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23 Best Travel Apps You Need on Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor September 22nd, 2020 Posted in Travel App Reviews, Travel Blog, Travel Guides No comments

Having the best travel apps will be your next best friend in traveling. Convenience is attainable and as much of importance as your camera and sunscreen. 

Best Travel Apps
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Traveling is not rocket science, at least not these days. Why? The rapid advancement of technology makes everything much easier. You need a hotel to stay for the night? Heavy traffic and you’re late for your flight? Hungry and you wanna take a bite? On a budget but wants to make the most of your destination? A single click is all you need to do to lessen the stress and make the memory a dream come true and not the nightmare that will hunt you. 

Here are some of the best travel apps that you’ll need for the long road ahead of you.

Flight and Transportation

1. Skyscanner 

Best Travel Apps

Still, no idea where to go next? This app is best for finding an unexpected destination. It will sort anything from the cheapest flight to a luxurious airplane ride. The “everywhere” feature will help you decide your next adventure simply by sorting out your budget to your wanted timeframe. It can also show you statistics of the date that have the cheapest rates all year round but of course, it is subject to change.

2. Hopper

Best Travel Apps

No one wants to pay too much for airfare. This app will help you by rationally giving you options to “buy now” or “wait for a better price”. Hopper uses an extensive amount of historical data to predict future prices. The app will notify you when prices drop and offer the fastest way to book your travel.

3. Kayak

Best Travel Apps

Like Skyscanner, this app searches assorted travel sites for rental cars, hotels, and flights. KAYAK Trips lets you organize your travel plans by notifying free flight status updates, airport terminal maps and security wait times.


4. Airbnb

Best Travel Apps

This app connects you with people who have rooms, condos, apartments, homes and other forms of accommodation to rent. It can show you the actual picture and price within the location of your interest in comfortable lodging. This lets you sort out provided amenities like toiletries and pool. You can check reviews and comments of people that rented the place.

5. Booking.com

Best Travel Apps

Its handy hotel search engine offers something for everyone. From a budget-friendly hostel to a grand hotel room. This app is very helpful in comparing accommodation rates without compromising the comfort you need. 

6. Trivago

Best Travel Apps

This app had over 400 booking sites. With this, you can easily find your ideal hotel and filter it by preferred price range, distance, categories, facilities and more. This will make it easy for you to find information about the place by the average ratings and extensive reviews of people.  

Transportation and Navigation

7. Uber

Best Travel Apps

Uber is used by many people internationally. It provides convenient ways to acquire a ride may it be sharing or solo. Simply input your pick up and drop off point and select your ride option. Price varies depending on the distance and ride category. It will then match you to the nearest driver in the same area and all you need to do is accept the booking. The best thing about this is it eliminates the need to carry local currency and also no need to speak the same language as your driver just to get to your destination. 

8. Waze

Best Travel Apps

Aside from simple navigation, Waze gives you options on which routes are the best to take. Users can report near accidents, constructions, police radar and traffic jams so that you can save your time by avoiding those areas and looking for alternative routes. It also allows you to find the cheapest offers on gas.

9. GoogleMaps 

Best Travel Apps

This may be the most popular navigation app in the community. It offers a lot of uses like aerial photography, street maps, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, and air, or public transportation. 

10. GasBuddy

Best Travel App

 Saving a few bucks will be in great help when traveling. This has crowdsourced data that helps you find the best place to gas. From the name itself, this app will be your best friend in locating stations with the cheapest gas within your location. It can filter results by price, brand and other criteria.  


11. XE Currency 

Best Travel Apps

Computing is not anyone’s favorite hobby. This app is very helpful for travelers. It allows you to convert currencies in seconds. It will list updated exchange rates for several different countries based on what you chose or frequency of use. 

12. Paypal

Best Travel Apps

This app allows you to pay, send money, accept payments anytime, anywhere. Paypal is very useful for a secured online fund transfer. You need to register your credit card or debit card with your account. 

13. Toshl Finance

Best Travel Apps

This app lets you connect two financial accounts for free. It tracks your expenditure and analyzes to create a budget plan for the future. This app will help you control your spending habits.

Entertainment and Communication

14. Whatsapp

Best Travel Apps

Communication is very important in travel. This app allows users to send text messages, voice messages, pictures, videos, documents and make video calls to other people. You can also make a group chat with your friends or business partners. This app has privacy and very secure because it is end-to-end encrypted that only you and the people you’re communicating can read and listen to your conversation.

15. Netflix

Best Travel Apps

Long travels can lead to boredom and stress so we need things to entertain us while traveling. This app has a free 30-day trial but after, requires a monthly subscription payment. You can watch various TV series, movies, cartoons, documentations and other media categories. It requires internet to watch but you can download it for offline viewing. 

16. Amazon Kindle 

Best Travel Apps

Not all people are onto watching, some are still into old-fashioned reading. Books are good but if you are traveling, you may want to think about putting those into your bag. Aside from it can be wet and ripped, it can add up to your baggage weight. Kindle is such a handy app. You just need to buy your desired books online and download them. You can now read your 500 paged novel in a thin and lightweight gadget. 

17. Spotify

Best Travel Apps

This app is easy to use and offers a ton of music to choose from. Paying a pretty penny for premium is worth it for travelers. You can serenade yourself to sleep or simply relax at peace without paying extra for just a few hours of internet access. 

18. Adobe Lightroom

Best Travel Apps

Memories are things we like to cherish. One way of doing that is taking pictures of your travel. And sometimes, modifying it for a little is much more satisfactory. This photo editing app will help you enhance your pictures to be as instagrammable as you want it to be. You can crop and adjust the brightness, texture, clarity, saturation and many more. 

19. Social Media

These are the most common platform of entertainment these days; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more. When traveling, you can see other people’s posts and pictures about the activities that you can do in your destination. It helps you plan your itinerary along the way. You can also share your experiences through posting status and or pictures with captions. Through social media, you can also connect with people and communicate.

20. TripAdvisor

Best Travel Apps

As much as we love surprises, we don’t want to waste our time and money. TripAdvisor is your ultimate guide, with background information and history about cities and regions, hotels, restaurants and activities. You can see the photos in this app so you know what to expect. You can also book or make reservations after scanning through pictures and reviews. 

21. Snapseed

Best Travel Apps

This photo-editing app is very helpful if you want to put a filter or simply enhance your photos a bit. You can personally “tune” the picture in your own liking by just swiping it to your satisfaction. It also allows you to edit imperfections, may it be in your body or views with the help of the “healing” tool. It might be a bit confusing at first but trust me, when you get the hang of it, you would find editing pretty awesome. 


22. Google Translate

Best Travel Apps

This free app from google will easily translate any word, phrases or sentences to over 100 languages. This will be very handy in traveling and will ease communication especially in countries with a low level of English proficiency. You can also hear the proper pronunciation of the words, point your camera and snap for an instant translation.

23. TripLingo

Best Travel Apps

This app will be your lifesaver in foreign countries. It will allow you to learn basic and essential phrases and even translate any phrases you’ll input. It provides culture guides to help you understand basic etiquette and be aware of cultural manners. The best thing about this app is that it has a voice translator that instantly translates your voice into another language. This app is really made for travelers, it also includes an interactive phrasebook, and tip calculator and safety tools- like emergency contact numbers abroad and local help in case of food allergies.

These apps can help you travel in comfort and can save you time, money and effort. Your dream destination and travel will be much more possible. Always remember that good traveling doesn’t require breaking the bank, but it is getting the same experience and feelings without sacrificing all your savings. 

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