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Best Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and Travel

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor October 15th, 2020 Posted in Travel Blog, Travel Gear Reviews, Travel Guides No comments

Protect your phone by having the best cellphone cases available in the market today! Take a look at our list of the best cellphone cases and protectors for sports and travel.

Best Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and Travel
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Protecting our expensive belongings from scratches and bumps is one of the most important things to consider before doing sports or going on a trip. Whether it be our clothes, shoes, watches, bags, and most especially, our gadgets like cellphones.

Keeping our cellphones as good as new is something that most of us strive for, but even normal daily life gets in the way of that! There are some events that are simply out of our control that will result in annoying scratches or even expensive damage. To avoid that, covering your phone with a protective case is highly advisable. Not only it will look fashionable, but it can also protect your phone from unwanted cracks or scratches. However, if you don’t like the fancy-looking or full of design cases, then that’s not a problem. There are a lot of brands that offer simple design cases and offers awesome protection for your beloved phone.

Product NamesProduct ImagesAbout this ProductPrice
COOLQO Soft Silicone TPU 3in1 Heavy Duty Shockproof Defender Phone Protective CoverBest Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and TravelCOOLQO provides a Military Grade Protection. Its 3in1 dual-layer case offers 360-degree full-body coverage protection. It meets the Military Standard MIL-STD-810G & it protects your phone against up to 3m (10 feet) high drops.check price button2 dnd 300x178
Kitoo Carbon CaseBest Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and TravelKitoo Carbon Case covers all corners of your phone with full protection. It has 2 mm raised lip above the camera. It is also made from shock-absorbent TPU material for unrivaled protection.check price button2 dnd 300x178
TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband CaseBest Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and TravelTRIBE offers a cell phone armband that is designed to comfortably fit all Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Android, Pixel, LG, Moto, Huawei, and other smartphones similar in size and dimensions. Its dual adjustable elastic strap design has two available sizes to fit any arm size from 9 - 16 inches. No matter how tough your workouts or sports are, this armband will be the perfect one with you!check price button2 dnd 300x178
YOUMAKER Full-Body Rugged with Built-in Screen ProtectorBest Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and TravelYOUMAKER case has a dual-layer that provides 360-degree full-body rugged protection. It also has the highest grade TPU material reveals the perfect combination of protection and exalted using experience.check price button2 dnd 300x178
OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES CaseBest Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and TravelOtterbox offers a triple-layer defense which consists of the inner shell, outer cover, and touchscreen protector. Its port covers keep out dust and debris. check price button2 dnd 300x178
Diaclara Clear Designed Full-Body Rugged CaseBest Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and TravelDiaclara provides a dual-layer that offers 360-degree full-body rugged protection. It also has a 2.2mm raised screen edge and a 1.3mm raised camera edge that provides extra protection for your iPhone screen and camera.check price button2 dnd 300x178
JOTO Universal Waterproof PouchBest Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and TravelUniversal waterproof case dry bag fits all smartphones up to 6.8" diagonal size. It has a clear window on both front and back sides, perfect for taking pictures, videos, and checking emails. It is also 100 feet IPX8 Certified waterproof. check price button2 dnd 300x178

7 Cellphone Cases that You can Choose From

What are the Types of Cellphone Cases?

Transparent Silicone/Gel Back Cover

Probably the most common cellphone case as it is lightweight and basic. In fact, they are soft and flexible and don’t easily break. It also offers nice protection to your phone. However, it doesn’t provide protection to the screen.

Plastic Cellphone Cases

Another common cellphone case is the plastic variant as it offers decent protection and safety for your phones. Additionally, if you like a glossy or matte finish, this type of case is the ideal one. Furthermore, it is also cheap and you can easily find them anywhere. However, it can be slippery in your hands if you’re not careful.

Rubber Cover Cellphone Cases

This type of phone case is obviously made with a rubber material. You can also have a good grip on your phone due to its texture. Nevertheless, the fitting can get loose over time.

Flip Cellphone Cases

If you want complete protection, then go for a flip case. In fact, they offer all-round safety to your mobile. They are also usually made of leather and have numerous designs and styles. However, it takes away the natural look of the phone and it can make your phone heavier.

Cellphone Pouch Cases

If you’re not a fan of back cases that stick to your mobile’s body, then why not try a pouch? These pouches are really made for cellphones and they appear like a cute small bags. The cases can be with cloth design, leather, or wool.

Metal Back Phone Cases

Metal back cases are usually made with aluminum or related alloy. It also offers complete protection to your mobile’s body. Furthermore, it looks aesthetic and comes in different colors. However, since it’s not that common it might be difficult to find one and can be expensive.

Carbon Fibre Cellphone Cover

A carbon fibre case can give your phone an elegant and stylish look. Aside from looking classy, they also offer powerful protection and has a smooth texture. Unfortunately, this type of case is not available for all types of phones and is quite expensive.

Thin Slim Fit Phone Case

If you just want protection for your phone and you’re not after those stylish designs, then go for a thin slim-fit case, they do not take away the beauty of the phone. However, they only offer minimal protection.

Holster Phone Cover

Holster covers are usually made with nylon or leather. They also usually come with a belt and clip so you can easily attach them to your other personal belongings. Moreover, this is one of the best cases to use while doing sports or traveling. However, they can be expensive if made of leather.

Arm Band Phone Case

Another ideal phone case for athletes. If you have an active lifestyle, having an armband case is highly recommended. They are made to protect the phone from all sides while doing sports or other activities and can be tied to the arm at the same time. Nevertheless, this type of case can be expensive depending on the brand.

Pro’s and Con’s of Each Cellphone Cases

1. COOLQO Soft Silicone TPU 3in1 Heavy Duty Shockproof Defender Phone Protective Cover – $14.99

Best Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and Travel


  • Its 0.3mm raised lip protects your camera;
  • All COOLQO PC & TPU raw materials come from Germany;
  • It also offers two tempered glass screen protectors with arc edge design that features an oleophobic coating;
  • Lastly, it’s easy to install.


  • Side Buttons Can Be Hard To Press;
  • It can also get dirty or yellowish in time.

2. Kitoo Carbon Case – $13.85

Best Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and Travel


  • You can have easy access to buttons, ports, and cameras;
  • It has a luxury design with a carbon fibre finish and smooth touch;
  • It supports wireless charging as wireless signal connects well. In short, you don’t need to take off the case while charging;
  • It also has a slim design that you won’t even notice that your phone is in the case;
  • Lastly, it’s easy to install.


  • It doesn’t have a screen protector with it;

3. TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case – $14.98

Best Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and Travel


  • It has two available sizes to fit any arm size from 9 – 16 inches.
  • Its secure built-in hidden key holder is also perfect for a small key.
  • Lastly, the headphone cord holder keeps things organized and out of the way so you can stay focused on your workout and not on your phone.


  • It lacks touch sensitivity if your phone doesn’t fit the case precisely.

4. YOUMAKER Full-Body Rugged with Built-in Screen Protector – $10.19

Best Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and Travel


  • It is designed to maximize the absorption of shocks and drops;
  • It also has a built-in Screen Protector;
  • Lastly, it also has a vivid metallic painting technology that provides a shiny looking finish.


  • The front screen cover might collect dust and little debris between the screen and the screen cover if it does not fit on your phone.

5. OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case – $44.96

Best Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and Travel


  • The built-in screen film stops display scratches;
  • Its three ultra-tough layers will also guard your device against serious drops, dirt, scrapes, and bumps;
  • Lastly, it includes OtterBox limited lifetime warranty and is 100% authentic.


  • It doesn’t include a screen protector.

6. Diaclara Clear Designed Full-Body Rugged Case – $13.99

Best Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and Travel


  • It has a simple yet beautiful design;
  • It supports wireless charging. In short, you don’t need to take off the case while charging;
  • It is also easy to install;
  • Lastly, its soft TPU shock absorption protects your phone from accidental drops and falls while you’re out for traveling.


  • It only provides free replacement within 180 days.

7. JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch$6.99

Best Cellphone Cases and Protectors for Sports and Travel


  • It comes with a neck strap for convenient carrying;
  • Perfect for any after-related sports such as fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, etc;
  • It also offers snowproof/dirtproof protection for your device while maintaining full touch screen functionality;
  • Lastly, it features a simple snap and lock access, easy to keep out water, snow, dust, sand, and dirt.


  • Your phone can get too hot when it’s inside the pouch so you have to check it from time to time and open to make sure it cools down.
  • The touchscreen also does not work underwater.
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