel stay or flight tickets might be more expensive. Instead, go on your vacation in the middle of the week. The same goes with short getaways. For the price of the Friday-to-Sunday stay, you could stay on holiday for five days, starting on Monday and ending on Friday. Five for the price of three sounds good!

4. Consider Renting a room in a Flat/ House/ Apartment

Bouti City Capsule Hotel
for a group of 4.

Hotels can cost a lot of money, especially if youre going for all the amenities that make your stay a much sweeter one. However, if the comforts of room service arent all that important to you, join a social media group where people get to know each other and rent out their own flats or rooms. Not only will it help you save tons but you will also enjoy the flexibility of eating any sort of food you want, it will let you feel at home, and youll be free to do whatever you like.

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5. Use your credit card(s)

How to save on Traveling
Photo by Sean MacEntee CC BY 2.0

Not everyone should have a credit card but if you can handle the responsibility that comes with using it, this is your chance to take advantage of certain perks and benefits. What does that mean? Most banks are now international and if you have an account in your country, you are free to use it in another one as well. When you use your credit card, you can often get discounts on meals in restaurants and bars. Do check beforehand, though, because if youre not careful enough, you can end up with a huge debt.

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6. Check out Discounts on site

How to save on Traveling

Just because you use discount websites like Picodi at home, and it brings you great savings, doesnt mean you cant do it when youre traveling internationally. Platforms like that are sometimes available in other countries so make sure you check them out and shop for souvenirs, pay for meals and visit landmarks for much less.

7. Work and travel at the same time

8 Things an OFW Needs to Afford to Travel

If youre not going back to school or you want to take a longer break from your job at home, you can travel internationally and work there at the same time. Whatever your occupation is, there is nothing stopping you from working in another country and therefore, not spending any of your savings. You will meet plenty of new people and some of them might become your friends for life. Youll gain new experiences and might learn a new language, which in turn will help you get a better job when you come back. If you decide to come back, of course.

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8. Avoid taxis

Taxi in Cuba - Cuba Travel Guide

Taxi drivers have an incredible ability to recognize tourists. Not only when you leave the airport with your bags but also when you leave your hotel, ask them how to get somewhere or when you talk to them about yourself. So, instead of paying ridiculously overpriced charges for a comfortable ride, just do some research and learn more about public transportation on site. Use buses, trams, trains, and boats to get to new places and enjoy the views talking to the locals and asking them for advice.


9. Look for Lunch Deals and Try Street Food

Yeouido Island

If you want to eat what the locals eat and do what the locals do, avoid eating dinners in restaurants. Go for lunch deals where youll get the taste of flavors of the world and will not have to spend too much while doing so. Hungry in the evening? Research street-food places and go to those which are renowned for their quality, and hygiene standards. These are often much cheaper than regular restaurants and provide you with the genuine taste of the local culture.

Saving while on a vacay is possible but we dont always know where to start. It turns out that with just a few tricks, being on holiday is not only enjoyable but also affordable. When youre back, you can utilize the same tricks in your everyday life and go somewhere even farther next year.

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One thought on “9 Ways To Save Money on Your Travels this 2017

  1. I always book 6-10 months before my travel. Then I’ll compute a budget then divide the number of paydays, to have a specific amount to save for that travel.

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