7 Awesome Things To Do in Tallinn, Estonia

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Tallinn is one of those capitals in Europe that is over looked quite often and a lot of tourists and backpackers skip this beautiful medieval city when they travel around Europe. Worry no more, from these awesome list of things to do in Tallinn, you’ll certainly want to go visit.

A lot can be done in this small city and as well there’s a bunch of awesome things it can keep you busy. Eastern Europe is gaining so much popularity during the past years because of its divers culture and as well it is amazingly cheap and an absolute score for budget travellers. Estonia is not much different; this young country regained its independency in 1991 therefore it wasn’t really exactly that long time ago and you can still see a bit of post Soviet Union from it but not quite. Estonian’s are fantastic people as well to meet, which a lot should look forward to when they visit Estonia.

Here’s our 7 Awesome Things To Do in Tallinn, Estonia.

7 awesome things to do in tallinn

Along the streets of Old Town Tallinn

1. Roam the narrow streets of the Old Town

Tallinn have a lot to offer in their secluded small old medieval town and they have all sorts of happening in the square including their popular street markets that are open all year round. The fun thing about this as well is that the people who work here are dressed in old medieval clothes!

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Tallin

2. Join the free walking tour

Old Town Tallinn is not huge at all. In fact it is tiny but most tourists stay in here because of its beauty. Everyday a group of young people is gathered in front of the main Tourist Info (Niguliste 2) at noon sharp to start a very informative walking tour around the Old Town providing historical snippets and as well a very comical narration about their former conquerors through out the past years. It is nice to join this free walking tour not just because it is free but also because this is all solely for a good cause. They said that they are doing this free tour so that young Estonian citizens have something else to do other than nothing. Just remember to leave a tip when you join!

7 awesome things to do in tallinn

Amazing people you meet during a walk tour

3. Try out Estonian Cuisine in a very medieval atmosphere

There are plenty of restaurants in Tallinn where they serve medieval specialty food in a very medieval setting meaning no lights and just candles and your servers are dressed in medieval clothing. What is fun about this is the fact that the atmosphere really feels like old times and it is just about 40€ per head! Not so bad. This is not for vegetarians though, I am so sorry, Estonian cuisine is very meaty and the only vegetables you can get are pickled cucumber and root vegetables. You’ll expect tons of weird stuff coming to your table including cottage cheese with fermented fish, liver pate, delicious rye breads, braised meats in meaty sauces, roasted vegetables and lots of potatoes. The experience is really out of the ordinary and for surely a must do when you visit in Tallinn!

7 awesome things to do in tallinn

Medieval meal at Old Hansa in Tallinn, Estonia

4. Try Pelmeenid at Troikas

I am a complete advocate for Pelmeenid and I am so glad to have discovered this precious dumpling that originated from Russia and well loved by Estonians. Troikas is however is probably the best place to try out your fist Pelmeenid because for 7€ you’ll never go wrong. The best part is that their dumplings are homemade and is served with three different sauces you can choose from. This place is easy to find as well because it is located at the market square where you can as well sit on their terrace and watch people shopping around the market.

7 awesome things to do in tallinn Photo credit to the owner

5. Visit Telliskivi old factory

Telliskivi is an old factory, which was converted to be one of the most awesome place ever. It is converted into hip café’s and restaurants. This creative center is also the meeting point for young creative and cool people in Tallinn. You can also discover beautiful vintage boutiques in here and as well shops where they sell unique and locally made Estonian products.

6. Join Hostel Pub Crawls

If you’re a backpacker then you most certainly know what I mean about pub-crawls and how awesome it can be for most of us especially if you’re travelling alone. There are tons of hostels in Tallinn’s old town alone and each are offering pub crawls for its guest and by that alone you can already meet amazing fellow backpackers who share the same interest as you do. There will be a host who would bring you and your fellas around the old town to visit some of the hippiest bars in town. A good tip is not to drink much! On each bar just simply grab a small beer and talk to your new friends. If someone offers shots, take it! Shots don’t come cheap.

7 awesome things to do in tallinn

Shots from a bar called Laboratory, it is part of the pub-crawl itinerary!

7. Cocaine Shots – not from real cocaine

Okay to start, this is not from real cocaine so don’t fret! This is a very popular shot to take when you go to pub-crawls and yes it is an experience to try. A lot of backpackers who has been to Tallinn have tried this and most say you should too. I am guessing that is why it is called cocaine shots; it can be addictive to some and they’ll recommend it to you or perhaps it is just for the fun when they look at your face after trying it out because it can be epic. To tell you the truth, this shot is certainly an awesome thing to try if you’re in Tallinn.

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Recommended Budget Accommodation in Tallinn, Estonia

[image type=”thumbnail” src=”38038″]

Hotel Old Town Maestro’s

Hotel Old Town Maestro’s is an amazing accommodation with a location perfect for sightseeing. It’s a lovely hotel with helpful and friendly staff, spacious and comfortable rooms, with breakfast included in rates. Certainly good value for money, truly one of the best and well recommended budget accommodation in Tallinn, Estonia.

Read Reviews on: TripAdvisorCheck-Rates of the Hotel

[image type=”thumbnail” src=”38039″]

Hotel Bern by TallinnHotels

Hotel Bern by TallinnHotels is a nice hotel with good prices offered. Service is good, rooms are clean and a great breakfast is included in the price. Location is excellent too, near shopping center and the old city. This is  truly one of the best and well recommended budget accommodation in Tallinn, Estonia.

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Recommended Luxury Accommodation in Tallinn, Estonia

[image type=”thumbnail” src=”38040″]

Hotel Palace by TallinnHotels

Hotel Palace by TallinnHotels is an amazing hotel with prime location. Staff is extremely friendly, buffet breakfast is fantastic and location is within walking distance to everything. It’s a great hotel both for business and pleasure, definitely  one of the best and well recommended luxury accommodation in Tallinn, Estonia.

Read Reviews on: TripAdvisorCheck-Rates of the Hotel

[image type=”thumbnail” src=”38041″]

Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria

Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria offers guests with modernised rooms, with a magnificent view over the Old town. Great breakfast, professional team and has a shopping centre in the same building too. Truly, this is one of the best and well recommended luxury accommodation in Tallinn, Estonia.

Read Reviews on: TripAdvisorCheck-Rates of the Hotel

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29 thoughts on “7 Awesome Things To Do in Tallinn, Estonia

  1. Stellar blog! I enjoyed reading your articles and make them my base pointers for global traveling! Kindly share your experiences if ever you visit South Africa, Bhutan and the like. Love all your pointers and contact info of places ! Good reads

  2. Hey, I’m going there on Monday 6 th of Nov, have been there before once and liked it much. For now live in Russia, Saint-Petersburg and often travel to Helsinki from here. But Tallin has really got it all, very beautiful city. And this time I will travel there. Thanks for some tips. Will refresh my memory there 🙂 . In Dec will be in Almaty, Kz, so if you’re going to travel to Central Asia then let me know. will show you a bit around my city. See u

  3. Hey! Very informative, i’m going there really soon, i’ll be doing a trip around the balkans and i’m happy i found this 🙂 thanks!

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