The Must Have GoPro Accessories Fit For Your Adventures

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GoPro is one of the most important gadgets that each traveler must-have. 

GoPro is the world’s most versatile camera to capture any of your adventure moments wherever it may be in the sky, land, or under the sea. To fully maximize its features, you need to have the best GoPro accessories to capture each moment.

As Monkey Travel Writers, we document our adventures and have a great time on whatever travel activities we are doing on our Press trip or just random wandering moments.

The Must Haves GoPro Accessories Fit For Your Adventures
My Polar Pro companion in my Iceland adventure!

Power Bank

If you are mostly out and about in the middle of nowhere with no immediate power source to get some precious juice for your GoPro and other mobile devices, better invest in a reliable & portable power bank.

Polar Pro Power Vault

The Must Have GoPro Accessories Fit For Your Adventures

Where to get this? Amazon

Polar Pro’s Power Vault is an amazing piece of kit. It is multi-purpose storage for your GoPro, GoPro Accessories, and a power bank as well. I think this is very convenient as this ultimate case is really useful to keep my GoPro, GoPro accessories and charge my gadgets too. The power bank can let you charge your GoPro batteries 5 times!  The Power vault is compatible with Hero 3 & 4 batteries and there is a USB outlet so you can also use this to charge your camera or phone. The case is sturdy so you can trust that your GoPro and GoPro accessories won’t get damaged easily. The Power Vault is also waterproof! So it can protect your precious gadgets in whatever weather conditions it might be.


Filters are heaven-sent GoPro accessories and in the photography world. They can actually do wonders in capturing your travel moments and perfect landscape.

Polar Pro Snorkel Filter (Standard Casing)

The Must Have GoPro Accessories Fit For Your Adventures

Where to get this? Amazon

The Snorkel filter of Polar Pro for shallow water is an amazing help when I capture our Silfra snorkeling experience in Iceland. Underwater photography and filming can be challenging, but thanks to these heaven-sent filters that made our underwater capture easy. The filter is easy to install and remove from the GoPro casing. It also includes a tether to ensure that the filter is securely attached to your gadget.

Polar Pro Snorkel Filter (Diving Casing) 

The Must Have GoPro Accessories Fit For Your Adventures

Where to get this?  Amazon

Polar Pro Snorkel Filter (Diving Casing) is your perfect buddy for capturing shallow underwater scenes from 2 to 15 feet. Having its red lens, it enables you to capture vibrant colors turning blue over-saturated colors to perfect crisp underwater shades. It’s a very convenient and easy-to-use tool with its snap-on design feature enabling you to easily install and remove the lens from your camera. The lens is perfect with Hero3/3+/4.

Polar Pro Red Filter 2.0

The Must Have GoPro Accessories Fit For Your Adventures

Where to get this? Amazon

For a deeper underwater experience, the Polar Pro Red Filter 2.0 is a great filming enhancement perfect for capturing great scuba diving shots from 15 up to 80 feet. It also has a great snap-on feature that makes installment and removal of lenses easy and convenient. The lens is perfect with GOPRO HERO3.

Polar Pro Venture 3-Pack

The Must Have GoPro Accessories Fit For Your Adventures


Where to get this?  Amazon

This awesome combo can save you few bucks from buying individual filters. The trio includes of Polarizer Filter, Neutral density, and Macro lens.

Polarizer filter helps you to capture better shots in bright daylight, snowy environment, or near the water shots where glare from the reflection of the light can ruin our awesome photo. The Polarizer filter can greatly reduce the glare and improve the saturation and contrast of the shots.

Neutral Density filter this filter can help you to emphasize a fast-moving motion. This is brilliant when you attach your GoPro to your car and make a road trip video or any fast-paced action sports e.g. waterboarding and skiing. The filter helps to slow down the camera’s shutter speed to show the fast movement in your shot.

Macro Lens filter can make your small subject look bigger for a better close-up. The lens has a powerful 3.8x magnification and a focus distance of 3-8 inches.

Polar Pro Frame 2.0 Filter Professional Edition 6-Pack

The Must Have GoPro Accessories Fit For Your Adventures

Where to get this?  Amazon

An awesome set of filters specially designed for indoor production, low-impact outdoor activities, or aerial film production. These filters are really good for all your professional work. You will need to put the filter directly onto the GoPro camera without the casing for more precise shooting and capturing of your subject.  It comes in different varieties of filters which make it more budget-friendly too.


The Combo – The ProGrip and Strap Mount set

The Must Haves GoPro Accessories Fit For Your Adventures
Photo Source: Polar Pro website

Where to get this?  Amazon

Perfect GoPro accessory best suited for Hero4 and Hero3/3+, this Pro grip is a floating handgrip with waterproof storage up to 10ft. Smart remote can also be mounted on the grip itself. It also includes a wrist strap and the grip is made of rubber, a great feature that provides a secure firm grip. It can also be mounted to a backpack, scuba BCD, or strap using a PolarPro Strap Mount.

The Polar Pro Strap mount is your perfect companion to capture moments hands-free. Just mount on your backpack strap or any strap and off you go to record the adventure. This can be used for water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. The mount is secured by the two blue screws so you will be at ease that it won’t go anywhere.

These mounts are sold separately or in the combo.

Polar Pro Power Pole

The Must Have GoPro Accessories Fit For Your Adventures


Where to get this?  Amazon

A reliable GoPro pole that can charge your gadget while recording. This feature is handy when you are on the road, you can now do two things at once. The Power pole can be used outdoors but not for underwater recording. The mount is made from heavy-duty plastic and the grip is made from a non-slip rubber (wrist strap is also included).

Two Monkeys Travel Group would like to thank Polar Pro for all the GoPro Accessories. The Polar Pro items were given complimentary, but opinions on this article are from the writers who tried the products.

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12 thoughts on “The Must Have GoPro Accessories Fit For Your Adventures

  1. Go Pro has tons of accessories… Will consider the pole and the diving case once I get one 🙂

  2. This makes me want to get a gopro! I’m not a traveller – at least not yet, but I’m hoping to do it someday. Will definitely consider getting a gopro since it has all of these cool accessories 🙂

  3. I’m relying on my Sony Xperia Z1 to capture my adventures — food, travel and events. I’m not a techie or gadget person and I’m not sure if I’ll be needing the GoPro.

  4. When I become a full time travel blogger I’d definitely get a good go pro and this seems like a really good option.

  5. This is so useful especially during summer tours! Will be considering other reviews for this. 🙂

  6. These are great gadgets to have! These are really helpful in documenting one’s tracel experiences.I wish they were affordable.

  7. We always wanted a Go Pro too. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a budget for it. Thank you very much for giving a detailed post. We’ll definitely use this as reference when we have our own and we’ll make sure that if ever we buy, we buy it in the U.S. so we’ll save some money. By the way, I personally got hyped with the “Polar Pro Pro View Cellphone Mount.”

  8. I want a GoPro too. Nice to know that there are all these accessories to not only ensure battery life, but more important are proper filters for use in different settings to capture memories as best it could.

  9. Amazing gadgets, I do love documenting all my adventures, so this is very helpful and good ideas for me and to all with the same field of interest. Amazing blog

  10. Thank you so much for sharing. Actually I;m planning on buying a GoPro this year because I can have it in travels and water adventures.

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