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The 8 Best Sailing Ropes to Buy Online: Guide in Buying the Best Sailing Rope

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor June 11th, 2020 Posted in Sailing, Travel Gear Reviews, Travel Guides No comments

If you want to purchase a sailing rope, then take a look at here and see some of the best options. These 8 sailing ropes will help you a lot!

A rope is one of the most essential gears to bring when you want to go sailing. Rope generally is a material used to make the lines that are often used onboard and sailing. Most of the sailing activities such as a dinghy, yacht, kayak, etc need a reliable rope. There are many guides to choose the proper and convenient rope either on a book or the internet. In this article, we will be discussing the most essential thing you have to know about a sailing rope as well as the option of a sailing rope that you can choose.

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Sailing Type

Before purchasing the most convenient rope, you have to define your position, whether you’re a racer or cruiser. Both users are using quite different types of ropes. If you’re a racer, the lightweight line is the most preferable rope. Meanwhile, if you’re a cruiser, the best option is the rope with ease of handling and high durability.



There are several common fibers used to make a sailing rope, such as:

  • Polyester is a rope with great strength, low stretch, and highly durable. As for the price, it has a moderate price range which makes it the most popular rope used by sailors.
  • Nylon is one of the original synthetic fibers which has great shock absorption properties, UV resistance, and great strength. The price is not too different from the polyester one and it’s mostly used as dock and anchor lines.
  • HMPE (High modulus Polyethylene) is a fiber with very high strength and very low stretch. This material is capable to repel the water, float, and ideal for racers or larger yacht. It’s lightweight and has a low melting point, which makes these rope susceptible to friction.
  • Polypropylene is the most inexpensive and lightweight material. It has quite various applications. Polypropylene ropes float in water and are usually used for light spinnaker sheets. The minus point of polypropylene is that it’s not UV resistant, very stretchy, and melts at low temperature.


Besides the material, the way of constructing a rope will define its quality. There are three types of knotting ropes.

  • Single Braid has a flexible and supple construction that absorbs twist and doesn’t kink. The rope with this type of knotting is suitable to use for mainsheets, furling lines, and large dock lines.
  • Double Braid knotting produces an easy-to-handle rope that is strong and durable. This type of rope is usually suitable to use for running rigging and dock lines.
  • 3-Strand knotting produces a durable, long-lasting, flexible, and easy to handle rope. The nylon-3-strand is suitable to use for anchor, dock, mooring, and two lines. Meanwhile, the polyester-3-strand is suitable to use for running rigging on traditional cruising boats.


Sailing rope price range is quite large depending on the material, construction, and length. It can be inexpensive but some types are really pricey. You only need the most usable rope rather than the most expensive, highest quality, or the fanciest.

To choose the most suitable sailing rope for you, the list below might help you to narrow your options.

List of 8 Sailing Rope that We Recommend

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Pro’s and Con’s of Each Sailing Ropes


8 Sailing Rope that is Convenient to Use for Any Water Activities 1


  • Quite various thickness diameter and length options.
  • Equipped with shock absorption and diamond grip feature.
  • Certified by The Cordage Institute for its safety and technical standards, guidelines, and requirements.
  • 100% stretch and elasticity make it suitable to use for bungee rope and any other water sports.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • Heavy cord.
  • The lengths sometimes not precisely as it claims.

2. California Cordage

8 Sailing Rope that is Convenient to Use for Any Water Activities 2


  • High strength material.
  • Low stretch characteristics make it suitable for running rigging on boats or pulling lines for construction and power/utility.
  • High UV, abrasion, and chemical resistance.
  • Won’t kink, hockle, or stiffen.
  • Various length and diameter options.


  • Not delivering to some countries.

3. WindRider

8 Sailing Rope that is Convenient to Use for Any Water Activities 3


  • Extra durable and flexibility.
  • Double braid line construction.
  • Various color and length options.
  • Suitable to use for mainsheets, jib-sheets and genoas, control lines, and traveler lines.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Quite heavy.

4. Blue Ox Rope

8 Sailing Rope that is Convenient to Use for Any Water Activities 4


  • It has around 2,000 pounds of tensile strength.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Reliable brand.
  • Double braid construction.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Quite heavy.

5. New England Ropes

8 Sailing Rope that is Convenient to Use for Any Water Activities 5


  • It has around 3,850 lbs of tensile strength.
  • Durable, flexible, and spliceable.
  • Double braid construction.
  • Claimed to be the #1 double braid sailing and cruising line in the US.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • Quite heavy.

6. Paracord Planet

8 Sailing Rope that is Convenient to Use for Any Water Activities 6


  • 7 strand core tested to 550 lbs.
  • Various color and length options.
  • 100% nylon material.
  • Sturdy, durable, and versatile.


  • Not delivering to some countries.
  • The actual length can be a bit not accurate.

7. Wellmax

8 Sailing Rope that is Convenient to Use for Any Water Activities 7


  • Incredibly versatile, high strength, and resistant to a lot of damaging substances.
  • The high water and UV resistance make it perfect to use for docking and sailing.
  • It doesn’t lose any strength in any weather conditions.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • 30-days customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • It only has two color and length options.

8. SGT Knots – Knot Tying Kit

8 Sailing Rope that is Convenient to Use for Any Water Activities 8


  • The kit is quite a complete package to learn the most useful knot while sailing.
  • Resistant to moisture, weather, sunlight / UV rays, chemical, and abrasion.
  • Equipped with 17 knot tying waterproof cards.


  • Not for practical usage, it’s just for practicing purpose.
  • Lightweight.

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