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20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millennials

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor June 29th, 2022 Posted in Europe Travel Blog, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 15 Comments

After all the wedding festivities, it’s time to mark off the calendar and head to your honeymoon heaven. Eyeing for a romantic European getaway? Here’s a list of off the beaten honeymoon destinations in Europe for Millennials!

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Ilya Orehov on Unsplash

1. Tallinn, Estonia

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millennials
Photo by
CC BY-SA 2.0


A small city often overlooks but if yo

u fascinate to get this romantic Medieval feel, then Tallin, Estonia is the perfect spot. Roam the narrow streets of the Old Town and see locals dressed in old medieval clothes. You may also try out the Estonian Cuisine in a very medieval atmosphere. Or if you both are up for fun, why not try their ‘Cocaine Shots’ (not from real cocaine), epic way to end the day.

2. Cornwall, England

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millennials
Photo by barnyzCC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Located at the south-west tip of England and bordered in the east by River Tamar lies this perfect chill and relaxing heaven, Cornwall, England. Though this might not be the typical beach where you can bask in the sun, it’s still an ideal setting to spend an afternoon drinking a glass of beer or a cup of coffee with your loved one by the beach. Enjoy the view of the wide gradient sky and peaceful ambiance nonetheless. Or imagine yourself as prince and princess in your own castle by dropping by at the St. Michael’s Mount.

3. Pollenca, Mallorca

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Piero Istrice on Unsplash

Sandy beaches, sunny weather, dramatic cliffs, full-flavored Spanish food, luxury hotels, and luxury private villas, if all these sounds like your perfect romantic holiday, then Pollenca, Mallorca is the place for you. The island basically caters to pretty much everyone, with a mixture of beach resorts and party towns, like Magaluf and characterful, historic towns, with old fishing ports, quiet beaches, tree-lined promenades, and cafes in shaded town squares. If eyeing for extravagant living, why not try staying in a Luxury Villa in Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca. Well situated in beautiful countryside, with rolling hills and panoramic views of the landscape flowing down to the breaking waves of the sea, Pollenca (Pollensa), Mallorca is a sure perfect spot of private luxury villas sitting on their own slice of paradise.

4. Istria, Croatia

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo from James Stringer CC BY-NC 2.0

If you both share the same interests as the idea of visiting wine regions or even trying out extreme adventures, then better add Istria, Croatia on your list. From the sun glistening off the crystal turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea to the rolling hills and vineyards of its inland wine regions and architecture dating back as far as 500BC, there is perfectly preserved beauty in every direction. Visit Novagrad, a part of Istria famous for its fine wines, olive oil, truffles, fresh Mediterranean seafood, sailing, and luxury. Or why not try the local adventure/adrenaline park, Glavani Park, a British and Istrian owned climbing, zip line and obstacle course, all hand-built by the owners, with miles of ropes, swings, zip lines, and even a high wire unicycle. Or maybe spend a night in Porer Lighthouse, located on a tiny island (just 80 meters wide) 2 miles off the Mediterranean coast, and enjoy the romantic panoramic views.

5. Bamberg, Germany

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by I Do Nothing But Love on Unsplash

Bamberg, Germany, a humbly populated city recognized and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 22 years. It’s a sure sweet escape as you fall in love with thousands of Roses in New Residence’s Garden, whereas more than 4500 roses are flaunted in the courtyard during summer. Pay a visit after winter season to have a unique view of the garden and gaze as well the St. Michael’s Monastery, a former brewery serving Bamberg’s original smoked beer. Enjoy the hilly walkways and nature-like scenery by taking a day tour in Bamberg. It’s a walk to savor along the paths of the top sites situated in each hilly part of the town.

6. Regensburg, Germany

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Leonhard Niederwimmer on Unsplash

Acknowledged by UNESCO  as the most preserved medieval city through the ‘Old Town with Stadtamhof’, Regensburg, Germany is the right place for you if a real Roman times feel is what you two are fond of. Meet Regensburg’s Origin, Porta Praetoria, and take a good photo spot in this well-restored Roman heritage. Fall in love with the voices of angels and be amused by the harmonies of the Regensburger Domspatzen, an all-boy chorale whose existence started way back in 975 AD. Enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee and a slice of sweet cake in a House of Arts, the perfect spot to relax after a long day of the tour, or maybe, go to Alte Linde and try local dishes with a beer instead.

7. Northumberland, England

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by SHEILA HAMMOND on Unsplash

One of Britain’s best beauties, from scenic attractions, adventures, and historical landmarks, all these can be found in Northumberland, England. It’s a sure romantic treat as you gaze up at a thousand stars with your sweet love in Northumberland National Park. Get amused by meteor showers and even the Northern Lights over the clear skies. Be treated like a queen or king as you spend your day in the extensive remains of the Warkworth Castle and continue your romantic journey across the River Coquet.

8. Mannheim, Germany

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Justus Menke on Unsplash

Guided by its impressive grid arrangement, there’s no reason to just pass by Mannheim, Germany. Does free access to an art gallery sound music to your ears? Then visit the Kunsthalle (Art Gallery) for free and explore the various modern and contemporary art collections. Every Wednesday, the art gallery welcomes guests for free, as well as from 6-8 in the evening. Make life sweeter by trying the ‘naturally-made’ ice cream of Zeitgeist, offering a daily surprise of ice cream flavors. Make your way to Rhine Shore and spend a lovely day by having a picnic with your loved one in this romantic setting.

9. Mallorca, Spain

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Max on Unsplash

Crisp white beaches, rolling countryside scenery, and ancient picturesque towns, Mallorca, Spain can definitely be a romantic holiday escape. There are dozens of hotels and resorts encircling the island, like all-inclusive watchtowers, full of blissful holidaymakers guarding jugs of Sangria, barely aware of the real natural beauty outside the walls that surround them. But there is a better way, the best way, in fact, to experience this incredible island, far from the crowds, amongst real local, island life – Rent a private luxury villa in Mallorca. The privacy of a private villa in Mallorca is perfect for couples who seek a quiet romantic place for their honeymoon. Aside from privacy, there are other fun things to do around the place like visiting the Palma Aquarium, Exploring caves and underground lakes, or maybe spending time to explore the real rural area of Mallorca.

10. Nuremberg, Germany

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Thomas Winkler on Unsplash

A city full of excitement, full of wonderful contrasts, Nuremberg, Germany is discerned by its medieval architecture and stone towers. A city full of architectural wonders, it’s a haven for couples who fancy arts and famous artists behind the works. Pay a visit to the Marriage Carousel, a controversial, oversized contemporary fountain, depicting the ‘bittersweet’ experiences in a married life, which is based on Hans Sachs’ poem. Or maybe see and take a shot of great memories in the magnificent view of the Weinstadel house along the riverside.

11. Edam, Netherlands

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo from martin_vmorris CC BY-SA 2.0

The lovey-dovey couple, are you both cheese lovers? Then Edam, Netherlands is the place to be! Edam is renowned for it’s a cheese that is exported all over the world. In the summer months, you can visit the cheese markets (which are mainly there just for the tourists). The town formed around the place where a dam was build at the river ‘E’… hence the name Edam. The town has a beautiful old inner-city packed with (national) monuments.

12. Zaanse Schans, Netherlands

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Nathalia Morales on Unsplash

Windmills, crafts, and museums, barn houses, a variety of things to see and experience in this well preserved historic city of Zaanse Schans. For museum couple lovers, you might want to add this city on your list and see the world’s famous Zaanse Schans Open Air Museum. You’ll be able to see the typical houses just like they were in the 18th century. Stroll around and visit the shipyard, the clog factory, one of the museums, and be amazed by the twelve mills.

13. Volendam, Netherlands

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Aswathy N on Unsplash

Why not a romantic boat trip to Marken? Be charmed by the serene view of the Marken Lighthouse and make great memories with the lighthouse as your backdrop. Or maybe, have a taste of a freshly smoked eel just by the harbor. Simple, yet a sure romantic way to spend a day with your love one.

14. Styria, Austria

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Alexandre Desbos on Unsplash

Known as the ‘Green Heart of Austria’, Styria, Austria can definitely be one of the best spot for couple’s sweet holiday escape. You can take a lovely boat trip along the lakes of Styria or even dip yourselves unto these lakes. You can try Natural Bathing in Lake Kumberg or maybe a scuba diving adventure in Altausseer Lake, located at the foot of Loser Mountain in a fantastic mountain landscape.

15. Alpbach, Austria

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo from Marco Verch CC BY 2.0

Voted as ‘Austria´s most beautiful village’ and also as ‘Europe´s most beautiful flower village’, Alpbach, Austria is a sure must-see destination for your honeymoon. Winter hiking trails, cycling, paragliding or just relax and enjoy the scenery, lots to do and see in this winter beauty. Of course, skiing along the scenic surroundings is something you shouldn’t miss.

16. Corinth, Greece

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Greg Gallaher on Unsplash

Travel through time upon visiting Corinth, Greece as you explore and discover Greek lore and archaeological sites and ruins. Take a tour around the place. Try wine tasting whilst finding out a history of ancient Greece.

17. Sicily, Italy

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Flo P on Unsplash

If you want to enjoy a romantic salty breeze along the coastline of the Mediterranean, Sicily, Italy is the place to be. Several splendid beaches to choose from and more of the island’s scenic regions to explore like landscapes, valleys, and mountains. Enjoy the wonders of nature like the ever famous active volcano, Mount Etna, and the stunning Sicilian ancient sights.

18. Dubrovnik, Croatia

List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Balkans
Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

The enchanting city of Dubrovnik, Croatia is the perfect spot for those who seek paradise on Earth. There’s the Old City, a late-medieval walled city known for its Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque monuments. There are even lots of day trips to choose from such as trips to nearby islands including Lokrum and the Elafiti islands as well as those a little further afield, and to other towns along the coastline.

19. Bruges, Belgium

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Olivier Depaep on Unsplash

Experience fairy tale in this medieval city of Bruges, Belgium. The romantic setting of swans swimming through the canals, bike along the cobbled streets, and take a lovely sight of the medieval buildings. And don’t forget the beer, fries, and chocolates, must-tries when you visit Bruges.

20. Seville, Spain

20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millenials
Photo by Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash

Seville is the perfect place to stroll with your loved one along with the parks, gardens, and palaces of the city which also showcase the complex history and architectural grandeur of Seville. You can also try their tapa bars along with the street corner cafe or just relax your way whilst listening to the lovely sound of guitars along the open-air plaza.

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15 thoughts on “20 Off the Beaten Honeymoon Destinations in Europe for Millennials

  1. All of those places look incredible! I actually plan on going to Italy soon, I really hope that it will be as great as it looks 🙂 I didn’t have my honeymoon yet, but one of the most unexpected places that my boyfriend took me to, was Warsaw in Poland. I didn’t even know what to expect, but it turned out to be amazing and very romantic. We went to the Opera, to different stunning parks and to some great restaurants. One of the spots that I really liked was the restaurant called the Akademia. It was exclusive and romantic, and the dinner that we had there was so delicious! I would recommend it for every couple 🙂

  2. I have been in Mannheim, Nuremberg and in Bamberg, Germany. I lived for a year in Heidelberg and three years in Regensburg. All I can say…Every place in Germany is very historic, wonderful, beautiful, clean, peaceful, very interesting and romantic place not only for honeymoon but also a place to live in. They have a lot of things to offer for the travellers/tourists. They have castles, breweriesand delicious foods. As a resident here, I felt secured and have peace of mind. I love to stay here! And I want to stay here for the rest of my life. ???

    I have been also to Brugge, Belgium. It’s a very nice place like Germany and Austria.

    So, I suggests visit Germany, Austria and Belgium! ??? ☺

  3. Beautiful places for a honeymoon trip indeed! If I would be asked which one I’d love to go to on our honeymoon, it would be Croatia 🙂 The scenery is different from the usual places we see. Besides, it would be produce Instagram worthy pictures we can share to our family and friends during the trip.

  4. Belgium, Italy, Austria and Spain looks awesome in photos. But Germany seems to be the best buy here since you can go to several places in one destination.

  5. You’ve listed quite a number of my dream destinations. Wow, I love to see Europe soon! Hopefully, me and my little family will visit any of those. Croatia, Mallorca, Italy. Hah! All for tis wanderlust! 😉

    And happy to have found your website. Nice!

  6. I’ve been dreaming of Mallorca eversince I learned that Spain’s famous tennis player Rafael Nadal lives there. I’ve seen videos and photos of the place from some of his interviews.

  7. Oh wow these are great places to visit! Maybe someday when we have the resources we’ll have a second honeymoon haha

  8. Beautiful places. I really wish traveling doesn’t cost anything, so i can just go to places any time.

  9. what a view! 17th is breathtaking. This will definitely be my ultimate European travel bucket list. Great post! xx

  10. you know what, if ever I won a lottery, i will definitely visit these place.. .. i love that 14th photo of Austria.. i looks really relaxing and it seems like a perfect place to unwind! Same thing goes with Alpbach, Austria… it is my ideal place to live! Gosh if I only given a chance! I will pick this place!

  11. Stunning views. I’d love to see Pollenca and the alps of Austria if given the chance to do so. Oh, the windmills of Netherlands is something I’d like to see too!

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